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It’s honestly no secret to
any knowing Bleach ファン that
Orihime is easily the most
detested character within
the series— and while it’s
true that many claim to hate
her so deeply in part because
her 愛 for a certain orange-
haired shinigami substitute
supposedly “gets in the
way” of the fandom’s
most-popular pairing, the
Bleach アニメ adaption
certainly doesn’t help to
paint Orihime’s character
in a better light.
The most common
“arguments” against
Orihime I’ve seen/heard
over the several years I’ve
been following the manga
tend to fall into the realm of
“weak”, “useless”,
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 Single cover
Single cover


love あなた hajimete atta no wa mushaburi no ame datta ne
kimi wa ame no naka de mou wakaru naiteita

love あなた sabishii kokoro wa kitsusou ugoki wa attate
Boku wa kimi no ichibyou boku o ki ni shiteiru yo

Kimi ga namida o nagasu kanashimi wa wakura kara
Boku wa soba ni itain da kimi no namida o subete uketomeru

kimi nokoto mamoru yo boku wa kimi wo kurushi meru subete nokotokara
hokani nanimodekinakunattemo bokuwa kamawanai
kanpeki niwa dekina ikeredo demo zettai kun wo shiawase nisuruyo
bokuwa chikau yodonna toki demo kimi wo mamoru kara

love あなた hajimete kii ta kotoba wa naka naidedattane...
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Confronted によって a ホーム intruder, Jake Terrey tipped the odds in his favour によって pulling down the replica アニメ sword hanging on his ウォール and brandishing it.

"It's not that dangerous but it's quite intimidating," the 21-year-old 発言しました of the timber ornament, modelled on Japanese マンガ series Bleach.

Mr Terrey, a ファン of manga, told ninemsn he came upon the alleged burglar after returning ホーム to his ground floor apartment in Summer Hill, in Sydney's inner west, after a jog shortly before midday on December 20.

As a professional fashion photographer, his first concern was his laptop and the $10,000 worth...
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Rank: Captain
Zanpakutou info:
Shi-Kai: Suzumebachi (Sparrow Hornet)
- release command: "Jinteki Syakusetsu!" (Sting All Your Enemies to Death)
First seen when fighting with Yoruichi, Soi Fong’s zanpakutou changes drastically in appearance and ability. When transformed, Suzumbachi takes the form of a グローブ that fits to Soi Fong’s Right Hand, with a chain attaching the “stinger” to the 上, ページのトップへ of the glove. With a cone-like shape, the “stinger” sits on Soi Fong’s middle finger, extending at a length about twice as far as the normal extension of the finger, allowing Soi Fong’s striking...
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