BLEACH(ブリーチ) Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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1年以上前 Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
OKae this is what i have so far. Please someone help me with ideas for abilitys. My brain dos'nt want to make them. Also its based on Jesus, just so you have a general idea. lol

Name: Raion'yuda no zoku no (Lion of the Tribe of Judah)
Release command: Hōkō migite (Roar your right)
Bankai name: Kami no shin no kohitsuji (True Lamb of god)
Appearance: In its sealed state, Raion’yuda is simple straight katana. Sheathed in a pearlescent white sheath, with a simple brown wrapping, this sword is unadorned, nor fancy. Upon release Raion’yuda becomes a Short sword and a shield. The shield has a rampant lion etched on it, and the short swords pommel is shaped like a Lion in mid roar.
Shikai Abilities:

Bankai Appearance: In Bankai the sword becomes broader and more refined looking. The shield changes from having a rampant lion to having a lamb in a pool of blood; also the pommel of the sword becomes a lambs head.
Bankai Abilities
1年以上前 Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
big smile
Okae here is one of my earlier blades, A little more refined. With HUGE thanks to Whiteflame55 for his help.

Name: Shūtingusutā (Shooting Star)
Release command: Āku Amama (Arc across the Heavens)
Bankai name: Wana ni ochi ta Tenshi (Fallen Angel)
Appearance: Before it is released Shūtingusutā is a simple Katana. The hilt is shaped like a star, and the wrapping round the handle is light blue with silver insets. In Shikai Shūtingusutā forms into two leather gauntlets, each of these is covered in silver stars. They are studded across the knuckles, and extend to just before the elbow.
Shikai abilities:
Ability 1: Gōrudensutāshīrudo (Golden Star Shield). The stars on the left hand gauntlet glow gold and form a protective shield, it is only a simple buckler shape. Each time it is struck it releases sparks of gold, after each strike it becomes more and more see through. After a hit from Getsuga Tenshō, or other similar powered attacks, this shield dissipates. The shield can cover only a small area, as it is only 45cm in diameter.
Ability 2: Shirubāsutāransu (Silver Star Lance). The stars on the right hand gauntlet glow silver and form a spear, a simple warrior’s spear. As it strikes an opponent it releases silver shards, this appear at a rate relative to the amount of force I put into an attack, faster if I’m attacking with more force and slower if with less force.. As the shards collect they begin to form other spears. When the one I’m wielding breaks all the other spears shoot towards my opponent, either wounding or trapping my opponent. I have no control over where the spears fly, though they do home in on my target.
Bankai Appearance: In Bankai the gauntlets extend to reach my shoulders and become a silver metal. Angel wings appear at the shoulders and Golden stars embossed in the metal just below the wings.
Bankai Abilities:
Ability 1: Uchi naru hikari (Inner Light). I become engulfed in a golden light that lasts for 2-3 minutes depending on the amount of damage being dealt, if I am struck by Yamamoto’s full power it will last only 2 minutes, however most other attacks are ineffective against it. It cuts most types of attacks power in half, this includes Kido and direct physical attacks, although such things as Mayuri’s poison completely bypass this shield. Certain Zanpakuto are unaffected by this, including Zangetsu.
Ability 2: Zetsubō no tsuinransu (Twin Lances of Despair). Two silver spears appear in my hands. Each one has a wing shaped spear head. The appearance of these spears increases me speed, my speed becomes 2X faster than Ichigo in Bankai, although I lose much of my power this is more than made up for in shear speed of attack, though it is a lot harder to control the direction of my attacks in this mode. These spears will last as long as I have reiatsu left. As they consume it. Each blow that connects with my enemy sucks out a small portion of their reiatsu, always 5% of their maximum reiatsu, no matter the strength of the blow.
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
I'm thincking of makeing a new one not all done yet maybe tommarow or the next day.
1年以上前 Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
This is another updated Zanpakuto, With MORE THANKS TO WHITEFLAME55 SUPER GURU OF THIS FORUM.

Name: Sutā asa no (Star of the Morning)
Release command: Kōman kudasai (Be prideful)
Bankai name: Gurētosāpento (The Great Serpent)
Appearance: In its unreleased state Sutā asa no is a straight Katana, no slight bend at all. It has a red wrapped hilt with black insets. After it has been released it becomes a Shamshir, with precious stones evenly spaced up the blade. The hilt becomes completely red, the hand guard and pommel become Gold and Silver.
Shikai Abilities:
Ability 1: Saisho no ma de Dai (First amongst the great). These techniques causes the gems on the blade glow and cause anyone who looks at the sword, except me, go blind for 1min. This also causes the gems to crack a little, the more they crack the harder it is to control any of my swords techniques. If the Gems become fully cracked, as in broken, I can no longer use this technique.
Ability 2: Gurētofōru (The Great Fall). All the Gems become covered with a layer of dried blood, and the sword with spots of rust. This technique causes every cut on my opponent to steadily build a barrier between them and the source of their power. It builds at a slow rate, for the barrier to fully form I must hit them, directly or indirectly, 100 times. Once it has formed every hit after that causes their power output to decrease at ratio of 2/1, 2 hits for 1% of their power.
Ability 3: Gurēsu Kara no saigo no aki (Final fall from Grace). This technique causes all the gems to become black, and the blade to become red. This move lets me cause 1/3rd of my opponent’s power to cease to be accessed. This will only take affect if i have successfully used my two previous abilities, and even then there is a 50% chance that it will have no effect.
Bankai Appearance: Upon entering Bankai the blade changes to resemble a dragon and the gems become permanently black. A sort of passive ability begins to take effect, this is that lies begin to whisper out from my blade, mostly causing my opponent to doubt there ability if they are weak of mind.
Bankai Abilities
Ability 1: Hyōji ochita (Display the fallen). Upon activation of this technique a pile of skulls appear around me, each one slowly gaining flesh and other bits of the skeleton, once fully formed the soldiers will last until their dismissal by me, or their deaths. It will take about 20 seconds for one skeleton to form, then everyone after that at 15 second. They have ¼ of my full power; they can be killed by either decapitation or mutilation. These skeletons are armed with imitations of my sealed sword; they feel no pain so will continue to attack until destroyed.
Ability 2: Hikari o kyasuto (Cast out the Light). Once in place this techniques causes my opponent and their companions to be blinded, this will last for 30 seconds. In this time I get one attack in which whomever I strike will be unable to continue fighting, as chains appear that bind the arms and legs, then weights which f=drag them to the ground. I cannot use this as long as the fight continues, as I need an entire week to bring it back under my control.
Ability 3: Kuraimu wa, maunto (Climb the mount). This is my most powerful ability, once active it causes my blade to disappear my form to shift and change till i have the appearance of a dragon. Once in this state I am impervious to all kido type attacks, all other attacks are halved in damage they deal. This state halves my speed and kido, however I can now ignore most attacks. Also the passive ability I mentioned before becomes stronger, meaning all but the strongest willed opponents succumb to the feeling of dread it produces. In this form I can breathe fire and strike out with talons or tail, whilst my speed and Kido may no-longer be a factor my strength is increased 2X. Although i may have next to no speed I am able to fly, my speed of flight is dependent on my strength.
Note: This blade takes great concentration and control to master, although many have achieved Shikai only once has Bankai ever been reached.
1年以上前 flash52994 said…
ok white flame thanks for the help and it kinda just seem like you were tearing it apart but thanks for explaining, Ulquiorra1313 ok well thanks for that help to i think my water in the bag with be acid water but when it hits the dirt it will stop and my bag will be like a special bag that can hold it or somthing.
1年以上前 flash52994 said…
this is my revising i done after white flame and Ulquiorra1313 helped :)

this is my metal/mud zanpukto its new and original i think please comment on it. i dont know i came up with a couple of these attacks on the fly can anyone help me inprove my zanpukto please and thank you:)

Shikia description: it is a metal sword hollowed out but made with the strongest metal made inside of it has little tiny spikes 5 spikes in each one there fat with a sharp tip at the end and 100 of these swords are carried on my back this sword is always in shikia mode and my bag is filled with water and the swords do not rust either but I can obviously controll the mud/metal from my zanpukto

Shikia ability 1: my swords fly up in the air like 1000 feet or so and look down at my oppenent and a couple of them at a time start shooting out the nails they travel at a very fast rate in the mean while my water in my bag is made of acid that with burn you if you get hit and it can shoot our like a cannon and travels and a very fast rate so while your paying attation to the swords and nail the water will hit you if your not careful.

Shikia ability 2: 100 sword attack my sword ability go threw the roof and i get 4 more hands comming out of my body so its very hard to block me sence i have 8 hands

Shikia ability 3: the spike rise a little to the surface and can basically grow in height to about a 30 story building and rise very fast to impale the opponent or they can sprout up from the ground and my mud can also make a trench for you to fall in and my spikes being there.

Bunkia ability 1: mud shield the mud is controlled with my brain so can block me with not much effort at all the mud is very quick so if your not fast enough you wont get a scarcth on me the least it will do is help me fend off some of your attack.

Bunkia ability 2: im kinda stuck on these 2 bunkia ablity if anyone wants to help me pleas do.

Bunkia ability 3:
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1年以上前 rantora13 said…
Well I made a newer one and here it is.

Name:ryouta kenta
Zanpakuto name:Rinaky(tri soul)
Sealed state: normal sword.
Release command: "smite rinaky"
Blade changes to an arrow tip blade.
1st abilty:s
Astokoukori chikara(tri souls 1\4 power) increase of speed, kido and strength by 55percent.
2nf ability:koeisho shipen(limbo's judgment)
The land within 20ft radius around me becomes a desolate land. Which moves as I move. Being in the radius either hurts or heals u depending on ur intent on fighting. A killing intent harms u mirror to the damage last taken. If a passive intent the foe is healed(moderatly)
Bankai: haidora astoria(valkyrie trifecta)
1st ability:ichi kokoro baku(1st sould that devours)
My sword changes to a 4ft long, 3ft wide axe head battle axe that allows me 5x strength at the cost of half my spirit energy.
2nd ability: ni kokoro kan(2nd soul of consumption)
My sword changes to a 4ft scimitar. That allows me 5x kido at the cost of 1\4 my spirit spirit.
3rd ability: san kokoro hikaru( 3rd soul of supreme light)
My blade turns to a 5ft double-edge broud sword with a pair of angels fethers as guard and for myself. That allows a 5x speed increse at the cost of 1\2 my sprit energy.
Sense I gave energy to summon they have no time limit.
1年以上前 shukun_kizuku said…
[zanpakuto name/shikai name] Chicago's Black death
[release command] light'em up
=its a black baseball bat that has A.C. on the side of it and its gold and the bat is about 33 inches long and the wielders cloths are changed into a gangsters suit

[bankai name] Chicago Piano
=its a Thompson Submachine gun the wood is black and the metal is gold and A.C. is on the stock on the gun in gold and the wielders stays in the gangsters suit

[shikai abilities]-
= when the bat hits its foe or the zanpakuto where ever it hits it sends a energy pulse through the foe the pulse is half the strength of a normal cero
= sends out a think fog of smoke that surrounds the wilder completely removing most senses like seeing and smelling except the wielder
= when the foe goes into the smoke the wielder snaps his fingers and the smoke cloud explodes going as much damage as a cero

[bankai abilities]-
= shoots a rapid fire of bullets that when they come into contact with anything there is a explosion that's 1/4th the strength of a cero
= the wielder creates 3 gangsters that only have the 1st bankai ability they can be killed and isn't very strong but wield Thompson submachine guns they dissapear within 5 minutes
= the wielder has the ability to make the foe think that someone else is their for instead of the wielder this ability can effect a person for 5 minutes and lowers it 1 minute after each time its used on the same person once it hits zero minutes the for is immune to this ability

plz tell me wat ya think
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
Okay, here is the "first" of my two arrancar!

Name: Alpha
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 143
Rank: Arrancar: Essence of the Beginning!

Appearance: Alpha has a fair complexion and hazel eyes. She has long black hair that goes past her shoulders. Alpha bears a resemblance to Halibel in terms of outfit except for her top. Instead, she wears a tight long sleeve jacket that she keeps opened. She doesn't wear a shirt under her jacket but the opening is only wide enough to expose a small portion of her breast. Her mask appears to be a necklace that has four small jewels on it. Each jewel is a different color: Red, Black, Faded Yellow and White! Her hollow hole is right under her neck and just above the jewels on her mask.

Personality: Alpha is a very calm and relaxed person. She never appears to lose her cool, not even in battle. She is well respected by all arrancar and shows extreme loyalty to Rey. For some odd reason, she never seems to finish anything she does, whether its finishing her food or even a book, always saying that she doesn't care for the ending! She even shows this when she talks! Not that she won't finish her sentence, but for some reason she always ends her sentence with an upper inflection making it seem like she never finished her thought. The only time anyone has ever seen her finish something is when she fights as she doesn't hesitate to kill her opponent.

Zanpaktou: Alpha's zanpaktou exist as four different 2 feet long katanas. Each katana has a different colored handle: BLACK, RED, A FADED YELLOW and WHITE! The sword is released when all four blades touch. She wears two katanas on each side of her waist.

Cero: Alpha launches a cero from her four fingers all at once everytime making a cero that is four times larger than a normal cero. The colors of the four different ceroes are all different: BLACK, RED, A FADED YELLOW and WHITE! Making a multi colored cero when fired.

Ressureccion: El Cuatro Jinete (The Four Horsemen)
Release Phrase: Bring The Apocalypse, El Cuatro Jinete!
When Alpha releases, she holds two of the swords in each hand, between her fingers, and slams the tips of the blades together. When she does this, the jewels on her mask begin to glow and a huge explosion occurs. When the dust settles Alpha is riding on a large gray ancient Greece chariot with large gold wheels. The chariot is being pulled by four horses, each horse is a different color: BLACK, RED, A FADED YELLOW and WHITE. Each horse appears to breath out fire with every breath and each one can shoot a Cero Oscuras from its mouth. Alpha is also holding a large nodachi, which has a five foot long blade and a 6 inch handle that is gray in color

Ability 1) Momentum Shield - As long as the horses are pulling the chariot to move, then a dense shield will form around the horses and wielder. The strength of the shield depends on how many horses are pulling the chariot. If all four, then it will block every projectile that comes at it. If only three, then it will stop all kido spells under level 80. If only two, then all spells under 60. And if just one, then all spells under 35! The only weakness of the shield is that it will not stop attacks coming from behind the chariot.

Ability 2) Release - Alpha can untie all the horses from the chariot in order to attack her opponent from all sides. As stated, the horses can shoot Cero Oscuras from their mouth. Also the horses are built and have skin as strong as a blade. The hair on the horses are also as sharp as a blade and will make small cuts on the opponent if they brush by them. The horses will also cause serious concussive damage if they collide with the opponent. Each horse has about one-fourth the spirit energy of Alpha, but have ungodly physical strength. They can be trapped by kido spells.

Ability 3) The Four Spirits - Alpha can combine with one of the horses at a time to unlock the true power of her release form! She does this by placing her hand on the horse's head. The form will only last for 5 minutes, after that she can choose to go into another form quickly or just stay regular for a while. Once a form is used, Alpha can not reuse that form until a full day has passed. Abilities 1 and 2 can be used in combination with this except the number of horses will decrease because of Alpha combining with them! These are the four forms and powers:

1) Black - If this horse is used, Alpha will now be wearing a long black cloak and her sword will change into a black weighing scale! A large black dome will spread out from the scale and cover an area that is 100 feet in radius. Attacks are scarce in this area and the rules of the dome forces the people inside to take turns as they fight. If your attack misses, that still counts as your turn. If you attack when it is not your turn, then the attack will not do anything to the opponent but instead the attacker will receive the damage that would of been given to the opponent. Everytime a person attacks, a small cube will form on the side of the scale that represents them, showing whose turn it should be.

2) Red - If this horse is used, Alpha will be wearing a long red cloak and her sword will change into a red spartan shield and a red flail! This form is pure destructive power. The Shield is mainly for defense, it can block all kido spells of level 60 and below, it also blocks physical attacks, but will begin to crack the more it is hit depending on the strength of the attacker. The flail is one foot long and has large one inch spikes going down it. The flail is connected to a two foot long staff by a red chain that can expand to 30 feet long, Alpha can control how far the chain extends. When the flail is swung, fire will begin to shoot out of the spikes on the flail and when the flail hits something, it will cause an explosion the size of a 20 ton TNT bomb!

3) Faded Yellow - If this horse is used, Alpha will now be wearing a long faded yellow cloak and his sword will change into the Death's scythe and the blade of the scythe will be faded yellow. When Alpha swings her scythe, a black wave fires out of the blade like Ichigo's getsuga. This wave will cause everything that is hit by it to age at a fast rate. (like Barragan's ability) The aging will not spread through out the person's body, but will only affect the area that was hit. The wave moves at the speed of a kido spell and can be blocked by kido spells above level 60. Also, In this form, Alpha's spirit energy is undetectable making it seem like she is dead herself. This allows her to sneak around undetected. Therefore, the person fighting her must not loose sight of her when she is in this form.

4) White - If this horse is used, Alpha will now be wearing a long white cloak and her sword will become a two curved blades that have white handles. The blades can be connected at the end of the handles to make a bow and a white light, connecting the tips of the blade, will take the form of a string to shoot arrows made of white light from it. The arrows move at kido spell speed! If the arrow hits the opponent, it will inject them with a bacteria that slowly eats away at their body and spirit energy. It take 5 seconds before the bacteria begins to multiple and as it does, the affected area will turn black like gangrene! The speed of the growth depends on the amount of spirit energy the opponent has: if more then Alpha's then it will expand an inch in radius every twenty seconds, equal to Alpha's then it expands an inch radius every ten seconds, if 75% of Alpha's then it expands an inch every seven seconds, 50% and below will make it expand an inch every two seconds! The bacteria can be stopped if the area of infection is cut off or the time limit on the orb is over!
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1年以上前 rantora13 said…
That was skaweat
1年以上前 annvie9 said…
Wow, I haven't been on this for almost a year, and now it has 3k posts?!? O.O
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Alright! Been wanting to review one of your blades/arrancar for a while now jstar, this one's pretty involved so there's a few things that I can see that just need some specification.

Ability 1: Just wanted to make sure, she can stay in this even while she's taking each of the 4 horse combos, right?
Ability 2: Are the horses equal in strength to the wielder?
Ability 3:
1) Fine by me.
2) So is the shield infinitely able to take physical harm? I know she can still be pushed back, but I'm just wondering about the limitations.
3) Are these strikes blockable?
4) What if the opponent has more energy than you?
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
@ Whiteflame - I made some edits! Tell me if its good now.
1年以上前 wolfmaster3000 said…
this post is for bleach the fallout this is my assaint captain for ninth divsion

shikai name : Nobara ( wild rose )

Release command : Blossom

shikai abilties :

Abilty number one : Roze kaben odori ( rose petal dance )

this abilty allows the user to put the enemey in a wolrd inbetween reailty and dreams for 10 minutes to actiave this abilty the user gives up 1/3 of there reshi.

Abilty number 2 : Roze toku ( Roze sheild )

this abilty makes the petals in shikai Kido restaint as well as able to block Pyschical attacks. this abilty cannot be used if the first abilty in being used.Also the petals follow the wilder ( like Gaara's sand ) to activate this abilty again the user gives up 1/3 of there Reshi this is a abilty with no time limit.

Abilty number 3 : Roze kei ( rose whip )

this abilty turns the petals into a five foot long studded whip if this abilty is activated the user cannot use the first 2 abiltyies the user has to give up 3/4 of there reishi to use this abilty also this abilty lasts 5 minutes.

Zanpakuto Desciprtion : in it's sealed for nobara is a shortkatana and is about 2 inches long with a extended hilt the hilt about 2 inches longer than most also the blade's hilt is studded with a red ribbion wraped around it .

shikai descirption : the blade is now 4 inches the hilt is ten inches long and 100 petals surround the user ( like gaara's sand ) other than that there is not drastic changes on the blade .

Bankai name : Kusabana hana Tanken ( flower petal dagger )

Bankai Abiltyies

Abilty number one : Gaidoku souhou ( posion touch ) this abilty is straight forward eveytime the dagger stabs into the enemyies flesh ( serverly not just a poke ) posion is injected into the body and it slowly kills the person if your stabbed once it take's three day time for the posion to spread stabbed twice you shorten the time by 1 hour so stab the person 72 time's they die . ( posion does not leave your system after bankai is deactivated )

Abilty number to : doku Kitai ( posion gas )

at the cost of 2/4 of the weilders reshi a posion gas is released from the blade and covers a 5 foot raduis lasting for about 1-5 minutes also this posion kills you extermely slow however it can enter through the skin ( again even if out of bankai he posion remains) this posion would kill you in about one months time maybe more

Abilty number 3 : sutan posion ( stunning posion )

this is the final abilty and at the cost of 2/4 of my reshi a yellow powder is released and stuns the enemeyfor about 1-5 minutes maybe more.

Bankai Description : in bankai the short sowrd turns into a 2 inch long dagger that is 6 inches wide the blade is curved and is meant for slashing deep or giveing deep jabs alos the blade is red but just at the tip a purple liquid forms on the blade. the hilt is now 3 inches long and is see through like a chamber with air hole where the studs were in shikai.

Family : Deseased

Love interest : Nabimaru

Charcter profile :

name : Kai

Gender : F

Height : 5'2

Race : shinigami

DOB : Apirl,19th,1985

Age : 200 years old ( looks 20 )

current rank : asstain captain of ninth divsion

kido : 99

shinpo : 100 plus

swordsman ship : 75

hand to hand : 4

persnailty : cute,funny,childish,mature,easy going,relaxed,lazy,self righoues,hummble, honorable, impatient,

likes : Nabimaru,Zekkou,9th disvsion,Isao,food,peace,friends,love,comi­c books,complaing.

dislikes : not many things mostly rainy days and Violence

Backround storey : Kai was a shy girl who kept to herself and she didn't have many friend but in district 59 a hallow came there one day and Kai happend to be there the hallow kiled many people but than two soul reapers saved her life and they felt her strong spirtual pressure so they offered to go to the shinigami acdeamy she accepted and went there and met both Nabimaru and Zekkou she devolped a undieing love and admieration for Nabimaru but when they graduated Zekkou and kai were put into the same Divsion witch was ninth Nabimaru went to 6th disvsion after many years she is now asstaint captain and is over joyed that Nabimaru is leading the ninth divsion and will do anything for him.

this is Kai the picture below just her sword would be on her side
 this post is for bleach the fallout this is my assaint captain for ninth divsion shikai name :
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Great stuff guys..great stuff
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
Name: Jane Maywood
Height: 5’4’’
Weight: 109
Race: soul merchant
Birthday: September 29th
Age: 39
Apperance: Jane has quite an exotic appearance; her hair is pale blonde and long with pink streaks through out it. She often braids it in high winding patterns around her often very odd headdresses. She always wears very colorful makeup and trimmed her eyebrows into thin dark pink slits over her deep set black eyes. She has a large tattoo of a dragon with waves crashing around it on her back, it winds around her shoulder. She also has a poem written on her side with embroidered with red flowers, and another of a sweet Azuki bean dessert on her leg.
Personality: Jane is very adventurous and odd; an artist by nature, she presents herself very colorfully and elaborately, often dressing so she resembles the mood or current theme of her piece. She is known to love the color red and tattoos. She enjoys wearing make-up and fashion but loves expressing herself through art the most. She is somewhat laid-back and composed so she gets along with those like Prinzu and Zero. Jane likes to find a use for everything, especially Q-tips (which she collects) she has even used them as chopsticks in an Asian restaurant once.
Occupation: -6 Soul Merchant Commander, Artist
Favorite food: Cherries (especially dried), Batomochi (a sticky rice dumpling with sweet azuki paste served in spring, while the term Hagi/Ohagi is used in the fall season, she claims she loves them so much she could eat them everyday), Anko or sweet azuki beans, Sekihan ( literally "red rice", is served for any celebratory occasion. It is usually sticky rice cooked with azuki, or red bean, which gives the rice its distinctive red color; she loves when it sticks to the roof of her mouth and often sounds funny while trying to talk while eating it), and chili peppers.
Likes: tattoos, Anko or sweet azuki beans (to the point where she tries to eat them everyday and got a tattoo of one on her leg), Pooktre art (or tree shaping), red flowers, fashion and very odd but fashionable clothing as well as headdresses, sewing and making her own clothing, art (she attends the same art school China does), China, Prinzu, spending time with friends, Prinzu’s plush picture frames and cache pouches (she has many of them including a dragon, raccoon panda, cheery, and flower), playing music and singing with Prinzu, painting, graffiti (she has been arrested for doing this in the past, luckily she has Hiroto as a lawyer), collecting Q-tips and anything plush (she has many plush dolls, plush furniture, and ornaments in her room), Emi Wada’s Seirei fi-da because it resembles a dragon, trying to find as many purposes for things as she can, singing along to commercials, and balloons.
Dislikes: Yokan (Azuki bean Jello, while she loves Azuki beans she dislikes the dessert because she finds the taste and texture of Jello unpleasant), getting arrested for graffiti, cruel people, the soul society, bad reactions or bad grades concerning her painting she once cried herself to sleep, being normal (she claims she loves being mad), grapefruit, and Prinzu tricking her into driving him around.
Love interest: Prinzu Matsuo
Favorite song: Breathe In by Frou Frou (remix)
Status: Active
Seirei Fi-da: Tourne Tresses (Whirling Braid)
Release phrase: Entangle
Apperance: Her Hair
Kontan Fe-zu Ichi (spirit phase one): Jane’s hair becomes animated and she can control its length, hardness, and density, allowing her to strangle or impale foes with strands of knife like hair.
Special skills:
Hand to hand combat master
Soul Magic Master
Soul Absorption
Reikon Senkou (soul flash) equivalent of a flash step or Sonido
High Intelligence
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1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
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One of my soul merchants..please come visit the forum guys
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Alright, wolfmaster, here's your review:

1) I'm guessing this ability is undodgeable. What is this world? What does it look like? What does it mean to be "put" there? Is that psychological only, or do you put their entire physical presence in there? How long do they remain there? Can they be attacked while in there? Can you enter this area? Can you attack them while in it?
2) Since this function's like Gaara's ability, I'm guessing it's limited by speed. How fast is it? Does it activate its defense on its own, or do you have to activate it yourself? Can it not be used offensively at all?
3) Why is this ability so much more expensive? Is it infinitely cutting? Does it have wider strikes than it looks like it does? What makes this powerful?

1) Is the poison curable? I understand how this works, but it seems like an incurable poison has little effect in the midst of battle. I don't see any effect of the poison beyond death after a period of time. Also, it just seems a bit much to have an ability that's so easy to apply yet is an assured kill, so I'd say change that.
2) This follows the same problem. If the poison is a guaranteed kill, even if it's not within the battle, that seems a bit much. In this case, it's even more guaranteed, just after a longer period of time.
3) How does the yellow powder function? Must it be breathed in/ingested? How much of this do you create (can you blanket an entire area, or is it just a handful?)?
1年以上前 DragonsPaladin said…
wow awesome posts
1年以上前 grif16 said…
Name:Genshin Hinamaru
Height: 6'4
Weight: 220
Age: Appears to be in his early 30s
Race: Shinigami
Occupation: Wanderer

Appearence: He is a tall muscular man with green eyes and long black hair that reaches down to his mid back. His hair is always tied into a single pony tail. On his face is a large X shaped scar

Personality: He is an easy going guy who will avoid a fight if he can but will not hesitate to kill any who attack him. He can usually be found in bars drinking to excess and just trying to make friends. Once he considers you a friend he will always have your back in a fight without trying to dishonor you. He also believes that battles should be settled with sword skill. He looks down on kido.

Family: Deceased except for his last son

History: He was a prodigy who entered the shinigami academy long ago. He showed much promise but mid way through the academy his wife and 3 of their 4 children where butchered in their home. His remaining child went missing. After a thorough investigation it was revealed that his missing son was responsible for the massacre. Shortly after finding this out he droped out of the academy and dedicaded his life to tracking him down and killing him

Likes: Saki, making friends, and beef

Dislikes: Kido (Believing it to be a cowardly way of fighting), vegitables, and people who provoke fights for no reason. His last son

Zanpakuto name (shikia): Ryuko (Dragon Fang)
Release command: Rebel

Zanpakuto appearence: The sword becomes a large 5 foot long double edged claymore with no guard and a black handle

Shikia Abilities: Despite the blades size it remains no heavier than a normal zanpakuto, allowing it to be swung at the same speed my opponent would swing his sword. The blade can also cut through kido blasts (Ex. hado 31,32,33,54,63,73) and ceros forcing his opponent to fight with sword skill alone. He is still vulnerable to many forms of bakudo. But he can cut through kido barriers infront of him (Ex. bakudo 39,81)
1. Ryugeki (Dragon Strike): One side of the blade glows white and stores energy over a 3 seconds for one single powerful strike that carries the power of Hado 73
2. Ryuso (Dragon Spear): The top of the blade glows white and stores energy over 2 seconds for a single powerful thrust that carries the power of hado 54
3. Ryusen (Dragon Flash): The entire blade glows white and stores energy over 5 seconds for a single powerful blast wave to be fired from the sword that carries the power of hado 58. The blast is twice the size of a normal man and moves at kido speed

Bankai: Ryuko Zokuken (Dragon Fang's Heavenly Punishment)

Bankai Appearence: It becomes a 6ft long full metal double edged sword with a blade that is 4 inches from one side of the blade to the other with a large metalic skull and rib cage right between the handle and blade. Also all the fabric from his waist up is blown off his body revealing black tattoos that partially cover his entire body except for my face. The bands holding his hair are also blown off allowing his hair to flow freely

Bankai Abilities: The blade still remains no heavier than a normal zanpakuto and can still cut through kido and ceros so as to force his opponent to fight with sword skill alone. While he remains normal his sences become incredibly acute.
1. Shoryu (The Red Dragon): His eyes, tattoos, and hair turn red. While in this form his strikes become three times stronger than normal but the speed in which he swings them is cut in half.
2. Sokaryu (The Blue Dragon): His eyes, tattoos, and hair turn light blue. While in this form his strikes speed is three times fasted but the power behind his swings is cut in half. He can switch between Shoryu and Sokaryu at will but it takes 1 second to full switch between the 2 forms
3. Hakuryu (The White Dragon): His eyes, tattoos, and hair turn white. This is his Ultimate form. This form can only be maintained for 30 seconds. While in this form his power and speed are doubled. He can also fire multiple blast waves equal in power to hado 88. At the end of the 30 seconds his sword returns to its sealed state. Or he can channel all his power into one single strike capable of ending a battle.

Special Skills:
Master Swordsmanship Specialist
Flash Steps Expert
Immense Spiritual Power
Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Master Tactician

Offense: 100
Defence: 80
Mobility: 90
Kido: 0
Intelligence: 90
Physical Strength: 80
Total: 440/600

Here is a pic of his Bankai blade
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 Name:Genshin Hinamaru Height: 6'4 Weight: 220 Age: Appears to be in his early 30s Race: Shini
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
grif - a lot better, much better on the specification, really like the changes to the third bankai.
1年以上前 grif16 said…
Name: Icharu Hinamaru
Alias: Icharu of the Silent Kill
Height: 5'2
Weight: 100
Age: Appears to be in his late teens
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Male
Occupation: Assassin for hire

Appearence: He has pale skin with one blue eye and one green eye. His hair is shoulder length dark turquiose hair. He wears a some what loose fitting light and dark blue haori along with a light blue long sleeve under shirt.

Personality: He is a very quiet and cold person. He rarely speaks to anyone but the people he is about to kill. He is always very calm and calculating in the middle of battle and never seems to be surprised

Family: Deceased, killed by him

History: When he was young he was always an outcast. He hated his family and everyone he knew. He would spend hours training with his zanpakuto. One day he realized his skill would never improve unless he tested it on someone, so he slaughtered his family and left. For the longest time he wandered around killing anyone who would provoke a fight with him until one day he killed an assassin and decided that becoming an assassin was the best way to fight strong opponents and get better. After many years as an assassin he was finally hired to kill an opponent who was a former captain of the gotei 13. He did so without ever releasing his sword. That was the begining of his name Icharu of the Silent Kill. After that he was known as one of the greatest assassins who ever lived.

Likes: The trill of battle, hado 4 Byakurai, and facing powerful opponents

Dislikes: Being sent to kill week opponents, and his bankai (Because it reminds him to much of his father)

Zanpakuto sealed form: It takes the form of a wakizashi with a black handle and no guard

Zanpakuto Name: Kyogetsuto (Mirror Moon Blade)
Release Command: Cut Him Down

Shikai Appearence: The sword becomes a very large sickle blade the curves a full 180 degrees almost resembling a crescent moon. The handle extends to allow him to grip it with both hands

Shikai Abilities:
1. Sangetsuko (Triple Moon Fang): By swinging his sword he launches three glowing white sickle blades made of kido at his opponent. The blades travel at kido speed and carry the power of hado 31.
2. Byakugetsu (The Pale Moon): He creates 9 clones of himself. The clones are not solid and so they cannot attack. Their main use is for distraction. The clones will not disappear unless his concentration is broken
3. Kyoenko (Mirror Shield): He spins the sword in his hand creating a large shield that his opponent could see their reflection in. Should a kido blast level 54 or lower hit this shield the blast will split into a dozen shards and fire back at the person who fired it. The shards are equal in power to the original blast and travel at the same speed

Bankai: Kyodai no Byakugetsu
(Mirrored Earth of the Pale Moon)

Bankai Appearence: His sword stays the same. Similar to his fathers bankai all the fabric from his waist up is blown off his body revealing glowing white tattoos that partially cover his entire body except for my face. But his eyes turn black.

Bankai Abilities: In this new form his reflexes are heightened to almost super human. His speed is increased to twice the speed of shunpo. His eyes allow him to see the transfer of energy in someone’s body, which basically means that he knows what you are about to do moments before you do it.
1. Rigetsuko (Six Moon Fangs): By swinging his sword he launches six glowing white sickle blades made of kido at his opponent. The blades travel at kido speed and carry power equal to hado 54.
2. Byakukyoenko (Pale Mirror Shield): He spins the sword in his hand creating a large shield that his opponent could see their reflection in. Should a kido blast level 95 or lower hit this shield the blast will split into 3 dozen shards and fire back at the person who fired it. The shards are equal in power to the original blast and travel at the same speed.

Special Skills:
Master Swordsmanship Specialist
Flash Steps Expert
Immense Spiritual Power
Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Master Tactician
Master at Spiritual Pressure Supression

Offense: 100
Defence: 30
Mobility: 100
Kido: 50
Intelligence: 90
Physical Strength: 40
Total: 410/600

Here he is with his released sword
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 Name: Icharu Hinamaru Alias: Icharu of the Silent Kill Height: 5'2 Weight: 100 Age: Appears t
1年以上前 grif16 said…
So can he be a part of the forum? And i would also like to submit the guy i just made
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Yes, he can, we should shift the conversation on your introduction into that forum onto that forum, but the best thing for you to do is provide some way to bring your character(s) into the story, as in, provide a bit of the story that either provides background for your character(s) or goes directly to current events and shows how he comes into it.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Alright, only problems with this are in the bankai.
How much does it take to destroy each of these mirrors? How many mirrors do you have?
The second bankai has a logic issue, though I may be the only one: how is a coffin made from 4 mirrors? I mean, I'm just thinking of a rectangular cube here, and it has 6 sides. Not sure about that. Also, do they gain a stronger ability to survive physical strikes as they form the coffin?
1年以上前 flash52994 said…
My appecrence: male, yellow hair with blue eyes, I’m short but not too short. Black uniform with a white cape. He has 1 brother and 1 sister
Name of Zanapakuto: 12 bolts of lighting (inazuma)

my shikai descption: I’m always in shikia my sword is inside my body as one and can come out threw my skin anywhere in my limbs area so the user is very hard to read and because i can do this my limbs can heal. he also carries around a like case on his waste instead of a sword it has clay in it.

shika ability 1: to have 9 lighting particles. (it the ability to help the user in several areas making him stronger like his strength, speed, defense (energy force that just blocks everything up to a certain point), attack reistu, putting it in your sword. you can have 2 particals in each category.

shikai ability 2: send a spiritual shock wave of lightning that lights up everything no mater how dark it also is almost like a lighting strick but with spitural engery

shikai ability 3: i take a little clay mix it with my spitural pessure and use 1 lightning partical to make a animal of some kind and it acts as a bomb but i only can trigger it and my mind controls the animal.

bunkai Zanapakuto description: the kanta is still in my body but i grow like a mouth on my palm to use spirtual pressure easily.

bunkai: when the user goes into this states he gets his 2 clones these clones are his Zanapakuto true form. but sense he basically only has 2 swords 1 of the clones has a fake sword but it look exactly the same so people cant tell the swords apart.

Clones ability: we all can see the same things so you half to be out of our sight to get an attack from behind, and the clones at the same power level I am but cant go lower then when I first created them. also the clones can see through any tricks and any darkness because of there special vision

bunkai ability 2:makes the user faster, sword becomes lighter and I become a little stronger. makes the user have 12 particles of lightning instead.

Bunkai ability 3:my hand can eat the clay and make bigger animals the i did before and bigger bombs

Reitsu: blue with yellow streaks coming out of it
Reitsu shape: white tiger
Captain of squad 3

Kidou:5 knows 1 kido spell the ability to trap a oppentent at a level of 80

She a girl, with blond hair and she tall age 15 she has 2 brothers yellow uniform and a pink cape
Zanapakuto/Shikai name: taoreta nagameru moya (fallen upon the mist)

Shikai Description: it’s a rather large zanpakuto and is the length of my body. Its light blue with no guard. Pretty thing and sharp. When put in shikai mode there is a heavey mist that appears around where you are battling.

Shikai ability:
Is an illusion that you see me in some places but im not there. While im cutting you to shreads.

Some of the fog turns to water by condensing and traps the enemy inside of it suffocating them till there unconscious. Imensese spirtual pressure will break out of this.

Some of the fog condenses and puts a vail of water around me and it heals my wounds that I had.

Bankai name: kamikaze moy(gods divined mist)

Description: my sword stays the same shape and size. But has a fog vail around it.

Bankai abilities:

my sword if it cuts you drians your spirtual energey and gives it to me while you are dazed by an illusion.

In the fog I can move at lighting fast speed.

Some of the fog turns into dragon chasing you and shooting high pressured water at you I can ride this dragon and it flys

Reitsu color pink
Captain of squad 9

Strength 70
Kido:100 She mastered most kido spells

Black hair big brown eyes a little on the heavy side with a lot of muscle has 1 brother and sister

Shikia description: it’s a white rusty sword with black grip and it allows me to control mud and metal. When I take my sword out of its sword case a rain cloud forms in the cloud then rains acid rain for 30 seconds each drop makes 1 foot of mud cubed. It drops roughly 100,000 drops and if it hit’s a building it will eat through it to get to a dirt surface it does not hurt any humans soul reapers or anything living like ect. But when I call out the name of my sword they it turns to about 100 regular size spikes that a brutly sharp and the rust just goes up in the air

Shikia ability 1 :My spikes can grow in size to hit enemys, they grow at a very fast rate and can grow up to a 20 story building

Shikia ability 2:The great mythological griffen, the griffen rises from the mud and can attack my enemys but the only way to kill it is chopping off its head, and every time you do kill it it slipts into 2 more mud griffens.

Shikia ability 3: mud wall the wall rise to protect me from some lower level kido and some power or quick but cant do both at once it pulls more mud and condenses it for your more powerful attack and quick attack just thrust some mud up to block it. It takes some reatius constantly to pull of this move.

Bunkia description: I have 50 spike and now they become 100 bye splitting in half but they are the same size

Bunkia ability 1: mud armor it blocks all kido spell no mater what kind they can hurt me and it gives me a little more procetion and every time it cracks I use some I my reatius to repair it

Bunkia ability 2 metal forest my spikes grow strait up like trees at you then branch off after you dodge the first spike and branch off smaller and smaller and after it looks like a forest from a birds eye view and with my reistu it can start from the beginning and happen again

Bunkia ability 3 metal storm: the rust floats around using my reitus and it cuts up the enemy and the number of this rust particles is something like 1,000,000 so it also hard to see but you can cut them and they will be destroyed and they can never cut you again.

Reitsu color: white

Reitsu shape: griffen


there all about diffent types of elements please read and enjoy and there brother and sister and theres a picture of the mud griffen :)

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 My appecrence: male, yellow hair with blue eyes, I’m short but not too short. Black uniform with a
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
Okay here is my last arrancar for the story!

Name: Omega
Height: 10'6''
Weight: 437
Rank: Arrancar: Envoy of the End!

Appearance: Omega has a tan complexion, like a samoan, and has a bald head. Omega is a huge man with muscles on top of muscles. Omega doesn't were a shirt but only wears a large pair of white arrancar pants. His mask is very unique, it appears as many one inch spikes on his body. Ten around his head and three on each shoulder. His hollow hole is in his chest, right where a persons heart would be.

Personality: Omega appears to be a pretty clumsy person if you don't know him, mainly because he is so big and doesn't pay attention to his surroundings mainly because there isn't much that can hurt him. Omega tends to follow closely behind Alpha. Whenever Alpha walks into a room, you can expect Omega to be walking in soon after her. The reason he does this is simply, Omega likes to see everything have an ending! Since Alpha never finishes anything, Omega sticks close to her so that he can finish it. He also tries to finish things for other people as well, whether it be their food, sentences or whatever else they leave undone. Since Omega likes to finish things quickly, he doesn't play around with his opponents. Every attack is meant to kill and he never holds back.

Zanpaktou: Omega's zanpaktou is an enormous zanbatō. The blade has no edge and Sanosuke only uses it to smash and crush his opponents. The handle is brown and 3 feet long. The blade is 7 feet long and 2 feet wide. The end of the handle is a dragon's head and the dragon's eyes are red. Despite its size, Omega wields it with ease even with one hand.

Cero: Since Omega never holds back, his cero and bala attacks are much larger then normal. His balas are about 6 feet in diameter and he launches them from his fists. He launches his cero from his blade. The blade of his zanbato begins to burn like fire and Omega swings it which launches a dense black cero that has a red aura around it. The cero spreads out in a 100 degree angle.

Ressureccion: Siete-Cabeza Endriago (Seven Headed Dragon)
Release Phrase: Bring The World To Its End, Siete-Cabeza Endriago!
Fire spews out of the mouth of the dragon head on the handle and surrounds Omega. The fire grows bigger until it is 100 feet in diameter. Then large reptilian legs and arms reach out of the fire, followed by a large pair of dragon wings and a large tail. The fire begins to rise up revealing a large dragon like body that has black scales. The fire that has now risen up dissperses revealing seven dragon heads all connected by long necks. Each head has glowing red eyes and long red sails on their necks. Their teeth are razor sharp and appear to burn like fire. The claws on its hands and feet are razor sharp and are red in color. All the heads of the dragon are the same except the middle head. The middle head has ten long 3 feet horns going around its head. The middle head is the one that speaks for the body. (The dragon is the size of Yammy's release)! In this form, Omega fires Cero Oscuras from the mouths of the six other heads. He still fires balas from his fists.

Ability 1) Dragon's Storm - Omega flaps his wings causing a large gust of wind. There are hundreds small orbs of cero in the wind, 3 feet in diameter, that explode with the force of a hand grenade upon contact. These cero move a little faster than kido spells. The wind from the wings is also strong enough to throw off projectiles, making it hard to land far away attacks.

Ability 2) Hell Slash - Omega's claws glow and he swings his hand at the opponent causing five large red waves of energy to fly at the opponent that resembles ichigo's getsuga. The waves of energy move at kido spell speed. They can be countered by kido spells above level 50 or strong zanpaktou attacks.

Ability 3) Eruption - Omega's body begins to glow red and he streches his arms out. When he does this, a large shockwave of energy flys out of his entire body causing everything that is within 20 feet of him to be destroyed. The shockwave continues to expand out past 20 feet but the farther away from Omega you are, the less damage you recieve from the shockwave. These attack needs to recharge for one minute after its use so the opponent must be aware of the time limit in order to avoid the attack.

Ability 4) Shed Skin - By sacrificing one of his heads, Omega can completely heal all the injuries he has recieved. So when Omega has many injuries, one of his heads will glow and suddenly the head and neck will dissentigrate and the ashes of the head and neck will fill the injuries making them completely healed. The drawback from this ability is that Omega has lost a head and has to give up 1/7 of his power aswell in order for it to work making him a little weaker. Since Omega can't sacrifice all of his heads, this ability can only be used 6 times.
1年以上前 flash52994 said…
here is my first ararancar

6000 years old
cero:his color of his zero totaly depends on what type of person he copying, the ablity his is the triple finger triangle wicth he can shoot a cero thats triple the power of a regualar cero.

ablity 2:copy cat can copy any form that he has seen from a soul reaper or another ararrancar. like if he has seen ichigo bunkia he could use it or if he only saw ichigo shikia he can only use the shikia but if he seen the bunkia he could use both.

ablity 1 he now can change into any type of clothing or armor that he has seen.
ablity 2 he can now use any bunkia or resurecion form that he has not seen as long as he saw the shikia of a soul reaper or last one attack against another arancar.

strength:-totlay depends on what zanpukto hes using but physical strength is 80
defence- same
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1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
Name: Alexander
Height: 5’10
Weight: 145lbs
Age Appears 23


Appearance: Has medium length black hair that is always falling in his face and being pushed back when he isn’t wearing his hat. His eyes are dark dark brown almost seaming black in all but the brightest light. He wears thin rimed black glasses that tend to put a glare across his eyes when he looks at people. He always wears a black fedora all the time and a black t-shirt that looks sorta wet but never is. He’s also always wearing khaki cargo pants and black converse all star shoes. He has an unthreatening appearance about him and tends to have a passive smile on his face.

Personality: He tends to smile a lot and is really friendly personality to those hes working with but the moment hes confronted his demeanor changes. He always fights for keeps regardless of the tactics he must use. His usual passive smile is still there but there is something almost ivisible that changes in it that makes it menescing. Adding to it he tends to use phrases like “Time to play” with a sinister under tone to it. He tries to protect his friends but at same time knows that some pawns just need to be sacrificed and is willing to do so if it means winning his battle.

Shikai name. Dual Games
Release Command: Lets Play
Bankai Name: War Games.

Appearemce: In shikai the blade looks like a normal katana with a black handle.. The handle is about 6 inches longer than the average katana and has on the out side 3 Red buttions. One has a X on it, One has A Circle on it and one has a Triangle on it. In order these will activate and de activate shikai abilities. (x for Tag, circle for Hide and seek and triangle for Red light green light) also there is a 2 foot long black string that is about as thick as the average game controller cable off the end. In bankai the blade looks like the Key blade from kingdom hearts. There are still three buttions on the base of the handel. One has a X one has a circle and one has a square. These refer to the games in order for bankai. In shikai games can be started and ended by pressing the buttions which glow red. In bankai once a game is activated it stays activated. In bankai the buttions still glow red.

Tag: Starting with weilder of blade only the one who is it can attack. Once contact is made the one that is touched by who is it becomes it and is allowed to attack. You can become it by making contact with the one whos it. Contact between zanpakutos also counts as tagging. A player who is not it can defend aginst attacks by any normal means of dodging, blocking and parrying, If a player who is not it strikes the on who is it his attack will not do any damage what so ever but they will then become it and their next attack will do damage. It is possible to attack when a player is not it but as stated it will not do damage to the one who is it. (This allows for the idea of not it player launching some form of ranged attack like a Kido spell then getting tagged and having it hit, or using some delayed effect ability) Also any non damaging effect will still work on the player who is it. (such as holding spells or the sort)

Hide and seek: the weilder starts as the hider and is completely invisiable to the opponet untill the opponet is able to hit the Hider then the roles swich.

Red Light Green Light: Neither fighter can move at all if their opponet can see atleast an entire limb of their body.


Patterins: If the same attack is repeated 5 times in a row the speed of the attack is slowed by 10% for each attack after 5th untill it cannot be performed at all.

Odds: While fighting randomly the opponets blades will have a different elemental bursting effect. upon hitting there will either be a concussive force, electric shock, Fire burst, or freezing burst. The amount of added damage to the attack is equivilant to a cero. The fire and ice will burn or freeze an area leaving either 2degree burns or a layer of ice arround what ever was struck. The electric effect will cause a 3 second paralisis in the body part struk. The foce ability has no added benefit other than more damage. These abilities have more of a chance of poping up if a different type of strike is doen. Fire will happen more often for horizontal swings. Ice will happen more often for vertical swings. Force will happen more for blunt attacks. Electric will happen more for stabbing attacks.

Risk: When this ability is activated the enire battle field goes dark and a grid begins to glow below the feet of the fighters. Each fighter is then devided into copies of its self, Each copy has the same spirit power (including opposing copies. EX: Fighers A and B are using this ability. A single copy of fighter A is same strenght As a copy of Fighter B) The more spirit pressure one has the more copies of them selves. (An average captain has about 15 copies) Each opponet can choose to group numbers of copies togeather b4 placing them on the battle grid. when 2 or more copies are grouped togeather they fuse togeather in the same body, and the spirit power is increased. Both opponets are then able to place one copy of them selves any where on the grid. Once all copies are placed starting with the user of the ability, they are able to move one copy at a time arround the grid. WHen a copy moves into a allying copy's square they join forces and fuse togeathe. When they enter an enemy square. The grid and the other copies vanish and the opposing sides are 10 feet apart and allowed to fight. (while fighting the other 2 bankai abilities are active) once a winner is decided the grid and copies return and only the winner is in the square. A copy is always facing one side of the square its standing in thus when an enemy enteres square from the behind the battle starts with the attacer behind defender. Also 4 squares have traps. nobody knows where they are or when they will be triped (not even user) but when they are they produce a cero level blast of elecricty fire ice or force. Again each of these elsements have a different effect. If a ice one is triped that copy cant move for 3 turns, if fire is triped that copy is is reduced to half strength and covered in burns, if electricy is triped the copy can move but if its attacked within 3 turns the copy that triped the trap is slowed to half speed. If force is triped the copy is destroyed. The traps also have a higer chance of activating for someone who performs a certain action more often. Moving straight forward will trip electricity, moving horizontaly will trip ice, moving backwards will trip force, and not moving at all will trip fire. It takes 3 uses of same move before the trap will trip. At end who ever won lives and who ever lost dies as they take all damage the copies they lost did. Each player on their turn can move three times, These moves can be done either all on one copy or divided among up to three copies.
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1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Tatsuki Arisawa’s powers:
Tatsuki’s fiery spirit manifest into flames that can react to body heat combusting whatever is affected in the area. Se can release fiery projectiles and increases temperatures which cause such molecular friction flames are produced. She wears long talisman wraps that can be unwound to constrict opponents, incinerating them on contact or holding tem in place so she can spin into them or smash into foes. She can create one thousand fireballs that she can control the movement of through reiatsu, they are quite large and float in the air, melting things close to them through extreme heat. She can flash step through fire she creates and seal wound because internally she’s so hot that it dries wounds as if the flames of hell are in her body. She is able to increase the amount of her fireballs to 10, 000 and create an Armageddon technique.

1. Fumetsuno Honoodama (Immortal Flame Sphere): is a powerful attack made by making a ring of fire in front of oneself that fills into a ball of fire then is fired by saying its name and batting it toward opponent
2. Sen HinotamaTatakimasu (1000 fireball strike): generates 1000 balls of fire through her reiatsu that can destroy a large radius with their explosive power and heat.
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Name: Sengoku Kesshite ō aka “Black Eyed Apocalypse” but now more recently Sengoku the Buddha
Age: Looks to be in his 40s (other then that unknown)
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 230
Appearance: Sengoku is bald and has a little stubble on his chin, Sengoku most noticeable feature is his pitch black eyes they are blacker then ace of spades and those who fear him or talk about him claim they are even blacker then the devil’s heart, these eyes earned him his ominous nickname in his youth, the “Black Eyed Apocalypse”. Sengoku dresses in outfit similar to a Buddhist monk expect black and a long with coat with a black kanji on the back of it this is the kanji for enlightenment, he also wears golden rings around his wrist, and his ears are pierce with golden loop ear rings. Sengoku wears a necklace made of beads around his neck, this necklace has many beads to it and it’s very large it is guessed that there are millions of beads, when asked what the beads mean he simply replies that the represent the number of people he killed over the years. Sengoku other most notable feature is his calm and happy smile, despite how evil and dark he really is Sengoku is always seen smiling and being very polite when asked about this he said that he takes joy in all things and it is the monk in him that makes him polite, some suspect this is a lie.
History: Sengoku group up in an orphanage own by a Buddhist Temple, the monks raised and taught the children everything the monks knew; this is where Sengoku learn most of his Buddhist teachings. The monks like Sengoku and thought he would become a great man one day expect they believe he needed to let go of his pride and accept that being number two wasn’t the end of the world, Sengoku could never handle the fact that someone got to be the leader of game or if someone was out shining him. The other things that bother the monks about Sengoku was he never seem willing to defend or protect others, when he would be the leader he never showed concern when one of the other children were hurt and if someone was picking or hurting one of his friend he would never go to their defense. The monks sent Sengoku to the Shingami Academy for two reasons because he show great prowess and hoping that he would learn humility and the value of others, this sort of work Sengoku didn’t change must but he did met and befriend Isao, Isao was the only person he would let one up him. The two often discuss philosophy, the differences and similarities between Norse and Buddhist mythology, and their plans for the future of Soul Society both of them hoped one day to be the Captain Commander. It was only after he left the Academy that Sengoku started show his true colors even though Sengoku was very strong and capable of being a captain he was never allow the position let alone allow to take the test to become a captain this angered him especially when his long time friend Isao was allowed to become the captain of the 11th division he often went to Mine complaining and ranting about this and when he demanded to know why he wasn’t allowed to become captain Mine simply replied that he did not have the soul of a captain. Sengoku was allowed the position of vice captain but was often demoted because he would often take members on extremely dangerous mission and when they were attacked he would not protect them only defending himself but then he would be promoted again because of his extraordinary abilities but never to the captain position he even switch division very often hoping that it was because of the division he was in but still he was never allow captain rank. Sengoku final straw broke when Isao became the captain commander this was something that he could not take even though he was more then willing to let Isao take over when they were younger he believe that now he was stronger and better suited for the position he left the Gotei 13 and Soul Society bitter and on bad terms with his former friend Isao, he swore that one day he will return to be the absolute ruler of Soul Society. Sengoku joined the group the Rising Suns while Sonny was still in charge of it, he believe that with the help of the Suns that he could finally have his chance to become ruler of Soul Society, he was faced with the same problem as before even though he was more then qualified to be the leader of his section of the Suns he was never allowed to be the leader. He soon learned the motives of the Risings Suns weren’t as dramatic as he wanted; they just wanted to change the rules and Sengoku totally take over Soul Society he slowly began to recruit others who agreed with him that Soul Society must be destroyed to be reborn anew. When the time was right he violently deflected from the Risings Suns killing those who wouldn’t join him and his new group which he now named Kuroheki. Sengoku plans on using Miroku new blade, Chaos, along with Renee powers to combine it with his own powers to become stronger and finally take over Soul Society. It is believed while preparing for this new attack he set in motion the events of others characters for example Crow, Rey, etc.
Personality: Sengoku is a man of many sides at first him seems like a kind man, very respectful even to his opponents, he is always seen smiling and sometimes even laughing he even offers some sake to both Crow and Miroku before he fights them, Sengoku seems to care for children offering candy to them some believe this is because of his days back in the orphanage. Sengoku claims that over time like most monks he has grown shameful of his past and repents that side of him stating that he is a changed man, he gets angry when ever someone mentions his old nickname or past deeds but at the same time Sengoku claims that what he did in his past was a great moment in his history because it was his revelation that brought him to a enlighten state. But all this seems to be a cover of Sengoku true darker side he is very crafty and a skilled liar so much so that he is able to make Daniel believe that Kuroheki is actually a group fighting to stop that evil that is Soul Society, he also able to manipulate almost all the members of Kuroheki in similar fashion, and he is able to keep up his good monk act for a very long time. Sengoku is a cruel and violent punishing his own teammates for not obeying his orders or failing him, this cruelty also extends into his battles he will toy with his opponents always keeping them off guard till he finally strikes with a lethal blow. Sengoku main flaw is he cannot handle being number two in anything he most always be the strongest, the best, always number one in everything he becomes enraged whenever there is the slightest possible that there could be someone stronger then he is this explains why he is determine to take Miroku’s Chaos because of the fact that its powers may dwarf his own. Sengoku also seems incapable of feeling passion to anyone and thus he could never defend anyone this is reflected in his abilities which are design to protect only him, many believe this is the real reason why he was never allowed to be the leader of any group. Sengoku also seems to know a lot about Crow and his past whether this is true or not is unknown but he does seem to know things that only Crow should know it is also unknown how he knows this information.

Shunpo: 100
Kido: 80
Strength: 70
Swordsmanship: 70
Hand-to-hand: 100

Zanpakuto's name/Shikai name: Satori e no Shiken (Trials to enlightenment)
Release command: Begin your journey to the finale (The your is referring to the opponent not the sword itself)
Bankai name: Sekai no hate e no michi (path to the end of the world)

Description: In its sealed state Satori takes the form of a black monk’s staff the end of the staff is gold and at the top there are 6 rings attached to it. When release the staff becomes a large and thick bisento/ nagiata the 6 rings are attached to the backside of the blade, which is very thick and heavy, at the top even though this weapon probably weighs a lot he does not seem to be affected by this instead he actually swings the very incredibly fast even faster then the swing of a expert sword master.

Shikai Abilities:
1. Kokoro no Baria (barrier of the mind): Sengoku is able to create boxes of any size, theses boxes are use for many reasons to elevate Sengoku, provide a platform for him so that he can group around on, he can trap enemies within them, or even provide a defensive barrier for Sengoku. The boxes will very slowly drain the energy of anyone or anything, except Sengoku, trapped inside this means that even though he can protect allies this way it is not very good because even allies can be drained of energy if they remain inside these boxes long enough. The boxes are nearly indestrucible from the outside they can block against a moderatly above average cero ro enegry based attack and can nto be destroyed by phyical attacks fromt he outside the boxes are weak on the inside they can be destroyed by anyhign from one slightly strong attack or many reapeted weak attacks, they will last for 5 minutes on their own then when that 5 minutes is up they will shatter if Sengoku wants the boxes to last longer he must concentrate only on the boxes which of course takes away from his ability to keep on fighting. It is unknown the current limitations of this ability the size of the boxes does not matter it is the number of boxes when he starts getting over 10 boxes at once the boxes will begin to get weaker and weaker and it takes less to destroyed the boxes. Sengoku also uses this ability as a punishment against people who fail or disobey them trapping them in a box for day’s maybe even weeks all the while the box draining their energy.
2. Uchū no nagare (flow of the universe): Sengoku is able to absorb energy using the rings on the back of the blade and then release back at the opponent, he can absorb must kido, ceros, and energy based attacks of all strength and sizes. The draw back to this power is that he can not store the energy and release it later he must immediately release the energy after absorbing it making this a vital ability in counter attacks. The other downside is that he can only absorb one at a time and there is a 1 minute cool to this ability. The strength and speed of the release energy is determine by how strong and fast the original attack was so a powerful kido moving slowly will be release powerful energy moving slowly. The limitations of how much energy he can store at one time are unknown but because of the fact that he must immediately release the energy it is pretty much ineffective against rapid fire or a bombardment of attacks for example Crow’s Metetors Rayo attack.
3. Yabō no fuchōwa (ambition disharmony): This is more of passive ability rather than a offensive or defensive ability, Sengoku aura is capable of causing people to disconnect with their own abilities making it harder for them to use them, activate bankai, or even lose control of them. This works on all beings from shingami and hollows to arrancar and quicnies, but it affects each one different for example a hollow may start firing off ceros unable to control them or a shingami may lose control of his bankai or even not be able to activate it. This ability effects everyone differently for example in terms of someone like Isao maybe the edge of weapons would be duller then normal. Sengoku allies are not excluded from this ability when they are close enough to him while he is using this ability they will also suffer the same effects. This ability is control by two variables how close physically you are to him, for example someone standing next to him will be effected more then someone standing a mile away from him, and also how emotionally close you are to him, friends and allies won’t be effected as much as enemies. There are two ways to combat this ability one of them is dependent on how close a person is to their own abilities for example a shingami who has a good connection with their zanpakuto can resist it more so that instead of losing totally control of their abilities its more of its only going off direction a little bit then someone who isn’t where their abilities are going all over the place but this is not absolute there will still be some problems even if the zanpakuto and shingami are a prefect match. The other is a force that is similar in nature to this but the exact opposite, it causes people to connect with the abilities easier, this is known as ambición resuenan (ambition resonate) only a few people are capable of this ability let alone know they are capable of it one of the people so far has been revealed to have it and that is Crow. Sengoku refuses to believe that there is an ability that can defeat this and will become enraged whenever someone says otherwise. Even though this is Sengoku’s aura it is shown to be cause by the ringing of the rings at the top on the blade. This ability can also speed up the hollowifaction process.

Bankai Description: When Sengoku releases bankai the rings on the top of the blade glow and the staff changes into a black and gold monk’s ring staff above the ring is a nagiata like blade and on the ring hangs the six gold rings from the previous two stages. Also Sengoku immediately enters a meditative coma like state he is sitting in the traditional monk’s meditation pose. Around Sengoku appears 6 different bodies each one is dress similar to Sengoku himself but there are different variations in terms of hair and facial wise, these six bodies represent the 6 different desire realm in Buddhist mythology they each have a name corresponding with their realm and each of them shares the same stats as Sengoku. The bodies are named: Dōbutsu represents the animal realm he has long orange hair that goes down to his back it appears to be messy and wild he also has eyes similar to a cat, Jigoku represents Naraka realm he has medium length orange hair that is very spiky similar looking to Ichigo’s hair and kind blue eyes, Ashura represents the Asura realm he has short military style orange hair and steel gray eyes, Deba represents the Deva realm he has bushy orange hair and golden eyes, Hyūman represents the human realm he looks the most like Sengoku except for a long orange beard, and finally Gaki represents the Preta realm and is fat and has a orange Mohawk and green eyes.

Bankai Abilities:
1. Itami no ryōiki (realms of pain): This ability is the use of the 6 bodies mention above each body has a different ability and is capable of that ability the drawback to this is that it takes a lot of concentration to control 6 different bodies at once plus the abilities this causes Sengoku to be in a complete meditative state if his concentration is broken then the bodies will stop moving and remain still till he is able to regain his concentration. Because he is medaiting/contrencation tempertaure changes do not effect him nor does enviromental changes unless it something like removing all the oxygen in the area the way to break his concentration is though being attacked small stratches and bruises won't work a extreme pain must be use like being pierce though the chest or getting blast with a cero. The bodies are just like the normal human bodies they bleed and are capable of being killed the same way a human can be killed. Each body has its own ability and can use that ability but some bodies can not use their powers while another is using theirs.
Dōbutsu: This is the realm of animals and therefore is it capable of transforming its body parts into those of animals for example he gain transform his legs into those of a cheetah for speed or arms into those of a gorilla for power and strength he can even change his eyes to those of a hawk to improve vision. He can only change one body part at time for example if he changes his arms he can’t change his legs unless his unchanged his arms. The size of the change is apportiate for that animal for example he can't change his arms into giantic gorrilla arms they would be the size of a normal gorilla arms he also can not change his body into dinsosaur parts only those of currently living animals no there will be no t-rex legs changes or whatevr. He can not use his abilities at all while Ashura is using his abilities.
Ashura: This is the realm of the Asuras and therefore he can change his bodies into different weapons as way as make blades appear from his body. This is similar to Dōbutsu ability expect with weapons the weakness to this ability is that theses transformed body parts are capable of rusting and breaking when this happens it is the same as the body part being cut off he can not retransform that weapon so that it brand new he essentially loses that weapon in his arsenal also if his regular arm is cut off he can't use transform that ampulated body part to heal it. The size of the transformed body part doesn't change so a arm transform into a sword will still be arm lentgh. He can not use his ability while Dōbutsu is using his powers.
Deba: This is the realm of the Devas and therefore is able to attract and repel anything physical object he can see. He can use this ability defensively by repelling upcoming physical attacks and offensively by summoning a weapon, he can even pull and push allies out of the way of physical attacks. He can only push or pull one object at a time so if he is faced with a ambush like attack he can only push one object into away so he usually choices wisely when deciding what to do also even though there is no cool down bewteen the same movements there is bewteen different ones for example eh can not push a object then immediately pull it towards him the cool down period is about 3 minutes. Objects push or pulled that are stationary move at a moderate speed but oncoming attacks move at the same at the attacks. The downside to this ability is that he can only repel physical attacks he is weak to kido, cero, or other energy based attacks also because he must see the object obstructing his vision leaves him at a disadvantage. He can not use his ability while Gaki is using his ability.
Gaki: This is the realm of the Preta and he is capable of absorbing energy based attacks and release them though his mouth as a condensed blast of energy. The energy his absorbs can be stored but only for a few seconds if he holds it in any longer he may explode, therefore he must release the energy almost immediately after absorbing it. Similar to Deba he can only absorb and release one blast leaving him at a disadavantage against a barrage of attacks and there is a 1 minute cool down bewteen releasing enegry and absorbing it again. The strength and speed of the released energy is equal to that of the absorbed initial energy, this ability is only good against energy attacks and there he is left at a disadvantage against physical attacks. He can not use this ability while Deba is using his ability. Because of the nature of these two they are meant for defensive attacks while Ashura and Dōbutsu are used for offensive attacks.
Hyūman: This is the human realm and has the ability to read minds and connect the other bodies mentally allowing them to relay information for example the state of an opponent or act as a way to scout or spy on people. This is the only body that can use his abilities even if the others are using their abilities.
Jigoku: This is Naraka realm and has the abilities to heal the other bodies he can heal almost all wounds except fatal wounds the rate of which he heals the bodies is dependent on the seriousness of the wounds, cuts and bruises take only a few minutes while a serious gash may take half an hour at least. Also he can only heal one body at a time, this body can’t use this ability while the others bodies are using their abilities this would leave Sengoku and the bodies defenseless. He can not himself or the wielder only the other bodies.
2. Saishū-tekina keihatsu (final enlightenment): This ability only activates when all 6 of the bodies have been killed because the 6 bodies act as a seal of sorts containing this ability, Sengoku wakes from meditative state and finally enters the battle personally. A dark purple aura slowly begins to form around body this aura absorbs energy from whatever it touches for example if he touches people, a person attacks him physically, etc. The aura slowly spreads and grows off his body engulfing the area around him constantly absorbing energy from the area around him, it kills plants and causes animals to get weak and possibly die almost everything is effected by this aura the only person not affected by this aura is Sengoku himself meaning that if his allies come in contact with this aura they will also have their energy drained and leave that at risk. The aura starts out spreading very slowly, about 2 inches per 3 minutes at first but the more energy it absorbs the faster it will spread. The amount of enegry it absorbs is very small almost to the effect a opponent won't feel it but the longer they remain in field and have more and more enegry drain the more the can fill its effect kido spells and enegry attacks are effected as well but becuase they are moving very fast the enegry that is absrob from them is very little but simlar to people the longer they remain in the aura they more enegry they lose.
3. Okotte hotoke (Mad Buddha) Sengoku uses this ability when he feels that he has gain enough energy from his previous ability, he holds his ring staff up and absorbs the aura in the ring then when all the aura has been suck into the ring the staff explodes. Sengoku is hidden in a large smoke cloud created by the explosion, when the smoke clears Sengoku has change dramatically he has absorb the energy taken by the aura and use to increase his size, mass, density, etc. now his arms are very muscular and his has a large gut in a way he now resembles an actual Buddha statue, the rings are now around Sengoku wrist and are use as weapons to break bones and smash opponents. Also for some odd reason Sengoku is now ominously shadowed, in this form Sengoku use his brute force, hand to hand combat skills, and incredible speed to batter the opponents relentless in a almost tamed berserker like state. Sengoku speed is not increase itself actually he is just so fast normally he can move quickly even with all this weight. Also Sengoku creates an aura similar to his Yabō no fuchōwa ability but much more intensity for example those who were only effected a little in the shikai state when they had their ability go off course a few inches now have that that ability goign off course by few and sometimes even more, so much so that he can actually induce not only insanity but hollowfaction. The hollowifaction process which usually takes a couple of minutes now would only take a few seconds and insanity can begin to occur within 5 minutes of being in the aura. The aura spreads and grows the same amount as the Saishū-tekina keihatsu ability 2 inches per 3 minutes by this is the steady pace it will not speed up. This aura is capable of making even the most skilled fighters who have trained with their zanpakuto for centuries disconnect with their abilities, so far nothing seems to be able prevent this. This time limit on this ability is determine by how much energy the aura absorb if it was a lot then he can possible use this ability for 10 minutes if it was only a little then 1 minute for him to use this ability probably and get the most out of he he must absorb the amount of enegry equal to a captain which gives him 5 minutes.Because this the Saishū-tekina keihatsu absorbs enegry from everything around him it doesn't matter if he takes the enegry from his opponent. This ability has been shown to be a health risk to Sengoku the increase density destroys his body from the inside out he is seen coughing up blood during and after using this ability. When the time limit of this ability is up Sengoku resorts back in his shikai state dramatically weaken he often seals himself in one of his Kokoro no Baria boxes to mediate and regain strength.
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1年以上前 jstar18 said…
Wow Lobos! I love the use of the six trials of Pain! Your character for the leader is great man!
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
thank you jstar i just hope it is enough to beat whiteflame character btw I love your two arrancar the concept of omega and aphla and the abilities you gave them were awesome I can't wait to see them in action
1年以上前 shukun_kizuku said…
thats fricken epic lobos jeeeez
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Alright, I'll admit, it's a badass blade, but like most badass blades (I lump mine into this category), it has a few problems. I know there's a lot here, just want to make sure that this blade is perfected if it's going to be used. I'll go in order of the abilities:
1) I'd like some idea of the limitations of creation. Like, does size make a difference in terms of the amount of effort it takes to control them? What number are we looking at for the amount of boxes that makes it difficult? How much effort does it take to destroy these boxes from the inside? The main problem with this ability, however, is their indestructibility from the outside. If it was a bankai, it would still be overly powerful because it's basically an infinite defense. Seems to me that even one box of reasonable size could be used in an overpowered way if it can block anything.
2) How is the energy absorbed? How many attacks can be absorbed at once? There has to be a limit on this. Once again, this is an ability that would be too powerful even in bankai. Even with the fact that he must immediately release it, you're basically making him immune to any attack (even if it's just one that he can absorb at a time, that's still one extremely powerful attack he can choose to absorb) and able to reflect it back at the opponent. That seems a bit much. You should limit the amount of energy he can absorb, as well as the strength of a physical strike he can absorb. If you don't want to limit that, then you have to limit his ability to use the attack on the offensive and make it somewhat difficult for him to absorb attacks in general. If rapid fire attacks are the only thing that really does well against this, then it still seems too much (though, quite honestly, I see him just absorbing the majority of those attacks and launching them back anyway, since the return is immediate anyway).
3) I'm sort of confused by this one. I'm left wondering how much effect this has on anyone. You provide some decent idea of how this will go up and down, but I'm wondering about some examples here. Like, let's say we're talking about Isao. How would this affect him? How about Satoshi, someone who only recently connected fully with their blade but is intensely strong? What if we're talking about Rey, someone who recently achieved amazing powers, but has been strong and in control of his own powers for a very long time? I need specifics on this. Does someone firing a cero who has high control just deviate a few inches in terms of direction, whereas someone with low control would have it explode in their faces? I know there's a lot to go through on this one in particular, but zanpakuto/ability control is one of 3 types of abilities I'm always wary of, since they all run into balance issues.

1) What does it mean to lose concentration? Let's say the opponent is Mine, and she suffocates a very large area. Does that cause him to lose concentration? How about an ability that causes the area to heat up heavily, or cool down just as heavily? How much of a physical or kido strike is required to get him out of it? Will a small cut do it, or does it have to inflict more pain?
Dōbutsu: what are we talking about in terms of size changes? Let's say he wants to turn his limbs into dinosaur limbs. Is he capable of doing so?
Ashura: again, size, what is the limitation here? And, beyond that, let's say they pick a certain blade, it rusts, and they shift to something else. Can they shift back to the original blade and have it be brand new, or will it persist with rust? And let's say it gets cut off. Can they shift to another blade without problems, or does that limb become inactive?
Deba: What area are we talking about here? Let's say a massive wave of physical strikes comes at him. Can he repel them all at once? Also, does it matter what the force behind the attacks are? And is there a lag time between uses?
Gaki: Questions are the same as for the second shikai ability, as well as the question about lag time from the previous form.
Hyūman: Seems fine to me.
Jigoku: Can he heal himself and/or the wielder?
2) Does this ability only activate if all 6 are killed? What if the wielder decides to fight instead of using them? What if the wielder decides to use them, they're losing, and decides to fight while they're active? How quickly does this "slow" spreading proceed? How much energy does it absorb and how quickly does it do so? Does it affect kido spells that move into it? How quickly does it absorb that energy?
3) So this requires how much energy to be absorbed before it activates? I get that it's a reasonably large amount, I don't know exactly what that is. If an opponent remains at a decent range and fires off attacks regularly, how quickly would you get the ability to access this? If you're up against an opponent of equal strength and they're normally in physical combat with you, how quickly would it activate? I mean, it sounds like he can activate it at low energy, though you said he had to store up a decent amount beforehand. Overall, I feel this ability needs a lot of specification to ensure that it's not overpowered. How far does the aura expand? What short term effects does it have (be specific)? How much disconnect are we talking about over what period of time. How quickly does it hollowfy? How big is the speed and strength increase? There might be more questions on this one, but overall, the problem is specification.
1年以上前 shukun_kizuku said…
dude lobos one the bankai abilities is my guys name jigoku
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
OK whiteflame i don't mean no offence when I say this I'm going starting editing ASAP but I thought the idea was to make a evil leader character so shouldn't they seem overpowered like I thought that was the idea of a leader character look at Isao he is extremely powerful but he is suppose to be powerful he the god damn captain commander the same thing with Miroku he just got super powerful but he is suppose to be he is the leader of the Risings Suns and the same for Rey. I'm not trying to say that my guy isn't overpowered because I agree in some terms he is overpowered but I thought they are suppose to be powerful
And the other thing is that I'm not the best with things like specfics because I really don't know like the kido level and how much enegry is too much and how much in not enough so I'm aplogize for that I would apperciate the help with terms of specifications
One final thought I'm surprise you didn't critic the character himself
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1年以上前 grif16 said…
here is a new guy for the fallout forum

Name: Seran Orokai aka "The Golden Eyed Demon"
Age: Looks to be in his mid 30s
Height: 6'0
Weight: 200
Appearence: He has long silver hair that reaches down past his back, and is always clean shaven, and has golden eyes. He always wears a black tight fitting leather coat that drapes to his feet that he always keeps buttoned. While in combat he unbuttons it to reveal a black almost armor like vest with a white undershirt and black pants. He always keeps his sword under his coat.
Personality: He never talks except to release his sword so his personality is some what of a mystery. But when he is given an order he will follow it to the letter. But his longing in life is to find a leader truly worthy of commanding his power

Shunpo: 100
Kido: 0
Strength: 50
Swordsmanship: 100
Hand-to-hand: 100

Zanpakuto name: Tsuzuriki (The Bound Demon)
Release Command: Abandon All Hope

Shikai Appearence: The blade turns a dark red and from the guard red lightning travels up and down the blade. The handle turns red and white and at the end of the handle is a group of red hairs.

Shikai Abilities: 1.The blade lets out a sound that is only audible by hollows and summons as many as he wants to the battle field under his control. He can not summon any that are menos level or above.
2. Shunki (demon flash): I can turn a hollow into pure energy which flows into my blade and then can be lauched out in a cresent energy wave which is stronger the more hollows i absorb. Each hollow absorbed is equal in power to hado 4

Bankai: Hotsuzuriki (The Unbound Demon)

Bankai Appearence: His body becomes covered in dark red armor like skin, his eyes start to glow dark red as well. Large black and red metallic wings come from his backs, which are each ten feet long. And both his shoulders gain large armor on them that protrude horned spikes. His sword stays the same.

Bankai Abilities: 1.Similar to his shikai he can call hollows to all the way up to adjuchas class menos. But he can only summon 3 adjuchas 10 Gillian and as many weak ones as he wants.
2. Bankaku (Final Summoning): He summons a Vasto Lorde class menos to the field and absorb it into his body giving him a broken hollow mask allowing him to gain a ressureccion, an arrancars zanpakuto, a cero and allow him to perform sonido. The mask fragment is 4 large foot horns around him head that stick straight up almost to create an incomplete crown.
Cero: His cero is black and is fired from his middle and index finger
3. Ressurecion: Despierto Demonio (The awakened demon)
Release Command: Abandon All Hope
Appearance: His incomplete crown grows 4 more horns turning it into a full crown. He gains a helmet that looks almost identical to the witch kings from the lord of the rings but small and more formed to his face, the mask is also bone white. His skin turns white but his hair remeains silver. He gains a large claymore like sword but with a large serrated edge on one side and glowing red runic symbols on the blade. The fabric around his arms is destroyed creating a haori looking coat
Abilities: His strength and speed are greatly augmented making him a very powerful and fast opponent. He can now fire a cero ocuras and his sword can still control hollows
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1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Well the character is actual an entry for the leader position so he not techinally the leader of anyhting until we vote and decides who is the best
1年以上前 grif16 said…
oh ok. well in that case i would also like to submit him into the story line. mabey as the new evil leaders like right hand man
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Heh, Lobos, believe me, my review allows for a ton of aspects to remain that, in my opinion, make him overpowered to the extent that it's fine since he's supposed to be stronger. Isao has, quite literally, one ability that makes him extremely powerful, and it comes with an incredibly awful caveat. As a protagonist, his losing someone close to him each time he uses that final ability is more painful than any physical damage he could take. Miroku, in my opinion, doesn't have any incredibly overpowered abilities, he just has access to a lot. Rey has garnered an overpowered ability in many ways, but he's still not going to be fully experienced with it. Rey garnered his ability, and admittedly it's more of a way to progress the story to a fever pitch than anything. When it comes to being overpowered, there always has to be a major caveat. I've always felt that any incredibly strong ability has to come with something really problematic, especially if they've had it since the beginning.
As for specificity, always happy to discuss it, especially when it comes to that final ability I think specificity is essential. I think you've done a decent job specifying, though I think you could make a change to that first ability to make it more reasonable (you'll note that no overpowered shikai abilities exist among any of the most powerful characters).
As for character analysis, honestly, I rarely critique any characters. I find it hard to find something inherently wrong with an idea that literally is nothing more than a personality and background. My character has a decent amount of background in both Soul Society and the Rising Suns as well (though I haven't posted it, it's something I'd like to reveal as the story progresses if I do get the role), and I think that's perfectly fine. I think in all the time I've been on here, I've only critiqued 2 characters mainly because they just made their characters absurd.
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By the way, I'm all too happy to post the criteria I'm looking for when I review in case people want it. I know I'm not the end all be all, nor should I ever be, but since most people here seem to believe I make a decent point, a little bit of a rundown might be in order.
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Zanpakuto's name/Shikai name: Tanshin (Hour Hand)
Yuruseru (Slow down)
Bankai : Lazy to make

Shikai abilities :
1) Slows down time by swinging sword in anti-clockwise manner
2) Can slow down an area's time e.g. ( Opponents Hand, body )

Tanshin looks like an hour hand from an old grandfather clock.
It's black in colour.
It now has a hole through the sword at the Hilt.
Swing it ten times and it will stop time.
The slashes during this time will only affect if time starts moving again by swinging it clockwise once.
Tanshin in his materialised form is a man with black hair and scarf. He trains the owner in a grassy area full of bamboo with red flags tied to it.
Comments, ...
I think it can defeat all captains except Aizen.
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kazuki u need to go a whole lot further into detail than that. Like how long does the time distortion last. What does ur bankai look like. and what does it do.
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Name: Kikato Choro
Alias: Kikato of the Long Kill
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180
Age: Appears to be in his early 20s
Race: Shinigami
Gender: Male
Occupation: Assassin for hire

Appearence: He is a tall young man with shoulder legth white hair and hazel eyes. He wears white armor on his shoulders, torso, and the upper part of his legs. his legs are wrapped in a tunic like armor. His lower legs and forearms have have a dark purple armor.

Personality: He is an easy going guy who takes his missons very seriously. He is a people person who is good at making friends and getting close to them only so he can use them to get to his target. He is always seen with a smile but it is just a facade.

History: He has been an assassin for as long as he can remember. He quickly gain a reputation for killing from a distance, hence the name Ikato of the Long Kill. Once he was given a mission to kill a former captain that could have made him a name for himself but before he could perfom the assassination Icharu knocked him out and stole the contract. Ikato's goal in like is to prove that he is a better assassin than Icharu

Zanpakuto Sealed Form: It is 2 basic katana with a white handles and an arrow head shaped guard that are carried on his back

Zanpakuto name: Shikazeka (Weeping Wind Flash)
Release Command: Pierce His/Her Heart

Shikai Appearence: He places the ends of the two swords together. His swords becomes a large 7 foot tall compound steel bow. The bow string is a thin steel chain. On the chain is a large arrow with a very large black arrow head that is permanitly attached to the chain.

Shikai Abilities: By pulling back on the arrow he can charge energy into a single point and fire a white kido arrow much like a quincy does. The arrow moves at kido speed and carries power equal to hado 11. The arrows can travel over 2 miles before disappearing
1. Itkoho (Single Bright Spear): By charging the chain over 1 second he can create a powerful arrow that moves at kido speed and carries the power of hado 33
2. Hyappogeki (Hundred Strikes): By charging the chain over 3 seconds he can create a wave of hundreds of arrows that move at shunpo speed and carry the power of hado 4

Bankai: Kamitaikaze (God Culling Wind)

Bankai Appearence: His bow stays the same. His right eye gains a cross hair symbol in it. He gains a large blue round steel quiver on his back and white glove on his right hand. He also gains feet covering with claws on them.

Bankai Abilities: His eye allows him to see further and be far more acurate. The quiver on his back hold massive amounts of compressed energy that replenishes itself when removed, he can fire 20 power arrows before the quiver must replenish itself over a 30 second time period. Using the glove he can reach into the quiver and pull out massive amounts of energy that charge into the bow upon contact making the arrow move at shunpo speed and carry the power of hado 33
1. Sengeki (Thousand Strikes): By pulling out a large amount of energy he can create a wave of thousands of arrows that move at shunpo speed and carry the power of hado 4
2. Tenshiniho (Heaven Killing Cannon): He pulls out the majority of the energy out of the quiver he charges it into the arrow. His leg coverings fire the claws into the ground to anchor him down. The power of this arrow carries the power of hado 96 and moves at 2 times the speed of shunpo. This move drains all his energy so he only uses it as a last resort.

This is him with his armor his shikai bow and using bankai
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 Name: Kikato Choro Alias: Kikato of the Long Kill Height: 6'0 Weight: 180 Age: Appears to be
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name: Kage no ō(shadow king)
realeas command:ni hippatte kuru(pull them into the dark)
sealed: looks like a normal zanpakuto with the infinity sign as the gaurd and a black ribbon 2 feet long on the end of the handle.
bankai:kage no kame(shadow god)

shikai discription: its a broad sword with a 5ftlong 1 inch thick blade. the edge of the blade is blood red and the rest is violet. the hand gaurd is shaped like the symbole for infinity and the handle is black with a torn up black cloth on the end(to the wealder of the blade it is as light as a reguler sword so it can attack rapidly but its true weight its 80lbs).

shikai abillities

Kage no katachi(shadow form):the user can make there shadow attack(like become a wall of spears or a tail of spikes or hands that kind of stuff),trap( a cage or rope) ,or block( a wall or a dome or sheald) the enemies the shadow it unbreakable (cuz its a shadow) and even works in the air cuz of shadows in the cloths of the user. it can only extend in a toatal of 95 ft and the user can not move when useing the block or trap forms .it moves at 25 ft every 3 seconds.

Kage no sutoraiki(shadow strike) if the ennemies shadow is cut by the sword then there speed drops 20% per cut(only lasts untill the sword is seald or weilder is killed or unconcious)

Kage no shuriken(shadow shuriken) a small swarm of throwing stars are sent out of the blade when swong(about 30 of them )they can not be blocked the pass thro every thng except for kido sheilds they only cut the skin nothing more on orgens or anything( they travel at 6 ft a second and only fallow staight paths)

bankai discription: the handle extends to 6ft an the blade splits in two and is now conpletly blood red and serated(total length of weapon is 11 ft).the cloth at the end turns in to a five inch spike(it is still very light to the weilder but its true weaght is now 160lbs).

Shadōdansu(shadow dance) the weilder sinks into his shadow be coming invuneiable to all attacks and can movin get close to enemies with out geting hurt to attak.(must come out of shadow partly or fully to attack and only works if there are tall bildings or lots of clouds below or on the ground must have somthing for the shadow to be cast on can be seen movind in the shadow tword the opponit if in the sun. if no light then he cant be seen. )

Kage o seigyo( shadows control) the user can make shadows of inanimet objects attack without haveing to touch them. they can not go past their given total areas and only move at 6ft a second can be blocked and can only attak or defend. (can only be used once every 3 min)

Kage no bakuhatsu(shadow blast) a beam of dark energy charges between the prongs of the spear and fires out (looks like darkrai's shadow pulse and moves at the same speed)can be blocked but also fireed rapidly on minamul charge (takes 2 seconds equil to hado 4)on max charge only can be fired one at a time ( takes 14 seconds and as strong as cero oscerus)

this realy isnt a ability is just wat the sword can do its wieght changes depending on how much sperit energy it being used by its wealder its wieght stays the samr to the weilder just clanges to the opponit max wieght 600lbs just thought i should clerifie
ima make the person tomarow
plz leave comments
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ok the person

name:kage akuma(shadow devil)

aka: blood stained shadow

age: 500 looks 20

hight: 5"8'

weight 170

race shingami

ocupation: is part of a 5 man mercenairy team thats maim goul is to destroy and reform the soul socity

discription: has long black hair about center back that he keeps pulled back execpt for a little that he lets cove part of this face.has dark brown almost black eyes that are cold looking emotionles like the see u the real u like they see though u.his cloths are a set of chinease kung fu robes the vest is all black and red and so r the pants.he never seames to show emotion exept after he has killed someone and that emotion is extrem joy. he also usaly has a book in his pocket. he has immense spirit energy that only captins and higer can stand up to and move freely.keeps his sword on hih back.

background: he grew up in the same place as renji just years after renji left like 400 years later.but un like renji he had no one no frend no family nothing he was completly alone he live the farthes from town and no one ever talked to him becuze they could never get close becuse of his immense sperit energy as a result of that he never developed any emotion. that is untill he joined the soul socitiy he was only there for 30 years befor he left becuse he didnt want to fallow the captins anymore when he left he destroed most of the data on him self and all on his sword and its power all thats left of him is his name and discription.on his way out he was stoped by some people that thought they could talk some sence in to him cuz they were the closest things he had to friends they were wrong he relesed all his sprit presser and crushed them with it not even drawing his sword. kill iing them he felt somthing diffrent a amasing feeling joy the joy of killing thats the only emotino he can feel and only after he kills someone.

personality:cold emotinless and somtimes crul to those around him thinks things trough b4 he acts but he thinks so fast and so percisly that its only takes him an insint to plan his next 20 moves befor his opponit can act.

likes: killing people slowly so he can enjoy their deaths and reading

dislikes: anyone that gets in his way of destoying the soul socity or inerups his reading.

inner world:is a forest of dead trees and its always raining
zanpakutos spirit form: it is a silloet of a person about 6ft with a glowing red scar acrost the left side of its face

kido 30

shunpo 100

strength 80

speed: 97

hand to hand 40


intelligence: 84

endurence: 79
stamina: 78

his outfit looks like this just where its white it is red
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 ok the person name:kage akuma(shadow devil) aka: blood stained shadow age: 500 looks 2
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Name: Unknown (He tells Crow, Ryuu, Josh, and Shado to call him Misteriosa Muerte meaning mysterious death)
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 250
Age: Unknown (claims to be older than the sands of Hueco Mundo itself) looks to be in his 60s’

Appearance: Misteriosa is a ragged, grizzly old looking arrancar he has messy white hair that comes down a little past his eyes, he also has grey eyes that look tired and worn out almost like they have seen things that one can not describe. He is usually wearing a ragged torn cloak that covers most of his body; his skin is pale and is riddled with scars and wounds from living so long. His mask remnant is a helmet that is shaped like a skull the eyes of the skull are on his fore head and there appears to be a large crack going down the center of the skull the top teeth of the skull are right above his eyes and the there is no bottom jaw, his hole is where his heart should be.
Personality: Misteriosa is an extremely old arrancar he claims to be older then Hueco Mundo, but he is not against shingami nor is he against hollows he claims to be on the side of life meaning he refuses to take place in any conflict or be on any side. He claims to hate the espada saying that they are nothing but a bunch of spoiled children claiming something that does not belong to them. He also hates the soul society and shingami saying that they are no more then ego maniacs who are trying to enforce their on law, he claims that he has seen millenniums of history from the birth of a simple life to the evolution of an entire world. He is extremely intelligent, observant, and all knowing he knows tells Crow and the others of what has happen in soul society who has been killed and even what is to come. He seems to know what people are thinking and feeling and know exactly what to say to them, he also appears to be very wise and often says old proverbs. He calls most people by names referring to their powers or something similar Crow is the gun, Shado is the shadow, and Josh is the arrow. Misteriosa hates the concept of fate and destiny he believes that they are an old man way to not being afraid of death, a kind man way of explaining the evils of man heart he believes that man must take up their own lives with their own two hands and make their own fate. Strangely Misteriosa bears a resemblance, in appearance and personality, to Crow grandfather Alcide even saying something that Crow grandfather once said to him but when asked about this he tells Crow that he is not it is just a coincidence other characters claim that he reminds them of someone they knew must of the time it is someone that died.
Zanpakuto: Misteriosa zanpakuto is unique because instead of a sword, ax, or some weapon its takes the form of a staff. The staff is dark blue in color to bars come off the top at a 90 degree angle at the top so that is resembles a cross hanging off one of the bars is a small hour glass. The hour glass is filled sand that is spilling into the bottom what is unique is no matter how much he swings the staff or moves it that sand stays the same it doesn’t speed up or anything it also appears to be never ending. The sand in the hour glass falls according with the pace of the battle if the opponents and Misteriosa is getting stronger the sand slows down.
Cero: Misteriosa has developed his own extremely powerful cero; it is sepia tone and fired from his hands. The cero has the unique ability to slow down time in a 5 foot area around the cero so that when the cero appears to be moving slowly. This makes it difficult to dodge becomes the opponent believes that they have more time to avoid the attack then they actually do. Also as the blast gets closer to them it slows their movements down making the attack even harder to avoid. He calls this cero, cero congelado en el tiempo (cero frozen in time).
Ressureccion: Momento de la Muerte (time of death)
When Misteriosa releases his Ressureccion sand swirls up around him and takes a shape vaguely similar to an hour glass after 3 minutes the sand begins to fall down till he is finally revealed. His release form looks like the cross between the grim reaper and a mummy certain parts of his body are covered in wrappings and his is wearing a hooded cloak. His head is now a skull that resembles his mask and his arms are skeletal, his hollow hole is now in the center of his body and is larger there is a large version of his hour glass on his back. His staff now has changed into a scythe with a large black blade on it on the bottom of the scythe there is a chain that seems to be attach to his hollow hole this allows him to the scythe indefinitely and call it back. Misteriosa creates an aura in an area 50 feet around him that effects time making the opponents suffer flashbacks. Abilities:
1. Arena Nunca Duradera (everlasting sand) This is Misteriosa primary ability it allows him to control sand in the area he can use it offensively smashing his opponents with the crushing force of sand in the forms of pillars or tendrils, he can create sand storms, and other thing of this nature. He can also use this ability defensively to create a blast of sand in front of an attack to negate it or surround him in a sandstorm to hide him and fool the opponents. He can not create physical constructs out of sand so he can not make weapons or clone decoys, etc. and he also can not create sand he must only use sand in the area but because he lives in Heuco Mundo he basically has a infinite arsenal at his disposal. Even though he does have an infinite amount of sand at his disposal he does not have unlimited power the more he uses the ability the faster the sand in the hour glass runs when all the sand has run out of the top he resorts back to his pre release form but because of his age and experience his time limit is unknown.
2. Percepción del tiempo (Perception of time): Because Misteriosa represents the aspect of time itself along with the perception of time he can perceive time at different speeds. He can view time though his eyes as moving very slowly so that he can easily dodge attacks from opponents and then move around them to attack. He can also view time as moving very fast what tactical advantage this has I’m not entirely sure yet, time is not actual moving faster or slower everything is moving at its actual speed Misteriosa just sees time as moving slow or fast.
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Name: Shinike Shibana
Alias: Shinike of the Blade
Height: 6'5
Weight: 210
Age: 1267 (appears to be in his mid 20s)
Race: Shinigami
Occupation: Soldier for hire

Appearence: He is a slender man with short brown unkept hair and red eyes. He wears a black jacket that reaches all the way down to his feet. The top of the jacket is normal but once it reaches his waist it splits into 7 ribbon like tails that each have a spear head at the end of them. On his right fore arm he wears a silver and black gauntlet with a blade sticking out of it. On his left arm is a large demonic arm that reaches to his elbow. he wears black pants and black shoes.

Personality: He is always calm and cool when he is not in combat. He is generally nice to people. He likes to spend time in bars, drinking and chasing women. He is very ashamed of his demonic arm and so he keeps it wraped up in bandages and in a sling as if it were broken. When he engages in combat his entire demeanor changes from calm to very serious and focused. He takes no mercy on people he is paid to kill.

History: When he was a young child he lived in a small village outside the rukongai that one day was attacked by the hollows. They slaughtered the village and in the panic a hollow ripped off his left arm. After the massacre he swore he would seek revenge on them. Shortly after that he came across a strange man who gave him his demonic arm for some unknown reason. He soon came to realize that the arm was extremely powerful with enhanced strength and the abilitiy to fire a cero. After that he trained non-stop to become one of the strongest shinigami who ever lived. He is also the only soldier who became famous without learning bankai first

Zanpakuto Sealed Form: In its sealed form it is a nodachi with a hollow diamond guard and a blue handle.

Zanpakuto Name: Haito (Abolishing Sword)
Release Command: Steal Their Lives

Shikai Appearence: The handle grows till it is a foot long and the blade grows till it is 6 feet long. Total the sword is 7 feet long.

Shikai Abilities: With every drop of blood (His or his opponents) the sword comes in contact with it slowly starts to turn red. One drop of blood will make 2 percent of the blade turn red.
1. Toshiki: Ran (Blade Form: Storm): With a swing of his sword he launches thousands of blades at kido speed toward his opponent that carries the power of hado 11
2. Toshiki: Zan (Blade Form: Slayer): The swords edge becomes serrated for more ripping power with each strike. The form only lasts for 1 minute
3. Toshiki: Ken (Blade Form: Punishment): The blades edge becomes twice as sharp and becomes capable of cutting through rock flesh and armor like it was butter (It cannot slice though a zanpakuto). The blade can also move faster since it can also slice through the air. The form lasts for 1 minute

Bankai: Tenzanto (Heaven Conquering Sword)

Bankai Appearence: The move can only be activated once the the blade is fully red. The red essence becomes a red blood mist that envelopes the blade.

Bankai Abilities:
Toshiki: Ryuku (Blade Form: Dragon Wings): The mist transforms into large mile long dragon made of blood mist. The dragons job is to protect him from kido and can nullify all kido it touches up to hado 89. If it is hit by anything stronger then it will cancel out the kido and return to being mist around his blade. once destroyed it he cannot use that form for another 4 minutes.
Toshiki: Koko (Blade Form: Tiger Fangs): The mist transforms into a 6 foot tall tiger made of blood mist. The tigers job is to assit him in combat. Despite its size the tiger moves at shunpo speed and can strike with power equal to hado 58. A sword strike equal or stronger than hado 80 can destroy him. Once destroyed he returns to being mist around the blade and cannot be used again for another 4 minutes
Toshiki: Kikai (Blade Form: Turtle Shell): The mist transforms into a large sheild that looks like a turtle shell on his left arm. The sheilds job is to protect him from melee attacks. If he tries to use it to block kido then the blast will go straight through. A sword strike equal or stronger than hado 80 can destroy it. and once destroyed it cannot be used again for another 4 minutes.

Strength: 70
Kido: 0 (Except for the cero he can fire from his left arm)
Speed: 80
Swordsmanship: 100
Hand to hand Combat: 80

Here is a pic of him with his shikai
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 Name: Shinike Shibana Alias: Shinike of the Blade Height: 6'5 Weight: 210 Age: 1267 (appears to b
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