BLEACH(ブリーチ) Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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1年以上前 hinata7 said…
1年以上前 hinata7 said…
cool zanpokuta i cam up with okami mizu litterally wolf water
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
well i needed a character to fight but i didn't have time to create a entirely unique character and somehow i remeber credo and so there you go
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1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
gender: male
Height: 5'7
Age: 27
He is an assassin who protects all of those he cares about. He gave up being an assassin and joined the 2nd squad of the 13 court guard squads. He holds the lieutenant position and is very loyal to his captain Soi Fon. He was rescued from an execution by her due to his abilities.

no kido ability at all
master and hand to hand combat
no sword ever used
shunpo off the scales

Zanpakuto: Korosu
command: Sharpen
The zanpakuto has no sealed form and is always a pair of claws (see below)
Surasshu-fū (wind slash): When the wielder slashes down with either claw, a burst of air is created similar to airbending in the cartoon avatar.
Kuikkusuteppu (quick step): Comparative to a flash step only 50 times faster
Bunkatsu (split) the three prongs on each claw split apart and become sebanon (basically throwing needles). He can throw them with deadly accuracy.

Bankai: Saishū-tekina dageki
the claws disappear and a case appears on the side of the weilders leg as well as a kunai knife in each hand.
Mugen no danmaku (endless barrage): The case on the side produces infinite amounts of sebanon that the wielder throws in a storm of needles (approx 5000 needles per storm)

Shi no otoshiana (death trap): this is more of a passive ability. the wielder can set about 30 of these at one point and time. Each is a circular area that is about 5 sq feet in area. The border of the circle is slightly visible but that is the only hint at where they are. When stepped on kunai and sebanon fly up from the ground

Kontorōru (control): This is his ultimate ability. If the wielder can get a single sebanon or kunai in each of the opponents limbs as well as 4 in the torso, he has complete control of that one person (limit to only one person at once)

 Name:Ansatsu gender: male Height: 5'7 Age: 27 He is an assassin who protects all of those he cares ab
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Name: Argo Escarcha
Age: Looks to be in his late 30s
Height: 5’9’’
Weight: 230
Rank: Member of The Orden de los Caballeros del Rey
Appearance: Argo is a short but well built arrancar, he has a dark tan skin tone that appears to be carved with muscle. Argo has shoulder length hair that he wears in a pony tail out of respect for his superiors; his hair is the color of water. Argo eyes are unique because despite his hair color and abilities, his eyes are the color of fire and always seem to burn with emotions. Argo wears an outfit similar to knight that is light blue and gray in color. His hollow hole is located on his stomach, and his mask fragments are a series of spikes on his head that resemble horns. Argo has an emblem pretended on his outfit; the emblem appears to be a shield with a shard of ice in the middle.
Personality: Most people who first meet Argo consider him to be arrogant and disrespectful, but the opposite is true Argo is extremely respectful and considers disrespect to be a carnal sin. Argo shows nothing but the upmost respect to his superiors and would follow their orders to the death, Argo is consider arrogant because he believes those who don’t show others their respect are unworthy of his. Argo views Hueco Mundo are a scared land, and visitors must be invited to it by the highest authority of Hueco Mundo, he views those who ignore this formality as disrespectful of Hollow law and therefore must be punish. Argo has the strongest Hierro in the Orden earning him the nick name Argo the Ice Diamond.
Zanpakuto: Argo does not wield a katana as his zanpakuto instead he uses a large spear like weapon. The staff of the spear is dark blue near black in color, and the tip of the spear is a large, head size, spike made of ice that resembles a diamond.
Release Pharse: Freeze Over
Resurrección: Largoto Congelados (frozen lizard)
When Argo release his Resurreccion his spear freezes then cracks and explodes in a cloud of invisible smoke, the opponent doesn’t see the smoke instead they see it as a bright light, this smoke is freezing to be in enemies caught in it will begin to have a thin layer of ice start to cover their body, only a little and very slowly but the longer they are caught in it the more they freeze. In resurreccion Argo resembles a lizard like creature covered in spiky ice armor, his left arm is a large ice spike and the claws on his right hand are large icicles. This ice armor is extremely hard and will protect Argo from most physical attacks and low leveled energy based attacks, but this armor can be broken even his left arm can be shattered leaving him armless, the more the armor is broken the more vulnerable to attacks he becomes. Argo is capable of recreating this armor but it takes 5 minutes to recreate the armor when it’s fully destroyed and 10 minutes to recreate his left arm spike, but even when he recreates this armor it is not 100% and takes less of an effort to break it.
1. Aliento de Invierno (breath of winter): This is Argo’s primary ability and one his is most secretive about. He keeps this ability a secret because he believes only those who he believes have no respect should not be allowed the knowledge of what exactly killed them. Argo breaths a invisible cloud that is extremely cold, being in the cloud for about 3 minutes results in minor frost bite, 5 minutes moderate frost bite, 10 minutes the skin starts to freeze and becomes extremely brittle, etc. Argo can breath in-between 1.5 and 6 liters of this stuff at a time, when he breathes 6 liters his becomes out-breath and sluggish and it takes 2 minutes for him to use this ability again. The cloud extinguishes most flames and freezes water, the cloud can be blown away and it can be blown back into Argo causing him to freeze. The opponent sees this cloud as light so they believe it a beam of freezing energy of sorts.
2. Clavos de hielo (Ice nails): Argo uses his Aliento de Invierno to freeze the water in the air to create icicle shaped shards of ice then fires them at the enemies. Argo can create 5 shards at a time then a minute reload time to start firing again, he fires all the shards at once he can’t fire one at a time. The shards can be easily shattered but they shatter into more shards and they will continue to fly towards the opponent so instead of 5 shards now there are like 20. Argo makes it seem that he firing them from the large ice spike on his left arm to hide his Aliento de Invierno ability.
3. Explosion de hielo cero (exploding ice cero): This ability is shown as a last right to those who Argo deems worthy and respectful of his ability. Argo fires a cero like beam from the ice spike; this beam travels at the speed of a normal cero but it far above a normal cero. This beam is compose of super charged Aliento de Invierno, the beam freezes anything that it hits but it lives whatever inside alive so that a opponent can watch as Argo walks up and shatters them or leaves them alive. Whether an opponent lives or dies is determine whether Argo deems them worthy of another fight. When Argo fires this the ice armor that covers his becomes weaker because its takes so much energy to fire he does not have enough to keep the armor as strong. Argo must wait 15 minutes before he fire this ability again. The enemy sees this a light blue light coming for them.

this is what his looks like
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 Name: Argo Escarcha Age: Looks to be in his late 30s Height: 5’9’’ Weight: 230 Rank: Memb
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
Mm can't draw as good wish someone could draw my carecter for me haha
1年以上前 deathridge said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]-toshinzo
[release command]-lash
[bankai name] - toshinzo 9 tails

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)
=description- in its sealed state, toshinzo is a black katana with a red teeth design on the inner part of the blade going up with avaerage size.
but when the command "lash" is shouted, the blade becomes a whip of white lightning and can cut through anything( depending on how much
destructive power is put into the blows).
additonally, it can extend as far as i can extend it(the longer it is, the more spaced out the reatsu is in the whip and thus
cannot cut trough things as easily, but, also that means the shorter the whip s the more devastating). the other ability is to
instantly rerat it back into blade form with just one movement. the
last and most powerful techniquie is where all the reatsu is cast from the blade at an enemy at once, leaving nothing but the hilt
it is a arch of pure energy that few enemies can withstand, even in bankai. the blade can then be resurrected by me instantly.

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - in bankai, toshinzo becomes dark and has a black tail cloth at the end. while not changing in size the entire sword is
black with the execption of two marks on the back of the blade. the abilities are the same exept that instead of one whip, there are
nine and they are black lightning instead of white and each is far more devasting and harder to evade since they are faster and can
extend abut a mile before losing there potency. the technique of casting out all the reatsu is the same exept that it is nearly unstoppable
(being over 9 times the power) but the regeneration of the blade by the user in bankai is very slow and leaves me helpless
so i use it sparingly. additonally it can be retracted into blade form in an instant. though the casting of the reatsu (which is
still unnamed) though amazingly devastating, is not the most powerful. another unamed attack, is where i the user points the blade up at the sky
and releases all of the energy in a storm into the sky as it blackns with the dark energy. one target is selected and all of the
power condenses into one bolt of ligtning that strikes that one target with every once of power that the user has.
this is the most energy expending technique and is used only in desperation. same as the last technique, the blade
is gone and must be regenerated from the useres reatsu.

=(then comments on your zanpakuto
toshinzo is the name i have ad in my head for years and im not sure f it means anything in japanese
but he is dressed in black silk robes and as long fine hair that is black, and his personlity is erratic and
vengeful, though he has a brighter side it does not usually show as he is a dark figure of my persona.
the inner world is a dark garden with not quite dead but not alive plants.
1年以上前 deathridge said…
character profile-
name- tilt
zapakuto- toshinzo
rank-former 0 espada
apperance-arrancar clothing, but still shinigami

befor yammamoto was even born, tilt lived in the lawlessness fo the soon to be soul society. whilebeing extremely powerful, the only thing he wanted was more. and already learning bankai he was interested in learning hollow powers. travelling to heuco mundo to train his hollow powers. unfortunatly, the fight against his nner hollow, was lost and his body became hollow and his inner hollow had complete control. untill 2000 years later and aisen came across him in heuco mundo looking for the espada. he instantly noticed the zapakuto that the hollow was using and quickly subdued the hollow to a tranquel state giving control back to tilt wh had been dormant for the past 2000 years. tilt being almost as powerful as aizen instantly respected him. although a shinigami, aisen offered him a place among the espada as well as trianing for his hollow powers, his number was the number 0 in the middle of his back. but as soon as he gained the ability to use his mask he left the espada to train in heuco mundo. to learn how to become half hollow without using the hogyoku. as the real last of the privaron espada, he has not seen kyoka suigetsu, and left befor being under aizens control.
1年以上前 peleihno said…
idk why you guys are making zanpakutos for arrancars when it comes to them it just seals their true power thats it.
1年以上前 tayandkris4evr said…
big smile
This is my first arcanarr. Forgive me if I left something out, or this isn't creative enough. :,( Well, hope you enjoy.

Name - Locura (meaning Insanity in Spanish)
Race- Arcanarr
Appearance - Long black wavy hair, it goes to the small of her back. Light purple, devilish eyes. She’s pretty tan but not as dark as Yoruichi. She has really long eye lashes and a small nose. Shes big breasted and is somewhat tall. About 5’8-5’9. She wears a blue tank --(link)-- *the brown is supposed to be blue*
And ripped jeans --(link)--
Regular black converse.
A gold ring on each finger (both hands)
Always smiling. J

Personality - She’s very attractive so she uses her looks to take advantage of everyone (yes… everyone). She always seems to be a little smug. She doesn’t talk often (body language… o_O) She loves to play guitar! She got bored in Hueco Mundo so she made herself a guitar. She loves to listen to music and play music. She rolls her eyes a lot, and sticks her tongue out (Hikaru and Kaoru move).

Zanpaktou - Alas del Demonio (Wings of the demon)
Release - Telar (Loom) Telar, Alas del Demonio (Loom, wings of the demon)
Appearance - Katana w/ a gold guard shaped like a pair of wings.
Resurrección - The white bone of her hollow mask starts behind her ears, it’s one inch wide and one inch thick, it starts behind her ear then goes down on her shoulders and twirls along her arms then it envelops her entire her entire her hand and makes bone claws at the end of her finger tips that are about 5 inches long.
Then another string of bone (The hollow mask) comes from behind her ears except it goes down the back of her neck and along her shoulder blades, making a pair of bone wings that are seven feet yet, very thin so they’re light. (They’re hard to break but ones their broken the wielder must go out of resurreccion form.

She has a thing for Gin Ichimaru. She’s Rangiku’s ‘evil twin’ basically Rangiku as an arcanarr. :)

1年以上前 boethia1138 said…
Hey, I'm new here, only been a member for an hour. But Ive already got an idea for a zanpakuto! Here it is:

Name: Moeteiru (Burning)
Release Command: Honoo (Blaze)
Bankai Name: Moeteiru Ebaasaigo (Burning Everlast)

In it's non-release form, it looks like any regular zanpakuto, but with a red hilt, with a flame crest on the gaurd.

In shikai form, Moeteiru still looks the same, but with an added flame that covers the blade from the gaurd, to the end of the blade.

Shikai Ability #1: Able to cut through anything as if it were butter, due to the flame being able to melt through it.

Shikai Ability #2: Doragon Iki (Dragon Breath). The flame that covers the blade shoots out of the blade in a continueous stream that is 4000 degrees Kelvin, hot enough to melt through anything! (good to beat a hasty retreat.)

Bankai Form: The hilt and gaurd turn Jet-Black and the blade turns to pure gold.

Bankai Ability #1: Taiyoo Honoo (Sun Blaze): A small fireball appears at the tip of the blade, but grows quickly until the fireball itself is 20 feet in diameter. Whatever this giant fireball touches is reduced to ashes in just a few seconds.

Bankai Ability #2: Taiyoo no Nisshoku (Solar Eclipse): When the user stabs Moeteiru Ebaasaigo into the ground, a tall column of pure flame rises out of the ground behind him. The user then pulls the sword out of the ground, points it directly up and says the name of the attack. At that point, the column of fire will bend, and hit the ground wherever the user points the sword.

This concludes the description of my Zanpakuto and it's abilities.
It took me all of about 20 minutes to think this up and get the translations for it.

I would love you hear all of your opinions about this Zanpakuto! I hope you all like it.
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
Mm boethia ur blade kinda reminds me of one of my blades in the sense of the eclipse. Otherwise its like a mash up of momo hinomoris and general captian yamanto's zanpakuto
1年以上前 boethia1138 said…
ah well i was just throwing something random together, guess it was more generic than i thought! :D oh well
1年以上前 tayandkris4evr said…
@ Boethia1138, I liked your Zanpaktou, but as Rantora13 said, he/she also has a Zanpaktou similar to that. I'd have to say it's a good idea although I've heard many like it. Good idea though. Keep it up. (Although I'm not one to judge so, just ignore me if I'm being mean) lol *thumbs up* :)
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Sarpo Piraña
Height: 5’4’’
Weight: 114
Race: Arrancar
Birthday: unknown
Age: unknown
Apperance: Sarpo is rather pale and of average height. She has a black bob and blue eyes that often turn black with a red pupil when she smells an open wound. She has a rather small bust and often masquerades in lingerie much to the chagrin of everyone else. Perhaps her oddest feature is her incredibly sharp teeth that are pointed like a shark or piranhas. Her hollow hole is in her stomach and the remnant of her mask is a dorsal fin attached to her head.
Personality: Sarpo is very forceful and is a predator at heart, claiming she will hunt down her prey (meaning men and food) and rip them apart. She is very sexual and often desires the taste of blood. Meany dislikes her appearance (especially when wearing lingerie) and her personality.
Occupation: predator, arrancar Aristocracy
Favorite food: lemon peppered lox, hard liquors, raw and bloody meat (mostly fish, but she isn’t above eating her own kind)
Likes: hunting, flaying, blood, men, sex, playing cards (known to be a great dealer), drinking, flirting, fighting, and often wearing very revealing lingerie
Dislikes: those who insult her and her taste in clothing, loosing lunch (meaning men and food), rejection, loosing, and modest clothing
Love interest: anyone she can sink her teeth into
Favorite song/theme music:
Cero: a large crimson blast from her mouth
Zanpakuto: Tiburón Carroñero (shark scavenger)
Release phase: stalk
Apperance: a dagger with a gray and blue hilt and a small silver tsuba cut jagged around the edges.
Resurrección: what appears to be a shark’s skull encloses her head revealing her face but expanding out over the top of her head and neckline forming the open mouth of a shark. Expanding down from the skull on her back resembles the body of a shark with a long dorsal fin and a tail that she can smash foes with. The entire structure of the skeleton is bone and reinforces much of her back.
Special abilities: the teeth can dislodge like bullets and be shot out as projectiles at foes. They burrow deep in the skin and then shatter inside the body causing critical internal damage.
1. Tiburón Diente Añicos (shark tooth pieces): dislodged teeth that shatter like bullets once burrowed beneath the skin
Hand to and combat master
Sonido expert
Killing intent
Dagger expert
High-speed regeneration
Enhanced strength, speed, and stamina when blood is in the air
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
GRIFF So Awesome..VERGIL IS GREAT..that's cool Lobos what is Member of The Orden de los Caballeros del Rey
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Any comments on my recent post?
And boethia if i may input, i think your blade may be a bit overpowered with all of the instant melt and ash reducing powers. And same with the lightning whip from deathridge
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1年以上前 rantora13 said…
Wonder if I should make another shingami. Maybe something with fist wepeons, maybe with a spike. Get back to that.
1年以上前 tayandkris4evr said…
@ Petal, I love Sarpo Piraña! She reminds me of a blood lusting smaller Locura! Haha, anyway, good job once again with the amazing character design. Thumbs up for everyone and their characters, keep making more! ^_^
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1年以上前 boethia1138 said…
Im thinking about doing another elemental zanpakuto that is not fire. what element should i use this time??
1年以上前 tayandkris4evr said…
Maybe water? Or Earth? I suggest Earth because Captain Histugaya already has water. If you're creative enough to go beyond Histugaya's water abilities then make a water Zanpaktou. I'm not that creative so I couldn't do it. I don't think I've ever seen a Earth Zanpaktou before, so my suggestion is Earth. :) Hope I helped! ;p
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
Ht:5"9 zanpakuto:kotesu (dymond pain)
Sealed state;16 x 2in blade.with
Shinkai: blade changes into a dymond like gaunlent (on right forearm) realese command:"shatter to shard kotseu"
1st ability; the gauntlent is able to cut on contact.
2nd ability: in sunlight the gauntlent is able to absorb sunlight and reforcus it into a concentrated beam of intense heat(5ooo¤K)witht the command"immolate"(time for full absortion=10 second lastin 3sec)
3 ability on the command disinigrat" my guantlent disinigrates into a shotgun eggect as shards(diffrent for bankai)
Bankai: name:purisumu akuma(prism demon)
Kotesu changes to a pair of balded kite sheilds with a 5 in spike on each.
Physical apperence;
Body turns to a dymond clad makeushimrian.
1st abitlity:
On the command "flash" I send a plast of lesser heat(1000¤K)in all directions made of solar heat.
2nd ability:
On the command "disinigrate" I am able to turn into small shards and transport or attack as a swarm of shards (lasting 5 seconds)
Pasive ability: sense I'm know made of dymonds I can absorb more energy,quiker and pasivly
(Bankai lasting 20 min in comment if something is wrong with my zmpakuto.
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Dancing member of the Orden de los Caballeros del Rey is his rank like i said you have to read the Bleach: The fallout RP forum to understand where they come into play
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1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Any comments? Any whatsoever?
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
I kinda of like Ulquiorra I like how its not the typical katana of some sorts
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
Any comments on my new blade?
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
oh I see..i need to catch up on
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Yea i usually attempt to go for unusual blades instead of modifying older ideas. I have got a few more swimming around in my head i'll probably put one or two up later
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Character name: Kaze
Height: 5'5
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Kaze as can be seen is quite a young man. He does not hate to fight but he does not love it. Since nobody has ever cared much about him he is more of a loner and fights usually only for his sake unless he is ordered to or feels it could help him. He belongs to the 6th squad and is the captain therefore he really does not have much of a choice about fighting. He has incredibly powerful spiritual pressure which rivals even that of kenpachi. He hates spells and thrives in hand to hand combat scenarios
Shunpo: 95
Hand to hand: 95
Sword: N/A (see zanpakuto description)
Kido: 5

Zanpakuto: His spiritual pressure is so high that his zanpakuto is never sealed nor is it ever even just released (or is it?). His spiritual pressure is so high that many people think that his zanpakuto is always in bankai

Name: Natsu wa geiru (summers gale)
Description: see picture in my next post for looks. Basically two fans, one in each hand and each individual section of the blade is very sharp. Each one has a small cable attached to the center part so that they can dangle and be used more as a swinging and lashing weapon if you know what i mean

Abilities: Jaakuna kaze (malevolent wind): The fans are swung through the air and kaze is able to control wind currents all around him. He can make them reach up to an excess of 600 mph wind gusts

Burokku (block): both fans are placed together at the centers and grow to form a shield that can block all direct attacks and and kido up to level 70

Tenshi no hane (wings of the angel): Both fans disappear and become
wings on kaze's back. He has control over winds in the area but only can make them up to 70-80 mph but he can fly.
 Character name: Kaze Height: 5'5 Age: 17 Gender: Male Kaze as can be seen is quite a young man. He
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Imagine two of these but not yellow, black
 Imagine two of these but not yellow, black
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
Maybe I should make a female shingami
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Oh this is the character for the assassin guy. The other pic was just the weapons
 Oh this is the character for the assassin guy. The other pic was just the weapons
1年以上前 grif16 said…
Name: Sanctus Santo
Age: Appears to be in his mid 40s
Height: 5'7
Weight: 200
Race: Arrancar
Appearance: Sanctus is small and kind of muscular skinny arrancar. He long black hair that is in a pony tail. He is mute and also blind and always wheres a black sash over his eyes. His hollow hole is located in the middle of his throat and his mask fragment is a small curved horn on his forehead.
Personality: Since he cannot talk his personality is some what of a mystery but he follows orders to the letter when he is told
Zanpakuto: His zanpakuto is a small blade with a chain attached from the bottom of the blade to sanctus hand. it can be thrown at retracted at will
Cero: His cero is lightning white and is shot from his index and middle finger
Release command: Ride the Lightning
Ressureccion: Demonio Del Trueno (Demon of Thunder)
When Sanctus releases his weapon he spins it from its chain till starts to conduct electricity from thin air. Once it does he grabs the handle and the weapon explodes. When the dust clears a massive demon with a large horn with bone x shaped armor on his chest, Long bone armor on his knees, a large horn on his head, and three long stiff fingers on each hand.
Abilities: Sanctus remains blind but when he releases his hearing becomes so acute that he could hear a foot step from a mile away. When he moves his movements are so fast that all that can be seen is the lightning trail. When he moves he cannot change directions in mid move until he reaches a solid stopping point. He is also covered in a lightning armor that can deal minor damage when he is struck. After enough strikes to his armor it disappears and when it does he loses all his abilities. It takes 2 minutes for the armor to return. He can also fire small lightning bolts from his hands
Tormenta cuerno (Thunder Horn): A large amount of electricity is harnessed into his horn and then fired out with power equal to a cero oscuras.
Atravesar (Pierce): He launches himself, horn first, at his opponent. This is the only move that can be performed with out the lightning armor
Sombrecarga (Overload): The lightning armor turns red for a short time giving him twice the power and speed of his normal abilities.
This move can only be activated once every 10 minutes

Here is his ressurecion

 Name: Sanctus Santo Age: Appears to be in his mid 40s Height: 5'7 Weight: 200 Race: Arrancar Appearan
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Nice grif I guess I should have seen this one coming are you working on all the Devil May Cry 4 enemies
1年以上前 grif16 said…
no i just started this one shortly after i finished my previous arrancar and just got to a place to day with internet to post him. I only did this one cause i thought he looked most like an arrancar. Are you gonna do all the dmc4 enemies?
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1年以上前 grif16 said…
Zanpakuto Name: Biura (Severing Tree)
Release Command: Sprout

Shikai Appearance: The sword turns to wood. It still cuts like steel and can do battle with a steel blade without splitting.

Shikai Abilities: With each cut made by my blade it releases microscopic creatures into my opponent. The creatures can sense the transfer of energy to a certain part of the body and send the information back to me via telepathy. When i receive the info i know what my enemy will do moments before they do it
1. Nejira (Twisted Tree): I stab the ground and a large root crawls through the ground toward my opponent and attempts to impale my opponent
2. Bira (Flying Tree): A swing of the blade and releases finger sized shards of wood toward my opponent

Bankai: Hobiura (Demon Splitting Tree)
Bankai Appearance: The sword disappears into the ground and while not seen, under the ground are thousands of vines covered in thousands of razor sharp steel thorns that are mentally controlled and at my will can rise out of the ground and attack my enemy

Bankai Abilities: Same abilities as my shikai. Can still release the creatures
1. Goenra (Tree Shell): The vines turn rock hard and create a shield around me
2. Hangurogeki (Iron Strike): The tips of the vine turn to iron and rush toward my opponent in an attempt to skewer them
3. Ra no Shini (Tree of Death): All the vines sprout thousands of trees that cover a 1 mile radius. All the leaves on the trees then become razor sharp and shoot at my opponent. This is my ultimate technique so it can only be used once every 5 days.

Here is what my shikai looks like
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 Zanpakuto Name: Biura (Severing Tree) Release Command: Sprout Shikai Appearance: The sword turns to
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
Mm googd use of creativity, the whole bambo blade is like my original shingami's bankai balde. Yet the leaves are like captian byakuga's wepon. That being writen u still use all the potential of ur distance and vines. Good job though. Nice use of the word attemp for ur attacks.
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Just a little info its actually byakuya
1年以上前 lightning84265 said…
I only read the first one about the six wind circles so if mine kind of reasembles someone elses srry i REALLY did come up with it.

SEALED: a normal katana with black hilt.

SHIKAI: SHINO NO KAGE(shadow of death) blade becomes black and all atributes such as speed are increased.

KAGE NO KURON(shadow clone) oponets shadow becomes a clone of themselves that they must face.
KURAI NAMI (wave of darkness) basicly a black getsuga tenshou.
KURAI NAMI RYU (wave of darkness dragon) basiccly a black version of toshiros hyurimaru but instead of ice and water it breathes black flames that dont spread but can burn on top of anything, even water, they also linger unntill i dispell them.

BANKAI:MIENAI,SHINO NO KAGE(unseen,shadow of death) blade remains the same as in shikai however I gain black armour. again all atributes are increased to an alarming level. has all the same abilities as before except fster and stronger (except the clones wich have the same power the oponet has).

BANKAI ABILITY:KAGE NO RYOKO(shadow travel) enters the "realm of shadow" and body disapears leaving only the shadow. I(now my shadow) attack their shadow which damage is done to them as well. their shadow cant hurt me but i can be forced out of the realm of shadow if oponet stabs my shadow with their real sword(when stabbed i dont take damage). I cant return to the shadows untill the fight is over. my shadow cant be seen in the shade but naturally apears in the sunlight.

BANKAI ABILITY FINISHING STATE:KAGE NO RYOKO KURSARI(shadow travel chains) only able to be used during shadow travel and after use i cant access my shikai or higher for the next 24 hours. their shadow becomes chained into an X shape and of course their body mimics, allowing me to slice em up all i want without fail.

HOLLOWFIED: my trump card for if i can no longer use my shadow travel or it would be a bad idea to use shadow tavel chains. instead of mine being like ichigo and the visords what happens is my inner hollow is realeased into the world under my controll. it has the same powers but light instead of dark and white instead of black. its power is the also under the same afects of my own so if i cant use shadow travel it cant use "light travel". If it is realeased before i use shadow traval chains i can have it use it (light version of course) and still be able to use mine.

so what do you think i havent thought about the person who wields it but i think its pretty sweet.
ps. i am now going to read the others :)
1年以上前 lightning84265 said…
so what do u think????
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
To uluqiorra so I mispelled big deal. To lightning its kool thogh ur shinkai is pretty basic why not try a variable like a change in apperence, second ur black fire is exzacly like my black kagutoshi in my bankai its okay just saying.the holding is a neat trick but iþ should be fair for their shadow to attack ur shadow by mimicing the real movement to match their shadow,for example if u use a slicing motion and ur shadow also slices. If I'm being to mean tell me and ill shut up( I like to be specific it just my naturer)
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
Some mispelings the wierd p thing is a T my keybourd is acting up.
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
ok im sorry if the misspelling thing was mean i mean i cant say i have never misspelled stuff :) and lightning can you just specify like what is alarming amounts and not trying to be mean but the bankai seem extremely overpowered to me
and rantora we gotta make peace and represent michigan:)
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1年以上前 grif16 said…
Zanpakuto name: Chito no chimaru (Stone Blade of the Earth Spirits)
Release command: Reveal Your True Power

Shikai Appearance: The blade turns to stone with a razor sharp diamond edge.

Shikai Abilities: The weight of the blade can change at will. The blade can go from being light as a feather to 300 pounds heavy in the blink of an eye
1. The diamond edge of the blade can turn to a serrated edge in an instant for more ripping power
2. The diamond edge can extend forward from the top of the blade an extra 5 feet and then retract. While the blade is extended it cannot be swung around.
3. Chito (Stone blade): With a swing of my sword a paper thin diamond disc is launched at my opponent. The disc has enormas cutting power

Bankai: Zanto no Kami (Diamond Sword of the Gods)

Bankai Appearence: My katana becomes a 6 foot tall double edged sword made entirely out of diamond. Between the blade and handle is a glowing blue orb. The sword has multiple sharp ends that protrude from the orb

Bankai Abilities: The sword still holds all the same abilities as the shikai
1. Kyoseiran (Mirror Storm): I launch a barrage of thousands of large diamond spikes that if shot from high enough can shower the battle field. However the barrage is incredibly inaccurate. Then once in the ground i can rotate them mentally at will. The shards are extremely hard to break. The shards can redirect kido to where ever i want but each shard it bounces off it looses power. I always start of a battle with this move after activating my bankai.
2. Zanshun (Diamond Flash): I hold the sword with the orb facing my opponent and a large cero type blast shoots from the orb with the power of hado 91. If the blast misses my opponent then it will bounce off the diamond shards and continue to try to hit my opponent. I can control the direction of the blast by rotating the diamond shards in the ground. With each bounce off one of the shards the blast gets weaker by one kido level but gains speed till it becomes to fast to dodge
3. Zankei (Diamond Massacre): This move can only be activated after firing many Zanshun. With each bounce off a shard the energy from the zanshun charges up in the crystal and once i feel it is ready a full powered zanshun fires from each diamond shard that was used to redirect a zanshun. It cannot charge from a kido blast

Here is a pic of my bankai blade
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 Zanpakuto name: Chito no chimaru (Stone Blade of the Earth Spirits) Release command: Reveal Your True
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
To ulquiorra its fine I waz just saying where cool. To grif nice pick,though the dymond storm is like a upgrade of my bankai's dissinigrate anbility. Besides that its pretty accurate at a distance,why not look at the one I did on page 111. Overall good use of creativity and all.
1年以上前 Xindale said…
Name: Kurohyo
Freeze the Earth
the gaurd looks like an ice crystal, the blade looks like that of an orcs sword and freeze anything it cuts. Attached to the hilt is a worn, ragged cloth that uses my kido powers to freeze anything it wraps around. it inhanses my ice type kido and can launch the Soigeki spell (ive seen Toshiro use it)twice its power
The entire sword transforms into a large black snake twice the size of a python. it can spit venom that freezes anything it touches. Who ever has the misfortune to be bitten by Orochi Kurohyos fangs will be injected by the same venom and be slowly frozen from the inside out. My shinigami can meld consiousnesses with his bankai and see and communicate strategies with it.
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1年以上前 grif16 said…
Xindale. nice zanpakuto but i think u could add on to it a little. Give it some special attacks or something.
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Chihiro Ishibashi
Height: 5’6’’ in a half, 169 cm
Weight: 120, 154 km
Birthday: June 12th
Age: 170
Appearance: Chihiro has deep set aqua green eyes and ash blonde hair that is very thick and straight and usually kept in a tight bun with her bangs combed to one side or completely pulled back or in a bob cut. She has a rather elegant appearance because of her classic face, pale skin, long neck, and long torso, but many find her to be plain. Chihiro often wears simple dresses and when she wore her soul reaper uniform she wore a white sash with an Asian flower print.
Personality: loving, strong willed, determined, witty, stubborn, and caring
Occupation: seamstress (personal stylist of Byakuya Kuchiki), hat welter, and in charge of domestic duties at Aizen’s hideout
Previous occupation: lieutenant of squad 10
Family: Yuriko Ishibashi (grandmother, her only known living relative), unnamed father and mother, and her long lost sister Kyoko.
Favorite food: banana nut bread and chicken soup
Likes: Chihiro sewing, hat welting, cooking, gardening, Feminine, soft men, flower arrangement, singing, dancing, windflower, picnics, laughing, sword technique (is a kendo master) , painting, going to places spontaneously, hoarding (she thinks she’ll get cancer if she throws anything away), horses, horseback riding, weird cute items (like unicorn figurines and talking fruits), shopping for strange things.
Dislikes: She dislikes being taken for granted, cruel acts, gambling, and stupidity. She also despises anything she doesn’t now the measurements for and can easily taste all the ingredients. Chihiro hates anything pickled especially onions and sour krout. She is easy to anger when people insult those she loves or her hoarding problems. Chihiro despises the violence, depravity, and the harsh living conditions in the Rukon, and yearns to change it for the better.
Love interest: Byakuya Kuchiki and Kaname Tossen
Favorite song/theme music: I’m Not Gonna Beg by Natalie Merchant
History: Chihiro once lived in district 78 with her sister and father. Her mother died when she gave birth to her younger sister Kyoko. Chihiro was 16 years older than her sister, but none the less she was very close to her. They were forced to endure their fathers’ constant drinking, gambling, and mental abuse until he ended up selling her little sister to pay off some debts. Chihiro became enraged and demanded to know where she was, but before he could say anything a group of men took her and her father. She was tortured but after the fact the men claimed she could have her freedom if she killed her father. She ended up seeing her father in bondage with his tongue cut off, due to his incessant complaining as the mob put it. In frustration for what he had done to her beloved kyoko she ran him through, though later she confesses that she regretted it. She tried to leave but the ruffians began to struggle with her. While she was strong enough to defeat most any of them one on one, she was pushed down from their sheer numbers, but was quickly rescued by Tossen who had been seemingly walking by at the time. She was immediately enraptured and grateful to him, and he persuaded her to return to the Seritei to enhance her impressive spiritual powers. She declined saying she needed to find her sister, but after over a month of searching she conceded and went to study at the shinigami academy. She studied their and began to develop feelings for her fellow classmate Byakuya Kuchiki, though he hardly noticed her because she was considered rather ordinary and had a lack of prospects. She was accepted into Squad ten as the lieutenant since the previous one had mysteriously died. She was happy to see Tossen again and a bit unnerved when realizing her academy crush was a squad captain and in many of the same clubs as her. She didn’t take very well to her captain, Kōsuke Nomura, who ended up being a traitor to the soul society. After the death of Hisana she decided to live in squad four and became a hat welder and seamstress. On a chance meeting with Kuchiki he was so taken with a windflower scarf he hired her as his personal stylist. She revealed her love to him years ago but he replied that she was too plain, but even so she decided to be his stylist to show that she had moved on. She has recently discovered her sister and that she’s pregnant with Aizen’s child. She has joined Aizen’s cause and left her shop leaving a note saying she’ll be back for her next appointment. She has gotten closer to Tossen.
Zanpakuto: Haru Hanabira (spring petal)
Release command: bloom
Spirit manifestation: a beautiful woman with a bare torso and green skin with long white hair, her bottom half rises out of a large anemone flower. She is very temperamental often hitting perverts or those who insult her with her thorns.
Inner world: a valley where bosoms travel on the breezes and flowers sing.
Apperance: a long, thick katana with a milky-white hilt with etchings of blooming flowers. The guard resembles a windflower or anemone blossoms.
Shikai: a thick bladed katana reminiscent of its sealed state, the hilt is pearl white with floral designs etched on to it. The most unique part of the sword is its blade, which comes up and sprouts out in petal like blades, making it look like a flower. It can alter into a long range weapon by turning into a grappling hook.
1. Haru Kaze (spring wind)
Effect: releases a tornado of anemone blossoms that can rend apart foes or trap them.
2. Kamisori Kaben (razor petal)
Effect: her petaled blade begins to spin at skin shredding speed and detaches like a grappling hook she can maneuver.
3. Shiboo Hanasaku (death flower)
Effect: releases spores that can absorb reiatsu and the soul of her foes
Bankai: Haru Hana Tate (spring flower shield)
Special power: Chihiro has huge, almost hologram-like petals that cluster into a flower that can protect her from almost any attack or absorb the damage to heal her wounds. The thorny roots of the reiatsu flower wrap around her arms and legs, which can devastate the foe with pain when she relies on her combat skills. These roots can unfold and dig deep down into the earth where she can absorb energy to increase her strength. The roots can unwind and be used to dig beneath the ground and impale upwards or travel in angles up above it. The thorns has buds that begin to bloom when she drains the reiatsu out of foes, this can kill them if they can’t break free or she holds them too long. She can create a hurricane of pollen spores or parachute pods that destroy foes and an eruption of petals that destroys everything in a large area. The flower has to charge this attack, when it comes to physical combat she can use the stamen emerging from her chest flower like blades.
Special skills:
Flash step master (her speed rivals that of anyone at a captain’s position, she learned a great deal from Nomura)
Kido expert (she is capable with her use of kido)
Master Hand to hand combatant
Sword skills master (her style is kendo based)
Welting hats
1年以上前 rantora13 said…
This is just a revised and very specific remake for the Bleach:fallout

Name makushimirian
Zampakuto name: kotesu(dymonds pain) sealed state 16x2in blade width
Shinkai; my blade changes to a gauntlnet(on right forearm)each indiviual blade is razor sharp.
Realese command;"shatter to shard kotesu".
1st ability: in sunlight the gaunlent is able to absorb and refocus it into a concentrated beam of energy at 500¤k at about 200mph with the command "immolate"(time for absorbtion 10sec)
2nd ability:
On the command "disinigrate" my gauntlent fires 50 shards that travel at 200 mph with a spread of 4ft for 5ft in front to 8ft for 10ft in front leaving behind a dymond less gauntlent until the dymonds rejenerate which take 2min.
Bankai: purisumu akuma(prism demon) kotesu changes into a pair of blades kite sheilds with a 5in spike on each sheild, my body turns into dymonds
1st abiltiy:
On the command "flash" I send a super nova like explosion og heat(5oo¤k) that travels at 10ft per 3sec
2nd abillity:
On the command "disinigrate" my body changes in to 200 shards that travel at 5ft per second for 10sec. But if ur spirit pressure is hifger then my shards this move is enefective.
Passive abiltiy: semse I am made of dymond I absorb 2x the enefgy 2x faster. If I'm hit with a light or heat related move I can absorb and then rejerect that move.
1年以上前 Ulquiorra1313 said…
Dancing petal I think that character may be a bit overpowered if you know what i mean with being a master at everything