BLEACH(ブリーチ) Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
so to add more to the community reviewing instead i shall review the most recent blade posted


Over all theme of the blade is pretty cool though it is yet another variation of wolf based blades. Nothing wrong with it just have saw quite a few of these so its a bland idea to me. Again not saying anything against the idea just pointing out my though on it.

As for abilities


Ability 1) The two biggest things i am wondering about this ability are The speed the smoke appears and the behavior of the smoke its self. The speed of the smoke appearing makes a decent difference in this abilities effectiveness. If say it fills a 10 cubic foot room in 1 second then it is vastly more effective than if it takes 20 mins to fill the same space. Though its not directly stated i am assuming that the smoke is emitted directly from the knuckle blades which i would like to say adds for a cool looking effect if it were put in pic format. My other question for this ability is the behavior of the smoke. Is the smoke just a visual effect that is tagged to the ability or is the blindness caused by the smoke impeding the vision of the enemy. This may not seem like a difference but the first idea means that the smoke comes out but without it needing to fill any space or get thick enough to impede a vision it can still cause blindness because its not the smoke thats causing the blindness as much as the smoke comes out while your blade makes the opponent blind. And with the second idea for how the smoke works where it is just like a smoke bomb then the opponent could always run out side of the range of the smoke or maybe blow it away with wind or when getting close enough to an object can still see the object just not have as long of a range of vision. The specific way it works should be stated some how and either way it should not eliminate all seances. Though with the degree of sensing of the enemies energy the smoke could also eliminate the ability to seance energy limiting the opponents down to the remaining 4 seances and still not being over powered of an ability.

Ability Two) I think i get the idea of this ability but some clarity is needed. If you think about it any attack that cuts an opponent is doing internal damage equivalent to the external damage. One that does internal damage based on external damage would probably be better paired with blunt force injuries because a bruise isnt as easily preceded as damage to an organ under the skin as a cut is. If maybe you met that when the blades make contact with the opponent it leaves no external wounds and instead hits internal organs under the skin then it would make a little more sence to me but i think the biggest thing that i am wondering on this ability can be clarified with a little more description on what your thinking the attack may look like when it is used on somebody.

Bankai ability one: The key points that need to be defined here are The speed the wolves move at. the power they have (dont need to say they can lift a certain amount of weight or anything just give some form of reference on how much force is behind any form of attack they would use) and how they can be countered. If they are for example solid living wolves that can be killed like normal wolves then at least there is a defined way to counter them or if they are energy wolves that cant be destroyed then their power should be limited some what. Otherwise you have a tank that can be blown up or as i like to call it an I win Button.

Bankai Ability two)Because this mentions that it effects ears im assuming that the attack works on anybody in ear shot and the ones within 5 meters have worse effect. Having said that the maximum distance should be stated for this ability. Though most likly it would only ever be used when someone is within ear shot the possibility that someone is on the edge of its range exists and thus leaves chances that some ppl may not be effected by it if they are not close enough. As its been said the disorientation could be specified a little more but i am assuming that since it is effecting ears the ability causes loss of balance and probably nausea of some sort. Also bleeding from the ears is usually caused by damage to the ears such as busted ear drums so does that mean that anybody within 5 meters of the user has busted eardrums and suffers the side effects of that? Finally what happens if someone cannot hear the attack?

Bankai Ability three) I think this attack is a little unneeded though i get the idea behind it, It seems like something that is already part of the first ability. Really what stops the wolves from dragging weak opponents down and mauling them to death without using this ability? I think it could be replaced with something else that adds something new to the wolves like maybe make them grow stronger and faster or something for the 30 seconds. But if you wish to keep this in as an ability the biggest specification would be what makes it so the wolf can drag the opponent down and maul them. This needs to be stated because as it is its implying that anybody who happens to be caught by it like an uninjured fighter who may even have superior power to the user of this blade can be mauled by a wolf simply because he got garbed by it.
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
I LOVE BLEACH!!!!!!!!!! im not even done with the anime yet im on like 282, by the way whiteflame have you posted any zanpakuto for your self
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1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Most of my zanpakuto are posted in the Bleach: Fallout Characters forum, though there are some in here that aren't there yet and some that are older drafts of what's there. I'd encourage anyone to take a look at the blades in that forum for examples of how we do things for our RP, people put a lot of work into those blade/arrancar ideas and almost all of them are high quality.
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Nice just checked it out and its pretty sweet
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
Okay ddarksonic675, I'll be glad to review you blade.

Honestly... I love the design of your zanpaktou. It's simple yet very creative at the same time (hope that makes sense.) Only thing I didn't see in the description was how much power it takes to cut the cloth so you might want to put that detail in. Now on to the shikai abilities. Abilities 1 and 2 are fine with me, but ability 3 needs some revising. The concept of making a clone is fine but all the added stuff is the issue I have with it. Making your opponent fight two opponents is tough enough; adding just one more ability makes it okay but adding to much makes it overpowered. You need to choose between the clone being able to use flash step and the wielder's kido or the energy draining ability. Now on the bankai. I'm really confused by your bankai because in my opinion, the bankai is much weaker than the shikai. I feel like you should switch the abilities, but if you don't switch them then I would advise you to make new abilities for the bankai. An idea I could give you would be to look at some magic tricks involving capes and scarfs because that was the first thing that came to my mind when I started reading the description. Very nice design and nice shikai, I just think the bankai needs revising and that third ability in the shikai just needs one of the abilities taken off it so its not so overpowered.
1年以上前 ddarksonic675 said…
Ty for the review and i will address the issues soon but i'm close to finishing on i had sitting for a while and i hate having something unfinished
1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
Zanpakuto Name: Striking Sky
Release Command: Attract the heavens
Bankai Name: Fallen Sky

Appearance: Plain Katana with a dull red handle.

Shikai Appearance: A hand and a half double edged broad sword with a blue wrapping on the handle and two red tassels coming off the base of the handle. The fuller or blood grove of the blade is non existent. Instead there is a hallow point along the blade from the base to the tip about one inch wide. This also make it so the blade looks slightly like two single edge blades placed with the blunt edge facing each other running parallel to each other. At the base where the handle and the blade connect the separation bubbles out to a 2 inch diameter circle. placed in the middle of this circle but still connected to the handle is a two inch tall spike that is a half inch round at the base and makes a sharp point at the tip. each half of the blade (From the missing space in the middle to the cutting edge) is just under 3 inches wide. The entire blade from tip of the blade to base of the handle is 41 inches.

Bankai Appearence: The user is clothed in a long black cloak and the blade stays the same though is passively releases arcs of electricity. (Thinks sorta like super sayans in DBZ)

Shikai Abilities

Sky Shot: Electricity flows and arcs around the blade focused on the spike in the base of the sword. After a short time of charging the spike is fired in a straight line at Twice shunpo speed. The time it takes to charge the spike for fire is the same as it takes to say the name of the attack. The super charged spike always travels in a straight line and can pierce through barriers of level 30 or lower. Barriers from level 30 to 40 tend to be stressed to stop the attack. And operating on the same princiable of any attack that involves placing energy in it the usere can increase the energy output to pierce through up to level 40 barriers but at double the cost of energy. The attack cannot be deflected or reflected by any normal means. It will either embed its self in the object it its and stop or continue until it runs out of energy. Opponents who have oppressively superior strength and have a barrier or deflecting/reflecting ability can stop deflect or reflect this attack but not as surly as they would any other attack (For example they may reflect bullets without trying but this attack will hit and still be reflected or deflected but the one deflecting or reflecting it will be shocked at the difference between it and other attacks) The attack will travel up to 2 miles in a straight line. But is only accurate for first half mile. The main limiter on this abilities accuracy is the users range of vision and point the attack at the target. (Just because the user can see someone standing on a roof a mile and a half away don't mean they will point the tip of the blade at their head and not the space 10 feet above it) Directly after firing a new spike replaces the old one fired. The shot can be deflected by zanpakuto but if the zanpaktuo is placed so that the cutting edge is towards the shot then the shot will easily be cut and continue forward with significantly less power. If the side of the blade is used to block the shot the shot will stop but repeated hits will break the zanpakuto.

Static Slice: Though this may be uncreative to word this way i will do it as such to make things easier to be understood. The ability works in much the same way as Getsuga Tenshou. When used as a projectile the attack looks more like a bolt of lighting but the attack can also be held in the blade making it so that the strikes with the blade have the power of the static slice behind it. Anybody hit by the attack either ranged or melee will suffer similar damage to the Getsuga Tenshou with the one condition of numbness to the location struck. The numbness slowly over the course of a few minutes goes away but multiple strikes to the same location resets the numbness. The attack moves at same speed as Getsuga Tenshou and travels up to 50 feet. I originaly didnt think of just making a electric version of Getsuga Tenshou i just figured that was simpler to use to describe than what i originally intended to use.

Static Barrier: This is a basic static barrier that respells any non zanpakuto metal at the same speed it is sent towards the user. (That is just a side point of the ability because most times there isn't any outside metal used in zanpakuto based battles) Also Zanpakuto made of metal (this excludes ones that are made of wood or any non metal obviously) have their attacks reduced to 3/4 speed as if they are cutting through some form of resistance. Finally this ability allows the user to pick up any non zanpakuto based metal within 10 feet of him with magnetic force and throw it up to 30 feet. The max weight being lifted is 500 lbs. The objects are all thrown at Kido speed. And any insignificant object (like a nail) is thrown at twice kido speed.

Bankai Abilities:

Sky Shot: Same as shikai only The barriers it can pierce are increased to a base of level 60 with 60 to 70 lvl barriers being strained and being broken if the user strains himself. The max range is still the same and the range that its accurate to is still same. The only change is the power is essentially doubled. i only put the changes to the defenses because anybody who isn't able to dodge it is going to take the same half inch wide hole through their body as in shikai.

Static Slice: This ability is reduced to a passive ability. It can also no longer be fired at all. Instead of pure numbness when sliced once the body part hit is has speed reduced by 10%. This ability can stack up to 10 times but each hit must happen with in 10 seconds of the last strike and must be with in 1 inch of previous strike. If for example the opponent is cut once on shoulder and hit within the time limit and one inch away the shoulder will move 20% slower. But if within 10 seconds of the last strike the user hits his opponent within an inch of the second strike but is two inches from the first strike then the arm is reduced by 20%. Generally speaking if the attack is on a joint then only movements on that joint are slowed. if it hits between a joint like a bicep then only the movements from the bicep are slowed. but the movements of the hand and forearm of the same arm are at same speed. If the user is able to strike directly over the heart then the victim will suffer a heart attack after 5 hits directly over the heart as long as they are within the 10 second time limit.

Burning Sky: By surging the electricity through the blade the blade will super heat and flow red. This slowly drains the users energy. It can be maintained as long as the user has the energy to continue super charging the blade. While doing this every hit counts as two stacks of the Static Slash ability. Also every attack causes third degree burns on top of the normal cut. When firing a Sky shot it now takes double the energy to fire but will pierce up to level 75 barriers (If the user wishes to use 4 times the amount of energy it can pierce all barriers other than ones from overweeningly strong opponents. And ones it doesn't pierce it defiantly strains) Finally the user can release the heat and electric energy in the form of a glowing red ball of electricity. The ball travels at Kido speed and is 3 feet in diameter. The ball will cause second degree burns and stun the opponent for 5 seconds. A stunned opponent is essentially moving and reacting as they would if they were out of stamina.
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1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
sorry but i cant find the forum
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
maybe ill post another zanpakuto soon....maybe this time a water based one
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
@HEAVY_rain - link
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
FOUND IT!!!!!!! and jstar you had alot of good ones ive been working on a person for a few days but still working on him all i can say right now is he is currently 5th squad captian, previously liutenient(sorry about spelling) in kido corps. ima post his zanpakuto which i also might use as my ideal zanpakuto intead of amatsu fuurin and this next blade will be better than amatsu fuurin.
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1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Good ideas HEAVY_rain. Just wondering what did you think of the game Heavy Rain?
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
big smile
New zanpaktou!

Shikai Name: Te-Kyougi (Hand Game)
Shikai Phrase: Choose Your Gesture, Te-Kyougi
Bankai Name: San O Ippen (Three at Once)

Shikai Appearance: In its sealed form Te-Kyougi exists as two short katanas each with a normal black guard. Once the blade’s shikai form is released, the two blades glow white and shrink down into the wielder’s palms and the glow completely surrounds the wielder’s hands. When the light vanishes, the wielder will be wearing pure white gloves on his hands.

Shikai Abilities: The game that the zanpaktou plays is Rock-Paper-Scissors! Each form is activated by making the hand gesture for the game and it takes 2 seconds to interchange between two abilities. Also, since there are 2 gloves the wielder can use two forms at once, one for each hand, but the power of each form is halved if both hands are not the same. There are no time limits on the forms and will stay active in each hand until a different hand gesture if performed.

Rock – This form is activated by the wielder tightly clenching his fist! When this form is activated, the gloves will turn brown and take on a rocky texture and appearance. This form abandons cutting power and doubles the wielder’s physical strength. When the wielder punches anything, a small shockwave is emitted from the gloves to add to the concussive damage of each blow. This shockwave has the power of a small hand grenade but it can be charged to the power of a stick of dynamite. The wielder is not hurt by the shockwave. Also while in this form; the gloves can easily block attacks from swords or any attack that causes cutting damage.

Paper – This form is activated by the wielder opening their hand with their fingers connected! When this form is activated, the gloves become thicker and the corners of the gloves begin to flack up as if it were a stack of papers. This form is used solely for defense and obstruction. The wielder can pull pieces of paper off of the gloves and throw them at the opponent; these pieces of paper can expand to obstruct the opponent’s view or even wrap around their bodies if they try a close ranged attack. This paper can also cover kido spells up to level 65 and cancel them out. The paper can easily stop a concussive blow by constricting the opponent’s movements by wrapping them up but is useless against blades and cutting attacks.

Scissors – This form is activated by the wielder extending and separating their index finger and middle finger! When this form is activated, the glove turns gray and two meter long katana appear in the wielder’s hands. These blades are very sharp and can cut through all binding spells and barriers, but if the blades take concussive damage then they will begin to crack until it fully breaks.

Bankai Appearance: When the bankai is activated the gloves begin to thicken and hundreds of pieces of paper begin to peel off the gloves and revolve around the wielder’s body. The orb of paper expands and flies away revealing the wielder who is now wearing a pair of brown boots and gloves that have grooves to make it look like thin pieces of rock stuck together. Two meter long katana hang from the sides of the wielder’s waist, one on each side. The papers that fly away are all still within the area and are hovering in various places and heights within a 100 foot radius.

Bankai Abilities:

Rock – This ability activates when the wielder throws a punch or kicks; a brown colored energy that takes the form of the wielder’s fist or foot shoots out of the limb when swung. The blasts of energy deal a heavy amount of concussive damage and are able to crack bladed zanpaktou when it hits them. The closer you are to the wielder when hit by the blast; the more damage you take, but the power of the blast decrease as it travels farther from the wielder. Enegry travels at the spell of kido spells.

Paper – This ability stays active the entire time the bankai is activated. The paper hovering around the battlefield act like portals for the wielder to use. All the wielder has to do is move towards them and touch the piece of paper which will teleport him to another piece of his choosing. These papers can also be used like the shikai but instead of cancelling kido attacks the paper actually teleports the attack to another piece of paper to redirect it at the opponent. The papers can also teleport the energy attacks from the Rock ability. Energy has to touch the papers in order to teleport them, but they cannot teleport cutting projectiles.

Scissors – The swords have the same abilities as the shikai ability but with an added effect. When the swords are swung a very thin line of energy is unleashed from the blades. (like a thin getsuga tenshou.) These lines of energy move a little faster than kido spells and have the same abilities as the sword making them able to cut through barriers and binding spells. The energy can be stopped by strong concussive attacks.

I would like some feedback since this was a very random idea I got plus its been a while since I made a blade so I might be rusty.
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
there is a game called heavy rain??? wow i got my name from one of the zanpakutos i created its not on the website yet. but a game called heavy rain ill look into it
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
i just saw it it looks great. sorry if i talk alot
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
zanpakuto name: doshaburi (heavy rain)
appearence:it is a katana with a midnight blue hilt and a crescent moon guard doshaburi is the strongest zanpakuto with water element

shikai release command: oboreru (drown)

shikai appearence: when released it will turn into a large gunbai the same size as madara's from naruto. but it is dark blue with a blade going along the edges.

shikai abilities-

tatsumaki(waterspout):by jumping at least where i can touch any cloud i can use my gunbai to create a waterspout that completly rips anything to pieces that gets caught.i have free control over this waterspout. it normally is somewhere a bout 2 stories tall and 10ft wide.

mizu hasira(water pillar)- by sticking my gubai into the ground i can create a large geyser that shoots up to a 100ft into the sky. it has a rang of 150meters. i can control the height to make it go up to a hundred feet or lower. i can control where the geyser shoots up next.i can summon up to three geysers. if i send out all three there is a lag time of 15 seconds.

jougen(crescent moon)- the blade that runs on my fan glows a deep blue then shoots of a crescent moon shaped energy wave that moves faster than a nascar racer. it ranges up to 75 yards. the blade is at my full control when fired.

bankai name:doshaburi no kaioosei ikari(heavy rain of neptune's wrath) i know its a long bankai name. when my bankai is activated rain will pour down almost as if it was a water fall then after 3 seconds the rain will stop as if time stopped it self the rain will the evaporated together to create the 1st bankai form of 3.

appearence:when my bankai is released it has 3 forms

1st form-the 1st form of my bankai is the powerful megalodon made out of a thick mist each form has one special ability the ability for the megalodon is temperature changing. with the command melt the shark will spread its mist on the feild and melt whatever item
i ask it to melt. the temp of this attack is hotter than magma from a volcano. not only can it melt but it can also freeze to temp colder than liquid nitrogen levels. when this attack hits whatever i tell it to hit will completly incase the item in thck ice then shatter. the range of both of these attacks is 200yards. the attacks will only hit what i tell it to so unless i say attack that tree it will leavae that tree alone. the megalodon is at my will to control. kinda like mayuri's bankai.

the 2nd form of my bankai is a large jellyfish which is about the size of a kraken. it as the appearence of being made of glass it is actually made of a very thick smooth ice, because of its glass like appearnce it can reflect the light to make look camoflauged. the ability for this is shock this ability is a more powerful version of the water pillar abitlity from my shikai. the jelly fish has 100 tentacles and when a tentacle is dug into the ground i use the command shock. and a large powerful 5 story 25ft wide geyser will shoot from the ground and it is mixed with water and a special electricity that seperates the oppoents reiatsu each tentacle can produce 1 geyser which when they pop up i can controland move up to 150 yards it has a duration of 60 seconds if the oppoent is trapped in the geyser for its duration then the oppoent will die. when all 100 tornadoes are used there is a lag time of 60 seconds i can bring up all 100 at once or one by one.

final form- the final form is a large 15 storie 350ft in diameter ball of acid water that will completly devistate anything within a radius of 950yards. this ball moves as fast as the speed of has the destructive force of 2 atomic bombs but will only destroy what is in range if i am in range the attck will not affect me. this attack will have to charge for about 5 minutes before striking. i also have to use the command devistae and before it strikes a dark blue light will flash brightly for about 2 seconds. when the attack is used it has a lag time of 65minutes.

each of my bankai forms has a weakness
megalodon- blow the mist away with a wind force stronger than hurricane katrina and rita put together

jellyfish- cut off all 100 tentacles

final form- there is no weakness get out of the way when it strikes.

if all bankai forms are gone my zanpakuto will return to its gunbai shikai state and i will have to wait a lag time of 99 minutes.

1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Haha wow that is actually really funny
I like your Zanpakuto by the way :) some of the abilities seem a little bit overpowered. Like for the water spout one, if you get caught is there any way at all to get out? But overall i think it was quite creative :) I would say a 3.5-4 on that one
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
if one gets caught and wants to escape you have to be faster than the waterspout all you have to do is run out of its path and for the megalodon's weakness the wind strength was a little exagerated ill lower it so it has top stronger than a f5 tornado but weaker than hurricane katrina. and if this causes any confusion not all my forms are out at once if i want to switch back and forth i just say the number.i will also lower some of the ridiculous ranges down by 10. hope this helps.
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1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
My newest Zanpakuto:
Name: Tsuindoragon (twin dragons)
Appearance: The kantana has a black hilt and a black blade with flame like patterns going up the sides.

Appearance/release phrase: "Kurayami no naka ni me" (sprout into darkness). When released, the sword and hilt become a suit of armor (see picture below).

Cloak: By adjusting the composition of the outside of the suit, the wielder can become invisible for a short time (7 seconds). When the ability wears off, there is a 14 second delay before the ability can be reactivated

Armor: Also by adjusting the composition of the armor, the wielder can cut the damage done to him by 2/3 (so it only does 1/3 of the damage). This ability can only be activated for 4 seconds and has a recharge time of 14 seconds. This and the first ability cannot be used at the same time due to the fact that they both alter the composition of the armor

Dark energy: The wielders weapon is the use of dark energy (similar to the energy let off by tensa zangetsu, only it is about as powerful as a normal getsuga tensho). The weapon is not good for close combat (0-3 feet) and dissipates completely at 30 (but does not dissipate before then), so the use of this zanpakuto is mainly a middle distance (recommended between 5-30). This energy is used a a method of grabbing and throwing (especially things such as rocks) and impact (imagine like a bat almost)

No bankai achieved yet

Vizard: Since there is a helmet, there is no known image of the mask

Special Cero: Kumo no su Cero (spider web cero): this cero is shot out as a circular web of an area of 30 square feet. Just like the dark energy it dissipates at a range of 30 feet. If the enemy gets ensnared in the web, it wraps around them and explodes with the force of 1.5 cero's
 My newest Zanpakuto: Name: Tsuindoragon (twin dragons) Appearance: The kantana has a black hilt and a
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
big smile
great zanpakuto i have no problems with it

1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Yay :)
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
the guy you used in your zanpakuto he looks familiar. idk
1年以上前 onix11 said…
@Heavy_rain Your bankai's final ability has the possibilities of being to overpowering. Even someone of captain level would have trouble dodging the attack. And the power of two atomic bombs is beyond insane. Plus it having no weakness gives it an added bonus. It's a good move but it can be powered down a bit. This is my opinion and you don't have to listen to it if you don't want to.
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
HEAVY_rain, he is Golbez from the final fantasy series :)
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Whew, thanks to everyone who did reviews over this past week, I've been all over the place. Anyway, I'll go ahead and cover the blades that have been overlooked or underresponded to. But first...

HEAVY_rain (utaimasu):
Shikai - As is, I don't know if that counts either. It depends what that ball can do. If, when it hits, it just causes a gust of air that can slightly trip up the opponent, then no, it doesn't count. If it does practically anything more than that and causes any reasonable pushback, it's an ability.
1) I can see you changed this a bit, but that "nearly impossible to dodge" line is still getting to me. If it's a blade, being "nearly impossible to dodge" means practically killing every opponent with it. Your next line suggests that it is possible to dodge by seeing the grooves it creates in the ground, but then you should change the verbiage.
2) Same problem applies here.
3) The deafening aspect isn't a problem, but the dazed and confused aspect could be. I don't know what kind of effect that has on them, but if it's too substantial, that can end the fight. 25 seconds is an eternity at the speeds people go in the Bleach universe. Beyond that, what's the range on this? How large is the wave of sound? Can the opponent see it?

Bankai: Again, if the dragon can do anything, even block for you, it's an ability in and of itself.

1) So does this ability affect everyone within a radius, or only those that you're facing? If it's a radius, it might be too powerful. A backwards note doesn't exactly take a long time to play, and you could easily play them in quick succession. How long does it take between the notes' having been played and the removal of oxygen?
2) Define "a little weaker" and "extremely faster." When it's an ability like this that can pull in any opponent that gets close and cut them to pieces, it matters a lot to know the ins and outs of how this functions. This kind of ability can be an instant kill if it gets close, so you've got to be very careful with how it works and what its limitations are.
3) ...That size is really not enough to describe it. Think about it this way: a tsunami depends on a lot of factors in terms of how tall and wide it is. Some tsunamis can be 30 feet tall and MILES wide. Simply saying it's similar to tsunamis in height and breadth doesn't tell the story. Right now, it's just sounding like it's impossible to dodge, which is too much. Is it visible to the opponent?
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Hadez17 (Striking Sky):

Shikai -
1) This has a good amount of explanation this. It's rather complex to explain, but I think it's reasonable. The one question I'd have is about a different kind of defense. Can the opponent deviate the shot's path instead? Since this is rather accurate, I could see that as rather important, even with the small size of the hole.
2) Unoriginal maybe, but the analogies make it very plain what this does and how it does it.
3) This one sort of seems slanted to fight against specific opponents, but I think it's reasonable.

Bankai -
1) Same questions from shikai apply.
2) Well explained, can't see any holes in this one.
3) This one looks well explained as well.
1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
well made the adjustment to the blade to adress the question. nebody who is wondering can go and check it out
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
@ onix11 i never said it was 2 atomic bombs i said its weaker than one not 2
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
sorry to anyone if my zanpakutos seem over powered
1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
@HEAVY_rain first off its no biggie if ur blade seems oped cus it can be fixed and second i coppied this next section directly out of the final abliity in ur blades bankai "it has the destructive force of 2 atomic bombs "
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
jstar18 (Te-Kyougi):

Shikai -
1) What's the range on these shockwaves? Is there a limit to how much the gloves can block with regards to physical attacks?
2) Does this release an infinite amount of paper, or is it limited? Can the paper be cut as normal?
3) How many/how strong do the concussive blows have to be to cause these to break? Do they recover over time, or are they broken even after switching back to them?

Bankai -
1) How large are these blasts (i.e. are they the same size as the wielder's fists and feet, or larger)? Do they hit with more force than the actual punch or kick? How much more? In order to crack zanpakuto, how much stronger do these blows have to be than the opponent? Does this have a range where it stops being effective? Do these blows only travel in a straight line from where the blow started, or do they continue just like the actual punch or kick would have?
2) Can the paper be destroyed by the opponent? If so, can it be remade?
3) How far can these travel? You say "very thin," does that mean that if the opponent is looking directly at them from head on, they would have a very hard time seeing it?
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
HEAVY_rain (doshaburi):

Shikai -
1) So anything that gets caught in the waterspout will be ripped apart? Literally anything? That seems a bit much. I could see heavy damage from this, but remember, it's a shikai ability, and you can make more than one of them. How fast does the water spout form? How long does it take to create?
2) ...How does a geyser that's 100 ft. tall have a 150 ft. range? How quickly do they spout of any given location? How quickly does the water move? How much damage would they do on contact? Is there any harm to controlling 3 geysers, or is it always advantageous for him to control 3 at the same time? What's the breadth of these geysers?
3) What's the size of this ability? How can it be stopped?

Bankai -
1) How fast can the mist spread? Can it spread high into the air? I really don't get how this can melt and freeze. One is powerful enough, there's no reason to incorporate the other. Can the mist be dispersed? What prevents you from using this ability and simply stating "destroy everything in a 100 mile radius"? Can the megalodon be destroyed? How easy or difficult is that?
2) I'm really confused by this one. What tornadoes are involved? I thought this was a geyser! Can the jellyfish be destroyed? How easy or difficult is that? What does this electricity do (seperates the oppoents reiatsu" really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me)? Are you saying that 100 5 story tall, 25 foot wide geysers can be created at once using this? Think about that for a sec: if you wanted to do so, that would take up a 2500 square foot area with a 5 story tall spout of water that lasts for 60 seconds. And from what I'm seeing, that's instantaneous. Not only that, but each of these can be moved individually up to 150 yards away from the wielder (or from it's starting location, I'm really not sure which), and anyone who's caught in it "for its duration" (I'm not sure if that means the full 60 seconds, or how long exactly) will die. Seems a bit overpowered to me.
3) It's too fast. For something like this has pretty much perfect destructive power, the speed of sound just seems like a lot. I'm also seeing what onix and Hadez stated about the 2 atomic bombs, and that is too powerful, especially considering you're unaffected. What happens if this just touches an opponent? Will it automatically detonate? Will the acid burn them like normal? Will it bounce off them? What happens during the formation period of this attack (like, can the opponent notice what's going on and interrupt it)?
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1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Ulquiorra1313 (Tsuindoragon):

Shikai - what happens when an opponent knocks off a piece of the armor? Since these abilities apply only to a person who has the armor on, let's say he loses the headpiece. Would his head be visible while the rest of his body goes invisible? Would damage reductions not apply to the exposed area?
1) No problems.
2) So this affects all damage, at least from what I'm seeing. That's not a problem, but what does the armor do while this isn't active? How much damage can it prevent without this ability?
3) I get the range, but what kind of speed does this ability have? How large is it? Does it have the same power as the wielder in terms of strength, or is it stronger?
1年以上前 Segata_Sanshiro said…
I'm about to win this thread forever. (jk?)

Zanpakuto name: Biarisu
Release Command: Proliferate
Sealed Appearance: A plain katana, with a tan handle wrapped in black.

Shikai Appearance: The blade widens slightly towards the tip, looking a bit like a spade. Two titanium rings hang from a tassel on the pommel.

Ability #1: Liquefy. The blade glows red for a moment, and hits to the body while in this state thin the target's blood.

Ability #2: Amplify. The blade briefly grows to twice its length, allowing for long range strikes.

Bankai Name: Grandobiarisu
Bankai Appearance: Same as Shikai, but thrice as large.

Bankai Ability #1: Liquefy. Same as Shikai.
Bankai Ability #2: Amplify. Same as Shikai but a bit longer lasting
Bankai Ability #3: Petrify. Can only be used during Amplify; a white crescent of energy shoots from the blade and any flesh it makes contact with instantly contracts, effectively rendering that muscle immobile.

Comments: Primarily a melee type of blade. For even more devastation, Petrify could be used as the target is stabbed. Its Bankai also heightens the wielder's reflexes and senses, but prolonged Bankai usage can cause severe damage to the nervous system.
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1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Segata_Sanshiro (Biarisu):

Shikai -
1) So does this need to be activated each time he's readying for a swing? Does this affect exactly the independent of the depth, length and breadth of the cut? Do more cuts thin the blood further? Most importantly, what does it mean to thin their blood? Are you reducing the amount of red blood cells total? Are you reducing red blood cell production? Are you doing something else I'm not aware of? How much thinning actually goes on?
2) Seems reasonable.

Bankai -
1) Same as before.
2) ...I wasn't aware it lasted for an abbreviated period before. If it's lasting longer, explain how long it lasts before, and how much time that's increased by.
3) How large is the crescent? How fast does it move? How quickly can these be fired? Does any cut cause this, and does it only affect the muscle it directly hits? If it doesn't reach the muscle (for example, only cutting through the skin) does that make it immobile as well? Is this immobility permanent as long as the bankai is active?
1年以上前 infernalfeather said…
Segata Sanshiro
Interesting blade.


Ability 1) So when it glows red does the blade itself become liquid or produce a liquid. How does it make contact with the blood? To what
extent is the blood thinned.

Ability 2) what is the actual length of the blade, and how long would double its length be? Exactly how long is briefly, specify time wise

Bankai :
Ability 3) I really like this abiliy :D how large is the crescent of energy, does it only cut opponets or can it blast through them.

How long can the bankai be used before it causes damage to the nervous system, and by what factor does it increase the wielder's abilities
1年以上前 Segata_Sanshiro said…
*ahem* I've got so many Bleach stories in my head, and this thread is great for populating my mental Soul Society. Here's another sword:

Name: Howaitou-ingu (White Wing)
Sealed Appearance: A wakizashi with golden yellow handle wrapped in white. The tsuba(guard) is in the shape of two wings, like -> 69.
Release Command: Kyujosho! (Soar!)

Shikai Appearance: A katana, with no tsuba. The blade takes on a platinum sheen. The habaki(google it) is like two golden wings, shaped like this ---<-------.
Shikai Ability #1: Igurusutraiko o mau (Fluttering Eagle Strike). The blade hums, oscillating at 9786 times a second. Moving the blade at high speed causes it to make a sound like a raptor's cry. Enables the attack to cut or pierce through nearly any conceivable solid object, and even through lower level defensive spells.

Shikai Ability #2: A passive boost to aerial movement and jumping, and acceleration.

Bankai Name: Tentai howaitou-ingu (Celestial White Wing)
Bankai Appearance: A large, glowing white wing grows from the right shoulder. The zanpakuto is a long handled nodachi, with a gauntlet hilt shaped like the head of a bald eagle; the beak is golden and the blade comes from the "mouth".
Bankai Ability #1: Hane buyo (Feather Dance). The wing sweeps forwards, and sharp feathers shoot from it.

Bankai Ability #2: Ten wa washi no sutoraiku sasu (Heaven Piercing Eagle Strike). The blade glows, and the user strikes extremely quickly. Cutting power such that the blade isn't even felt if it passes through, and only felt after being stabbed. Can even pass through mid-upper lever defensive spells.

Bankai Ability #3: The wing. Can also wrap around the user for defense and/or burst into feathers to reveal the user vanished.

Comments: On the 5x to 10x power increase scale, Tentai howaitou-ingu is a hard 10. Also gives a good boost to speed, and has the same aerial movement and acceleration bonuses as the Shikai.
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
oops i thought i put weaker than an atomic bomb not powerful than 2 im sry and i meant that only one geyser could pop up at once during bankai...i should stop posting...bye
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1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Ok so to address the problems:
If any gets knocked off, the area uncovered does not have the ability applied but its very hard to knock off the armor
2) The armos normally cuts only about an eighth of the normal damage
3) i will have think about that one :)

Everyone is doing very well on helpin out whiteflame :) keep it up
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
wow i re read my zanpakutos and they are terrible i should stop posting zanpakutos
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1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Absolutely not HEAVY_rain. Problems with early drafts of your zanpakuto should never put you off. This forum is an opportunity to help make your zanpakuto better, not one to show off perfection. Everyone gets edits, and even if their numerous, you just learn from them and take it in stride.

And yes, as Ulquorra1313 said, glad to see other people doing the reviews as well. I'm certainly not the end all be all.
1年以上前 Segata_Sanshiro said…
About Biarisu: Time-wise, when I say briefly I mean no more than a couple seconds. So, when using Liquefy, the blade would glow red for a couple seconds, and you would have to say "Liquefy" before each use.

By thinning the blood, I guess I was referring in a similar way to how it's done with medicine, by reducing the red blood cells and platelets I guess. This effect only happens if the target is cut, and oh, by around twenty uses it would make walking at a normal pace difficult, the thinning effect becoming stronger those last few uses.

Amplify: Biarisu is a normal length katana, so the blade is around 24". Doubling it would make it 48. It's already three times as large for the Bankai, so during Bankai (lol) Amplify would make the blade a whopping 12' long. The time for amplify would increase to about five seconds, to give time to call for:

Petrify: I imagined the energy wave to be similar to Getsuga Tenshu. It can't cut anything, it's like a wave of water but more viscuous. It's one size only, about the size of the Getsuga Tenshu Ichigo used against Renji. For rapidity, you could fire off a couple before Amplify ends. Basically the limit is as fast as you can talk. I don't know about you, but I sure couldn't say "Amplify! Petrify!" over and over too quickly. As far as contact goes, I was thinking exposed skin. So wearing a standard shinigami uniform, that most likely means your forearms, neck and head; but we all know how dangerous battles are for clothes in Bleach. The effect would last as long as the Bankai was active.

lol Forgot y'all can't read my mind, so much stuff. Now, for the Bankai enhancing reflexes and senses, nothing supernatural. It just forces 100% out of those departments, no off switch as long as the Bankai's active. And not that people use Bankai for long, but around an hour and a half before the nervous system starts overloading and shutting down.
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1年以上前 ddarksonic675 said…
Ok guys I'm hitting a block on this one i know it's proboly over powered or full of holes but i can't think of anything to add or take away so insted of letting it sit here i'm putting it up PLEASE REVIEW

Shikai so_ru dorobo (soul thief) release kuiarasu (devour)

Upon release this zanpakuto looks like this( see pic) When this zanpakuto is used to kill a hollow the hollow is purified like normal however the hollows body is turned to reshi and and copied by the zanpakuto only three hollow body can be copied at one time and if another hollow is killed one that is already held can be replaced. This dose NOT work on visored and arrancar don't keep there resurreccion.

1) This is always active. The user can user the abilities of all the hollows that are copied into the zanpakuto. While not in shikai or bankai abilities cost 2x the normal reshi.

2) The zanpaukto pours out reshi that takes form of one of the hollows that was copied, at the choice of the user, this hollow is physically exactally like the original hollow execpt it has no hollow hole. The hollow has all the abilities of the hollow it was copied from. This ability needs 20% of the users reshi for an Vasto lorde sized hollow this takes 1 min, 35% reshi for a Adjuchas sized hollow and 2 min, and 60% of reshi for a gillian sized hollow in 3mins. Once the hollow starts to form the user can leave it and it will form on it's own. During formation it is still reshi so it can't be hurt by normal attacks. In addition the user most give some of there reshi to the hollow so it has reshi. Once one runs out of reshi it falls unconsus until it is givin more by the user, through touch, If the hollow dies then it's body is destroyed and most be remade by the user. The hollows follow the users orders that are given mentaly they can talk mentally to the user but can only give short direct answers. If the user wishes they can absorb the reshi out of the hollow and it's body returning the reshi to them however if the user dosen't touch the hollow all the reshi is lost.

3) The user absorbs the reshi from on of the hollows and it goes into a dormant state and shrinks to a 3inch in diameter black ball. It will stay like this even if shikai is stoped. If the hollow is in a dormant state it regrows to its size in in 1/2 the speed but costs no reshi and can be hurt while growing to it's size.

Bankai: Couldn't think of a name :( The user looks like this person (see pic) With the sword from the shikai. The user retaints all abilitys of shikai in bankai. Also ability 2 costs half the reshi cost.

1) The user gives the hollow the ability to use any of the users abilitys , flash step, kido,abilities gained from ability 1 of shikai, ext., This takes 5 seconds to take effect however only one can be given at once and the user can't use whatever they gave to the hollow.

2) This uses 1/4 of the hollows reshi. The user and the hollow switch places instantly this can only be used once every 30 seconds.

3) The user activates this ability and can call out an additional hollow for a flat cost of 30% of there current reshi this hollow forms in 3 seconds. After this ability is used the user and both hollows are connected so the user feels every thing they do. If both are killed during this then the user falls unconsus.

P.S only the hollows bodies are copied not there minds. These hollows are manly reshi from the zanpakuto not hollows I just couldn't think of somthing else to call them. With a arrancar like i said they don't keep there relese abilites only the ones they whould have in there normal form. They would not look like they do in there released state and do to the fact that there sword is part of them they keep it but it is just a normal sword. The hollows are metally capable in combat, hey know how to fight and use all there abilities effectivly including the ones from the user, however for anything non combat they follow orders directaly like the peanut butter and jelly teaching exercise however will contact the user if they finish a task or can't countinue it.
 Ok guys I'm hitting a block on this one i know it's proboly over powered または full of holes but i can't
1年以上前 Segata_Sanshiro said…
O_O Pretty nice, good ability. I wonder what kind of shinigami would have it though...

Anyways, the percentage of Reishi used for the Hollow copies. I don't know if you meant 20%(etc) of the USER'S reishi, or the Hollow clone was 20% the user's reishi and 80% the Vasto Lorde's. Also, I think the time for producing the copies is too long, as unless you pull some major plotkai you wouldn't last for a minute or three. I'd fifth it and/or reverse the order of time needed to do so. Like, making the Vasto Lorde copy would take 3 min, and so on.

And for the Bankai, except for ability #2 it's kinda... weird? I'm not exactly sure why you'd be giving Hollows your abilities, unless it's to set up for ability #2 in which case it'd be fine. And do you get your abilities back after the fight is done, or the Bankai ends?

And props for the Drakonnas Bankai armor. ;) So, all in all, very interesting concept, but I'm just wondering what kind of shinigami would wield such a blade.
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
big smile
i wont stop posting
1年以上前 ddarksonic675 said…
Ok ty for the review. I think i made some cunfusion with the hollow types and reshi amount. The reshi amount is how much it takes to form the hollows body after that the user needs to give it reshi so it can do stuff thats why i put in ability 3 so it could save reshi. The reshi is determined by size not type becasue the hollow is just a copy and is powerd by the user it dosen't keep the origanal hollows power only it's abilities and form. so if you ignore the abilities a normal sized hollow, person sized, and a arrancar they could be the same strength due to the reshi the user puts in. And for the time sence it can't be hurt while forming you could just make it and then leave to fight or make it in advance or just make it and let it sit in your house or something and have it come to you.

For ability one of bankai it would be a stratigic move you could have your hollow send out ur attacks to catch the enemy off guard and you get them back if you use the ability again, reabsorb the hollow, let it die, put it into dormant state with ability 3 of shikai, or stop bankai.

Ty i play adventure quest while watching stuff on fox on my computer. Lastly the kind of shinigami whould more then likely be someone who dosen't play by anyones rules..... not even there own.
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1年以上前 ddarksonic675 said…
Btw i'm still working on my cloth like zanpaukto to fix it. It just got pushed back by ideas i've been getting lately.
1年以上前 ddarksonic675 said…
Sorry about puting these out so fast but i wanted to get them here for reviews so if you want please review this one or any of mine

This zanpakuto is mainly based on Chaos and Cosmos from Final fantasy dissidia ,NOT the second on don't have it yet :(, with shikai it works like tosen's and the shikai's form is depending on the release comand.

Shikai: Chaos/Cosmos

Release command: Chaos God of disscord/ Cosmos Goddess of harmony

Shikai Form 1 Chaos the sword looks like the sword in the picture.

1) Demon Dance: the user teleports five times within 20 meters randomly. they tend to stay on a level plane, they won't teleport 20 meters in the air, they also won't teleport into an object after they apper they have 5 seconds then they teleport again if the user mentaly targets a person or something they will always face that target. This can only be used once every 10 seconds and uses about as much reshi as a level 40 kido.

2) Condemn: The user calls a piller of fire with a 5 meter diameter and 10 meters high with them at the center. the fire dosn't hurt them and takes 3 seconds to form. This lasts 4 seconds after it forms fully, and takes 3 seconds to charge, the user glows red during charge. Takes as much reshi as a level 30 kido and is about as hot as a bon fire. This can only be used once every 5 seconds.

3) Scarlet rain: the user holds there hands in the air and a large fire ball forms above them over the coarse of 10 seconds after it is complete the user can move again. then one at a time the fire ball shoots out 10 fire balls these follow the target until they hit something they move at average kido speed and when they hit something they explode the explosion is 5 meter in diameter. This explosion is a firey one but has low force about half a hand grenade. After one has exploded the next one is fired.

Shikai form 2 Cosmos The sword looks like a normal katana with a blue handle this sword can not cut anyone. when the sword cantacts someone it moves through them as if they aren't there it however dose touch any non living thing. If the sword is used to touch someone all the reshi put into it heals them. The amount of reshi it takes is based on % of damage and only goes up to 90% damage, 0% would be no injurys or illness 100% would be dead. If more reshi is in the blade then damage to the person then the reshi is given to the person cut.

1) Aura of light: The zanpakuto glows white and restores reshi to anyone the user considers friendly within 30 meters. This uses 30% of the users reshi and heals 20% of that to all the people in it over 10 seconds this can only be used 3 times per shikai.

2) Crystal of Light: The blade of the sword is coverd in blue water like reshi it then flows off the blade and forms into a crystal at the cost of 40% of the users reshi. This crystal is as hard as concreate. (see below). Anyone within 20 meters of the crystal starts to feel more happy, confident, and less scared. Anyone within 5 meters of the crystal has there reshi and wounds recover at 10% increased speed. This crystal if broken restores 90% of the reshi that made it to anyone the user wishes within 40 meters if the user dosen't pick a person then the reshi fades. Only one of these can be made at once.

3) Golden halo :This takes as much reshi as a level 30 kido. A halo forms above the users head. The halo on the out side is sharp as a zanpakuto but the inside is dull the user can touch it on ether side without geting cut. If the user throws it after it moves 20 meters it stops then returns to the user at the same speed and force as it had when it was thrown if something gets in the way it will stop if it loses all it's momentum. If the user makes a new one the old one disappers.

Bankai Twin gods: bankai looks like these 2 swords from the last remnant (see below)

1) Divine slash : This ability uses as much reshi as a level 50 kido. This looks like getsuga tensho.

If the user uses the red sword it is red and functions like getsuga tensho but also upon contact with skin it gives second degree burns.

If the user uses the blue sword it works the same but instead of burning it wipes out reshi that contactes it, if it hit a getsuga tensho the same size the gesuga tensho would be wiped out and the divine slash would continue as if nothing happened.

2) Divine orb: This ability uses as much reshi as a level 70 kido. From a sword the user sends out a basketball sized reshi orb that moves at half normal kido speed and moves when and where the user wants These can be destroyed by reshi of about 30 kido level.

If it is from the red sword it sends out balls of reshi at anyone the user thinks of as a target within 30 meters. these balls are about the strength of a level 20 kido and travel in a straight line at kido speed. also upon contact with someone they feel pain through there whole body. this hurts as much as a broken bone and lasts 2 seconds only 20 of these are shot out and they go out every 3 seconds.

If the orb is from the blue sword it is blue and it absorbs all reshi based abilities within 30 meters of it at the speed of about a level 30 kido every 2 seconds. When the user wants it returns to the them and gives them that reshi.

3) Divine power: the user, over 5 seconds, absorbs one of the 2 swords and gains 100% speed and strength.

If it was the blue sword they gain 2.5% of there reshi back every minute while below 60% of there total reshi

If it was the red sword then every time the user bleeds golf ball sized amount blood they lose a level 20 kido amount of reshi and it goes to the blood. The blood then grows to the size of a baseball and flies to the person and sticks to them like super glue at kido speed. This ball after sticking to them becomes as hard as steel and can be riped off but if it is on skin it will rip it off unless you pull it off vary carfully. These last until bankai is released.

sorry about the picture size :(
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 Sorry about puting these out so fast but i wanted to get them here for reviews so if あなた want please
1年以上前 Segata_Sanshiro said…
Dare I say it...? The Shikai for Chaos is underwhelming? I like Ability number two, but the first seems a tad pointless; as it could be done if the wielder was proficient in flash steps. Scarlet Rain seems fair enough, but kinda average. It read more like a spell to me. :/

The Shikai for Cosmos seems pretty nice, but about Aura of Light: the range seems a bit large, but I'd tweak it so it restored reishi to anyone in the AoE, to give it a bit more balance.

For the Divine Power ability, the big question is can you still use the other Bankai abilities while the blade is absorbed?

For Chaos' Bankai, the only thing I don't get is the side effect of Divine Power. Can the... blood orbs be used as a power source? And, the Divine Orb for chaos could be stronger.

Cosmos' Bankai is just total hax. lol Divine Orb, I think, should have a limit to how much it can absorb. If the ability takes a "level 70 kido amount of reishi", then it should absorb 'bout 1 1/2x as much maybe a bit more. Also, I didn't get the "speed of a level 30 kido" part, but I'll assume that doesn't mean too fast. The Divine Power seems okay-ish, but personally with it being a Bankai and all restoring up to 75% seems more like a Bankai ability.

So, overall this would be VERY interesting if it was all in one blade, which would be pretty symbolic as well. To me this could also work as a pair of blades, like Kyoraku's or Ukitake's.
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1年以上前 ddarksonic675 said…
Ty for the review :). For ability one i guess it is kinda weak in the game the ability this one is based on gave me trouble, with everyone but cloud my best person:), but in the bleach world it wouldn't be a big deal so have to make a new one for this and for number 3 it kinda is a spell i guess.

For aura of light that is a good idea so i think that can be a good change.

For divine power no you can't use the sword that you absorbed.

No the blood orbs can't they use that reshi to activate the effect and for the orb if you are fighting the user you would have to worry about dodging then as well and if you get hit the pain would also make it hard to stay focused.

I guess divine orb should have a limit 1.5 times the reshi used to make it is good and the speed is a level 30 kido worth every 2 seconds so if lets say a cero with as much reshi as ten level 30 kidos went through it then it would take 20 seconds to be fully absorbed and for the divine power it can only go up to 60% of reshi and i don't really understand your wording on that sorry.

If you mean the shikai i did it as 2 shikai's because they are vary simalar but still opposite to each other but with bankai they both are out together dispite this.
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