BLEACH(ブリーチ) Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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1年以上前 Tailedfox66 said…
They do continue with the anime, but have devoted all of their attention onto the english dubbed version
Ryuuikari commented…
Where did あなた find out about that then ? 1年以上前
Tailedfox66 commented…
its just a guess 1年以上前
blackpanther666 commented…
Yeah. That should be one heck of an epic Bankai! XD 1年以上前
1年以上前 Ryuuikari said…
Another from the vault... a little different...

Name: Kiseichū (Parasite)
Unlike other zanpakutō, Kiseichū can potentially have an unlimited amount of Shinigami wielders. When its current wielder is left in a severely debilitated state or is killed, Kiseichū abandons its Shinigami and attempts to join the victor whereupon it parasitically drains the spiritual power from the Shinigami’s current zanpakutō, until said zanpakutō ceases to exist, becoming the Shinigami’s new and only zanpakutō.
Sealed appearance: In its sealed state it takes the form of a wakizashi, with a bug-green hilt and a bronze guard shaped like a double-headed arrow; it has a green sheathe.
Release command: Suck them dry

Shikai appearance: Its form changes to resemble a bullwhip. The whip section is 1.5m long, has a diameter of 1.5cm, tapers to a sharp point and connects to a rounded handle. The whip is made from a strong metal that shrinks, stretches and is flexible like leather.

Shikai special abilities: Kiseichū’s whip is much sharper than it superficially appears, being able to cut and slice like a bladed weapon. Kiseichū’s main ability is spiritual energy absorption. When Kiseichū makes contact with a victim, it steadily begins absorbing their spiritual energy. The longer Kiseichū is touching the victim the more spiritual energy it can gradually absorb. The more spiritual energy Kiseichū absorbs the longer its whip gets, allowing it to potentially grow to up to three times its original length if given the chance; its whip length reverts to normal when it is resealed. If the whip snaps or is broken it quickly regenerates, provided the wielder has sufficient spiritual energy.

Bankai name: Kyūbi Kiseichū (Nine-Tailed Parasite)
Bankai release: The wielder whips Kiseichū round like a lasso and then initiates bankai.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Kyūbi Kiseichū resembles a cross between a lamprey and a bullwhip; it has a total length of 2.5 metres. Its ‘head’ area, which is 90cm long with a 3cm diameter, has a mouth typical of a lamprey and coils around and bites into the top of the wielder’s forearm, just below the elbow, connecting the zanpakutō to its Shinigami. Its ‘tail’ area, which is 1.6m long with a diameter of 1.5cm, is the whip section, which ends in a sharp point; the wielder holds Kyūbi Kiseichū where it begins to coil round the wrist. Kyūbi Kiseichū is completely made from the metal it was made from in shikai and is completely bug-green in colour.

Bankai special abilities: Kyūbi Kiseichū is much sharper than it was in shikai but its spiritual energy absorbing ability is exactly the same. However instead of growing in length when it absorbs spiritual energy, it now grows a new ‘tail’ whip through spiritual energy absorption; it ceases to grow anymore ‘tail’ whips once it reaches nine. Each whip can be controlled and manipulated separately and can be made to wrap and entangle (multiple) opponents. Like in shikai if a whip snaps or is broken it quickly regenerates, provided the wielder has sufficient spiritual energy.

Bankai technique(s):
Reiteki Hiru (Spiritual Leech): A technique that activates automatically when Kyūbi Kiseichū gains its full nine whips. The subsequent spiritual energy that Kyūbi Kiseichū absorbs is used to restore any spiritual energy that the wielder has used or lost.

Ryōba Kiseichū (Double-Edged Parasite): Kyūbi Kiseichū uncoils from the wielders forearm and begins to wrap around the wielder’s torso where it finally bites deeply into and connects to the wielder’s spinal cord at the cervical spinal nerves. The wielder’s spiritual energy surges as Shinigami and zanpakutō combine; the wielder has become Kyūbi Kiseichū. In this form the wielder’s appearance changes drastically: they gain a mouth of teeth similar to a lamprey, their eyes become slit-like, their fingers and toes are replaced by sharpened claws, their skin becomes much harder than steel and gains a bug-green hue (due to the metal from the zanpakutō) and they gain a slightly hunched gait. Their main feature however is the thick, two metre long, bug-green tentacle that sprouts from their back. The tentacle generally has a 20cm diameter which tapers down into a lamprey mouth-like appendage. The wielder is capable of growing another eight tentacles from their back, each being two metres long with a general diameter of 5cm; unlike the main tentacle these tentacles are sharper than they superficially appear. All tentacles are made from the same metal as in bankai and are all capable of stretching to double their normal length. The wielder absorbs spiritual energy either through impalement (via their claws or extra tentacles), from the main tentacle (via the mouth-like appendage) or from slicing (via the extra tentacles). This technique and form is extremely taxing and requires constant spiritual energy consumption to maintain for extended periods of time. The biggest drawback is that after the technique has been cancelled the wielder is left quadriplegic (due to Kyūbi Kiseichū biting into the cervical spinal nerves); thus this is used only as a last ditch offense.
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1年以上前 LinkKinuzuma13 said…
For a character currently in the works. I thought I would post this here for the time being.

Zanpakuto Type: Unclassified
Zanpakuto Name: 圧力 - Atsuryoku (Pressure)
Bankai Name: 重力 - Juuryoku (Gravity)
Release Command: 勝る - Masaru(Outweigh)

Sealed appearance:
A plain katana with no special features or ornaments. The blade is in immaculate condition because the sword itself is almost never used. The handle wraps and scabbard are both a unique amber color.

Shikai appearance:
The zanpakuto, nor the wielder, change. There will be a slight difference in the air pressure upon release.

Shikai Abilities:

The first passive ability of this Zanpakuto is a massive area of effect. Those within the area are put under extreme amounts of physical pressure, making it nearly impossible for any weaker opponent support their own bodies under the immense weight unless an ability of their own is used(such as a cancellation field of some kind). The area itself is not limited to one place, but instead moves with it’s wielder at the center. The AoE is about one kilometer in every direction. The enemy's ability to support themselves under the pressure is entirely dependent upon them.

The second passive ability is the blade itself. Because of it's property of gravitational and pressure control, should the blade touch an object, it can be thrown and directed around by using the blade(akin to a directors baton). This ability does not apply to living beings. Should the blade be thrust towards something, it will send a wave of sheer pressure towards it, causing a massive crater or instance of destruction. This part of the ability does apply to living beings.

These abilities can activate at will and with no spoken word, are applied to an area of the wielders choosing. However, should the wielder choose to say the name of the ability it will be much stronger than it is without the spoken name. The effectiveness of the abilities depends entirely upon the user and the enemy.

圧縮する - Asshuku suru (Compress) - Pressing inwards in all directions upon one part of an enemy's body allows for damage to be done without physically striking them. While this can only be done in a single area of the body at a time, it can be done in rapid succession, making for a dangerous ability.

拡大する - Kakudai suru (Expand) - Expanding in all directions from one part of an enemy’s body, allowing for the wielder to burst a portion of the enemy’s body. As with Compress, this can also be done in rapid succession.

押す - Osu (Push) - This ability allows the wielder to push the enemy from them without physically touching them. This push can range from a light shove to cannoning them through several walls.

引っ張る - Hipparu (Pull) - This ability allows the wielder to bring the enemy closer to them from anywhere within the area of effect, and as with Push, this can be at any speed and force they wish, without physically touching them.

上 - Ue (Up or Above) - This ability allows the wielder to send the enemy flying upwards with no prior force applied. They can do this without touching them.

下 - Shita (Down or Below) - This allows the wielder to pin the enemy in place. They can choose to pin only one part of the body in place, or put enough pressure on them to force their entire body to be still. This is done without touching them.

It is also entirely possible to use any of these abilities in conjunction with another. Although they cannot be used at the same time, they can be used in very rapid succession to one another.

Bankai Appearance:
While the Wielder does not change, the blade will become slightly transparent and become the same shade of amber as the scabbard and handle - as though looking through an amber itself.

Bankai Abilities:

The Area of Effect that was released upon Shikai now grows in size, reaching over 1.75 kilometers in every direction.

As with Shikai, these abilities can either be spoken or activated upon thought, but if they are spoken they are much stronger and, with Bankai release, can be used for a longer duration over a larger area. The effectiveness of the abilities depends entirely upon the user and the enemy.

質量圧縮 - Shitsuryou Asshuku (Mass Compression) - Possesses the same effect as in Shikai, but can be applied over a larger area of the body, allowing for maximized damage. While in Bankai, enough force can be applied to completely crush a part of someones body out of existence, essentially removing a part of their body and immediately closing the wound with the sheer force.

質量拡大 - Shitsuryou Kakudai (Mass Expansion) - Possesses the same effect as in Shikai, but can be applied over a larger area of the body, allowing for maximized damage. This ability also allows the wielder not only to burst the muscle and skin but bones as well, creating the possibility of immediately losing an arm.

偉大押す - Idai Osu (Great Push) - A push with greater control and distance capabilities. More than double the force can be put into this ability when in Bankai.

偉大引っ張る - Idai Hipparu (Great Pull) - A pull with greater speed and force. It carries more than double to force behind it when in Bankai.

力強く停止 - Chikaradzuyoku Teishi (Forceful Suspension) - In addition to being able to raise the enemy as far as the AoE will allow, they can be suspended in the air for as long as the wielder is able to keep them there. This is one of the only instances where the use of a second ability is allowed while the first is still active.

解放圧力 - Kaihou Asturyoku (Released Pressure) - Allows the wielder to pin the enemy in place with immeasurable force. Using this ability alone would be enough to crush a person. This is the last instance where the use of a second ability is allowed while the first is still active.

In this Bankai release, the wielder also gains one final ability.
担保 - Tanpo (Collateral) - This ability is a last ditch maneuver meant only to be used when necessary. A nickname for this ability, given to it by the wielder, is “自爆(Jibaku)” or “Suicide”. This ability will bring the AoE inwards over a matter of seconds, taking everything it touches and dragging it to the center, where the wielder stands. Due to the nature of the ability, everything within this space is compressed to the center, including the wielder. In return for using this ability, something of great value must be given by the user, for example, a limb, or one of their senses - thus the name Collateral. Whatever is given cannot be restored.
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LinkKinuzuma13 commented…
As a note, I purposely created this to be overpowered. It is for a very good reason. 1年以上前
Ryuuikari commented…
This instantly reminded me of my Tenkage blade (which was also pretty overpowered, like yours). I wonder, if Atsuryoku and Tenkage were to clash and the wielders of each blade were equal in all respects except the zanpakuto themselves, which of ours would come out on 上, ページのトップへ ? 1年以上前
blackpanther666 commented…
I certainly shall :D 1年以上前
1年以上前 alimay said…
My zanpukto

Supiaringudoriru meaning spearing drill
Akuma doriru hireki meaning demon drill release

Shikai abilities

Curving blade: my zanpukto starts getting another blade spiraling around it and then thrusting it to the enemy.

Demon skin: my zanpukto starts becoming a scaled blade and slowly going on my body making reptilian armor.

(Gets permanent curving blade)

Spearing drill: my zanpukto gets mini blades coming from the spiral then using flash step with curving blade making the mini blades like thorns.

Sacrafice release: I throw my zanpukto in the air destroying it then the zanpukto spirit becomes one with me for a brief amount of time making my body a living blade slowly losing reitsu.
InuyashaGames commented…
It's a nice zanpaktou but it lacks detail it doesn't need to be like some other zanpaktou's but having もっと見る detail certainly does improve your zanpaktou's - is this one of your first if not your first zanpaktou? 1年以上前
blackpanther666 commented…
Cheers man, I like yours, too. :D 1年以上前
InuyashaGames commented…
I 愛 making zanpaktou but I never get enough time to make them for examples think I did Ryu No Gokuin (all of it) in like 16 nights at 3 in the morning (that's right now for me xD) 1年以上前
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Name: Daiya Noyubiwa ('Diamond Ring')

Release Command: Encrust

Bankai: Banbutsu No Reichou ('The Lord of Creation')

Sealed Form: A medium length katana, with a teal coloured handle with white diamonds. A white, diamond-shaped guard. Sword length is approx. 1.1 meters.

Shikai Special Ability: Zanpakuto can create layers of diamond, which cover surfaces and living beings. There is also enhancements to the shihakusho of the wielder, where their sandals become as hard as diamond and offer more coverage and protection. The wielder also gains a overcoat, which is as hard as diamond and large enough to use as a full body shield.

Diamond Break: Upon contact with the Zanpakuto, any diamond created by the Zanpakuto will shatter, regardless of what, or who, it is covering. The process takes approximately 20 seconds. This move can be used once every 2 minutes.

Binding Bonds: Due to the creation of diamond around any surface, this ability creates lengths of diamond composed bonds, which hold the opponent and are, obviously, as hard as diamond and difficult to break. This ability lasts for 3 minutes and cannot be broken by physical attacks, but only via Diamond Break, or by an opponent with higher reiatsu than the wielder.

Diamond Blade: The wielder can create infinite swords composed of diamond and of the same strength. Swords last indefinitely and can only be broken by Diamond Break, or excessive levels of reiatsu.

Shikai Appearance: The katana disappears and a diamond ring forms around one of the fingers of the wielder's communicated choice. The ring is about an inch wide and it appears to be silver, with diamonds encrusting the outer layer of the ring. All of these diamonds are multi-faceted and cut to carat.

Bankai Special Ability: The Bankai is similar to Shikai in many respects, as it utilises the 'layering' of the diamond encrustments and achieves the same general idea as Shikai. However, it also outstrips Shikai greatly with the added bonus of creating any form, or shape, into any type of carbon-based structure, providing that the structure is not living. Since carbon is present in almost anything, the wielder can create anything based from carbon and mold it into whatever shape they wish - they can create whole, new landscapes, simply by willing it and communicating telepathically with their Zanpakutou's spirit. The wielder can still create swords made from diamond, and slightly stronger when made in Bankai form.

Carbon Monoxide: The wielder can physically release the carbon from the imprisonment of a solid structure/object and release it into the air, where it reactes with oxygen and forms carbon monoxide. This can be forced at the opponent, where they will breate in copious amounts of CO and slowly lose spirit energy, while gradually feeling more and more lethargic. This ability can only be used once every 5 minutes.

Invisible Bonds: In natural situations, like with the formation of diamonds over millions of years, carbon can form incredibly strong bonds with other carbon atoms, which is called covalent bonding. This ability achieves, in 1 minute, what takes millions of years to form in the natural world - thbis can allow the user to create millions of carbon atoms, by releasing them from their solid structure form, and causing them to form covalent bonding around an object, living, or not. This ability takes 1 minute to take full effect and can only be used once every ten minutes.

Improved Shihakusho: The user has a similar shihakusho as with Shikai, except the materials have become 2x stronger and 2x heavier.

Bankai Appearance: No change.
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Ryuuikari commented…
あなた did it again BP !! あなた can't keep leaving me with no bankai hahaha :') 1年以上前
blackpanther666 commented…
I'm gonna finish this one tonight, though. I do have two others I want to post, as well. I just have to finish two assignments first, which I have yet to actually start. Lol. 1年以上前
blackpanther666 commented…
Lol. Last time it was about a month... this time it was two days. 次 time it must be one day. XDDD 1年以上前
1年以上前 Ryuuikari said…
Name: Kyomugoe (Nihilistic Voice)
Sealed appearance: It takes the form of a regular katana while sealed, with a basic bronze tsuba, navy blue hilt wrapping and a navy blue sheathe.
Release command: Release

Shikai appearance: Its appearance does not change.

Shikai special abilities: Kyomugoe is a simple zanpakutō with voice-based abilities. Both its shikai techniques can be used in bankai.

Shikai technique(s):
Mohō Enzetsu (Imitation Speech): When the wielder cuts a person with Kyomugoe’s blade, they immediately gain the ability to speak with the person’s voice. This is an automatic ability that can work on an indefinite number of persons at a time. They retain the ability to speak like said person for up to four days, even after resealing the blade.

• Mohō Enzetsu: Ubau (Imitation Speech: Usurp): This sub-technique enables the wielder to permanently retain the ability to speak like a person if they kill said person. Doing this adds 1 point to Kyomugoe’s “Koe Keisū” (Voice Counting).

Shikō Enzetsu (Supreme Speech): The wielder must first cut a victim with their blade, enabling the use of this technique. This technique allows to wielder to issue single-word commands that the victim is forced to obey e.g. if the wielder said “Fall” then the victim may fall over or collapse against their will or if they said “Freeze/Stop” the victim may instantly cease moving. Commands only work if it is something the victim is capable of doing and the effect is subjective to what the victim perceives the command to entail. Commands can be resisted if the victim has both reiatsu that is equal to or stronger than the wielder’s and has a strong will. The base power of this technique (i.e. the chances of the victim succumbing to the wielder's commands) increases every time Kyomugoe’s Koe Keisū increases. When this technique is used the wielder speaks with their own voice, Kyomugoe’s voice and the victim’s voice simultaneously.

Bankai name: Kyomugoe no Gen (Word of Nihilistic Voice)
Bankai release: The wielder sheathes Kyomugoe, initiates bankai and then slowly unsheathes Kyomugoe no Gen.
Bankai appearance: Its appearance does not change.

Bankai special abilities: Kyomugoe no Gen retains all shikai abilities and techniques but gains an additional bankai technique.

Bankai technique(s):
Enhanced Shikō Enzetsu: In bankai the wielder gains the ability to use this technique on any person, regardless of whether they have been cut or not, just by pointing at them with the blade tip. The technique works better on victims who have been cut prior to using the technique. Like in shikai, the base power of this technique increases every time Koe Keisū increases. When the bankai version of this technique is used the wielder speaks with their own voice, Kyomugoe no Gen’s voice and all the voices that have been gained via Mohō Enzetsu simultaneously.

Kyōki Enzetsu (Madness Speech): The wielder cuts a victim with their blade causing the victim to begin hearing the wielder’s voice quietly chattering nonsense in their head. With a subsequent cut, the victim then hears Kyomugoe no Gen’s voice quietly chattering nonsense in their head in addition to the wielder’s voice. With a subsequent cut, the victim hears one of the voices that the wielder has gained (via Mohō Enzetsu) quietly chattering nonsense in their head in addition to the wielder and Kyomugoe no Gen’s voices. With a subsequent cut, the victim hears another of the voices that the wielder has gained (via Mohō Enzetsu) quietly chattering nonsense in their head in addition to the first three voices. This process continues every time the wielder cuts the victim until the wielder runs out of gained voices; the last gained voice used is always the victim’s own voice. The chattering voices continue chattering for as long as bankai active but slowly subside to silence after bankai is resealed. This technique can only be used on one victim at a time.

• Kyōki Enzetsu: Ikika Jōgen (Madness Speech: Subliminal Chatter): After making at least three cuts on a victim using Kyōki Enzetsu this sub-technique becomes able to be used. A cut made using this sub-technique causes the victim to hear their own voice quietly speaking in their head; however their voice continuously repeats a simple command instead of just chattering nonsense. Unlike Kyōki Enzetsu, a voice generated by this sub-technique continues to speak for up to 72 hours after bankai has been resealed (duration depends on how many cuts have been made using Kyōki Enzetsu; the more cuts made, the longer the voice lasts). As a result, the victim has a higher chance of feeling more inclined to act upon the command as if it were of their own volition. The wielder is unable to speak with the victim’s voice if this sub-technique has been used on them.
1年以上前 InuyashaGames said…
Sealed Name: Ryu No Gokuin (Draconic Seal)
Sealed appearance: in its sealed form it appears to be a crystal ball hover around the user. The ball is a silvery color.
Sealed passive/aggressive abilities:
The orb can be transformed into a short knife, 4 in long. It is hilt less. The handle is looks like the handle of tensa Zangetsu. The blade it silver.

Release command: Seal!

Shikai appearance: in Shikai the zanpaktou now creates a pole with a crystal ball on either side the pole is a blackish color. The orb is still floating around the user. But all 3 balls are now a deep red with grey swirls.

Shikai abilities:
(Draconic shield) the orb that is floating around the user instantaneously morphs into a shield that will block ever attack in the general area ( the area of the shield covers about a 5 x 5 radius. It can only be used about an arms length around the user so it can't become a shield protecting something that is like a mile away :P it takes a lot of spiritual pressure to use.

Ryu No Jajjimento ( draconic judgement ) the user 'spins' the staff continuously while chanting: " Gokuin Shou " After chanted twice a ritual circle will appear on the ground. (Will show later.) ( by the way this forming of the ritual circle takes roughly 3 minutes and they have to stand almost perfectly still minus of course the spinning of the staff and such) they then chant the words again. The ritual starts to glow. At this point they have 2 choices.
First Choice: If they chant it another time, the symbols ( the small circles on the edges) will start to hover over the ritual they begin the revolve around the ritual going faster and faster, at top speed they are going about half the speed of light, suddenly it will stop and from the three symbols chains will erupt and bind the hands and feet. Restraining all movement

Second choice: they will chant it one more time like the first one. But instead of it starting to spin. They will stop the staff in a vertical position. After this like before chains will erupt from the three circles and bind the hands and feet. But in this second one they continue still they then chant "Gokuin Shou" yet again. from the pole a ball of energy appears in the center. The ball is red and glowing. After appearing it shoots out from the pole and it hits the enemy. It almost almost lands a kill shot. The forming of the ball takes about 1 minute.

Bankai Release: the user forces the orb that is floating around them to start going fast and fast to a point were it can't be seen. They then hold the staff straight up in the air the orb will start to slow down to the point where it can be seen but it's going very fast. The orb starts going inwards towards the staff. At the end the orb will be basically colliding with the staff. It will the fuse together with the staff and disappear so only the staff will be visible. After this the orb on the staff will glow brighter and bright untill anything within 100 meters would be blinded. In this moment of time the user is now in bankai

Bankai Appearance: the staff has disappeared. The user has no weapon that is visible but the clothes of the user now turn into a cloak like shape. The cloak is a silver grey color. The cloak is open at the 'center' revealing a reddish silver undershirt. The cloak and undershirt are 10x times stronger then diamond, but are a smooth as silk. The face of the user has changed slightly. The users eyes have turned into a blood red color, there face in generally has turned to resemble a dragons scales slightly with a slight shade of red / pink. The users nails have grown to resemble claws the same goes for the feet the claws can be used offensively.

Bankai Passive skills(always usable-active):
The user at anytime can breathe fire. The user can also slow down time to about half the speed of normal time with this the user can go at there normal speed but the ability can only be held for 5-10 seconds normal time. The user can also use Dragonic shield but rather then the orb turning into a shield the user can mentally create a shield. The limit of shield numbers is about 10 now, and can be used anywhere in a sphere area of around 20-30 meters away, shield size can be as large as the users spiritual energy can hold.

Sorry there are no other bankai abilities I just can't think of any more that fit the theme of this zanpaktou it's been in development so long I've lost track of what it was supposed to be ill probably go back and edit this later though

Ritual circle picture:
 Sealed Name: Ryu No Gokuin (Draconic Seal) Sealed appearance: in its sealed form it appears to be a
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Name: Zougen No Genshuku ('Gravity Fluctuation')

Release Command: Weigh in

Bankai: Kuroanaboko ('Black Hole')

Sealed Form: A black nodachi, with a circular guard, which has several lines etched into it, which circle parallel to the edge of the guard. The handle is black and blue, with a blue tassel hanging from the end. The Zanpakuto is approximately 1.25 meters long.

Shikai Special Ability: This Zanpakuto can control the gravity of any object it touches or cuts, however, this will not affect living organisms, regardless of how strong they are. This can use either one of two abilities, one that controls the upwards control of gravity and one that controls the downwards control of gravity. These are:

Noubori ('Ascent'): This controls the upwards surge of gravity control and applies it to the object it is touching, or has cut just cut. This can apply up to ten times Earth's gravity onto an object. This lasts as long as the sword is in Shikai. This cannot be changed by the opponent, regardless of their spirit energy. Once the Shikai is reverted to sealed form, the object returns to normal - not just the weight, but any external damage that has been caused by the wielder.

Kourin ('Descent'): The opposite of Noubori, where the the gravity of the specific object can be changed downwards, as long as it is touching the blade or has been cut by Zougen No Genshuku. This controls the downwards surge and can bring an object's gravity back to zero, so that it essentially becomes weightless. This ability lasts until the sword is reverted back to sealed form. Once this happens, the object returns to normal - not just the weight, but any external damage that may have been caused by the wielder.

Shikai Appearance: The Zanpakuto stays the same, except for some mild changes - the length is increased to 1.35 meters and the blue tassel becomes longer. The Blade stays black, but gains ten 'hooks', each an equal distance apart from the next, down the edge of the blade. These hooks are approximately 5 centimeters long.

Bankai Special Ability: The Zanpakuto can control aspects of gravity surrounding living organisms and non-living objects. The stronger the living being, the less effective this special effect will be. The wielder can passively control the gravity of non-living objects now and decrease or increase their gravity at the wielder's own will.

Mujuuryoku ('Zero Gravity'): The wielder can create an area where all objects and living beings will be in zero gravity conditions. This area is approximately 200 meters squared. This ability lasts for a minute and can only be used once every five minutes. It takes 20 seconds to take effect, so if the opponent can escape the 200 m2 before that time is up, they will be able to escape the zero gravity area. Kido can disrupt the balance of the zero gravity conditions and, the stronger it gets, the more likely it will effect the zero gravity effects.

Juushin ('Center of Gravity'): The wielder becomes the center of gravity and is an 'orbitable' object, which forces other objects to orbit it and cannot break from that orbit. The wielder, during this ability, has 20x Earth's gravity pushing down on them and in an area 200 m2 around them. This ability lasts for 30 seconds, takes 5 seconds to take effect and can only be used once every ten minutes. The stronger the opponent, the more likely they will be able to escape the gravity field - the larger their reiatsu, the easier it will be to disrupt the field. Kido can also effect the field and, the higher the spell, the more effective it should be.

Bankai Appearance: Same as Shikai, except Zanpakuto has gained a black chaqin hanging from the end of the handle - otherwise, the Zanpakuto is the same as in Shikai.
LinkKinuzuma13 commented…
I see あなた managed to do it! Very well thought out blade, and truly epic. I 愛 this one. 1年以上前
Ryuuikari commented…
The blade has been forged :D now we can have an epic, earth-shattering, gravity annihilating, rip-roaring threeway battle royale XD *place your bets here* 1年以上前
blackpanther666 commented…
I'll place a bet on Link's then... :D 1年以上前
1年以上前 Ryuuikari said…
This is a Ryuumake of someone else's zanpakuto. Couldn't help it...

Zanpakuto: Hakai (Destruction)
Sealed appearance: In its sealed state it resembles a regular katana. The hilt-wrapping is black and golden with a pure golden tsuba and habaki.
Release command: Create (Tsukuru)

Shikai appearance: When released the blade becomes a link, with a golden blade and handle, and a black ring running around the middle of the handle.

Shikai special ability: Hakai only displays its effects when its blade is used to hurt someone. When the wielder cuts a victim with the blade, it inflicts a wound that displays spatial distortion called “Kūdō Sessō” (Void Incised Wound). The insides of Kūdō Sessō are pitch-black, have seemingly no known depth, do not bleed and, apart from the initial cut, do not cause pain. Kūdō Sessō gradually grows in size, slowly encompassing the body of the victim, until the victim ceases to exist. In addition, the victim’s reiryoku is continuously sapped, by 0.5% a minute per Kūdō Sessō, for as long as the wound(s) remains. The growth of Kūdō Sessō are automatically halted if the victim has reiatsu equal in strength to the wielder or, if the victim has weaker reiatsu than the wielder, Kūdō Sessō growth can be halted by constantly channelling spiritual energy through the wound; if a victim with reiatsu equal in strength to the wielder constantly channels spiritual energy through the wound the growth of any Kūdō Sessō inflicted can be reversed (i.e. the wound gradually shrinks in size until it no longer exists) or if a victim has weaker reiatsu than the wielder they must channel a considerably larger amount of spiritual energy through the wound to reverse the growth of any Kūdō Sessō. Victims that have reiatsu stronger than the wielder automatically reverse the growth of any inflicted Kūdō Sessō. Hakai can only inflict up to 9 active Kūdō Sessō; the Kūdō Sessō must then either convalesce or shrink until they no longer exist for the wielder to be able to inflict them upon another victim.

Bankai name: Sekai no Hakai (Destruction of Worlds)
Bankai release: The wielder slashes the space in front of them, forming a spatial rift. They then impale the rift with Hakai’s blade before initiating bankai, causing a noticeably large surge of reiatsu to reverberate through the wielder’s vicinity. After this, the wielder pulls Sekai no Hakai’s blade from the spatial rift.
Bankai appearance: In bankai, Sekai no Hakai’s blade is longer.

Bankai special ability: Sekai no Hakai’s shikai ability remains but is now able to inflict up to 43 active Kūdō Sessō. It also gains one bankai technique.

Bankai technique(s):
Sōzōi (Creation Shift): This technique enables the wielder to shift themselves and another object/being to a pocket dimension, called “Kūjigen” (Void Dimension), created by Sekai no Hakai; shifting to Kūjigen can only be achieved by physically touching the object/being in question whilst simultaneously saying the command, “Eliminate” (Torinozoku). Kūjigen appears as a completely perfect copy of the location that was shifted from and it is nigh impossible for someone other than the wielder to know when they have entered or left the pocket dimension. Anyone inside Kūjigen, including the wielder’s allies, will eventually start to suffer from spatial disorientation; the longer they stay inside Kūjigen the worse the spatial distortion effect becomes. The wielder can only exit Kūjigen by physically touching an object/being that is inside the pocket dimension whilst saying the command, “Restore” (Modosu); the object/being touched when exiting Kūjigen does not necessarily have to be the object/being that was brought into Kūjigen. Any foreign object/being that remains inside Kūjigen once the wielder leaves is annihilated (due to the pocket dimension collapsing in on itself). The only way for a victim to forcefully escape Kūjigen is by causing the wielder to deplete all their spiritual energy, killing the wielder or breaking Sekai no Hakai; all methods cause Kūjigen to fracture and then shatter like glass, bringing all foreign objects (including the wielder) back to the original location. Due to the immense strain of creating Kūjigen, Sekai no Hakai can only safely maintain the dimension’s existence for up to four minutes before the need to exit and recharge; remaining inside Kūjigen beyond this time is extremely dangerous as it then begins to collapse in on itself. Both the wielder and Sekai no Hakai would be annihilated if Kūjigen collapsed in on itself. Sekai no Hakai has a recharge period after returning from Kūjigen; the duration of the recharge period is directly proportional to how long the wielder stayed inside Kūjigen. In addition the wielder is unable to seal their bankai while inside Kūjigen.
1年以上前 LinkKinuzuma13 said…
I only just finished this, and wanted to post it. Probably edit a few things in or out as the need arises.

Yes, this is also supposed to be overpowered. I will get back to posting normal blades soon.


Inspiration: Red Spider Lilies, or as they are called in Japan Higanbana - Equinox Flower(Red Spider Lily), or Shibitobana - Flower of the Dead. These flowers mysteriously grow near cemeteries, and in mythology they often grew near the place one would die. They are heavily associated with the afterlife, and are said to guide departed and lost souls to their next reincarnation. It is also called the “flower of the other shore” in both the Japanese and Chinese cultures, and when one crosses from the side of the living to the side of the departed, their memory is wiped and they begin anew.

Zanpakuto Type: Illusionary/Seal
Zanpakuto Name: 彼岸花 - Higanbana (Red Spider Lily)
Bankai Name: 死人花 - Shibitobana (Flower of the Dead)
Release Command: 以降導く - Ikou Michibuku (Lead Onward)

Sealed Appearance: The Sealed appearance of Higanbana is a slightly smaller Katana, known as a Chisa Katana(to accommodate for physical shortness of the wielder). The scabbard is a glossy red color that shines brilliantly when exposed to light. The handle is much the same, but is also patterned with flecks of white. The tsuba is rectangular, and has two images of the Spider Lily etched into the longer ends. The the four corners are snipped off, and from the pommel hangs the six preserved petals of a single Spider Lily flower.

Shikai Appearance: The blade of the chisa katana now only consists of the cutting edge, the middle removed. The blade is dyed a bright red like the flower it represents.

Shikai Abilities:


The ability to summon bright red ethereal spirits in great numbers for aid in battle. While relatively easy to dispel, these spirits seem to have a sense of awareness and are all, mysteriously, in possession of what appears to be Asauchi - or Zanpakuto without names. This implies that they are no mere spirits.

The second ability of shikai is an Illusionary Area of Effect. Within this area, about one kilometer, red spider lilies will appear to grow until there is a meadow of them, with a vast river appearing in the center and separating the two sides(should the opponent leave the AoE, the flowers and river will disappear, and reappear upon entry). Each opposing individual is placed on a shore opposite to one another at the activation of Shikai. While the wielder is immune, the opponent and any other targeted individuals within the AoE cannot cross to the other side of the river without experiencing frequent memory lapse and forgetfulness. Should they touch the water, which is a thick black substance, they will experience this regardless of what shore they are on. The wielder is able to walk atop the water and cross the shore with no adverse effects.


封印 の 彼岸花 - Fuuin no Higanbana (Seal of the Red Spider Lily) This ability allows the wielder to use their blade to draw a circle on the ground of any size. If the enemy is caught in this circle while on the ground(which will then transform into red spider lilies), they cannot escape by normal means, a large flower will grow beneath their feet and ensnare them in the petals. The wielder must also be in the circle of smaller flowers for the sealing to commence(they can enter and leave the circle at will, and if they refuse to step inside then the large flower will be dispelled after a certain amount of time). It will begin to sap small amounts of their energy and spiritual power, and a greater portion of their memories, so long as the wielders blade is in contact with the opponents body(blood does not have to be drawn). When the space where the solid portion of the blade once was is filled with their spiritual pressure, the ability is cancelled out and the flower wilts and dies. In order to fully seal away the spiritual energy and memories obtained from this ability, the blade must be sheathed and the Shikai must be sealed.

The only other ability that shikai possesses, 花 赤く 染め - Hana Akaku Some (Flowers Dyed Red). This ability will change the Meadow of red spider lilies to a meadow of white spider lilies. The wielder will begin to attack the opponent, and with each hit inflicted upon them, a section of the meadow is restored to its natural color(blood does not have to be drawn). When all of the flowers are restored, they will act as a conduit for the opponents spiritual pressure, sapping it from their body in large and inconsistent chunks, along with their memories. As with the previous ability, Shikai must be sealed to permanently seal away the spiritual pressure and memory of the opponent.

*It should be noted that if the wielder strikes the opponent with the blade at any point after using one of the abilities, without sealing the power, then what was taken is immediately returned to them.

Bankai Appearance: The blade does not change. When in Bankai, the lower robes of the wielder are always patterned with this flower, and petals always float around their person.

Bankai Abilities:


Similar to Shikai, the AoE is still in effect, but now spreads as far as the eye can see. This is because of the illusory effect of the second release that has begun to affect the opponent and their perception of the world around them to a greater extent. The river is wider and moves slower, the water now thicker and darker than before.

As with Shikai, spirits can be summoned in great numbers and are now stronger, making them harder to eliminate and a greater nuisance to deal with. They seem to possess energy of their own, releasing it upon attacking and defending.


When in Bankai, the abilities from Shikai are still applicable, but are able to seal away a greater amount of power, and need not return to a sealed state to do so, but rather, the wielder must cut themselves with the blade and allow the power to be sealed directly within themselves. They must also draw blood from the opponent to be able to take their power and memory from them.

In addition to this, the wielder obviously gains immense strength and speed upon the release of Bankai.

壮大 封印 の 死人花 - Soudai Fuuin no Shibitobana (Grand Seal of the Death Flower) This is the only unique Bankai ability this zanpakuto possesses. This ability, similar in execution to the first shikai ability, requires the opponent to be encircled not by flowers but by the summoned spirits. They will become wisps, binding to the enemy and suspending them wherever they hang. This ability, which requires the enemy to be significantly wounded by the blade of Shibitobana, will seal away a very large amount of their spiritual power upon the resolution of the ability. Their memories will not be affected until minutes after the ability is used, but when this happens, the memory loss is extensive. This leaves their thoughts jumbled and causes the opponent grief as they try to fight off the immense confusion and bewilderment. With their lack of spiritual pressure, they will begin to become weary and will likely collapse before greater harm can come to them.

*It should be noted that if the wielder strikes the opponent with the blade at any point after using one of the abilities, without sealing the power, then what was taken is immediately returned to them.
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It's refreshing to see あなた back in the zanpakuto business Link. There's only a few people that can get away with making OP blades and, fortunately, you're one of them. 1年以上前
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I'll probably end up posting a much weaker and もっと見る practical version of this later on, but for now, this is gonna stick. I also ALREADY have though of another one, and hopefully you'll like it. 1年以上前
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Nice one, Link. As Ryuu said, it's good to see あなた back posting blades. I like the Grand シール of the Bankai - it sounds pretty awesome! :D 1年以上前
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Name: Kyousei Tsunami ('Great Tidal Wave')

Release Command: Obliterate

Bankai: Gouretsu No Umi ('Sea of Rage')

Sealed Form: A wakizake with a blue handle and black wrappings which are elegant. The length is approximately 0.85 meters. The guard is shaped like a drop of water - a small tail at the top and rounded at the bottom.

Shikai Special Ability: Kyousei Tsunami releases a massive wave of spirit energy, which extends outwards in a circular shape. Moments after, a massive wave, possessing mass amounts of energy, completely floods the battlefield, transforming it into a suitable arena for the Zanpakuto to utilise the full extent of its abilities. Furthermore, the blade can control every ounce of the water it summons, which allows the opponent to control the whole battlefield. The blade can use the water in any way it sees fit, as long as it remains in Shikai, or further releases into Bankai - otherwise, the water will disappear and the wielder will lose any advantages in the battlefield.


Breaking Wave: The wielder summons large amounts of the water and launches it upwards, until it forms a massive wave, reaching its peak height at approximately 25 meters high. This ability utilises the immense amount of energy released in a breaking wave, hence the ability's name. This ability takes 30 seconds to reach its peak height and potential and uses a lot of spirit energy during this point of time, where a lot of focus and concentration of the senses, and spirit energy, is required. This ability can be used once every five minutes.

Shark's Bite: The wielder can lift mass amounts of water into the air and separate them into individual drops, each about the size of a soccer ball. These drops are hardened and sharpened with the wielder's spirit energy and are fired off at high speeds, similar to the Bala of an Arrancar. This ability requires little spirit energy and can fire multiple shots at one. These are fired at a speed of approximately 600 m/s. They can also be used in close range, with greater effects.

Water Twister: The water is compressed into a spout, which gradually grows and grows and begins to spin at high speeds, of up to 1,000 km/h. The twister can reach up to 500 meters in height and be controlled by the blade, or left to unpredictably spin around the battlefield. The twister requires a lot of spirit energy to maintain, especially when being controlled by the blade itself. The twister takes a minute to reach full potential. This ability can be used once every 15 minutes, however, more than one twister can be created at a time, but, as they will require lots of spirit energy, this is not recommended.

Shikai Appearance: When Shikai is released, the blade disappears and handle is attached to a continuous flow of water and spirit energy, melded into a form similar to a blade. The length can be changed, reaching 40 meters at maximum level of extension.

Bankai Special Ability: Bankai is initiated and releases an even larger wave of spirit energy. Another wave is summoned, crashing onto the battlefield, just like with Shikai. Now, the wielder's spirit energy is imbued with the water on the battlefield, which helps with flexibility of ability usage. The water can only be maintained if the wielder stays in Bankai. The blade can utilise every ounce of the water on the battlefield.

Alternating Current: The blade uses it's spirit energy to create a current in the water, which pulls with large amounts of force and can create whirlpools in the water, which will suck anything in. The current requires spirit energy to maintain, but lasts for approximately five minutes. Once used, it can be used again every ten minutes. The blade can also draw this water into the blade and create twisters similar to the ones from Water Twister, except that more can be maintained at one time and they cam grown even bigger than in Shikai.

Water Bomb: An upgraded version of the Shark's Bite ability. The wielder can lift mass amounts of water into the air and separate them into individual drops, each about the size of a large cannon ball. These drops are hardened and sharpened with the wielder's spirit energy and are fired off at high speeds, similar to the Bala of an Arrancar. This ability requires little spirit energy and can fire multiple shots at one. These are fired at a speed of approximately 200 m/s. They can also be used in close range, with greater effects. The difference between the Shikai and Bankai ability, is that the Bankai ability can utilise this ability into any size - at the 'cannon ball' size, this causes explosions of water and can break bones. The smaller the water drops, the faster and sharper they will be.

Breaking Wave: The wielder summons large amounts of the water and launches it upwards, until it forms a massive wave, reaching its peak height at approximately 25 meters high. This ability utilises the immense amount of energy released in a breaking wave, hence the ability's name. This ability takes 30 seconds to reach its peak height and potential and uses a lot of spirit energy during this point of time, where a lot of focus and concentration of the senses, and spirit energy, is required. This ability can be used once every five minutes.

Final Ability, Ocean's Rage: This final ability utilises every ounce of water in the battlefield, by lifting it all into one attack to throw down onto the wielder, or at the wielder. This uses a huge amount of spirit energy to use and can only be used in Bankai once, as the wielder, after using this attack, will automatically fall back into their sealed Zanpakuto state.

Bankai Appearance: Same as Shikai.
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Hehehe あなた knew I'd be 読書 XP I will wait, but so far so good XD 1年以上前
blackpanther666 commented…
Turns out あなた didn't have to wait very long :D 1年以上前
Ryuuikari commented…
I didn't ! True to your word, your completion times are shortening with every post :D I quite like the デザイン of the spiritual energy water covering the battlefield and how it connects with every other ability. 1年以上前
1年以上前 Senato said…
So lately I began thinking about the first zanpakuto I had ever created, and it's existence is simply shameful. It was so blatantly OP and it's combination of abilities were completely illogical. Despite Ryuu's constant wish for me to put it up here, I will never do so!
However, I will split it into pieces that are slightly less overpowered (Though they may still be overpowered in their own rights, simply because the idea is overpowered xD ), and more unified as their own blades.
Now the monologue is done, enjoy! ^^

Name: Go-bi Kitsune (Five-tailed Fox Spirit)

Sealed Form: When sealed kitsune has the appearance of a normal Katana, with black hilt wrapping. It has five tassels hanging from the end, each with its own colour. Namely; black, silver, white, gold and deep purple.

Release Command: Mezame (Awaken)

Shikai Form: In shikai, the sharp end of the blade takes on a wavy shape. The blade becomes so clean, that one can easily see their reflection in it, and no matter how much dirt/blood/grime falls on the blade, it will simply slide off, leaving the blade as clean as can be. Lastly, the five tassels elongate and take the form of thin, fluffy tails. They retain their original colours.

Shikai Abilities: Kitsune's only Shikai ability is summoning a kitsune using one of the 5 tails connected to the blade, each kitsune has unique abilities, and only one kitsune can be summoned at a time.

Kukan (Void) : The purple tail disconnects from the blade and forms a humanoid fox-spirit of the same colour next to the wielder. This kitsune is covered in hooded robes from head to toe, however the ears and tail do stick out from the robes. This Kitsune is able to teleport from place to place with a max range of 5 meters, it can teleport and attack right after teleporting, however it can never teleport closer than 50 centimeters away from the target.

Seishin (Spirit) : The white tail disconnects from the blade and forms a humanoid fox-spirit of the same colour next to the wielder. This kitsune is wearing lose hanging white robes with gold and silver accents. It wields an antique broadsword. Its blade has the ability to dispell any kido/energy based abilities. This includes zanpakuto abilities.

Jikan (Time) : The black tail disconnects from the blade and forms a humanoid fox-spirit of the same colour next to the wielder. This kitsune wears a tight black uniform, comparable to that of the onmitsukido. It has the ability to increase the speed of its body in all ways, by bending time aorund itself, however this can only be done for a maximum of 30 seconds at a time, and there must be a roughly 1 minute period between each 'speed up'

Tengoku (Heaven) : The gold tail disconnects from the blade and forms a humanoid fox-spirit of the same colour next to the wielder. This kitsune is covered from shoulders down with a large silver-white cloak. This kitsune has the ability to create barriers around itself. A maximum of two barriers can be created at any time and each barrier has a maximum size of 50 by 50 cm.

Ongaku (Music) : The silver tail disconnects from the blade and forms a humanoid fox-spirit of the same colour next to the wielder. This kitsune is wearing a multi-coloured kimono and holds a silver, engraved flute. It has the ability to manipulate reality via illusions which it creates by playing music on its flute. This ability only takes effect once someone has heard the kitsune playing it's song. So if one were to block out the sound of its music, then they will not be effected by this ability.

Bankai: Go-bi no Kitsune no kami (Five-tailed Fox God)

Bankai Form: Upon initiating bankai, there is a bright flash originating from the blade. After the flash has subsided, the weapon itself, no longer has any tails. Instead, the wielder has taken on these tails, and overall has a more kitsune-like appearance. (Ears, tails, eyes, claws) All five tails have a golden colour with white tips.

Bankai Abilities: In bankai, the user can use the shikai techniques, however, instead of summoning a kitsune, the wielder will be able to use the abilities themselves. With slightly altered effects:

Kukan (Void) : The User can now chain-teleport, however they can not teleport closer to a target than the previously stated distance in shikai. After chain-teleporting, the wielder must wait a total of 30 seconds + another 30 seconds for every consecutive teleport in the chain.

Seishin (Spirit) : The user can now absorb kido up to 60, but is unable to dispell kido anymore. Absorbed kido can be released in one large energy attack, at the user's will.

Jikan (Time) : There is no longer a time limit for how long the user can 'speed up' and there is no waiting period between each use. However, this is an absolute speed up, thus, it also speeds up the rate at which they use up spirit energy, age, bleed and so on.

Tengoku (Heaven) : There is no longer a size limit to the barriers, nor are they required to have a specific shape. However there can only be one barrier summoned at a time, the user cannot move whilst a barrier is active, and the barrier will absorb reiatsu for every attack it absorbs. (The amount taken is relative to the power of the strike)

Ongaku (Music) : The blade emanates a humming sound, anyone who can hear this sound are subject to the blade's illusions. The illusions are however limited to either effecting the environment or creating clones of the wielder.

Bunkatsu (Divide) : The user divides themselves into 5 clones. Each clone has one tail, one fifth of the user's original power, and one of the 5 previously mentioned abilities. Each clone's tail is coloured the same as that of the kitsune whom used said power in shikai.
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Why would あなた purposefully do this to me... why ??? 0_0 1年以上前
Senato commented…
あなた only had to wait an extra day... it wasn't thaaat bad, right? xP 1年以上前
Ryuuikari commented…
あなた made me wait :O あなた know I'm an impatient being... \(0_0)/ be thankful that you've put up a good zanpakuto (I prefer its bankai to its shikai) :D 1年以上前
Senato commented…
Well I wanted both to have their ups and downs (Summoned ally vs better use of abilities.) With of course Bunkatsu just mixing both in to 上, ページのトップへ it all off xD 1年以上前
1年以上前 Ryuuikari said…
Name: Tsurugi (Sword)
Sealed appearance: In its sealed form Tsurugi takes the appearance of a regular katana with a simple guard, basic hilt-wrapping and a simple uncoloured wooden sheathe.
Release command: Slash

Shikai appearance: In shikai, Tsurugi transforms into a dual-edged zanbatō. The blade is 1.4 metres by itself and the hilt is 0.4 metres. The hilt-wrapping and the guard remains the same.

Special shikai abilities: Tsurugi is a pure melee-type with absolutely no special abilities or powers apart from the obvious boost in power.

Bankai name: Hontōni Daiken (Really Big Sword/Big Fucking Sword)
Bankai release: The wielder swings around the sword wildly yet skilfully and then initiates bankai.
Bankai appearance: In bankai Hontōni Daiken takes the form of a ridiculously oversized heavy claymore. The black hilt is 0.6 metres long and ends in a spiked metal pommel. Its oversized doubled-edged blade is 2.1 metres long and 33cm wide with extremely sharp edges.

Special bankai abilities: Like in shikai Hontōni Daiken is a pure melee-type with absolutely no special abilities apart from the obvious boost in power.

Bankai technique(s):
Junsuina Dōryoku (Pure Power): An automatic technique that activates when bankai is activated. This technique allows the wielder to perfectly wield their ridiculously sized sword as if it were normal sized.

Best zanpakutō ever right there hahahaha; inspired by this link.
blackpanther666 commented…
XD 1年以上前
Senato commented…
I 愛 how the name is just: "Sword" XD 1年以上前
1年以上前 grif16 said…
Zanpakuto name: Raikiba (Lightning Fang)

Sealed Appearance: The sealed form takes the appearance of a basic zanpakuto with a blue handle and a small cloud shaped hilt

Release command: Gather in the clouds and strike down

Shikai Appearance: The cloud hilt produces a second lightning shaped hand guard the reaches from the top of the cloud hilt to the bottom of the handle. The blade becomes similar to a double edged broadsword with a hollow middle creating a single two pronged blade that only connects at the hilt. (Similar to a tuning fork)  

Shikai Abilities: Raikiba’s special ability is the double the speed and power of any post incantation lightning based kido (i.e. hado 4, 11, 63, 88). The spell is charged in the center of the blade and fired from the opening at the top. However the more powerful the kido, the more difficult it is to control and the greater the chance of the spell rebounding on the caster. Hado 4 and 11 are completely safe to use, hado 63 requires greater concentration but only has a 15% chance of a rebound. Hado 88 however is a coin toss. It has a 50% chance to rebound if the wielder does not take the time to stop and focus the attack in order to perform it safely. Also by using one of the swords special techniques the wielder can alter the behavior and effect of one of the spells.

Shikai Techniques:

1. Maruchi Oni Byakurai (Multi-demon Pale Lightning) (Base Spell; Hado 4): Similar to byakurai the spell is charged in the center of the blade however upon release from the blade the blast splits into 3 separate beams that all converge on a single target making it difficult to dodge or deflect.

2. Tsuzuri Rensa Raiden (Bound Chain Lightning) (Base Spell; Hado 11): From the tip if the opening a 20 foot long lightning chain is produced that is used to bind and subsequently damage anything caught in its snare. Once the chain has wrapped around an opponent it will break off from the sword and continue to damage the target until they remove the chain (which is not very difficult after being released from the sword)

3. Kinraiko (Golden Lightning Howl) (Base Spell; Hado 63): After charging the spell in the blades center the wielder can, with a single wave, produce several dozen lightning orbs which will continuously float around the battlefield. If anything other than the blade Raikiba were to touch one of the orbs it would then detonate creating a large EMP which will severely injure anyone caught in the blast. Each of the orbs is roughly 2 feet in diameter. The wielder can either bat or impale with the sword and throw one of the orbs at the enemy.

Bankai Name: Hirameku (Flash of Thunder)

Bankai Appearance: The bankai retains the same sword from the shikai but the wielder is now clad in a bluish-white armor. Over the shihakusho the wielder gains a sleeveless chainmail reaching to the wielders feet. Armor now covers the wielder’s chest, forearms, legs from the knee down, and the waist with armor covering the outside of the top part of the legs. Each of the pieces of armor is a multi-layered plate mail with a smooth/sharp surface so as to be very aerodynamic.

 Bankai Abilities: Similar to the shikai the blade can still fire all lightning based kido at twice its strength and speed however now the higher level spell are much less dangerous to attempt. Hado 63 now has 0% chance of a rebound and hado 88 having 10% chance. The armor reduces the friction on the wielders body allowing them to move at greater speeds during combat. Also using the armor the wielder can electrically charge certain parts of the body (i.e. arm, legs) in order make them move at lighting fast speeds. When charged the wielder can move so fast that they part the air and create a thunder clap. The wielder can electrically charge their entire body in order to move at high speeds but only for 3 seconds at a time. Due to the enormous strain of a full body charge the wielder can only activate it 4 times before the strain becomes too much for the body to handle. However at such high speed the wielder cannot comprehend or see anything while in motion so every moment must be planned before the wielder makes their move. Over use is not lethal but will incapacitate the wielder for a long period of time.

Bankai Techniques:      

1. Raikoumori (Lightning Lance) (Base Spell; Hado 4): The spell charges in the center of the blade and then with a thrust of the blade a powerful concentrated lighting lance is released at high speeds to pierce through anything it comes in contact with. The charge can last long enough for a release of 10 lances which can be fired in rapid succession or at the wielders convenience. To maximize its killing potential the wielder can electrically charge their sword arm in order to release all 10 lances almost simultaneously at lightning speed.

2. Soutei Raiden (Binding Lightning) (Base Spell; Hado 11): The wielder can use the charge in the blade to create a trap underneath an opponent that will release massive amounts of electricity into the targets body causing their muscles to spasm and greatly hindering or even stopping in place their movements. The higher the targets spiritual pressure the less effective the spell.    

3. Seikei Raikou (Living Lightning) (Base Spell; Hado 63): After the charge the wielder waves the sword and creates 4 humanoid figures made purely of lightning energy. Similar to shikai version anything that touches these beings will cause them to detonate with tremendous force and severely damage the recipient. These 4 beings seek out and attack anything the wielder wishes. The beings will attempt grab or embrace the target(s) in order to maximize the damage from the enemy. The beings can move at the same speed as a captain’s Shunpo.

 Final Technique:

4. Kyuukyoku Hirameki (Final Flash) (Base Spell; Hado 88): The wielder uses the energy from a powered hado 88 and uses it to super charge every muscle in the wielders body allowing them to move at near impossible speed. With the neurons in the wielders brain also charged they can see and comprehend everything that is happening and react accordingly. The ability only last for .5 of a second which at such high speeds is more than enough time to deliver several strikes. After the charge has faded the wielder becomes completely immobile due to the damaging amount of energy that passed through the muscles.      

Comment and let me know what you think
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Ryuuikari commented…
This is a really good zanpakuto man ! I like how specific it is and how it only affects the power of electric-type Kido :D good job man ! 1年以上前
grif16 commented…
Thanks bro. This zanpakuto has gone through so many revisions. But I finally settled on something I like 1年以上前
1年以上前 hollowbrine said…
My zanpakuto's shikai is: Ryu no kiba no bakuhatsu, or dragon fang explosion
My bankai is Kyokutan'na ryū no kiba no bakuhatsu
Extreme dragon fang explosion

It's description is it looks like a golden tensa zangestu but has a large gem in the blade
When in bankai the gem changes from blue to bright red and grows and slides down to the hilt

It's released call is blow them to pieces, Ryu no kiba bakuhatsu

It fires a large gensuga like blast that grows bigger and changes color in bankai

grif16 commented…
Bro あなた need a lot もっと見る detail. It's way too vague 1年以上前
1年以上前 Xshinigami27 said…
*Revised Zanpakuto*

Zanpakuto name: Musunohimo (Countless Strings)

Shikai command: Osaeru! (Suppress!)

Sealed Appearance: A normal wakizashi (smaller version of katana) with white hilt. It also have a circular guard with cross mark design.

Shikai Appearance: White Horsehair Whip with grayish black handle. *See below*

Shikai Ability: Has only one ability and Characteristic

*Every strand of hair of the whip becomes string blade.

*It extends like the Shinso of Gin Ichimaru. It extends up to 5 kilometers.

*It also serves as defense where the whip can spread around the shinigami to protect from incoming assault.

*The whip can also spread for offense dealing wide spread damage. This is good for crowd control role.

Bankai name: Okina Ningyo Shibai (The Great Puppet Show)

Bankai Abilities:

From the whip, five shinigami clones with same shikai release will form and encircle the original shinigami. The clones have also the toughness and strength of the shinigami but their shikai ability remains the same. Here's the catch;

Each clone can replicate to another five clones. However, the replication can only be activated once a clone is killed, eg; If the primary five clones were killed, each clone will replicate into five, producing 25 clones and if 25 are killed, each clone will replicate to 5, having a total of 125 clones. So the enemy should decide whether to kill the clones and be outnumbered or just succumb to his defeat.

Once this bankai is activated, the strings will take the passive ability which is everytime the strings touch the opponent, the opponent's reiatsu is drained leaving him weaker and weaker, until he/she cannot move.
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 *Revised Zanpakuto* Zanpakuto name: Musunohimo (Countless Strings) Shikai command: Osaeru! (Sup
1年以上前 Ryuuikari said…
Another from the vault... not a favourite of mine...

Name: Usosuke (The Lying One)
Sealed appearance: In its sealed form Usosuke takes the form of a normal kodachi with light purple hilt-wrapping and a dark purple sheathe.
Release command: Walk a mile in their shoes

Shikai appearance: Its appearance does not change in shikai.

Shikai special abilities: Although used mainly in melee combat Usosuke has the ability to switch the minds of the two most recent people that it cuts (excluding the wielder). This means that the two victims inhabit each other’s bodies; if the victim is a Shinigami or Visored, their zanpakutō stay behind with their original body however. This mind switch is not automatic and is initiated on the wielder’s command, “Walk”. The mind switch will remain in effect until the wielder reseals Usosuke; however the switch will remain permanent if left for longer than 19 hours.

Bankai name: Tejina Usosuke (Sleight of Hand, The Lying One)
Bankai appearance: Its appearance does not change in bankai.

Bankai special abilities: Although again used mainly in melee combat Tejina Usosuke’s shikai ability has been enhanced. All the victims that the wielder has cut with Tejina Usosuke are left vulnerable to its mind switching ability; on the wielder’s command, “Walk”, all the victims that have been cut have their minds randomly switched with one of the other victims that had been cut e.g. if the wielder cuts six people and then uses the mind switching ability the six people will switch minds randomly with each other. The mind switch is permanent until either the wielder decides to revert the changes or if the wielder is killed; this last method is explicit, if the wielder dies naturally the effects will remain permanently.

Bankai technique(s):
Karada Damasu (Body Trick): This allows the wielder to switch bodies with an opponent. This requires the wielder to physically touch the opponent and also renders the body switch permanent unless the wielder decides to switch bodies again; Tejina Usosuke is switched along with the wielder.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Hakkou Reiki, the revised version - in fact, it has been Ryuuviewed, so it's partially Ryuuvised. :D

Name: Hakkou Reiki ('Radiation Aura')

Release Command: Jet out (Funsha auto)

Bankai: Tagenshi Reiki ('Poly-Atomic Aura')

Sealed Form Appearance: This is a normal Japanese-style, except it is a broadsword in this regular form, with relatively few special features - the special features it does have are a fluffy tuft of twine at the end of the handle, plus, it also features a red blade and a pure-silver and steel hybrid metal for the guard, which is a small circular piece between the blade and handle, with nothing conspicuous about it.

Shikai Special Ability: This blade has one special ability, along with the learned abilities of the Zanpakuto itself. It can only be defended against by Kido that separate the user from the radiation, magnitude of reiatsu does not apply, in this case, where the opponent will be affected regardless of how powerful they are. It projects an aura of radioactive particles outwards, which affects the opponent in a number of ways:

1. The opponent's spirit energy decreases by 0.05 percent every minute.

2. After five minutes, their skin begins to burn and form keloids.

3. After ten minutes, they begin to suffer symptoms that are more serious - their eyes begin to blur, they rapidly begin to experience nausea and their agility begins to slow, along with delayed reactions and impaired depth perception.

4. After fifteen minutes, they can no longer move after being exposed to Hakkou Reiki. This is due to such severe burning, pain and damage, that thye become unconscious.

5. The radiation affects an 200 meter radius from the blade and affects anyone, except for the user. This is not an ally-friendly weapon.

However, this Shikai takes much more spirit energy to sustain than the average Zanpakuto and the user will tire out after prolonged use. The radiation does not affect the wielder, as it is made from the spirit energy of the wielder and Zanpakuto combined.

Kakuba Kuhatsu ('Nuclear Explosion') True to the name, this ability releases a massive explosion, comparitively as powerful as a nuclear warhead. This is released from the blade of the Zanpakuto and is fired into the air, as a ticking warhead. When it hits the ground, or touches something, it will detonate, approximately as powerful as the explosion from Jakuho Raikoben. This can only be used once during the first Shikai release - if the wielder uses Bankai, then goes back to Shikai, the attack will still be in cooldown. This uses a lot of spirit energy, enough to tire the wielder briefly. The radiation still works during this time.

Shikai Appearance: Similar to Sealed Form. Still a broadsword, but has widened, lengthened, gained a serrated edge and the blade puts off an orange-red aura. Instead of a tassel, the broadsword sports a black chain, measuring approx. 45 centimeters, with a scythe-like blade attached, which can be used as a weapon in times of need.

Bankai Special Ability: Similar to Shikai, but with upgraded effects. The blade can radiate several different types of auras, depending on the wishes of the wielder and these are released by using a release command during Bankai, the release command being 'change'. These auras can affect the opponent, the wielder, or both, depending on which is used. The main, and generally most-used, ability of the blade, is the radiation, which operates under similar principles:

1. The opponent's spirit energy decreases by 0.2 percent every minute.

2. After five minutes, their skin begins to burn and form keloids.

3. After ten minutes, they begin to suffer symptoms that are more serious - their eyes begin to blur, they rapidly begin to experience nausea and their agility begins to slow, along with delayed reactions and impaired depth perception.

4. After fifteen minutes, they can no longer moved after being exposed to Tagenshi Reiki.

5. The radiation affects an area of 500 meters and affects anyone, except for the user. This is not an ally-friendly weapon.

The other auras that can be used vary between bonuses for the wielder and other devastating effects for the opponent. These are:

1. Speed Aura. This increases the wielder's speed by 2x. The aura is localised around the wielder and is only deactivated when Bankai is. It consumes little to no spirit energy.

2. Strength Aura. This increases the wielder's strength by 2x. This aura is localised around the wielder and is only deactivated when Bankai is. It consumes little spirit energy.

3. Burn Aura. This projects temperatures of over 3,000 degrees Celsius, with the same area of radius as Radiation Aura. The temperature stays at 3,100 degrees Celsius. If the opponent stays inside this aura for too long, their body will dehydrate and dessicate, eventually causing a slow, but painful and nasty death. However, the stronger the opponent and their spirit energy, the longer they will be able to resist this aura.

4. Freeze Aura. This projects freezing temperatures of approximately -100 degrees Celsius. The temperature does not change. The strength of the opponent determines how long they can resist this aura for. However, eventually, anyone who stays inside the radius of this aura for long enough, will be frozen solid. This affects the same area as Burn Aura and Radiation Aura.

5. Only one aura can be active at one time.

Gensuibaku ('Hydrogen Bomb') This ability is similar to Kakuba Kuhatsu, but causes an even larger explosion. The other attributes of Kakuba Kuhatsu are retained, as with the cooldown and others. Each of the auras can still active during the cooldown of this ability. The release of the warhead is the same as with Shikai.

Bankai Appearance: Similar to Shikai, but with a longer chain and a larger scythe-like blade attached to it. The aura surrounding the blade changes colour, depending on which Aura is being used at the time.

(There ya go, Ryuu... it's all done, finally. Lol. Let me know if there's anything else I should change, or edit.)
Ryuuikari commented…
I'm just imagining the sheer destruction this zanpakuto could inflict be when its wielder is imbued with Hell energy :O great Ryuuvision hahaha, it's all good to go XD 1年以上前
blackpanther666 commented…
Lol. As I already told you, Kirio is very unlikely to utilise Hell energy. Maybe in an emergency... Lol. 1年以上前
1年以上前 wolfmaster3000 said…
-Boom box on shoulder let's out a Loud Blair of Music- "GUESS WHOSE BACK, BACK AGAIN, WOLF IS BACK. TELL YOU'RE FRIENDS."

Wolfmaster3000: Well I know we don't do skits here but I figured BP like em so much why the hell not unfortunately the Blade I wanna post isn't ready yet. I've seen so many good and very very very many bad ones on here ...thanks for that one trolls so I took it into myself to show everyone on here how a Veteran does it XD

BP: -Looks up at Wolf- "I'm happy you're back but you're Blades were always the worst in terms of balance and always had god awful spelling errors."

-Wolfmaster hits BP with Mallet and coughs to regain his Compsure- "NUN THE LESS This blade will be awesome !!! hope you all approve until next time!!!"

-BP staggers to feet- "I am happy your back........Maybe it will be nice to see a Nostalgic blade , Hit me again and It will be you're undoing."

-Wolfmaster rans off into the distance- "WOB WOB WOB"

Ryuuikari commented…
But I wanted to see your zanpakuto :'( 1年以上前
LinkKinuzuma13 commented…
It's been a long time since I've seen you, Wolf. 1年以上前
blackpanther666 commented…
Hey, hey, look who it is. Good to see you, Wolf. I'm glad あなた included that skit... I had to 'lol' at it. XDDDDDD 1年以上前
wolfmaster3000 commented…
yeah lol I have no internet so I'm at the lesuire of my mother xD but the blade is coming along nicely =) 1年以上前
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
(For my Squad Zero member for Resurgence)

Name: Inpeishi Sono ('The Suppressor')

Release Command: Subdue and seal thy energy, Inpeishi Sono!

Bankai: Yokusei No Shukun ('Master of Suppression')

Sealed Form: Takes the form of a wakizake, approximately 72 centimeters long. It has a bluish-silver coloured blade, with a dark blue hilt and black guard, which is decagonal in shape, having ten flat sides.

Sealed Form Special Ability: Inpeishi Sono suppresses spirit energy in this basic form of the blade, where an equal amount of energy is suppressed with each normal strike. This amount is very small, but, after a period of time can build up with disastrous results for the opponent, where they can, and eventually, will begin to fade and be unable access a portion of their powers. Due to the unreleased state of the Zanpakuto, it would take a very long time for this to actually affect an opponent in battle, even if it is a special ability, granted only to one with the large amount of experience of a Squad Zero member, as well as their proficiency with mastering their Zanpakuto over a massive period of time.

Shikai Special Ability: With every strike, Inpeishi Sono suppresses more and more of the opponent's spirit energy, however, for a measurement to give relevance to the limitations of this ability, it will never exceed 0.5% of the opponent's spirit energy with its suppression with each hit. When Shikai is released, this ability immediately becomes active and will stay so for the period of time it is released for. When Shikai is reverted to it's unreleased state, this ability immediately becomes inactive. This ability stays active during the use of other abilities.

Seal of the Golden Rose: This is a very specialist ability, which can be activated for up to five minutes i.e. the ability lasts up to five minutes after having being cast. This forms as a barrier, or seal, which surrounds the opponent, in the shape of an elaborate rose that has a golden-coloured energy, and seals 95% of their available spirit energy for that period of time. It cannot kill, or harm, the opponent, as the other 5% is what keeps them conscious and able to survive inside the seal. After becoming inactive, the effects immediately cease to exist and the opponent can access the rest of their spiritual energy again. Relevant after-effects may include a slight lethargy from only having access to 5% of their energy for five minutes. The seal can be dispelled at any point of time by the wielder, however, the wielder cannot enter the seal and, consequently, cannot touch, or harm, the opponent during the five minutes.

The Suppressing Rose: This is released as a 'cloud' of suppressing energy particles, which surround, and cling to, the opponent. They can only cling for five minutes before they lose their effects. This suppresses 50% of the opponent's spiritual energy for that five minutes, effectively cutting their strength in half for that period of time. There are no 'after-effects' from this ability. The wielder cannot dispell the 'cloud', but can still fight the opponent while theyr are weakened by this ability.

Shikai Appearance: Wakizake becomes a staff, with a curved and serrated blade at the top end. It measures 2.1 meters high. The curved blade is approximately 65 centimters long of the 2.1 meter staff. The pole is made from seki seki stone, hence it's suppression abilities. The blade also has seki seki imbued in it.

Bankai Special Ability: With every strike, Yokusei No Shukun suppresses more and more of the opponent's spirit energy, however, for a measurement to give relevance to the limitations of this ability, it will never exceed 1% of the opponent's spirit energy with its suppression for each hit. When Shikai is released, this ability immediately becomes active and will stay so for the period of time it is released for. When Shikai is reverted to it's unreleased state, this ability immediately becomes inactive. This ability stays active during the use of other abilities.

Seal of the Silver Rose: This is a very specialist ability, which can be activated for up to five minutes i.e. the ability lasts up to five minutes after having being cast. This forms as a barrier, or seal, which surrounds the opponent, in the shape of an elaborate rose that has a silver-coloured energy, and seals 95% of their available spirit energy for that period of time. It cannot kill, or harm, the opponent, as the other 5% is what keeps them conscious and able to survive inside the seal. After becoming inactive, the effects immediately cease to exist and the opponent can access the rest of their spiritual energy again. Relevant after-effects may include a slight lethargy from only having access to 5% of their energy for five minutes. The seal can be dispelled at any point of time by the wielder, however, the wielder cannot enter the seal and, consequently, cannot touch, or harm, the opponent during the five minutes.

The Suppressing Rose: This is released as a 'cloud' of suppressing energy particles, which surround, and cling to, the opponent. They can only cling for five minutes before they lose their effects. This suppresses 50% of the opponent's spiritual energy for that five minutes, effectively cutting their strength in half for that period of time. There are no 'after-effects' from this ability. The wielder cannot dispell the 'cloud', but can still fight the opponent while theyr are weakened by this ability. The 'cloud' of particles are actually petals tiny enough that they appear as specks of dust.

Final Form, The Wilting Rose: This is the most powerful ability of Yokusei No Shukun. This seals away any opponent, while sealing off their spirit energy completely and, depending on their strength, can seal their spirit energy away for good, allowing them absolutely no access to these powers again. These powers can be sealed away in an object, or a living being. However, the living being will be able to access these powers. This ability has to be used very carefully. If the opponent is at Vice-Captain level, or above, their spirit energy will not be lost for good, but they will lose consciousness and may be unable to access their energy for up to 2-3 days. This ability, on the other hand, uses up to 90% of the wielder's spirit energy to use, which also depends on the strength of the opponent. The stronger they are, the more energy is required to use this ability. This can be used up as many times as the wielder has energy to fuel it, therefore, 100 hundred weak opponents could be sealed away every day, but, to seal away a Captain it would require most of the wielder's energy to seal them off from their powers. And the greater the Captain's spirit energy, the more the wielder uses. For an example of 'weak' opponents, this would be a comparison of a Shinigami squad member (an average-level strength one), or a Hollow (an average-level strength one).

Bankai Appearance: No change.
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Ryuuikari commented…
Well shit... you've made it bloody difficult for me to pick apart. So I'll get to Ryuuviewing it now XD 1年以上前
Ryuuikari commented…
First thing, are the effects of "Seal of the Golden Rose" and "Seal of the Silver Rose" supposed to be the same ? Same 質問 applies for the shikai and bankai versions of "The Suppressing Rose" technique. In the "Seal of the Golden/Silver Rose" technique, what properties does the rose-shaped シール have ? もっと見る specifically, is the target rendered immobile while inside または are they free to 移動する about with the rose-shaped シール following them around ? Can other people enter the シール and consequently touch and/or harm the target ? Does the rose-shaped シール also act as a physical barrier ? If so, how much force is required to break through it ? 1年以上前
Ryuuikari commented…
Finally in the "Final Form, Wilting Rose" technique, if an entire target is sealed away, where are they sealed away ? Can I assume they are sealed away into an object または person または is there somewhere else they get sealed away into ? Also if 発言しました target does get permanently sealed away into a living being, what implications does this act have ? If a target's spiritual power is sealed away into a living being, how does that living being in 質問 gain access to 発言しました sealed spiritual power ? 1年以上前
Ryuuikari commented…
This is a bloody good zanpakuto though XDD 1年以上前
1年以上前 NightsRim said…
This is an Idea for what My Zanpakuto will be like.

Name~ Oikomareta (Trapped)

Sealed Form~ A Wakizashi, roughly 50 centimetres in length with a straight Hamon coloured silver with a black edge with a razor-like tip, the blade appears to be in layers the blade can be extended by 10 centimetres or contracted 20 centimetres. It has no guard except relies on the users parrying ability, the hilt is wrapped in a white cloth revealing a bare handle underneath. Connected to the pummel is a finger-sized ring, this ring is connected by a piece of string allowing the weapon to be swung around and thrown at its opponent about 40 yards away, only to be pulled and return back. This allows some unpredictability in a small blade.

Shikai/Released Form~ (Oikomareta always had troubles showing its true colours so the Zanpakuto will need to be forced into a release through fighting, e.g. An intense situation like being pushed into a corner or a friend is in dire, these situations won't always guarantee a release since Oikomareta likes to hold out for as long as possible.) When Oikomareta releases it discharges a large blast of energy in the direction of its opponent generally catching them off-guard, it's new appearance is that of a Zweihänder at a length of 177 centimetres the blades fuller featuring an embossed chain-link with a battle-hardened aesthetic, with a 40 centimetre cross guard, and the rain guard about 1/4 of the blades length, with an engraved padlock in the centre, the hilt is also wrapped in thick cloth.

Shikai Abilities: This Released form appears to look like an ordinary melee weapon, but that's where you are wrong this sword is filled with secrets.

Chain-linked blade- Using a special trigger on the hilt I can detach the blade from the cross guard and convert the weapon into to a long ranged flail. Increasing the range of my attacks up to a whopping 130 yards. The chain is created by Reiatsu, so even if the link is broken it can be reformed again after.

Mechanised blade- The blade is actually mechanical and can reshape itself into an Axe, Hook, Scythe and also a working Rifle that fires Kido, the blade also comes equipped with special injectors for poisons and drugs. It doesn't have to change into another blade but it can expand and contract. This change can be done once every 15 seconds, a tactic that I commonly use is to spin the blade on the chain as fast as possible and then convert the blade, this way the opponent hasn't noticed the change until I decide to attack.

Increased Strength- To improve fighting abilities further I will gain a boost in strength.

(This Zanpakuto is a constantly changing weapon that can be extremely unpredictable)

Bankai~ Name: Futatabi Oikomareta (Trapped again) By whispering; Tell them everything Oikomareta, a huge eruption of Energy is released from the Zwëihander, once all of the smoke clears it seems that nothing has changed, the Zwëihander remained the same. This Bankai is in an similar fashion to Shikai and that it will reveal certain abilities when under pressure, or ally in need. The Bankai's most notable attack method is feinting, Oikomareta tends to act clumsy like using an ability that even I didn't know was there, these are traps laid by Oikomareta and can fatal if the target fools for them.

Bankai Abilities (so far): The Bankai is extremely expendable and cannot burn out, this means that Shikai is not required. But by using the Bankai during Shikai it gains a larger increase in power.

Intervene Armour- Oikomareta has placed a few precautions, if a trap fails a suit of armour will form around me. This Armour heavily resembles 13-14th century english armour with a bladed helmet.

Interchangeable Weapon- The Weapon gained a new ability to completely change and reform, using mechanisms it is capable of compacting or extending further, there are 3 more weapon options; Short-sword, Halberd and Bow, it can change the edges i.e. Serrated, single edged and even curve. These added onto existing transformations the weapon can achieve, but it can only change every once every 24 seconds to avoid jamming.

Mattaku (All out)- A last resort ability that loses intervene armour but decreases the interchangeable weapon cool down to nothing, making the weapon seem unstable. Along with this all attacks gain an energy cleave, effectively adding energy attacks that arc off the weapon attacks.

Note- The spirit is very secretive and undecided, so there's a large possibility that the Shikai and the Bankai are imperfect, if this is the case what are there perfect forms?

Overview~ This Zanpakuto may seem OP but it's all about being unpredictable and constantly changing with hidden abilities.
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Ryuuikari commented…
I actually like the デザイン and most of your abilities here, its bankai is like Iron Man armour in zanpakuto form. It's definitely extremely close to being an OP zanpakuto for me, but hey-ho whatever. Just a thing, what's its bankai name ? あなた never stated it. Also the one thing I didn't like at all was the "Cero Launcher"; a personal pet hate of mine is when people throw in Hollow powers into their zanpakuto. It doesn't make sense. Apart from that, it isn't a bad blade :D 1年以上前
Ryuuikari commented…
Being unpredictable によって nature is fine; that part is well within reason. But just being unpredictable still wouldn't explain why a zanpakuto suddenly has Hollow powers :P a zanpakuto with Hollow powers doesn't exist because they are two different concepts. 1年以上前
NightsRim commented…
こんにちは Ryuuikari what can I say I can't seem to stick to the same for long :D 1年以上前
1年以上前 wolfmaster3000 said…
well Enjoy Guys =D here it is my New blade sorry I kept you all waiting =P ;)

Release phrase : Tebiki ware( Guide me) Kaze senzai (winds Garden)

Released state : Upon the release state a small Gust of wind is given off of the blades as the ancient wraps on the sheath wrap around the the blade and emit a slight glow raveling a bright silver blade that slightly extends about two inches in length. the hilt of the blade becomes a gord with a hole in the side.

Now I know we don't usually include these but this is important for the blade.

Passive effect: Wind Absorbtion the Gord on the blade can absorb Wind from around the area and store it in the blade. as the blade is based on the consumption of wind rather than mainupalte the air in a area the user can only mainpulate the air within the blade as such the Gord can only absorb wind based on the user's reiatsu's strength. That being said Koga can only absorb about 24 bottles worth of wind ( the bottles would be comperable to beer bottles).

Shikai Abilities :

Atemi Iki (Blowing breath ) - This ability is straight forward the user thrusts the blade forward causing a massive eruption of wind from the blade in a Linear pattern as such the blast in terms of size is about four feet wide and eight feet long. the blast in terms of power can be blocked by bakudo of 30 and higher. This ability has no particular cool down time how ever it does consume about 5 "bottles" of wind. that being said the blast in terms of power isn't pectucaliry strong the blast would be comparable to that of a F3 Tornado.

Unari Kaze ( Howling Wind ) - this is another ability that is how it sounds. The user of the blade is able to produce Sickle shaped blasts of wind from the blade. The sickle shaped blasts can be fired either horizontally or Vertically. the blasts them selves are about 4 inches long with no set measurable width. the blasts can be blocked by Bakudo of 30 and higher. each slash contains one bottles worth of wind for a total of 24 slashes total. Once Again this move has no cool down time.

Kirema Kaze - (Breaking Wind ) - To iniate this ability the user swings the blade in a circular pattern in front of them selves to erect a small circular sheild of wind the sheild can protect the user from pyschail harm and from A hado of level 30 and up. As such this ability consumes about 10 bottles of wind within the blades gord. So the user has to use this ability carefully. Once Again this ability has no real cool down time.

Bankai Name : Kaze Tani (Winds Valley )

Bankai Description : upon the release of the bankai a huge Tornado wraps around the users to reval the new blade. There is no real change to the blade other then that it seems more slick and a little thiner almost looking invisable to the naked eye. the Gord grows about 5 inches in width.

Bankai Abilities :

Passive abilities: The absorbtion ability of wind for the user is incereased to 35 bottles of wind contained within the gord up absorbtion.

Hoku Kaze- ( North Wind )- This ability is a much more stronger version of the first although it is a Blast of wind it does represent the cold harshness of the North wind. The blast can freeze a opponet if they take the full burnt of the blast or can freeze a limb if aimed directly at it. the freezing will ware off as it is just a by product of the wind after a few seconds. As for the blast it's the blast of wind is about 10 feet wide and 14 feet wide. This ability consumes 7 bottles of wind from the gord but has no real cool down time like the abilities in shikai. this ablity can be blocked by a bakudo of 40 and higher.

Nishi kaze- (West Wind )- This ability is a strengthened version of Atemi Iki meaning that is launches out sickle shaped blasts of wind however unlike the previous slashes although these slashes can still slice through you, the slashes also scorch the person hit with the slash leaving behind first and second degree burns. This ability can be blocked by a Bakudo of level 40 and higher. this ability consumes two bottles of wind per slash from the gord on the blade. giving a total of around 13 slashes if the user wishes.

Higashi Kaze- ( East Wind ) - This ability represents the strength and power of the Wind. As such this ability is a very strong and impact force of a Wind that is almost like a bullet and is meant to pierce through the opponet the blast has no real size but travels at the speed of a bullet. this ability can be blocked by a Bakudo and countered by any Hado. This ability consumes 4-8 bottles of wind from the gord on the blade.

Nan Kaze- (south Wind ) - this ability represent the ever shifting Wind as a whole as something that can't be tamed in a way it represents true freedom. This ability CANNOT BE USED WITH ANY OTHER ABILITY. It also consumes all Bottles within the Gord as such this gives the user complete and total manipulation of the Wind / Air within a 10 foot Raiduis that being said this ability lasts for about 5 minutes. Nothing can stop the casting of the ability but the wind based attacks generated from it can be blocked from once again almost any Kidou. As this ability mostly relies on the users imagination and creativity. this ability has a 5 minutes cool down.

PS. Haven't worked out all the kinks on the Gord consumption yet
Ryuuikari commented…
I can see this being a very good zanpakuto with a little work XD I liked the idea of "bottles" being a unit of measurement. The directions of its bankai techniques remind me of Zanka no Tachi :D I would do a proper review but it sounds like あなた haven't finished it yet ? 1年以上前
wolfmaster3000 commented…
its meant to be デザイン of 表示中 how wind can be unstoppable but also a avoidable force , the passive ability is where I need the work 1年以上前
Ryuuikari commented…
Well when you've finished it, I'll happily review it :D 1年以上前
1年以上前 Ryuuikari said…
Moar zanpakuto from the vault...!

Name: Jitenmaru (Encyclopedia Ring)
Sealed appearance: In its sealed state Jitenmaru takes the form of a regular tachi with a blade length similar to a nodachi with a dull grey hilt-wrapping and a dull grey sheathe.
Release command: Draw from nature

Shikai appearance: In shikai Jitenmaru’s appearance changes a little with its blade gaining a hole in the centre of the slightly lengthened blade.

Shikai special abilities: Jitenmaru has the ability to sheathe its blade in whatever substance, material or element it touches. The substance will remain sheathing the blade until the wielder wills it to end; however once ended the wielder must touch the substance again to re-sheath the blade in it. Jitenmaru also has the ability to morph the sheathing substance into various shapes and forms as well as alter its size (the sheathing substance remains sheathed to the blade however); what it morphs into is limited only by the wielder’s imagination. The wielder can enhance the natural properties of the sheathing substance by infusing their spiritual energy into it e.g. making fire hotter, rock harder, acid more corrosive etc.

Bankai name: Danchi Jitenmaru (Earth-Severing Encyclopedia Ring)
Bankai appearance: In bankai its blade does not change much in appearance with a marble-sized socket in the middle of the hilt and a marble-sized hole in the base of the hilt being the only additions. The wielder now wears a stylized gloved gauntlet on their sword arm.

Bankai special abilities: In bankai Danchi Jitenmaru literally becomes a substance encyclopedia thanks to its bankai techniques. By using “Reikyū”, obtained via Shō Fuka, the wielder is able to use Sankōken and Sankō Bakudan.

Bankai technique(s):
Shō Fuka (Chapter Adding): A transparent football-sized ball of energy begins to form at the tip of the blade and is then fired at a substance; upon contact with a substance the ball of energy rapidly absorbs and captures the substance before shrinking down to the size of a marble and solidifying, turning into a “Reikyū” (例球, Example Ball). Obtained Reikyū are subsequently reabsorbed into the tip of the blade where they permanently become part of Danchi Jitenmaru’s ‘encyclopedia’ of substances. The Reikyū that are part of Danchi Jitenmaru’s encyclopedia are retained after bankai is resealed.

Sankōken (Sword Reference): By summoning one of the Reikyū (it appears in the wielder’s gloved palm) and inserting it into the socket in the middle of Danchi Jitenmaru’s hilt, Danchi Jitenmaru is then able to sheathe its entire sword in the same substance that the Reikyū contains. Danchi Jitenmaru can then be sheathed and unsheathed in the particular substance, and only the particular substance, at will. Like in shikai Danchi Jitenmaru can also morph the sheathing substance into various shapes and forms as well as alter its size and the wielder is able to enhance the sheathing substance’s natural properties by infusing their spiritual energy into it.

• Sankōtai (Body Reference): An extension technique of Sankōken that enables the wielder to cloak their entire body in the substance that the Reikyū contains, whilst retaining full mobility. As in its parent technique, the wielder is able to enhance the cloaking substance’s natural properties by infusing their spiritual energy into it. When cloaked in a substance, the wielder becomes completely immune to the substance in question as well as any other effects that the substance in question may possess.

• Shō Sanshō (Refer to Chapter): A special extension technique of Sankōken that enables the wielder to completely transform both their blade and body into the substance contained within the Reikyū. While transformed the wielder’s form is made up of homogenous matter, with no part being more important than the other. While in this form the wielder can freely regenerate from damage by drawing in and absorbing the relevant substance from an external source. The one drawback: if the wielder’s entire body and blade is destroyed, they cannot reform and thus die.

Sankō Bakudan (Reference Bomb): After inserting a Reikyū into the socket in the base of the hilt, Danchi Jitenmaru fires a dense concentrated blast of energy that is composed of the substance that the Reikyū contained. The attack is extremely powerful but comes at the cost of the Reikyū that was used being destroyed (meaning the wielder would need to retrieve the substance all over again).
NightsRim commented…
The person who uses this must be a bookworm+engineer :)) remembering all substances and using them to your will a very powerful Zanpakuto indeed, cool idea tho. 1年以上前
Ryuuikari commented…
Thank あなた NightsRim :) 1年以上前
1年以上前 Senato said…
This is a really, really old zanpakuto I made, but I thought I'd finally show it :D
Note: this zanpakuto is in permanent shikai and therefor has no sealed form nor release command

Zanpakuto: Shinseina odori

Shikai appearance: A blanket which the wielder wraps around their whole body when not in combat, in combat the blanket covers over their arms and hands, their shoulders and most of their back. The blanket is ebony-black in colour, and does not get stained from blood

Abilities: The blanket is as strong as a zanpakuto and thus can be used to defend the wielder or can be used to strike enemies, though, being a blanket, it is essentially a blunt weapon. It’s main form is a more kido-based zanpakuto, by using different dances, all named/based on female Japanese deities, it can have a number of effects. The dances are not conventional instead it could be better to describe them as fighting forms/styles as the use of the ability can be combined with constant melee combat. Though when used at range, the forms and movements taken resemble a dance. The abilities are only effective while the wielder uses that specific dance, thus ending the moment they move to another dance or leave combat. (Note: It does not end when they are standing still as they will stand in a specific stance depending on the dance.)

1.Ama-no-Uzume: Reveals illusions, and negates such effects.

2.Benzaiten: Creates and allows the control of water.

3.Konohanasakuya-hime: Creates and allows the control of lava.

4.Shinatobe: Allows the control of wind.

5.Toyouke-Ōmikami: Creates and allows the control of plants.

Bankai: Ten no Shinseina odori

Appearance: The blanket becomes silver in colour with 4 pillar patters separating it into equal sections, the sections each have a different depiction of the same goddess (Which goddess it is, is dependent on which dance the wielder is using.)

Abilities: The Shikai dance abilities become stronger and more prominent and another three dances become available.

1.Amaterasu-ōmikami: Creates and allows the control of fire and light.

2.Izanami-no-Mikoto: The wielder can temporarily heal allies or herself on touch, or weaken enemies on touch. (The ability only takes effect on touching of the skin, and only works whilst in this dance. Should the wielder end the dance or move on to another, all healing/weakening effects will be dispelled.)

3.Toyotama-hime: The wielder surrounds theirself in reiatsu which takes the form of a dragon, they can control this dragon and use it for physical attacks, to travel large distances, or to cover an area as a sort of shield. Each hit the dragon takes or makes drains an amount of their reiatsu, how much is dependent on the damage dealt or taken.
1年以上前 rsosuke said…

Ragnarok: His Zanpaktou in its sealed state is pure black in color, both blade and hilt. The hilt guard is red, and in the shape of a flame. A white dragon crest is wrapped around the hilt, and at the base of the hilt dangles two long white ribbons

Shikai: Its Shikai command is "Bring About The End". Ragnarok unleashes a Massive wave of Crimson Flames (with a Black outline) burst of spiritual energy that falls around Roy as a Fire rain. In its Shikai state, Ragnarok now takes the form of two blades made entirely of flames, their hilts are made of bones, and their hilt guards are small skulls. Connecting the two blades at the base of their hilts is a retractable flaming chain

Shikai Special Ability: Once he has entered Shikai, Roy is able to conjure eternal red flames At his command These would include creating jets, blasts, tendrils, domes and tidal waves of flames; With the term "Eternal" beside the name of these flames are the base flames of ever fire themselves meaning they will never go out under any normal circumstance

Dimensional Control: Roy can warp, bend, flip, crush, control and otherwise manipulate physical aspects of space within an area of his choosing, including an area and whatever is inside of that area. Roy is able to trap subjects or objects in space and push that space, throwing subject and object away from them or to create wormholes, paradoxes, and other strange events by warping spatial areas and twisting them around. Since space is permeated by 26% dark matter and 68% dark energy, Roy can also take advantage of this composition to control electromagnetism and gravity via distortions. By distorting space and gravity, Roy can distort the flow of time, which is known as the space-time curvature.

Chains of the Damned-
Roy connects the two flaming swords, and plunges them into the ground, a black swirling portal to another dimension will appear under the opponent, not to drag them in though. 5 chains will shoot up from the portal and wrap around the targets arms, legs, and torso. The chains will then slowly start to drain their reiatsu. Once it's drained enough, the reiatsu will form into a recreation (Clone so to speak) of the target. It will possess all the skills the opponent does, but won't be anywhere near as strong.

Netsujigoku (Inferno):Roy begins the attack by summoning a massive swirl of white flames that encompasses the a diameter of twenty five feet of the battle field. These streaks of flame converge into the tip of Roy's blade; This is held for about fifteen seconds before Roy strikes the blade into the ground, breaking apart the earth around him. Creating a Massive Explosion of white flames to ravage towards the opponent.

Heaven's Tear: Roy raises his blade up into the air, then a collumn of blinding white flames falls from the sky, surrounding the opponent. The light then acts as a holding cell, keeping the enemy inside for the second part of the attack. It is possible to break through this cell, but it would take a tremendous amount of energy to do so. Not something many can do. Once the opponent is trapped inside the flames, more searing hot white flames then begin to fall down from the heavens, raining down on whoever may be inside the prision.

Bankai; Zetsumei Ragnarok: Upon activating his Bankai Roy's strength increases ten fold as it does for most Captain level Shinigami, Ragnarok is a white dual sided scythe with a black dragon crest spiraling down the shaft of the scythe, and the blades being Red in color. In Bankai, Ragnarok is able to use all the abilities of his Shikai, but more powerful then they would be in Shikai. In Bankai, Ragnarok has other abilities as well, but it's mostly used for close combat Along with Being able to Merge his flames with his Vizard Moves.

Dimensional Control: Roy can warp, bend, flip, crush, control and otherwise manipulate physical aspects of space within an area of his choosing, including an area and whatever is inside of that area. Roy is able to trap subjects or objects in space and push that space, throwing subject and object away from them or to create wormholes, paradoxes, and other strange events by warping spatial areas and twisting them around. Since space is permeated by 26% dark matter and 68% dark energy, Roy can also take advantage of this composition to control electromagnetism and gravity via distortions. By distorting space and gravity, Roy can distort the flow of time, which is known as the space-time curvature.

Bankai Special Ability: Within his Bankai state, Roy has the power of Eternal White Solar Flames at his command. These flames have the potential to melt steel with long enough contact along with emitting a middle wave of Heat Radiation That stays at a constant 100 Rems of radiation. The White Solar Flames once on contact with a human skin creates a 3rd degree burns instantly. Roy is able to self conjure Eternal White Flames at his command with telepathy or his hand for better guidence along with increasing the Speed of It Two-Fold; These would include creating Jets, Blasts, Tendrils, Domes and Tidal waves of Flames; With The Term "Eternal" Beside the Name of these Flames Are The Base Flames of Ever Fire themselves meaning they will never go out under any normal circumstance.

Bakuhatsu (Eruption): Roy would plundge the blade of his trident into the ground. As he did so the ground beneath his opponent would begin to crack and crumble away. Four large pillars would then shoot up from the ground around the opponent, all connected by chains of fire, trapping the opponent within. Once the prison forms, the ground beneath the one trapped within would completely explode, shooting lava and fire up from beneath

Shiroi Taiyō Tawami (白い太陽のたわみ - White Dwarf Deflection): Roy would hold his blade out infront of him and flip it into a reverse handed style, he would hold his blade out as the core of it would glow an unbelieveably bright bwhite. The light would grow and form around Roy into a small White Dwarf Star. The actual core inside the white dwarf star, is a super massive diamond, a powerful shield. This can block almost any attack thrown at it, even most kidou cannot break this defense. An attack of equal or more strength could begin to crack the defense eventually leading to its destruction.

Chō kyosei shiro-hi (超巨星白火 - Hyper Giant White Fire): This attack would cause the user to raise his blade above his head and then a Massive, Hyper Giant Star would form in space and be scene above them, it would not burn our cause great harm to the planet as instantly the Star would begin to fall apart and form around the users Zanpakuto, covering the blade in a pure white firy substance. The user could then fire out large blasts of White Fire, the most intensive and hot form of Fire known. Coupled with the pure immense Radiation admited by the blast of the Sun's power, the could melt most anything in its surrondings and cause massive destruction. This technique can also be used in a way to cause a massive AOE blast, by stabing the blade into the ground, several white rings of firy light would begin to form out with the user at its center. Once the rings would stop the blade would send all of the energy into the ground and into the energy rings, to which each ring would explode out with a massive colom of White Fire and Radiation. The downside to this attack is, it can only be used for so long before it would deplete itself and use up a large purportion of the users Spiritual Energy.

Black Hole Black Out: This technique takes Roy’s Spatial Manipulation abilities to a whole new level. It takes quite a bit of time to set up aswell, and is very hard to do in a one-on-one fight. Roy builds up Dark Matter around the enemy, which is invisible to the naked eye, but can however be felt. Enough Dark Matter will start to weigh down the opponent making it harder for them to move around, but unless one has a background in Spatial Manipulation, they won’t be able to tell what’s happening. Once enough Dark Matter has built up around the enemy, and mixed with regular Matter, it implodes upon itself, creating a Black Hole, with the opponent at the center. It is possible to escape the Black Hole if its done before it forms fully. If the Black Hole succeeds in trapping the opponent in its gravitational hold, then it will pull them in, sucking them into another dimension. Once in that dimension, Roy must immediately close the Black Hole, seeing as leaving it open for too long could destroy everything. It’s nearly impossible to escape the dimension once the Black Hole has closed unless one has Spatial Manipulation abilities
1年以上前 NightsRim said…
A Zanpakuto designed around my fighting style.
(LF= Life-Force)

Name- Ketsueki Akuma (Blood Demon).

Sealed Form- It takes the form of a Nodachi, measuring at 100cm it is actually short for a Nodachi. The blade is long and sleek with a very small curve, the blades colour is black with a silver edge whilst it's Hamon has a dripping effect. It's Tsuba is a black Katsukage, with battle straps on hilt polished with a crimson tears design lining the holes.

Shikai- Release Command "Leech Ketsueki Akuma", once chanted pieces of tattered black cloth starts wrapping around my wrist and hand, the veins that reside in those areas are connected to the blade, then the edge of the Hamon will start glowing a bright red.

Shikai Abilities- A Zanpakuto that lives on Life-Force, my spirit energy maybe lower than a 10th seat but my Life-Force is higher than a captains, Ketsueki Akuma feeds on this Life-Force and utilises it for abilities.

Life-Force Leech~ The blade is capable of stealing a small portion of Life-Force temporarily from its target, using this increases regeneration or empowers other abilities.

Ketsupei (Blood Clot)~ A medium powered focused energy projectile that can be fired rapidly, it costs very little LF to cast.

Raifu Nesshō (Life Burn)~ By igniting the blood flowing through the blade, the blade is coated in flames that enhance the blades power, in order for this effect to work it has to constantly feed on LF. By activating this power it actually deactivates LF Leech for the remainder of this effect.

Bankai- Kenketsu Undō (Blood Drive), By chanting the name my body goes numb, my skin begins to go a solid white and my veins begin to glow red and pulse. My LF becomes extremely focused in my bodies veins.

Bankai Abilities-This Bankai changes the way I fight, taking a more defensive route in order to change fights around.

Jōmyaku Burokku (Vein Block)~ This ability heavily resembles Blut vene, but it utilises LF instead.

Insanities Persistence~ A panic ability that only activates when a LF threshold has been met, it increases speed and perception for a limited time, this is an survival ability intended for outlasting opponents and leeching as much LF as fast as possible whilst avoiding as many attacks as well.

Nightmare Assault~ My skin starts being cut 5 times and these particular cuts bleed profusely, this blood is unique since it is able to be controlled being bent into blades or creating shields, it has limited time but it has great power capable of being fired in a barrage that can destroy the toughest of defences and can even be used to poison foes this ability costs a large portion of my LF and even can be used to trigger Insanities Persistence to improve its power, but it's power strains my body and requires a large regeneration cycle to recover from use.
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So I went for a もっと見る straight フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして approach this time so it's easier to read ;) 1年以上前
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Btw I do plan on editing this so what あなた see here isn't final :)) 1年以上前
1年以上前 TheCr3ator said…
Release Command: Strike down your foes.

Shikai: Arc-Angel

Appearance: The blade turns into two sword one black and one white that can be connected at the hilt to form a duel bladed staff. He also now wears a robe of pure white that gleams with a purplish undertone.


1. Army of Heaven - Creates 10 perfect clones of the user. the clones are nothing more than solid holograms. They also share one hive mind with the user.

2. Vigor - invigorates the user allowing them to absorb spirit particles a little more quickly. Reduces fatigue on the user.

3. After Life - Reduces bleed out of the users wounds, and even allowing the user to sometimes fight a few minutes after he would have normally died.

Bankai: Fallen Arc-Angel

Appearance: Still keeps the sword, but his robe turns to half black with a reddish undertone, and half white with a purplish undertone. A giant halo made of intertwined angel wings appears over the users head.


1. Hellfire - The user stabs his sword into the ground creating a tornado of green fire. The fire allows neither person to escape. Though the fire is not hot and can be passed through safely, the fire is fed by spirit particles, and burns them out of the air weakening all kido type moves and zanpkatous. The users white sword disappears, and the black sword only remains.

2. Heavenly Light - The user holds his white sword up emitting a bright flash of white light that confuses the enemy numbing his all his sense but sight though not completely only weakens them, and attacks the enemies nervous system making them believe they are becoming fatigued much faster than they really are.

3. Feather Dance - The angel wings that make up the halo above the user begin unfurling, and flap raining down feathers sharper that daggers that can pierce even through spirit particles, and also hurt the user.
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1年以上前 silent-chaos said…
Came up with this while it's op there are weaknesses
Shikai name: universal command
Shikai release command: make them listen universal command
Bankai name: universal king
Bankai release command: show these lowly peasants your true power universal king

Sealed: it looks like a normal katana but with a triangle guard with three pictures that hint at its Shikai's abilities the pictures are in clockwise order: a planet with many moons, a clock with many buttons, and a rusty scythe held by vines from a healthy tree. Its size is 31in. With blade and handle
Shikai: same size but the guard gains another triangle with the new picture's hinting at Bankai's abilities and the new three are: boiling water raging against freezing ice, pillars of some type of metal trying to hold an object of unknown size, and fire fighting to burn against the wind
Bankai: gains 2in. in size along with a circle pin attached to a kanji for seal other wise no real change

Shikai abilities: 1. Planetary control - allows when used to verbally control ones own or other's gravity to ones own advantage wether for training or fighting con: if one is not careful can accidentally harm or kill themself or other's pro: can be done by Zanpakuto spirit
2. Knowing sight - allows the user to slightly alter what is happening then and there to have a different effect than what would've happen along with seeing what consequences can happen from his choices con: can overwhelm the user if used too much and can possibly make a paradox pro: the technique fails when there is chance of a paradox
3. Creation of control - most draining technique of Shikai when used with a single command basically says fuck you to the circle of life and death by being able to revive recently dead and kill anything at a price of power con- most power hungry even in Bankai is last resort

Passive Bankai abilities: 1.blade changes color when using one of the powers 2.gains a last resort seal able to power 3 uses of creation of control by sucking up spirit energy while in sealed state in the soul society takes 3 months to fully charge

Bankai abilities: 1. Temperature's changing grasp - allows me to heat up or cool down moisture particles except within bodies con- takes abit of concentration to use pro- can change the battlefield
2. Magnetic grip - puts minimum of 10 cylinder piercings into parts of my arms in equal numbers allowing me to control metal underground within a range of 2km con- takes half of my focus to use them as they have to be in a dust cloud form to make different shapes and can't control enemies swords pro- takes less concentration if I form them into shapes
3. Calming wind from the raging fire- allows me to control the wind in a way that I could make a hurricane in the palm of my hand and make a flame of any size that wishes to burn all con- fire might want to burn me to continue burning pro- can be like roy mustang with explosions

One big weakness out of all of this you can only use one at a time but one last secret the seal if released let's use of all abilities at the same time but drain is much worse then since it also double's the abilities strength to make sure the person dies
Op yes but not that strong compared to some blades
silent-chaos commented…
just remembered something I forgot creation of control can only be used on one person per use so no army killing/reviving with one word 1年以上前
1年以上前 InuyashaGames said…
Ok before you read this here's some info: My zanpaktou has 3 sealed forms, 3 Shikai, and a single bankai. Each form goes with the theme of one form. (Minus Bankai) The user can switch between any of the forms at will.

Sealed Forms:
First form: Ankoku debabouchou - Darkness knife

Second form: Amatsu debabouchou - Heavenly Knife

Third form: Kurai Tengoku shirudo - Darkened Heaven Shield

Sealed descriptions:

first form: The zanpaktou takes the form of a short knife with a grey skull pomel the blade is made of shadows and is almost invisible. The hilt is and lighter black and is only slightly more visible then the blade.

second form: The second form appears as a transparent bright white knife no features can be recognize from it because it is so bright.

Third form: The third form appears as a circular shield it is a transparent grey with a Chinese style dragon in a spiral pattern.

Release Command: Rebirth, Death, Heaven, Hell? Bring them down! RELEASE A D SHOW THEM YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL!

Shikai Abilities

First form:
Kumori Hokousha - Shadow walker: Allows the user to meld into a shadow with this ability active the user is impossible to touch. Can only be used for about 10 minutes. The ability takes 10 seconds to meld into a shadow. While the ability is active the user can pass through walls, but if the user walks out of a shadow the ability is cancelled.

Kumori Surassha - Shadow slash: This ability cuts an enemies shadow with the users shadow. To an enemy this might look like a feint but in reality the user would still be damaging the enemy. The ability can be used in tandem with Kumori Hokousha.

Second form:
Meimei Chiyu - Divine Healing: With this ability the user can heal any wound less then death. It can be used every hour and is very draining, so in reality for any normal person once every day.

Meimei te - Divine Hand: This ability allows the user to cut the insides of a person (tendons, arteries, ect.) without breaking the skin. Like Meimei Chiyu it can be used every hour but for any normal person with normal reiatsu reserves about every 1 day.
Third form:
Amatsu Shirudo - Heavenly Shield: This ability has two effects, the first blinds anything that looks at the ability (minus people the user doesn't want blinded) for a short period of time. The second blocks any and all abilities, and for lower class attacks absorbs them. Very draining can be used once every hour and can be held for about 5 minutes.
Bachiatari Shirudo no akuun - Cursed Shield of Bad Luck: as the name implies anyone who touches the shield (minus the people the user doesn't want) gets terribly bad luck for a month. This might not seem so bad but this isn't "I just ran into a black cat" bad luck this is if your not careful your dead bad luck. (Reference example) It's like when Percy fought Ares (Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Book) and he had to fear he wouldn't be able to fight when he need it most (end reference)

Kurai Amatsu Panissha - Darkened Heavenly Punisher

Description: the bankai form is a 5 foot long duel sided broadsword its lighter then a feather and transparent. Half of the blade is black and the other is white ( have you realized I like ying-yang stuff yet?!!??!) it has a regular guard (think buster sword guard) the handle is the body of a dragon neck and the pomel is a downwards facing Chinese dragon head.

Bankai release: The user creates all three blades and stabs them into the ground causing an explosion and when the smoke clears, then user has entered bankai. All Shikai abilities power multiplied by ten. Drain reduced slightly on all abilities.

Bankai Abilities:
Yami Panissha - Darkness Punisher: The Bankai sword turns all black and can slice materials 1000 times the strength of diamond.

Amatsu Fukkatsu sa Seru - Heavenly Revive: this is basically a more powerful Meimei te, it can revive any being from any dimensions. The caster of the ability has a form of control, the revived person can't tell a lie to the user unless it's absolutely necessary, the user can also take full control over the persons body but this leaves the body defenceless

Ok that's my zanpaktou I hope you like it I think it could use some ironing out but for now I can't think of what to do.
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1年以上前 JamieJJL said…
Ok so just a heads-up, for some of the zanpakutos I come up with (I have a few) I like to base them a bit off of mythological weapons, just because it's kinda fun. Also, I'm going off of the idea of having shinigami come from places that are all around the world (this one's Irish).

Zanpakuto Name: Fragarach

Zanpakuto Element: Combat/Wind

Sealed Appearance: A silver-bladed katana with a white and green hilt and circular crossguard.

Release Command: Tear them to pieces, Fragarach!

Shikai Appearance: A flawless, silver-bladed medieval longsword with the same white-and green hilt.

Shikai Abilities:
Wind control- the wielder can control existing winds in the vicinity, as well as create their own, and can also fire waves of blasts of wind from the blade.
Answerer- No being can move or tell a lie with Fragarach at their throat.
Buidhe- Fragarach leaves wounds which cannot be healed until the blade has been sealed.

Bankai: Gan stad Fragarach (Fragarach the Unstoppable)

Bankai Appearance: Same coloring and hilt as before, however the bankai form of the blade changes its form into a claymore, with a blade about 4.5 feet long.

Bankai Abilities:
All shikai abilities, as well as-
Gan stad- Fragarach can cut through any material, including (sealed) zanpakutos.

Zanpakuto Spirit: (Picture Below)

Inner World: Rolling, green Highlands
 Ok so just a heads-up, for some of the zanpakutos I come up with (I have a few) I like to base them a
1年以上前 Yellowflash1102 said…
big smile

Zanpakuto's / shikai's name: Taiyō-shin "Sun God" Apollo 
Release command: Kagayaki "shine" 
Bankai Name: Arufa Apollo 

Description: When the shikai is released, it gives off the half the heat of the sun and in bankai it gives a temperature higher than the sun. It gets stronger when there is sunlight. It can blast an area of 500 square kilometer, if used in full power. If anyone, other than the true owner touches the sword's handle or any part his/her hand will be burnt. 

Shikai Abilities: 
- Nisshō-ryoku (Sunshine force): 
Apollo will change into a kind of sun flame and melt anything that it touches. The change will last for only 15 seconds. 

- Hōshasen (Radiation Ray) 
Apollo will shoot a kind of sun beam at the enemy. It can pierce through anything. 

- Taiyō furea (Solar Flare) 
Apollo will give out a light that will irritate the enemies eyes and sometimes can make the enemies blind temporarily and even permenantly. This move lasts for only 10 seconds. 

Bankai Abilities: 
-Chōshinsei (Supernova) 
Arufa Apollo will make a huge blast (approximately 700 square Kilometer) everytime it touches the enemies shikai/zanpakutou or any wesapon. 

-Shigaisen (Ultraviolet ray) 
Arufa Apollo will fire a beam that has a temperature above the sun's. It is a move like Radiation ray, but stronger. 

That took longer than i thought, but still finished it :D Hope you like it ;)
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1年以上前 Eminneminy said…
Idk how old this is but here's mine!
Shekai - Honō no kitsune (Fox of flame)
release command: Furikkā (flicker)
description - when first released she is a long whip like blade with a running Fox as the handle.
[shikai abilities] - when asked the whip seems to unravel into nine separate whip like blades much like the cat o' nine tails whip. Second ability: the tails become engulfed in flames.
Bankai - Tsudzurao to honō no kitsune (Fox of flame with nine tails)
bankai description: at the release of bankai the Fox handle comes to life and runs up my arm perching on my shoulder. As she does this her tails wrap around my arm then nine tails of flame surround me to control as if I were fire bending. I also sport a Fox tail of my own. Bankai's Second ability: I become
Surrounded by a giant Fox of fire who fights with fierce power.
MysticKing commented…
I think あなた need to elaborate a bit more, but look at mine :D 1年以上前
1年以上前 MysticKing said…
Ok, my idea that I was gonna post on here was taken, im gonna do a character and a zanpaktou, I know im late to the party but there are 255 pages, so I hope someone responds.Here I go:

Zanpaktou: Zeroboido (Zero Void). Well, my zanpaktou is a regular katana, except it has a rectangular guard, and the handle steals the reiatsu of anyone it touches. (This is it's unreleased form), also, there are 2 of these blades, not just one.

[release command] Nani ni subete o herashimasu(Reduce everything to nothing)
[bankai name] - Zeroboido burakkuhōru
Im going to put how to achieve bankai on here also, so, what the weilder does is by using one of the 2 katanas in her shikai, they focus reiatsu into the tip of the blade they want to use and draw a circle in the air out of void. The circle drawn then turns a weird color of blue/green like a wormhole, then, put the zanpaktou/katana you used to draw the circle and push it into the circle, until only the handle and hilt is left out of it(It goes in like water), then say "Bankai," the rest of the sword goes in and the hole starts to turn black. Also, since there is still one sword left, the weilder has both their shikai and bankai, just one less sword for the shikai.

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)
Boido no ikari(The void's wrath):The weilder makes any type of cut or slash with either or both of the zanpaktous and says the name of the technique, the kido type blast the color of the void is sent at the opponent, everywhere it goes past leaving a void(Kind of like a getsuga tenshou except wherever it goes, theres "nothing", because that place has been turned into void.

(Constantly Active)Boido kakusan(Spreading Void): Any void made by either of the Zeroboidos spreads very slowly, but still, any reiatsu that was within the void is absorbed by the zanpaktou and the weilder. Also, if you cut something, a void will appear there and starts to spread. So yeah, thats it on this attack, its pretty destructive if you think about it, imagine if the weilder cuts yamamoto genryuusai in the face and then he's like, "Your insolence!" *5 seconds later, his face is now a void and he's dead*

Now, Zero hakai(Zero Destruction): Either or both of the zanpaktous is/are pointed at the target, upon saying the name, a portal will open, a ripple effect will take place in the portal and a blast is sent at the target, turning everything(including air) that it touches into void, this is like my other attack except this one also causes an explosion on impact.

In shikai, my two katanas/zanpakotu are made of void, imagine it like space, just a vacuum and tiny stars. Thats really it, also, you can see that its a physical form, since it ain't invisible like air, also, all the void attacks have the same appearance as my zanpaktou( I mean as a void, they all have the same void appearance). Well thats it, I can't really elaborate more, just imagine everything as a solid form of a void.

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)

(Constantly active for bankai) Zero ni sakugen(Reduce to zero): The black hole sucks in everything, reishi/reiatsu, spirit particles, living beings, not living things, everything except the weilder. The more reiatsu it sucks in, the larger the radius the black hole can suck things in becomes, also when the black hole absorbs enough reiatsu to equal that of a weak shinigami, the weilder can summon a black hole somewhere else( The black holes maintain the radius change).

Chōshinsei no shūen(Supernova Demise): Everything sucked in by the black holes is released in an explosion, this effects everyone(Including the weilder but the damage is 1/10 of the normal damage).

Mukō to narimasu(Become the void): The weilder, along with its zanpaktou become nothing temporarily for 3 minutes and are able to hit anyone and do anything without being hit by opponents, after 3 minutes, they are forced to be solid for 6 minutes.

I've already described everything, so im gonna put something everything, so heres something else:
If the user puts their other Zeroboido into the black hole, the original black hole turns into a black sphere, retaining all of it's abilities, the user gains a shikaksho made of the void(No, its not see through, obviously), all the abilities double in power.


My zanpaktou is kido based, so it has a special ability along with the techniques, so its ability is that it can either stay solid, or only be touched by the weilder. (Ex: If it attacks someone and can only be touched by the weilder, the attack goes through the opponent but steals the reishi of where it cuts, in order to nerf, the Boido kakusan does not apply put a void where it cuts, as it was not registered as a cut for that technique.

Now, the weilder: Sana Ryder: A 9 year old girl with black eyes, she's always nice, her hair is black, she wears casual clothes, she also has tan skin, she died when she was 9 and when she was in soul society, a black hole appeared out of no where and absorbed her, she realized she was in some sort of inner world and learned her zanpaktou name in rukongai, she somehow gained a shikaksho and her zanpaktou and enrolled in her academy where she found her 12 year old brother, Mystic Ryder, he had tan skin, black eyes and hair, he had the same zanpaktou as her and they realized that they shared the same inner world. Her brother surpassed her in intelect, skill, and strength. They both graduated, Mystic in half a year and his sister in a year, both excelling in everything, however specializing in kido and shunpo, Mystic became captain of 8th squad and Sana Ryder became vice captain. Central 46 decided that one of them must die since they may not have a zanpaktou with 2 weilders, Mystic came up with a plan, in the fight, Sana would stab him, Mystic would fuse with hers in order to become the spirit of the 2 zanpaktous, so Sana would now have 2, the plan went through successfuly, and central 46 was fooled, Sana became a captain.

Fighting style: She mostly uses 1 zanpaktou, 2 if the opponent is hard, 1 in shikai, and 2 if the opponent is still hard, bankai, she barely uses because she has 2 times the reiatsu of zaraki kenpachi(Because of both her reiatsu, and the 2 Zeroboido, and her brother being the spirit of the blades), and also because both her shikai and bankai are extremely destructive.
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shikai kage command vanish kage a six foot ranseur pure black beside the whit swirl stripe down the pole and the white sai tip with the
ability to cuts anything it touches with its own shadow
bankai kage-hime a black hilt only unless there is no shadows that its turns into a 7 foot katana with the
ability dissolves and attacks out of the shadows if any around
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[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
Hi no Akuma/火の悪魔 (Fire Demon)

[release command]

link of the sword (drawn by my friend):

Shikai Moves:

炎の盾(Flaming Shield): The person people shielded has to be within 70 meters of the wielder. The wielder points their sword towards the intended target to shield and sends a small flame towards the person. Once it reaches them, a circle of fire goes over the person (but the fire is not close enough to hurt the person inside), and elemental attacks can not hurt the person(water will turn into gas, earth will burn to ashes, etc.). However, it can still be penetrated by weapons if strong enough/don’t burn with fire.
Also, the person being protected must not move, since the fire is only going towards the way it was pointed in the beginning. And once in the flames, they can not escape either.
The wielder is the only one who can deactivate it, either by slashing the sphere open themself or becoming unconscious.

ブルースラッシュ (Blue Slash): When saying the command and slashing her sword in the direction, a flaming slash is sent towards the said direction. The size depends on the amount of spiritual energy the wielder has.
It can be slashed in any way, horizontal, vertical, sideways, etc. As long as the wielder slashes the sword.

灰フィールド (Ashy Field): When activating this, the sword lets loose weak fire to cover the area’s perimeter with ash(around 90 meters around), shielding both the opponent and her field of vision. The only way this goes away is by the ash blowing away or falling down.

This move is more so a test of feeling spiritual pressure or someone’s presence, and it removes one of the senses, strengthening the other ones (at least for the wielder).

Release- "Possess even the strongest of enemies!"

When activating bankai, the wielder points their sword upwards, and a sphere of blue fire surrounds them. After a minute or so, the sphere explodes, pushing enemies and others back from them so the wielder is not attacked immediately. Once out of the sphere, the wielder is covered in blue fire(which does not affect them due to their Zanpakuto's ability), disabling any hand-to-hand combat for foes. Doing this also increases the wielder's speed and reaction time.

Bankai Moves:

所持 (Possession): When coming into contact with another sword and saying this, Hi no Akuma will go into the opponent’s sword, disabling it for a certain amount of time(Time is determined by how long her Zanpakuto can manage disabling it). During the time after, both the opponent’s and the wielder’s powers are disabled, and they are to fight by other means.

燃えるような剣 (Fiery Sword): When Activating this, the wielder’s sword, apart from the handle, becomes engulfed in blue flames. Doing this raises the attack power in their fire attacks.

Inner World:
It’s very dark and difficult to see in the Inner World, and Xia herself doesn’t even know where she is. But, assuming from the sounds and texture/feeling of the place, it could be some sort of cavern or cave. She walks down it for a couple feet to reach the place, and when there, she stands in front of her Zanpakuto’s spirit(and has to look up, it seems to be a little elevated). However, since it is dark, you can only see the spirit’s blue eyes, lit up by the two dim blue flamed torches on each side of her. She finds it disrespectful if you try to walk up to her unless she gives permission, so most of the time Xia has to stand down there and have a conversation with the spirit like this.
If Xia wants to fight, Akuma will light the torches surrounding the area with blue flames, including the tunnel she had recently come through, and they will battle there.

Notes: It is still being worked on when it comes to moves!! This is all I have for it so far.....

Hi no Akuma's Appearance(also drawn by my friend):
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 [zanpakuto's name/shikai name] Hi no Akuma/火の悪魔 (Fire Demon) [release command] Possess
1年以上前 Zardoric said…
Zanpakuto's name/shikai name- Sunpou no Kattaa (Dimension Cutter)
Release command- Konagogani Yamito Hikariwo Shouhi (Shatter darkness and consume the light)
Bankai name - Sen Sunpou no Kattaa (Cutter of one-thousand Dimensions)
Description - Traditional Zanpakuto blade, however one side of the blade is black with a white edge, and the other is white with a black edge.

Shikai ability 1- Sessakukou(Cutting Light)
When released from the hand in a perfectly straight line, the White blade can 'Cut' into an alternate dimension temporarily, then reappear, at any where from 1/10th the speed it entered, to 5 times the speed it entered, somewhere else, pointed in any direction, within range of the user. this blade can only have 2 cuts active at a time, the one it is coming from, and the one it is going through. The maximum rage increases as the Shinigami grows more powerful, and gains more practice with this ability. If this Blade flies in a straight line out of range, it will automatically cut the space in front of it and return to the Shinigami.

Shikai Ability 2- Sessakuyami (Cutting Darkness)
The Black blade, when stabbed in any direction while in the hand of the Shinigami, cuts into an Alternate Dimension temporarily, with the tip of the blade then appearing any where, and from any direction, within range of the user. This blade can have and increasing number of 'cuts', and a further range, depending on strength and practice. the space between two cuts have a piece of the Black blade occupying that space, however, the amount of space used up is no more then the blades Length.

Shikai Ability 3- Sessakusanpo (Cutting Walk)
The Shinigami Stabs Both blades into the same spot, then draws one up and one down. If the white goes up and the Black down, the Shinigami can walk through it so somewhere else within range. If the black goes up and the white goes down, something/someone may come from that direction, by the Shinigami's choice.

Shikai Ability notes- Any space occupied by either blade is just like a normal Zanpaktou being there.
No one else my use these Dimensional 'cuts', except for Sessakusanpo, and even then only when Specified by the Shinigami. Also, except for the actual blades appearing out of the air, there is no visual sign that there is a cut there.

Description- In order to call forth Sunpou no Kattaa, the scabbard of the Zanpaktou is connected to the Hilt of the Zanpaktou, with the arms crossed, at which point the Zanpaktou turns into a 3 1/2 foot black Straight blade, with a guard which has eight straight pieces coming from a circular guard. The Scabbard transforms into a 3 1/2 foot white straight blade with no guard. Both blades are pointed, capable of slashing, and stabbing.

Bankai- Sen Sunpou no Kattaa (Cutter of one-thousand Dimensions)

Bankai ability 1 - Setsudansunpou (Cutting the Dimension)
A combination of the Shikai's first two abilities. The blade can be thrown or stabbed, appear in any direction, at any speed up to 10 times starting. The number of cuts is three times that of Sessakuyami. Range increases with power and practice.

Bankai ability 2 - Pasu no Setsudan(Cutting of the Path)
Similar to the third ability of the Shikai, however, the Shingami opens a path that will allow anyone or anything go through it, With the Shinigami's permission. anything/one with permission can see the cut they are allowed through. This can be a one way trip, or both ways. The Shinigami can hold multiple of these cuts open at once, changing who/what is allowed through either way at any time, however, it requires concentration, power and practice in order to increase the range and number of cuts possible, as well as the refinements of who/what is allowed through.

Bankai ability 3 - Sanjigen Sessakuno Chisei (Reign of Dimensional Cutting)

Form 1- Hane no ame (Rain of Blades) - Creates a number of blades that fly in straight lines, Similar to the first ability, however, these have no hilt or guard. The number of blades making cuts, the amount of control, and range are dependent on power and practice. The blades made from this ability stick around, whether inside the opponent(s), in the ground, on the ground, or in an obstacle. In addition, the opponents can, and often will, knock aside the blades in the air. All of this sets up Form 2.

Form 2- Sunpou No Ori (Cage of Dimensions)- all of the blades created by Hane no Ame must be still for this ability to be possible. Each blade created by Hane no Ame floats into the air and surrounds the Combatants. It is not possible to escape this cage unless the Shinigami using this ability releases it, or is knocked unconscious/killed. The number of blades making up the cage is important, as this determines the end of the fight. Each of the blades is held in place with very little force, so it doesn't take much to knock on away, however doing so strengthens the enemy(ies). Each blade knock away during combat adds the enough power to your opponent(s) to equal the strength of the Shinigami's Shikai. so if the Shinigami using this ability knocks one of the blades out of position, the opponent gains that strength. Otherwise the Shinigami gains this strength. In addition, slamming into the barrier that forms the cage counts as if you hit it.

Form 3 - Sen Sunpou no Kattaa no Chisei (Reign of Cutter of one-thousand Dimensions) - Gathers the power of all of the blades that make up the cage for a single attack. while using this attack, the Shinigami can use Pasu no Setsudan any number of times with no motion, however, he can only have one path open at a time, and only he can pass through it one way. Once his attack is made, the blade instantly goes back to his normal bankai.

description - Sen Sunpou no Kattaa is a Straight 5 foot long blade, with a 1 foot long guard,and is black on one side with a white blade, and white with a black blade on the other. In addition, the Shinigami useing Sen Sunpou no Kattaa will be white and Black on one side, and Black and white on the other. no other colors. The parts that are black on one side are white on the other. In order to be called out, the white blade is dropped onto the black blade, edge on edge, tip to tip, and they fuse together.

Seemingly limited, the Bankai final move, given enough time and preperation. (hours, maybe days, weeks, or months spent only in bankai form) Sen Sunpou no Kattaa is capable of being as powerful as Final Getsuga Tenshou. This Zanpaktou requires thought and strategy, as much as power and Tenacity.
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zanpakuto name: sen supaiku(one thousand spikes)
description: in shape of a rapier with a white blade and a black hilt.
release command: impale

bankai: sen supaiku no ki(one thousand tree spikes)
description: the bankai is just the hilt of a sword.

shikai abilities:
launch spike;allows the user to launch spirit energy in the shape of a spike.
lance mode; it transforms the rapier into a lance.

bankai abilities:
spike tree creation; creates a tree made from spikes.
blossoming flower; creates an unbosomed flower that can open and shoots out spikes.
spike trap; a cage made of spikes.

i think my zanpakuto is at captian level what do you think.
1年以上前 grif16 said…
Zanpakuto Name: Onikiseru Tenkizami (Demon’s Pipe Heaven’s Tobacco)

Sealed Appearance: It takes the form of a basic katana with a pale grey handle and a silver guard in the shape of smoke cloud

Release Command: Inhale the demon and exhale the angel

Shikai Appearance: Upon release the katana becomes a large smoking pipe approximately 7 feet long. The circular stem is 4.5 feet long and 4 inches in diameter with a red leather binding leading from the mouth piece to the head. The mouth piece is half a foot long and 3 inches in diameter and becomes smaller the closer it get s to the end until it flattens out to about an inch and a half long for where the wielders mouth goes and is made of shining white ivory. The head is also made of a shining white ivory with light grey carvings of little imps smoking pipes. The head is in the shape of a rain drop that is has been cut in half length wise with smoothed edges but the tip of the rain drop angles upward about 30 degrees. The head is 2 feet in length 12 inches in diameter at its thickest part and 6 inches in depth from the flat side to the bottom. In the center of the head is a brass ring around the hole where the head is hollow inside for the tobacco.

Shikai Abilities: Even though the stem is hollow the leather that covers the pipes stem is incredibly resilient and can be used to block the blade of a sword. The ivory head is also very heavy and can be swung with tremendous force to crush rock and bone with ease. The tobacco in the bowl is created using the wielders spirit energy so as long as their energy holds out the contents of the bowl will still be useful. The wielder can inhale smoke from the bowl in the head through the mouth piece and can produce a thick smoke screen that can only be thinned or dissipated by kido or spirit energy. The smoke can not only be used to obscure the wielders movements but it also hides his spiritual pressure of anyone inside the smoke. The wielder can also control the form of the smoke in order to create shapes in the cloud in order to confuse his opponent. The smoke cloud can only exist within a 300 foot radius without dispersing. The wielder can also exhale through the tube and launch several small burning kido ash embers from the bowl randomly in the direction the bowl is facing that explode with great force on contact with the first thing they touch. Using this ability expels all the tobacco from the bowl and then needs approximately 60 seconds to recharge. While it is recharging the wielder cannot produce any new smoke but the smoke that already exists is not effected.

Shikai Techniques:
1. Hotaru Kemuri (Smoke Fireflies): The wielder inhales on the pipe with great force, then with that same breathe slowly exhales through the pipe. Then hundreds of fireflies begin to rise from the opening of the bowl. The fireflies bodies and wings are made of a thick smoke, giving them a greyish color while the abdomen glows because inside is a burning kido ash ember. The fireflies explode on contact with any surface but can be directed telepathically by the wielder. Due to the mental strain of trying to control each one individually the firefly always move as a swarm, only separating in large numbers in an attempt to ensnare an enemy, and only against a single target in order to maximize the damage. The embers in the abdomens of the bugs only last 30 seconds before they fizzle out. After the fireflies have been expelled from the pipe the pipe begins its 60 second penalty because all the ash embers were released with the bugs.
2. Enshi (Smoke Suffocation): The wielder inhales on the pipe very deeply and blows the smoke at an enemy. The smoke travels toward the opponent in the shape of a large hand the size of a full grown man. Once the smoke hand reaches its target it smothers them in a very thick cloud of smoke that replaces the air in their lungs and causes them to begin to suffocate. Once engulfed the target can escape from the cloud with relative ease but smoke in their lungs causes coughing, shortness of breath, and dizziness if stuck inside for a long period of time. If someone with low spiritual pressure is caught inside the cloud they can easily suffocate to death.
3. Shienhan (Smoke Party): The wielder inhales deep from the pipe and then produces 6 exact copies of himself. The copies are intangible, therefore they cannot attack or be harmed in anyway. They mimic performing an attack but the strike will have no power behind it.

Bankai Name: Kaijin Kasaishien (Smoke Fire and Ash)

Bankai Appearance: Upon activating Bankai the wielder is enveloped in a thick cloud of smoke. The cloud then seeps into the wielders skin turning it a light grey, hair pale white and eyes glow bright orange like hot coals in a furnace. From his skin seethes a thin layer of white smoke and the veins throughout the body glow dimly like fading embers with only the ones closest to the skin being visible (like the ones on the top of the hand, bottom of the wrist, and the neck). The wielder now holds a katana with the same grey handle and silver guard as the sealed form but the blade is glowing bright as if just pulled from a forge’s fire. A thin layer of white smoke seethes from the blade and gets thicker the hotter the blade is. The upper part of the shihakusho is blown off leaving only the lower hakama.

Bankai Abilities: The wielder now has the ability to turn his entire body into smoke in an instant. While in this form the wielder cannot attack or be harmed in anyway until he reforms his entire body but once the body is solid again it is susceptible to all forms of damage. The smoke form can only be held for five seconds at a time and then must return to his solid state for at least one second. The wielder can form smoke and ash within his lungs and expel a massive white and grey smoke screen at will, but now he is able to see through the smoke as if it weren’t there and sense spiritual pressure within the smoke even while others cannot. With every breath the wielder takes the blade slowly grows hotter and burns brighter as if being heated in a forge (0.1% of the blades maximum heat is generated per second). If the wielder is stationary and concentrates he can generate as much as 1% of the blades maximum heat per second. The hotter the blade grows the more damage an enemy will take when struck. When the bankai is first activated the sword is so hot is glows bright orange and will char and burn flesh and stone alike, after the blade reaches it maximum temperature it becomes so hot that it glows white hot and will melt clean through anything it touches with little effort or resistance (except a zanpakuto with a high concentration of spirit energy). Every technique is fueled by the heat generated from the blade so every time a technique is used it consumes a portion of the heat from the blade. Should the blade’s heat be completely consumed from over use the bankai will deactivate.

Bankai Techniques:
1. Yakekogeiki (Scorching Breath): After taking a deep the wielder can expel from his lungs a thick black smoke gleaming with embers of burning ash. The smoke travels at high speed toward a target and upon contact with any surface it either char any organic matter it touches or scorch black all inorganic matter. Because of the simple nature of this attack it can be performed in rapid succession anytime the wielder wishes. This technique uses 1% of the blades maximum heat.
2. Endan Senkou (Smoke Flash): The wielder super heats the veins in his hand creating a blinding flash of light equal to that of burning magnesium and just as hot. The light is so bright that it will temporarily blind anyone who looks at it. The hand is also hot enough to easily sear flesh and muscle alike of anyone he touches. The flash only lasts for an instant but the heat it generates lasts for at least 10 seconds. This technique uses 5% of the blades maximum heat.
3. Kerai Hibaien (Servant of Fire and Smoke): The wielder breathes a sphere of burning ash and smoke into his hand. After the sphere is fully formed (being about the size of a baseball) the wielder drops it to the ground and from the sphere bursts forth a skeleton, with charred black bones, a core of burning embers in the chest, and skull. A thick black smoke seethes from the skeletons core and shrouds it in a semi permeable cloak of smoke, ash and soot. The skeleton wields a katana with no guard, a black handle and the blade made of a dark tempered steel. The skeleton is equal in strength to that of a lieutenant and just as fast. The wielder can only create 1 at a time and only 2 can exist at once. Should one be killed its fiery core will go out and the servant will be reduced to ash. However the servants can only be killed by destroying the core in either the chest or head and will regenerate and recover from all other injuries (such as a lost limb, broken bone, bifurcation, or decapitation). This technique uses 15% of the blades maximum heat.

Bankai Final Technique:
4. Konichisama Ichimatsu (Touch of the Sun God): This move can only be activated once the blade has reached its 100% maximum heat and is glowing bright white. The wielder drives the blade into his heart unleashing all the stored up heat from the blade into his veins. His grey smoke skin is blown off, revealing a shining white floating androgynous figure whose brightness rivals that of burning magnesium with the sword still firmly planted in his heart. While in this form he is completely incorporeal and any action taken against him will phase right through. The wielder can teleport great distances in an instant and fire a searing beam of light from his hands that will completely incinerate anything it touches in an instant. The brightness of his form will begin to fade as soon as the technique is activated and every attack he performs will dim it further. The wielder must remove the sword from his heart and deactivate the bankai before his form loses its shine completely or he will die. If the bankai is deactivated without performing this technique the wielder retains a good portion of their spirit energy and can still fight if necessary, but if this technique is used the wielder will be drained of every bit of their strength and spirit energy and leave them in a coma for the next 24 hours.
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My soul killer will murder all of your zanpakuto's!!!
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post it so we can all take a look 1年以上前
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^ Hahahaha. They ain't gonna post, bro. It's already been 3 months. XD 1年以上前
1年以上前 Lord_Evan said…
Name: Shikō no chikara (the power of thought)
Release command: Subjugate all, Shikō no chikara.
Bankai name: Zettai chishiki (absolute knowledge)
Description: The zanpakuto turns snow-white and strts shining, owner's eyes turn white as well.
Powers: (1) While in shikai the master of this zanpakuto can calculate all possible moves and strategies of his enemy. Every move and action of any number of enemies is expected and will always be a part of a plan of the master of this zanpakuto. [passive]
(2) Once a day the master can use Teisū (constant), which creates a shield around him. Anyone, who touches this shield will start hallucinating (same goes for touches with zanpakutos).
12 copies of the master appear, but the blade disappears. All copies posess shikai powers.
(2) Chesu (chess): the original master cannot take any damage until all copies of him are destroyed.
(3) Shūkei: Sū no uchū (Endgame: universe in numbers): The original master deliberately destriys all of his copies to restore his sword, then he lets go of it and the sword pierces the sky, making it white. Everyones brainpower is reduced, and the master of the zanpakuto can now calculate practicaly everything.

Comments: Illusion type zanpakuto are especially effective against this one, however, considering it's masters improved brainpower, mechanisms ot these illusions can be calculated and then they will be broken, except for absolute hypnosis (but... nothing can evade such power).

Teisū can be used for observations of enemies' abilities.
Lord_Evan commented…
*In it's sealed form this zanpakuto is a regular katana with light-blue hilt and white sheath. Nothing special. 1年以上前
Lord_Evan commented…
And another comment: The master of this zanpakuto has to have strong intellect, otherwise the consciousness of the zanpakuto will take over master's body, eliminating his personality completely. Shikō no chikara won't obey anyone... But it also grows stronger , when the master's intellect improves. Basicly, it is always a race between the master and the sword: who will be the cleverest? 1年以上前
1年以上前 grif16 said…
I originally made this zanpakuto for a character who was missing his entire right arm, shoulder and all. Comment and let me know what you think.

Zanpakuto Name: Bankan (Entwined Roots)

Sealed Appearance: In its sealed form Konkan takes the form of a tanto. It has no guard and a dark wooden handle and sheath. Along the handle and sheath is some ornate gold trim.

Release Command: Sprout

Shikai Appearance: The wielder plunges the entire blade into his shoulder and recites the release command. Five large dark wood roots burst from the handle and twist together to form the crude shape of a new arm with the ends of the roots shaping into the five fingers. The arm is roughly the same size and shape as the wielders other arm

Shikai Abilities: The roots are as strong as steel and therefore can be used for defense as well as offense. They can grow and retract at will with a maximum length of 300 feet. If the roots are severed they can instantly regrow from the point they were cut or damaged. The roots can grow rose prickles that are sharp a blades and are used for shredding any opponent’s flesh. The roots can also unwind from their arm form into their original 5 roots and can attack separately, either by impaling an enemy on the end of the root or ensnaring them and inflicting massive damage with their thorns.

Shikai Techniques:
1. Amebara (Rain of Thorns): The roots coat themselves in very coarse thorns roughly 5 inches long and a third of an inch in diameter and then at will the wielder launches them, in the thousands, at an opponent in an attempt to skewer an opponent. The thorns are launched with enough force to pierce stone with ease and upon puncturing and opponent skin the thorns will begin to sprout roots and embed themselves in the skin in order to cause further damage. The longer the thorns remain embedded in the flesh of an enemy the more roots it will sprout and the harder it will become to remove them. Any thorns that miss the target and hit the ground will instantly begin sprouting their roots. The roots instantly fertilize the ground cause grass and other plants to grow.
2. Kushishibu (Skewering Branch): The wielder drives the roots into the ground and from the point of contact the roots will sprout into a network of roots under the ground spanning up to a 1000 feet in diameter from the point of contact. Then upon command the wielder can remotely command the roots in the ground to cause long wooden pikes to burst from the ground in an attempt to impale and opponent. The pikes are 20 feet long and serrated with rose prickles. The roots also instantly fertilize the ground causing grass and foliage to grow.
3. Takene (Mountain Roots): The 5 roots split and plant into the ground. Then 5 monstrous roots burst from the ground. How fertile the land is determines how big and how powerful the roots are. If the technique is activated in a lush valley the roots can reach up to 800 feet long and 30 feet thick with enough power to easily dispatch anything lower than a captain class opponent. If the technique is activated in a barren field such as a desert or a mesa the roots can only grow to a maximum of 500 feet and be roughly 15 feet thick but still powerful and fast. If the technique is activated in a place such as a city or mountain where there is no dirt and only hardened concrete and stone for the roots to grab onto and grow the roots will be no bigger than their original size and no stronger than their original form so activating it in this setting is not recommended. Using the previous abilities the wielder and increase the fertility of a landscape but little can be done to increase the fertility of a city or mountain as only a small layer of moss will grow over the stone. While this technique is active the wielder is rooted in place and cannot move.

Bankai Name: Shukon Za Sekenki (Roots of the World Tree)

Bankai Appearance: The wielder summons a 300 foot tall (from waist to the top of the tree canopy) living tree giant that has two large arms roughly the length of its body with only three fingers on each hand and a large head that protrudes forward the upper part of the body. The back and upper shoulders have large branches jutting from it and creating a forest canopy that runs up the back and over the shoulders. The tree is firmly rooted into the ground at the waist and therefore cannot move from the place the bankai was activated. Upon activation everything within a 2000 foot diameter instantly becomes fertilized and covered in lush vegetation regardless of its land type. It will even cover and fertilize stone and concrete. The wielder sit comfortably inside the chest of the giant and it is controlled telepathically. The giant is also surrounded by 12 of the fully powered Takane roots and are the same size and power as if they were fully fertilized.

Bankai Abilities: The giant’s physical strength is enough to be able to cause a large crater with a single punch and will pulverize anything caught in front of it. From the Takane roots and the palms of its hands the giant can launch the Amebara and can coat its arms and roots in rose prickles making even a near miss with its punch or swipe incredibly damaging. Because of it immense size its swings are relatively slow which is why the wielder will attempt to snare an opponent with the takane roots before delivering a devastating strike. The giant continues to fertilize the ground with its presence and attacks but the more damage done to the lush greenery surrounding the giant the weaker the giant becomes. The thicker the foliage grows the harder it becomes to destroy.

Bankai Techniques:
1. Tenshi Rappa (Angels Trumpet): The giant breathes out a large cloud of toxic pollen that will not harm plant life but if they make contact with skin will instantly start infecting the opponent with a toxin that causes hallucinations extreme pain to wherever the pollen made contact.
2. Kouba Akujiki (Flesh-Eating Plants): From the base of where the giant is rooted, dozens of carnivorous plant burst forth and attempt to devour an opponent. The plants resemble Venus flytraps but large enough to swallow a man whole. The plants can only travel a maximum of 1000 feet from the base of the giant and are connected to the base by a long vine like stem. If the plants are damaged the will heal themselves in a matter of minutes, but if the stem is cut the plant will die and stay dead.
3. Hizashi (Rays of the sun): An enormous sunflower blooms on the chest of the giant and upon command the sunflower releases a massive energy blast. The power of the blast is based on the how fertile the giant has made the surrounding land. Once the blast of energy has been fired the flower wilts and falls off the giant.
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1年以上前 grif16 said…
Zanpakuto Name: Kiito Kansei (Snaring Silk)
Sealed Appearance: While in its sealed state it takes the form of a katana with a silver cloth handle and a spinning wheel shaped guard.

Release Command: Weave

Shikai Appearance: Upon activation the zanpakuto turns into 10 silver rings, one on each of the wielders fingers.

Shikai Abilities: The silver rings can produce a set of very long and thin razor wires, which the wielder can control with ease. The wires are sharp enough to slice through stone and flesh with no trouble. The wielder can also use them to bind and restrain targets without damaging them. The wires themselves are extremely hard to see and also reflect light giving them a slight glow when moving. The wielder can manipulate the actions of the string with very little movement and can strike from multiple angles. The wires are strong enough to easily block an enemies strike and retaliate with equal force. The maximum length of the wires is 100 feet

Shikai Techniques:
1. Orutoku (Woven Shield): With a series of finger movements the wielder creates 6x6 foot shield that is strengthened by the wielders spiritual pressure. Its primary use is to block projectiles but can also defend against strikes in certain situations. The strength of the shield is determined by the amount of spirit energy the wielder puts into them.
2. Ginamime (Silvers Stitches): Using the string the wielder can repair injuries he or his allies have sustained in combat. The stitches are only a temporary fix in order for the wielder to continue combat. With time the wielder can also reattach severed nerves and limbs. The ability does not replace or speed up recovery time it is only used for staying active in combat
3. Kugutsu (Marionette): The wielder summons thinner and more fragile strings that drive into an opponent’s skin and can subjugate weaker or fatigued opponents by wrapping the wires around the nerve endings in an enemy’s body and controlling them against their will. The puppet strings are very weak and can be easily severed with a simple cut. The strings controlling the target must be implanted through the back and therefore if the wielder wishes to maintain control of the subject he must make sure the cords in its back are not cut. The wielder controls the target with both hands leaving him vulnerable to a direct attack.

Bankai Name: Seikei Mazeori (Living Weave)

Bankai Appearance: The wielder retains the silver rings on his ten fingers but now silver rings around his wrists, mid forearms, elbows, and mid biceps. On the wielders shoulders are small silver pauldrons and on his back are two 1 foot long spindles positioned over the shoulder blades. Each of the spindles has a large spool of glowing silver string, with a string from each spindle leading to the pauldron closest to it. From each of the pauldrons dozens of the glowing wires flow down the wielders arm each connecting to the silver rings running down the arm and ending at the ones on the wielders fingers.

Bankai Abilities: The rings on the wielders fingers can now produce many more wires than its shikai version and at their maximum length reach up to 300 feet. The wires are now much more visible but they are also much sharper and far quicker. The wires can be used in the same way the shikai was used but they can now also weave together and form the shapes of animals and weapons that can be used for different purposes depending on their form. The wielder can control up to two woven creatures at a time, one with each hand. The weaves can create 3 different animal shapes, eagle, tiger, and python. The eagle form’s specialty is fast aerial combat by delivering quick but shallow wounds meant to target and enemy’s vital areas. The tiger form’s specialty is slow but powerful strikes using its claws and teeth to shred and tear enemies to pieces. The python form’s specialty binding and crushing by wrapping itself around an enemy and either holding or constricting and crushing it. The wielder is also able to form solid weapons such as swords, but no projectiles. With each ability used the spools of strings will slowly start to dwindle.

Bankai Techniques: In order to use these techniques the wielder must requires both hands to control.
1. Kikkou (Tortoise Shell): The wielder weaves a giant tortoise around himself and creates an omnidirectional shield that can project him from all but the strongest attacks. While inside the shell the wielder cannot take any offensive action until the tortoise has been unwoven.
2. Kinukumo (Spiders Silk): The wielder weaves a giant spider roughly 10 feet tall and 30 feet long with fangs as large at swords and just as sharp. The spider can then spew thousands of strings from its abdomen in an attempt to snare and enemy. The strings can easily cover a large area making capture very difficult to avoid. Once snared the spider will descend upon its prey and impales them on its fangs.
3. Ryudoki (Dragon’s Wrath): The wielder weaves a giant dragon with the wingspan of 200 feet and body length of 50 feet. The wielder sit on the dragons back and controls it from there. The dragon can fly and uses its strength and claws to swoop down and attempt to slay opponents. The wings of the dragon also create a massive gust of wind with every flap that can either blow away or disorient enemies.

Bankai Final Technique
4. Kairai Odori (Puppets Dance): This ability can only be activated once the spools on the wielders back are empty and no more string can be produced. The silver rings and armor revert back to its sealed state. Then two gigantic black disembodied hands with long silver fingernails appear in the sky. In the center of each of the palms a large glowing orange eye opens. Then from each of the fingernails a string shots out and embeds itself in a section of the wielders body. The hands and string are completely incorporeal and therefore cannot be destroyed. While this move is active the zanpakuto spirit has complete control of the wielder’s body and works him like a puppet. The wielders speed and strength are pushed to near impossible levels. Also the zanpakuto spirit can see everything happening on the battlefield with the eyes in the sky. Eventually the control puts too much strain on the wielders body and in the interest of self-preservation the spirit can release control of the wielder and deactivate the bankai, because if the wielder dies the zanpakuto dies.
1年以上前 Kyoya23 said…
Can I have two zanpakutos Like those two captains
First zanpakuto :Helios
Second zanpakuto: Hielo
First release Command: burn the skies with your all mighty flames
Second release command: freeze the ground with your all Mighty ice
Bankai fusion : Helios Naga Hielo
.shikai ability : fusion head captain and toshiro
Bankai ability: covers the body with ice and fire and transforms into a Fire and ice dragon With the Shikai abilities but stronger

My zanpakutos was born By twin brothers Helios
And Hielo . Their souls fused with their own swords
after death. Helios of fire who had the power to burn
the sky and Hielo of ice who had the power to freeze
everything on earth. When they work together and
fuse their powers they could create a giant fire and ice
dragon to battle with them.
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1年以上前 Kuro_Hyou666 said…
Well, I'd like to utilise an idea from One Piece. I made a character, in the One Piece forum AotP, who had a Rokushiki-like DF. I was thinking to turn that into a Zanpakuto.

Name: Devil's Gun ('Tsutsu No Enma')

Release command: Punch into their flesh

Bankai: Vindictive Devil's Gun ('Shuunenbukai Hoenma')

Sealed state: A wakizashi and tanto. The wakizashi is 55 centimeters long, with a blood-red handle, with black material interwoven with the red. The tanto has a black and orange handle and is asymmetrically double-edged. However, though it is a tanto, it is technically regarded as ken, as it is a blade that seems to be ceremonial, at least in appearance. Both blades are extremely light.

Shikai state: Two swords that will unite to be one. Demon and Cerberus unite as one blade, which is not a blade, but a close-combat gun of sorts, which becomes intertwined with the predominant arm of the wielder (or whichever arm they choose if they are ambi-dextrous).

Special ability: The inside of the modified arm has a vacumn/compression device, capable of sucking in large amounts of compressed air. The nozzle has a piece to change the settings of the amount of air released, as well as adjusting the pressure fired, in lbf (pounds force).


Gorogoro-shotto: ('Scattershot') The user fires multiple shots of air bullets which have the effect of scatter shotgun shots, comparative to each bullet having 80,000 lbf.

Magure-shotto:('Lucky shot') A passive ability for the wielder of Tsutsu No Enma. This can bypass certain restrictions on the arm, like the velocity of the air bullets and being able to exert pressure on contact of any object, or organism. It is passive,because the ability activates once every ten air bullets, being the lucky bullet, so to speak, excluding special abilities, like Gorogoro-shotto and Toroburu-shotto.

Toroburu-shotto: Another special ability, which is the most powerful Shot, in terms of force (exceeding 500,000 lbf) of the arm.

Bankai state: The Bankai command is: 'Demon and Cerberus will become the unearthly devil'. Once they are united as one in their Bankai state, the command, 'Punch into their flesh' is also used, like in Shikai. The arm grows more powerful, but visually stays the same.


Kouseido-shotto: ('High Precision Shot') This is essentially the arm equivalent of a sniper shot, which operates around the basis of high accuracy/precision and from an extended range of up to 5.6 km (9 seconds time in which opponent could potentially dodge, if they were aware of attack from adaptive instinct from familiarity of ability. This ability is the only other ability to exceed 400 m/s, travelling at 600 m/s.

Kyosei: ('Big shot') The most powerful ability in terms of force. This can fire one shot at maximum 2,000,000 lbf. This requires all of the remaining air in the arm, whether it is full, or not (the less air, the weaker the shot, can fluctuate between 100,000 lbfs and 2,000,000 lbfs).

Apuro-chishotto: ('Approach shot') A melee shot, or rather, a close combat shot. The user swings their arm in an arc and releases the air in one large shot, using a variable amount of air each time.

Tentou-shotto: ('Counter shot') A shot that is released automatically, whenever the arm is used for defense, particularly when the arm is defending against katana close-combat attacks.
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1年以上前 D3aThDrAGonG2 said…
My ideal zanpakuto name would be Mundoragon (Moon Dragon). It's special ability is called Bakuhatsu (explosion). It is similar to the Getsuga Tenshou, but is orange. When it hits the enemy, all of the energy is absorbed into the body, which then releases a large explosion. It's bankai form is called Wakusei Mundoragon (Planetary Moon Dragon). It has a straight katana handle, and a hilt that is similar to Benihime. The blade width is similar to the Zangetsu Shikai. It has a straight blade, with a Tanto style point. There is a chain inside of the handle, which is pulled from the bottom, allowing the wielder to extend it, and throw the blade from a distance, similar to Nnoitra Gilga's Santa Teresa. It has spikes coming out of the blade, similar to Tetsuzaemon Iba's shikai spikes. It's special ability is Enkei Bakuhatsu (Circular explosion). Used when the wielder spins Wakusei Mundoragon over his head. It releases Bakuhatsu in all directions, hitting all surrounding enemies. It also has a final attack, if ever severely needed. It is Wakusei Bakuhatsu (Planetary Explosion). It releases a cero-like attack, with an explosion the size of an Atom Bomb. O.P. During Bankai, the areas of the blade that would be white during shikai are electric blue.
1年以上前 grif16 said…
Comment and let me know what you think

Zanpakuto Name: Ryoshimori (Huntsman’s Lance)

Sealed Appearance: While in its sealed state it takes the form of a pair of wakizashi with grey handles and a square bronze guard

Release Command: Track them

Shikai Appearance: Once released the zanpakuto turns into a 6 foot long spear with a polished grey metal spear handle with 1 foot long slender three sided silver spear head with a dim glowing blue tint. Along the staff of the spear are engraved designs of many alpha predators such as lions, bears, wolves, eagles, etc. On the bottom of the staff is a silver ornate sphere roughly the same width as the spear handle and also has a glowing blue tint to it.

Shikai abilities: The spear is used primarily for melee combat and given its long length is ideal for keeping enemies at a distance while striking with quick and deadly accurate thrusts. Since the spear head is 4 sided it is not suited for cutting or slicing but for impaling. The wielder can charge the spear head with spirit energy making the thrusts incredibly powerful and much more difficult to block or parry. The silver sphere on the other end is used primarily for breaking an enemy’s defensive posture with a single powerful blunt thrust which could also easily crush any bone it makes contact with.

Shikai Techniques:
1. Washimori (Eagle’s Lance): The wielder charges a large amount of spirit energy into the spear head and then once the spear head is fully charged the wielder throws it with great accuracy and precision. It takes roughly 10 seconds to fully charge and therefore is not ideal for use while under heavy combat. Once thrown the spear travels at speeds that almost cannot be followed by the naked eye. As it flies it creates a powerful cyclone of energy around the spear that causes objects in front of it to be pulled into its flight path making evasion very difficult. The max distance the spear can be thrown is 100km and it can reach that distance relatively quickly. Upon impact with the intended target the spear detonates with tremendous force, severely damaging anything caught in the blast. Once the spear has struck it intended target or failed to hit it, the spear then dematerializes and then instantly rematerializes back in the wielders possession.
2. Shishisasu (Lion’s Thrust): The tip of the spear is charged with spirit energy, drastically increasing its piercing potential. The wielder then grabs the spear by the bottom and lunges at great speed toward and enemy, thrusting the spears tip at them. Once the spear tip pierces a surface the spirit energy surrounds the spear head and expands, turning a semi small puncture wound into a gaping hole.
3. Shindou Kuma (Impact of the Bear’s Strike): The wielder charges energy into the silver sphere at the base of the spear. The sphere then grows till it is roughly 2 feet in diameter. The wielder can then use the sphere and strike an opponent with incredible force that can crush most things that get in its way. Since the sphere now ways so much it cannot be swung at great speeds horizontally and with no chance of a follow-up strike. If the strike is delivered vertically it can be swung at much higher speeds and with much greater force. After a strike is delivered the wielder can choose to release the energy from the sphere and it will return to its original size.

Bankai Name: Tokoryoshi Bukigura (Endless Armory of the Huntsman)

Bankai Appearance: The wielder holds the shikai form out in front of him and commands the release of the bankai. The spear then crystalizes and shatters, releasing a shining bright light. Once the light dims the wielder is revealed to be wearing pale blue leather armor with glowing white markings branded into the armor. A pair of pauldrons, a chest and back covering, a pair of forearm gauntlets, a right and left tasset, and a pair of greaves over his shihakusho and captains haori. On his back are 4 shortened versions of the shikai spear, each one about 1 ½ feet long, 2 on each side of his shoulders and can be drawn like swords. Once a spear is drawn it will extend to its original shikai length

Bankai Abilities: The leather armor the wielder now wears doubles his strength, speed and reaction time. He is also granted a much stronger sense of smell, sharper hearing and sharper eye sight. The wielder can also immediately regenerate any of the spears if they are destroyed or are out of reach. The wielder can materialize up to 40 exact duplicates of the original shikai made of a white diamond that he can then be fired like bullets at high speeds to impale his targets. He can materialize the spear anywhere within a 200 foot radius of himself and launch them from any angle. The crystal spears are strong enough to counter and block all but the strongest attacks but should any of them ever be shattered they can instantly rematerialize wherever the wielder wishes. The wielder can also dematerialize any of the crystal spears in order to rematerialize them in a place to catch an opponent off guard or strike a blind spot. The spears can only travel in a straight line and cannot alter their path once in flight. If a spear misses its target it will dematerialize and wait to be reformed in another location for another purpose. The spears cannot rematerialize inside a solid object and they also cannot partially materialize, they must have enough space to fully materialize. All the crystal spears are controlled telepathically.

Bankai Techniques:
1. Ameryoshi (Huntsman’s Rain): Thousands of crystal arrows materialize in the sky and then upon command rain down of a target with deadly force and accuracy. The rain of arrows covers a very large diameter making it easy to attack multiple targets. Upon impact of the intended target the arrows detonate to cause further damage. The size and power of the detonation of each arrow is directly proportional to the amount of arrows that make contact with the target or targets. The more arrows imbedded in the target the larger and more powerful the explosion. The arrows that don’t strike their target just dissolve and shatter into dust
2. Wana Karyuudo (Predators Snare): 4 extremely long crystal chains materialize from the air with large 3 pronged fish hooks at the end. The hooks fly toward and follow an enemy in an attempt to ensnare and immobilize them. Once the chains have snared a limb or appendage the hooks embed themselves in the enemy making removal of the snare extremely difficult. After the chain has fully ensnared the limb/appendage the chain becomes taut in an attempt to further immobilize the target enough for the other chains to catch the enemy. Once the 4 snares have grabbed their target the chains then anchor themselves to the ground and pull the target close so a finishing strike can be delivered by the wielder. If one of the chains is destroyed while attempting to snare a target the chain will not regenerate but will just dematerialize.
3. Tsuiraku No ken (Falling Sword of the Hunted): An enormously large 500 foot tall crystal great sword appears in the sky over the intended target. Then the sword drops with incredible speed and impales the ground and its primary target. Once the sword comes to rest in the ground it then detonates and becomes a column of pure energy that reaches into the sky and deep into the earth. The energy column will do massive damage to anything caught in its light.

Final Technique:
Seireiyajuu (Spirit of the Beast): When the wielder activates this ability he is enveloped in a deep blue light. As soon as the light dissipates the wielder is show to have transformed into a human/wolf hybrid (pretty much a werewolf) that still retains his shihakusho, captain’s haori, and pale blue armor but now has a very wolf like appearance and is covered in a thick grey fur with a wolfs head, wolf legs and tail, and with long white steel claws. In this form the wielder can no longer manifest the diamond spears or use any of the previous bankai techniques. While in this form all his senses (hearing, smell, sight) are pushed to the absolute limit. His reflexes are nearly godlike and his speed and strength have been exponentially amplified. His claws and teeth are sharp enough to easily shred flesh and even steel. His hide is now thick enough to stop a sword strike with his bare hand. Once in this form the wielder cannot return to his previous form with out first deactivating the bankai.
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1年以上前 VerdeGuerrero said…
Zanpakuto's name: Thanatos greek god of death.
Release command: "Thanatos, give my enemy's death"
Bankai name: Mors Thanatos
Description: Having this zanpakuto would basically let you control the greek god of death.
Shikai abilities: Instantly kills anything the blade touches. Grants user immortality. Anyone the user considers an ally can't die.(Since it's a little overpowered it has a time limit of 30 minutes. If you go past the time limit you die.)
Bankai abilities: Instant kill and it turns into a scythe with a black handle and blade though can turn into any weapon of death the user can think of. Grants user immortality. Anyone the user considers an ally can't die. (The time limit is on the bankai is 5 minutes)
Appearance: While sealed it has a green handle and a black guard. In shikai the blade turns black and it has a green and black death aura around it. In bankai it becomes a black death scythe.
1年以上前 grif16 said…
Zanpakuto Name: Gekiryuu Issui (Raging Current)

Sealed Appearance: It takes the form of a regular katana with a blue handle and square oxidized copper guard with crashing wave engravings etched into it.

Release Command: Drown

Shikai Appearance: Upon release the shape of the zanpakuto doesn’t change but blade starts to seethe a constant flow of water until it drips of the blade.

Shikai Abilities: Upon release the blade saturates the air with water creating a dense humidity everywhere within a mile of the zanpakuto. The sword can gather and manipulate the moisture in the air to create projectiles, barriers, and a number of other forms.

Shikai Techniques:
1. Ekiwana (Liquid Snare): A water tentacle sprouts from where the blade meets the guard. The tentacle can stretch as far as 30 feet and can reconstruct if destroyed. The tentacles purpose is the snare an enemy in an attempt to pull them closer for a lethal strike or just create a distraction with misdirection.
2. Tatsumaki Goguyo (Water Spout): The wielder gathers a large amount of water into a single point and from that point a huge tornado of water erupts forth. Anything caught in the spout will be ripped apart by a torrent water.
3. Mimei Kyoumen (Mirrored Morning): Using the humidity in the air the wielder can create mirror clones of himself to confuse and misdirect the enemy. If slashed the blade will simply pass right through.

Bankai Name: Seisui Kairyuu (Purifying Ocean Tide)

Bankai Appearance: When the bankai is activated a massive amount of salt water is discharges from the blade and creates a giant mirrored surface of water underneath the wielder. In the sky, thick grey clouds start to form over a large area over the activation point and a steady stream of rain begins to fall. The water underneath the wielder then turns into a massive torrent and begins encircling him while at the same time absorbing the water on the ground caused by the rain.

Bankai Abilities: The torrent of water surrounding the wielder acts as an omnidirectional weapon along with the sword he still has. From the center point the wielder can control and manipulate massive amounts of water that only increase the longer the bankai is active and continues to rain. The wielder can also create projectiles of incredible strength and speed. The bankai can also create barriers that can cover a wide area, however, the larger the barrier the weaker its strength. If an enemy enters melee range the wielder can create tendrils of water that are sharp as blades and are swung just as quick. The wielder can also change the temperature of the water from freezing cold to near boiling hot.

Bankai Techniques:
1. Asagiri (Morning Mist): The bankai becomes a very thick cloud of fog that covers a massive radius that almost completely obscures anyone and everything caught in its influence. The mist can gather and create shapes and shadows to confuse and misdirect an enemy. Only the wielder can see through it clearly and has full control of what shadows the enemy sees in the mist
2. Unabaraken (Ocean’s Sting): The wielder gathers concentrated salt out of the water into a single point and turns it molten. Then the molten projectile is launched at high speed toward a target. Anything the molten salt touches will instantly melt and corrode upon contact. If the projectile misses its target and hits the ground, the reaction with the water from the rainfall will create a large and very powerful steam explosion that can cause massive damage to anyone caught in the blast
3. Gekiryuu Watasumi (Raging Ocean Current): Five massive water tornados erupt around the wielder and upon command will fly toward and attempt to ensnare an opponent in its vortex. Once a target is trapped inside the twister escape because almost impossible. A single tornado deals no damage to the one trapped inside but upon command the 5 tornados will merge into 1 and become several times larger and more powerful. The sheer force of the wind and water inside the cyclone will shred anything caught within it
4. Ikinaiou no Kaitei (Spirit of the Ocean Depth): The rain fall increases to a heavy down pour until there is nearly an inch of water on the ground. From the water a massive kraken bursts forth as if the water was as deep as the ocean. The kraken’s 8 tentacles are hundreds of meters long with a large mouth full of serrated teeth at their base. Its body is 100 meters long but always stays submerged in the water for a quick retreat. Its skin and flesh are incredibly thick making slicing through it difficult. Inside each of the hundreds of suckers lining the tentacles are foot long talons that will slice and rip anything the tentacles can ensnare. The kraken emerges from the zanpakuto’s inner world through the inch of water on the ground so if the kraken retreats into the water the opponent will be unable to strike it and only hit dirt. If the kraken is wounded it can also temporarily returned the zanpakuto’s inner world to rapidly recover. However if the kraken is killed the entire bankai will immediately deactivate and leave the wielder with a fraction of his spirit energy.

comment and let me know what you think
1年以上前 DarkflyerX said…
Name: Bloodthirst (血に飢えた Chi ni ueta/嗜血)
Type: Katana (Physical & Kido)

Shikai : Come forth and feast (出てくるとの饗宴 Detekuru to no kyōen)

Shikai description: Katana extends slightly longer with black hilt and golden tsuba. The hilt has a diamond crest with wolf face baring its fangs on it

Powers: Zanpakuto can adapt to any form of physical weapon the user desires . A layer of reiatsu covers the weapon which boost its damage potential. If the user desires a bow, an arrow made up of user’s reiatsu can be fired. Foreign reiatsu and reishi can be absorb and bolster the user’s and zanpakuto.

Evolve(進化 Shinka): Change into the physical weapon of choice.

Feast(饗宴 kyōen): Absorb foreign reiatsu and reishi and bolster the zanpakuto and user’s reiatsu.

Bankai : Infinity Bloodthirst ( 無制限 血に飢えた Museigen chi ni ueta/ 无限嗜血)

Bankai description: The zanpakuto returns to katana form but turns into completely black form, the end of the hilt of the the zanpakuto will have a black wolf head with red eyes baring its fangs.

Powers: Zanpakuto still retain shikai powers. The reiatsu covering zanpakuto increases greatly. The reiatsu is so great that it turns into the form of a flame (black), greatly increase its damage potential. When the zanpakuto injured the enemy, the flame-like reiatsu will stick to the enemy upon contact (like napalm) causing damage over time.

Zanpakuto doubles its current power after an injury is inflicted on the opponent, the victim will also become weaker and receives more damage on the next attack as the user reiatsu will stick and corrode the enemy upon impact. The more victims the zanpakuto cuts, the stronger the zanpakuto gets

Active ability:-

Piercing Fang (牙を突き刺 Kiba o tsukisa): the reiatsu can be focus into a thick solid layer covering the zanpakuto, making it armour piercing.

Hunt(狩りへ Kari e): Reiatsu covering the zanpakuto change into a living wolf form and hunts the enemy. If the wolf bites the enemy, it will corrode the enemy body with user’s reiatsu or any reiatsu and reishi it had absorb prior; it can also ram the enemy and explode cause massive damage. The wolf size and agility increases based on the number of injuries inflicted by the user prior to the release. The user cannot use any other zanpakuto abilities and can will wield the zanpakuto without reiatsu coverage during hunting mode.

Return(帰る Kaeru): Return to original bankai state or return to user
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I have a imaginary character in mind in an alternate reality where the character is a seated officer in 7th squad who notice Kaname Tosen, ジン Ichimaru and Aizen 芝居 weird (after uruhara was exile and before events of ichigo) and uncover Aizen's kyoka suigetsu in front of other captains which ジン then kill aizen with his bankai when exposed. My character defeats Tosen in his bankai and replace Tosen as the captain. I was thinking of continuing the story with how my character met his future wife from 2nd Squad who is an assassin. The future wife thinks lowly of the MC and always tries to ambush MC to defeat him. I haven't think of a zanpakuto for her, can anyone create 1 for her which is suitable for her assassin character. I hope it's not too OP and some balance1 1年以上前
1年以上前 Ryuuikari said…
Zanpakutō: Senjiga (Shallow Ego)
Sealed appearance: In its sealed form, Senjiga takes the form of a regular looking katana with marigold-coloured hilt-wrapping and a marigold coloured sheathe.
Release command: All eyes on us (Min'na ga mi teru)

Shikai appearance: Its appearance does not change in shikai, however its blade always maintains a freshly polished and noticeably visible gleam. As a result of the release, everyone in the wielder’s immediate vicinity has the “Question” (質問, shitsumon) suddenly appear on their forehead; the “Question” is a small black/white stamp that takes the form of the kanji “我” (ga, “I/Me/Oneself”). It remains on a person’s head until shikai is sealed or until the person comes under the influence of Gaikoku no Kankyaku.

Special shikai abilities: Senjiga has the ability to completely control the way the wielder perceives the outside environment and themselves, called “Jisekai” (Own World). This ability enables the wielder to perceive whatever they want to perceive at any time; the more complex and grandiose the wielder’s fabricated perceptions of their environment are, the more stress is consequently placed on the wielder’s mind. As a result, if the mental stress becomes too great the wielder becomes extremely susceptible to falling unconscious. Jisekai also extends to the wielder being able to recognise and completely bypass the effects of any and all sensory illusions that have been casted upon them, subtle or otherwise, granted the opponent’s reiatsu isn’t monstrous in comparison to the wielder’s reiatsu.

Shikai techniques:
Gaikoku no Kankyaku (Foreign Audience): This technique enables others to also perceive the wielder’s fabricated perceptions. However, for a person to come under this technique’s effect, they must first give their consent; this is done by putting their blood on the “Question” (regardless of whether this action is intentional or not). Once a person has given their consent once, they will consequently always be under this technique’s effects thereafter.

Bankai name: Sūkōjiga (Sublime Ego)
Bankai release: The wielder looks at their reflection in the blade and then releases bankai; immediately after release, the blade gives off an extremely brief, yet noticeably blindingly bright, glint.
Bankai appearance: Its appearance does not change in bankai. The “Question” remains on other persons foreheads.

Special bankai abilities: In bankai, Sūkōjiga retains the ability to use Jisekai and also gains the ability to completely control the way others perceive the wielder and Sūkōjiga (and only the way they perceive the wielder and Sūkōjiga), called “Shōten” (Focal Point). This ability enables the wielder to cause others to perceive them in any way at any time with its applications limited only by the wielder’s creativity and ingenuity; like in shikai, the more complex and grandiose the wielder’s fabricated perception, the more stress is consequently placed on the wielder’s mind (along with the same drawbacks). Those under Sūkōjiga’s influence can overcome it if they possess reiatsu that is monstrous in comparison to the wielder.
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こんにちは Ryuu, welcome back. I thought everyone had 与えられた up on this thread haha 1年以上前
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Not gonna lie Grif, I have 与えられた up on this thread (and ファンポップ in general). After accidentally finding myself on the site again, I thought I'd give this thread a brief visit XD 1年以上前
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Ryuu? Well, shit, didn't think I'd see あなた on here again. 1年以上前