BLEACH(ブリーチ) Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Fazoodle (Joō Jīru)

1) This ability is highly dependent on the amount of reiatsu absorbed, so you really need to specify how much reiatsu can potentially absorbed with each hit from the Zanpakuto. How does this ability absorb reiatsu? This needs to be specified, as you can't list a technique like this and not classify how it works. I'm afraid that one sentence is simply not enough. Can this be blocked? If the reiatsu of the opponent is intensely powerful, is it reflected when absorbed? (I mean, will the stronger reiatsu give the wielder a better boost in reiatsu?) Is the reiatsu added to yours and make it stronger? If so, what's the limit?

2) Okay, this attack really needs some work. How much damage can it potentially do? Lag-time? How long does it take to be released? Does it resemble a Getsugatensho? You say it is a 'negative energy' attack, so how is this reinforced? I mean, you don't really specify what this attack does, beyond trapping them in their worst nightmare when they are killed (which is o'ped in itself). You need to get rid of the trapped in your worst nightmare thing, because it is simply not useful to it... Learn about negative energy and then redesign this ability to suit.

Bankai abilities:

1) No problem with this at all.

2) Same questions apply here, as in Shikai ability 1.

Comments: All in all, this could be a great Zanpakuto, but you really need to work on the things I noted. If you have a Zanpakuto with 'trapped in your own worst nightmare' listed in it anywhere, no-one on this club will take you seriously.

N.B. I wouldn't bother with writing descriptions of your character here, this forum is ONLY for Zanpakutos, not characters, unfortunately. If you wish to describe a character, then search the forums (there's about ten different clubs for creating different kinds of characters).

Anyway, good work and I look forward to seeing an upgraded/revised version of this Zanpakuto!
1年以上前 wantadog said…

1) It cannot fully incinerate a captain, but it can cause alot of damage to them. At first it is pretty easy to dodge, but since it follows the opponent, it gets harder and harder to dodge. After the 30 second charge up, it releases almost instantly, about 5-10 seconds. Not sure how to explain this one, kind of like how the head captains sword does it.

2) The soul reaper can transform into any creature including mythical ones(hypogriff,sphinx,etc), but it does not give the soul reaper the special powers like a phoenix's ability to never die...He can change forms almost instantaneously. No it does not cost reishi. It is more of a concentration thing so the more heated the battle, the harder it is to change.

Bankai abilities!!!!

1) It can go anywhere between 5% and 20%. If it absorbs 20% then it goes at full speed. It's not really the speed that is affected it is the faster they spin, the more powerful the attack. What i meant was that the blasts can handle anyone with that level of spiritual pressure. I wasn't really talking about specific espada. It is slightly more powerful than a cero from a espada 7-9.

2) It looks just like the zanpakuto in it's sealed state.

3)same as shikai 2^^^^^

How's that? Did i miss anything?
1年以上前 Hellfiredragon said…
Zanpakto's name: kagenogatsu.
Release: jigoku kara joushou

Appearance non released form A black black that is curved and has two small blade in a circle to form the guard and a dragon head on the hilt

In shikai appearance the blades on the guard get bigger

Abilities: the user gains black dragon wings and can breath fire

Bankai: appearance a longer curved blade that is red an the blades on the guard get longer and glow red has a dragon head hilt. Name: akachikagegatsu

Abilities: same as sankai plus a huge black Dragon appears and Fights along side the User.

Weaknesses very Little defensive Capability.

Side effects of Using it, every time Bankai is released the user features become more dragon like
Example you would get fangs slit eyes and wings.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…

Nope, that seems to answer everything for me! Welldone! XD
1年以上前 Fazoodle said…
I edited a bit and tried to detail it better, just let me know if it still needs work.
1年以上前 Zordaik said…
Thanks, Blackpanther! It really does mean a lot. Anyway, I've got some answers.

1) You got it. Think, as an example, a geyser spewing steam.

2) No, there wouldn't be any effects of the sort.

3) Heh, I probably should have been more accurate in description here. Fortunately, after trying for around thirty seconds, I found a great example. Ruri'iro Kujaku. It would drain water at the same pace. It can't transfer the spoils.

4) I've got the same answer for question three.

Thanks a lot for the review! You're doing a pretty good job on them. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Heh, thanks Zordaik. :) I enjoy reviewing every now and again, it makes my day feel like its been more constructive. XD
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…

Very nice, I see the changes. I like the idea of charging it for 25 seconds, its a good addition. XD
1年以上前 nivlek112792 said…
Zanpakuto/shikai Name: Mizushini (water of death)
Shikai Release Name: Kirisame (Drizzle)
Bankai: Akueriasu Mizushini (aquarius the water of death)

shikai abilities:
-Mizunitatsumaki(water tornado)
-Shirudo (Shield)
-Mizunoken (water sword)

bankai abilities:
-Mizuhachiken (water pot sword)
-Ryumizu (water dragon )

zanpakuto sword desc.
-handle: it's a blue handle,the guard has a blue dragon w/ dark eye resembles to death and the hilt has blue and black stone on the the two-sided.
-blade: has a blue crystal at the center of the blade.

bankai desc.
the form of hilt and guard of a katana has changed to a water pot similar to ordinary pot but this have an curl and edge on a pot holder resembles of aquarius's pot, from the hilt it have a two stone but from other side was inverted to black and blue.
-blade is changed to a dark sword

shikai ablities: Mizunoken
Mizunitatsumaki- this ability can confuse the enemy........for now i can't think
Shirudo-it is a thick water shield that can protect you and the second is to penetrates they weapon to you....

bankai abilities:
-Ryumizu turns into dark water dragon w/c twine the enemy while blue is to make a water box/.......and so on,,,

i cant think.......sorry for that!!!
1年以上前 nivlek112792 said…
Zanpakuto/shikai Name: Mizushini (water of death)
Shikai Release Name: Kirisame (Drizzle)
Bankai: Akueriasu Mizushini (aquarius the water of death)

shikai abilities:
-Mizunitatsumaki(water tornado)
-Shirudo (Shield)
-Mizunoken (water sword)

bankai abilities:
-Mizuhachiken (water pot sword)
-Ryumizu (water dragon )

zanpakuto sword desc.
-handle: it's a blue handle,the guard has a blue dragon w/ dark eye resembles to death and the hilt has blue and black stone on the the two-sided.
-blade: has a blue crystal at the center of the blade.

bankai desc.
the form of hilt and guard of a katana has changed to a water pot similar to ordinary pot but this have an curl and edge on a pot holder resembles of aquarius's pot, from the hilt it have a two stone but from other side was inverted to black and blue.
-blade is changed to a dark sword

shikai ablities: Mizunoken
Mizunitatsumaki- this ability can confuse the enemy........for now i can't think
Shirudo-it is a thick water shield that can protect you and the second is to penetrates they weapon to you....

bankai abilities:
-Ryumizu turns into dark water dragon w/c twine the enemy while blue is to make a water box/.......and so on,,,

i cant think.......sorry for that!!!
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…

This is a nice idea for a Zanpakuto. I have a suggestion for you, why don't you describe each of the abilities in a detailed manner and I can review for them for you, if you like?
1年以上前 faracorn said…
zanaktuto: kinpoktantou(9 abyssal flames)
shikai:burn everything kinpoktantou
enables the user to use the blue flames of the abyss and to fire with a blow of fingers in the flames a specific goal
bankai:tenza kinpoktantou(gate of 9 abyssal flames)
The first Ability:creates an armor and a flaming sword to protect the user

Second Ability: konpak dein (Fury of the Abyss): a giant blue tornado of fire around the sound

The form of zanpaktuto is similar to the genesis of the sword on a blue
1年以上前 faracorn said…
zanaktuto: kinpoktantou(9 abyssal flames)
shikai:burn everything kinpoktantou
enables the user to use the blue flames of the abyss and to fire with a blow of fingers the flames a specific goal
bankai:tenza kinpoktantou(gate of 9 abyssal flames)
The first Ability:creates an armor and a flaming sword to protect the user

Second Ability: konpak dein (Fury of the Abyss): a giant blue tornado of fire around the sound

The form of zanpaktuto is similar to the genesis of the sword on a blue
1年以上前 Farello said…
Zanpakuto-Burūsumairu (Blue Smile)
Release Command-Laugh
Bankai-Fūjin no burūsumairu

The Shikai is a bow blade.The blade comes out of both ends of the hilt with blades on one side with the same angle. They are slightly curved giving the look of a bow. It has wispy circles flowing away from the hilt with a silver-white blade. The hilt is a standard cross stitch leather cover. The string is created when the user wishes to fire an arrow. The arrow is made from the users reiryoku.

Shikai Ability-Naku (cry) An arrow shot creating a wind cone behind it blasting away anything in its wake.

When activiating the Bankai is activated the Shikai will seem to vanish into the wind. At first it will seem as though nothing happened. Then there will be a violent gust of wind straight at the user creating a wind encased cloak. The cloak gives speed on the level of a master Shunpo user. The weapon is wind that can be molded into whatever form the user wants. ITEMS ONLY NO ACTUAL WIND POWER.

Bankai Ability-Kōfuku wa kie (happiness gone) High-speed movement around the enemy creating a vacuum that only removes the opponents atmosphere causing suffocation.

This is what I would like my Zanpakuto to be. Personally I think it is a little OP. It is still a work in progress any opinions are appreciated. Thank you.
 Zanpakuto-Burūsumairu (Blue Smile) Release Command-Laugh Bankai-Fūjin no burūsumairu The Shik
1年以上前 dragonchick said…
Zanpakuto name: Akumu (Nightmare)
Release command: Hime o ageru (Scream)
Appearance: The released blade resembles a black tendril of curling mist.

Ability 1: Shrouds battlefield in thick dark mist(sorta a default ability really :P)
Ability 2: Brings opponents darkest fears into reality and allows me to control them.
Ability 3: Increases stelth and agility.

I actually knew what my zanpakuto spirit looked like before I knew what my zanpakuto looked like. I can't describe or draw her though for some reason(maybe she doesn't want to be seen by others?) Anywho, once I figured out the names in english I just ran them through google translate.
1年以上前 bleach_4eva said…
gonna post my idea now even though its three years since you posted your question!!! lol

Name : Sun God ( taiyoushin )
Release : brighten
desciption : A golden gauntlet with a long blade on the front and a white curl pattern ( two for each arm )

Bankai : blindness of sun god sun God ( moumoku no taiyoushin )

shikai abilities : able to create a bright light so bright it blinds the enemy for a few moments makes the enemy vulnerable to sun god
can also turn the weilder invisible for a few minutes
also can make its blade longer

bankai desciption : a huge sun plus a golden sword( lol couldnt think of anything )
Bankai abilities : can create a dome which only the weilder of sun god can only move
if the enemy looks into the weilders eyes , the enemy gets a slice to the stomach ( lol? )
when the sword is smashed through the ground , that area is fully
penetrated by light
the sun can make the enemy super dizzy because of the heat

Sooooo thats my imaginary zanpakutou lol please reply and please say if you like it or not !!! thanx !!!!
1年以上前 Farello said…
bleach_4eva: thats a cool idea but do you think you could describe what the shikai and bankai look like better. im really interested but i just cant picture it. and what do you think the zanpakuto spirit looks like?
1年以上前 Farello said…
dragonchick: I have never heard of an idea like that. the abilities and the name fit so well together. does the zanpakuto have a physical form or are the tendrils its form like byakuya controls many blade shards? so is it mist or black metal tendrils?
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
I’m back and ready to do some reviews!

Faracorn (kinpoktantou) –

Shikai: I’m sort of lost on this one. Are the blue flames you’re creating here hotter than normal? If so, how much hotter? Do you summon them with your hands, or does your blade summon them? You say you “fire with a blow of fingers,” though honestly, I don’t know what that means. Do you blow on your fingers to fire them? What’s their effective range? How large are the flames that you fire with this method?


1) How powerful is the armor? What can it and can’t it protect against? How does it look? What does it cover? Does the flaming sword have any other properties than having flame around it? Does the flame itself have any important properties?

2) How large is the tornado? What happens if someone gets caught up in it? How do you control its movements? Can you make multiple tornadoes?
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Farello (Burūsumairu) –

Shikai: What rate is the arrow fired at? How quickly can these arrows be fired back to back? When they hit, do they cause any extra damage? How large is the wind cone coming off of it? What force does it push others back with (just give some idea of how much of a push this would give them)?

Bankai: Just a brief word on the description. While the release itself is perfectly fine, the fact that the cloak gives a speed boost that makes him capable of keeping up with a master level shunpo user, and the fact that the weapon is made of wind are both abilities, and thus shouldn’t be placed as part of the description. With regards to the wind weapons, can he create multiples? Can he create weapons of any shape or size? Do they have to be physically possible weapons, or can he mold weapons that are beyond what would be feasible with solid materials? What properties do the weapons have? Are they as strong as the zanpakuto itself? If they are cut through, can they be immediately reformed, or does that weapon disappear and have to be replaced? Can he make wind shields and armor?

1) Is this high speed movement different from the one provided by your cloak? How fast is it? Do you only have access within a certain range of the opponent, and if so, what’s that range? If not, then you’ll have to explain why he only has access to this high speed movement while using this ability (or, if he has access to it all the time, why he specifically uses it this way, since it would provide him with the ability to kill extremely quickly). How long does it take him to create this vacuum space around an opponent? At what range around the opponent can he create this vacuum space?

I don’t think it’s necessarily overpowered, just requires some more explanation.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Dragonchick (Akumu) – Just a general overview before I step into the abilities. First off, you should make it clear whether these are shikai or bankai – I only see generally “abilities,” which could belong to either, though I’ll treat them as though they’re shikai abilities. Second, I’ve seen this kind of blade a lot, so I’ve got a lot of insight into how to specify these. I’m mentioning this because this is going to seem like a long review, though it has more to do with the style of the blade than with any fault of yours.


1) How far does this dark mist extend? How quickly does it expand to cover that range? Can an opponent escape this range? Does the mist move with you as you move? Is it difficult to see through the mist? If so, how difficult?

2) Here’s the problematic ability. What constitutes a “fear”? Do you only control creatures that they fear? How about if their darkest fear is death? Can you kill them immediately? What if their darkest fear is a place? Can you manipulate their surroundings to look like that place? What if their darkest fear is the death of others? Can you make it appear as though their dead companions are all around them? What if their darkest fear is weakness or failure? What if their darkest fear is someone’s voice? These are all fears we see regularly among major anime characters, so knowing how it would function in any of these cases is essential, but let’s get down to the most basic elements. If you create a creature from their darkest fears, how powerful is that creature? How fast is it? What if that creature is killed, can you recreate it? Can that creature be stronger than you? Can it be stronger than them? Can you control multiple fears at once? Can they turn on you? Can you only produce these physical representations of their fears if they remain within the mist? Can they exist outside the mist if the opponent leaves the mist? How long do they last?

3) What do you mean by increased stealth and agility? These are not straightforward like strength or speed, the way they function depends on how you interpret them. When you increase their stealth, does that make him more difficult to detect while he’s in the mist, or at all? Does it make his energy harder to detect, make him harder to hear, see or smell? If so, explain it. For agility, does it just mean he moves more smoothly and is more balanced in his movements, or does this have a deeper meaning? Can he more easily dodge, duck and weave? Does this speed him up?
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Bleach_4eva (Taiyoushin) –


1) Does this only affect opponents who are looking directly at the wielder? How far away from the wielder will this still blind them? How long does the bright light this creates last for? How long does the blindness last?

2) Is there a cooldown time after the invisibility wears off? This ability seems sort of repetitive with the first one. I mean, if you’re already blinding them, invisibility seems kind of pointless.

3) How long is the blade originally? How long can you make it using this ability? How quickly does it extend?

Bankai: I don’t understand the description. A huge sun… plus a golden sword? Is the sun on the sword, or is it separate? Can you use the sun as a shield, or is it used in some other way?

1) I’m sort of lost on this one too. Is the dome a physical one? How does it look? How large is it? Can it be destroyed or broken through? If so, can it be regenerated? Does the effect of looking in the wielder’s eyes only occur within the dome? Is this absolutely unblockable and undodgeable if they look into his eyes?

2) Lost here as well. What do you mean the area is “fully penetrated by light”? How large of an area gets this effect? Does this do some form of damage, and if so, how? Does the light last as long as the sword is plunged into the ground?

3) I still don’t get how the sun works. So, it radiates heat? Over what distance? How much heat? Is it hot to the touch? Do you hang onto it constantly? Can it be destroyed, and if so, can it be regenerated? Does it get hotter as time goes by?
1年以上前 Farello said…
whiteflame55- thank you for the questions they should really help me expand the ideas that i have. do think there could be more for the shikai? and do you think the idea of a bow blade is still reasonable for a shinigami to have? I am at writers block thx.
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1年以上前 Farello said…
Thank you whiteflame55. This is the product of your questions. Keep them coming I love it.

Zanpakuto - Burūsumairu (Blue Smile)
Release Command-Laugh
Bankai - Fūjin no burūsumairu

The Shikai is a bow blade. The blade comes out of both ends of the hilt with blades on one side with the same angle. They are slightly curved giving the look of a bow. It has wispy circles flowing away from the hilt with a silver-white blade. The hilt is a standard cross stitch leather cover. The string is created when the user wishes to fire an arrow. The arrow is made from the user’s reiryoku.

Shikai Ability - Naku (cry) An arrow shot creating a wind cone behind it blasting away anything in its wake. This can be fired at a rate of 30 shots a minute. The wind cone can easily blow away anything up to 90lbs and as the arrow flies the cone grows to a max diameter of 20ft. The larger the diameter of the cone the weaker the wind blast will be. The arrow itself will only do as much damage as a normal one.

When activating the Bankai is activated the Shikai will seem to vanish into the wind. At first it will seem as though nothing happened. Then there will be a violent gust of wind straight at the user creating a wind encased cloak.

Bankai Ability 1 - Kōfuku wa kie (happiness gone) a burst of speed higher then usual around the enemy creating a vacuum that only removes the opponents atmosphere causing suffocation. The user can only use this ability within a 15ft diameter of the enemy. This can only be used every once and a while because it uses a lot of spirit energy.
Bankai Ability 2 – The wind cloak gives speed at the level of a shunpo master. It has a high deflection rate, but gives no actual defensive capabilities.
Bankai Ability 3 – A moldable weapon created from wind. It can be either one one-handed weapon, one two-handed weapon or two one-handed weapons and can only be weapon the user is familiar with. If the weapons break they dissipate and it takes about 10-15 seconds to form a new one. The weapon itself cannot produce wind, making it mostly close combat. The weapons can be thrown but dissipate upon contact of a foreign user or object.

This is what I would like my Zanpakuto to be. It is still a work in progress any opinions are appreciated. Thank you.

AceM150 commented…
That's really cool, I'd kinda like to fight あなた as my Seelenjager also has the capability to work like a bow. Time for a Showdown! または should I say, a Bowdown? ;P 1年以上前
AceM150 commented…
If あなた do happen to see this, Seelejager is on page 244 :) 1年以上前
1年以上前 ShadowHunter15 said…
Bondokattā (Bond Cutter)
Sealed form: Regular katana, hilt has a swirling pattern, mint green hilt.
Release Command: Tachikiru (Sever)
Shikai: Sword look the same.
Abilities: Bondokattā can cut emotional bonds that people have made. It can also counter Tsukishima fullbring. But the emotional bonds that have been severed can be reforged real easily. Leaves no physical wound when ability is used.
Bankai: Saiken shinigami (Bond Reaper)
Look: Sword turns into a double bladed scythe.
Abilities: In bankai Saiken shinigami is able to create emotional bonds with people when they are cut as well as cut them. The bonds disappear when bankai is deactivated.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Farello - Well, I haven't really given it much thought, but you could create some sort of property for the string itself. Perhaps, and I'm just spit-balling here, you could make the string capable of cutting through concentrated kido spells (so not things that spread over a wide area), though you should include that it can cause no physical damage directly.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
ShadowHunter15 (Bondokattā) –

Shikai: How does this work? Tsukishima’s fullbring doesn’t cut emotional bonds, it inserts his presence into the history of the person or thing he cuts. Admittedly, his ability isn’t straightforward (apparently, he can gain speed and strength by doing so, affect how the person feels about him, or even modify an item to make it do as he wishes in the present, though the limitations are kind of wonky), but it in no way involves cutting bonds, but rather adding his own bonds to the item or person. Hence, I’m having trouble understanding what cutting a bond means. Does that mean that, when the person looks at someone they’ve known all of their lives, they’ll view them differently? Also, how does this counter his fullbring, since this is a wholly different ability? You say that the bonds “can be reforged real easy,” but what does that mean? How are the bonds reforged? What suffices as simplicity or difficulty in doing so?

Bankai: This is sort of similar to Tsukishima’s ability, though it includes the same severing of bonds, which is still confusing. Does the creation of bonds function the same way as Tsukishima’s ability, or is there something else that’s a part of this? Does this also leave no physical wound? Is this more difficult to shrug off?
1年以上前 ShadowHunter15 said…
Shikai: Bondokattā can cut abstract bonds including Tsukishima's past presence since time is abstract. When the bond is cut the person will consider someone as an acquaintance and will have a very vague and confused feeling towards the person. Its kind of like amnesia. The person will know who the other is but will vaguely remember what the other meant to them. Like a bone when it breaks, the more cleanly it breaks the faster it will heal, the reforging is the same. If the person affected realizes what the feelings for the other are, the bond would then be reforged. But if the feelings are never realized then it will never be undone. But the ability only works in one way. Like if it cuts one of two people who are in love then the one who isn't cut will still feel love for the one affected, making it easier to reforge the bond.
Bankai: No the creating bonds doesn't insert memories just sort of changes the viewpoint of the wielder. There is also the vague impression of how the affected person felt about the wielder and if they remember how they did feel about the wielder, the bond disappears. It too leaves no physical wound.
1年以上前 Ichigoishot said…
For me it's...

Zanpakuto's name:Hotaru(darkness and despair)
Release Command:Hanareru(Separate)
Bankai:Erai Akuma(Terrible Demon)

Description: Female
Human form: Tall, dark hair, black clothing(like death itself)

Abilities: cover everthing in darkness then slaughter any enemies in the darkness
Take the energy from the dead enemies and heal myself or friends(if I have any)
Zanpakuto Appearance: Long black blade with dark gray edge, really light, poison edged blade

Bankai: Transforms me into a demon of death, giving me superhuman strength, speed, and regeneration. When I look into the eyes of another, I kill them
Bankai Appearance:Same as Zanpakuto

My appearance: Female. 6'3" tall. Long black hair with dark red highlights. I have Red eyes. I don't talk to anyone, very solitary. Captain of squad 0. I am a vizard, but no one knows that. My mask is like Ichigo's, but black and dark red. No one really knows who I am. I am underestimated by the Soul Society, they have tried to make me do something that would give them a reason to arrest me, but it never works. I am invisible.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Ichigoishot (Hotaru),

Abilities: You need actually list abilities that specify... Slaughtering your enemies in the darkness is hardly an ability and even so, it lacks imagination and specification. How is this achieved? How much darkness in terms of area or size? How much energy can be taken from 'dead' enemies? How much damage can it heal? To what extent can it heal major injuries? Also, you can't put 'poison-edged blade' in Zanpakuto appearance, that counts as an ability. What kind of poison? What does it do? How long does it take to take effect? You need to be thinking about questions like that, in order to improve your blade.

Bankai Abilities:

This is ridiculous! Far too overpowered, my friend. If you have have superhuman strength, speed and regeneration, you might as well be invincible in the Bleach universe and to top it off, you had then add 'When I look into the eyes of another, I kill them' How is that even possible? You need to rethink the direction you have chosen to take and then revise this blade.

I look forward to a WELL-revised copy of this Zanpakuto. I do like the idea you have behind it, but you should think about spending it a bit of time reworking this blade and making it better.

N.B. Don't post character bios on here, this forum is for Zanpakuto only. Plus, there is also no rank among Squad O and they probably wouldn't accept a Visored into their ranks.
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1年以上前 Farello said…
I made this idea for my girlfriend. What do you guys think?

Shikai - Majikkutaka (Magic Hawk)
Strike Swiftly
Bankai - Majikkutaka tsume (Magic Hawks Talon)

It is a simple kunai attached to a 20ft thin metal string. The user can twirl it around in any manner they please.

Shikai Ability – It can cut what the user wants it to only if the blade comes in contact with the target. The damage is only as much as throwing a regular kunai. Any physical object can be cut if the user wants it to be cut.

The bankai is a large hawk with gold armor adorning the head and chest.

Bankai Ability – The bankai has the same ability as the shikai except that it can also cut non-physical things. Examples are cutting the bonds of friendship or cutting holes in space to different dimensions. If it can be cut and the user thinks it can be cut then it will be cut but if one of those things isn’t true then there will be no cut. If the user doesn’t know that something can be cut then it won’t be cut.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Okay! I was getting ready to eat a pizza when I looked at the pizza cutter and a wonderful idea popped into my brain!!!

P.S. I have no idea what to name the attacks so i left it blank! muahahahahhaha


Name: Decesso Circolare(circular death)(Italian)

Release command: Ridurre(cut down)(italian)

description: When released it looks like a everyday pizza cutter.


Name: not sure

Description: The soul reaper's clothes are exactly the same except that he is now wearing a belt with a disk in the front.

Shikai abilities:

The soul reaper makes a slashing movement with the pizza cutter and the disk flies towards the opponent at the speed of ichigo's shikai getsuga tensho. The disks regrow immediately after he fires. He can fire several by continuously slashing. There is no lag time between uses.

The soul reaper points the zanpakuto directly in front of him and disks fire out like a machine gun. The disks fire at a rate of 50 per second(3000 a minute). After this attack is used, there is a 10 second cooldown.

The soul reaper makes a underhand slash and a large fissure opens up. The soul reaper can control the fissure by directing it with his zanpakuto. There is no time limit to how long this attack can be used at one time. There is no lag time between uses. The fissure is about 15 ft deep and 3 ft wide. By performing another underhand slash, the soul reaper can close the fissure. The fissure takes about 1 second to close a 10 ft long segment of the fissure.

Bankai abilities:

The soul reaper points the zanpakuto directly in front of him and disks fire out like a machine gun(familiar?). This time the disks fire out at a rate of 250 per second(15000 a minute). After this attack is used, there is a 5 second cooldown.

When this ability is used, thousands of disks start to appear and levitate in midair in a 400 foot radius. These disks have holes in the middle. These disks connect forming a cage. Only someone with significantly higher spiritual pressure can break out of the cage. After that, more disks appear at random times and fly at random, making it harder to manuever.
1年以上前 Fischj said…
geeeez.....that took me a long time...:P

Zanpakuto Name - Sutōngōremu (Stone Golem).
Release Command - Mamoru (Protect/Defend)
Bankai Name - Sutōngōremu, Hebun Hogo (Stone Golem, Heavenly Protection).

Shikai Apearance - Two mid-size razor-edged shields with a small protruding punching dagger fixed to each arm.

Shikai Ability 1 - (Gaia no hogo,Gaia's Protection) Nullify the efficiancy of all reiatsu based attacks if its blocked with shield. (Defensive)
Shikai Ability 2 - (Chikyū bakuhatsu,Earth Explosion) Make the ground erupt in a straight line by punching the blade in the ground. (Offensive)
Shikai Ability 3 - (Chikyū no seimei no tappu,Earth life tap) suck reiatsu from the earth and heal by sticking both blades in the ground. (Healing)

Bankai Blade Apearance - Use a massive amount of reiatsu to summon a Gigantic Stone Golem carrying the same weapons as i do (similar to komamura's bankai)

Bankai Ability 1 - all shikai ability's, only a 100 times stronger
Bankai Ability 2 - (Tsuchi no bondo,Earthen Bond) Complete control over earth (using it any way i can think of). (Offensive/Defensive)
Bankai Ability 3 - (Gaia no ikari,Gaia' Wrath) make millions of earth spines erupt in a radius of 10km around me. (Offensive)
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1年以上前 Kira01 said…
name of zanpakuto:Koroshi no ryū
release:hirogaru(stretch)(referring to wings)
appearance:transform into a staff with blue fire at one side and red fire at another(fire that is shaped like blades)

shikai abilities:hensen tatazumai(change shape):ability to stretch how long/ability to change shape to kill (basically alot more easier to kill)

yuka funka(floor eruption) pillars of fire wall appear out of ground

juuoku dageki konbo (billion strike combu):basically striking the person with one billion full blast of fiery attacks/strikes from the staff

bye i gtg this is my shikai form next time bankai

1年以上前 Kira01 said…
Name of bankai:houmen za ryuujin(release the dragon God!)

bankai blade appearance: as it transforms into a Yellow/Golden and black lance that can easily stretch/detach different parts of it to slash easily(like renji bankai), a large amount of dark reiatsu and purple outline covers it

my body bankai appearance:long white spiky hair,skin turns darker,my eyes turn reder , my pupil gets smaller(eye),my clothes changes into a long leather jacket with a white shirt inside

bankai ability:soukei hensen(total change) everything stops except for me and my opponent,everything goes black and my speed,agility,accuracy,damage on opponent, ability damage on opponent increase by 10 times.also my reiatsu(orange) gets very
strong. side effect-loosing half reiatsu

bankai ability:yottsu eremento doragon houmen(four elemental dragon release)I stabb my sword into the ground and a gigantic magic circle appears,on top, a half white and black dragon(stripes)made of very large amount of orange reiatsu attacks the opponent(using any four elements-ice,fire,wood,electric) even as i move.side effect-this ability is so strong that if not controlled properly the dragon may attack you instead of the opponent

bankai ability:niban dageki(second strike)my reiatsu covers my sword and as i stab the opponent while being able to attack,a white dragon mark appears on where i stabbed them,if i am able to attack the direct spot within 30 minutes they will die, and if i do not they die due to the poison of the dragon mark . but, there is also a side effect to not being able to stab again within 30 minutes and that is that i will lose 1 third of my reiatsu

Also name of zanpakuto is wrong sorry, should be za kibatsu doragon(the striking dragon)

1年以上前 Kira01 said…
as in my first comment the name of zanpakuto
1年以上前 LokiStormbringr said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai: Jūryoku "Gravity"
Release command: Sono hiza jisan, Jūryoku! "Bring them to their knees, Gravity"

Zanpakuto Description: One meter Blade, perfectly smooth with no indents. The guard is a transparent Triskelion (look it up). The handle is a foot long, completely wrapped in grey cloth with no embellishments or fancy detail.

Shikai Description: Nothing changes to me or the sword, it does not need to.

Bankai name: Shitsukoi Jūryoku "Unrelenting, Gravity"

Bankai Description: White Triskelions appear in my pupils.

Shikai Abilities: I am completely in control of the force and direction of gravity.

bankai abilities: I gain control of all forces in existence. I can break apart and recreate atoms, stop the wind, redirect light, extinguish flames, unfreeze ice, halt lightning, deflect spiritual pressure and command the fabric of time and space.

>My only Bankai ability; Subete kakaru "All consuming" This is my most powerful technique, At this command I create singularities (Black holes) of any size and in any number that i wish.

My Appearance; Tall, rough brown hair, muscular, plain grey kimono, no scars (never been hit). A loner by nature I roam the world of the living, the soul society, hell and the precipice world freely, intervening when I deem fit, to keep the balance, I will attack and kill soul reapers, hollows, sinners and the living alike. Due to my ability I have never lost or even been hit. my sword has never come into contact with another sword because the people I have fought could not lift their arms and most passed out when they were hit by Gravity, 10 times stronger than they were used to so all i had to do was walk up and slide my blade into their throats. I have no spiritual pressure, I don't need any.

1年以上前 HecklerAndKoch said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai: Inazumamaru - "Lightning"
Release Command: Sasu - "Strike"

Description: Inazuma means lightning while maru is commonly added to the end of men's names. When it is in it's sealed form it looks like an ordinary katana. The blade seems to have many lightning bolt like cracks running through it. The hilt is yellow with black highlights. When released into it's shikai form it becomes slightly longer with a serrated back similar to that of a combat knife. It loses it's guard and the grip is now wrapped in black nylon cord with two pieces of the cord extending of the grip by about five inches.

Bankai Name: Hageshī Inazumamaru - "Intense Lightning"

Description: When Bankai is activated the blade changes shape drastically. It turns into a spear. The staff itself is five feet in length and is gold with the occasional black highlight. The spear head itself is seven and a half inches long and remains serrated but on both sides of the blade. Four inches below the blade there is a crossbar that is a foot and a half in length, meaning nine inches on either side. Both the ends of the crossbar as well as the end of the staff opposite that of the blade have pommels on them. They are simple crescent moon style pommels, similar in shape to that of the blade at the end of the chain on Hitsugaya's Hyorinmaru. The blade itself is black but appears to be swirling with the occasional flash of lightning. It seems as though a thunderhead is trapped within the blade.

Shikai Abilities:When in Shikai form Inazumamaru has three abilities. The first allows the use of the other two.

-Nyūdōgumo: Meaning "Thunderhead." It prepares the battlefield for the use of the weapon by creating an enormous cumulonimbus cloud. The cloud flashes with lightning and rumbles with thunder. Pouring rain, it also makes the battlefield perfect for water or ice zanpakutos.

-Rakurai: Meaning "lightning strike." A bolt of lightning shoots from the thunderhead above where ever the blade is pointed. The attack is incredibly fast, faster than the speed of sound, but can be easily countered by a shield similar to that of either Orihime or Urahara.

-Utate Kaminari: Meaning "Rolling Thunder" the attack is incredibly powerful. After shouting the name of the attack and aiming the blade towards the sky and enormous thunderclap explodes from cumulonimbus. The attack shatters all defenses immediately, leaving the enemy open for an attack, as well as disorienting them and impairing hearing for the remainder of the battle.

Bankai Abilities: When in Bankai Hageshī Inazumamaru retains it's previous abilities. It doesn't grant anymore "abilities" but instead attributes.

-Lightning Form: Similar in function to the super speed granted by Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu. The wielder of the blade is turned into lightning allowing the use of super sonic movement. Although faster than Ichigo's bankai, it is much harder to use. Once a destination is set it is impossible to change from that point once you've started traveling. Meaning if someone is fast enough they can, and will, predict your movements. Another effect of this attribute is that because the user's entire body is turned to lightning they cannot be harmed by simple physical attacks. If an enemy tries to do so they will be met with a large and extremely painful electrical shock. The shock will knock out anybody with a spiritual pressure lower than that of the user. The user can only be harmed by Kido spells, specifically Hado.

-Kuroi Inazuma: Exactly the same as Rakurai but much stronger. The lightning strike turns black with a white outline.

= I got the idea for this zanpakuto a long while ago. In fact, it was only a few episodes after the original air date for Ichigo's battle with Byakuya. Originally this zanpakuto was way too overpowered, but over the long while since I came up with it I've toned it down and made it more balanced. I put in weaknesses and faults with the blade on purpose. I wanted the blade to have some sort of realism to it. Just like all zanpakuto have a weakness so too does this one, a few actually. When I first thought of this I thought to myself, "What kind of zanpakuto haven't they done?" What came to me was a lightning style zanpakuto. On another note, both the shikai and bankai are based off of blades I've seen before. The shikai is based off of this:
the bankai is based off of this:
Before anybody asks, yes, I know where BOTH of the images come from. If you desire to know just ask. Lastly, the names that I've used were created using google translate so I can't guarantee one hundred percent accuracy. On the other hand I think that they are pretty close.

If you like, dislike, or have ideas for improvement tell me. I'm fond of my idea but would love to hear your criticism.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Damn, fallen behind on reviews. At least I can make some dent in this today.

Farello (Majikkutaka) –

Shikai: Admittedly, I’m a bit confused here. You say it can cut through anything, then say that it will cause the same damage as a regular kunai, and then you say that it can only cut through any object. Specify what it can cut through here, because it’s obviously not “anything.” What can it cut through without issue, what can it merely damage normally, and what could repel it? As I see it, this can go through any physical object that isn’t human tissue as though it were butter, but would likely be repelled by kido or any energy-based defense. Is that correct?

Bankai: How effective is the gold armor in blocking or reducing the damage of attacks? What this cuts is all the more confusing. What’s required to cut the bonds of a person to their friends? Do you need to cut them in a certain place, or cut the air between them and their friends, or what? How and where can you cut holes in dimensions? Can you bring stuff from one dimension into your own? Can you cut someone else and cause a rip in dimensions to form somewhere on their body, and if so, what effect does that have?
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Wantadog (Decesso Circolare) –

Shikai: How large are these disks?

1) Makes sense.

2) Is the wielder forced to remain in place while this is happening? Can they move their arm to change the direction in which it fires? You mention how long the cooldown is, but how long does the machine gun firing itself last, or can this occur continuously for as long as you want? You’ll want to be careful here: if these disks are even moderate size, firing them so quickly back to back causes its own set of problems (i.e. each of them will hit each other and ricochet). The reason that machine guns do this easily is because they’re all very small and highly aerodynamic.

3) So how is this used? If you just ram it into an opponent, what happens? If you bring this over to an opponent and then close it, what happens? Can you control specifically which portion of the fissure closes? What if someone completely enters the fissure? What happens? I’m really just trying to grasp what this does and how it works. Also, can an opponent close it or disrupt it? Can they move it?


1) Same questions as before, but this time, the rate is way too fast. Even if the disks are small, I can’t see this working out too well unless you mean to spray these things all over the field (and possibly hitting yourself as they rebound off of each other). Remember, these aren’t bullets, firing them that fast leads to problems.

2) I’m somewhat confused by this. A 400 foot radius of whom, you or the opponent? If it’s from you, then are you trapped in the cage as well? If it’s from the opponent, and at what range will this still work? In either case, there’s still a lot of questions. How long do they take to form in the air around either you or your opponent? How fast do the bars of energy form between them? Will they automatically form around objects or people, or will they cut into them as they form? Is there space enough for you to fire into or out of the cage? Can an opponent escape this by moving underground if they are on the ground? You say that only someone of “significantly higher spiritual pressure” could break free. How much more than the wielder must they have? Is there a lag time between which this and another cage can be formed? How long is that?
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Fischj (Sutōngōremu) –

Shikai: What’s the size of the shields?

1) Can this only be used defensively, or can you ram the shields into barriers and produce the same effect? How quickly is the reishi of the attack nullified? If the energy is partially touching the shield, will only that piece be nullified, or will the entire attack be nullified? How effective are these shields at taking physical attacks?

2) How wide is the line it creates? How deep? How long? How quickly does it expand away from the point that you plunge it into the ground? Does it have to remain in the ground while it’s expanding? Does the eruption remain open after removal, or does it close up?

3) Does this only last as long as both blades are in the ground? How much healing does this provide over how much time?

Bankai: What if there isn’t enough stone in the area, will the blade produce it? How large is the golem? How fast does it move? How strong is it? Overall, the golem is an ability, though you’ve only placed it as the appearance. You’ll notice that Komamura’s ability is entirely the giant itself, and that’s because it provides an incredibly powerful offense and defense separate from your blade. It shouldn’t just be a part of the description.

1) I don’t know what 100x means. How do you nullify 100x stronger? What is improved about the ground eruption? Is it the distance, breadth, what? How is the healing improved? A multiple of 100 is probably way too much, though honestly, with the amount of uncertainty as to effect here, I can’t say for certain.

2) This is too powerful, and it eliminates the importance of the second shikai ability completely (since it allows you to do exactly that). I don’t see any limitations here, which is a problem. Think about it. If you can control all of the earth around you, what prevents you from dropping a mountain on your opponent’s head, or subsuming them in earth till they’re buried 100 feet below the surface? It’s fine to control the earth to some extent, but you’ll have to weaken it substantially.

3) Again, I’m confused, because this seems to be a part of the second bankai. You have complete control over the earth, doesn’t that mean you could use this? If that’s not the case, then this is still too powerful. Not sure what the height of the spines is or how fast they extend, but 10km is a pretty huge radius, almost impossible to avoid without launching yourself incredibly high in the air.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Okay here goes.

The disks are about what is shown on the pic↓↓↓↓↓


2. No the user does not have to stay still when using this attack. Yes they can. I would say it could fire continuously for about 3-5 minutes.

3. Ya basically just ram it into the opponent and trap them inside. If the opponent falls into it then closing as it closed they would be crushed. No you cannot control which portion closes. No they cannot move it.


1. Ya you're right about that...Maybe more like 100 or so...

2.(Even i'm confused by this one...But here goes...)
A four hundred foot radius from the opponent. As long as the user is within 100 feet of the cage. It takes about 10 seconds for all of them to form. The energy bars form about 5-8 seconds later. They do not form around people or objects...No there isn't. Yes they can. To break free, the opponents has to be about twice as strong as the user's. Yes there is a lag time. It is about a 10 minute cooldown(i seem to like the number 10 today...). head hurts lol. Did I miss anything?
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 Okay here goes. The disks are about what is shown on the pic↓↓↓↓↓ Shikai: 2. No the us
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
I think you got it all, thanks!
1年以上前 wantadog said…
lol just realized i put wrong pic on...
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Kira01 (Koroshi no ryū) –


1) How quickly can it change shape and size? Can you do this while the opponent is stabbed by the blade? Are there any limitations in terms of what it can change into? If the blade is damaged, does this allow it to reform as well?

2) Pillars form where? Near you? In front of you? At the site of your opponent? Where you point? Where you want them to? How wide are the pillars? How fast do they form? How high do they go? At what range can you use this?

3) One billion might be just a bit much, since that basically means death unless they block or dodge it. What range can this be used at? Can it be interrupted? How quickly are the attacks launched?


1) Does this mean that you freeze energy in the air as well? Will this freeze any attacks either of you launch as well? Can you see in the blackness, or are you just as blind as your opponent? Some of these increases are more than a little difficult for me to understand. Speed is simple enough, but what does agility refer to, and how is it boosted? How about accuracy, how do you boost that? Also, on damage, does that mean that you cause 10 times the pain, or that a slice will be 10 times deeper, or what? That last one is especially important, because if you can somehow make cuts deeper or broader, that would be overpowered since even a small cut could easily lead to death.

2) Where does the dragon attack from? Does it come directly out of the circle? How long after the circle is formed does the dragon come out? Is the dragon alive? How much control do you exert over it? How fast does it move? How strong is it? Can it be killed or destroyed? How does it use all of those elements (many of which destroy each other)? Does it unleash ranged attacks that use those, or do its melee attacks include these?

3) This one’s definitely overpowered. If the ability would kill with a certainty after a single strike, that’s too much. I get the whole double strike at the same point causing death (basically Soi Fon’s ability), but the 30 minutes to death seems a bit much since there’s no way to stop that without absolutely dodging every strike. Losing a third of your reishi isn’t really an adequate drawback when the opponent suffers death. If the wielder is defeated or killed, will the effect end?
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
LokiStormbringer (Jūryoku) –

Shikai: So, simple as this is, it’s incredibly overpowered. If you can modify gravity as extensively as you want, what prevents you from turning the gravity directly on top of your opponent to infinite levels, essentially crushing them where they stand? Or, since you can change direction, you could make it infinite upside down, sending them through the atmosphere, where most will burn up and the rest will die in the vacuum of space? If you’re worried about attacks, you could just create a continuous high gravity zone moving away from you in a sizeable bubble all around you and push away any and all attacks (it doesn’t matter how strong an opponent is, they cannot possibly overcome this if you make it infinite).


1) It’s strange that you say that in bankai, you only have one ability, and yet you state multiple abilities in here. That’s more than a little confusing. But let’s start with the “gain control of all forces in existence” one. I don’t see why you’d need any more abilities after controlling gravity, but you have just added a tremendous amount of mechanisms by which you can instantly kill your opponent from any distance and reduce any and all of their abilities to nothing. Now that you command time, you won’t even need another ability, you can just freeze it, lop your opponent’s head off, and walk away slowly as his body falls. But why put yourself through all that when you can just fold space around them and crush them where they stand? This just seems like massive overkill. I don’t see a way someone could ever beat you with this set of abilities, and honestly, it makes the next ability practically worthless.

2) Despite the fact that this is overpowered (what prevents you from creating an incredibly tiny black hole in your opponent’s eye and watching their bodies contort and compact down to the size of the very singularity you’ve created?) it just seems paltry by comparison to the other abilities you’ve settled on here. At least this one has a small chance of backfiring if you create a black hole that’s a little too large, sucking you in as well.

This is pretty much as overpowered as a blade can get, and frankly, the shikai by itself outstrips every ability we’ve seen in the show to a tremendous extent. Your character description certainly seems to hint (not to subtly) that your character is basically a vigilante god, roaming all planes of existence intervening where he deems fit (which is more than a little sanctimonious, by the way). He wanders a world that can do him absolutely no harm, never even clashing with another blade (that’s where the god part comes in), which in my opinion just seems absurd. It’s obvious you just wanted to create the most overpowered blade you could, but then I’d have to question the exercise at all. You might as well have said that your character is 100 times faster and stronger than any shinigami and controls every aspect of the world around them and cut out the middle man. Why even have a bankai if your character is never challenged in shikai? In the end, I’m just left wondering why you went through the trouble.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
HecklerAndKoch (Inazumamaru) –


1) How large of an area do the clouds cover? Does the rain make visibility much more difficult, or is it a mild inconvenience? For the purpose of not addressing this twice in the next two abilities, do they require that clouds above them have not partially been dispersed in order for them to activate?

2) What is the delay between pointing the blade and the lightning bolt striking? I’d be somewhat concerned about having this as a shikai ability, mainly because it’s practically undodgeable at that speed, but also because the lightning bolt would cause intense if not deadly damage to the target if it hits, likely causing at least brief paralysis. The fact that a zanpakuto could likely not prevent this since electricity could travel through it (requiring a kido-based shield) makes it difficult for most any opponent to respond to this. As a bankai ability, since it’s only a single bolt and some opponents might be able to just take it and keep moving, it might be just very powerful, but in shikai, it’s too powerful.

3) This makes the second ability all the more powerful, massively diminishing the effectiveness of any defense that could be used against it. Again, this seems too powerful for shikai. Any blade that focuses on the usage of defenses, armor or shields is essentially floored by this ability, and that’s regardless of whether it’s level is above yours or not. It just seems like a lot, especially en tandem.


1) How much faster is this than Ichigo’s Tensa Zangetsu? It really does depend, because if it’s fast enough to outstrip pretty much everyone, then it becomes a problem. No one would be able to respond to it in time to utilize the knowledge, and even if they could, the problem is that while they can judge direction, they cannot judge distance. It seems to me that someone could easily just use this ability to pass through the opponent over and over, essentially charging the opponent until the shocks cause them to pass out. On this, I’m less certain of how I feel about it, but it just seems possible to exploit it.

2) The power boost needs to be elucidated, but pretty much all the same things I said under shikai #2. I feel that the improved strength might make this all the more problematic, even in bankai.
1年以上前 wagakagami said…
This is a Zanpakuto and a shinigami with unique abilities given by another zanpakuto i made. I'd like a review for at least the zanpakuto if no minds but a review of the new stuff to would be cool. Sence shinigami abilities are in Japanese bounts use German hollows use Spanish fullbringers use English mine will use Latin p.s I suck at writing story :(

Shinigami Name: Vincent

Background: He learned his zanpakuto name while in the rokongai and then went to the world of the living for a change of pace. While in the world of the living he started to get bored of his powers and was found by a man who offered him new powers if he joined his group called Basilicus Archimagirus - Royal Chefs - he was bored so he agreed., i'm bad at making story sorry :(.

Zanpakuto Name: Atmosphaera - Atmosphere -

Release Command: Excubitor Biota - Watchman of Life -

Shikai: When released the zanpakuto forms into a gas mask ,see pic.

Shikai 1: Pars Gubernatio - Portion Control - When shikai is released the user has free control of the composition of the air within 3 meters of them. They can increase or decrease the percent of a gas in the air around them, Nitrogen, oxygen, etc. by 40% but the user can remove anything not normal in the air completely without counting towards this 40%. This happens in 3 seconds for any change but this new atmosphere around them can keep up with the user at a powerwalking pace. If the user leaves this atmosphere then the ability stops and has to be used again. The user if they want is immune to any changes they make and this ability has no cooldown or reshi cost.

Shikai 2: Ventus Battuo - Wind Strike - The user send a blast of air out from a part of there hand about 1 meter in diamiter with enough force to break through a solid wood wall. This blast can be in any shape they want it goes at kido speed to about 10 meters. This costs about as much reshi as a level 33 kido. If the user wants to make this attack stronger then they can increase it's strength by 1% for 1.5% more reshi. This has a 3 second cooldown for each hand and has the same composition as the atmosphere around the user if the first ability is in use.

Bankai Name: Hostilis Atmosphaera - Hostile Atmosphere -

Bankai: In Bankai the mask stays the same but the user gains a glass looking katana.

Bankai 1: Atmosphaera Gubernatio - Atmosphere Control - This works just like the shikai ability 1 but this always keeps up with them ans there moving and there user can control the pressure around them as well up to 3 times as much or 1 forth as much but this takes 10 seconds to change.

Bankai 2: Ventus Exitium - Wind Destruction - This is just like shikai ability 2 but has 2 times the strength speed, and size as before.

Bankai 3: Aer Ferreus - Air Made of Iron - This forms up to 2 cubic meters of grey mist from the mask that moves at kido speed when ths users wants this becomes solid and as hard as iron over 1.5 seconds. This object looks like clear crystal and has to stay together. This take about as much reshi as a level 80 kido and fades if not solid in 20 seconds. The user can make these dissapear when they want and can 8 of these out at once but while some is in gas form then using it makes that could bigger instead.

As a member of Basilicus Archimagirus he gets a weapon created from the leader of the groups zanpakuto. This weapon , called Basilicus Culter - Royal Knife -, is made from a hollow whos power was absorbed when the leader killed it. This weapon is made a part of the user and they can summon it to them at any time and it repair if broken. This weapon has the ability to transform back into it's hollow form and is controled by the users vocal commands. It can also form onto part of the user to give them all of it's abilities from when it was a hollow.

Basilicus Culter Name: Lacerta - Lizard - In it's weapon for it looks like a pair of swords, see pic.

Hollow Form: In it's hollow form it's about 25 feet long and about 20 feet tall. It looks like Chameleos from monster hunter,see pic, but has black and white colors and it has the unique ability to camouflage itself at will in about 5 seconds. When standing still you can't see it at all but when it moves it no longer looks like part of the background.

Hollow Fusion: When he merges the hollow or weapon with him self it covers his right arm up to his elbow. It looks like a guantlet is about as hard as a hollows mask and is white. This allows him to use the hollows camouflage ability at will.
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 This is a Zanpakuto and a shinigami with unique abilities 与えられた によって another zanpakuto i made. I'd like
1年以上前 morenzoboss said…
Alright, I've thought up another one...

Normal appearance - 2 longish zanpakuto connected by a chain at the end of the hilt. The hilt itself is in black and blood red colours, with a crimson guard. The scabbards, held at both sides of the waist with the chain wrapped around the body are completely black.

Shikai name - Kumo no kōshō (Spider bite)
Release command - Kare no jōmyaku o kaishite doku o nagasu (Let the poison flow through his veins)

Shikai appearance - The user puts the two hilts together and shouts the release, and the swords turn into two long, razor sharp, completely black swords, with a thick red line curving around each blade and to the hilt.

Shikai ability 1 - Kumo kari (Spider hunt)

The user stabs the swords into the ground and cracks it, and thousands of tiny deadly poisonous spiders crawl out of the cracks. The spiders are subjugated to the wielders will (he can control them with thoughts) and it's poison can kill quite quickly. (One weakness I will point out here, for anyone who may say this technique is overpowered... spiders can't fly or jump.)

Shikai ability 2 - Kumo no doku (Spider poison)
The blades are covered in the same poison as the spiders, and will generally kill a standard soul reaper within a few minutes.

Shikai ability 3 - Chīsana kumo (Tiny spider)
Allows the wielder to shrink into a spider, and maintain the poison, and human mind. Mostly used for getaways or sneak attacks.

Bankai - Joōgumo no kōshō (Queen Spider's bite)
User plunges swords into the ground and makes a circle. The user then jumps into the air, calls out the bankai, and a giant spider emerges from the hole, subjugated to the user's will (through his thoughts). The user rides on top of the spider.

Bankai ability 1 - Kumo no joō no kawa (Spider queen's skin)
A passive ability, but the Queen Spider's skin is as tough as an espada's hierro.

Bankai ability 2 - Kumo no joō no doku (Spider queen's poison)
A much deadlier poison is inflicted from not only the spiders bite, but on all it's razor sharp legs as well.

Bankai ability 3 - The spider is sealed into the users own body, giving him much more explosive power, and a much deadlier poison from his blades.

/sigh. Whatcha think? Don't you just love the idea of giant spiders in bleach? You mad arachnophobes?
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