BLEACH(ブリーチ) Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
Well i was refering to neumerical order, if we place it out for each indidvidual character, itd go lets say, cap commander then his leutinit and if nebody else under him, then squad 2, and so on down the squads or could mix it up and go cap commander and his squad then lead espada and his story, then whom ever from outsiders, then move on to second squad captain and second espada and so on, and eventualy cycle throug everybody, or we can go with shot gun rule of who ever calls the spot for the scene gets it
1年以上前 tetsudragon said…
last post for the day,is there a section i left out for my arrancar?
Gotta go for the day has ended and justice is served just 3 times a day,breakfast,lunch and dinner.Adios!!
1年以上前 CanisDirus212 said…
Zanpakuto: Canis Dirus

Blade: Normal Length blade, with amber coloured hilt wrap

Shikai activated, a ripple shivers down the blade and it grows slightly longer, when the ripple reaches the tip, it forces the tip to curve up into an almost fang or claw like shape.

So the release for shikai would be this, Fuere contra terra comminutus! which translates to Rage across the broken earth!
I think its very well suited for Canis Dirus because the shikai causes the wielders mind to synchronize with Canis Dirus's. Going wild with bloodlust and rage, and fighting like a beast. The bloodlines appear vertically beneath the eyes, and the eyes themselves turn a golden color.

Next up, bankai. Name of Bankai is " Lupus Colossicus!" Which translates to Colossal wolf!" when released, Lupus Colossicus manifests as an enraged wolf of enormous size ( larger than Komamuras Bankai " Kokujo Tengen Myo" it looks as if its made up of heat waves and ocillates almost like a mirage) while its name refers to its name and nature, the first part of the bankai phrase refers to its abilities. Lupus Colossicus can move with frightening speed and can attack physically like Kokujo Tengen Myo, but it can also attack through what I have named " Territo Ululatus"( or terrifying howl) which is an attack that functions physically much like a Cero. Except for this attack is made up of a destabilizing energy that is extremely effective against any form made up of spirit particles, literally dissolving them into particle sized pieces. Territo ululatus is emitted from the mouth of the manifestation, or on a smaller scale from the wielders mouth. This attack is extremely dangerous however because repeated use will cause the wielder to desynchronize with Canis Dirus. This process also inflicts massive damage on the wielder and drains their reiatsu.

This is all Latin ( thought it would be interesting) even the name of the zanpakuto translates directly to "Dire Wolf" (scientific classification
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1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
tetsudragon - what I meant by it is in terms of how we do the order, since all captains are technically equal rank (beyond the Captain Commander). That's an interesting arrancar ressureccion you've got, and though I know you're not going to get this till much later, I'm wondering what the travel speed of the pins are.

CanisDirus212 - long time no see dude. I remember this blade, and honestly I don't think there's anything really wrong with it. Yeah, there's been a good deal of blades with some wolf basis, but the energy component, I think, is what makes this different. By the way, are you going to be back for a while, and would you be interested in joining in on our RP when we get started?
1年以上前 tetsudragon said…

Whiteflame-thanks for the explanation.That does make a lot of sense. Ill actually be able to keep up.(jk,jk)

The pins travel around 90kmph in first second it travels 150kmph.
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1年以上前 CanisDirus212 said…
Thanks for the invite! I would be honored! yep, I am back and intend to stay. I should probably make a character then eh? time to get on it. Do we have a time frame for the RP?

(psst!) Tetsudragon isnt that a little on the slow side? 50kmph is only about 30 miles per hour. The average person can throw a baseball at about fifty miles per. Though, im probably speaking out of some sort of ignorance.
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1年以上前 tetsudragon said…
nah, your right. i think ill have to revise it to give it a chance in battle.thanks for the heads up.
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
sorry boys i been a lil off and on but im here and im up to date and i like the idea i just have a small favor if you guys don't mind i would like to make the first post on the story
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
LOBOS - That's cool with me.
1年以上前 QuickDeath35 said…
Fine with me too, Lobos
1年以上前 tetsudragon said…
yo can i add a 3rd seat to 8 squad?
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
thank you gentlemen i promise i will not dissapoint and don't worry im not going to start a fight or anything im just going introduce the idea of the Ace of X group and who side they are on in this up coming conflict

*hint spoiler alert: they are on no one side*
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
That's fine, you can take the lead on starting with the Outsiders. That being the case, I think I have an idea of how to delegate order an order. I would say start with the leaders among the Outsiders (so jstar18 would be next), followed by the leader of Soul Society (that'd be me) and a captain (thinking QuickDeath35) and Hadez17 could take the lead role in getting the arrancar portion started. You don't have to stick to one story in your post, but you should focus on introducing the one that fits your position. We can introduce other people to list as we go. How's that sound?
1年以上前 tetsudragon said…
sounds good to me.
1年以上前 CanisDirus212 said…
thought up a character, name of Urahara Jin. whaddya think?

Urahara Jin (BASE)Stats would be...
Strength: 70*
swordsmanship: 90*
kidou: 25 ( good at kidou, but only likes binding spells)
shunpo: 100
hand to hand: 80*

*** i know that shunpo is the only 100 and my reason for that is that while Jin enjoys swordfighting, he prefers to use hand to hand unless he needs to get serious. Jin by himself is a good fighter, but doesnt especially stand out from the other captains(???) until he uses his zanpakuto. because of its wild fighting style Canis Dirus does something that hasnt really been seen before, it combines strength, swordsmanship, and hand to hand into one extremely effective fighting style that continually utilizes ALL THREE STARRED STATS!!THEREFORE, Stats with Canis Dirus active would be radically different from regular (base) stats.

Strength: 95
Swordsmanship: 100
Shunpo: 100
kidou: 0 NO kidou ability in shikai
Hand to hand: 95

then! BANKAI!
Strength: 95
Swordsmanship: 100
Shunpo: 100
Kidou: 50 ( Kidou regained in Bankai)
Hand to hand: 80

In bankai, user calms down slightly and rational thought becomes possible again. Kidou is regained, and Stats continue to recieve boost through synch with sword. The out of control animal is now manifested outside of the body as Lupus Colossicus
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1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
yeah everything sounds good. i think i may be a little lost on the order of post situation but that could also be because i just now read over it and im realy tired
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
ok so when r we excatly starting this btw for fun im gonna post the ranks of Ace of X very soon i just want to do this so you all know how my members stack up you guys can follow my lead if you want
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
Ace of X rankings, your notice there are ten members I know that there is a 5 character limit so I'll only be using 5 characters at a time I plan on switching and swapping charactes in and out to mantain this limit and there is only 10 members for now that may change

Leader: Crow Habaka
2nd in Command: ????
3: Toni Leone d'Argento
4: ??????
5: Jenos Spiegel
6: ??????
7: ??????
8: Leigh-Ann Chipoo
9: ?????
10: ?????
also these ranks are not in order by strength so be prepare if you chose to battle one of them last is certainly not the least
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Well, since you're the first person posting, this will start when you post the beginning of the story. Pretty much up to you when it starts.
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
well if we are all set ill do it now if u like and it perfect becuase the first part involves your character whiteflame
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1年以上前 jstar18 said…
Okay here is my last character, he is an outsider.

Name: Coran Amairi
Position: Acting 2nd in Command of the Revolutionary Army
Age: 30
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 235
Appearance: Coran has fair skin and light brown hair. He wears black colored pants with blue shoes. He also has light gray bandages wrapped around his abdomen, he wears a blue colored hoodie with the sun pattern on the back. He normally keeps his hoodie unzipped and does not wear an undershirt.

Personality: Coran is a pretty laid-back guy. He will always try to avoid a fight even when he knows he doesn't have a choice, but when he fights he is very intense! Even though he gets very intense, he does not lose focus and is very strategic. He was the one that helped Miroku start the Army. He doesn't really do much of the up front in your face missions. He usually does things behind the scenes. He blends in well and is very hard to notice if you are not paying close attention. He is the most trusted person in the army.

Shunpo: 92
Kido: 100
Strengh: 83
Swordsmanship: 100
Hand-to-Hand Combat: 70

Zanpaktou Element: Water
Shikai Name: Umi Mashin (Sea Devil)
Bankai Name: Umi Mashin Ryouiki (Sea Devil's Domain)
Shikai Phrase: Tread the Water

Shikai Appearance: It is a yard long katana. The handle is blue with a black triangle design going down the side. The blade is black, and the grain of the blade is blue to look like a flowing ocean wave.

Shikai Abilities:

1) Awa Shi-Rudo (Bubble Shield): A bubble is created from the tip of the blade and surrounds the wielder or anything the wielder wants it to surround. The blade deflects kido spells of up to level 50. If timed right, the wielder can surround an opponent with a bubble while the opponent is trying to launch a kido spell of level 50 or lower which will cause the spell to bounce back and hurt themselves. The bubble does not stop sword swings.

2) Oni Tama (Demon Shot): The grain of the blade shines blue and the wielder swings his sword causing a highly pressurized blast of water to shoot out at the opponent. The speed of the blast is a little faster than an average kido spell and the blast is the same size as the blade.

3) Mashin Nakigoe (Devil's Cry): The wielder holds his sword with both hands. The handle in one and the tip of the blade in the other. A condensed orb of water is formed on the surface of the blade, and the wielder swings his blade sending the orb into the sky. Once the orb reaches 50 feet of elevation from the launching point, it explodes and it starts to rain down in a 50 foot diameter of the explosion. The rain water is pressurized and cuts like knives as it falls.

Bankai Appearance: The katana transforms into a three-pronged trident and sends out a wave of water that stays on the battlefield, the water is slightly above the ankles, the area the water takes up is 100 feet in diameter from where the bankai was activated. The handle and blade of the trident is black with a blue triangular jewel in the middle blade.

Bankai Abilities:

1) Mizu Oni Shi-Rudo (Water Demon's Shield): The water on the battlefield moves to defend the wielder from attacks and kido spells up to level 65. The wielder must notice the attack in order for the water to protect him. So the opponent needs to use speed and precision in order to land a hit. This ability will not work if the other abilities are currently being used.

2) Kuro Garandou (Dark Void): The wielder points the trident at the opponent and quickly charges up a beam that is fired at the opponent. The beam resembles a hollows cero and is black in color like the ocean's floor.

3) Umi Mashin Sankaku (Sea Devil's Triangle): This is the second form of the bankai. The jewel begins to glow and the water surrounding the battlefield now takes the shape of a triangle and a dense fog forms in the area. As long as the opponent stays in the area of the triangle, they will become disoriented and the wielder can also create illusions to further confuse the enemy. The illusions are being created by the fog, so trying to get rid of the water will not save you. Everything above the triangle that is in the area of the triangle is affected. Since the pool of water that the bankai causes is 100 feet in diameter, then whatever the area of the circle is, that will be the same area of the triangle. (I didn't feel like doing the math, sorry).
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1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Go ahead man. I'll be intrigued to see which character it involves, should be fun!
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
ok well ill guess ill start this now

---wild card----

Isao: (The Captain Commander walked into his office, his head was spinning there was so many problems and mysterious incidents going on that it was too much to handle. First there was the increase of hollows, this would be no more then the everyday normal but something was different they were random sometimes it was a large amount menos sometimes it was a alot normal hollows over a large area sometimes it was a variety pack. This had made him spread his captains all over the place leaving soul society practically defenselss. To make matters worst a couple of supply shipments have been attacked no one saw what the attackers look like the only descpriton was they attacked like wolves. To most people this would have been overwhelming enough to make them miss his unexcepted guest.) You know just because I'm old does not mean I lost my edge
In a seat in front of the Commander's desk was a man he was in his early 20 this was all that was noticable the room was dark and the man wore a cowboy hat pulled down just enough to cover his eyes. Also there was a guitar case leaning on the seat.
Man: Ha! I can tell age has not reduced your sense of humor
Isao: No it hasn't but if you don't explain yourself young man then this will becoming no laughing matter especially for you. (Begins to unsteath his sword)
Man: Woah now old timer I don't want no problems (gets up and apporaches Isao) I jsut want to talk. My name is Crow Habaka
Isao: People who want to talk do not intrude on someone special unannounce (there is a stern look in his eyes)
Crow: Yeah sorry bout' this, but I not the type of person who makes appointments besides I figure what I had to dicuss should be done in private.
Isao: And what is that young man
Crow: First let me start off by saying I'm a leader of a group known as Ace of X
Isao: I've never heard of you
Crow: And you never will. Anyway We are the best there is at what we do.
Isao: And what is that you do excatly?
Crow: The ridiculous. A month ago a man snuck into are main headquarters similar to how I snuck in here, he ask us to cripple Soul Society. If you be wondering who been attacking your supply shipments its been us. (Isao eyes flare with anger but yet confusion) Everything was going swell but this man appear to us again and now the jobs he wanted us to do were, well lets just they were against our moral code. When we refuse he destroyed our HeadQuarters with a cero the likes of which I've never seen confirming my susipicons of him being a arrancar. Thankfully my men and I escape with just a few brusies but are base was destroyed so we had to relocate.
Isao: It sounds like you have a problem but what does this have to do we us this man didn't attack us at least not directly.
Crow: This concerns you because I beileve this man is planning something they may involve a attack on Soul Soceity you are the only one to notice the recent uprising in hollows.
Isao: I see I'll have a meeting with captians to prepare us
(Crow senses the enegry of his men and walks back over to the chair picks up his guitar case and walks past Isao)Crow: I left you some money to repay for the damage we've done to your supplies. By the way Old man this doesn't make us friends or allies I don't want you adding me as a friend on facebook so we can fertizle each other farms. I'm just telling you we have they same enemy and so if you get in our way I'll show you, or any other member the Gotei 13 no mercy.
Isao: (right before CRow leaves) I understand completely young man but let me tell you just because you left some money makes no difference to me you attack my men and that is unforgiveable if you or your men get in our way then I will bring down the hammer of the law with full force.
(Crow vanishes)
Isao: (walks to his desks and sees the stack of money there was probably $100,000 dollars there and next to it was a playing card with a big, black X on it in the four corners of the X were the suits of the cards, hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs.) Great just what I need a wild card

I hope you enjoy this first piece jstar you are up
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Heh, sounds like a good beginning. I'll be bringing in several captains to my part of the story when it comes, always interesting to uncover some personality second hand. Can't wait to see your piece jstar18.
1年以上前 gokuluigifan333 said…
sorry guys haven't been on for long time and whiteflame replace my outsider character with an arrancar
here is my arrancar(it'll probably have a lot of flaws though)

Name:Reaper(couldn't think of any other better name)
Age:147 looks like he is in his 20
Eyes:Dark brown
Personality:he likes to beat people up becuase he is the superior being making him think that anything he does is right, he also doesn't like to be argued with cause if you do you'll probably wind up dead, he also likes to get and keep everything for himself and not share it
appearance:he is dark skinned and has hair like chads and is very muscular,

Non-Resurrección: cero,gran rey cero, cero oscuras, bala,sonido,pesquisa,hierro,regeneration(c­an only regenrate arms and legs)

Resurrección:segador de muerte(reaper of death
apperance:the zanpakto becomes a scythe that looks like the one the grim reaper has, he grows demonic-like horn, demon wings

noche de muerte(night of death)- his scythe gets engulfed by black aura in 5 seconds, he then strikes his scythe down into the ground, and makes it cover an area of 10 feet, anyone who is caught inside will be trapped inside will not be able to detect and i can perform a multitude of attacks, the effect only last for 5 seconds, i can't use any other zanpakto attacks while using this attack

muerte negro(black death)- a black aura engulfs me in 5 seconds and then expands to a 30 feet radius in 15 seconds, any opponents caught inside will then be slashed by tiny needle made of rietsu, the effect lasts for 30 seconds, i can't attacks while this occurs but no one can attack me unless they use kido over level 69(70 and above), i cant use any other zanpakto attacks while using this attack

muerte fijaciono pt1(certain death pt1)- i shunpo to the opponent and use my first zanpakto attack, then i slam them into the ground and use zanpakto ability number two causing them to be trapped

muerte fijaciono pt2(certain death pt2)- i then attack with a cero oscuras, after that i slam my scythe into you and take most of your life force, this fatally damages the enemy but it also damages me fatally too, if the first part doesn't link the second part doesn't execute, if i miss any of the combo in any part that part ends
1年以上前 gokuluigifan333 said…
i also need a review of everything that has happened
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Alright, well the character concept looks good, we're basically going with the "sins" as the group concept for the arrancar. We've already got Envy (mine), Pride (Hadez), and you could be Greed. We've sort of arranged an order, and since you've now got an arrancar character, I think you'd be best going after Hadez (so last on the list for now, but that's likely to change as the story evolves). We've just started out the story with LOBOS's post, and now waiting for jstar18 to do his part. As I said earlier, 24 hours since the last post is the time limit on this before we move on. You can DEFINITELY involve other people's characters, even if they haven't been introduced into the story by their creators yet.
So anyway, let's have a look at the arrancar you've made. On the first ability, wondering exactly what you mean by "not be able to detect," specifically what can they not detect? Since this traps the opponent, can they not be launched free by their own attack nor yours? Does that mean you can slam them with ceros, or is there a limitation? Can they move inside this zone?
On the second ability, I'm wondering how much power those needles have. Are we expecting massive bleeding, or just a massive poking? Basically just wondering how much damage an opponent comes out of this with, and whether (while they're in it) they can strike you with physical attacks.
On the third ability (which is in 2 parts apparently), didn't ability #1 already trap them? Why would it be required to use both abilities? Beyond that, I'm left wondering whether this third ability IS an ability. All it seems to be is a combo of attacks that...somehow...leads to a double fatal wounding. Honestly, I'd scrap this and go with something else. Do something based in attacking straightforwardly with your blade instead, perhaps an ability that, when you cut your opponent with your blade, something continuous happens to them that slowly saps them away (show some of that greed!)
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
thanks whiteflame i actually had that plan out for weeks now and even though Crow seems very dark at that moment i plan reviewing his actual personality as very jokingly and comical
1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
for sake of ease for me can anybody who has a arrancar send me the name and apperearence of their character
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
Okay here I go.

- Sunny -

Crow: (Jumping from rooftop to rooftop as he leaves Soul Society) I don't think that oldtimer was playing around, he'll really try to kill me next time we meet. (The air thickens. Crow stops and looks back to see a figure head towards Squad One's Barracks) Damn! This spiritual pressure, it could only be one man. But why is he here! Well there's no reason to stick around and find out. (Crow vanishes)
Isao: Well this is one hell of a situation! First the hollows now Crow and his team, and I can't forget that my former student is out there as well. Maybe I should of listened to the kid back then.


(Squad 1, lead by Isao, is running through a forest on a emergency mission! Isao, lieutenant Miroku, and 3rd seat Zane split off from the group.)
Miroku: This is odd.
Zane: I know you are young but this is no time to be scared, we are on a mission.
Miroku: It's not that.
Zane: Then what?
Miroku: Well it's just that I've never heard of the Head Captain going on missions with the squad before.
Zane: Yeah, I was wondering about that to, and why did he make everyone else stay behind. I thought we were just going to kill the massive amount of hollows that sprang up. And where the hell is 4th seat Nando at?
Isao: I left them behind because this is a matter only for seated officers and with you graduating the academy early Zane and Miroku being a child prodigy, I had to accompany you. I don't know where Nando is but there is no time to search for him. This mission is to important and I warn you, this will be no walk in the park!
Miroku: Well can you at least give us the details?
Isao: Squad 12 Captain Saijin has been experimenting with hollows, trying to fuse them together in order to make a Vasto Lorde. And we believe that he succeeded.
Zane: A VASTO LORDE! Well I'm glad you came with us. Miroku whats wrong?
Miroku: They're here.
Isao: Prepare for battle.(A man, dressed in regular captain attire and a dark figure appears before the group) Saijin!
Saijin: Oh Head Captain, glad to see that you are doing well. Would you like to see my latest creation?
Isao: It can't be!
Zane and Miroku: NANDO!? What did you do to him?
Saijin: I just awakened his inner self. Anyways I have other things to attend to so I will leave you all to catch up on old times.
Miroku: Wait! (Miroku shunpos in behing Saijin to stop him from leaving.)
Saijin: Well I guess I will have to fight as well. Kill them Nando. (Nando's eyes begin to glow and his skin starts to crack) Nando? (lights fly out of the cracks and Nando dies in a fiery explosion, Isao jumps out of the flames with both Zane and Miroku in his arms. Saijin is on the ground half dead.)
Saijin: (Laughs) I guess he wasn't completely stabilized. Oh well, at least I wiped out squad 2 before he died.
Isao: And you will die here as well. (Isao stomps on Saijin's chest and cuts his head off.) We're leaving.
Zane: What about Nando?
Isao: He's gone.
(Back at Squad One's Barracks)
Isao: Zane, Miroku; we were summoned to Central 46.
(at Central 46)
Judge: Everything will be covered up. The story to go with the events from last night are as follows. Nando broke the law by trying to awaken his inner hollow.
Miroku: WHAT! But Nando...
Isao: Shutup Miroku, we did our part. Let them do theirs.
Judge: Nando was unable to control his hollow and went on a rampage, killing the captains of Squad 2 and 12. Thankfully the Head Captain arrived to finish him off. That is the story, any questions.
Isao and Zane: No
Miroku: (Furious) How the hell are you gonna say that about Nando! It was that damn captain who did those things to him.
Judge: We can not tarnish the image of the captain seat! Do you understand Squad 1 lieutenant!
Miroku: HELL NO! You can't just change things to make yourself and other top officials look good. I will never understand something like this.
Judge: Then we will give you time to think in jail, guards.
Zane: Captain Isao, do something.
Isao: No, Central 46 is LAW.
(Inside the Prison)
Inmate 1: Looks like we got fresh meat boys.
Inmate 2: Yeah lets get him, its been to long since I've got to kill anyone. (20 inmates rush at Miroku and a mysterious man appears in front of them)
Mysterious Man: Its not nice to attack kids!
Inmate 1: Who the hell are you.
Miroku: Move, I can easily handle them.
Inmate 2: What was that brat? (a flash of light shines between the inmates and Miroku appears behind them)
Mysterious Man: Damn he's good! (the inmates fall unconscious. The man walks up to Miroku.) Hi, my name is Coran. Who are you and why the hell did you get put in here?
Miroku: my name is Miroku, the reason I'm hear is because I hate Central 46.
???: (An old man sitting in the corner of the jail) Hate Central 46, I've waited a long time to hear someone say that. Maybe you're the man that will lead to change.
Miroku: Lead to change what do you mean?
???: I will tell you as we escape. Double Bone! (the old man thrust both fist at the wall making the wall explode) Okay now first lets go to the inventory room and get both of your zanpaktou then we will try to avoid security on our way out.
Coran: Who are you?
???: Here take this. (he gives Coran a piece of paper) Everything you need to know is on that piece of paper. (they get there zanpaktou and are now running for the entrance gate to Soul Society. They reach the gate but see that it will not open and hundreds of soul reapers are now behind them with sword drawn) Well I guess this is as far as I go.
Miroku: What are you talking about?
???: Double Bone! (the gate flies open) Now go and run down that road for 20 miles, you will find a house at the end of the road and my granddaughter, her name is Asoka, give her that letter. Now go! And by the way ( he leans over and whispers something to Miroku. Coran grabs Miroku's arm and they both run. The soul reapers try to run after them) Like hell I would let you actually chase them. HADO 96 - Ittou Kasou! (a huge explosion go off and kills many soul reapers)
A Soul Reaper: That idiot was no ordinary man but why would he kill himself just to let two criminals get away? Well lets go report what happened.


(A figure appears in Isao's window)
Miroku: Long time no see Sensei.
Isao: I knew it was you. Your spiritual pressure was obvious. Why are you here?
Miroku: Just curious about whatever you and Crow talked about.
Isao: You know that guy?
Miroku: I know everyone worth knowing. So what did he say? (Isao tells him everything) An Arrancar? What like Nando that night?
Isao: Not exactly, but the situation seems to be serious, what will you do?
Miroku: Well as much as I would love to see that Arrancar trample all of your law and traditions, this problem affects us all so you can expect help from us.
Isao: Who is us?
Miroku: In due time Sensei. (Miroku walks away and Isao sees the sun pattern on Miroku's jacket)
Isao: Is that your groups symbol?
Miroku: Yeah, its the least I could do for the man that put all his hopes and dreams in a ten year old boy all those years ago.
Isao: You mean the man that helped you escape?
Miroku: Yes, and his name...was SUNNY! (As Miroku speaks his heroes name, he vanishes)

Sorry about the length, hope you all like it. You're up Whiteflame
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1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
damn jstar that was pretty effing sweet and i like how you threw my character in there, but im surprise about what side your character is taking on this i thought u be the first to side against soul society
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
Yeah I wasn't sure who to side with for this, but I don't want my characters asking for help from hollows.
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
ah good point, but you could have sided with nobody like i am doing for the time being. man i hope whiteflame can post something that tops us but i have no worries
1年以上前 jstar18 said…
I probably should of stayed idle for this fight, but trust me. None of my guys will be rushing to the aid of Soul Society
1年以上前 LOBOSdelRAYo said…
hahaha oh this is gonna be fun i can't wait to see you ignore a dying shingami that is gonna be funny
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Yeah, this is a long one, been doing a lot of thinking on it. Hope you all like it:

(Later that night)
Isao stood in the meeting chamber of soul society, waiting for the other captains to arrive. Satoshi was already there, practically falling asleep next to him. He had called this meeting late that night, but it was of the utmost importance that the captains knew of what had happened that day, and that he get their advice on the ensuing choices he planned to make. A splitting headache (the result of many nights without sleep) forced him to work to keep his composure, but he was used to difficult situations. Zane stood in the room already, alert as always and with a small smile on his face. Isao knew that smile all too well, and he knew that Zane was taking this meeting seriously. Kouji sat off in the corner of the room, examining his released blade for nicks and scratches, apparently shrugging off the severity of the meeting. Dawn sat in for her captain, who was still out on a mission. She appeared to have gotten out of bed in a hurry, and stood with her arms folded, barely managing not to grimace at the lack of sleep. Several other captains were supposed to be on missions, but nonetheless he waited for the appearance of one last one.
“Sorry I’m late,” Jin said, striding in the door. The captain of Squad 11 had just gotten back from a mission, and though he certainly should have been weary to the bone, he appeared in full control of himself.
“Good, now that we’re all here, I’ll inform you all of my meetings with some surprising visitors tonight.” As the story was told, Satoshi appeared to stiffen, waking from his partial slumber. Zane just nodded silently, Kouji stopped examining his flute and looked over, and Dawn’s jaw dropped open. Jin was the only one who seemed not to respond at all.
Dawn: “I don’t trust him! Crow assaulted us before, what’s to say he won’t again?...”
Zane: “Well, he does offer an interesting proposal; we are taxed to the limit at this point, just look at how few captains we have…”
Kouji: “You should have just killed him...”
Satoshi: “He went through the trouble of coming out here, why does he care so much? What did that arrancar tell him that went beyond his conduct limitations?
Jin: “That’s not the important question. Why was Miroku so interested?”
Isao: “Enough!”
The room went silent. “The questions you've asked are important, but our ability to answer them here is nil. I don’t know Crow’s motives, but I do know that Miroku understands him better than we do, and I do know we need the assistance. I’m averse to it, but whether we accept their help or not, we need to know more about him and his organization. The card he left behind had distinct traces of a type of volcanic dirt I know all too well from the human world. We don’t have anyone there as of yet, but he plans to meet us there, hopefully alone. But I cannot trust that. I’ll need to volunteers to meet him there, since I cannot leave myself and leave soul society so barren.”
Zane and Jin stepped forward immediately. Isao was uncertain about sending Jin so shortly after a mission, but it had to be done. He could count on these two. “Do not engage if at all possible. See what you can find out without them neither seeing nor feeling your presence.”
Zane and Jin: “Yes, Captain Commander!”
And with that, they vanished into the night.
Kouji: “Think that’s wise? That calling card could very well have been a trap.”
Isao: “Are you questioning my decision?”
Kouji: “Just musing.”
He did not know their true intensions, but he could tell from the danger that Crow put himself in by coming to meet him that Crow’s situation was desperate. Isao was more worried about what information they would find. He dismissed the meeting, and went to lie down, hopefully to stifle this annoying headache. Why did every meeting with Miroku always cause these? His last thoughts before drifting off to a fitful sleep were of all the shinigami that had deserted while he had been in charge…
(In another location)
???: “Have you found them yet?”
???: “I’m not exactly an expert tracker, and they don’t leave much of a trail”
???: “Well, we followed him to this point, didn’t we Titus? How’d he get away?”
Titus: “Not sure, seemed to disappear into those trees.”
???: “You two are incapable of locating a single shinigami? And to think, they used to think there was promise for you two in Soul Society.”
???: “You’re one to talk Chiyo, not like you’re doing much to help locate him. And he’s a former shinigami – Miroku, remember? No clue what he was doing coming from Soul Society.”
Chiyo: “I don’t care for your labels…Lachesis seems to have found where he’s camped, let’s move.”
The smallest of the three didn’t hear her; he was distracted by a small flash of light. Maybe he was seeing things, he’d been on edge lately.
Titus: “…Let’s go Hideaki, this was your plan after all”
Hideaki: “Yeah, yeah. Well, here’s hoping they don’t try to kill us on sight. Wouldn’t want to sour relations so early.”

Don't worry, hints will be coming next post as to that third bankai ability ;). Anyway, you're up QuickDeath35.
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1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
No problem man, don't worry about it too much, you've got till tomorrow at this time, so take your time.
1年以上前 QuickDeath35 said…
Ok, thanks i already got an idea but needs more detail but yea i'll post it after work tomorrow. :)
1年以上前 tetsudragon said…
aha! finally finished my 3rd character.3rd seat of the 8th squad.

Name:Kimi Katsuko(she is a soul reaper)

Zampakuto name-Nenshoseigi(Burning justice)

Bankai name-Nenshoseigiketutei(burning justices decision)

Bio-Kimi grew up in the 56 district.She entered the academy early(7 years old) and passed with honors.she is now about 12-13 in appearance.She has long blond hair,and is very cheerful.About 4ft 8inch.She can be very serious when the need to arises.She is very intelligent.

Zampakuto appearance-It looks like a regular zampakuto,but the pattern on the hilt is a bright red.The guard is a black x inside a red circle.

Shikai call-trial,nenshoseigi.

shikai must be used in order.first 1,then 2,then bankai that corresponds with mark,then revert to shikai to start over.

Shikai 1-shirenkiketsushu(trial of the convicted)
User traces a g,i,and n/a in the air and it is set aflame. The marks fly toward the opponent at 150kmph.Depending on which mark hits(if none hit starts over,or if more than one hit first to hit is used.)Puts a scar on the skin that burns.each is 3m by 3m.

Shikai 2-Baishininhantei(jury's verdict)-Depends on what mark hit.

G-(guilty)-The opponent becomes 50% slower

I-(innocent)-opponent becomes 20% slower and vision decreases by 20%.

N/A-(no appeal)-Makes user go straight to bankai.(uses less spiritual pressure)

Bankai-can only use the one that matches the mark from shikai

Bankai 1-Ushirometai(guilty)-Burning circle with a 10m radius surrounds opponent. a pillar of fire shoots up 500ft,engulfing the enemy.

Bankai 2-Adokenai(innocent)-Restrains the opponents spiritual pressure for 7 seconds by 60%.

Bankai 3-iiesogan(no appeal)-Creates 15 1m wide by 20ft long pillars of fire.(basically death sentence)they hurtle toward the opponent at 130kmph and can change direction.

sorry it took so long. this sword was hard to make and then my internet zoned out for three hours.

Oh,forgot! captain of squad 8's(my main) first name is now Ryuu.
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1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
tetsudragon - hmmm, it's an interesting way to have the blade go, but there's just a few things. Does the entire mark have to be branded onto them for the second shikai to activate, or will only a piece of it do? For the first bankai, how long does it take for the pillar to shoot up (how long does it lag after targeting the opponent)? For the second, is this basically an instant hit? Can this not be dodged? How does it activate? How much delay is there before you can use it again? The third ability seems fine (if rather beastly, it's basically what Yamamoto used to try and take out Aizen).
1年以上前 gokuluigifan333 said…
Resurrección:segador de muerte(reaper of death
apperance:the zanpakto becomes a scythe that looks like the one the grim reaper has, he grows demonic-like horn, demon wings

noche de muerte(night of death)- his scythe gets engulfed by black aura in 5 seconds, he then strikes his scythe down into the ground, and makes it cover an area of 10 feet, anyone who is caught inside will be trapped inside will not be able to detect me but they can detect my attacks but it will also be hard to respond and i can perform a multitude of attacks, the effect only last for 5 seconds, i can't use any other zanpakto attacks while using this attack

muerte negro(black death)- a black aura engulfs me in 5 seconds and then expands to a 30 feet radius in 15 seconds, any opponents caught inside will then be slashed by tiny needles made of rietsu,this will cause some bleeding(depends on who it is used on EX:captain-commander: doesn't even feel it , the effect lasts for 30 seconds, i can't attacks while this occurs but no one can attack me unless they use kido over level 69(70 and above), i cant use any other zanpakto attacks while using this attack

muerte fijaciono pt1(certain death pt1)- i shunpo to the opponent and use my first zanpakto attack, then i slam them into the ground and use zanpakto ability number two causing them to be trapped, i use my first ability so that they can't detect me, then i use my second move so that i can weaken them

muerte fijaciono pt2(certain death pt2)- i then attack with a cero oscuras, after that i slam my scythe into you and take most of your life force, this fatally damages the enemy but it also damages me fatally too, if the first part doesn't link the second part doesn't execute, if i miss any of the combo in any part that part ends, as for why this is a combo of attacks well i wanted something different from everybody elses
hope that explains most of it
1年以上前 QuickDeath35 said…
Ok here it is i know it's short and if its bad sorry bout that im not really good with posts.

Dawn flash stepped to her room and jumped at the sight of man sitting in a chair asleep, she knew this man all to well

Dawn: (Throws book that was in her hand) "Wake up you lazy lump, we need to talk!"

???: "Ow!" he said while rubbing his face from where the book hit, "So what's so important that you need to throw a book at me to wake me up?!"

Dawn: "Cause Amiro, Head Capatin just had a meeting with everyone and I need to inform you on what happnend."

Amiro: "Ok then tell me what happned."

So Dawn told her older brother/capatin what happned at the meeting not to long ago

Amiro: "So what do you think about this."

Dawn: "I don't trust him, how do we know he's not gonna assualt again."

Amiro: "Well I trust him atleast he reported to us what happned with the arrancar and admited he attack the supplies."

Dawn: "We'll just have to see what Crow and his group does.......and Amiro you need to report to the Head Capatin since you finished the mission."

Amiro: "I'll do it in the morning you need sleep and so do I." He said after the bags under her eyes became more noticeable.

Dawn: "Your right we'll need sleep for tomorrow" With that the both went to sleep

Hadez17 your up :)
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1年以上前 tetsudragon said…
whiteflame-a piece will work, but the power of the next moves will be drastically reduced.For the first bankai, it takes 5 seconds to activate, so there is time to dodge.For the second, it is not a instant hit, but is very hard to is activated by drawing a flaming circle in the air and saying the name of the bankai move.After every bankai the user is reverted to shikai and must start over(a new trial).The third is the most powerful,but there are many ways to block it. hope that answered your questions.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
It did indeed. By the way, gokuluigifan's not up yet QuickDeath, next is Hadez (leader of the arrancar and whatnot). Speaking of which, seems that LOBOS gave a lead-in to your character at the beginning Hadez, make sure you use that somehow.
1年以上前 QuickDeath35 said…
Oh ok then ill go change that now.
1年以上前 gokuluigifan333 said…
when is it my turn cause i still need to read everything before this so if i don't post just skip my turn and quickdeath35 don't fell bad about bad post just wait until you see mine they are very short, have a bad plot line and i don't even know what else
1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
alrighty ill throw my post up here in a sec, im not garenteeing itll be good, its gunna take me a bit to get into the swing of things here
1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
Somewhere in the streets of the Human world.

Joshua: How the hell did you get your self into this mess? (Josh said holding a bloody right arm as he sat up against a wall in a wet and dark alley. Looking up he could barely see the crescent of the moon as 2 low level hallow jump down the alley from the roofs of each building.) Well Fuck me (Josh quickly pulls out and activates one of his Seele Schneiders and quickly dispatched the 2 hallow) I could defiantly use help but I don’t know where I would find it. All the shinigami can go rot in hell after what they did to my people, and something tells me that the hallow wont be open to any negotiations. There has to be somebody else out here. (Joshua then runs from the wave of hallow popping up in the human world doing his best to kill as many as he can one handed and that’s when he sees it. A man dressed in black, carrying a katana. Joshua has had this image embedded into his mind and before he even thought about his course of actions he jumped) Die you scum!!!!!

Shinigami: What the…Arghhhh

(He didn’t even have the chance to draw his zanpaktou before Joshua severed his head from the body)

Joshua: There has to be somebody out there who will help…but where?

In Hueco Mundo in the throne room of Las Noches

Rey: (As he paces in front of his thrown waving his hands in the air and ranting) Stupid bandits…not doing….how dare they….Do they know who I am?!?!? ……and what this…..human killing. (Rey then stomps his foot cracking the floor of the) Damn it all. You there, this had better be fixed by the time I return or ill have your head. (Rey says as he point his spear at a arrancar female standing behind a pillar)

Arrancar Female: Sir yes Sir. Ill get right on it

(Rey then leaves walking into a dining hall with a long table able to seat about a hundred people but only has 7 seats. One is at the head and is much bigger and fancier than the other 6, There is only one person sitting in the room, A female arrancar wearing half black and half white clothes and bits of a hollow mask that are apparent form as eyebrows, but extend up into her hair and create ridges that are the same length. She is sitting in the seat at head of the table)

Rey: Where the hell is everyone else? And why are you in my chair?

Yuxtaposición: I don’t know my lord. It seamed right. (She said as she gets out of the chair and moves to the seat closest to head on the right of the table)

Rey: You do best to know your place. I hear there is a human out there dressed in white killing my hallow. MY HALLOW!!!! The nerve of that human to think that he has the right to kill the soldiers of the great Rey, Could he be an agent of the soul society trying to thwart our plans or just a insect that needs to be crushed. Yuxtaposición, I want you to look into it, I was going to give this mission to Reaper but that bastard is never here.

Yuxtaposición: I hardly see it important for me to go on such a mission Sir.

Rey: You don’t see it important!?!? (Rey raises his spiritual pressure and the room begins to shake) Is it important to keep living?

Yuxtaposición: That’s not what I meant Sir. Its just this kind of task is not where my talents lie! (She said as she stands up out of her chair and takes a step back)

Rey: This human is upsetting all our plans. The Soul Society has too much power and has had it for too long. I’m simply trying to get us on the same level as them and this human is stopping it. It seems to me that this task is perfect for you.

Yuxtaposición: That it may be…. (yuxtaposición says as she looks down and contemplates what the best course of action shall be.) Ill get right on it Sir, (Then yuxtaposición vanishes from the room)

Reaper: Did I miss anything? (Reaper walks into the room making as much noise as possible. Then kicking a chair away from the table and flopping down into it as he eyes the head chair)

Rey: Just get out of here, I’m not in the mood for you today Reaper. (Rey shakes his head and rubs his brow as he starts for the door)

Reaper: What’s that old man? I am not sure I heard you right. (Reaper said as he appears in front of Rey holding his blade to Rye’s neck) Maybe ill just take that throw once and for all.

Rey: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you don’t have the strength nor skill to best me my boy. (Rey says as he appears behind Reaper and raises his spiritual pressure to near max almost pushing Reaper down to his knees) Ill let this incident go for now but next time you should b more careful if u wish to not loose your head, I know how much you hate to lose anything. On a different topic, why don’t u see about leading one of the attacks on the human world, should be fun. (Rey casually strolls out of the room and vanishes to a distant room of Las noches)

Reaper: That bastard…

1年以上前 Hadez17 said…
idr whos after me
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Well, next is gokuluigifan333, though it appears he might not be able to make his in time. If you can't man, just say so in a post and we'll move on. Also, CanisDirus212, tetsudragon, do you guys want in at this point? We could do another round before you step in if you're not ready yet, but I figured I'd check.