BLEACH(ブリーチ) Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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1年以上前 tetsudragon said…
Name: Kichigai Sousakushiya

Gender: Male

Height:5 Ft 9 In

Weight: 140 Pounds

Age: looks around 26

Rank: 12th squad captain

Appearance: Short brown hair, yellow eyes, yellow and blue face paint that covers everything, evil grin, hat like maruyi's

Bio: A slightly insane man that enjoys inflicting pain, creating poisons, creating harmful machines and for some reason helpful machines.He also enjoys being called professor.

Zampakuto: KonomiKagaku(mad science)- The hilt is yellow and the guard is the outline of earth and its continents,the world edge is blue and the continents are green.


Shikai appearance-The guard changes into a mushroom cloud that is red, hilt is same as normal, blade is red at bottom, orange at mid, and yellow at top.

Shikai abilities

Moetsuku RE_ZA(igniting L.A.S.E.R)-Shoots a L.A.S.E.R from tip of zampakuto for 1 second and cannot go more than a 30 degree angle.whatever it hits an explosion is created on it that has a blast diameter of 2 meters. L.A.S.E.R travels at 300 kmph.

Bakuhatsubutsuhari(explosive spikes)- Shoots five explosive spikes that travel at 100 kmph and have an explosive diameter of 10 meters.

Bakuhatsubutsukiri(explosive cuts)- When this is activated the user must preform five successful consecutive cuts on the target. After he is successful the cuts will fill with a resin that explodes 5 seconds later with the force of several of the firecrackers you throw on the ground.

Bankai name-Bakuhatsubutsukagaku(Explosive science)

Bankai Appearance- hilt is still yellow and guard is now a earth again except it is full red as is the blade.

Moetsuku RE_ZA- Lasts for 2 seconds and can be used in a 60 degree angle, blast diameter is 4 meters instead of 2. just a stronger version.

Maikuroha(microwave)-Sword emits microwaves that cause anything metal in a 20m diameter to explode except swords, but abilities from them explode if there is metal involved.

Bakuhatsubutsuriron(explosive theory)- Creates an explosive covered by a lithium triteride casing. When it explodes it implodes on itself and then explodes with the explosive yield boosted 100-fold. The resulting explosion is 300 ft in diameter.


Hand to hand:30
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1年以上前 tayandkris4evr said…
@ tetsudragon, I really liked your character. He kind of reminded me of a little Mayuri, or Mayuri's brother. Your Zanpaktou was very creative I really liked the design. Good job. :)
1年以上前 tetsudragon said…
Thanks, i tried to capture that outlook for him.
1年以上前 CarlyBerry said…
<--Soul Slayer-->

Zanpakutou Type: Dual-Blade
Sealed Form: Double Chakrams link
Shikai Form: Tengoku Wanage (Celestial Rings)link
Shikai Release Command: "Torikakomu!" (Besiege!)
Shikai Abilities:
-- Wataru Kiri (Cross Cut) Throw both rings at the opponent in X direction to cross slash attack.
-- Hasaki Kocho (Butterfly Blade) Combining both rings into butterfly shape and throw like boomerang, causing multiple damage to the surrounding opponents.
Bankai Form: Shi no Wanage (The Rings of Death)link
Bankai Abilities:
-- Tanoshii Suitoru (Enjoyable Drain) Surround the opponent with spinning rings to drain reiatsu.
-- Damashiuchi (Surprise Attack) Throw both rings up in the air. They will spin and shine a very bright light to stun the opponent. Eventually they will disappear and surprisingly cut through the chain link and soul sleep of the opponent.
Zanpakutou spirit: link


Name: Carliantonette Weinzierre (Carly)
Birthday: September 16th
Age: 112 in Soul society, 17 in human world
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: >.< 114 lbs
Blood Type: O
Rank: - Lieutenant of 2nd Squad (Soul Society 2003-2009).
- Commander of Special Units Alliance (Home World 2010-present).
Bio: A former Lieutenant of 2nd squad was exiled to live in the human world. However, she still carries her death god power and helps Gotei 13 from the exile.
Occupation: Student
Favorite food: Fried Chicken Wings and Ice Cream
Overall Ability:
- Zankensoki (Spirit): A
- Kidou (Daemon Magic): A-
- Hohou (Flash): B
- Zanjutsu (Blade Mastery): B+
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1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Well, this is an old blade I posted, but I've added a character to it. Been meaning to make this into the 4th division captain, and it seems her time has come. I'll be posting the 13th division captain with full blade specs later today as well.

Name: Yasashiku Unohana

Gender: Female

Height:5 Ft 7 In

Age: 35

Rank: 4th squad captain

Appearance: Shoulder length black hair that comes down over her shoulders. White skinned with a severe look, she’s quick to anger. She hates when people call her by her last name (not exactly a fan of the former 4th captain Retsu Unohana), though she is in many ways similar. Retsu always showed a dangerous side of herself when she wanted to get her way, whereas Yasashiku shows a much calmer side when she wants hers. The flip in emotion seems to be a family trait.

Bio: Grew up under the thumb of Retsu, who trained her to be the 4th squad captain. As soon as she was capable enough to train on her own, she began trying to go on a different path than her predecessor, but learned quickly that healing and being a squad captain were her strengths as they had been Retsu’s. So instead, she aimed to do it better. She had always seen the 4th squad as more clean-up than anything, and began to transform it into a defensive squad, one that focused on support in the battlefield rather than just off it.

Shikai Name: Merodī (Melody)

Release Command: Rippuru… (Ripple…)

Bankai Name: Kansei Merodī (Inertial Melody)

Shikai Description: The initial blade is a plain dagger, and when released, the metal changes into a circular shape, not unlike a police baton.

Shikai Ability 1: Chinmoku no Oto (Sounds of Silence) - The wielder can utilize all binding and barrier kido at half the cost of energy and at two times the effectiveness, but they are incapable of using any offensive kido, and the binding techniques create barriers around the opponent that stop all physical strikes and kido up to the level of that binding technique.

Shikai Ability 2: Kurayami no Sasayaki (Whispers in the Dark) - The form of the blade shatters entirely into liquid, which form in drops in a 3 foot radius around the wielder. These act solely as defense, rising off the ground as though it were rain falling in the opposite direction. This ability only works to defend against abilities that utilize number (e.g. Byakuya’s blade, Yoruichi’s needles) rather than focused blasts or strength (e.g. any given sword strike, almost every kido).

Bankai Description: Liquid metal pours out of the blade in tremendous amounts, covering the field for miles and the weapon itself in a mass of silver. The blade hovers away from the wielder, transforming itself into the shape of a trill bit with holes at the tip and 6 wires radiating out of the holes. The wielder controls this separately. The two shikai abilities are still in effect.

Bankai Ability 1: Shin Kankaku (New Sensation) – The metal on the ground is entirely solid, but when any pressure is applied on top of it (from kido or physical movements) it appears to ripple. The ripples are directly felt by the wielder, allowing her to track the opponent’s movements as long as they are anywhere near the ground in the area. The size of the ripple allows her to estimate whether the movement is a strike, how far off the ground they are, and how powerful the strike is.

Bankai Ability 2: Yume no Rekuiemu (Requiem for a Dream) – Any allies that have been damaged can descend into the liquid on the battlefield. As many as 6 can be under the metal, and they are arranged in a hexagonal shape. The drill bit-like weapon plunges tip first into the metal, and wires extend out to each of the people that are under the sea of metal. As long as the wielder has her hand planted on the top of the drill bit, it will infuse each of them with healing energy. Light injuries will be healed in seconds, heavy injuries will heal in no more than 5 minutes, and mortal wounds will not heal.

Bankai Ability 3: Uprising (Bōdō) Rods of steel rise from the ground, acting only in defense. This will stop strikes as with medium-heavy strength behind them, and for anything higher will merely slow them down. This does not prevent kido, and these rods will pass through human tissues harmlessly.
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
Name: Boa Yurasu
Gender: Female
Age: Looks 20
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 141
Position: Squad 5 Captain
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair

Appearance: Boa is a slender woman with long black hair, large breasts, a high forehead, and dark pink eyes that have long, voluminous lashes. She wears a very revealing black blouse that shows much of her chest, like Rangiku, and loose sarong that exposed her legs, along with her long sleeve Captains robe that she wears over her outfit. She also wears gold earrings that look like coiled snakes.

Personality: Boa is a very complex woman! Because of her beauty and demeanor, towards those who do not know her personally; she appears to be selfish, pompous and spoiled, used to having her own way. She acts that way to people she doesn't know personally because she doesn't trust anyone, due to her troubled past that she refuses to talk about. Therefore she refuses to show any sign of weakness again to anyone. But those that know her personally know that deep down inside, Boa is a rather-sensitive and vulnerable woman who is afraid and concerned about how other people (especially her squad) might react to the truth of the shameful past that she went through. Boa can also be very sly and crafty when the situation demands it, normally using her beauty to get what she wants from others.

Strength: 75
Speed: 100
Kido: 63
Swordsmanship: 85
Hand-to-Hand: 100

Shikai Name: Hebi Me (Snake Eye)
Shikai Phrase: Petrify, Hebi Me
Bankai Name: Koodori Hebi Metsuki (Dancing Snake Eyes)

Shikai Appearance: In its sealed form, the blade is a regular katana with a green handle. When it releases, it becomes a meter long katana that is green in color and resembles snake skin. there is also a jewel in the middle of the handle that looks like a snakes eye.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Ishi Kai (Stone Cut) - When Boa cuts any living organism, the area of the cut will begin to petrify. The petrification depends on how long she holds the blade in the wound. If it is just a quick slash, then you will see the skin around the wound crack and fall off. If she holds the blade in the wound, then the petrification will begin to slowly spread through out the organisms body from the spot of the wound.

2) Hebi Chuuseki (Snake Pillar) - The blade will glow pink and Boa will swing the blade. When she does this, a pink aura in the shape of a large 10 foot snake will fly out of the blade in a straight line, kido spell speed. When the snake hits something, it will petrify everything in a 10 foot diameter of where it hit. This ability can be stopped by kido spells.

3) Giragira Me (Glaring Eye) - Boa holds the blade in front of her with the blade pointing to the ground and the jewel facing the opponent. The jewel glows pink and a thin pink beam is shot out of the jewel towards the opponent. The beam is an inch thick and will petrify everything within an 4 inch radius of what the beam touches. The beam shoots in a straight line and has a lot of force behind it and will cause whatever is petrified to crumble away after turning to stone. Boa must keep her stance in order to use this ability, if she moves the blade from its original position, the ability will stop. The opponent can also stop the attack with their zanpaktou, but if they are weaker than Boa, their blade will break.

Bankai Appearance: In this form, the blade is now segmented and the tip of the blade has the appearance of a snake's head. Due to the blade now being segmented, it is now a sharp whip-like weapon that can stretch to 50 feet away. Boa's hair also moves around continuously as if it was alive and her eyes appear to be snake-like.

Bankai Abilities: The blade still has the Ishi Kai ability from the shikai form!

1) Hydra Chuuseki (Hydra Pillars) - Boa will begin to glow pink and seven 15 feet long snakes will appear behind her. Boa will then point the blade at the opponent and, one at a time, each snake will fly at the opponent. These snakes are like homing missiles and will chase the opponent. The snakes move at kido spell speed and will petrify everything in a 15 foot diameter when it hits. The snakes can be stopped by kido spells or zanpakou attacks. The snakes do not have to be fired in succession. This ability can only be used once.

2) Medusa's Metsuki (Medusa's Eyes) - Boa's eyes glow pink and two thin pink beams shoot out of her eyes. The beams are an inch thick and will petrify everything within an 6 inch radius of what the beams touch. The beams shoot in a straight line and have a lot of force behind them and will cause whatever is petrified to crumble away after turning to stone. Boa must stay still in order to use this attack, but only for as long as she needs to in order to launch the attack. For example, she can shoot a small beam from her eyes, close them, turn her head in another direction, reopen her eyes and launch another one. The opponent can also stop the attack with their zanpaktou, but if they are weaker than Boa, their blade will break.

3) Sakin Naya (Skin Shed) - Boa's entire body will glow pink, and then the pink glow will vanish away. When Boa reappears, all of her injuries will be completely healed, but it has its limits. This ability will heal all her cuts and even regenerate lost limbs, but it will not heal injuries to internal organs. This ability can only be used once a day per bankai release.
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1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
Name: Raito
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 28ish
Height: 5’11”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Rank: 6th Squad Captain
Personility:Always happy and energetic, nomatter what situation he is, he sees combat as a game.

Kido: 45
Swordsman: 100
Hand-to-hand: 85

Appearance He wears the average Captain looking uniform. He has a slightly tanned complection always has a smile on his face, not a creepy one just a happy smile.

Shikai Appearance: A rapier with what looks like a sun hand guard that comes down over the hand with one ray stretching to the bottom of the handle. The blade is pure white, and shines brightly enough to illuminate a pitch black room, if one is to look close enough at it the blade almost looks like a highly reflective mirror.

Bankai Appearance: The entire zanpaktou vanishes and appears as a beam of white light that looks like a straight sword with a round cross guard.

Shikai abilities

1) Super speed: This ability speeds the user up to double Shunpo speed but the user can only travel in straight lines. When needing to turn they must stop turn the way they want to move and then take off again. Also it speeds up the thrusting of his sword to a blinding speed.

2) Kussetsu (Refraction) This ability has two uses. The first is it refracts the image of the wielder of the zanpaktou in the opponent’s eyes. This makes it harder too hit the wielder because the wielder of the zanpaktou isn’t standing where they appear to be. Also if energy based attacks fly at the wielder, he can hold his blade up to the attack and knock it off course. This only effect spells level 40 or lower, or any attack equivalent.

3.) Hikari no shotto (Light shot): From the tip of the blade a beam of light fires. This beam acts like light except it moves at fastest kido spell speed. Its penetrating power is double that of Byakurai. Finally a mental command by the wielder can have this ability detonate upon impact, making an explosion roughly equivalent to a hand grenade.

Bankai abilities:

1) Super speed: The user keeps the speed boost but now can bounce off of reflective services that are at least as large as the body part in which collides with it. Also it speeds up the thrusting of his sword to a blinding speed.

2) Hansha (Reflection) This ability allows the user to make up to 10 copy images of them self to confuse the enemy. These copies can not physically attack them selves but a combination of the first bankai ability and this may make it seem as such. Also the copies count as a reflective surface to bounce off of. Finally if the copy is released by user it will burst into light which will blind the opponent for a couple seconds. Also like refraction the user can hold up his blade to an energy attack equivalent to a level 60 Kido spell or lower but instead of knocking it off course it reflects it in the exact opposite direction of the blade.

3. Saikō-kō ga satsuei (best light shooting) Like the Hikari no shotto only. The wielder can either hurl his sword for the attack or fire from the tip. Also the power is increased by 5 times. Finally through a creative way of using this ability the wielder can have 2 swords instead of just one.

Notes: The wielder often uses combinations of abilities to make attacks such as
Hikari no ame (light rain) The wielder using their increased speed and either Saikō-kō ga satsuei or Hikari no shotto will appear above the opponent and rapidly thrust his blade forward covering a 10 foot diameter cone below him with raining light beams.

Kosame no bakuhatsu (explosion of light rain) Like previous attack except making the beams explode on impact.

Shōmei (Illumination) Using his speed Saikō-kō ga satsuei and Hansha ability the wielder surrounds his opponent with copies and flying between them at full speed pausing for an instant to fire a beam of light that may or may not explode causing the entire area to glow brightly when the beams collide or explode.
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1年以上前 peleihno said…
Name: Sanjo Hiruzen
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0''
Age: looks 25
clothes: wears normal shingami uniform with standard captain's haori
personality: Calm cool and collected, he doesnt show much emotion except for laughter, he loves a good joke. but all around is a nice agreeable person.
skills: Shunpo-100 kido-100 swordmanship-100 strength-50 hand to hand- 80 intellect-100
rank- 9th squad captain

backstory: Sanjo was a prodigy in his younger days, hailed as the best of his generation and often called a genius above all others. But he is famous for how lazy he can be, in spite of that Sanjo graduated from the shinigami academy in 2 years. He was recrutited by the 13th squad and learned directly from ukitake. He quickly moved through the ranks and was well liked by those around him, he has even been honored by yamamoto himself.


Name- Raikou ejji " Lightning edge"
release command- "from the heavens, lighting become my blade"
Bankai- tentou douyou denkou ejji "heaven shaking lightning edge
description- in its normal form it is a normal katana with a white and silver hilt. When released in shikai form the blade glows and becomes longer( like a nodachi. While in bankai the user gains an aura of lightning and the user's eyes glow white, the sword retains its shikai form.
[shikai abilities] -
Striking lightning slash- is an extended swing like benihime's sing and getsuga tenshou, the users sends a wave of lightning. ( can vary in strength.
Shield of light- forms a shield of light particles and creates a dome of varying size around the user.
sweeping strike- lightning surges around the blade and the user's strike speed increases tremendously.

[bankai abilities]
aura of lightning- from this the user's speed increases greatly and can shoot lightning bolts at enemy
advent of light- huge sphere of pure light energy that produces a devastating explosion, this attack is so powerful it can only be used 2 at a time then must be recovered for a week.
blinding light of justice- temporarily blinds whoever the user believes to be an enemy, comrades can still see in this attack. also this attack kills any hollow of low reiatsu instantly

my zanpakuto is balanced in my eyes, it is powerful but not too powerful that it seems overdone. all in all it is a extremely powerful and deadly sword. :)
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Name: Renee Chevalier
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 6’0”
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Rank: 13th Squad Captain

Appearance/Personality: Her eyes are heavily lidded at almost all times, making her always appear as though she’s falling asleep. She is actually very driven, though she doesn’t tend to look very serious. Her long black hair comes down in 2 braids to her knees, each braid with a golden streak down the middle. Olive skinned, she tends to wear clothing with a deep neckline that plunges down just enough to reveal her belly button, though the line itself is thin enough to not reveal much cleavage. She thinks very highly of herself, and only listens to orders from the Captain Commander, though she acts as his constant adviser.

Bio: She had been trained in kido since the beginning of her life, often working with members of Central 46 to develop it. Soul Society had always considered her a fascinating weapon, and she is the only Soul Reaper authorized to use forbidden abilities. She was given the position of head of the Kido Corps at a young age, where she learned to master a wide variety of abilities. She was pulled out and replaced when it was discovered that she had a very odd ability to reform spirit particles from dead soul reapers into their original blades, though it took a while for her to gain control of any abilities. She threw away blade after blade from fights where Soul Reapers had died, even throwing away a captain’s blade at one point. She eventually befriended Mine, the former Captain Commander, who aimed to have Renee take over for her after her death. After meeting Isao and seeing him as the better option, Renee became a captain instead. She doesn’t mind the role change.

Shunpo: 100
Kido: 100
Swordsman: 95
Hand-to-hand: 40

Shikai Appearance: Renee’s blade is released at all times, and is pockmarked with holes that were built into the blade. Unlike with Mine, the blade is extremely light, though it remains about 3 feet long, and retains a 2 inch wide blade. Renee wields it much like a sabre despite obvious differences between the two types of blades.

Shikai Ability 1: Air Drag – The blade begins to release an aura around it. The aura is a high friction zone, making it very difficult to move through it. What that means is that as long as the aura is active, the blade will almost never cut, but more act as a defense by slowing down enemy thrusts. This friction applies to anything around or inside the blade.

Shikai Ability 2: Triboelectric Effect – Cuts with the blade do not damage the skin, but instead create electrostatic charges at the sites of the cuts. These charges will deplete over time (5 minutes and they’re gone), but cause only limited irritation while active.

Shikai Ability 3: Friction Welding – Blades that come into contact with the wielder’s heat up dramatically over time, though this only applies to sites where the two strike together (hence, unless the hilt is struck, the blade can still be wielded with ease). At every strike, a gas is released. If that gas comes into contact with the charges of the previous ability, the gas will explode. Damage will be dependent on the number of charges and the time they have been active (the shorter the duration, the more damage).

Bankai Appearance: Most of the metal strips off the blade and grows dramatically in size, leaving only a dagger with a few holes through it. Four sheets of metal are grown out of the remainder, and they rise into the sky, forming around the area equidistant from each other. Each of them contains three large holes.

Bankai Ability 1: Pressurized Air – The zone begins to generate a tremendous amount of pressure, basically the reverse of a vacuum which takes pressure out. This causes the friction in the area to vastly increase. Breathing becomes harder for opponents in this zone due to the extra force required to bring in oxygen, but the main difficulty comes from movement. Speed is dramatically slowed, and going against the friction by increasing it back to normal can cause terrible burns from the force of movement. This applies to everyone and everything within the zone, including the wielder. This can be reduced through the use of lubricants.

Bankai Ability 2: Accoustic Lubrication – The wielder can concentrate a large amount of energy in her hands and, by placing them on her chest, she releases tremendous amounts of sound waves that allow her to move at a normal rate through this zone without feeling the friction. The effect lasts only 15 seconds, and the large energy requirement reduces the number of uses to 10. Only one hand need remain on her chest in order for this ability to persist the full 15 seconds.

Bankai Ability 3: Infinite Friction – The base of the hilt on the dagger exudes a strong spiritual pressure, and anything that it is pressed on will take away a large portion of that. That location, if it touches anything, will adhere to it. That adherence will not go away until the bankai is released. There is only enough condensed power on the bottom of the hilt to use this ability 4 times, and if the full bottom is not pressed onto a target, the ability will not apply. This does not go through clothing.
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1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile

Name: Natación Picadura
Name Meaning: Swimming Sting
Height: 3’5” (as a child), 5’0’’
Weight: 34 pounds (as a child), 96 pounds
Race: Arrancar
Birthday: unknown
Age: 1006
Apperance: Natación has short burnt orange curls and the remnant of her hollow mask resembles a top hat reminiscent of a sting ray that sits on her head with its stinger dangling at the end. Her hollow hole is located on her inner thigh (which she is teased about). She has small breast and a fragile appearance, and a pale skin tone (people often poke fun at her flat ghostly pale skin). Her eyes are a deep aqua. Her figure is petite and light and her breast are quite small (which Rompio pokes fun at often) and her eyes lashes are crazily long and curvy, which many find to be her most beautiful feature. Her strangest feature is the orange swirl marks on her cheeks.
Personality: Natación is very curious about most things and often annoys or vexes others by asking so many questions at rapid succession; her curiosity often gets the better of her and she has gotten in trouble or had to reimburse someone for a broken item numerous time (she is so inquisitive in fact one time she snuck into her own surprise birthday party through an duct in the wall and ruined the wonder altogether). She can be very dense and needs to do see things before she can do them correctly so many assume she is stupid despite the fact she is rather intelligent. She likes to tease often and is known for funny and odd.
Occupation: Exportation to Soul Merchants
Favorite food: rice cakes, rice (especially brown, she eats so much it often annoys Rompio he dislikes the taste and texture of rice but eats it despite of it because he cares for her so much), and tangerines.
Likes: rice, writing funny letters about all the things she’s doing despite the fact if it’s arbitrary and boring, jokes, comedy, learning new things, meddling with anything she sees, watching Rompio’s yo-yo tricks, encyclopedias (because they have so much information), retaining every fact she hears, playing guitar which she has taken up from her exploits to the world of the living and importation (she has gotten quite good at it), the words discombobulated and Mumbo Jumbo, Ritual and cultural dances, riding in cars with her head stuck out the window because the yellow lines remind her of shooting stars, star gazing, and trying to speak to birds (which often confounds those she’s around)
Dislikes: getting lost (which happens often because she has horrible directional skills so she is often seen screaming for Ver Grey Perro because she has great tracking skills and is a known cartographer, when there are no stars visible, people making fun of her small breast and pale skin which she figures she can darken by staying out in the sun when she discreetly travels to the world of the living (she once fell asleep under a sun lamp that caused her to have a horrible sun burn), sunburn, overpowering smells, cottage cheese (dislikes the texture and taste), and not understanding things.
Love interest: Rompio Cangrejo
Family: unknown (deceased)
Favorite song/theme music: I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
by Jaan Kenbrovin
Cero: a swirling electric orange blast much like the appearance of the marks on her face.
Zanpakuto: Vela Mar Diamante (sailing sea diamond, referring to the shape of a sting ray)
Release phase: drift
Apperance: a katana with a smoky gray hilt with pale blue fillings and a silver tsuba shaped like a stingrays with blue topaz stones studded on it.
Resurrección: Her hollow mask remnant becomes attached to a thin layer on bone attached to her arms and hips, a long prehensile tail drops down, and is as hard and swift as a blade with a large poison stinger at the end. She can glide and fly in this form and can discharge poison needles at foes that impale as well as poison them. It is very lethal venom that takes several minutes to take effect unless impaled by the tail which is a much more lethal dose.
1. Veneno Dardo (venom dart): darts of acidic poison that cuts and injects foes with venom.
2. Tóxico Pinchar (toxic prick): impales the foe with a tail sting
Special Skills:
Sword skills master
Master hand to hand combatant
Sonido expert
High-speed regeneration
Enhanced Pequisa
Enhanced hierro
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
Thank you Lobos..I have such fun making characters and their Zanpakuto!!!
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile

Name: Baile Pétalo
Height: 5’5’’
Weight: 114
Race: arrancar
Birthday: unknown
Age: 400, 000 (estimated)
Status: deceased
Family: Toshiyuki Hiyama (deceased), Sakura Kuchiki, and Yumikiro
Apperance: Baile is very beautiful with soft white skin and long cheery blossom pink hair which is long and cut in jagged uneven directions (a trait Aizen jeered her about often). She has fluttering pink eyes that seem to dance with what looks like falling cherry blossoms in the light and voluptuous lips. Her body is rather petite despite her large personality. Hr hollow hole is located in the middle of her back but isn’t revealed on her torso. The remnant of her hollow mask appears to be a half bonnet with what appearance as boney ruffles and a rose with finger like excrements fumbling down her hair.
Personality: Baile is rather frightening and strong despite her small size and sweet appearance; she has a weakness for sweets and pretty words. She is a shy, idealistic woman deep down only expressing her deepest wishes with those she trust, love, or admires and isn’t afraid to backhand someone who makes stupid comments.
Favorite food: Sugar, Chinese buns or doughnuts sprinkled in powdered donuts, cake and candy
Likes: poetry (she learns how to read a little from Aizen, but loves to hear it recited to her), learning new things, sewing, sugar and cakes, arguing, fighting, sleeping (which like Sakura she does at the most inconvenient times), and romance.
Dislikes: stupid, insensitive behavior, not fully understanding things, self conceit, shallowness, and things that don’t serve any purpose.
Love interests: Toshiyuki Hiyama, Sosuke Aizen
Favorite song/ theme music: Marigold - Nirvana
Zanpakuto: Baile de La Flor Diosa (dance of the flower goddess)
Apperance: a long katanta with an etched bade and a crystalline green tsuba shaped like a flower and a darker green hilt.
Resurrección: long vines that take the place of her arms that she can whip and sear the flesh off her opponent’s bones with, she uses a very dance like style of fighting with many leaps and pirouettes. These vines can sprout thorns as cutting projectiles or to make the slashes of her whips even more deadly. Her mask remains the same but vines decorate her arms like sleeves and she has a sheer top on. She has a skirt resembling a flower that is serrated cutting whoever gets close enough to the petals.
Resurrección: Segunda Etapa: Jardín de La Flor Diosa (Garden of the flower goddess): she resembles a giant flower her waist is flowered with petals extending long and sharp, easily able to dismember an obstacle or foe in half, her legs resemble a long twisted green stem that she can move along the ground with, because it’s connected by roots, she often spins in rapid rotations to shred foes with her petals, she has her bosom exposed and her skull bonnet in this form, she can pull up the petals into a closed flower for protection or to heal any she pulls inside of her the liquid it heals her as well wit the fluids it secrets. This liquid is not harmful but can burn and stingy and give anyone exposed to it an itching sensation. She has great endurance in this form, the stem is so dense it’s much like steel and it’s very long so she bend in many different directions as well as go underneath the ground for protection.
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Dinosaurio Rabo
Name Meaning: Dinosaur Tail
Height: 6’5’’ in a half
Weight: 400 pounds, 3 tons in his resurrection
Race: Arrancar
Birthday: unknown
Age: 4045 (estimated)
Apperance: Rabo, as he is often called, is extremely tall and muscular, with a thick build. His skin is dark tan and his eyes are dark brown. His hair is short and black but mostly covered by a thick skull resembling that of an Alkylosaurus dinosaur.
Personality: Rabo is very strong willed and tough, but is mostly a gentle man. He cares about life and appreciates the smallest things like a light breeze or the chirping of birds. He believes everything has a purpose in this world despite what it may be. He is very affectionate with Raya and claims he would rather die one thousand deaths than see her cry.
Occupation: Exportation to Soul Merchants
Favorite food: honey barbeque ribs
Likes: The small things in life, Raya and doing anything she likes (despite whether he likes it or not), plotting and landscaping, fighting, playing cards, drinking, having a saying for his life and situations, and ties
Dislikes: being called or referred to as husky, Raya being upset, those who are cruel or don’t have a saying, and bland foods
Love interest: Raya Ciervo
Family: unknown
Favorite song/theme music: Wildflower - Skylark
Cero: A large white blast from his closed fist
Zanpakuto: Se Rompio Pincho Roba (smashing spike tail)
Release phase: demolish
Apperance: A large ax with a gold handle and silver blade etched with what appears to be runes and moonstones; he usually straps it to his back
Resurrección: Rabo’s mask remnant becomes thicker and large and connected to a large armadillo like shell on his back with a large prehensile tail resembling a clubbed mace with jutting spikes; this armor is all a dusted gold and brown. There is armor plating on his body that replaces his clothing.
Special abilities: the tail can smash into foes, dealing serious damage. If it were to smash into your head and could potentially shatter your skull. It can shatter bone but is quite slow. The armor gives him increased endurance though it is connected pieces so he can still be cut if the foe manages to strike it. His weight increased by three tons, meaning he is potentially unmovable. His primary abilities in this form are increased strength and endurance. He also has the ability to cure injuries with healing surges, which stimulates the cells so they move faster. He can use this ability on his comrades as well as himself, the healing isn’t drastic but as mentioned it stimulates, meaning potentially it could heal injuries faster over a short period of time.
Resurrección: Segunda Etapa: Armadura De El Romperse Pincho Roba (armor of the smash spike tail): unrevealed
Axe skills master
Enhanced strength
Enhanced endurance
Master hand to hand combatant
High-speed regeneration
Enhanced Pequisa
Enhanced Bala
Enhanced Hierro

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1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…

Name: Rompió Cangrejo
Name Meaning: Snapping Crab
Height: 3’3’’ in a half (as a child) , 5’8’ in a half
Weight: 35 pounds (as a child), 150 pounds
Race: Arrancar
Birthday: unknown
Age: 1006
Apperance: Rompio has auburn hair that is jagged and has a somewhat spike appearance; his hollow helmet resembles the exoskeleton of a crab and runs across his head giving his hair a Bihawk. He has a limber, muscular build and tan skin. His eyes are a deep sea green.
Personality: Rompio can talk very aggressively and be quite rude but deep down he does this to compensate for his painfully shy exterior. He usually is always seen chewing bubblegum because he hardly ever has anything to say and he loves the taste and texture of it. He also shows a deeply protective side especially when Natación is fidgeting with things with the chance of hurting herself or breaking something valuable or expensive. He shows great potential in painting and is known for his tricks with a yo-yo something he teases Natación about because she always bobs her head to its movements and is no good at it.
Occupation: Exportation to Soul Merchants, apprentice to Rosita Juleps who is cultured and experienced in ancient lure and forbidden arrancar and soul merchant arts, he often visits her with Natación.
Favorite food: gum (he’ll eat most any flavor but he prefers cotton candy)
Likes: He enjoys painting, showing off his exceptional yo-yo skills, chewing gum, learning about technique and form, and spending time with Natación.
Dislikes: Rompio isn’t fond of large crowds, small talk, loud noises, Natación getting in trouble (though he sometimes finds it amusing), and rice (though he tolerates it because Natación likes it so much)
Love interest: Natación Picadura
Family: unnamed father and mother (deceased)
Favorite song/theme music: Sailin On - Bad Brains
Cero: (his cero is released through his hands and is neon green)
Zanpakuto: Martillo Erizo (hammer sea urchin)
Release phase: creep along
Apperance: a Kodachi with a coral hilt and a guard resembling a crab that appears to be clutching on to the blade; it is slightly darker than the hilt.
Resurrección: his arms become covered in a thick exoskeleton that is coral in shade, it rest over his back and comes off his arms like large snapping pincers. This armor is very sharp and can cut like a blade if it makes contact with a foes body. The pincers function like a blade integrated with his arm and can gash and constrict limps often dismembering that area of the body.
Special abilities: he can manifest concentrated bubble blast that have a range of about twenty meters; they have the capacity to shatter walls and damage foes. He is also able to breathe underwater and has enhanced strength and endurance.
1. Burbuja Granada (Bubble grenade): a high impact bubble beam
Special skills:
Sword skills specialist
Sonido master
High-speed regeneration
Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant

1年以上前 purpleMcNuggets said…
big smile
Zanpakuto named yorinichi (your-inichi)
Realease word is hireki  
Has black handle with green strings
Handguard turns into four pointed star
Blade forms spikes on the back (serrated) 

1.touch the hilt to my shoulder and forms a glove of indestructible armor

2. Sword splits and then I have one in each hand or can connect at hilts to form a Double bladed sword ( like darth mauls lightsaber)

3. Use both swords in a spinning circle action and makes a strong wind forward.

Abilities: sword seperates from hilt but is connected by a chain.

2. Sword makes me invisible.

3. Swords makes fake mirror images that turn into smoke when hit. 

I saw this post and then dreamed that I was being attacked by a hollow and I grabbed my knife and turned it into a zanpakuto.
1年以上前 MidnightBlue2 said…
Name: Ryuu Kagami (literally means Dragon's Mirror)
Release Command: Kogasu (Scorch)
Bankai Name: Kage Ryuu Kagami

Description: In it's sealed state, it take the form of two blade: one normal sized katana, and a smaller carving blade. When released, both blades change form: the katana takes on almost a pitch black color, with 3 white streaks running across it and a long bandage on the hilt. The smaller blade turns completely white with 3 black streaks running down it. In it's bankai form, the swords join together, adopting the katana's black color on one side and the smaller blades's color on the other. Depending on how much spiritual energy is placed inside, the sword can vary in shape.

Shikai Abilities

1) Hansha Kagami (Mirror's Reflection): While using the smaller blade, any energy type attack can be copied/mimicked and reflected back at the opponent. The user is able to reduce or increase the amount of energy is sent back.

2) Ryuu Todoroki (Dragon's Roar): While using the katana, the user is able to channel any amount of spiritual energy into the blade and release it in the form of a slash. This slash takes on a black color with a white outline in its shikai state.

Bankai Abilities

1) Ryuu Todoroki (Dragon's Roar): The user is able to channel any amount of spiritual energy into the blade and release it in the form of a slash. In its bankai state, the slash takes on a white color with a black spiral added in.

Comments: One of the few elemental zanpaktou in the Soul Society, Ryuu Kagami comes equipped with the element of darkness. Ryuu Kagami chose Shun Ichiro as it's wielder after Shun stole (he prefers borrowed) from his father's home. Just as its name means Mirror, Ryuu Kagami's spirit has two personalities: both a black spirit and a white spirit. Depending on the situation, the more dominant spirit takes over. Has the tendency to annoy Shun almost to the point of trying to get rid of it in a comical fashion.
1年以上前 onix11 said…
Name: Rake Marima
Age: 17
Hair: Brown
eyes: Blue


apperance/personality: He is a fair skinned thin boy. He always wears a serious face unless he's around his captain who always makes him laugh. He is the complete opposite of his superior. He believes that taking hings slower leds to success. His key stratigy is to analyze an opponent during a fight. This helps him win most of his bttles.

Story: Him and his sister lived in a more high class district of the soul society. when went to the academy he was seen as a star student. He was an expert swordsman and passed all of his classes. He struggled in kido spells though. When he was 15 he joined squad ten. At age 17 he becam the new liutenant while his sister became the sixth seat.

Zanpakuto/shikai name: Aquarias

Zanpakuto/shikai: A large thin blade about four feet long, it has a very small handguard for its size. The weight of the sword is very light for some reason. In shikai, the blade forms a large water circle around the guard.

Shika Abilities:

ability 1: yells tidal wave and the water from the guard sends a high pressured wave of water.

Ability 2: The wielder yells pool ad the waer comes up as a tight protective shield that works to slow down and attack from an enemy. Both sword and kido types.

Ability 3: The wielder yells warp and the waer forms two identical water clones. Thes clones are able to attack an enemy. The blades they use are composed of resitu floating around in the area.

Here you go.
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1年以上前 RukiaKuchiki88 said…
I would write somthing down but i can't choose.......I guess i'm not as creative as i thought.....
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1年以上前 grif16 said…
Here is a new one. plz comment

Zanpakuto Name: Kurogarasu (The Black Crow)
Release Command: Ferry This Lost Soul

Shikai Appearence: My katana becomes a large double edged sword with a serated edge and a hollow center. Right above the handle is a large orange crow eye encased in the steel guard.

Shikai Abilities: With a swing of my sword i can launch a a black crow made of kido at my opponent. The crow flies at kido speed and is as powerful as hado 33
1. Kurokaze (Black Wind): The center of the blade fills with black kido and upon swing my sword i unleash a black wind. And in the black wind are hundreds of razor sharp crow feathers.
2. Garasufuku (Crow Whip): A 10 foot long black kido whip sprouts from the end of the blade. The whip cannot cut but instead if it should wrap around a body part of my enemy it then detinates dealing serious damage. The whip only lasts for 30 seconds and after it is used or dissapears i cannot use it again for another 5 minutes.
3. Sangarasukyo (Triple Crow Mirror): My sword produces 2 copies of me that look the same in every way. The clones are controled by my mind. The clones are not solid just illusions but they can still perform all the same moves i can only the attacks will deal no damage as they make contact.

Bankai: Kuro Hanguro Garasu (Black Iron Crow)

Bankai Appearence: I am shrouded in a long leather trench coat. My eyes turn orange and mimic a crows. On my shoulder is a slightly larger than normal black crow.

Bankai Abilities: The crow is controled by my mind and when it attacks my opponent it moves at kido speed and when the crows make contact with something it will explode and deal great damage or they will become like flying swords and slice. when a crow is destroyed three more crows are reborn from the explosion. The cycle continues with all the crows until there are exactly 1000 crows in the air
1. Hanguroran (Iron Storm): All the crows in the air give one flap of their wings and launch a barrage of feather blades at my opponent
2. Kurokaku (The Black Summoning): A single crow lands in my hand and become my shikai sword. The sword has none of the origional powers it had in it shikai state. By summoning the sword all the crows now move at shunpo speed
3. Garasuhitsugi (Crow Coffin): This move can only be activated once all thousand crows are on the battle field. The crows begin to circle my opponent and slowly get faster and faster. Once they are at full speed my opponent cannot see outside the coffin. Then upon my command all close in on my opponent with their razor wings constantly slicing my opponent. Once the move is finished my opponent has taken massive damage and all the crows have disappeared except for one that then lands on my shoulder

Here is a pic of my shikai form
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 Here is a new one. plz コメント Zanpakuto Name: Kurogarasu (The Black Crow) Release Command: Ferry
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
Name: Hidan Kurotsuchi
Position: Member of the Rising Suns
Age: looks 20
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 184
Eyes: His eyes are black where it is suppose to be white, his eye color is green.
Hair: Gray
Complexion: Slight Tan

Appearance: Hidan has long gray hair that falls down a little past his shoulders. He wears black pants that have a green sun design on both of the back pockets. He also has a long sleeve scientist coat that has a hood, light gray in color, that has pin-stripes, green in color, that make a diagonal checker pattern all around the coat. He wears a white shirt under his coat and keeps it open. His coat has a black phoenix symbol on it. He also wears an green colored sash around his waist that his the phoenix symbol on it, black in color.

Personality: Hidan is the son of Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Miroku wonders how Hidan could be so young if he truly was Mayuri's son, so Hidan showed him a letter written and delivered to Hidan himself by his father, Mayuri. It states "I (Mayuri) have tried for hundreds of years to create the perfect soul reaper, but through countless experiments, I have deemed them all as failures. The only soul reaper I was ever able to successfully make was Nemu, but for some reason, she has never been able to manifest a true zanpaktou, and since it is impossible to create a zanpaktou, I had to deem her a failure as well. Since my creations seemed to never work, I turned to the ultimate creator and decided to have a child and let nature take its course. As my son, I expect nothing but perfection even though perfection truly is impossible none the less I still expect big things. Do your best boy, you have a name to uphold!" Ever since then Hidan has always studied to be a soul reaper and has nothing but the utmost respect for his father, even though he knows his father was not the most liked of Soul Society. Later down the road Hidan meets Miroku and they became great friends. Hidan now serves as a member of the Rising Suns. He is the teams scientist and has vast knowledge of the world!

Strength: 82
Speed: 99
Kido: 100
Swordsmanship: 93
Hand-to-Hand: 59

This zanpaktou is designed after one of my favorite anime characters!

Zanpaktou Element: None
Shikai Name: Seichuu Tama (Controlling Sphere)
Shikai Phrase: Trap Them, Seichuu Tama
Bankai Name: Katsu Torappu Tama (Separating Trap Spheres)

Shikai Appearance: In its sealed form, Seichuu Tama exist as two swords. A regular sized katana that it strapped to his back and a small one foot dagger that hangs on the side of his belt on the left. When it is released, the katana becomes an odachi, the blade is 4 and a half feet long with a 10 inch handle that is white in color with blue circle designs on it. And the dagger becomes a white glove that is worn on Hidan's left hand, the glove has a blue circle design on the palm side of the glove.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Room - This is the regular ability of the blade the blade. A green ring about 7 inches in diameter. The ring is then thrown and expands to create a spherical space that can expand up to 30 feet in radius. While inside of the sphere, Hidan can extend his sword swings to the dimensions of the sphere, meaning that if he swings his sword inside the sphere then the pressure of the cut will extend to the end of the sphere. His sword will stay the same size, but the extending pressure is invisible. This ability needs 10 seconds to recharge and last for 30 seconds. The sphere can be destroyed by kido spells of level 35 and higher or strong zanpaktou attacks.

2) Shambles - This can only be activated when Room is in affect. Within the space created from Room, Hidan can separate the pieces of whatever is cut inside the sphere and rearrange those pieces to his liking, causing massive confusion to his opponents. If the cut is on a living thing, there will be no bleeding at all from the cut and the person won't feel any pain. Hidan can also use this to switch two people or things inside of the sphere.

3) Contort - This can only be activated when Room is in affect. While Hidan is inside the sphere, he can contort his body in order to avoid attacks form the opponent. This means he can twist, bend and alter his body from its normal shape to avoid attacks. This can only be used once per sphere.

Bankai Appearance: A sphere forms around Hidan's body and collapses in on itself causing a small explosion. Hidan emerges from the smoke caused by the explosion, and know has a few things added to his appearance. The glove is still on his left hand and there are now 7 thick green rings rotating around his left forearm. The blade of his odachi is now glowing green and the circle designs on the handle are now glowing green as well.

Bankai Abilities:

1) Doors - When this ability is activated, one of the rings disappear. Hidan swings his blade and 10 spheres all the size of a regular door appear and begin to float randomly around the area. The opponent must be careful when attacking with a kido spell or projectile, because the spheres will absorb it and launch it back at the opponent from a different orb. The orbs can be destroyed by strong zanpaktou attacks, but kidos will just be absorb so they can't destroy it. The orbs will last for 5 minute before dissipating.

2) Enter - This ability can only be used when Doors is activated. Hidan swings his blade and it tears open a dimensional rift that Hidan jumps into. Hidan will reappear from one of the spheres floating around the area. Whatever sphere he come out of will disappear once he emerges.

3) Collapse - When this ability is activated, two of the rings disappear. A thick sphere forms in his hand, about 5 inches in diameter. Hidan then throws the sphere at the opponent and the sphere grows to about 20 feet in diameter. The sphere moves a little faster than a kido spell. Once the sphere wraps around something, it will begin to collapse in on itself crushing whatever is inside. There is a 5 second wait before it starts the collapse, but once it does, its over. The sphere can be destroyed by am extremely strong zanpaktou attack or a kido spell above 70.

Note: Once all the rings are gone, the bankai will deactivate
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1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
dancing i love the recent characters especially Rompio
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
lol thanks...he is funny...he's my favorite too..I really love your characters too...they are really developed!!! Do you like their Resurreccións? I spent a lot of time perfecting something that would go with their overall personalities!!!
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile

Name: Raya Ciervo
Name Meaning: Dashing Deer
Height: 5’9’’ in a half
Weight: 140
Race: Arrancar
Birthday: unknown
Age: 4031
Apperance: Raya is very beautiful with dark olive skin and deep green eyes; her hair is dark brown and straight with long bangs that kiss her eyes, which usually have pink and yellow eye shadow dusted around them. She is very voluptuous and busty with broad shoulders and toned muscle. Her hollow hole is on her lower back and the remnants of her mask are two antlers on the sides of her head; the right one is shattered.
Personality: Raya is very strong-minded and sensual, often calling people pet names even if they don’t like it. She is obsessed with the concept of romance and is deeply in love with Dinosaurio Rabo.
Occupation: Exportation to Soul Merchants
Favorite food: raspberry chocolate cake
Likes: addressing people by pet names, romance novels and movies, drinking, playing cards, spending time with friends, and Dinosaurio Rabo.
Dislikes: anything spicy, stupidity, foolish people, loosing, and rejection
Love interest: Dinosaurio Rabo (they made an arrangement to be lovers until time was no more)
Family: unknown
Favorite song/theme music: Your Body is Wonderland by John Mayer
Cero: a large, destructive blast released from her palm, though while in her resurrection it is released differently.
Zanpakuto: Ciervo Rápido Campeón (fast deer champion)
Release phase: charge
Apperance: a long sword with a bronze hilt and a guard, it is studded with emeralds.
Resurrección: the remnant of her mask changes slightly; the antlers become darker and longer and the right one is no longer shattered. Her body changes into that of a deer, her arms become long and thin with hoofs as well as her legs, so she walks on four legs, her body is covered in light brown hair with white swirls but her head and face remains the same. The hair forms a collar around her neck and comes down to reveal the cleavage of woman in an open top.
Special powers: In this form her speed surpasses that of a Sonido and she is capable of dodging most every kind of attack. Her combat skills are limited due to the fact that she walks on four legs but she can smash foes with a flurry of kicks, which are exceptionally dangerous due to the speed and steel like hoofs. Her main offensive ability are her antlers, she can charge at foes, easily impaling them and parry sword strokes with them as well. If an antler is broken, which is very hard to do since they are very dense and bone like in structure, another can regenerate in about seven seconds. What dramatically increases in this form besides her speed capabilities is her Cero or doom blast. While she usually uses her palm to release it, she uses her mouth and both antlers; the antlers glow a piercing yellow and charge with crackling energy and the triple cero is released. It is capable of completely leveling a city depending on its range.
1. Trace Muerte Explosión (three death explosion): her increased Cero blast.
Resurrección: Segunda Etapa: Prisa Ciervo Doble (quick double deer)
Special Powers: In this form, her body remains like her Resurrección, except she has a deer’s Skelton attached to her back; she is two legged in this form. She can also perform Seis Muerte Explosion (Six death Explosion).
1. Seis Muerte Explosion (Six deaths Explosion): her ultimate Cero blast. It can go in both directions, and cause incalculable damage.

Special skills:
Sword skills master
Genius intellect
Sonido master
High-speed regeneration
Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Enhanced Pequisa
Enhanced hierro
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile

Name: Asesino Cocodrilo
Name Meaning: Killer Crocodile
Height: 6’3’’ in a half
Weight: 217
Race: Arrancar
Birthday: unknown
Age: unknown
Apperance: Asesino is very toned and muscular with light tan skin and broad shoulders. His hair is dark green and runs in jagged bangs over his face. The remnant of is hollow mask is the skull of a crocodile over his head. His hollow hole is located on his hip. He has many scars on his body that is often exposed due to the lack of him wearing clothes. His eyes frequently change in shade.
Personality: Asesino is very strange and freighting; he usually only derives pleasure from killing and causing others to suffer.
Occupation: Aristocracy of Arrancar
Favorite food: beef jerky and meat (isn’t above eating his own kind)
Likes: killing, keeping various body parts from his victims, manikins (he has thousands of individual limbs from dolls he collects), collecting beach glass because he finds the colors beautiful, his scars (claims they make him sexy), his mother (he visits her grave everyday), and fighting.
Dislikes: soul reapers because they were responsible for killing his mother, stupidly, being held back, loneliness, and being harassed or made fun of (he is liable to explode with rage)
Love interest: TBA
Family: NiloTallo (Nile Stalk, mother (deceased)
Favorite song/theme music: Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads
Cero: a crimson blast from his mouth
Zanpakuto: Pantano (swamp assassin)
Release phase: smell your prey
Apperance: a katana with an emerald hilt and square shaped tsuba that is flat platinum.
Resurrección: The remnant of his hollow mask expands slightly over his head and connects to a reinforced spine and tail that resembles a crocodile. He has sharp nails as well.
Special abilities: He can gut foes with his claws and deal critical damage by swinging his tail. In this form he is able to control the density of his body from intangibility to 900 tons. He can also change the texture of his skin into what fells like reinforced steel or something wet.
Sword skills master
Master hand to hand combatant
Killing intent
Enhanced endurance, strength, and speed
High-speed regeneration
 Name: Asesino Cocodrilo Name Meaning: Killer クロコダイル, ワニ Height: 6’3’’ in a half Weight: 21
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…

Name: Helada Demonio

Name Means: Ice Demon

Height: 4’6’’

Weight: 72 pounds

Birthday: unknown

Age: unknown

Appearance: Helada has pale, light blue skin and dark black hair. The remnant of her hollow mask is snowflake earrings that resemble paper. Her eyes are dark blue, and she has a small figure. Her hollow hole is located on her hip.

Personality: Helada is usually solemn, hardly exchanging words with anyone. Helada is very distant and often imagines herself somewhere else, often strange places that are completely unrealistic. She can be very forceful and strong when she needs to be and isn’t afraid to tell people what she really things of them.

Favorite food: powered donuts

Likes: Powdered donuts, Vanilla cappuccinos (though people think she looks to young to drink coffee), ruffles, flying kites, and daydreaming

Dislikes: people assuming she is a child, stupidity, being bothered and talked too when she has nothing to say, breakfast burritos (especially ones with eggs, ham, and bacon altogether), and the color salmon.

Favorite song/them music: I died so I could haunt you by Stars

Zanpakuto: Ventisca Pesadilla (nightmare blizzard)

Release Phrase: Freeze

Apperance: a Kodachi (a short blunt sword) with a black hilt and a silver square shaped tsuba.

Resurrección: a glaive with a frosted handle that looks like it’s filled with frozen water and a silver blade with a snowflake like blade fused to the opposite side. She is covered in a deep white cloak with shimmering inseams and a white and silver suit underneath. When she brandishes or strikes with her glaive, she releases freezing winds and shards of ice travel on currents. These are released and freeze foes or the surrounding area. They cut and freeze what they strike on contact.


1. Hiel Corriente (freezing draft): releases icy winds with shard of glass like ice that can freeze and cut foes
2. Eterno Escarcha (Eternal frost): Her ultimate attack, she can charge her reiatsu into a condensed cero like blast capable of freezing the cells and shattering the foes body if it makes contact, this move drains most if not all of her reiatsu.
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile

Name: Rosita Juleps
Height: 4’3 ½”
Weight: 80 lbs
Race: soul merchant
Birthday: Unknown
Age: 4650
Apperance: Rosita is dark skinned with long white hair that she keeps tied in a braid and beaded. She has jade colored eyes and deep wrinkles. She is short and often hunches over. She uses a cane in the shape of a serpent.
Personality/history: An elderly Aztec princess who is off her rocker, to say the least. She enjoys performing voodoo like arts and doing possession crafts. She is witty and friendly.
Previous Occupation: Aztec Princess
Occupation: Soul Merchant Advertiser and Saleswoman
Favorite food: Mesa and Cactus pudding
Likes: Mesa and Cactus pudding, performing voodoo, possession crafts, snakes, the colors red and green (the Mexican Flag), sketching, cooking, gold coins, giant earrings, and baby sitting random stranger’s children (In addition, she loves to baby sit Hina).
Dislikes: Spaniards (she says all white people are Spaniards), the Holiday Columbus Day (since he didn’t find America), Silver, the smell of chlorine (she never uses on clothes so they are always off white), and the word poppy cock.
Favorite song: Zamba Malato by Susana Baca
Seirei Fi-da: Dos Mordedura Serpiente (Two Bite Snake)
Release phrase: strangle
Apperance: a long wooden staff chiseled to look like a snake exposing its fangs.
Kontan Fe-zu Ichi (spirit phase one): The staff can alter into a flexible snake that can strangle and slash at foes. The snake is integrated into the staff so it can be brandished. The toxins from a bite of this snake kill the opponent in two steps. Its fangs can be easily dodged by fast, suspecting foes. This snake travels at half-Shunpo speed when it initiates a bite.
Special skills:
Soul absorption
Hand to hand combat master
Voodoo master
Staff master
Standard weapon training expert
Soul magic
Reikon Senkou (soul flash) equivalent of a flash step or Sonido
1年以上前 cherese_cobb said…
You gotta love Rosita (even though I'm a Spaniard)!
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Cherese and me are Zanpakuto and character partners..we have made many togehter...if you ever need help come to us..she needs to post the cute,adorable sakura!!!!
1年以上前 tayandkris4evr said…
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Bwwaaa! So many characters and Zanpaktou's, Petal! Nice job, I like 'em all! *Cheers*
1年以上前 cherese_cobb said…
Yes, I do except it at home on my computer.
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
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thanks tayan
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
yeah i really like their Resurrección because they are very unique and thanks i put alot of time into each one and I also like Raya because her obssesion with love is similar to my character Toni
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Name: Jenos Spiegel
Age: 25
Height: 6’1’’
Wieght: 210
Rank: 5th ranked member of Ace of X
Appearance: Jenos has short untidy black hair and ocean blue eyes, which always seem calm, he rarely smiles but when he does is simple and calm. Jenos normally wears a metallic blue jacket over a sky blue t-shirt with a picture of a smile on it made of shark teeth, dark blue rugged jeans, and sliver cowboy boots; he also wears a back pack with medical supplies in it because he is the team medic. Jenos always has at least one pack of smokes on him and is usually smoking a cigarette with “Never Knows Best” on it. Like all the members of Ace of X he has the ace of spades with a white X though it on the back of his left hand, Jenos also has KNB tattooed on the back of his right hand.
Personality: Jenos is the laziest member Ace of X, even lazier than Crow, he hates doing anything considered real work, and he often avoids fights because they seem like to much of an effort. Jenos usually walks away from something that he deems “too much work”, and goes to do something “more worthy of his time” he often will only fight under extreme circumstances. Jenos is best friends with Natsu and the two works extremely well together even though their zanpakuto don’t really mix. Jenos is a expert on the human anatomy, this makes him a valuable ally as he can heal almost all injuries quite well but also a fearsome opponent because he knows how injure enemies in ways that can’t be healed easily. He has a great knowledge of medicines and poisons to help or hinder respectively. Jenos loves to smoke, the only time he is seen not smoking is when he is fighting because of his water abilities ruin his cigarettes this is another reason he hates fighting, he will even smoke when there are no smoking signs up or being told to stop smoking.
Strength: 80
Shunpo: 80
Kido: 100 (especially when it comes to healing)
Swordsmanship: 70

Zanpakuto's name/shikai name: Tintorera es un Trueno (blue shark’s thunder)
Release command: Strike with force
Bankai name: Infestadas de Tiburones del Oceano (Shark infested ocean) or lit (infestation of sharks of the ocean)

Description: Tintorera has no sealed form and thus it is always in shikai form, Tintorera appears a large claymore like weapon the blade is covered in millions of dark blue shark teeth the hilt is silver and it appears to me made of downward facing shark teeth, this weapons looks similar to the sword Kisame (from naruto) wields in fact it is that sword. The tip of the blade has a mouth like opening on it that looks like the mouth of a shark, the inside of the side is constantly producing water for its abilities it is assume that it can produce an entire ocean worth of water. The side itself is extremely vulnerable to electrical or lightning based abilities. When carrying the sword, Jenos wraps it in a bandage like material to protect himself from the sharp teeth of the blade.

Shikai abilities:
1. Fuerza de Marea (tidal force): The mouth on the tip opens up and fires a horizontal column of water follows it, the head of the column resembles a shark head. The shark head mouth stays open for a while and can sallow an opponent, but this can be easily time and dodged. If an opponent is swallowed by the shark they will be exposed to the crushing, pounding, pressure of the column causing severe concussive damage that range from bruises to internal damage. If an opponent is just hit with the column not swallowed they will suffer from concussive and also the knock back force will be enough to push the opponent into objects like buildings, rocks, etc. Jenos can use this ability once per minutes and the column of water travels slightly above cero speed.
2. Pizca (sherd): When Jenos is attacked with a kido, or energy based attack like a cero or something similar, he slices it with his sword which “shreds” the attack. The sword absorbs the energy of the attack weakening it so the effects and/or damage is reduce with lower levels attacks he can actually absorb the entire thing. There is also a second part to this known as Pienso (feed), the sword stores the energy in side itself and when Jenos is running low on stamina it will transfer the energy into Jenos giving him the energy that energy can be use to refuel his stamina, heal minor injuries, and actually feed him so he doesn’t suffer form fatigue. The drawn back to this ability is that when the sword is transferring energy it glows blue if a enemy knows what is happening they can possibly take the sword and instead of Jenos getting the benefits they will.
3. Tiburon frenesi (shark frenzy): This ability can only be activated when there is water present on the battlefield and it has to be knee high. Jenos creates water constructs in the shapes of sharks; he can create 6 normal size sharks 12 smaller sharks or 1 giant shark. These sharks swim though the water towards the opponent then when they are in range they leap out and bite the opponent, the sharks are made of pressurize water so the teeth are capable of penetrating skin. When this happens the sharks can do one of two things they can simply bite and then continue to swim and then bite again and repeat this pattern or Jenos can cause the sharks to explode the strength of the explosion is equal to slightly above average bala give or take depending on the size of the shark(s). The explosion isn’t they lethal thing about this when the shark(s) explode they spray bullet size droplets of water that pierce though anything in the vacancy. These sharks can be destroyed normally but an energy attack or a sword swing. If an enemy blood gets in the water it acts a tracer so that the sharks can easily tract down the enemy.

Bankai Description:
In bankai the sword grows larger and the spikes become larger as well, the mouth opens and pukes up water till the point that the water is waist high or higher depending on whether there was already water on the battlefield, the mouth can puke up more water if necessary. The mouth is filled with shark teeth and now it can bite down on enemies, as well as speak usually it complains that it hungry and it wants food. Jenos’s skin turns metallic blue and he gains silver gauntlets and armored boots, but the gauntlets and the boots have shark fins on them, he also gains a mouth plate on over his mouth that resembles a shark mouth, he gains a dark blue chest blade and ribbon like protrusion coming from his back that resembles shark fins. Jenos hates activating bankai for 2 reasons 1 because he can’t smoke he cigarettes get soaked and 2 because his says that his zanpakuto is really annoying and won’t shut up. In bankai Jenos rarely actually uses his sword instead he prefers use his speed and control of water, the sword hates this fact, the sword is capable of moving on its own but not very far.

Bankai Abilities:
1. Rey Tiburon al Mar (shark king’s ocean): This is the primary ability of Jenos’s bankai; he has complete hydro kinesis over the water on the ground and in the area. Jenos can use the water offensively; creating tendril like whips, strong high pressured blast of water, etc. or defensively; summon a wall of water to protect him from on coming attacks. Jenos can also control the temperature of the water from near freezing to near boiling. There are two drawbacks to this ability one is that he can only control water in a liquid form he can’t control ice or stream, the other is the further away from the water he is the harder it is for him to have control over it.
2. Agua (water): This ability allows Jenos to change his body to water, this allows to escape attacks, easily appear behind an enemy, or move from one destination to another extremely quickly. Even though this ability is use mostly defensively, Jenos has been shown to use this ability offensively as well he will change the size or lengths of his limps to pummel his opponents doing this however does not alter his strength or speed in any way. The weaknesses of this ability is that one Jenos must be in water to use this ability and that when changing his form he is extremely vulnerable to electrical or lightning based attacks so vulnerable is almost always critical or fatal damage. This ability is unique because even though Jenos has control over it his zanpakuto says that he controls when he can use it.
3. Rey Tiburon Emerge (Shark King emerges): This is not an ability control by Jenos this is controlled by the zanpakuto, often when he feels Jenos is losing, so he wants to show him how a real shark fights. No matter what Jenos is doing when this ability is activated the water will quickly surround him in a bubble and drag him down he then vanishes completely his energy can no longer be sensed. Then the zanpakuto will glow and transform in a shark like humanoid this is a physical manifestation of the zanpakuto spirit. Even though this zanpakuto it does not any of the abilities mention above instead it relies on its incredible speed, strength, and razor sharp teeth and claws to do damage. The spirit will last for 5 minutes, if the spirit is killed before the 5 minutes are up then zanpakuto resorts back to its shikai form and can not use any abilities for a day, if the spirit is not killed then Jenos will return but the sword resorts to its shikai form instead of its bankai form. This can only be activated once for each release of bankai.

below is the zanpakuto in bankai form
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 Name: Jenos Spiegel Age: 25 Height: 6’1’’ Wieght: 210 Rank: 5th ranked member of Ace of X
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
this is the phyical manifesation for the third bankai
 this is the phyical manifesation for the third bankai
1年以上前 BrokenSun35 said…
I edited the blade and character a bit so here it is.

Name: Shado Senken
Position: Leader of the Ace of Clubs branch of the Ace of X.
Age: Appears to be 22
Hieght: 6'2"
Weight: 204 lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark blue

Appearance: Shado has medium length pitch black hair and deep dark blue eyes and he usually has a tired look on his face. Shado wears a pitch black jacket over a grey T-shirt with a black number 1 on it, a pair of black jeans and black sneakers with white laces. He has a pitch black Yo-Yo that he uses when he's bored, like all Ace of X members he has a Ace of clubs tattoo with a black X going through it.

Personality: Shado is a very laid back,lazy and funny person, he usually is found sleeping in every possible place. He will protect anyone that is close to him but will try to avoid a fight as much as possible but when he does get into a fight he is very strateigeic and serious but if anyone harms his little sister he will mentally snap and usally keeps an emotionless face and fights at his full power.
Strength: 100
Kido: 45
Speed: 100
Swordmanship: 85
Hand-to-Hand: 86
Zanpakuto/Shikai name: Purinsu kage (Prince of the Shadows)
Release Command: Rule over the Shadows
Shikai Appearance: The blade turns into a double edged black 2.5 feet long blade with a green handle with a black sheath
Shikai Abilities:

Kuro kaminari (Black Lightning) The wielder points the blade at the opponent which causes a pitch black lightning bolt to fire at the enemy, the lightning travels at semi shunpo speed, this can be used 10 times until it has to recharge for 2 minutes. It takes 2 seconds to fire after firing.

Aku no odoroki (Evil Surprise) The wielder stabs his blade into a shadow causing it to extend out o another shadow of the wielder choice making the blade attack the oppnent.

Dākupurotekutā (Dark Protector) The wielders shadow gains a pair of eyes and comes off the ground of whatever surface it is on and blocks attacks the oppnonent trys to make. (The shadow can not leave the wielders body)

Bankai Name: Kingu kage no kei no(King of the Shadow's Punishment)
Bankai: Appearance: The blade stays the same but there are now two double edged black blades at a length of 2.5 feet with 7 quarter size holes on each of the blades each hole being 3 inches apart and the wielder is wearing a black crown with different colored jewels on it the wielder also is wearing a black trench coat with a pair of black jeans and pitch black shoes.

Bankai Abilities:

Mayonaka no arashi (Storm of the Midnight) The wielder slashes at the opponent causing a mini tornado to launch at the enemy the tornado is made up of a black aura that cut like razor, The tornado is 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The storm moves a little slower then the average kido.

Akuma no kage no (Demon of the Shadows) The wielder shadow materlizes, gains a pair of eyes and becomes a demon with a dark purple cloak with a black outlining and the shadow has grown a pair of wings and is wielding 2 katanas as the same as the wielder. The shadow has the same stats as the wielder, the shadow lasts for 5 minutes (Demon can be called back by wielder aswell) but can be killed by the opponent. During the time the ability is in effect the shadow nor the wielder can use any abilities. The wielder can only use this ability once every hour

Dāku kaminari no arashi (Dark Thunder Storm) The two blade surge with black lightning then the wielder sinks his blade into the nearest shadow causing lightning to shoot out of all the shadows in the area of the battle the lightning can be targeted to a specific opponent, also every time the blades collid with somthing it causes a small explosion like a fire cracker.
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1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
Character Name: Kane
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 16ish
Height: 5’10
Eyes: Brown
Personality: Kane is always staring off into space and not paying attention to what is going on. When he is involved in the moment he is energetic and constantly is changing what his attention is focused on. He cares for his friends deeply but has almost no friends because he tends to either annoy them by not focusing or by going off on his own to stare off into space. The few friends he does have he refuses to let risk them selves on anything, constantly saying “Don’t worry I cant die from this”

Appearance: Though relatively short Kane has a large appearance. He is always standing with his chess out shoulders wide and chin turned slightly up. His hair is a black and shoulder length but is always tied back in a ponytail. He wares the usual shinigami cloths. He has a slightly tan complexion and in darker areas he seems to slightly glow.

Minor back story: When in the academy Kane was a socially awkward person and usually caused his own alienation from all group events. Because of this he only had his zanpaktou to communicate with. This allowed Kane to quickly learn all the secretes of his zanpaktou and become one of the fastest to learn how to use bankai without using any training tools. Kane was sent out on a mission that was believed to be a routine hallow hunt with 3 of his squad mates from squad 13. When the squad got to the location of the mission they discovered an arrancar was leading the hallow in their attack. (This being the first of the increased attacks from hallows). Kane commanded his 3 team mates that he would hold the arrancar off and they were to run, The 3 subordinates were fresh out of the academy and the mission was meant to be a training mission for the 3. They all refused to run stating that they had the ability to beat the hallow and the arrancar. The three shinigami changed in and quickly dispatched the few hallow with the arrancar. Then the arrancar charged the shinigami group from behind and Kane narrowly was able to block their blade from severing the youngest of the three, Dave’s head. Kane and the arrancar battled for a few minutes as the 3, Dave, Gen, And Nara, were struck with fear of the arrancar's intent to kill. When the fear washed over Kane yelled at the three to run but once again they refused and instead jumped to Kane’s aid. In 1 blast of a cero all three were taken out along with Kane’s left arm since he was trying to push them out of the way. Enraged Kane released his Bankai and the hallow released their resurrection. Kane’s fury made him focus only on attacking and not defending and the arrancar’s over confidence made it do the same. The battle was brutal as each hacked and slashed at each other ripping chunks out of each others flesh, Finally Kane won barley being able to cut the head off of the arrancar. After the fight was over Kane fell to the ground and his heart started beating slower. His Zanpaktou called out to him but he didn’t have the strength to reply. Just before he died he said “I’m sorry I wasn’t better for you” Just as his heart beat its last beat his zanpaktou refused to allow its wielder to die under those circumstances. It began to glow and hover in front of Kane as he was laying there then burst into flames, took on the form of a eagle like bird with longer tail feathers. Then the flames separated and went into each of Kane’s wounds healing them. When Kane came to he realized his zanpaktou was not with him. He then called out to it and heard in his mind not to worry they would be together always. Since then Kane hasn’t ever wielded his zanpaktou because it has been a part of him.

Zanpaktou Name: Bird of the Sun
Shikai release command: Raise up and burn
Bankai Name: Bird of ever living fire

Sealed Appearance: See Kane’s Appearance.

Shikai appetence: Kane’s hair grows down to mid back length and burst out of the pony tail he has it in, and turns gold as do his eyes. His brow takes on a fiery yet feathery appearance and grows longer. Kane also grows longer sharp red finger nails about half an inch pass the tip of his finger. Finally there is always an aura around him that looks almost like there is hot air or very faint fire around him

Shikai Abilities:

1) While in Shikai Kane has the ability to control all fire within 100 feat of him as if it was part of his body. He can not generate more fire with this ability but fires that are started from other abilities he uses can be used. For example if Kane is to use his second Shikai Ability He cant use the fire directly generated by the ability but if the ability hits a pile of wood and the wood burns he can take control of that fire.
2) Kane has the ability to shoot fire from his body in 1 of 3 ways, First being a fire ball that is roughly a foot in diameter, and travels like the Kido spell number 31 Second is similar to the kido Spell 32, and Finally he can fire a line from either hand but not both at same time, The line of fire extends to 15 feet and can be sustained for 1 minute at maximum, The power is roughly equal to a standard flame thrower.’
3) Kane can heal from fire, either by pulling secondary fires from the area to him and onto the wounds or from opponents attacking with their own fire technique. Either way he can only heal burses and small cuts. If the cut is longer that 2 inches the he can not heal it what so ever. But if it’s shorter it takes about 1 second per inch of cut or burse he is healing, it also takes about 3 cubic inches of fire per injury. This way he can’t heal all his bumps and burses off of a lighter fire.

Bankai Appearance: When entering bankai a giant fiery bird can be seen behind Kane then the bird wraps its self around Kane. When the wrapping is complete there is a fiery aura around him, The fire can barley be saw at his feet and hand but it grows more visible as it goes up his body to be mainly saw around his torso head and arms, His head has a fiery outline of a Falcons head with long fiery feathers coming out of the back. Also on his back are huge bird like fiery wings that extend out 8 feet on each side. Though the fire cant been seen when Kane walks his feat burns the ground and if the area is flammable then it will ignite anything.

1) His first bankai ability is really his first 2 shikai abilities only the range is doubled on any numeric value for range and the strength is doubled on the damage. The only stipulation on this is since this ability is combining the two shikai abilities Kane can’t generate the fire directly from his energy like in shikai. Now he must use fire in the area to do his attacks. His bankai form generates a lot of heat and sets anything on fire within 5 feet that’s flammable and most things within 10 feet. Thus there’s little absence of fire to be used but in the situations where there are no flammable objects around Kane can use his fire aura to generate the fire by pointing one of the wings in the direction and using the wing as the fire source. In this situation it takes 1 minute for his wing to regenerate to be used again. Like I said it takes other fire to generate the fire for the attack but he’s still using the spirit energy to gather the fire and to put the kick into the attack so he will become drained after a prolonged fight. Finally if Kane decided that just using some fancy pyrotechnics is better then 3 attack options he has he can but the fire instead does what ever a fire burning on the source would do in damage to someone who were to be burned by it.
2) While in Bankai Kane has a ability similar to a arrancar fast healing ability, He heals just as fast and as much as a standard arrancar and uses as much energy doing so as they do. When he is cut fire erupts from the cut then disappears and he is healed.
3) This ability is a last ditch effort to save ones self. When Kane is in a situation that would kill him he erupts in a explosion of fire and his whole body turns into fire. It then flies off into the air for up to 1 hour at a speed of 100mps, his body will only reform at the safest possible place like with frineds or maximum distance. Itll autimaticaly head towards safety thus it wont go directly into a trap. When he reforms he cannot use shikai for a day or bankai for a week and is reformed at a barely stable condition
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1年以上前 denden135 said…
Shinigami name: Len
mysterious person that likes to lurk behind the scenes.Very moraly upright, saves any person he think is in trouble.Like looking for a lost kitten or protecting someone from a hollow. Dresses like a poor Soul society citizen...( A Roken? i'm not sure....T.T) He is only 18 years old and is as tall as Sado( but not as built). His love to care for all things pitiful has made him into a very protective man....

Realease:Pointo shite, hogo(point and potect)
Zambaktou: Nana kakugata hogo [ Heptogonal protection]
appearence: The sword now morphs in to a plain white shield buckle (the shape resembles a elongated eye shape, kind of like a pointed oval) that extends from the shoulder to slightly over the hands.

(raises a moderately strong shield in shapes of honeycombs) able to deflect normal sword stirkes and destructive Kido that is under level 35

Able to teleport material(both living and non-living) in a radius of 10 metres to another location within 100 flashsteps(shunpo). Long enchantment required.

Raise and blow.
weakest attacking skill of this Zambakto. User draws zambaktou upwards and brings it down to lend a strike. (damage may vary, depends on how much damage 'protect' has taken. More dmg taken by shield, more attack delt back. But if 'Protect' is destroyed, dmg = 0)

Bankai: Gemini Nana kakugata hogo
appearence: Now, bukler changes into 20 shields that sizes vary from as big as 30' to as small as the hand (10 pairs, in each pair, the shields are identical.So, there are 10 sizes). All the shields are identical, Green medieval shield with a green cross in a white heptagon design. 3 pairs are controlled by the user( 1 pair on the palms, 1 pair by the shoulders and another pair on the back). The other 7 pair hover around the user in battle. In flight, the 7 pairs lined behind the user in twos.

User channges: The raggard clothes now turn into very advance robes. almost like the clothes the Espadas wear. The black strips are now green...
Cross shield
Known to deflect even the strongest of zambaktou strikes and kido.(not protect, deflect. Kind of like 'protect' and 'raise and blow' combined)

celestial judjement
Fires a ridiculously powerful beam of white and greenish light from the sky downwards(first,four shields gather with their points touching each other. then four more gather around, this time having no contact with each other forming 1 outer ring. Continues until 5 rings gathers, like a ring in a ring).Gets more powerful with every 'teleport' skill used.( gathers the time space continium energy to fire connon)

Devine Guard
Grants the user and his allies strong armour made of light that both strengthens defence and blinds enemies. While casting, a green silouette of 20 wings appear on the user's back(like the shields, have 10 sizes in pairs).
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1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Lobos I love Jenos..amazing character Ani would be scared of hime because sharks scare her lol Broken Sun, Hadez17, and denden all of your characters and Zanpakuto are so creative, well thought out, and simply interesting...weeeeeeeeeeeee so many great characters
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Mibu Kamitani
Height: 6’0’’
Weight: 175 pounds
Race: soul merchant
Birthday: August 18th
Age: 280
Apperance: Mibu has tan skin with golden eyes. He has medium spiky brown hair and dark eye brows. He often wears a brown leather outfit that shows his midriff. His pants are held up by a cyan colored belt. His arms are covered by thick, leather arm warmers with straps and cuffs. He wears a vest that cuts off under his breast, revealing deeply muscular abs. the vast has long bands on it.
Personality: Mibu is very stubborn and a driven person, often rushing into battles or making decisions without thinking about the consequences which has gotten him in trouble in the past. He dislikes Shiro because they have very different views and personalities and they share the same position of power and authority.
Occupation: -8 Soul Merchant Commanders
Favorite food: Omuraisu or omelet rice, it is cooked rice wrapped in a thin omelet and usually served with gravy or tomato ketchup, which Mibu prefers.
Likes: battle, training, working out, flashy suits, shopping, sunglasses, watching beetle fights, and kissing booths
Dislikes: nuts on any desert, loosing, Shiro, and rejection (which is almost always inevitable if you start a conversation about beetle fighting)
Love interest: none
Favorite song/theme music: Death or Glory by The Clash
Seirei Fi-da: Taka Uingu (falcon wing)
Release phrase: soar
Apperance: a saber without a guard and with a hilt latched in brown leather
Kontan Fe-zu Ichi (spirit phase one): his blade alters into nunchaku with mounted blades that he can spin around cutting foes from unpredictable angels. The mounted blades can detach and fly at half Shunpo speed and are manipulated through his reiatsu whatever they pierce detonates and crackles to the ground.
Kontan Fe-zu Ni (spirit phase two): unrevealed
Special skills:
Hand to hand combat master
Sword skills master
Soul magic
Soul absorption
Reikon Senkou (soul flash) equivalent of a flash step or Sonido
at the bottom on the right is my pick for Mibu....both are soul merchants and share the same position, so they dipise one another
Shiro (left), Mibu (right)
 Name: Mibu Kamitani Height: 6’0’’ Weight: 175 pounds Race: soul merchant Birthday: Augus
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Estiro Cuello
Name Meaning: Stretching Neck
Height: 7’8’’ in half (two feet of this is made up of his neck)
Weight: 210 pounds
Race: Arrancar
Birthday: unknown
Age: unknown
Apperance: Cuello as most call him due to his long, thin neck has an extremely odd appearance; his neck is 24 inches long. He is disturbingly thin with exposed ribs and has hot pink skin. His eyes are violet and he has several strands of her white hair that are feathery and kept up in a small ponytail on his head, which is long and emaciated. He usually wears silver ankle and arm bracelets that rattle when he moves. He usually is shirtless (which disturbs many of his friends due to his gaunt appearance). His hollow hole is on the bottom of his foot and his mask remnants are bands around his neck.
Occupation: Exportation to Soul Merchants, witch doctor
Favorite food: Bananas with mill worms
Likes: collecting the remnants of hollows bodies, plants, and other things he finds for his concoctions and potions, charms, playing cards, beaded curtains, crystal balls, palm reading, surprises, ritual suicide, collecting cocoons because he never knows if her will get a butterfly or moth, and rite or sacrament make-up.
Dislikes: people ruining surprises for him, anyone who pokes fun at his neck, those who claim to be more experienced in the dark arts, and anything tart.
Love interest: none
Family: unknown
Favorite song/theme music:
Cero: a large lavender blast released from his eye sockets.
Zanpakuto: Estrépito Marrow Hueso (clatter marrow bone)
Release phase: Break the skin
Apperance: it takes the form of a long skeletal rod that discharges tranquilizer darts
Resurrección: bones emerge through his flesh and can be discharged, impaling foes due to his bones increased growth and regeneration. These bones can be used offensively as well for defense tactics. He can protect vitals and areas of the body by creating a skeletal armor that can emerge over areas of his body. His skin becomes slightly darker in this form.
1. Cadáver Flecha (corpse arrow): discharge bones like arrows so they impale opponents
2. Cadáver Proteger (carcass shield): protects body with rigid bone armor

Resurrección: Segunda Etapa: Frenético Estrépito Marrow Hueso (frenized clatter marrow bone).
Special abilities:
Special Skills:
Sword skills
Sonido master
Master of medicine and the dark arts
Expert hand to hand combatant
High-speed regeneration
Enhanced Pequisa
Enhanced Bala
Enhanced Hierro
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
thanks dancing you wouldn't beileve how many times I had to redo Jenos in my head
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Name: Credo Escudo
Age: looks to be in late 30s early 40s
Height: 6’3’’
Weight: 230
Rank: Member of The Orden de los Caballeros del Rey
Appearance: Credo is a tall thin arrancar, his hair is black and slick back he also has a goatee, his eyes are the color of steel and have the same proprieties cold, hard, and emotionless. His mask fragment is a halo above his head, and his hollow hole is in the center of his back. Credo wears an outfit similar to knight, that is gold and white in color there is an emblem similar to code of arms on his shoulder. The emblem appears to be shield with a sword in the center of it.
Personality: Credo is a loyal and duty bound he follows orders to the period no ifs, ands, or buts. Credo considered disloyalty to be the worst sin anyone is capable of, and thus will have no regrets when it comes to cutting down allies if they go against orders.
Zanpakuto is very unique instead of being a katana or sword it is a large gold and silver shield that has that has the same emblem on it that is on his shoulder, the shield is nearly impenetrable able to stop bullets, sword strikes, and other physical attacks without even getting a starch. The shield also proves quite strong against moderately strong kidos, ceros, or other energy based attack but as these attacks get stronger or bigger the shield defense will begin to fail, one way to get around the shield has been shown to fire a blast that is bigger then the shield and Credo. The shield has a compartment in the back that holds a gold short sword so that Credo has an offense not just a defense.
Release phrase: Shine
Resurrección: Illuminar Caballeros (Enlighten knight)
When Credo releases his Resurreccion, his shield, sword, and halo shine incredibly bright blinding nearby enemies when the light fades Credo is revealed as an angel/bird like humanoid. A person sized gold ring floats behind him and it is constantly rotating, also a halo is floating above Credo head. Credo shield changes to resemble a wing and is on his right arm, Credo gains a large wing on the left side which allows him to fly and hover.
1. Escudo de la Santa (shield of the holy): Credo right wing has formed into a shield like structure that covers most of the right side of his body and face. This shield is practically indestructible it blocks all attacks from swords, bullets, and any physical and even some of the strongest energy based attacks. There are several ways around the shield the first and the most obvious is use an insanely strong attack against it, the second involves uses a blast that is bigger then the shield and Credo. But the third and biggest weakness of Credo is his back there is very little if no protection on his back so instead of attacking the front if an enemy can get behind him they can deal some heavy damage. The other weakness to the shield is that when it is broken whether it be with a insanely powerful blast or otherwise the regeneration time for it is extremely long it takes 5 minutes just so the shield can be at a quarter of its strength.
2. Fragmentos del Escudo (shards of shield) This only activates when Credo’s shield has been destroyed the shield shatters into feathers made of light then they shoot towards closet person who is usually the one that broke the shield. They feathers move at bullet speed and do damage similar to bullets. But if an opponent is capable of smashing the shield at a distance or getting away fast enough, because the feather only travel 5 feet in front of Credo before dissipating, then this attacks is rendered useless
3. Malo Golpeando Lanza (wicked smiting lance) This is Credo main offensive ability and probably his only one. He is able to fire rods made of light in two ways, one of them is from the ring behind him this is very inaccurate but fires it has a high fire rate it can fire 50 rods in a minute then a 1 minute reload to fire another 50. The other way is much more accurate but has a worst fire rate he can generate a rod in his left hand and throw it like a javelin or spear towards the opponent, this way allows him to aim where he is throwing them but he can only fire 1 at a time and 1 per minute. Either way the rods move at blinding speeds and are capable of pierce though enemies.

this is credo resuccerion form but minus the sword and plus the gold ring
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 Name: Credo Escudo Age: looks to be in late 30s early 40s Height: 6’3’’ Weight: 230 Ran
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
Lobos I love your Arrancar Credo, he is so amazing... The Orden de los Caballeros del Rey
sounds interesitng lol i wonder if they are allies of the Arrancar Arisotracy lol
1年以上前 cherese_cobb said…

Name: Sakura “SakSak” Kuchiki
Height: 2’0’’
Weight: 20 pounds
Race: Shinigami/Arrancar
Birthday: June 20th
Age: Unknown, Appears to have the mind of a 2 year old
Apperance: Sakura is cute and little with choppy uneven pink shoulder length hair (resembling her mother). Oddly, enough her head is like a brick (just like her proclaimed mother, Momo Hinamori). Her eyes are cherry blossom shaded and look as if cherry blossoms are dancing in them (ironically cherry blossoms also follow her around). With big warm eyes, she can purse her lips just right in a frown melting the heart of all and getting what she desires. She is often seen in extravagant clothing, which she hates and rips of for more form fitting clothes (like overalls); she also likes to run around naked. Sakura cannot annunciate well. She call her father Captin Cookie (although many wonder if it’s due to her love of food).
Personality: Sakura has dynamic personality that attracts the attention of whomever she is around. A bit of a tomboy, Sakura is the first to run towards trouble. She is michesvious and naughty—deriving pleasure from the attention she gets.
Favorite food: Milk (especially from Bettsie), Peanut Griddle, Sweets—Chocolate Chip Cookies Inside out cake with Pink frosting, Peaches, and Grounded Sugar
Likes: Toys, Flowering arranging (although she is horrible at it), Kitty Land—she really likes the characters Elle, Kusa, Ruki, and Momoko best, Pink, Lounging on the breast of well endowed women (she likes to rest on Mama’s chest too but makes fun of its flatness), Chappy the Bunny, Rukia, Toshiro (who she calls uncles), Momo (whom she calls Mama), Byakuya (who she calls Daddy), sweets, sugar—she likes to eat this by the spoonful, milk (which she drinks in excessive amounts forcing those who she stays with to leave and purchase more), Peaches, Playing with Mika-Mika, coloring, biting stuffed animals (so Mayu is leery to let her play with her dolls), Having fun with Yumikiro (who she calls sis), cartwheels, soccer, getting dirty, making mud pies, wandering around the Seritei and the Rukon to make new friends and to get free things when she flaunts her cuteness, decorative cheery trees, pretending she is poor with Rukia for goodies, help Retsu in the hospital, making trinkets and bracelets with troll beads, finding worms and other creatures (which she smiles as she hands to her father), helping on the family farm, Chihiro’s cooking, working in Chihiro’s shop, bragging about her Cero, hanging out with the crazy man who lives in a shoe, and pretending to be animals (such as pigs).
Dislikes: Dark green, all vegetables, bamboo shoots, being spanked or reprimanded, being left behind, anyone talking about Momo or Baile, Genrei Kuchiki (whom she claims is a mean, old, smelly man how is dying and has a cute pot belly), time outs, and not getting her way.
Love interest: Mama, Daddy, and Ruki (she claims to love them equally)
Family: Toshiyuki Hiyama (Biological father-deceased), Baile Pétalo (Biological Mother-Decease), Byakuya Kuchiki (adopted father), Momo Hinamori (Calls her mother), Toshiro Hitsugaya (uncles), Rukia (adopted Aunt), Yumikiro (Sis).
History: Sakura was born the daughter of Toshiyuki Hiyama, a soul reaper, and Baile Pétalo, an arrancar. After her parents were ruthlessly murdered for “treason”, or blending both the genes of a soul reaper and arrancar, Sakura wandered around Hueco Mundo with Yumikiro and Sangriento Espina (who protected them). One day, Sakura supposedly went “Boom” and disappeared mysterious only to land in the Rukon. She wandered around accepting cookies and candies for several months until she met a crazy man, who believed he was king of the soul society and believed he lived in a shoe. She then wandered in the Seritei everyday for classes with Toshiro Hitsugaya and Momo Hinamori, for basic sword technique and kido. (The peanut griddle that Retsu made and gave her everyday made her keep coming back). She stayed first with Yamamoto (after Toshiro realized she had no parents picking her up from class), but her mischievous nature drove him and his wife crazy, leading Captain Kuchiki to adopt her. She still visits the Spirit King a.k.a. man who lives in shoes…he calls himself various Captains.
Zanpakuto: Shukketsu Kokoro Piccha (bleeding heart pitcher)
Release phase: Stick
Spirit manifestation: A heart shaped flower with thousands of sticky projections.
Inner world: A garden blooming with ten feet tall flowers that are popping with color. Every flower is a budding with personality and a welcoming smile.
Sealed Form: The blade is dark green with dandelion yellow and pale rose swirls. The hilt is an apple green and has two large pink and yellow pincher plant charms dangling at the end, which Sakura like to shake and dance to—although this is useless when it comes to fighting.
Shikai Form: The hilt looks like a plant stalk that emerges up into a large heart shaped plant that has dark pink projection with clear sucking globules.
Shikai’s Abilities: In shikai, Sakura can pull in objects or foes with the globules protruding from her sword’s pink tentacles. She can also attach the gel-secreting glands to the foes body; the force of this move can pull apart limps and suck the opponent’s body from the inside out.
- Nikushoku No Shukketsu Kokoro Piccha (Carnivorous bleeding heart pitcher): Sakura’s sword mutates with each item that it eats. The sword grows eyes, a tongue, jagged teeth, arms, etc.
- Hito Kuchini Hana No (Man Eating Flower Field): Small plants with teeth are spit out of her sword. These bite the opponent and absorb their energy. They also turn any normal flowers into flowers of the same type.
- Buro-kun Ben Kagami (Broken Petal Mirror): Sakura’s clear sucking globules stick to the dimension (which appears to look like the sky) breaking it like a mirror with the shards falling down like petals. This is how she escaped Hueco Mundo.
Special abilities:
Hand to hand combat Expert
Kido Novice
Sword skills Expert
Flash step Expert
Appearance: Sakura’s choppy hair is covered with skeletal bonnet (the remnant of her hollow mask) that has roses and lace (made of bones) as decorations. Her hollow hole located in the middle of her chest. She also has a bony rose necklace that is ruminant of her mother, Baile.
Cero: Six small pink beams that explode from her mouth and form a six petaled flower.
Zanpakuto: Botánico Flores (Botanical Blossom)
Release phase: Grasp your prey
Apperance: A katana with a tickle me pink hilt etched with blooming tea roses and a tsuba that is in the shape of pink six petals.
Resurrección: Botánico Flores (Botanical Blossom): Sakura’s hands are pitcher pods that are covered in spines that can gash your skin. She has a flower skeletal tea rose that is tipped on the side of her head and a bony chocker with tiny roses patterns etched onto the surface. These are both off white. When these pods emerge they become reminiscent of Australian pitcher plants and her arms become long green tentacles attached to them. Her body secretes a sickly sweet fluid that spews from the mouth of the plant which is a reddish pink shade with sharp fangs. This fluid can digest the skin if it comes in contact with the foe or objects. The foe is often confounded by the scent and becomes her prey as she digests them with the fluid and sharp teeth. She dons a Victorian white ruffled dress that appears to be lace though it is a very thin layer of bones that is light enough for her to stay mobile in but offers her more protection.
Resurrección: Segunda Etapa: Capullo Serpenteé Botánico Flores (Budding Serpent Botanical Blossom): Sakura’s lower body becomes snake like tail and her waist is adorned with a huge pink tea rose that cuts like a blade. Her top is bare except for the necklace that dangles from her neck. The bottom of her tail is has a snake’s head protruding from it. The snake’s bite can affect the nervous system eventually leading to paralysis and a coma. Sakura has green folded leaves that look like bracelets on her hand. The leaves, however, are actually Snap traps that unfold and begin to digest whatever they lock onto. Sakura can also emit a sickly sweet perfume from her body that cause physical, emotional, and mental attraction.
Special skills
Enhanced Strength and Speed
Sword skills expert
High-speed regeneration

1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Prinzu Matsuo
Height: 6’3’’
Weight: 173 pounds
Race: soul merchant
Birthday: November 11th
Age: 125
Apperance: Prinzu has red shaggy hair with a crown tattoo on his left cheek, honoring his Seirei fi-da. He also has two piercings in each ear. He has fiery red eyes and a limber build. He has a silver rings on the middle finger of his left hand and a solid black one on his right. He is a fan of necklaces and bracelets with beads. He likes to wear sheer black gloves, bandanas, pins, and shirts with odd logos and prints. He also loves jackets.
Personality: Prinzu is very laid back and hip. He admires Zero’s abilities, and he also is devoted to taking down the soul society. He loves Takumi’s demeanor and often tries to emulate it. He doesn’t like confrontations, much like zero, but avoids getting into spats or talking to those he knows will enrage him by wearing headphones.
Occupation: -5 Soul Merchant Commanders, Tattoo Artist
Favorite food: Hush puppies (though he wonders why they are called hush puppies since they aren’t puppies) and fried shrimp.
Likes: music (to the point wear many get fed up with him because he is always wearing headphones; sometimes he wears these just so he can avoid talking to people), shirts with odd logos and making his own bracelets and jewelry out of beads, urban exploring, a strange hobby were people document the history and explore abandoned buildings (Prinzu prefers breaking into ruined hospitals, brave university steam tunnels, and old, abandoned sea forts), train with zero because he pushes him to his limits, tattoo art, playing banjo, doing Jane and Hina’s hair, fancy studded belts (he often wears multiple ones), jewelry, making plush picture frames and tamari (or caches of beaded animals which he often sells), skittles (he is always seen eating them), the smell of new shoe curtains and shoes, and spending time with friends.
Dislikes: Nahti (finds him annoying), getting into arguments, getting locked in or arrested for being in abandoned areas he tress passes in (luckily Hiroto is his lawyer), coffee jelly, uptight people, missing the bus because he doesn’t like driving, not being able to play and spend time with his friends, Hina being sad, and Ushiojiru (clear soup of clams)
Love interest: Jane Maywood
Favorite song: Orange Blossom Special by Johnny Cash
Seirei Fi-da: Corona Sceptrum (Crown Scepter)
Release phrase: bow before me
Apperance: a Kodachi with a golden hilt studded with precious stones and a guard that looks like a crown or sun with rubies embedded on it. The scabbard is gold and appears to have an etching of painting on it.
Kontan Fe-zu Ichi (spirit phase one): It alters into a long yari or spear with a golden rod is hollow with stenciling of a griffin winding around it; the rod measures about six feet. The end of the spear resembles a six pointed crown. The points are 10 inches long and are extremely sharp. They can easily impale foes.
Special abilities: when he strikes at an opponent who is slightly out of reach he can impale them with a secret blade that is hidden in the hollow shaft; the blade is twenty inches long and can be released by flicking the rod or through a secret switch on it.
Kontan Fe-zu Ni (spirit phase two): Alatus Corona Sceptrum (Winged Crown Scepter) Prinzu’s guard breaks apart falling to the side of his Kodachi and resembling the golden wings of a gryphon. In his second phase, Prinzu shoots out golden swords made of condensed reiatsu from the mouth of the gryphon. He must have a high enough reiatsu count to generate these swords.
Special skills:
Hand to hand combat master
Sword and yari master
Soul magic
Soul absorption
Reikon Senkou (soul flash) equivalent of a flash step or Sonido

 Name: Prinzu Matsuo Height: 6’3’’ Weight: 173 pounds Race: soul merchant Birthday: Novemb
1年以上前 Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Name: Ayumi Kobayashi
Height: 4’5’’ in half
Weight: 71 pounds
Race: soul merchant
Birthday: June 4th
Age: 11
Appearance: Ayumi has light brown curls that are tight and wide, her eyes are dark brown and she has a very small and petite figure. Ayumi is always dressed conservatively in dresses. She likes ruffles and puffy sleeves.
Personality: Ayumi is quite timid and shy. She is very submissive and does what Zero ask without question, realizing she has great powers she remains passive so to not abandon that power. She doesn’t like commanding others or having to make important decisions on her own so she is the last commander with the lowest amount of authority. Ayumi is somewhat as odd as her adopted father Zero, often asking Ryoji to make alterations to her clothing so her sleeves are large and puffy and she can’t bear bad endings so she hardly ever finishes movies and watches them to wear the storyline is most idealistic. She is very empathetic to others feelings and despite her young age she is very mature and maternal.
Status: Alive
Family: unnamed mother (deceased), unnamed father (unknown), adopted father (Ayumi Kobayashi, she usually refers to him as sir or Zero and sees the others as a makeshift family)
Occupation: 20th commander of the soul merchants, she also takes care of much of the house work, cooking, and cleaning.
Favorite food: hot buttered popcorn and Shabu-Shabu (Japanese style meat fondue. Thinly sliced meat, along with vegetables, mushrooms and tofu is dipped into a hot soup and then into ponzu vinegar or a sesame sauce before being eaten)
Likes: tidying up, reading, puffy sleeves, ruffles, happy endings, cooking, smiling, making beaded trinkets, charms (from anything to back aches to fertility), jump rope, and writing.
Dislikes: sad or miserable circumstances, abuse, shallots, Tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlets), bad endings, the thought of having broad shoulders,
Love interest: unknown
Seirei fi-da: Fatalis Paginas (fated pages)
Release phrase: turn
Apperance: a hard back, leather bound book
Kontan Fe-zu Ichi (spirit phase one): when she writes in this book she can later reality creating whatever her imagination conjures up, however she can’t write someone dead. Her power is tremendous but she often fears it. The main weakness of her Seirei fi-da is that she must stay mobile to write in battle and that Ayumi isn’t very strong or fast.
Special skills:
Soul magic
Soul absorption
Reikon Senkou (soul flash) equivalent of a flash step or Sonido
Hand to hand combat expert (tutored by Zero)
Sword skills specialist (trained by Zero)
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Haha im glad you like him Dancing but Credo won't be around for long and the Caballeros are the elite guard of the espada you have to read Bleach: The Fallout to know where they fit in
1年以上前 grif16 said…
Name: Vergil Angelo
Age: Appeares to be in his 80s
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180
Race: Arrancar

Appearence: He is an old well built man with pale skin, long white hair that reaches to his mid back, and a handle bar mustache that reaches to the bottom of his neck. His follow mask fragment is in the shape of a cross that runs from his hair line to the end of his nose and across his eye brows. His hollow hole is located where his heart should be. The clothes he wheres are similar to ichimaru's and cover his hollow hole
Personalitiy: Vergil is cold and heartless. He hardly ever talks and when he does it is only to critisize and insult. In battle he shows no mercy for his opponent and will slaughter any who stand in his way. He feels that to be weak is a sin punishable by death
Zanpakuto: Instead of a sword Vergil's zanpakuto takes the form of a demonic briefcase with a dark blue outside with and a skull on the front of the case. The briefcase can change shape at will to any melee weapon that vergil desires. (ex. it can turn into a sword,axe,mace,scythe,etc.)
Cero: Vergil's cero is dark blue with a shadow twist that is fired from the skull on the front of the briefcase
Release Command: Satisfy Your Curiosity
Ressureccion: Pandora
When Vergil releases his ressureccion he opens the briefcase revealing a blinding light. When the case is shut his ressureccion is revealed to be a large 7 foot tall floating shadow demon with 6 eyes (3 on each side of his face), Small under developed wings. long boney fingers, and a black armor that covers his body, shoulders, and hands. He also keeps the briefcase and it retains all its powers
Abilities: The briefcase can still change form at will but now the strikes made by Vergil are very strong and very fast
1. Presagio (Omen): The zanpakuto turns back into a briefcase and opens revealing a light (Not Blinding though) and from that light fire thousands of cero oscuras
2. Odio (Hatred): The briefcase becomes a large double edged sword that is chained to his right arm. The is sword 5 feet long and the blade is 4 inches across, it is black with blue markings similar to the armor. the sword holds tremendous striking power and is light so it can be swung with speed.
3. Epidemia (Epidemic): The briefcase becomes a large triple edged bladed boomerang that can be thrown at great speed at my opponent and return at vergils's command

Here is a pic of Vergil's release form
 Name: Vergil Angelo Age: Appeares to be in his 80s Height: 6'0 Weight: 180 Race: Arrancar Appe
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Awesome grif i see you finally used pandora now you used all the weapons in devil may cry 4
1年以上前 grif16 said…
yea lol. hey man nice work with credo. i would have never thought of making him into an arrancar. when did u get the idea?
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