BLEACH(ブリーチ) Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
hey Zakaweshi! I saw your zanpakuto. I Liked it, although it wasn't so original. i am very critical, so don't be offended. I Personally Hate it when a zanpakuto has too many abilities, like Healing, Plus All kinda different variations to getsuga tenshou, plus other attacks.
I like it when a zanpakuto has a theme it follows, like for example:
Zabimaru: Shikai: The blade lengthens itself like a ling snake made of sword parts.
Bankai: The Sword Becomes a giant Snake made of parts.
Those kinda things. If you wanna have a healing zanpakuto, make it a healing one. If you wanna have a wind based one that shoots comressed air, make one. But not the two together. Your Zanpakutos Theme is i would say: Air Dragon Changing Blades that heal and shoot air.
I dont mean to offend you, I like your zanpakuto its just the healing plus shooting that irritates me A little.
Other than that Your zanpakutos Owsome!
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
Wow, reading this makes me wanna kill me if i were you.
PLEASE NO! I love your zanpakuto. Its Jusssttt...
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
Okay! This is my newest one. I first created the character, and didn't have a clue what his zanpakuto should be. Then, created another character with this zanpakuto, but i didn't like him, so a gave his zanpakuto to this guy here, and this is the result. Please Comment!

Gin ShiroKuro (Nick Named Kite ShiroKuro)
He Looks Like a 19 year old boy with with long black hair with a stripe of silver in it.
He has a scar on his face like he was attacked by a claw. It is simply 3 stripes running on his face, from his bottom cheek to his nose . He got this from a fight with his zanpakuto when he tried to achieve bankai.
He usually wears a black jacket with a single silver line running through it.
He is very energetic and funny, jokes alot but has a loner, quiter side of him.
He likes to talk to his zanpakutou alot and so they know each other well, although not entirely.
He still doesnt know his zanpakutou to the end, and has a lot of space to improve, although they get along well.
During battles, He gets More serious but not enirely serious.
He is often seen seemingly talking to himself, although he really is talking to his zanpakutou.
His style is a fast, strange, almost random style. He uses strange, fast moves and is very good with shunpou.
He uses martial arts as well when needed.

Name: Shirogane Ippikiookami (Lone Silver Wolf).

Zanpakutou Spirit: A Silver Wolf, with a stripe of black down his mane. He is very Serious and Quite, But wise and friendly non the less.

Sealed State: The sword is a bit shorter then normal swords, but not by much. It is a silver blade with a thin black stripe running down on it.
Its handle is black with thin stripes of silver red.
The gaurd is in the shape of a empty sun connected to a smaller full one in it. They are both black.

Shikai: Enjousuru! Shirogane Ippikiookami! (Burn up in flames! Lone Silver Wolf!):
In shikai, Gin's sword is cit in half, then, each half goes around his hand, creating two black bracelets that emit black shadowish flames.
During shikai, Kuroo has a few abilitys, all involving him creating and using his black flames:

In shikai, Gin can make very rough and unclear shapes of the black flames, like balls and lines, and so on. He can shoot them to burn his enemy.
He needs a second to replenish his flames after each attack. THe stronger the attack was, the more time he needs to replenish.

1) Katate no Kaitenshiki HonooKuro (One Hand of Revolving/Spinning BlackFlames) (Katate No HonooKuro-1Hand of Blackflames For Short):
When Gin uses this attack, The flames around his chosen hand (He can use this attack with only one hand of his choice) make a rotating long Drill/Spear
Thingy like those knights on horses in the medievel times. He then rushs foward to attack with it.
This Speary is solid-like, making it his primary weapon while using shikai.

Bankai: Kage Udewa no Shirogane Ippikiookami (Shadow Bracelet of the Silver Lone Wolf)
While activating bankai, Gin's bracelets emit even stronger flames, until they surround him in a black sphere of flames.
When it clears, the only difference is that Gin's Bracelets dissapear, and instead the flames come right from him.
Another change is His eyes are now Red and wolf like. He also gets a set pointed teath.
In Bankai, Gin's need to replenish his Flames like in Shikai dissapears.
Also, his speed increases to inhuman/shinigami/hollow(:P) proportions.
He is also able to stop his enemys sword with his bare hand now.
In Bankai, Gin Has a few more abilitys:

1) Ni Katate no Kaitenshiki HonooKuro (2 Hands of Revolving/Spinning Black Flames): An improved version of Katate no HonooKuro,
Using this attack, Gin's flames create a 2 of the previus attack. He can now shoot them out of his hand at his enemy at any given time,
creating 2 more when they are both gone.

2)HonooKuro Sousa (Black Flame Manipulation): This ability lets him shape more distinct shapes like arrows or even letters.

3) Tsume no HonooKuro (Claw of Black Flames): When Gin uses this attack, all his flames suround his hand,
creating a thin layer of flames around it, which ends in sharp claws. This is Gin's ultimate attack.
He Then Thrusts his hand at the enemy with huge force. If succeeded, the attack will send the enemy flying, burning up with black flames.
The major thing about this attack is its force: Huge amounts of Rietsu and Black Concerated Flames are all packed in one small punch.
It creates an explosion of black flames when it hits.
For example, if he hits the ground with this attack, a huge explosion sphere of black flames will be created, leaving a huge crater in the ground around him.
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1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
Zanpakuto Name - Kyofu
( Fear )
Sealed Form - The blade length is as long as Ichigo’s Zangetsu but is thin like a normal katana. The guard is two hollow squares, one smaller than the other, on the outside of each other with prongs that go diagonally from the corners to the center of the tsuba. The hilt and sheath are both black and he has a white string attached to the sheath so he can hang it from his belt or his back.
Release Command - Keshin, Kyofu
( Incarnate, Fear )
Shikai From - The blade stays the same shape and length and has half circles cut off of the end that’s not sharp all the way to the point. The hilt is twice the size it was in it is in its sealed but at the point where the sealed hilt ended, a circle encasing the new half of the hilt is attached to it. The handle in the circle is free moving so he can spin it rapidly if he holds it by that hilt. There is a long chain that is connected to the hilt and wraps around his wrist and the rest dangles off his elbow. It slowly emits shadows from the crescents on the blade.
Shikai 1st Ability - Kyofu O Tsumugu
( Spinning Fear )
Spins Kyofu fast then launches it at the target, still spinning rapidly. He can call it off by pulling it back with the chain.
Has a few different forms like just launching it at them, throwing it in the air above them and crashing down on them, wrapping around them and slices them at the same time, and throwing it past them and pulling it back so it stabs them in the back.
Shikai 2nd Ability - Kyofu No Keshin
( Fear’s Incarnation )
He slowly spins the blade at makes it emit shadows faster which form into something that scares the person the most, different for each individual person. Mosly used just as a distraction.
Shikai 3rd Ability - Hyofu No Tate
( Shield Of Fear )
The shadows the secrete from the blade gather around him and mask his presence completely and blends in with other shadows.
Bankai Release Command - Shin No Kyofu No Kenshin
( The Incarnation Of True Fear )
Bankai Form - Not much changes except the crescents on the blade disappear and the blade becomes made out of pure shadows. The circle on the second half of the hilt also becomes shadowy, as well as the chain, which all leak out shadows slowly. Uses all shikai abilities and bankai -
Bankai 1st Ability - Takamaru Kyofu
( Growing Fear )
The blade grows considerably larger but stays light because its only made of shadows. This increases the attack power to double but lasts for two minutes. Used with Kyofu O Tsumugu to have an even more devastating effect.
Bankai 2nd Ability - Kyofu No Tanjo
( Birth Of True Fear )
Spins the blade slowing except the blade, chain, and the circle on the hilt shoot out and expend to create s large sphere of darkness around him and the target. It displays the targets fears on a massive scale and can cause psychiatric problems with their mind depending on their strength of mind. This is his bankai’s true from and he can reform his blade from the surrounding shadows to fight in there.
Bankai 3rd Ability - Kyofu Kokun
( Cocoon Of Fear )
The sphere shrinks down just to envelop him and he temporarily becomes what the person fears but uses his weapon in all of the forms he takes.

Shinigami - Riaru Kyofu
Hair - It goes to the base of his neck in the back, covers up his ears, and his bangs end just past his eyebrows. His hair is very straight and neat.
Hair Color - Black.
Eye Color - Deep Purple. His eyes usually appear tired or bored, but bright when he’s in a good mood or being funny.
Age - He is around 515 but appears mid-twenties.
Skin - Pale, like Uryu’s.
Height - 5’10.
Weight - 120 lbs.
Body Type - Slim and slender, but slightly muscular
Personality - He is usually frowning unless happy or laughing. He acts cold and bored to people he doesn’t know but he is calm and relaxed with people he know or likes. He generally is kind and nice but not when he is provoked or openly insulted. He strives to protect the few people he loves.
Zanpakuto Spirit - He is normally in the form of a man with a black, shadow-like cloak and a hood over his face with the chain from the zanpakuto shikai hanging out of his sleeve. He changes into a dead looking version of a girl Riaru likes to provoke him while training with him.

I literally just woke up from a nap and thought about this so I thought I’d write it. Hope you guys liked it!
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
Well i sure did like it!
Main Theme: Fear.
Shikai/Bankai Overpowered: No.
Original: Yes.
Zanpakuto Spirit: Yes.
Ill give it 8.5 on the IchigoSuke Scale.
Sorry, But i kinda think that using his ability to cause fear already in shikai is to early. This is only my opinion. Your Zanpakuto is great.
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
thanks for opinion :3
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
My bad, I thought about it and using a fear attack in Shikai is okay.
ill raise up the mark to 9 :P.
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
YAY so happy! (//_^)
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
sorry, but 10 is only for the most amazing zanpakuto ever that when you see it you go: O damn y the hell didnt it think of htat. But any way 9 is like scnd place so (Enter Smiley Face Emote Here ).
1年以上前 ky-chan said…
heehee! YAY! thumbs up for originality and Ichigosuke's Zanpakuto Scale! X3
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
:) thats just awsome :3
1年以上前 ky-chan said…
big smile
*big smiley face* YAYS! (dunno whose talkin to who but frankly dont care)
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
General YAYS! To the General Public.
1年以上前 ky-chan said…
i couldn`t have said it better even if i wanted to!
1年以上前 Railen said…
ok i just thought of this so it might need some changes

Shinigami:Kuro Poppā

Description:He is a 19 yr old 5'7" brown skin male. He has long brown hair which he keeps in a pony tail tied with a silver ribbon with one bang hanging from each side of his head. He's not very big, really he is kinda skinny but in shape. His shinigami clothes are sleeveless and he wears fingerless gloves and a digital watch he stole from the research department.

Personality:He is very playful and always happy on most days. On other days he seems quiet and to his self but its not to get on anybody nerves. He's just like that at times.

Sealed Zanpakuto: Its a normal looking katana only thing is that one side the blade is bright and the handle is blue with gold spiral markings. On the other side the blade is dark and the handle is red with gold spiral markings.

Shikai:ok this shikai is a little out of the ordinary. It actually has two release commands but the same name. The thing is that it has two sides which gives it its name.

Zanpakuto spirit:Futago-za(Gemini)

Release command 1-Seigi no Ha(Blade of Justice)
Release command 2-Akuma no Mahō(Demon's Magic)

Shikai 1-The katana now becomes a knight's sword. The blade becomes 4 feet and shines brightly. The guard extends out with sharp ends and the handle is one foot. Both the guard and handle is gold with silver ends.

Shikai abilities:Swordplay had become the main attack at the cost of losing all kido abilities. He doesn't have a lot of abilities in this form but he has one special ability.
-Kunan denka(Calvary Charge):This ability combines the power of one of his fallen comrades with his own.

Shikai 2-The katana changes into a staff. The staff stops at his shoulder with a gold hook at the bottom. The staff is black and red and the tip of the staff has a red crystal ball emitting a black arua with a with spiral in it.

Shikai abilities-Kido has become the main attack at the cost of swordplay abilites and attacks. Most of the kido doesn't need to be used with incantation. Also shunpo can't be used but is replaced by instant teleportation. But along side kido, he has a good spell.
- Shōkan(Summoning):With this, he can summon up a certain amount of hollows(strongest summon being menos) and they do what he says.

I dont know what else to add on here but when i get some more i'll b sure to post it till then comment on it.
1年以上前 lightning84265 said…
hey everyone srry i've been taking so long i have school and stuff going on so ya know. anyway i havnt had much time to work on em so...yea. i do plan on posting one tonight though :) btw my last set of posts were on page 129 if u dont know wat i mean.
1年以上前 lightning84265 said…
ok this is just my first version of this so it will probly need adjustments so let me know what you think needs fixing. o and i was looking back on some other posts and someone nailed the basic idea of one of my new ones. a blood based sythe. but i'm still posting the dragon based one.
1年以上前 lightning84265 said…
Sealed form:Ordinary kitana with red hilt.

Shikia:Ryu Okotta(raging dragon)
Swords shape remains the same but the blade becomes blood red and hilt guard becomes silver. The guard is in the shape of a dragon opening its mouth with the blade comeing out. It has Rubies for eyes.

Ability 1:Ryu no honoo(dragon's flame)
blue fire shoots from the sword while pointing with it.

ability 2:Ryu no honoo-ha(dragon's flame wave)
The weilder swings the sword sideways to create a wave of fire

ability 3:Weilder stabs the ground creating a small earthquake

bankai:Ryu Akuma o okotta(raging dragon demon)
blade disapears but shinigami transforms into a half dragon beast.
he becomes 8 ft. tall, gains red scales all over his body that reflect fire and air(they can only be pierced when oponet is in bankai),has wings that allow him to fly, Has sharp claws and teeth that can easily tear through anything(except a zanpakuto, that wouldnt be very fair), eyes change (kind of look like red cat eyes if u know wat i mean). it can breath the blue fire at will, fly, and moves at the speed of flashstep.

ability 1:Daichi ga sakeru kasai(earth splitting fire)
punches the ground creating massive earthquake that splitts the ground, it also expells a ring shaped ryu no honoo-ha

ability 2:kaze no kizu(wind's scar)
raises his claws while not flying and wind swirls around them, then makes a slicing movement that the wind coppies slicing oponet from a distance

ability 3:Hi no tatsumaki(tornado of fire)LAST RESORT FINISHING MOVE

flys high into the air and swirls wind around claws and wings, then makes two slicings movments at the same time like kaze no kizu that colied (like both are moving inward horizantaly) with wings following, during this breathing a massive amount of fire. this creates a blue fire tornado that is under my control and essentualy brutaly murders anything in its path. :)

weaknesses: kaze no kizu cannot be used in the air unless making tornado,
kido cannot be used during bankai and though is unafected by kido used to imprisin or parilize it; it is normally afected by offencive and defencive kido, cannot use fire capabilities if hit with too much water until it dries off(this goes faster when flying of course.
Hi no tatsumaki works for 15 minuites and after wich disappears i return to normal and my zanpakuto breaks and i lose all my streath for a week, then i can summon my zanpakuto again.

my soul reaper:my zanpukto is a little short for his age of 14 years old short spiky red hair, has white skin, green eyes, and is the 1st seat of squad 10.This is because though everyone has seen his shikai, he has never used or told anyone about his bankai because he fears its power. However if drivin to it would do so and not hold back. He is kind of happy go lucky and tries to look on the bright side of life. He can be angered a little easier than he should be but never takes it out on others. he is not very interested in sports and likes to read however he is very practiced and can be quite athletic when he wants to be. He is kind to others but can be lazy at times. his name is Issu(one of a kind)

and yes that very much descibes me (except i have short flat brown hair)
1年以上前 lightning84265 said…
i think i'll post another soon but seeing as how it usually goes i wouldnt bet on it.
1年以上前 lightning84265 said…
hey it just acured to me that a left out a couple of things like my soul reaper is quite skinny and his zanpakuto's spirit is well obviously a huge red scaled dragon. well bye
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
Well not to be a stikler but dragon blades are vary commen and most pepole on this forum have made something linked to a dragon. Even a move for one of my most redent is still dragon based.
1st how much are u considering small for your earthquake.
2nd how long can u summon the hollows and how much SPe does this use.
3rd how long can u be in ur bankai.
Lasty I think u have a couple to many on the abilitys,but that's just. Me other then that in terms of fairness I say its fine,and not OP.
1年以上前 ky-chan said…
YAYS!!!! Spread the word of originality!
I'm not one to make Zanpakuto's (though I have posted two) so I've been giving out ideas to help people come up with something cool and unique!
To anyone reading this, try one of the following based Zanpaku-to's and add your personal twist on it for something completely for you!

Orca (or whales)
Seasons (spring, summer, fall and/or winter)
Hawk (or birds)
Ivy (or plants)
what about Ink or something that you can use to turn your Zanpakuto into a pen or something and everything you draw or write can be used as Kido or come to life?

(these are off the top of my head. If previously mentioned Zanpakuto exisit within this forum, then I apologize!)
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1年以上前 jstar18 said…
Yeah there is a plant blade, I made one. I think its on page 107 but I'm not sure. And whiteflame made a blade that uses ink, but I can't remember what page its on.
1年以上前 ky-chan said…
big smile
(i tryed to, but wasn't able to read all the Zanpakuto me I tryed but then gave up after my brain melted away)
You get a big smile because you and whiteflame thought outta the box!!!
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
...I dont get a big smile... I thought of good ideas to....
Just joking! Anyways, im currently working on a Zanpakuto that is based on the time of the day, so people, if anybody wrote on it, tell me. If no one wrote on it, I Call DIBS!
1年以上前 ky-chan said…
I'm sorry, Ichigosuke! *hugmonus smile for you*
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
thank you! ;) *Smiles cooly back*
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
o and by the way ky-chan, im working on a season zanpakuto, but it have to unoriginal attacks, so ill do my daytime zanpakuto and then the season one.
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
getting ready to post a revised version of Kyoku on page 136. gonna try to finish before the new bleach in eng sub comes on tonight on the internet.
1年以上前 ky-chan said…
All righty!!! Sounds good to me!!!
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
Well the idea of the time of day I uniqiue and I haven't heard or seen one so its kool to use the idea,though u got to be spacific with it.
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
k im working on it! I wanna make it cool but not overpowered so its hard. And i have my life to so i dont got so much time. I excpect it will be ready at the end of the week.
1年以上前 lightning84265 said…
big smile

i think u made some good points (although i didnt get the 2nd one)as for the first one, i did notice that others were making dragon ones as i expected(dragons are cool) but the idea just came to me so i thought i'd post it. I although made sure that the bonkai would be very different than anyone elses. i personally like how it turned out. and the small earthquake would be enough to knock em of there feet and make dizzy and wobbly if tries to walk but not enough do any damage.(it would only last a minuite) i conpletely forgot about time limit for bankai! i put 15 min. for fire tornado so i'd say 30-45 min. for bankai either one, whatever would be more fair(i'd say 30 but then i'd only have 15 min. for nomall then move on to tornado but then 45 is 3/4 an hour) as for the abilities-for my shikai the first to are kind of 2 different ways of doing one move and i wanted my bankai to have some 3 because he doesnt have any kido and needed some ranged moves too.
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
Okay! Here it is. My day time Zanpakuto. All abilities are meant to be something that resembles the time of day. I dont know about this one though. I dont know if its overpowered or not. I dont know if its that original. Anyway, Here It Is! Please Comment!

Shinigami: Takao Kozen (Called T.K by friends or Kozen-san by strangers)
As for looks, he looks something like the pic below.
He is happy and energetic. Very Friendly and jokes alot.
He is a very tactical fighter, and uses his current abilitie with all kind of tricks and tactics to overcome his enemy.

Name: Kyokkou (Aurora, Polar Lights)

Zanpakutou Spirit: Kyokkou looks like a girl about 15 with spiky long hair.
She has a different personality at any time of the day:
At morning, She is Kyo: She is Tomboyish, Very Happy and energetic. Her hair is spiky and goes a bit down.
At afternoon, She is Koko: She becomes the sleepy, lazy type and acts sleepy all the time. Her hair is no longer wild looking and is longer,
less spikey.
At the evening, She is called Yokko: She is now the smart, shy type. Her hair hides her eyes.
At night, She is Kou: The silent, serious ninja type: She now has her hair gathered to a long ponytail. She loves training.
Also, each have there own changes to the inner world:
Kyo is in a playground on top of a green hill, surrounded by a vast green plain. The sun is seen rising at the backround.
Koko is on top of that same hill, only now there is no playground but 3 Large trees, with human sized baskets hanging from them.
The sun is in its second half already.
Yokko is on the hill, only now there is a wooden table and wood logs as chairs around it. The sun is setting in the backround, and there are purple clouds like when the sun is setting.
Sealed State: The handle is sky blue, The guard is in the shape of an eight pointed empty star. The blade is normal lengthed.

Shikai: Kishousuru! Kyokkou! (Rise! Aurora!)
In Shikai, The Blade has 3 Shapes: One For the Morning, One For the Afternoon and one for the evening.
TK Has no control on which shape to use. It is Activated by the time of the day.
In the Morning, The Blade starts shining very strongly, making it almost impossible to look at, like the sun.
In the Afternoon, The Blade Becomes Longer, and it has the colors of the setting sun.
In This state, The sword emits a weak smell/scent, which makes anyone that smells it drowsy and sleepy.
In the Evening, The Sword becomes dark-gray, and a bit shorter.
In this state, his blade emits low sounds that cant be heard by human/hollow ears. This sound scrambles the signals the brain sends to the body,
making it impossible for the person affected to feel anything. It takes his Feeling Sense (Sorry, I dont know what its called in English,
I mean its the 5th Sense else than Sound, Taste, Sight and Smell).

Bankai: Tsukimi Kyokkou! (Moon Viewing Aurora!)
In Bankai, TK is still Limited by the time of the day.
He retains all his shikai abilities, only now they all are stronger and improved:
1) His morning form emits stronger light, and plus, has a new ability:
Asahi (Morning Sun, Rising Sun): This ability makes anything TK touches with his sword emit a strong light like his sword.
This light is hot, and staying in it for to long can be dangerous, as it burns.
This only applys to what TK Directly touched with his blade, and only where he touched, meaning:
For example, If He slashes at a wall, only the parts of the wall where he touched will glow, and the rest of the wall will remain normal.
He can also turn off and on the light whenever he wishes to.
This light shines in a straight line that is visible to all: It looks like a straight, flat ray of light.
2) His Afternoon form emits a stronger scent, which makes people even more sleepy. This form also gets a new ability:
Hirune (Afternoon Nap): When he uses this attack, anything he cuts goes to sleep. This affects everything differently:
A strong minded person will only become very drowsy. A weak person will go to sleep. A flower will close its leaves. A water drop will become an ice drop.
A fire ball will dissolve. Etc. Etc. Etc....
3) His evening form will now have a stronger effect: Now, The Person affected will be unable to feel wheight, as well as generel feeling.
In this form he does not have any new ability.

Except these improvements, He has a few more new skills:
At night, His sword turns pitch black. This is just like his morning mode, only opposite:
His sword emits a cloak of darkness around it, making it and everything close to it almost invisible at night.
He has one special attack in this mode:
Yuugure ( Twilight ): With this attack, anything he touches with his blade emits a wave of darkness, which hides from sight anything in it or behind it.
This works just like the Asahi attack.

TK Has 2 Ultimate attacks, which can only be used at specific times:
1)Nikkouyoku (Sunbath): This attack can only be activated while the sun is rising, in the early morning.
In this mode, TK Gets engulfed with a cloak of White and red flames, and has a big sun symbol made of these flames on his back.
In this state, all his traits become higher, and as well, His Asahi attack now shoots white hot flames instead of regular light.
His blade also is covered in these flames, which are also very hard to look at, like his regular mode.
This mode only lasts from when the sun starts rising until it is completly visible, meaning until it is about a few centimeters above the Horizon.
2) Shingetsu (New Moon): This attack can only be activated while the moon is rising (When the sun has already set and it is dark).
In This mode, TK gets engulfed in black waves of air, that surround him. He gets a mouth mask thing like ninjas have and a black scarf that goes around his
In this state, all his sense's and reflexes are hightened to abnormal limits.
He also cannot be Heard, Seen, Felt (You now, THAT sense), Tasted (You know that part when the enemy wants to take a bite outta you? Well, He wont enjoy it at least!),
And Smelled. His Rietsu also dissappears complitely. This means that his enemy retains his senses, only that he cant use them to locate TK in any way.

In All Attacks, TK isnt affected. He can see through the Asahi and the Yuugure.

1年以上前 rantora13 said…
The edits seem fair.
Thogh when I or enyone else use the word spE (spirit energy) and with ur shinkai I was wondering how long u can summon the hollows. That's all.
Seems fair to me.
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
New Bleach Chapter Out. Im saying this a bit late but still.
1年以上前 ky-chan said…
Ugh...I just had all 4 wisdom teeth out, and I am so glad that the newest chapter came out! Orihime's crying like a wimp the whole time and if you read it, it's ICHIRUKI!!!!
that alone made my day! <3

Oh! i love your Zanpakuto! i like how when the time of day changes so does the sword!
1年以上前 yami13 said…
Shi no tenshi(death angel)its a normal zanpakuto...but Shi no tenshi are 2 difrent spirits.if you call shi no name hi cuts the ather person so they think that its the end for themselfs and tenshi hills small cuts.And its colors are black, red and white

Shi no shujin to tenshi no ōjo(death lord and angel princess)its no ordeneri shikai if you say Shi no shujin name hi kills without mercy in so in many ways that you dont now wat hit you hi also torchers you in so meni ways and tenshi no ōjo hills all of your wunds small or big it hills all of them and iner ingeris to + taks you awt of ani ilusuns and if someone is torchering you it riplasis you for the person thats torchering you.It lokes like a scyth colors white and black.

Shi no bakudan tenshi shīrudo(death bomb angel shield)shi no bakudan lukes like a bow and arow if you shut at the floor it explods like a boom and tenshi shīrudo is a ring.lets sey your faiting Captain Kuchiki´s sendon sakura tenshi shīrudo preteks you from Captain Kuchiki´s attack so cuic that you didnt ifen rilais it whas ther.GO BANKAI!+thats what you have to say to do bankai whit this zanpakuto.
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
Umm... Yami.... I saw that one about 42 times. Sometimes with the same name.
Please... If your gonna post a non original zanpakuto, at least make a character with it. Also. Make it readable.
Thats all.
On my personal scale it would get between 0 to 0.5.
1) Sorry, I hate both healing and attacking zanpakuto.
2) Its a bit overpowered, being able to heal yourself completely in bankai.
3) Unoriginal.
4) No Original Theme.
5) I could go on, but instead ill just say this:
You can only Learn from Mistakes.
I dont mean to offend you with this comment.

1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
Buy the way, Thank you Ky-chan!
Hope it doesn't Hurt to much (The Teeth).
My season based Zanpakuto is on Hiatus this week (Always wanted to say that ;P).
Next Week it will be up.
1年以上前 Ichigosuke said…
New Idea Came out! Cloud Zanpakuto! Gonna Make it Now.
The Season one is kinda lame and unoriginal, so im not gonna do it.
1年以上前 ky-chan said…
Heehee, hiatus is one of my favorite words cuz none of my friends know what it means X3
Thanks for your concern Ichigosuke! :) it's not as bad as I thought...

I've got some other ideas too;
An illusion-typed Zanpakuto (that changes the enviroment)
A bee-lotus Zanpakuto (that resembles Bount Mabashi's Ritz)
A shapechanging Zanpakuto (replicates actual Shinigami it has cut before)
Somesort of healing acupunture Zanpakuto

1年以上前 ky-chan said…
ZOMG! I was just about to mention a cloud Zanpakuto but I didn't know what to say about it!
1年以上前 john17 said…
hey i havent been up here in a while d\but if ytall dont know already shikun kizaku made a gundam rp so if yall want start up there its on my profile check it out
1年以上前 Zeigon said…
Shinigami: Mephisto Sugawara
Male around 170-cm and weighs 68-kg has pure black hair also has skin complexion slightly darker than Tousens, has one eye purple other is completely black even the Sclera(white area) usually uses a strap type eyepatch to keep it concealed has complete opposite effect than Kenpachi's eyepatch.

zanpakuto/shikai: Gluttony
release command: Gochisō "Feast"

description: One of the deadly sins gluttony eats anything within its path. When in shikai it's hilt is shaped like an open mouth with fangs and has a blood red blade. On the sharp edge of the blade are hundreds of bite marks and teeth.

bankai name: Kuishinbō no kikin "famine of the glutton"

The zanpakuto completely fuses with the user turning him into a gluttonous beast, it has the appearance of a Chōkōzetsu but with huge fangs and blood red wings and teeth protruding his body.

shikai abilities:

Musabori kuu "Devour" the users large hilt mouth sucks in the spiritual energy of all things around it and uses it to fire thousands of canine teeth from its blade upon using this mouths open on the abdominal area of the victim.

Taberu "eat" secondary efect of Musabori kuu the mouths open wider and wider absorbing spiritual energy from the victim and adding them to the user.

bankai abilities:

Gabugabu nomu "Engorge" the user shoots a tooth at the enemy causing a 10 centimeter radius to begin to fill with blood and explode.

7 No kōru "call of the 7" the zanpakuto lets out a wail calling forth lust sloth wrath pride envy and Greed in their materialized form they each use their seperate abilities to take all of the victims spiritual energy.
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1年以上前 Zeigon said…
Shinigami: Yoki Sentai
Male around 165cm and 56kg has brown hair and brown eyes. Attends same school as Mephisto, usually seen carrying around a notebook which contains the names of all those who have ever truelly wronged him.

zanpakuto/shikai: Wrath
release command: Fukushū "Vengeance"

description: another of the seven deadly sins wrath never forgets a grudge even after his master has, he will even materialize himself in order to cast judgement. when in shikai he resembles twin naginata's one black with a white blade and one white with a black blade representing yin and yang.

bankai name:Fukushū no shinkō "faith in vengeance"

The user becomes outfitted with a black and white ninja armor with a white eclipsed moon on back and a black full moon on the front. the naginata's change into 2 white and black sword like tonfa each etched with a different name, Byōdō is fair while Tōnan is pure destruction.

shikai abilities:

Suimin no dansu "dance in sleep" completely drains the victims spiritual energy/ fighting spirit causing the fight to end but only if first strike hits with each miss the amount of energy halfs from the starting energy.

Faiādansu "dance of fire" increases opponent power by half their original power but, lowers their endurance and with each step they take damage is done to them after 50 steps the opponent will burst into flames.

bankai abilities:

Kami no karuma "karma of the gods" the victim will experiene every wrong doing he has done in all of his life and will lose spirit energy for each the larger the deed the more the energy.

Onaji o shiharai "equal payment" both user and victim go into a void in which damage infllicted on one happens to the other.

No kōru "call of the 7" the zanpakuto lets out a wail calling forth lust sloth gluttony pride envy and Greed in their materialized form they each use their seperate abilities to take all of the victims spiritual energy.
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1年以上前 bleachfan12 said…
hey what is your view about the end of the bleach series? to me its a horrible ending, i mean everyone's like thanks for saving everyone but you lose your powers. if i was ichigo i'd kill myself, how could you be normal when all your friends can see ghosts and shinigomi (and all because of you), add to the fact that when you were a soul reaper you could walk in the air and do increadible feats, how do you expect to be normal again? plus if you died you could see rukia again, i'd also think that your soul reaper friends would have a welcoming party for you in the soul socitity!

also urahara should be able to get your powers back (or rukia could stab him again) i mean he created the hogicu, something as simple as giving one person his powers back should be a snap.
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
@bleachfan12 - The series didn't end! Its been confirmed that a small story arc is coming up and then another long story arc to finish the series!
1年以上前 darksilver said…
Soul reaper name: Boom Hybrid
Zanpakto: he has 2 swords the first is Hybrideim "clone me Hybrideim", the second is Hybrideio "transform Hybrideio
shikai: makes 10 clones of myself and turn my sword into an axe
bankai: creats a total of 10,000,000 (ten million) clones of myself and gives me a dagger that can become an elamental weapon

in truth I dont know what the names of the abilatees in japenese, but the swords sit on Boom's wings (Boom is from a differnt series, the Sonic the hedgehog series). the shikais can be utalized at differnt times, but the bankai is one big abilatee
1年以上前 bleachfan12 said…
thank god! i hate s##ty endings, but jstar18 if you could decide the ending what would it be? for me i'd say ichigo got all of his powers back (hollow powers to)and was welcomed into the soul sociaty as a captain (possibly as the 5th captian, he and momo would get along, marries orihime; nel is welcomed to for her innocence, bla, bla, bla live happly ever after. (i know it sounds cheesey)

darksilver: the only problem i see is if your character is a captain and if the clones have the same power leval as a captain. maybe make it so the clones get weaker as more of them are used, that way you can still kill your opponent by shear numbers.