BLEACH(ブリーチ) Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
the orginal post of crow is back on page 107 with his zanpakuto as well this is just a reposting with a new ability

name: Crow Hakaba aka Lighting Gunslinger Crow
height and weight: 6'1'' 210 lbs
age: 21
rank: Leader of the Ace of Spades branch of Ace of X
personality: Crow is the personification of a old western cowboy, with a modern twist. He is very lazy often taking naps, a fact his girlfriend hates. He is also very cheerful and smiling almost all the time. But is all a cover Crow is acutally very perceptive and smart he is always thinking during a fight and he can notice things others wouldn't. He loves anything sweet, fried or chocolately often seen eating a candy bar or witha lollipop stick in his mouth.
appearance: Crow has short brown messy hair and cystal sky blue eyes. He wears a outfit similiar to a modern day cowboy constiting of a t shirt, worn out looking jeans, boots and black loose fitting gloves, a light jacket, and a black cowboy hat.He doesn't like the shinigami uniform saying that its to fancy and he rather put on a dress. He has a tattoo of a ace of spades with a X in it to symbolize he is part of the Ace of X group, a mercenary like orginaztion of shingami. Crow also carries a leather guitar case with him that rarely acutally contains a guitar it usually contains guns, ammo, knives, etc. and his zanpakuto sword. He wears a gun holster for his zanpakuto guns but the actually holster cross behind his back so that he can conceal them easier.
strength: 100
kido: 30 (really doesn't like it that much)
speed: 100
Swordsmanship: 80
Hand to hand Combat: 70

Ambición Resuenan (Ambition Resonate): This is not an ability that he gained from his zanpakuto, shikai, or bankai this ability comes from his family. Crow creates an aura around that allows people to connect with their zanpakuto?abilities/etc. easier. For example it allows someone to achieve bankai sooner with out the decades of training with their zanpakuto this explains why most poeple he knows have achieve bankai despite the young ages and why Crow is also able to achieve bankai even though he is only 20 something. This aura effects all races and effects each one differently for example in terms of a quincy it may allow them to fire a stronger more condense arrow or in terms of an arrancar it may allow them to achieve a second release. How strongly it effects people depend on how close they are physically to Crow someone standing next to him is effected more then someone standing a mile away from him and how close they are emotionally to Crow and what kid of bond they have with him fo example Miroku will be effected more then Isao. This also explains how Miroku is able achieve bankai yet he is so young because of the bond him and Crow share together. This ability has been shown to negate and even overcome Sengoku's Yabō no fuchōwa ability also this aura can slow down the hollowifaction process. Crow can effect is allies at a distant by shoting them with his gun firing a blast of this aura he calls this ambición de disparo (ambition shot).
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1年以上前 john17 said…
1年以上前 Faolan_Chroi said…
Zanpakuto- Amatsuookami (heavenly Wolf)
release command: destroy all evil with the piercing light of the moon
bankai: Ketsueki Amatsuookami (blood of the heavenly Wolf)

shikai appearance: a silver vambrace on the right wrist in the shape of a wolf with the hand coming out of the open mouth, oit's eyes are blood red jewels, the blade is a stream of liht that emanates from the vambrace made of pure moonlight that can slice through anything, can be manipulated as the wielder wishes but he only uses it 3 different ways

ability 1 (form one): the light shapes itself like a bastard sword which he holds in reverse and is a very fast and graceful fighting style
ability 2 (form 2): the light takes the shape of an enormous greatsword whish may be slow but is immensley powerful, is a rather destructive fighting style and is never used with allies around because the wide swings may hit them as well
ability 3 (form 3): the light takes the shape of a bow and is used similarly to a quincy's bow

Bankai appearance
he transforms into a large, bipedal wolf (werewolf) with blood red fur and gains immeasureable speed, strength, skill, grace, forethough etc.

ability 1: his howl can rip through any matter
ability 2: his claws can rend the wind, sending blades of wind flying at his opponents
ability 3: the more bllod drawn from anyone nearby, the stronger and faster etc. he grows
1年以上前 john17 said…
thats more like a bount doll then a zanpakuto just saying
1年以上前 flash52994 said…
big smile
The sword is always in shikia mode because he only supposed to know shikia and he likes to use his bunkai.
Shikai appearance: a serrated sword that’s a foot longer then normal sealed Kanata.

Painkiller: allows me not to feel any pain so I can go far past my physical limits

Bounce back: when the user sword come contact with just about anything sends a invisible pulse up and out of the sword to push your sword back and leave and opening for an attack

Extra hurt: the user sword can grow when so it can cut you 2 times as far in less amount of time and its 2x as sharp so it will also cut threw amour. Since he in the 11 court guard division he only uses this ability when the swords in a person body.

Bunkai appearance on the end of his hilt are 3 little dangly pieces ones a moon, sun and looks like circles getting bigger and bigger.

Future sight: when this happens he can feel energy coming from the dangly piece from the circles he can now look at up to 3 min of his future at any time but every time its different because he does something different from what he was going to do.

he doesn’t really like this bunkia move because it’s a energy base moved and if someone sees him use it he will lose his dignity so he rater die then use it and same goes with the 3 bunkai move he can do the first ability and almost all the other ability with them seeing it as his own power

Moon: his moon piece sends out a pulse all around him in a complete circle from a half mile away and any enemies zanpukto, bows for a quince and a resuracion for an arancar shuts it totally down like an eclipse is happening

Sun: his sun piece sends out a pulls all around him in a complete circle for a half mile away and any allies get a boost in spiritual pressure and there zanpuktos get an extra ability that is now known to them during this even if they know all the zanpukto ability’s they now know an extra stronger one during this event.
comment :)
1年以上前 wolfmaster3000 said…
well I have an Idea for a new Zanpakuto so it should be up in a few days :O
1年以上前 john17 said…
Hey we r still looking for some more people for the new grop keep sending Me them will vote on the people who het in later on this week. We already have me ,shukun kizaku ,and grif16,the number is now five we have three need one more then we will make the leader ok thx
1年以上前 wolfmaster3000 said…
umm this is the new espada of greed whiteflame55 said I could be the new espada of greed this is privouis arrcanar with some edits I even have a list of his Fraccon

Name : ketsuki

Rank : Espada of greed ( Former number two )

height : 6'3

persanilty : battle loveing, blood thirsty, sadistic, mean, loyal to other espada, he has an obession with going after high level Retsu, Greedy, Impatient, Mature, respectful.

hollow mask renment : ketsuki is the third class of minos grande and he has no hallow mask nor does he have a hollow hole he this is why he is the espada of greed now

Zanpakuto : warugi koroshi ( evil murdous intent) & Warugi Akumu ( evil Night mare )

resurection & Zanpakuto Descprition : Ketsuki is a Rather odd Espada much like how Starrk had Lilinite Ketsuki Carryies two Zanpakuto ( instead of a other half Thought to Zanpakuto would be cooler ) to keep his Spirtual Pressure in check on of his Zanpakuto is called Warugi Koroshi the other is Warugi Akumu both are full Length Katana he wears them both on his right side over top of one another , Warugi Koroshi is a pure black Katana and is a normal size the blade is black the hilt is black too there is no Gaurd there is a red sash on the hilt. Warugi Akumu looks the same but diffrent coloration the sash over the hilt is black, the blade is blood red the hilt is also black. his release phrase is Show no mercy. In his release Form the black Blade Get's a black and purple Aura around it the Red blade Beging to Glow Red, the Black Blade Pyschially harm you as to wear the red blade can't however it can absorb Kido and Steal people's Retsu but it can do no Pysichal Damage. the black blade let's Ketsuki Control Shadow's and Darkness how he please's, in his Resercution he Gain two red horns that are 10 inches long, he also gains 2 black angel wings 15 feet in length. Also Note the red blade when it steal Reshi he gains some so if he steals one Tenth of some one's Reshi he gains .003 of the reshi if he steal 3/4 of your Reshi he gain 1/4 of the reshi he stole so on and so fourth Also if you shoot a Kido attack and he Absorbs the blast he Gains nothing however he can shoot it back at you when he please's . The black blade is Staright forward it can't absord Kido or Pyschail attack ( Neither can the redblade) the black blade just allows him to control Darkness and to cut people. His abilties when he use's the Dark Blade he can make 1 million tiny blade's of Darkness cut you this is a hard attack to dodge because you don't know when to Dodge this attack as well as how long it is ( it's only about 1 minute long ) also he doesn't always launch the full million he can vary from 10- 10000 . he can also Laucnh to waves of darkness that are slightly Curves like a blade this is an easy abilty to dodge however this abilty can cause very serious damage some time's fatal ( the wave's or about 3 inches wide and 5 inches long)
, he can Launch a big wave of darkness again curved like a blade he can do this as many time's as he wishes along with the previous two abilities however he can only Launch one at a time but the second ability leaves the blade he can the million move or the two , the big one is about 6 inches wide and 10 inches long and can cut a soul reaper dead in half.

powers : he has achived all the arrancar abilties but he has most devopled in

cero ( his is a Red blast he can even shoot it out of his mouth he also doesn't need a to hold out his hand )

sonido ( can make after image's )

heirro ( it's the hardest among the current espada )


Spirt cannon ( a cero he has made up to go with his eminse spirtual pressure the cero is black with a red line down the middle it also is about a 5 foot long blast of energy)

Eenergey waves & pulse's ( he cane give out a pulse of energey as well give a wave of energey the energey is a red line that is a bit curved it's under cero but above bala )

Gillian Cero ( this is his Version of Cero Matillia that starrk used only he shoots 1 Gillian Cero ( yes Gillian is a number ) )

fraccion : he has 4 subdornates two are male and two are female

*1 one is Mahou he is Ketsuki's most trusted subdnornate but know's his place and is loyal to his master his fracture peace rembles a mascerade mask and he wears a black tux with a top hat and cane ( the cane is his Zanpakuto in it's sealed fourm )

*2 is a Girl named Rem her mask renmeant looks like a hair clip she looks like she is about 10 or 13 but is actuall 4000 years hold she wears punk like outfit and if both Mahou and Ketsuki are gone this little girl is in charge

*3 is a big fat guy who often sleeps when Ketsuki hosts a meating he wears a monk rob his mask renment looks like a necklace his name is nemuri what can I say he eats alot and in ketsuki's eye's a fats slob who needs to know his place how ever Ketsuki trusts him and that Nemuri will never betary him

*4 is a girl who looks like a hooker short skirt high heels a shirt with no back and no sleves her mask renment looks like a leg brace around her thai her name is migoto she is attracted to ketsuki and is more than willing to do anything for him but she is the weakest of the bunch.

Backround sotrey :
Kinda like Starrk he Naturally evoled into a Espada by himselt he is indeed one of the more powerful espada . he has killed three captain class soul reapers it is unknown who they are despite his blood thirsty and battle loveing nature he will do everything and anything for his comerade's beside's wait for that is his major dislike he waits waiting Rey often state's that his greed will be his down fall however he does get along with his fellow espada.

odd Tarits

Always calm ( even in battle unless he is challenged with a strong oppent )

looks completely human

Exterme taction

Master sword Spcailist

Master Hoindo Spcailist

Expert Cero Spcailist

Never smile's a real smile

the picture below is Ketsuki only the wing would be black as would his hair , his eye's are also a Deep blood red .

hope you guys like him :) well I think he's Unique now , okay he reminds me more of Wrath or pride than greed , however he is greedy

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 umm this is the new espada of greed whiteflame55 発言しました I could be the new espada of greed this is priv
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Not that the character has problems, but it's lacking anything to make him really unique. You might want to add unique abilities to him.
1年以上前 dylaz13 said…
Zanpakutos name Shiden : Violet lightning
Release command uchisuero : Strike Down
Bankai Not yet achieved
Description : It has a dark purple hilt and a circular but spiky guard it resembles a normal katana but when it is released everything except the blade stays the same . Shikai description : The hilt and guard stays the same but the the blade resembles a lightning bolt the colour of the outside of the blade is white and the inside is black (like zangetsu).
Shikai special ability no 1 : A countering ability. the blade glows purple. if timed correctly when the opponent´s blade clangs with mine the opponent becomes paralysed for a minimum of 20 seconds a maximum of a minute (the time of paralysis depends on how bright the blade glows)it has no name.
special ability no.2 name : shigasumi (violet mist) a web of lightning shoots out and and shocks the opponent (Mid range) ability no.3 name Shiden Raiko : (Violet Lightning Thunderclap) Shiden fires a massive violet lightning bolt shocking anything in its path (long range)

my japanese is not that good so don´t hate on me
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1年以上前 wolfmaster3000 said…
is he Uniqe enough for you now flame :P i'm not being rude to you don't take that the wrong way :) , but I redid his Zanpakuto and added another Cero Ability , hope you like the edits flame
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
Name: Yari Barachi
Affiliation: Rising Suns
Age: Looks 6
Height: 3'8''
Weight: 51
Eyes Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brunette

Appearance: Yari is a cute little girl that has a fair complexion and somewhat long hair that falls an inch past her ears. She always has a smile on her face. She wears a long white shirt that appears to be a dress since she is so short, it goes to her knees. She also wears a pair of khaki shorts. She is wearing golden colored shoes. She also has on a small gray hoodie that has the golden phoenix design on the back, the hoodie also has white pin-stripes that make a diagonal checker pattern all around the hoodie. She wears a white sash around her waist with the golden colored phoenix design on the front. Yari also has her zanpaktou strapped to her back. Its funny to look at her when she walks because her sword is the same size as her so she has some trouble walking with it on her back.

Personality: Yari is always happy. She calls everyone her friend, even the people that try to kill her. She considers Mako, the keeper of the orphanage as her father and thanks him for taking good care of her before she decided to go with Miroku. Yari views Miroku as her older brother, mainly because Miroku knows how it is to be alone since he was also an orphan. Because of this she will constantly follow Miroku anywhere he goes even if he tells her not to. She is normally seen piggy backing on Miroku's back. Yari has a very dense spiritual pressure, but she is able to completely control it, even to the point that she is undetectable. The oddest thing about her is her physical strength. She is able to easily lift things 5 times her size. She is also very teachable and catches on to things rather quickly. Miroku knows that someday she will easily surpass his power, therefore Miroku has put the responsibility of protecting and training her on himself. And is prepared to die if it means protecting her.

Strength: 75
Kido: 51
Speed: 100
Hand-to-Hand: 84
Swordsmanship: 62

Zanpaktou Element: Light
Shikai Name: Sunappu Tama (Snap Shot)
Shikai Phrase: View The Scenery, Sunappu Tama

Shikai Appearance: In its sealed form, Sunappu Tama exists as a regular meter long katana that has a gold handle. When it is released, the blade is now black in color and there appears to be a camera lens on both sides of the blade at the bottom of it near the handle. The lens that is facing Yari continuously takes pictures of her but the lens on the opposite side of her will only take pictures when she wants it to. The handle of the blade is still gold with black diamond patterns on it.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Senkou (Flash) - This ability is very simple and is normally done before Yari activates her other abilities. Yari faces one of the lens in her opponent's direction and a blinding light that fills the entire area shines out of the lens. If the opponent was looking directly in it, then they will be blinded for 5 seconds. If not then they will not be able to see as long as the light is on. The light stays on for 2 seconds and the other abilities CAN be activated we the light is on.

2) Keikan (Scenery) - When Senkou is activated, the blade takes a picture of the entire area. (This ability can also be used without the flash for stealth purposes) The blade will now make the illusion of the surrounding area without Yari in it, making it impossible to see her until she ends the ability. The opponent will not be able to see her, but can hear her and feel her. Therefore, Yari must remain completely silent or the enemy will find her. Also, this ability can be canceled if the opponent is able to touch his blade to hers, it will not cancel when she cuts the opponent, they need to tap their blade onto her's.

3) Foto Tenpo (Photo Shop) - The blade will release the many pictures that it was constantly taking of Yari like a flip book, making it look like there are multiple versions of her moving around the battlefield. Since she is so fast and great at hiding her spiritual pressure, this ability can be devastating for inexperienced fighters.
1年以上前 Isamu247 said…
first time i've done this, so if something's off, let me know.

sealed form: a katana with a 2-foot long blade. the Tsuba (hand guard) is circular with spikes all around the edge, symbolizing a sun. The handle is red.

Zanpakuto name: Gouzenraion (Roaring Lion)
Release: tachinoboru (rise up)

Description: the user flips the sword up-side down when releasing. the blade shrinks down to half the length, but almost doubles in width. a gold loop branches out from the tsuba and connects to the bottom of the handle, with spikes running along it's length. (looks like one mean dagger with a spiked knuckle guard lol)

Raion Kobushi (lion fist): flames envelop the users hand. this actually has two uses; long range: the user punches the air in the direction of the intended target. the flame shoots forth and enlarges, taking on the form of a lions head. or short range: the user can hold the flame and punch someone directly with it. slightly stronger than the long range version, but obviously easier to dodge. either way, you can hear a lions roar when it hits.

Bankai: Gouzen kagirinai honoo raion = roaring eternal flame lion

Description: the user's arms are enveloped in golden gauntlets, stretching from the shoulders to the hands. the hands sport clawed finger tips and spiked knuckles. the shoulder armor connect at the users neck with a fuzzy collar, like a mane.

Power Compensation: this Bankai gives the user immense strength, but it drastically lowers their physical speed. the user is almost brought down to a slow walk, except for some small bursts of speed in order to close in. like watching a lion on the prowl.

Kan Houmen: Han isei (first release: half power) a small slit slides out on the back of both of the shoulder plates. large flames continuously roar out of the slits, kinda like a jets after burners. this allows the user to compensate completely for the speed loss, but it doesn't allow for much direction control. this ability is only possible by building up a large amount of reiatsu and then releasing it all at once. in the end it all depends on the users level of reiatsu control as to whether they can do it or not.

Nenshou Dageki (combustion strike) a flame appears on the users fist that's twice the size of Raion Kobushi, with smaller flames crawling up their arm. upon impact the target is enveloped in a pillar of bright red fire. the user can also utilize Kan Houmen with this technique to form a deadly combo.

Niban Houmen: Ippai Isei (Second Release: Full Power) 8 more slits appear in the armor, in addition to the first two from Kan Houmen; 2 on the sides of the forearms, 2 on the sides of the biceps and 2 more on the back of the shoulder plates. intense yellow flames pour forth from all the slits. this technique lets the user utilize ever ounce of his reiatsu, allowing for insane speed and striking power. the only downside is it burns away the users reiatsu at a high rate, so they have to finish the battle quickly before they run out

San Tentei Kyouran (Sun Gods Fury) the user rises an open hand to the sky and draws all the flames coming from his armor into it. it all culminates into a giant fireball, or small sun, that's at least ten feet around and hovers above his palm. he then claws into the fireball, grabbing onto it in order to pull it down. the user then holds the fireball level in front of himself. the fireball pulses once before unleashing a fiery 5 foot wide beam-like stream, which continues to plow through and turn to ash anything it comes in contact with until the fireball shrinks down to the size of the beam. that means the fireball has exhausted all the built up energy it had held. this is a final solution kinda move. the user pours every single bit of his reiatsu into this technique, so the second the fireball dissipates, his Zanpakuto regresses all the way back to its sealed state. it would take quite some time for the user to replenish his reiatsu, given the immense amount necessary to ready and release this technique. so although it is VERY powerful, able to rip through an army of Menos Grande, if it misses its intended target it would fall upon the users sword skill to fend off the enemy till his power returned.

so what do you think? let me know
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1年以上前 grif16 said…
isamu that blade fuckin rocks. this cant be your first time doing this cause that is just an awesome blade. the best part is u didnt make it overpowered like a lot of first timers do. the only thing i would have done differently is instead of saying strong give it a kido rank like saying it carries the power of hado blank. but over all its a frickin awesome blade
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1年以上前 clvnhobs said…
Zanpaktuo- hajitoume (fire claw)
Release- yakedo (burn)
Bankai- hiohuku hajitoume (blazing fire claw)

description- un-released, it has a fully red hilt and the guard is red with needles pointing out like this link
released- it turns into 10 red claws that cover all of the fingers (like soifon's but on all of the fingers)

shikai abilities- 1.Swipe in the air and it sends out five energy slashes (like getsugah tensho) 2.Slash them anywhere on their bodies and it will create a large burn in that area

Bankai ability- Make giant red spirit energy claws (exactly like Grimjow's final attack)
1年以上前 Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Okae here is one of my earlier swords with the Character to go with it.

Name: Sutā asa no (Star of the Morning)
Release command: Kōman kudasai (Be prideful)
Bankai name: Gurētosāpento (The Great Serpent)
Appearance: In its unreleased state Sutā asa no is a straight Katana, no slight bend at all. It has a red wrapped hilt with black insets. After it has been released it becomes a Shamshir, with precious stones evenly spaced up the blade. The hilt becomes completely red, the hand guard and pommel become Gold and Silver.
Shikai Abilities:
Ability 1: Saisho no ma de Dai (First amongst the great). These techniques causes the gems on the blade glow and cause anyone who looks at the sword, except me, go blind for 1min. This also causes the gems to crack a little, the more they crack the harder it is to control any of my swords techniques. If the Gems become fully cracked, as in broken, I can no longer use this technique.
Ability 2: Gurētofōru (The Great Fall). All the Gems become covered with a layer of dried blood, and the sword with spots of rust. This technique causes every cut on my opponent to steadily build a barrier between them and the source of their power. It builds at a slow rate, for the barrier to fully form I must hit them, directly or indirectly, 100 times. Once it has formed every hit after that causes their power output to decrease at ratio of 2/1, 2 hits for 1% of their power.
Ability 3: Gurēsu Kara no saigo no aki (Final fall from Grace). This technique causes all the gems to become black, and the blade to become red. This move lets me cause 1/3rd of my opponent’s power to cease to be accessed. This will only take affect if i have successfully used my two previous abilities, and even then there is a 50% chance that it will have no effect.
Bankai Appearance: Upon entering Bankai the blade changes to resemble a dragon and the gems become permanently black. A sort of passive ability begins to take effect, this is that lies begin to whisper out from my blade, mostly causing my opponent to doubt there ability if they are weak of mind.
Bankai Abilities
Ability 1: Hyōji ochita (Display the fallen). Upon activation of this technique a pile of skulls appear around me, each one slowly gaining flesh and other bits of the skeleton, once fully formed the soldiers will last until their dismissal by me, or their deaths. It will take about 20 seconds for one skeleton to form, then everyone after that at 15 second. They have ¼ of my full power; they can be killed by either decapitation or mutilation. These skeletons are armed with imitations of my sealed sword; they feel no pain so will continue to attack until destroyed.
Ability 2: Hikari o kyasuto (Cast out the Light). Once in place this techniques causes my opponent and their companions to be blinded, this will last for 30 seconds. In this time I get one attack in which whomever I strike will be unable to continue fighting, as chains appear that bind the arms and legs, then weights which f=drag them to the ground. I cannot use this as long as the fight continues, as I need an entire week to bring it back under my control.
Ability 3: Kuraimu wa, maunto (Climb the mount). This is my most powerful ability, once active it causes my blade to disappear my form to shift and change till i have the appearance of a dragon. Once in this state I am impervious to all kido type attacks, all other attacks are halved in damage they deal. This state halves my speed and kido; however I can now ignore most attacks. Also the passive ability I mentioned before becomes stronger, meaning all but the strongest willed opponents succumb to the feeling of dread it produces. In this form I can breathe fire and strike out with talons or tail, whilst my speed and Kido may no-longer be a factor my strength is increased 2X. Although i may have next to no speed I am able to fly, my speed of flight is dependent on my strength.
Note: This blade takes great concentration and control to master, although many have achieved Shikai only once has Bankai ever been reached.

Name: Rushifā Sensōgaumare
Birth date: 6 June 1606
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Non-affiliated.
Rank: Former 4th seat

Appearance: Rushifā is one of the most handsome men to have ever existed inside, or outside, of the soul society. He wears an outfit similar to Aizen 2nd stage except it’s a deep purple colour.
Hair Colour: Blond
Hair Style: Similar to Aizen’s hair in his 3rd state.
Eye Colour: Red
Height: 6”4’
Description: Rushifā is a laid back person outside of battle, but once he enters a fight whole heartedly he can destroy all but the most powerful opponents in a short time. He tends to rely only on his own combat prowess rather than his swords power.

Personality: Rushifā is laid back and calm, he is much like Uryuu in his attitude toward others. He doesn’t have many friends, claiming they will only fall prey to his sword.
History: Rushifā entered the Shinigami academy at an early age(13) , and graduated faster than anyone in the history of the academy. He rose to the 4th seat in the 8th squad reasonably fast. It wasn’t long after he became 4th seat that an incident happened in which Rushifā lost all respect for the Gotei 13, he subsequently left the soul society vowing to return and change everything for the better. To this ends he has joined a mercenary company of Shinigami.
Battle Data:

Offense: 100
Defence: 50
Agility (Shunpo): 50
Kido: 50
Intelligence: 100
Physical Strength (Hakuda): 100
Total 450

Note: He is the only known Shinigami who’s had Sutā asa no and achieved Bankai.

This is what he would look kinda like.Save in AIzens second stage clothing and with the hair form his 3rd stage.
 Okae here is one of my earlier swords with the Character to go with it. Name: Sutā asa no (Star of
1年以上前 tkgwede said…
Okay here is my zanpakuto

NAME:Shadow Bane/Kage no pasu
appearance-a normal 2,5 meter katana with purple ribbons attached to the hilt. It's appearance remains the same for shikai and bankai.
Release Command:Roar from the darkness
Shikai abilities:

Demon's claws:2 purple claws sprout from the users back.These claw's phisycal strength ,size and length can be controlled by increasing or decreasing the spiritual pressure you put into them.This ability cannot be used as the same time as Phantom's wing.

Phantom's wings:2 purple bat wings sprout from the users back. These wings obviously allow the user to fly and the speed can be increased and decreased depending on the amount of spiritual pressured the user puts in .

Abyss cutter:the user gathers spiritual energy along the sharp side of the zanpakuto and releases a single blast of cutting energy.

Bankai: Urafa no kage
Bankai abilities: Can still use shikai abilities only 1 new ability gained in bankai.

Abyss shredder: Same as abyss cutter but depending on amount of spiritual pressure the use puts in the number of energy blasts let loose in a single release can be raised from 1 to 8. the direction of these blasts can controlled mentally by the use

Pliz rate my zanpakuto out of 10 if you feel like it and my soul reaper is coming soon .
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
No offense tkgwede but your zanpkuto needs a little spicing up like more exciting looks and abilities
1年以上前 Oguri_Tadayoshi said…
I just came up with this after reading some of postings to get a feel for the concept of the format, and added a character I made up to. Translation done by: link
(This is my Shinigami as Described by the Soul Society)

Name: Oguri Tadayoshi
Rank: Deserter, Formerly the unofficial 5th Seat of 2nd Division Stealth Ops; Under Former Captain Yoruichi Shihōin.
Appearance: an unkempt man in his mid to late twenties who stands 1.7 meters tall and weighs 89.9 kilograms, commonly had been seen wearing turtle shell sunglasses with black lenses and golden frames.
Hair Color: dark green
Hair Style: greasy combed back in a slick
Eye Color: emerald green
Description: Oguri Tadayoshi is highly skilled in stealth and evasion techniques his movements are virtually untraceable; in addition to this he is a professional marksman and master tactician who has developed and mastered unique Zanjutsu form known as Emin Dansu “Aiming Dance” meant to bring out the full potential of his Zanpakutō’s two Shikai forms; He excels in long term conflicts. Orders stand as fallowed; do to emergence of certain events the Soul Society have arrived at the decision to revoke 5th Seat Tadayoshi fugitive status, Officers ranked lower then lieutenant must not approach / attempt to establish dialog. Report whereabouts immediately.
Personality: Mild tempered with egotistical, vindictive and sociopathic tendencies. Note: If encountered he may speak or act in a foolish or kindly manner. This is a ploy to force you to lower your guard, do not be fooled he is in fact very clever and coldhearted.
History: Oguri Tadayoshi was found as Demi-Hollow inhabiting abandoned army training grounds and gun range, and was Konsō just before he was to transform into a hollow this haphazard Konsō is to blame for his self-confessed amnesia regarding his existents in the human world as well as his antisocial behavior. He quickly enrolled in Shinō Academy most notably past the entrance exam in record time and was placed in the first class ware he excelled in Hakuda, Hohō, and his favorite part of the curriculum Zanjutsu, it was by no small wonder he was the first in his class to attain Shikai and establish a dialog with his Zanpakutō and he completed the six year course in three years his exploits were overshadowed by another student who Graduated around the same time, the genius Gin Ichimaru, Tadayoshi has been quoted saying “a man my age can’t compete with a boy genius” and its believed that he may have held some ill will toward Ichimaru. After Graduation he applied to join the following division of the Gotei 13 the 11thDivision Melee Combat: Swordsmanship but was rejected do to Zanpakutō’s ranged Combat capabilities, the 9th Division Seireitei News Magazine and was rejected for being too withdrawn, and then there was 4th Division Medical / Supply which he rescinded his application stating “Dame it I’m a solder not custodian,” he was eventually granted a position with 2nd division Stealth Ops. By the 1st Division Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, who took note of Tadayoshi skills well he was student at Shinō Academy. The unofficial position of 5th Seat given to him one year later by Former Captain Shihōin; he was quoted saying “sorry Yoruichi you know the only promotion I will except is the one I’ll get after I take the captains exam.” Do to this statement Tadayoshi spent six months in a jail cell for Insubordination after that little was noted until approximately 99 years ago when Oguri Tadayoshi left without resigning from his post and went into hiding. two years after the desertion of Former Captain Shihōin; before his desertion eye witnesses claim to have overheard him say “I will not serve in corruption, I will return once see the truth of this with my own two eyes.” Other witnesses claim to have heard him say “To hell with Central 46 and the Gotei 13 that whole hearing was bull shit, if they think Urahara and Shihōin. Ahhh dame it all I quit!” these testimonies were both dismissed as having no bearing to his crimes. It is hereby the decision of the Soul Society that Former 5th Seat of 2nd Division Stealth Ops. Oguri Tadayoshi is placed at fugitive status for desertion and possible involvement with the criminals Yoruichi Shihōin, Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi / he is considered very dangerous and not to be engaged by officers ranked lower then 3rd Seat, avoid detection / report whereabouts immediately. Newer entry; do to emergence of certain events the Soul Society have arrived at the decision to revoke 5th Seat Tadayoshi fugitive status. New orders as fallowed: officers ranked lower then lieutenant most not approach / attempt establish a dialog if at all possible and report whereabouts immediately.

(And his Zanpakutō as Described by him)
Zanpakutō Name(s): Burakkufaieruddo & Kurinsan Purenzu “Black field, Crimson plains”
Suppressed release command: Supikkusofutori “speak softly”
True release command: Supikkuradori “speak loudly”

Shikai Description: On the whole Burakkufaieruddo & Kurinsan Purenzu are never truly sealed; however they do enter a seal like state called Sappuresutoririzu “Suppressed release” apart from that they are in state of Konsutantoririzu “Constant-Release”. While suppressed they don’t look much different than any other daishō set Zanpakutō with just one small exception their Tsukas and Tsubas (handles & guards) are modified to look and function like a pistol stocks with saber guards forcing Me to hold the blades out as if to aim firearms, this is however ironic they both do change into firearms. Burakkufaieruddo my katana / a 4 shot 12 mm caliber hand rifle with 60 centimeters engraved blade / barrel depicting dead trees and a grave yard with affective range of 320.04 meters, and Kurinsan Purenzu my wakizashi / a 12 shot 9 mm caliber pistol with 30 centimeters engraved blade / barrel depicting a Feudal era battle field with affective range of 304.8 meters. The engravings and lengths of the weapons do not change between their sword and firearm forms; they both have carved ivory handles that read osore sono onri shinko zetsumei “fear the only true death” and embossed brass guards depicting two skeletons locking swords and pressing pistols against one another, and the steel that makes up their barrels in Toru ririzu “true release” and blades in Sappuresutoririzu forms appears to be stained Crimson red. They work by gathering ambient spiritual particles and compressing and solidifying it into bullets it takes forty seconds for each Zanpakutō to fully reload this timeframe is three times longer in the human world do to the decrease in ambient spiritual particles, as for their firing mechanism they store up my spiritual pressure and releasing it once the trigger is pulled this of course has its benefits and disadvantages.

Shikai abilities
Shifuchin Sutetto Konsutantoririzu “Shifting State Constant-Release”
Description: In the case of Kuroda & Kureno they are an ultra rare type of Zanpakutō that not only have two different Shikai forms they are also a state of Constant-Release, by speaking the command Supikkuradori “speak loudly” specifying one of their names I am able to release just one of the two blades, if I don’t specify both blades go into true release state and by speaking the command Supikkusofutori “speak softly” specifying one of their names I am able to Suppress just one of the two blades, if I don’t specify both blades go into Suppressed state.
Burakkufaierudosunaipa “Black field sniper” (also called) Za Diamandokattazu “the diamond cutters”
Description: By gathering and storing up ambient spirit particles and my Reiatsu, my Zanpakutō reload their ammunition as well as make my spiritual pressure almost undetectable until I fire my Zanpakutō this is their Burakkufaierudosunaipa ability, using this ability in their Suppressed state makes them stronger and denser earning it the nickname Za Diamandokattazu “the diamond cutters”. This strength comes however with a drawback, they become cumbersomely heavy.
Shotosutoraikku “shot strike”
Description: I can still fire my Zanpakutō even if I don’t have ammunition this is my Shotosutoraikku technique a blast that reaches out 162.42 meter from the barrels of my Zanpakutō, However Shotosutoraikku and shooting them in general has monstrous recoil that hurts like hell.

Bankai name: Burakkufaierudobikamairan & Kurinsan Purenzuripozusauruzu “Black field become iron and clear & crimson plains repose souls”

Bankai Description: Burakkufaierudobikamairan & Kurinsan Purenzuripozusauruzu two names that bring to mind a sorrowful Haiku portraying a world laid to waste by war and is lead to tranquility by death “Black field become iron and clear the evenings, crimson plains repose souls”. My Bankai something I don’t show off not that I don’t want too, it’s just my Bankai is like an Arrancar’s Resurrección it goes as far as having hollow-like powers and my Zanpakutō form into neck and shoulder covering sleeve armor, and gauntlets made from an ivory White substance that clings to my skin and yea hears the best part ware they end off at shoulders they take the form of Sode “shoulder armor” that look like hollow masks not to mention the engravings of their blades and the embossments on their guards appear on my body as a horimono, my eyes change color the sclera of my eyes terns black and my irises start glowing Crimson and of cores my hair turns blood red even get’s longer, so I even look Hollow-like in some ways and no I’m not a product of hollowfication research at least I don’t think so, you see I have no memory of my life before the Soul Society so could have been a hollow at some point in my life before being Shinigami. But that’s beside the point, it is forbidden for a Shinigami to acquire or attempt to gain Hollow-like powers. And at the Bankai level I am Hollow-like and I would like to return to post after I clear my captain’s name. You feel me, as for time limits go the longest I have ever used Bankai is 12 hour 21 minutes 47 seconds it was a messy affair involving my escape from the Soul Society by means of Hueco Mundo and honesty you don’t even need to hear a tenth of the shit I put myself through. So yea my Bankai is my most closely guarded secret and if you see it, it will be the last thing you ever see; just kidding, no but seriously if you tell anyone well let’s just say you will not see it coming.

Bankai abilities
Kurinsan Saururipozu “Crimson soul repose”
Description: my body gathers ambient spirit particles and Reiatsu just like my Zanpakutō do at Shikai form reload their ammunition, but instead of making ammo Kurinsan Saururipozu works by replenishing my Reiryoku, concealing my own Reiatsu, and even healing my body. It takes approximately one hour to recover one 16th of my total Reiryoku, this process takes longer if I am injured.
Tankikanjuu Shotosutoraikku “Submachine gun shot strike”
Description: a much more powerful version of Shotosutoraikku technique that takes the form of 324.84 meter Cero-like blast projected from my palms and as the name suggests I can unleash a cluster of 16 blasts at once from each hand allowing me to annihilate anything in blast range with a total of 32 blasts, and the best part is no recoil. 32 Tankikanjuu Shotosutoraikku blasts is equal to one 16th of my total Reiryoku.
Kuria Ibininzudiamandokattazu “clear evenings diamond cutters”
Description: my most powerful technique, by focusing my Reiatsu I can form blades made from solidified spirit particles that can cut through any defense. One Kuria Ibininzudiamandokattazu blade is equal to one 4th of my total Reiryoku.

(Comments about my Shinigami & Zanpakutō)
My Shinigami: I meant to create someone who was haunted by a past that he could not remember, and would overcompensate for it by becoming someone whose personality and behavior set him apart from people who he normally care for. Someone who’s unfeeling poise, pride, intelligent and sheer spitefulness forms a mask to conceal his own fear and insecurities about himself and the world around him. A character whose loyalty and devotion stand true, but could easily be accused of dishonesty and treason.
My Zanpakutō: with the Zanpakutō, I meant to create something that would support the character in whom he is, and who he portrays himself as, but also forces him to face the demons of his past and ones he has created for himself in the present. This is depicted by the carvings on the handles at Shikai and mask-like Sodes and hollow-like powers and appearance at Bankai.
1年以上前 john17 said…
wow very discriptive but they reminds me of The Hyperion Gunblade from final fantisy just say in
1年以上前 Oguri_Tadayoshi said…
I simply think of a tactical weapon combination that wood afford a most wieldy form of combat
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
U know I'm wondering if eny one has made a sword that distributes and destroyes the foes internal organs ill might make a blade that does that.
1年以上前 Oguri_Tadayoshi said…
that would be cool
1年以上前 john17 said…
well i made an abillity like that for one of my swords it cuts and shreds orgen tendons mussles and stuff by absorbine the enemys spirit pressur in to the blade giveing it that power
1年以上前 shukun_kizuku said…
my mafia guy's bankai
 my mafia guy's bankai
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Oguri as someone who also created a gun based zanpakuto I would like to say...THAT WAS EPIC so much despriction so thought out so creative that simply amazing my hat goes off to you
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Just as a little food for thought can some people please check their spelling before posting. I mean like small amounts of mistakes are ok and all but some people just need to read it over and check spelling first
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
i have an idea but i need some time lol so for now......

1年以上前 tetsudragon said…
Revised edition for bleach the fallout

Bio:for 8th crusader(new group in bleach the fallout)

Name:Ryuu Hogosha (Dragon Guardian)

Appearance: Physically strong but very young, About 5ft 4inches, Incredibly smart.Dark blond hair cut short and flat,kinda like a crew cut short and long in front.

Spiritual Pressure:(reiatsu)its up there,or else he couldn't use his bankai.

Actual Bio: He died when he was about 14, so He was very young.(He have an amazingly high iq, Just a note) He lived in the 54 district for a couple of years(3),before He decide to try to join the Soul Academy. In fact, He was one of the few that passed the exams in one year. He immediately became 5th seat in the 12th squad for His intellect and high spiritual pressure. He was very glad to get into squad 12 for a few reasons.He like research and development. His zampacto had a very unusual appearance in its unreleased state.See it looked released in normal form,but He could release it.

New bankai: can only use if someone he cares about is in danger, and before anyone says op, this is above captain powered, but below head captain power, and is a new group for bleach the fallout. And if this is used for more than 3 hours, he will die. He also cant use it twice in a 24 hour period.

Other facts:
He have a no nonsense approach to battles.(Kill or incapacitate first, ask questions later if there alive)

He enjoy fighting but not killing,but He will if he must.

Everything he do is in the name of justice, and he will go against everybody to see that it is carried out.

OK,Zampakuto chapter 1: appearance

Name: Tetsuenjouoozora(Dragon of the Flaming Heavens)

Shikai call: Look Upon the Heavens which Flame and Hail, To the Guardian of Heaven's Gates, Allow Me To Pass!

Bankai add on/where it goes: Kooru(Frozen) Tetsukooruenjouoozora
(Dragon of the Frozen Flame Heavens)

There is one term that is very important to my blade. If you are to understand anything at all about my blade you will need to know this term and understand it. This term is Liquid-ice.

Liquid-Ice-This is what i meant when i said multielemental. This is how his blade looks and how it attacks. It is actually ice that has been mixed with Fire. It looks like it is constantly moving but its not. the beauty of it is that it feels like ice and looks like ice but it is ever expanding( if it comes in contact with biological life other than himself or others that his spirit in the Zampakuto identifies as not hostile.) When i cast an attack it starts as something along the lines of hitsugyas applies he hit something with his sword it starts to freeze that object. The best part of liquid-ice is that it doesn't just freeze, It burns and melts and sets aflame(and expands as the object burns away) to the object it touches, depending on what the object is made of.(Ex: flesh will burn and melt, where as grass will light. The ice itself doesn't melt either. The only way to get rid of it is to break it, because it doesn't cling to things. There are four types of Liquid ice:(there are different shades, but all that is needed to be known is that the darker, the better it is.)(they all also use small amounts of spirit energy)

Blue: Freezes fastest,decently durable,burns least

Black: Freezes slow,decent durability,decent burn

Red: Decent freeze,brittle,good burn

Green: best at everything

White: special, best at everything

Grey: special, green stats

All above are changed to green stats in special, except white which is stronger.

Normal-Appearance:For every level i will describe the 3 parts of the katana and for normal i will also describe the sheath.( the three parts i mentioned are the hilt,blade,and guard(or crosspiece))

Normal-Sheath:The sheath's shape is normal for a katana. The difference is that this sheath is Emerald with Sapphire and Ruby and Onyx(black)(all polished) swirls in it. It is durable, so it can be used to block physical attacks. It is strapped to my back with a green sash.

Normal-Hilt:The hilt is pure polished onyx with interchanging colors of strands of pattern(the stitching,embroidery)in the colors of Red, Blue, and Green. it is shorter than most katana hilts at 10 inches.

Normal-guard: The guard looks like a four point star on top of 4 pins so that the pins point in the NE,SE,NW,SW directions and the star points point in the N,E,S,W directions, ant the radius of the guard from the exact middle is 2 inches. The top part of my guard is bright green Liquid-ice and the bottom is a mix of bright blue and red liquid-ice.

Normal-Blade: The sharp edge of my blade is bright green liquid-ice and the back part is bright blue liquid-ice.The blade is slightly longer than a normal zampakuto, about 34 inches. It is just as durable as a normal blade.

This is all for now because i don't want any section to be overly long. next is shikai.

Shikai-sheath is absorbed into body as reatsui.

Hilt-Turns a blue,black,red mix of color(ruby,sapphire,onyx). pattern unravels from hilt and attaches to top and bottom of hilt in 3 strands according to color(green,blue,red).they then wrap around my hand and turn into liquid-ice of appropriate color.

Guard-The needles become another 4 point star and the two stars turn a darker green. A circle appears and surrounds the stars,connected by the tips.The circle is dark blue and red.In-between the circle and the rest of the stars a green reatsui appears and flows alternately above and below the stars.

Blade- Stays liquid-ice,Becomes completely Dark Green, and grows 4 inches longer.


Hilt- All the onyx is drained from the hilt,and becomes a strand that dangles from the hilt.Green takes its place and the entire hilt turns into liquid-ice red,blue, and green, with flecks of black.the strands break off the top of the hilt,unwrap from my hand, and dangle limply toward the ground. The blue and black strands start to emit snowflakes of their respective color and the red and green strands emit sparks of their respective color. the hilt now conforms to my grip.Also turns 8 inches long.

guard-circle dissipates,guard looks like a dark,deep green 16 point star/flower,with flecks of the other 3 colors.

Blade- Turns an even darker green,and words appear on it:Seigi ishi aru ageta(justice will be brought)

New bankai: This can only be used when protecting someone close to him. Also he has to unlock final form before he can use all of the abilities. His armor turns a pearl white and five rows of 2 spikes protrude from his back in a downward direction, each a different color. In this bankai, the color doesn’t effect the strength, just different abilities are given for each color. The top spikes are green, the next are grey, then blue, then red, then black. Five 3 foot long katanas appear on his back in sheaths of different material and color(corrosponding to the zampakuto it carries). He can only wield one katana at a time, which means only one new ability at a time. Each katana is a different color, either red, blue, green, black, or grey. He has a pearl white sheath at his right side in which goes his main katana, the pearl white one. The spikes glow if that color katana is used, but the rest of the armor glows if he is using the white one. His chest armor has a cross shaped design on it that glows six colors, you can guess what they are. Each katana is made of liquid ice and has a strand on it at the bottom that emits sparks if red, white, or green, and snow if it is blue, grey, or black.

Hand to hand:90

ok Now its time for abilities!

Normal-Just that when the blade comes in contact with biological substance, it freezes and burns it(other than him)

Shikai-his armor starts to appear.The armor is blue and red liquid-ice that looks like the knights of order armor from oblivion
without the helmet. he also grow liquid-ice(same color) wings that enable him to move faster in the air(25%).They also protect him and can be used to attack.

Shikai 1-Tatsukachiratataku(dragon head strike)-Produces a 2 colored liquid-ice dragon headed column that is 10 meters long and 2 wide that will go in the direction he point my sword or with a little more spirit energy he can will it to go where he need it to with his mind.Will freeze and burn on contact at the point of contact but as with all liquid-ice will start expanding. green is not a option. Can go 200 meters away from him before crashing into the ground.Moves as fast as 50mph

shikai-2-Manoozora-(gate to heaven)- Creates 3 20meter long by 2.5 meter wide pillars of liquid-ice That are red blue and green. they can split up lengthwise to a cm thin and can join up so that they contain all 3 colors.he can control the density of it and control movement up to 50 can travel 25kmph.

Bankai:My armor becomes dark green liquid-ice and a helmet is added that looks like tyrant dragons head and can now control the density and shape of liquid-ice. (all bankai moves use a lot of spirit energy, i can only stay in bankai for 2 hours)

Bankai-1-Katanahyohogosha(sword hail of the guardian)-Produces 200 dark green liquid-ice swords about a meter long that move as fast as a Quincy arrow and he direct them with his mind and body.once a sword hits something he can no longer move it.

Bankai-2-Narutatsuhogosha(Roar of the Dragon Guardian)- Releases a gigantic(5 meters wide, 40 meters long)Dark green colored liquid ice dragon head that can go 50kmph and can bounce off objects leaving a small amount of ice there. infinite range and can separate into 5 different heads that he control separately.

New bankai: he can use all the abilities from his previous bankai and one more depending on which katana he has out, and the original ability’s ices are replaced with corresponding colors of ice, but each time he uses an ability he loses 2 minuets of the time he can be in bankai.(at the end of three hours he dies)

Red(fire): A arrow of red liquid ice is released from the hand, and when it strikes everything within 15 feet is set aflame. the ice disappears on contact.

Blue(water): he slashes the air and a jet of blue liquid ice shoots out and on impact freezes and it is so cold that it produces frostbite within 5 minuets, as long as it stays on the target.

Black(darkness): A surge of black liquid-ice is released from his hand and when it comes in contact with a biological substance, that substance is moved to another dimension for 2 seconds and the ice keeps traveling for 3 seconds before disappearing. The substance will appear at any black liquid ice on the field after 2 seconds. Moves at 35kmph.

Grey(wind): the tip of my sword emit’s a lance of wind that alters the pressure in a 1 foot radius from the center of the lance, so it mainly effects your organs, due to extreme pressure, it might cause bleeding internally if used enough.

Green(earth): slams sword on the ground, and 5 trees erupt out at kido speed and rise 100 ft in the direction the opponent was in when it started. This wont impale you, but it will hurt, that’s a tree sprouting at about 120 kmph.

White(light): the most powerful, this can only be used once per special, after using this I lose 1 hour of my bankai time. I stab the sword into the ground and where the sword is a glowing white cross ten ft in diameter forms on the ground, and a glowing white circle forms around the edges of the cross, and a barrier surrounds the cross as a 12 foot in diameter sphere of light. It takes a level 70 or higher kido to break it. Inside of it the cross brightens and a wind kicks up and the light seems to swirl, then the sword emits an insanely bright white light that lasts the rest of the move. An explosion resonates inside that breaks the barrier if not broken already, and a light blue shock wave resonates in a 50 ft area. The ground inside is covered with white liquid ice including anything that was in the barricaded area and the user is not exempt from the attacks damages. Unless you are at lieutenant or higher power you might not survive.

plz comment and tell me if it is op
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1年以上前 BrokenSun35 said…
This is a new bankai for my character in Bleach the Fallout the only thing different is the Bankai and the original is on page 110

Name: Shado Senken
Position: Leader of the Ace of Clubs branch of the Ace of X.
Age: Appears to be 22
Hieght: 6'2"
Weight: 204 lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark blue

Appearance: Shado has medium length pitch black hair and deep dark blue eyes and he usually has a tired look on his face. Shado wears a pitch black jacket over a grey T-shirt with a black number 1 on it, a pair of black jeans and black sneakers with white laces. He has a pitch black Yo-Yo that he uses when he's bored, like all Ace of X members he has a Ace of clubs tattoo with a black X going through it.

Personality: Shado is a very laid back,lazy and funny person, he usually is found sleeping in every possible place. He will protect anyone that is close to him but will try to avoid a fight as much as possible but when he does get into a fight he is very strateigeic and serious but if anyone harms his little sister he will mentally snap and usally keeps an emotionless face and fights at his full power.

Strength: 100
Kido: 45
Speed: 100
Swordmanship: 85
Hand-to-Hand: 86

Zanpakuto/Shikai name: Purinsu kage (Prince of the Shadows)
Release Command: Rule over the Shadows
Shikai Appearance: The blade turns into a double edged black 2.5 feet long blade with a green handle with a black sheath
Shikai Abilities:

Kuro kaminari (Black Lightning) The wielder points the blade at the opponent which causes a pitch black lightning bolt to fire at the enemy, the lightning travels at semi shunpo speed, this can be used 10 times until it has to recharge for 2 minutes. It takes 2 seconds to fire after firing.

Aku no odoroki (Evil Surprise) The wielder stabs his blade into a shadow causing it to extend out of another shadow of the wielder choice making the blade attack the oppnent.

Dākupurotekutā (Dark Protector) The wielders shadow gains a pair of eyes and comes off the ground of whatever surface it is on and blocks attacks the oppnonent trys to make. (The shadow can not leave the wielders body)

Bankai Name:Shadou koroshi ya kingu (The Shadowed Gunslinger King)

Bankai Appearance: The wielder is now holding a pitch black ornate revolver with the word Sombra (Shadow) etched in gold on both sides of the gun and a double edged 2.5 foot long blade that’s jagged like a saw on one edge and the wielder is now wearing a long black regal jacket with gold outlinings , a black shirt with gold outlinings under the jacket, black plants,jet black shoes, and a black crown with different colored jewels on it. (The guns fires bullets which seemed to be made of a black energy and do the same damage as a normal bullet)

Bankai Abilities:

Satsugai kuro kaminari (Slaying Black Lightning): The wielder points his gun at the opponent and a large lightning bolt is fired out of it, the lightning travels at semi shunpo speed and is a little stronger than the average cero. This ability can be used 15 times and can be fired 2 seconds after being fired once, when the ability has been used 10 times there is a 5 minute recharge.

Akuma no kage no (Demon of the Shadows) The wielder shadow metalizes, gains a pair of eyes and becomes a demon with a dark purple cloak with a black outlining and the shadow has grown a pair of wings and is wielding 2 double edged katana’s. The shadow has the same stats as the wielder, the shadow lasts for 5 minutes (The Shadow can be called back by wielder as well) but can be killed by the opponent. During the time the ability is not in effect the shadow nor can the wielder use any abilities. The wielder can only use this ability once every hour.

Kami no satsugai kurai raiu(God Slaying Dark Thunderstorm) : The sky darkens with clouds and then wielder fires repeatedly into the air the sky then crackles with lightning and then 1,000 lightning bolts strike down in random places in a area of 100 fe et, the lightning bolts travel at shunpo speed and have the power a little stronger than the average Cero.

And if i didnt explain the Outfit too good here is the pic

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 This is a new bankai for my character in Bleach the Fallout the only thing different is the Bankai an
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
HAI :P This is my idea for best zanpakuto for meh! Hope you likey (//_^)

Zanpakuto - Barraku yami ( Black Darkness )
Release command - Makikomu, Barraku Yami ( Engulf, Black Darkness )
Skikai Descript - Right arm transforms into a clawed gauntlet extending up to the shoulder, finishing with a spiked black, spiked shoulder guard. Wields a sword made of darkness which can change forms on command.
Bankai - Bankai, Kanzen'na Kuro Yami ( Bankai, Complete Black Darkness )
Bankai Descript - Exactly like the shikai release, except all the arms and legs are armored like the skikai. Can now dual wield the darkness blades. Wears wha appears to be actually shadows on the unarmored areas.

Shikai Abilities

Skikai Ability 1, Kuro Yami No Shokushu ( Tendrils of Black Darkness )- Can utilize the darkness to attack opponents in long, sharp tendrils.
Shikai Ability 2, Kuro Yami No Kuron ( Clones of Black Darkness )- Uses the amount of darkness in the area to complete an endless amount of clones, depending on the amount of darkness.
Skikai Ability 3, Seroburakka Yami No ( Cero of Black Darkness )- Fires a Cero-like blast of darkness from the claws of the gauntlets on his/her arms and legs.

Bankai Abilities ( can use all skikai abilities as well )

Bankai Ability 1, Burraku Yami No Kopi ( Black Darkness Copy )- Can copy any move used by the opponent except a darkness version, like Ichi's Getsuga Tensho
Bankai Ability 2, Kanzen'na Daku Yami ( Complete Black Darkness )- Encircles the area in darkness to fully utilize Barraku Yami's control over darkness
Bankai Ability 3, Doaburakku Yami No ( Door To Black Darkness )- Opens a portal-like door in the darkness to move quickly to other areas covered in darkness, often used to teleport in opponents shadow for a quick kill.

Well :P theres my zanpakuto :P hope you likey!!!

My shinigami character has a body shape like Uluiorra schiffer's, thin but slightly mascular. He has black hair that looks, once again, like Ulqui's, except his bangs aren't parted. His skin color is pale like Uryu. He wears traditional shinigami clothes with his zanpakuto hanging off of his belt, which keeps his captain's haori tied. His haori is sleeveless and is the captain of a new gotei 13 squad, squad zero. He doesn't usually wear tabi or sandals because the are destroyed when he goes into bankai, so he is usually seen wearing tabi or bearfoot. He acts aloof and is very loyal. He is very friendly unless provoked. He is generally only around the other captain's at the meetings and stuff, but prefers to be around with his liutenent, who is also his best friend. He had Kisuke Urahara also turn him into a Vizard when his wife was in danger and he wasn't strong enough to save her. He serves also as a link between the Vizards and the Soul Reapers. He proves himself to be an equal match with Ichi if not stronger, and can hold his own in almost any battle. He even mastered Resurrecion with his inner hollow.

Mehehehehe..... Awsome.... kills you all... muwahhahahaha.... :P
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
Forgot my guys name :P its Shirei-kan no kurai :) hehe so cool.
means commander of the dark (//_^)
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
His liutenants name is Dakku~oria if you wondered....
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
A revised edition of my first carecter ever made.

Name:rantora adikusada
Zanpakuto:kagutoshi(pheniox lord)
Description:2ft with a curved handle.
Shinkai:realese command:spring fourth kagutoshi.
Description: changes into a double edged flambario.
1st abiltiy: the "shinkukai"(crimson wave) a wave of blood-red spirit energy/pressure(like the "getsuga tesho".
Bankai:"yinyado"(way of yin and yang)
Physical abiltit: I obtain samurai armour,flaming wings 2x speed and strenght.
Blade changes to a 4 1/2 wooden boken no guard.
1st ability:
I obtain 1 white and 1 black pheniox app.size 10ft x 3f, both can be manafested or used throgh my bokken.
Black:able to burn on contact and can only be removed by myself.
White: as a last resort I can use the white pheniox to activate mt vermilion state.
Vermiliion state: "shunara"
Physical abiltiy; black fire on hands,sholders, and feet. Bones grow in wings,horns on forehead and head 2x speed and strength on top of the already 2x speed and strenght.
Blade: a 6ft double edged broad sword,with a arrow tip design. With a chain hidden in the handle witch can extend 10ft.
When out of energy I revert to my original state healed of wounds but without SpE.
1年以上前 john17 said…
bleach num4 fan wtf man thats just like my shadow king on page 126 at the top and even the abillities are simaler
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
sorry :( searched through alot and there are many that are similar
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
btw you really shouldnt complain too much anyway because powers involving shadows are slightly limited, and there are more peoples that have more similar abilities that yours.
1年以上前 shukun_kizuku said…
really john there are alot of shadow blades
1年以上前 bleach_Nel3_fan said…
shukun_kizuku, thankies 4 agreeing with my brother :3
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
"zanpakuto name" - doshaburi(heavyrain) "shikai release"-oboreu drown "sealed form descrption" - this is the most powerful water based zanpakuto, its a normal kitana with a midnight blue hilt with a crescent moon shaped guard. "shikai descrption"- a 9 ft rough dagger appears attached to each arm."shikai abilities" - water whip, the daggers turn a dark blue then lash out highly pressurized water that reaches up to 45 yds and will cut through anything. freezing whip, the daggers turn a pale blue, they reach the same length as the first ability, they freeze upon contact, the ice will explode on command. melting whip, they turn a blood red color they have the same length as the first 2 abilities they work like acid melting what they touch."bankai name" - doshaburi no kaioosei ikari(heavyrain from neptune's wrath)."bankai descrption" my whole sword turns to steam from the steam a megalodon will appear made out of the steam. my bankai has 5 forms but i only use 4 of 5 i use the last form has a last resort. sinc
1年以上前 bleach_Nel3_fan said…
This ish my totawy awsum zanpakuto idea :3 hopee you likey :3

My Zanpakuto - Buraddorozu ( Blood Rose )
Sealed Description - My zanpakuto has a white hilt and a white guard. The guard is kinda like the shape of Ulquiorra’s except slightly different. The blade is like all sealed zanpakuto blades.
Shikai Command - Burumu, Buraddorozu ( Bloom, Blood Rose )
Shikai Description - The hilt turns a shade of green, representing the stem of a rose, with thorns at the top of the hilt. The guard becomes that of a red rose that hasn’t bloomed. The blade becomes slightly curvy like a kris, and becomes white.

Shikai 1st Ability - Sanran Hanabira ( Scattering Petals )
Slashes the zanpakuto through the air and the petals on the guard fall of and billow in the wind, then become like little red blades and shoot at the enemy.
Shikai 2nd Ability - Baindingubain ( Binding Vine )
Turns the zanpakuto to were the hilt is facing them and a thorny vine shoots out and grabs them. Holds on till release or cut through, which is hard to do.
Shikai 3rd Ability - Isukumeru buredo ( Impaling Blade )
Stabs the blade in the ground and it comes out beneath the enemy and impales them. It also takes some of the blood from the target and runs it down the blade to the rose, making it grow slightly.

Bankai - Bankai, Buraddihowaito Wa Rozu ( Bankai, Bloody White Rose )
Bankai Description - Pretty much the same as the shikai except the rose guard blooms to full rose and the vines have wrapped their way around his/her arm, with a rose on the end.
Bankai has all abilities of shikai but enhanced, plus -
Bankai 1st Ability - Vu~anpaiarozu ( Vampire Rose )
Slashes the target and white roses form along the cut, which begins to drain the blood of the victim. When all the blood is drained, the roses will have turned red.
Bankai 2nd Ability - Funsai rozu ( Crushing Rose )
A huge white rose forms below the enemy and engulfs them, turning red when the have crushed them and the blood is on the flower.
Bankai 3rd Ability - Ketsueki Bakuhatsu ( Blood explosion)
Stabs the blade in the air and it shoots to the target and stabs the target, but doesn’t go completely through. The blood stored in the rose at the guard is pumped through the blade and into the enemy until they explode in a shower of blood.

Bit gruesome but hope you likey!!! J

Shibo Rozu, 3rd seat of the new squad in the Gotei 13, the zero squad. She has strawberry blond, long hair, with bangs that cover half of her left eye. Pale skin and green eyes. She wears traditional Soul Reaper clothes with short sleeves. She has a long white glove that extends up to her shoulder, sorta like Soifon’s, but white, to protect from the thorned vine that wraps around her arm in bankai, and a shorter version of the glove on the left. She wears a white rose necklace that ties off in a red ribbon. One of her friends is Dakku~oria, the liutenant. She would be the liutenant, but purposefully lets Dakku have the position because she knows how much it means to him. When she, Dakku and Shirei~kan went to save Shirei’s wife, but were to weak to do so, she was given vizard powers to help save her.
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
bleach_nel3_fan, nice zanpakuto (//_^) very coolio. you copyed some of my story thought lol and put yourself in it lol but thats okay. im glad to have you as my butt kickin 3rd seat!!!
1年以上前 john17 said…
shikai: nensho oji(burning prince)
realese:sorera o shokyaku(incinerate them)
bankai:Shiroi honoo no ōji(prince of the white flames)

shikai discription:is a all silver whip sword that when he blade is retracted it is 5ft long can extend up to 30ft when in whip mode. is twice as fast as zabimaru.

shikai abbilities:

moesashi no mure(ember swarm): when in sword mode it sends out a collome of tennis ball shape and size fire balls that travel in a strait whip mode the go in a scatter pattern.(each is as strong as a stick of tnt)

hio tsukeru(ignite): the blade becomes ingulfed in flames that set what ever they touch on fire ecept zanpakutos it will heat them up tho.(the othe abbilites can de used at the sane time)

Kaen renzu(flame lens) a ring of flames appere from the tip of the blade it has a 3ft diamiter. the lens uses the light from the flames to make mirages appear to who ever look directly in to it.the maragies apear all over the area and only disapear if they are touched but the people that looked in the lens. (like make a canyon disapear so they cant see it or make the caster apeare every where or make bildings and other objects look farther or closer then they are) mostly used aginst fast oponits so they cant tell wat in there suroundings is real or fake.(some of the maragies can de made out of the flame bombs and explode on contact)the lens disappears after 10 seconds but the maragies last untill the caster calls them off or till the user cuts the caster or touches them.(becuse they are made of flames they dont work well aginst water type swords and ice just cases then to reflect even more.

bankai discripton: the weilder gains two full arm gaunlets that are blak with glowing orange lines all ocer them. each gauntlet has a 2ft of chain wraped around the forarm and 10ft hanging off the chain is spiked and covered with white flames.the left gaunlet chain has a 20ld spike ball on the end. the right chain has a guillotine blade on the end. they both are on fire.they extend to 60 ft now and move 3X faster than shikai state thats 6x faster than zabimaru.

bankai abbilites:

nensho-ha(burning wave)sends out a wave of white flames (looks like getsuga tensho)that burns everthing to ashes ecept zanpacto ur beter of dodging then blocking unless u have a ice or water based sword.

uze-en(flaming vortex) sends out a collom of flames(5ft radius) from the users hands that burn everything in there path can be blocked but will super heat the sword blocking it will burn and destroy any kido below 40(must chage ten seconds b4 fireing and can only be used once every five min)

nensho no sutorai(combustion strike) the blade and ball start glowing and what ever they touch will explode with the force of 4 sticks of tnt.( only lasts 3 min and has to wait 10 min b4 use ing agine)

the sword in shikai
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 shikai: nensho oji(burning prince) realese:sorera o shokyaku(incinerate them) bankai:Shiroi honoo n
1年以上前 john17 said…
oh and bleach_num4_fan i know there are alot of shadow blades i was just screwin with u i was bored i do like ur blade tho
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
sorry about the first part my main pc is screwed up so i have to do it on my ps3.since the megalodon is the weakest bankai form its automatically the first bankai form. the first ability is it can change temperatures its simmilar to my shikai abilities. the 2nd ability is it charges up with its own spiritual energy then it tries to tackle the opponent. using the command split and devour the megalodon will turn into a school of 20 piranha also made of steam. 1st ability, the piranha can their size from 10 feet tall to microscopic. 2nd ability is the piranha form a tornado that engulfs and shreds anything with in 5ft radius. using the command enlarge my bankai turns in to a whale 500yds long this is the strongest out of the main 4 forms it is not made from steam. it only has 1 ability it launches a 10 story acid tsunami, it wont burn anything but what i tell it to so all the rage and power goes to the target. using the command (shock) it turns into a giant jellyfish it has a glassy look to it so its hard
1年以上前 john17 said…
guy of the sword nensho oji(burning prince)

name: vince tengene

age:looks to be 20 is really 760



body type:very mussculer

ocupation member and cofounder of the forgotten soldiers he is the best swordsmen and 3 strongest

discrption: he has long red hair and emreld green eyes
he often just wheres a plain white tee long or short sleave with denim jeans that are slightly baggie he has his sword on his right hip the has black flames tattooed up his forarms

personality: he is warm hearted but also very strict when is comes to his duties.he love to have fun but dont joke him about his hair being red and eyes being green he hates that and loses his temper fast has a explosive temper when he loses it and somtimes needs to blow stuff up to feel beter

background: grew up with his child hoodfriend forenzio in the italian mafia after that he joined the soul scoity and traind he be came one of the best swordsmen there and extremy skilled in shunpo which is how he got his nickname vince the blur. he left one day becuze for the same reson as forenzio together they formed the forgotten soldiers.


shunpo: 97
kido 50
swordsmenship 100
hand to hand 78
endurince/stamina 90

hey let me saw somthing about my guys kido abillities he can only use Bakudo he knows them all and can use them all without incantation exept some.oh and he only knows 4 hado spells that he can do he cant do the others for some reson
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1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
to see it sends its tenticals around the opponent and electricutes them seperating their reiatsu. 2nd ability is it sends its tenticals to stab the opponent and injects a deadly poison. my last resort is 5ft deep pond that has a 3.5 mile radius. 1st ability is water manipulation. 2nd ability is it changes temperatures. 3rd ability is that 2 water spouts shoot from the pond then comes back down twisting around each other like a drill at over 100 mph. THATS IT again sorry about the way its written had to do it on my ps3 PLZ SOMEONE GIVE ME UR OPPINIONS theres 3 parts
1年以上前 HEAVY_rain said…
1st 2 parts are on pg 127 .last part on this page im putting up a character soon
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
Oh. sorry for being defensive then :)
1年以上前 bleach_num4_fan said…
and thanks.