BLEACH(ブリーチ) Make your own zanpakuto!

jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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1年以上前 Konstantinos702 said…
big smile
My Zanpakuto
Sealed form-Tetsu ōkami=Iron Wolf
In its sealed form Tetsu ōkami is a nodachi sheathed on Taichi's back. The blade is a dark silver the tsuba is shaped like a wolfs face but with one half shaded black the other white and the handle is a dark brown.
Shikai 1
Tetsu ōkami difendā
Release command-Howl
Tetsu ōkami difendā takes the form of a round shield with a white wolfs face facing forward on it and the sword shrinks to the size of a katana to allow it to be wielded single handed.
Shikai number 1 increases the defence of Taichi and the shield is tougher than what would be expected of a shikai
Slight increase in attack
Main power is that the shield acts as a focus for Kido and allows Taichi to bypass spell chants safely (without it Taichi normal has kido backfire without the chant) and can fire it from the wolfs maw.
Shikai 2
Tetsu ōkami no kōgeki=Iron wolf attacker
Release= rip asunder
In this form the nodachi forms into a glaive with the blade coming out of a black wolfs face
serious increase in raw power
Can effect the blade via kido for example electrifies the blade when using sokatsui (puts extra strain on Taichi)
Flaws with shikai 2
No defence (pole can be cut etc) also the release of raw power and the use of kido burns the users energy off relatively fast.
Extra info
Taichi uses shikai one more often. He only uses the second when enraged or has no other choice.
As of yet Taichi has not unlocked he bankai.
C&C are welcome :-)

1年以上前 Kevy1 said…
Name of Zanpakuto: Kazeon (Wind Sound)

Release command: Vibrate and Sever the Seven Skies

Type: Wind and Sound

Katana form: Regular katana with a circular hilt that is 3 inches in radius and 1 inch thick and has 3 curved connections to the sword that is 1 ½ inch width and 1 inch thick. The handle is lace with a yellow cloth that is 2 inch in width and has a white cloth that shows between it.

Shikai Appearance and Description: The user throws Kazeon 2 feet in the air above her and flips and catches it and says its release command and Kazeon transforms to a golden colour covered armored booths that reach the knees of the user it is 1 inch thick and light has aluminum. Each booths heel has an upward facing blade that is ¾ of the booth length and its width is the size of the length of a regular katana that lies 1 inch above it. The sword can move 45 degree away for the heel and is twice as thin as a regular katana.

Abilities: (note user is open to attack during meditation)

1) Vibration
The blade vibrates at the speed of sound making a buzzing sound and disturbs the air around it causing the wind around the user’s feet to become 4 times as dense as usual and this will cause flash step of the user to become twice as fast. Also the blade vibrates as soon as shikai is released and the blade cannot be destroyed by physical attacks and kido under 70 because of this ability. This also causes the users kicks to be 5 times stronger than usual (spiritual pressure as strong as captain’s can be cut because of this ability)

2) Ranninguon (Running Sound)
The user meditates for 5 seconds and the blade vibrates twice as fast for 10 seconds (this makes the blades make a twice as strong buzzing sound). This allows the winds around her feet to become twice as dense than usual in shikai. When the user swipes her feet in any direction and the blade wipes out and retracts at speed of sound and she releases a sonic boom like attack at the target that is long as her swipes. This attack move s as fast as sound with the sound hitting first then the wind (this attack sound like a passing car). 5 of these is the most that can be release each 2 seconds with n the time limit 10 seconds. This attack can reach as far as 20 feet and is capable of cutting as deep as an ½ an inch into a captains body the first 10 feet and twice as deeper at 5 feet and up because of Vibration. This is so because vibrating sound released cuts through spiritual pressure no matter how dense leaving an opening for wind attacks that comes after. Kido under 50 can be cut through and physical attacks are useless against it. It can be cut but it will still hit with the same power.

3) Inaseon (Dashing Sound)
(The same initation as Ranninguon) the user then leaps 20 feet into the air and hugs herself tightly and begins to spin for the whole 10 second in a stationary position at a 45 degree trajectory. All heighten sounds and dense winds are form into a four dimensional spear shape because of 360 degree rotation of the user and the blades that become open to 45 degree after the 10 seconds is over. When 10 seconds are up and technique is complete it takes 2 second to descend on the target. This attack is half the speed of Ranninguon but double the strength and hado under 60 cannot stop it but it is hard to aim at the target because of its trajectory and a target can evade it if not weaken or trapped (so I suggest Bakudo# 61 and other binding kido). The users speed is cut in have after using this move for 5 minutes. Vibration helps this technique as well in the same way as Ranninguon. This attack can be stopped when the user jumps but not when her rotation begins.

All techniques with presents of wind will increase according to level, it will vary (Applies to Bankai as well).

Name of Bankai: Tsuruoto Hirameki Megami (Vibrating Flash Goddess)(note this Bankai lasts for30 minutes and can be use only once a month)

Bankai Appearance and Description: The user meditates for 30 second and then blades vibrate so much until they shatter. Shattered blades then circles around her entire body and she rises 1 feet off the ground and begins to rotate. Then a massive amount of yellow spiritual pressure is released. When pressure dissolves she appears covered with a golden fitted armor that is same as her shikai booths but is 4 times as stronger. All over the armor there are 1000s of vibrating metals that are shape like a hair brushes top but they are microscopic in comparison and kido under 90 are neglected and physical attack is neglect as well because of the bankai first ability. Her hair looks exactly the way Yoruichi own looked the first time Soifon saw her, with the thing in hair and all only it is made with same material as the bankai.


1) Vibration/ Vibration Equilibrium
This ability 5 times stronger in bankai than in shikai and it is renamed Vibration Equilibrium. This technique creates a 3 feet barrier all around the user because of this the user floats continuously. This barrier reseeds after the use of Ranninguon and Inaseon to 1 foot four 10 seconds. In this 10 second period kido over 80 can cause damage to this ability weakening all the abilities. Flash step remains the same as shikai.

2) Ranninguon (Running Sound)
3) Inaseon (Dashing Sound)
Vibration Equilibrium gives these two moves the 5 times boost in strenght. Kido under 90 are useless and physical attack are useless as well. The speed of these moves receives a 4 time boost. Inaseon cause no damage to the user after being used. Ranninguon distance has tripled. Inaseon attack can follow the target endlessly like a seeking missile for 30 minutes. Meditation is no longer need.

When Bankai is over user will faint.

4) Senkou Megami Suteppusu (Flash Goddess Steps)
Release Command: Make a Path to the Heavens
Technique must be initiated right after Bankai takes form. This is so because user must begin meditation immediately that would last for the whole Bankai. The must ser must say the release command at the beginning and the name of the technique at the precise time the Bankai is about to end or it will not work and user Bankai will disappear. When this is completed every last microscopic metal is shatters increase speed so must that her particles are able to move through sold object. The user is no longer visible and so close to death she is able to see the gates of Heaven and hell and now the target soul is taken out of their body with in an instance by the user and thrown hell and user soul goes to Heaven and her body shatter to the wide. (Once completed attack cannot miss). Also once started move must be completed or death comes sooner. (During mediation sound level is too high for even a captain to withstand and all kidos and physical attacks are useless.

Hey I hope find this one interesting Whiteflame55 because I worked hard on it and by the way this Yoruichi Zanpakuto that I made for her I think it suit her well.

Hey anyone can give comments as well right so don't be shy I will surely appreciate it.
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1年以上前 bleachfan12 said…
whiteflame55: thank you for posting on my blade, for this one i think that i will just stop with it and keep it in my mind. for me it is clear what im trying to say but when i write it comes out bad.
- it would be assume if you were to give you own ideas for this blade, i mean write the zanpakuto as if it was yours, i get ideas and learn this way. i try to see what could be changed and improve on it(sorry if that seemed harsh, im not calling you dumb or anything). for this zanpakuto i planned it to counter aizens zanpakuto and to top it off i like to have the powerfull wepon in my desposial. i just cant get away from that mind set. again thank you for posting.

alright on a side note and this is for everybody. sinse there is a new ark and movie i would like to see what responses i get.

heres my qustion: if you had a fullbring ability what would it be and what iteam would it affect, plus what would be your allieanse?

2nd qustion: (from the hell verse movie) what would your characters ability be, why was he/she comdemed to hell, and dose that person believe that they belong (help ichigo) or do they believe that they should be free (betray ichigo)?

there are no wrong answers, we won't condem you for going agenst ichigo (snicker...) i love these types of qustions
1年以上前 bleachfan12 said…
hmmm Kevy1 i have to say that the "can't be destroyed by physical attacks or kido lower then leval 70" is a bit to much. this would mean that only captains or soul reapers could beat them (doses this ability extend to hollows as well?

the ability Inaseon (Dashing Sound) is good and well balanced except for the kido again (id say just lower it abit so that lietenats can fight as well)

for all abilities the physical attacks do no damage is unfair.

these are my opinions but it would suit yorichi well.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Hey guys, I'll have responses/reviews up sometime tomorrow, just got back from a trip where I didn't have access to the Internet, so I'm looking forward to reading your posts.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Is anybody keen to have a battle? I want to test some of the Zanpakutos that I've created. Anyone would be welcome :)
1年以上前 Kevy1 said…
Hey bleachfan12 thanks for your comment it was fun reading it. And also I thought that lieutenants are able use kido over 70 like Rukia when fighting espada Aaroniero Arruruerie she used hado# 73 Soren Soukatsui but I think I should fix it still.
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1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Since no-one has been on yet, I'll add a part to an RP and if people want to contribute, then that would be much appreciated.

Setting: 500 years after the battle against Aizen.

A young man strolls through the busy market in Rukon District, avoiding bumping into other people, he ducks down an alleyway.

Tough: Well, now, what have we here?

Raijin: Who are you? And what do you want with me?

Tough: I think I'll take that sword on your back. And any coin you have, I'll have that too.

Raijin: I see. In that case, I think a fight is what you are looking for, and I think I'll oblige most willingly.

Tough: Huh? Don't be a fool.

Raijin draws his sword.

Tough: Hold on, is that a-a Zanpakuto???

Raijin: At least you aren't as stupid as you look, Ajisukita!

The Zanpakuto slices through the man's chest, then suddenly explodes in a blue/grey flash of light, blowing a hole in the side of the slum-house behind them.

Raijin emerges from the smoke and rubble.

A hooded man appears.

Hooded man: Your reiatsu has been leaking out, boy. You better come with me.

Raijin: Get out of my way, or the same will happen to you. *draws Ajisukita once more*

Hooded man: I'm afraid I can't do that. If you don't come with me, then you will be executed in the name of the Gotei 13 Squads.

Raijin: Then you'll die! *Raijin attacks the man with the hood, slashing at the man's chest*
The man draws his sword (a Zanpakuto) and parries Raijin's attack before it even got close to cutting him.

Raijin: Your pretty quick *Raijin blocks an attack from the man, sending backwards slightly.

Hooded man: This is pointless. Entangle, Kinzokudzu ('Metal vine')

Metal vines spring out from the man's Zanpakuto. Raijin freezes, as the vines begin to entangle him, crushing his chest and limbs.

Raijin: Ugh. Damn you! Ajisukita!

His Zanpakuto exploded breaking the metal vines for a second, so Raijin jumps out of the bind and when the hooded man sent more vines at him, Raijin hits them with Ajisukita, knocking them back, while he dodges and moves back some distance.

'What will happen now? Will the hooded man defeat Raijin, or will Raijin kill the man and avoid detection from the Seireitei?'
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
I'd contribute blackpanther, but my focus is, soon enough, going to return to my own RP, so I'll have to pass on joining in on another.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Its okay Whiteflame, besides, you are the reviewer and I don't want to unnecessarily take up your time. What is your RP about, if you don't mind me asking?
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Well, it's been going for quite a while, but I'll give you the general rundown:

Basic story is that this takes place about 1000 years after current events in the Bleach universe (everyone's dead, basically). New Espada under their own leadership, Soul Society generally pretty calm to start with, though we also introduced a few other groups that quickly break away from the dichotomy of hollows vs. soul reapers. We already finished a large arc which ended with a climactic showdown between the Captain Commander and the lead Espada, and have quickly been moving into a new arc after a 100 year time skip, which has mainly brought forward new villains and some dramatic plot twists that are only just starting to come out.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
That sounds similar to mine, except it revolves around Aizen using Kyokasuigetsu to break out of Soul Society dungeons and continue experimenting with the Hogyoku and leaving Ulquiorra in charge (yes I know he was dead, but he's my favorite Espada so I'm thinking of a way to resurrect him, Starrk and Grimmjow) This is five hundred years after Ichigo's fight with Aizen, at this time, many of the Captains are no more (Ukitake is dead from his tuberculosis, Byakuya is retired to Head of Kuchiki Clan, Unohana is part of Central 46 or Squad Zero, I can't actually remember and the Captain-Commander is dead) Hitsugaya is Captain-Commander, Kira is Squad Three Captain, Hinamori Squad Five Captain, Kotetsu Isane Squad Four Captain, Renji Squad Six Captain, Hisagi Squad Nine Captain, Matsumoto Squad Ten Captain, Rukia Squad Thirteen Captain. And the storyline follows the battles of Espada vs Captains, Shinigami vs Arrancars and a climactic battle of Raijin (my character) and Aizen.

Your storyline sounds good by the way, so much less spontaneous than the one at the start of the blog (I read about 30 pages of the RP at the start of the blog and it gets hard to understand)
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
By the way, Whiteflame, when you have time, could you review a couple more Zanpakuto for me? I've been doing a bit of inventing and playing around with ideas the last week or so, and I'm interested to see what you think. Let me know if you have time, and/or when you do, so I can put them in the blog. It would be much appreciated :)
1年以上前 Kevy1 said…
Hey could I add to your RP
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Of course, happy to do any number of reviews, for a while I had thought this forum had almost dried up. It's been a busy couple of days, though I should have time to start responding to posts and doing reviews tonight, so you can feel free to post any other blades you're interested in doing whenever you wish. And Kevy, which RP, blackpanther's or mine?
1年以上前 Kevy1 said…
Yours RP whiteflame55 but I think I'll need some direction if you let me join in..
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Sweet, I'll post them later on then. Thanks, Whiteflame. :)
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Heh, to say the least, it's a bit of an intense story at the moment, though we're always looking for new recruits. It's been on the backburner for the last several weeks (mainly due to the holiday season and such), though we're hoping to get it back up and running soon enough. We can chat about possible spaces for you to join in and the types of characters you could think about, just "fan" me and we can chat through the IM system.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
blackpanther666 - That looks like a pretty complete response to my points on your blade. It can be rather difficult to define the specific speed and power of an ability, though you do a pretty good job of comparing to various available characters' abilities. Also, I agree on your response to what I considered overpowered, it's reasonable.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Kevy1 - You certainly did a good job making this ability more specific, and I do understand the amount of specificity is a lot. It's mainly to get a decent idea of how it would function - I think a lot of RPs function under a pretense of "surprise" that leads to the sudden usage of an ability on a scale no one expected. It helps a lot to know the limitations of a given ability so that others writing with it can know where to begin and end.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
TheGuyWithThe (Shohino Mure) -


1) What are the limits of control of these scattered blades, or do they function much the same as Byakuya's? Generally, this seems like it's capable of a bit too much, especially if it does function much the same on a basic level as Byakuya's. I don't know what the limitations are on the healing here, but it would have to be relatively small. Same with the reiryoku absorption, especially since this can be an incredibly strong offensive ability that functions in combo with the basic cutting power. Also, if it's limitlessly capable of forming bladed weapons (which means it can create any number and any size of weapons), doesn't that mean that the amount of blades is basically infinite? I know this is supposed to be an ultimate blade, but that's a lot for a shikai.

2) Where are these blades released from? What do you mean by "rapidly"? How many blades can be released like this? You say the blades can be reabsorbed to retain strength and stamina, does that mean that some amount of strength is lost as long as the blades are released? How similar are these blades to your normal blade?


1) Can this only be used on absorbed reiryoku, or can you use your own energy? Can you still use your shikai abilities in bankai? How large are these orbs? How fast can they be fired? You say this disintegrates whatever it's touched, does that mean that it will only disintegrate what it directly touches, or that it will disintegrate everything attached to it as well?

2) How strong is the armor? Can it take on kido strikes or just physical? How large is the flame-bladed sword, and since flame makes up the blade, can it inflict physical cutting damage, or does it just burn what it passes through? What kinds of burns does it inflict? How large are the white feathered wings? Can they be cut off, and if so, can they be regrown? How fast can the wielder fly? Does how long is the serpentine head and neck? Does it have similar speed to the wielder? Does its bite poison others? You say that pretty much every stat increases exponentially, can you quantify that somewhat? Give some idea of how much his reiryoku manipulation matters in a normal environment versus, say, Soul Society. What kind of detonation potential does this have? How long does it take to concentrate and create an explosion? How powerful are the blasts that come out of the mouth of your helm?
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Thanks, I like to put a complete response. The way I see it, is that there's no point in posting Zanpakuto on this forum and requesting someone to review it if you aren't even going to reply to the questions the reviewer asks you. So cheers for reviewing :)
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Always happy to do it, especially with people who put a great amount of their work into it. Back when I started doing it, I was struck by how many people post blades that they poured a lot into and just see them disappear into the pages with hardly a note in response. I get a decent number of responses to my posts that involve people bristling at being told where I see problems, though it's worth it to know that most of you guys appreciate it.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
I should think that people would appreciate how much time you spend reviewing their blades, but I guess some see it as an attack on theirs.

Raijin Masamune and the hooded man continue to press their Zanpakuto's together, sparks flying off the straining metal.

Raijin: I warned you, just leave me alone. I don't want to be taken into the Seireitei and made into some joke that you Soul Reapers can laugh at. I hate you Soul Reapers! Think you are so damned superior!

Hooded man: It isn't like that at all. Your reiatsu is leaking and you will injure an innocent person eventually. Our idea is that you enroll in the Shino Academy, to learn to become a Soul Reaper. Not all of us are bad, you know.

Raijin: Huh? You mean, you don't want to take me away to study me and experiment on me?

Hooded man: No. I'll introduce myself. Isosen Reigen, 5th Seat of Squad Ten.

Raijin: An officer of the Court Guard Squads? This is intense, why are you even here?

Isosen: Because my Captain could feel your reiatsu leaking slightly, then she felt that outburst when you fought that tough. She was interested in you, said that your reiatsu was quite dense and powerful, though untrained.

Raijin: So I could become a Soul Reaper? But, I hate Soul Reapers! Why should I become one?

Isosen: Because the poeple who reside in the Seireitei are interested in you. Not only that, but they will always try to find you and train you so you don't hurt any innocents.

Raijin: I don't like this. But, I don't want to hurt anyone either. Fine, I'll come with you to Seireitei.

Isosen: Good. That makes my mission easier. If I didn't find you, my Captain was going to beat the crap outta me. *laughs*

Raijin: Yeah. Can we go then? I just wanna get this over with now, before I become motivated to decide differently.

Isosen: Let's go

Isosen and Raijin sprint through Rukon District. Finally they come to a gate, which is being guarded by a huge man, with an axe-like Zanpakuto.

Raijin: Is this the gate to Seireitei?

Isosen: Yeah. I'll just talk to the gate-keeper.

Isosen approaches the gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper: Aye, sir. Did you find the source of the reiatsu you were searching for?

Isosen: Yeah. It was coming from the boy over there.

Gatekeeper: Hmmm, he's got a strong reiatsu that one. Strong, especially for a young one.

Isosen gasps, sensing a Hollow. The gate-keeper began to glare.

Isosen: *flash-stepping over to Raijin* Stay here with the gate-keeper, I'll be back! *disappears*

Raijin: Hey! Where'd you go, you bastard?!

Gate-keeper: Shut up. He's gone to take care of a Hollow. He'll be back. He isn't 5th Seat of Squad Ten for nothing.

Raijin: He better be back!

A few minutes passed, Raijin and the gate-keeper awaiting Isosen's return. Suddenly, Raijin felt something funny. Like Isosen had vanished or something similar. The gate-keeper suddenly stopped leering at him, a stricken look on his face.

Raijin: What is it? What's wrong?

Gate-keeper: It's Isosen. His reiatsu has vanished.

Raijin: So that was what i felt before... I think I can sense something over where Isosen was. I'll be back with him. *Raijin speeds off, leaving a cloud of dust hanging around the gate-keeper*.

Raijin finally pinpoints the location and arrives. A large Hollow, with a sword strapped to its back, is standing over Isosen, about to strike the final blow.

Raijin: I won't let that beast do that! *Raijin draws Ajisukita, running at the Hollow recklessly, then jumps and cuts through its right arm. Blood spurts and drips onto the ground*

Hollow: Who is that? Another delicious Soul Reaper? Grrrrrr! You cut off my arm.

Raijin: Leave him alone, or I'll kill you.

Hollow: Brave words for such a tasty morsel.

Raijin: Shut up! *He attacks the Hollow once more, pressing his attack desperately. The Hollow parries effortlessly, swiping Raijin and sending him flying back, crashing to the ground.*

Raijin: Damn you! *attacks again and is parried once more, then the Hollow uses his Sonido, appearing behind Raijin and cutting through his shoulder*

Hollow: You are weak, Soul Reaper. Time for you to die.

Raijin stands up, the veins in his neck straining with effort, as he pushes his broken body harder than before. The young man attacks again and is parried and shoved back into a tree. Blood dribbles from his mouth.

Raijin: Ugh, you bastard! I won't give up!

Hollow: I'm surprised that you can still talk. But, this is the end. You are at your limit, Soul Reaper.

Raijin: I'm... not a... Soul Reaper.

The Hollow punches him into the tree, breaking his ribs and crushing his arms. Everything goes black, then changes into a world above the skies.

Creature: Raijin!

The creature looks similar to the Hollow, but a lot smaller and he is holding Ajisukita in his hand. The creature also is wearing a mask with fangs curving toward his mouth and once side is blue, while the other is white.

Creature: Raijin. Get up and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You have the power to defeat the Hollow, but you have to believe in yourself first. You can't win a battle by only believing in saving someone. You have to believe in your own abilities first and I can show you how to use one. Rise!

Raijin: Who are you?

Creature: I am someone close to you. I hold your power in my hands. You know who I am, so I won't tell you. Do this when you wake. *The creature lifts Ajisukita up and shouts 'Haretsu!' and an explosion of blue/grey occurs right in front of him. Raijin looks up and everything grows black once more. Finally the Soul Society and the Hollow begins to come into focus. Raijin blinks his eyes.

Raijin: What-what just happened? *Thinks to himself, was that? Ajisukita? He told me to attack the Hollow with my Zanpakuto and cry 'Haretsu'. Raijin jumps painfully to his feet, then charges at the Hollow.*

Hollow: Are you crazy? *Raijin slashes at the Hollow and cries 'Haretsu!' and the Hollow explodes and then turns to dust.*

Raijin blacks out.

'What will happen next? Will Raijin end up in Seireitei, or will another disaster occur?'

1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Kevy1 (Kongouseki Sakurabana) –


1) Is the trap easily capable of being destroyed or opened, or is it extremely difficult to escape after being created? What’s the range?

2) I’m noticing that the length of the petals is actually larger than that of the overall lotus, which seems a bit odd. How fast can you move the lotuses? Can you control when they release the petals?

3) You say the damage reduces the further it goes. Give some idea of what that reduction is as it radiates out. What kind of damage does the blast do? Is it concussive, burning, or otherwise? Is there some lag time between reuses here? I’m not sure I understand the blooming aspect. Does it require the 20 seconds to bloom before it can release the attack, or does it, as you say, release the attack immediately but bloom thereafter? If it’s the latter, I’m confused as to why the blooming is important. Does the blooming change its physical capabilities in normal combat as well?

Bankai: This is an interesting transformation here, mainly because bankai doesn’t just “activate.” It seems as though the activation can be interrupted. What happens, if, say, he’s attacked during the 60 seconds it takes to create this absolute defense? I like it, this seems interesting, but it needs a bit more explanation, especially since it is so different from the norm. In terms of the actual presentation, since much of it acts as armor, do provide some specifics as to its defensive potential (whether it can take kido damage, and how much by comparison to the amount of the physical damage)

1) Is the user’s mind expanded to the point that it can accommodate all that information from 1000 different eyes (imagine having that many, it’d be pretty difficult for anyone to manage even double the amount we have, let alone 500x)? I get that multiple enemies can make use of this to some extent, and that he can see through 100 at once, but it does seem like he would have to have a certain capacity increase to manage even that. You say the absolute defense is maintained, but I thought that ended as soon as the bankai was fully activated. To what extent is that still active? You say they can be destroyed. Can they be destroyed both by kido and physical strikes, and if so, what level of kido? How fast can the eyes be moved?

2) Pretty much the same questions as the abilities from shikai apply here. How difficult are these petals to destroy? Do each of these still require the same general methods of activation as in shikai? After shattering, can any of these regenerate?

3) There are a few things that should be explained, such as how fast the explosion can be created, perhaps how fast it expands if that’s abnormal, what it does to opposing zanpakuto, and how it affects kido. However, a wide scale death that applies to everything in a 15 mile radius that’s, likely, unblockable is a bit much. I get that the wielder loses his bankai and faints for some long period of time, but it needs to have some properties that can at least be reversed by an opposing blade (like, if it were a normal explosion, the fire could be quenched by certain blades). Just important to build in some small way out, even if it’s not readily apparent.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Vizard666 (Tentou Ba-na) –

Shikai: There are no problems here, though it’s a bit boring; basically just a stat boost and a change of how the blade looks. It’s not necessarily too much to have the 5x when there’s so little of anything else here, just seems overly basic.


1) Does it increase temperature throughout the zanpakuto, or just on the metal itself?

2) What is a “fire trap”? What effect does it have? How large is it? How does it activate? I’m guessing it inflicts burns, what kinds of burns does it inflict? What’s the range on this? How fast does the change take place? Does the item have to be readily visible? How many items can you change into fire traps?

3) Seems pretty insane. I mean, if you can turn the entire atmosphere (which includes the air around you) to fire, you can basically do two things. First, you can burn your opponent to death, simple enough. Second, you’re removing all of the oxygen from the area. I mean, I’m not certain of the range here, but if we’re talking about the atmosphere, it’s likely extremely large. If this doesn’t kill them instantly, it will suffocate them to death quickly enough, not to mention scorching their lungs in the process. Just seems like a lot.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Sekishoamatsu ('Heavenly barrier')

Release Command: Repel and protect (Purotekuto sorede gekitai)

Bankai: Goubatsu Sekishoamatsu ('Eternal punishment heavenly barrier')

In Shikai, this Zanpakuto resembles a normal katana. The reason why this is, because, the katana can change form depending on which form the wielder wishes to initiate. During offence form, the Zanpakuto has an object similar to an axe or pike head attached to the end of the Zanpakuto. In defence form, the end of the Zanpakuto has a shield-like device attached and the blade is wider and broader and also longer.

In Bankai, the Zanpakuto changes drastically. This is the only Zanpakuto in the Soul Society that turns into a Twin-Zanpakuto only in Bankai. One of the swords has a shield attached to it and the other has an axe-head at the end, while the two components of the Zanpakuto are chained together. This sounds similar to the Shikai, however, the abilities of Bankai are less limited than in Shikai and can cause considerable damage.

Shikai abilities:

Zaika ('Offence')

Touben ('Defence')

Shikai has only the incantations for Zaika and Touben and these both count as passive Shikai abilities. Zaika initiates the axe-head katana and allows the wielder to attack rather than defend. Zaika has two components: sweeping cut ('Souji katto'), which cleaves the opponent in two (or at least tries to, this attack's success depends on the reiatsu and strength of the opponent) and kills them. This component of Zaika is usually more successful with Hollows and lesser foes that employ animalistic tendencies. The other component of Zaika is spirit aura ('Shinzui reiki') which is a white aura surrounding the blade and axe-head of the Zanpakuto, when this aura of the wielder's reiatsu comes into contact with another reiatsu. The ability of Shinzui Reiki is to sense the emotion behind the opponent's reiatsu and manipulate it accordingly. These are the emotions it will sense:

Anger: The Zanpakuto does a large amount of damage, resulting in a large explosion from the wielder's reiatsu rejecting the 'angry' reiatsu. The reiatsu of the wielder begins to grow angrier the longer it comes in contact with other 'angry' reiatsu.

Revenge: The Zanpakuto cuts the opponent's reiatsu in two and deals a large slash to the opponent if they can't block the physical attack in time (the opponent cannot avoid the reiatsu attack, only the physical attack). The reiatsu of the wielder begins to feel an urge for revenge against anyone who has EVER caused them harm, when it comes in contact with the opponent's reiatsu for too long.

Sadness: The Zanpakuto is swung round-and-round until it has gained momentum and caused the air to draw into a large, circular wind pattern, then the Zanpakuto creates a shock-wave, which blows the opponent back, doing little damage. If this doesn't work, then the Zanpakuto secretes a poison that nullifies pain and causes paralysis, paralysing the opponent and removing them from the fight. This also can cause the wielder's reiatsu to grow sadder and sadden the wielder, if the reiatsu of the wielder comes in contact with the reiatsu of the opponent.

Calm: The Zanpakuto becomes slightly heavier and causes a much stronger physical attack to the opponent. This emotion has no effect on the reiatsu of the wielder.

Fright: The Zanpakuto refuses to do damage and the blade becomes blunt, from the Zanpakuto refusing to communicate with the wielder, if he/she wishes to continue the attack. If the wielder continually tries to fight, their Zanpakuto will modify their reiatsu into that of 'fright'.

Touben is a simple technique and only one ability can be used, though it has a few variants depending on the ferocity of the attack against them. Heavenly shield ('Tate tenrai') which has variants depending on what type of attack and how ferocious that attack is.

Elemental attacks: A shield of the opposing element is brought up.

Kido attacks: A rejecting barrier, similar to Danku, is created, blocking the Kido. This Danku is stronger than one with the incantation and, unless the Kido is used by Captain-Level Shinigami, it will reject any Kido, even 90's level Kido. This can also be used to reject any Bakudo used by any Shinigami, including up to 90's level Kido.

Physical attacks: A shield of pure reiatsu around the shield-like device at the end of the Zanpakuto is brought up. The physical shield extends and grows larger, depending on the radius of the attack. The reiatsu shield also can extend and grow larger. This shield repels any reiatsu-based attacks and any physical attacks.

Bankai abilities:

Kyuukyoku Shouheki ('Ultimate Barrier') This is a better improved version of Touben. The barrier is quicker, due to the Twin-Zanpakuto in Bankai, as the shield katana is readily available. This defence is much broader than Touben – this can block anything that is used at the same level of reiatsu as the wielder. I.e. if the opponent is a Captain and the wielder a Vice-Captain, then this will not be able to block any of the Captain's attack, unless the Captain uses a weak attack. This barrier is composed of a special material, like Inoue's (Orihime) Santen Keshuun, which rejects powers and restores them to their original form. This barrier is similar, rejecting powers and them repelling them back upon the one who created that power. This part of the ability doesn't normally do damage unless it catches an opponent off guard (normally this will only catch them off guard, if it is used against them for the first time and they aren't expecting their attack to be returned).

Saishuu Iki Kougeki ('Final Spirit Attack') This is a better improved version of Shinzui Reiki. The spirit attack either deals a huge amount of damage, if the opponent is feeling a bad emotion (i.e. anger, revenge, envy, etc). If the opponent is feeling a good emotion (happiness, scared, selfless, modest, etc), the Zanpakuto will refuse to attack, to the point of visiting the wielder in its manifestation form and lecturing them about attacking an opponent who can't hurt them. This Zanpakuto can also guess at emotion changes and modify its attack to suit.

Urutora Souji Kireme ('Ultra Sweeping Cut') This is very similar to Souji Katto. Souji Katto attempts to cut the opponent in two, but can be disrupted from its efforts by strong reiatsu, quick reflexes and good evasive skills. Urutora Souji Kireme does the same, except also cuts the reiatsu of the opponent in half (this can only cut the reiatsu in half once).

The sealed katana has a circular-shaped guard, with a groove running around the edge and triangular segments cut into it. The tsuba is blue/white and slightly longer than most katanas have.

In Shikai, the tsuba and guard are the same and the look of the Zanpakuto varies, depending on whether it is in Zaika form or Touben form. In Bankai the only difference is the length and broadness of each component of the Zanpakuto and the twin form.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Blackpanther666 (Hyoujin Tanjuu) –


1) How large is the bomb itself? How fast is it shot out? Can the wielder choose when to explode it, or does it require contact with an object to explode? How large is the radius of the explosion? Is there a smaller radius in which the damage is highest and a larger one that still causes damage?

2) This is a pretty complex ability, hence I have quite a bit on this one. First, what’s the range of the absorption? The aura obviously extends a certain distance off the blade, but I’m guessing the absorption is a bit wider. Second, how quickly does the absorption occur? Is it similar to the absorption of, say, Uryuu’s broken glove, and if not, what level would you say it is by comparison? Third, what are the different size bombs this can create? Are they all the same power? How fast are they fired out? Fourth, you say it becomes more chaotic the more damage it does. Is this by all methods, including normal cuts and the usage of the first ability? Fifth, I get this general idea of the Chaos vs. Order issue, but I do have to wonder what happens as the blade gets more and more chaotic. Does the leaking increase? Does it become specifically more dangerous to the wielder? Do the explosions become more powerful? How does that work?

Bankai: There are four abilities here, even if one is minor. In this case, they’re overall a bit too powerful to have that many, since they don’t seem to balance as well as your other blade. They all seem powerful, and the minor ability isn’t exactly weak either, just passive.

1) Pretty much the same questions from shikai 1.

2) You mention the speed of the explosion, but what about the speed of the pulse? How large is the pulse? Is it readily visible? Is it possible to interrupt the pulse by hitting it with, say, a kido spell (since it reacts to their reiatsu)?

3) Same questions as with the Jikou Saisei, with a couple of additions. First, is there a pulse-like manifestation of the increased chaos? Also, try to define the effectiveness of the healing here.

4) I get this ability, it just doesn’t seem quite so small. I mean, this means it can cut through basically anything that’s at certain level below your own (though, admittedly, you don’t say how far below you they would have to be for this to be effective), which means it can basically slice through zanpakuto.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
ForgotToSmile – Looks like you did a pretty complete job responding to my questions, I’ll be interested to see what you come up with when you post your next blade.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
ForgotToSmile (Shinigami Ichiranseisōseiji) – Looks like you did a pretty complete job responding to my questions, and the new abilities look interesting. I’ll go ahead and respond to those in particular.

Bankai 1) The only questions I have here is about moving into direct sunlight. Is there a limit to how far or fast it can move in the sunlight? Does it get reduced in the sun as long as it’s there? Or is it basically just capable of moving shadows through direct sunlight as an increased power but at the same rate? This basically seems to give you an infinite range of motion as long as you’re in a lit area, whether it’s dimly lit or heavily lit, so you might want to include some small restrictions that at least tends to contain his shadow movement outside of the direct sunlight excepting short term cases.

Bankai 2) When you destroy each of these undead, does it only return the reiatsu you put into them, or does it provide you with more beyond that?

The description additions do a lot to make your blade more specified, it looks much better.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Kevy1 - I appreciate your comments on my blade, it's one of my newest and favorites, though, truth be told, the idea comes from elsewhere (specifically, a book series I just finished that I absolutely loved called the Mistborn trilogy). I like to make blades that have a lot of interesting ways to spin certain techniques in RP matchup, and this one works exceptionally well for that).
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Konstantinos702 (Tetsu ōkami) –


1) There are really 2 separate abilities here: a boost to the power of your two weapon manifestations, and a kido boost that allows you to utilize kido at a higher level. Could you specify how much of an increase defensively this achieves? Is it against all attacks, or just physical? Does that just mean that the shield can take more damage before being destroyed, or does it mean that the shield makes it easier for the wielder to hold their ground against more powerful attacks (i.e. does pushback from attacks remain the same or not)? How much of an increase to attack is there? Is it just to attacks launched by the katana itself? Does it just increase cutting power? The kido ability makes sense, it should just be separate from the blade enhancement.

2) So the nodachi provides an increase to the raw power of your attacks? Does it just make you stronger (and by how much), or does it have other effects here? You’ll have to be more specific about the effects of different kido on the blade (for example: all offensive kido give it an electric edge, all defensive kido increases the strength of the blade, perhaps).
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Kevy1 (Kazeon) –


1) There’s a bit of an issue with how this is phrased. If the air is denser around the user’s feet, he wouldn’t be able to move faster, she’d move slower, since increasing air density places molecules close together. You were probably trying to stay you reduce density instead, which would increase your speed. Does the space you create stay at the wielder’s feet and move with him, or does he create the space and have to concentrate in order to move it with him? Can other people exploit that same space? Does the vibrating blade cause further damage upon contact with the opponent, and if not, does that mean it stops vibrating when it strikes? You say the kick is 5 times stronger, but if speed is only increased by 2x as a result of the density of the air, how is this achieved by vibrations (I’m not saying it can’t happen, but since it’s resulting from the vibrations, you should describe it a little more)? And how does the kick cut?

2) You say the blade swipes out, how far does it extend? I’m guessing that the sonic boom can be blocked by a normal physical object as long as it’s capable of taking on the strength of such a blast? The major thing I’d say on here is that it just generally seems like a linear improvement to the first ability, something that makes you faster than it can (and I’m guessing makes your kick stronger than 5x as well), as well as providing you with a new ability you can use with your blade. It’s not overpowered, it just seems like this should be a bankai ability following on the first shikai rather than a second shikai, since it makes nothing but sense to use this ability instead of the first. If some of the portions of the first ability don’t apply here, then you’ll have to explain why.

3) Can the spinning be interrupted by an opponent, and if so, how difficult is that to manage? This one’s pretty well explained overall.

Bankai: I am noticing that you placed 4 abilities in here, and you might want to reduce that down to 3. I realize that the first 3 are basically shikai abilities, either enhanced or not, and if you want, you could form two or 3 of them into a single ability. What’s more, this armor is an ability. You’re immune to kido under 90 and most physical attacks that touch it as well, so that’s a pretty tremendous defensive gain. It was a bit different with your previous blade, since the absolute defense you included there was just a part of the release as opposed to being an actual part of his active bankai (I may have that wrong, but that’s how I read it).

1) Apply all the same shikai #1 questions here. A few others as well. First, the 5x strength boost is simple enough to apply to the kick strength, but what about the density reduction? Does that change at all (you do say that the flash step remains the same as shikai, but there could be other differences)? Second, I’m really confused by the vibration equilibrium aspect. Where does the 3 foot barrier float? Is it around her chest, waist, feet, etc.? How much damage can the normal barrier take? Can an opponent get under or over that barrier? How about this 1 foot barrier that it changes into? You say that any kido over 80 that it gets hit with at that point will weaken all abilities, but will it also pierce the barrier? And how much does it weaken the abilities by?

2/3) Same as Shikai #2. Again, you should provide more about the 5x boost and what it means for each. This seems like an incredible amount of blocking strength, for armor or an ability or whatever. If you’re basically immune to physical damage and all but the most powerful kido strikes, that’s too much.

4) In terms of meditation, how and when can it take place? Can you meditate in the middle of battle, or is it something you can only do outside of it? How long do you need to meditate? In general, these suicide moves are, perhaps, the moves I’m most iffy about. The reason why is because it’s incredibly to explain how an ability that kills the wielder is overpowered. This is basically infinite speed for some unknown period that allows her to kill pretty much any opponent before she dies to the ability itself. I’d say that’s overpowered, and the main reason why is just the sheer magnitude of deaths you can cause and the lack of any possible defense here. I get that it kills her too, and that she’s incredibly unlikely to use it, but it’s an ability that’s practically inescapable, deadly to anyone, and able to kill a massive number of people. It’s an interesting idea, though.

I think the whole thing looks pretty good. I made a blade quite a while ago that focused on vibrations, though it was quite a bit different. I also made a blade based on friction control that was more similar in terms of abilities, so that’s what I’m basing most of this review on. These kinds of blades, as you’ve noticed, are bound to be complex, hence the long review.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Bleachfan12 – The ideas are certainly there, and I’m sure you have a very solid grasp of your blade. I don’t take it as you’re calling me dumb or anything. I may have missed some aspects as I read through it, I know I’m bound to miss some things as I go.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…

1) The size of the bomb is about the size of bullet, but the amount of reishi packed in is tremendous, as it is compressed into the chamber of pistol part of the Zanpakuto. It's not exactly shot out, but pushed instead by compressed air in a smaller chamber built onto the end of the reishi chamber. This is pushed out around 2 m/s, but only when the trigger is released (best released in the middle of an attack at the opponent). Radius of the implosion is small, only a little bit larger than the person inside its radius. The size of the radius can not be changed as the reishi bullets or bombs are evenly-sized. The reishi bullets are an outer layer of stable reishi, while the compressed reishi is much more unstable. When the bomb touches reiatsu, the pores (two in each bomb) allow the unstable reishi to contact the reiatsu and explode.

2) To be honest I didn't really think about the radius of absorption. I'm thinking that it shouldn't be too big, otherwise it would make it a bit over-powered. Maybe, like, twenty to thirty meters? It is somewhat similar to Uryu's ability with the power glove, though the Bounts' ability to heal themselves with reishi originally gave me the idea for this ability, which is why I am kinda stuck about the absorption range. The Bounts could absorb anything around them, as Soul Society everything is basically reishi, so it never really showed any particular range for the Bounts' ability to absorb reishi. This ability does not create different sized bombs - it absorbs the reishi so the Zanpakuto can use Senkou Bakudan in general. The Zanpakuto can't fire reishi bombs if it has no reishi stored in the chamber, which is what the absorption is for. If the Zanpakuto causes any sort of damage it is embued with a slight chaotic tinge, which increases as the Zanpakuto does damage and draws blood. The more chaotic the blade becomes, the more damage it does and the more unstable the reishi becomes, meaning that it can explode before it is meant to and the damage can vary, as the reishi is unstable and it can potentially explode all of the reishi in the chamber, setting off an enormous explosion, probably similar to the effect of what a Jokai Crest would release if it exploded (that is, if the chamber is completely full)

Bankai: I guess I should redefine. It isn't exactly an ability. It can cut through hardened things, like if the blade had been sharpened more by reiatsu and resolve (like when Kenpachi releases his full reiatsu, his blade is much sharper than normal and especially other Shingami) In appearance it is a laser, but it only gives benefits similar to what Kenpachi's Zanpakuto does.

1) Same as Shikai, but the implosion is about half the size of when it is in Shikai. The smaller the implosion of the radius, the larger amount of damage.

2) Actually I said that the speed of the explosion was instant, when it hits the reiatsu. The speed of the pulse is the same as Shikai ability 1, Senkou Bakudan. If you looked hard you could probably see the reishi pulse as it leaves the chamber. The size of the pulse is small but it generates a much larger amount of energy than Senkou Bakudan. I'm sure if the opponent got their timing right, they would be able to interrupt it, however it would have to be right after the 'pulse' leaves the chamber.

3) The pulse generates more energy, so the chaos would increase somewhat more than Senkou Bakudan would make it. The healing is nothing special, would only cope with minor injuries, or very slow healing of major ones, where the wielder would to have to stop fighting.

4) Nope, it can't cut through reiatsu. This is important as a Zanpakuto is imbued with the wielder's reiatsu, so if the blade can't cut reiatsu, then it can't cut a Zanpakuto in two. The laser sword only effective when the Zanpakuto is not releasing reishi, as the Zanpakuto barely even comes into contact with the opponent.
1年以上前 Kevy1 said…
Thanks Whiteflame55 for your great review. I'll try to post some correction for Kongouseki Sakurabana but for Kazeon, I'm not good with that sort of scientific explanation for vibrations and wind density so I kind of tried for that one. Also I realize how many mistake I made, I do realize I have to do some clarification. But hey do you think Kazeon is good for Yoruichi?
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1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Yeah, I think it would work out pretty well for her.
1年以上前 samuelsan said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai : Ryōbi “Dragon Tail”
Release command: Kyōda “Swipe”
Description: it’s a pair chained gauntlet (the chain is made of dragon tail and can be used become a weapon, ) that make the user’s spiritual pressure group into the gauntlet and strengthen it
Sealed form: a glove
Bankai name : Ryōbi Kyōki “Dragon Tail Madness”
Description: the chained gauntlet become a pair of iron nunchaku (which coated with dragon skin) each time the user move the nunchaku there will be giant copy of dragon tail that do the same movement
Shikai abilities:
> Ryū tamashī senkō “Dragon soul punch”- the gauntlet will emit invisible spiritual punch that make the enemy dizzy
>San hyaku roku-ju Jūyōna ken “360 vital fist” – the gauntlet will automatically punch the vital point of your enemy
> Ryū chōki senkō “Dragon long punch” – the gauntlet can punch enemy from the long distance because the chaine can be longer than it looks and the chain hold the gauntlet until the gauntlet punch the opponent
Bankai abilities:
>Ryū kyōda “Dragon swipe” – combine the two nunchaku(the dragon tail copy will 2 X bigger) and swipe it to the enemy
> Ryū kaiten “Dragon spin” – spin the dragon nunchaku and throw it to the enemy (the dragon tail copy will make bigger destruction)
> Ryū X shasen “Dragon X slash” – slash the enemy with the two nunchaku in X shape (the dragon tail copy will make bigger slash)
> Himitsu dankai: Ryū Kyūkyoku buyō “ Secret step: dragon ultimate dance” –( only can be activate in shikai mode) combine taijutsu and zanpakuto technique tu make ultimate combo dance
1年以上前 bleachfan12 said…
blackpanther666 - about having a battle as whiteflame55 points out alot for me, i have way over the top zanpakuto. it would be unfair. would be fun but i cant.

1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
'Oh yeah. I bet my Ajisukita could beat some of your Zanpakutos'.

1年以上前 wagakagami said…
Hey whiteflame55 I have a question for you. Do you think a mechanical function of a zanpakuto should count as an abilities? Like how renji's zabimaru extends. This seems to be achieved by its insides stretching out where as gin's zanpakuto's extending is more "magical" in nature. For example if my zanpakuto's release form was a car with gadgets in it like the bat mobile. If the gadgets in it could actually fit in it and where realistic not any thing like a anti gravity device or anything would they count as an ability? I'm currently making a zanpakuto in which this might be an issue so could you let me know what you think? P.S I wrote this on my IPhone so it might be typed strange.
1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
That's always an interesting one. You're right, there's a distinct difference between Renji's blade and Gin's - one basically is engineered specifically to have spaces between the blades along which it can expand, and the other simply expands magically. From my perspective, natural expansion isn't an ability, but rather an aspect of the blade itself. As for a car, that's a little more difficult to be certain of, but it depends somewhat on the properties of the car. If it's just functioning as a car allowing the wielder to travel from one location to another, and its only other function is to add physical extensions to itself and, perhaps, fire physical objects that remove pieces from itself, those might just be aspects of the blade. I'm hard-pressed to be certain here, and honestly, I'd have to see how it ends up coming together, but I hope it's at least somewhat clear what I'm getting at here.

Oh, and for people who are wondering when I'll hit the remaining 2-3 blades I haven't reviewed, I should get to those this weekend at some point. Been taking a bit of a break.
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1年以上前 whiteflame55 said…
Blackpanther666 (Sekishoamatsu) –

Shikai: This is an interesting setup. I’ve seen people apply emotional aspects to their blades, but this, I believe, the first time that the blade senses and utilizes the wielder’s reiatsu, and that’s really intriguing. It’s a blade idea I’ve thought somewhat about in the past, though I could never come up with cohesive techniques. The idea of the blade exerting external control on the wielder’s emotions is a little more mainstream, but still done very rarely (emotion-based blades are few and far between). The major difficulty here, and I’m not sure how to address this but I’d be happy to hear your ideas, is how does a zanpakuto analyze complex emotions? How about a mix of emotions? I could see, for example, if the wielder was required to screen their own emotions in order to activate any of these, basically having a tighter leash on their emotions than anyone, but it’s important to address. The easy question is, does it reduce the power that it provides at lower levels of the emotion and increase it at higher levels?
For the zanpakuto forms, do both exist at once, or do you have to shift between them? If it’s the latter, how long does it take to shift between them?

Anger) What kind of explosive potential are we talking about here? How large of an explosion? How powerful? You say it becomes angrier the longer it’s in contact with other angry reiatsu, does that mean that, if an opponent or ally is also angry, this will become more powerful? Or does that mean that the more anger the wielder feels, the more power they get?

Revenge) Just to start, this is a bit different from the rest. It’s not really an emotion. Vengeance tends to come from a place of rage or anger, so it’s more akin to the previous emotion. Perhaps this is a more complex emotion in your estimation, it just requires some argument towards that end. How does the blade cut the reiatsu? Is it like a reiatsu blade is cutting ahead of the real one, or is this all done mentally? I am wondering whether there’s an effect to cutting through the reiatsu beyond creating a channel along which an opponent can be more easily and more deeply damaged. Does it reduce their reiatsu? Does it make it more difficult to utilize? The desire for revenge seems like an odd add-on here. Does that mean the zanpakuto will automatically try this move with an opponent who has caused the wielder damage, essentially trying to negate the wielder’s will? How does that work?

Sadness) How much of a pushback does the shockwave exert? How much damage would it cause? Is it concussive? You say “if this doesn’t work,” does that mean the poison can only be applied if the shockwave has no effect? How is the poison applied? How quickly does it take effect? Is it through the shockwave, or through the blade? How long does the nullification of pain last? Does it affect the whole body, or just the site of injury? How long does the paralysis last? Does it affect the whole body, or just the site of injury? The line “removing them from the fight” is a bit hard to swallow personally. If they’re paralyzed, they aren’t out of the fight – they’re about to die. Hence, there are some worries here. If it can simply paralyze them completely, even if they don’t feel pain for the remainder of the fight, it wont matter if they’re dead. Much the same questions on application of emotions to the abilities as with anger.

Calm) How much heavier does it become? How much stronger are the physical attacks it causes? Is it just as though there is extra strength behind it, or more cutting power, or how does it work?

Fright) Even a blunt blade can cause damage – does it attempt to reduce damage as much as it can, or just try to shift itself away from causing damage? Does this whole ability only occur if the wielder is afraid, and if so, must fear dominate their emotions at the time? How does more fright being added to their reiatsu harm them further?

Tate Tenrai: What makes it take any of these forms? Does the shield automatically modify itself to deal with the type of attack, or must the wielder make the choice? If it’s the latter, how does it choose when multiple types are involved in a given attack? In either case, do any of these types of shields maintain defensive potential against other types of attacks? I could understand if, say, a shield created of ice could have some defensive potential against physical and kido strikes, but what about a shield made of fire? How would one hold a shield made of fire, for that matter? Do all possible shields created hold to a central physical form, but do some lack physical properties beyond the basic ability to hold them? You say that the kido shield can be used to reject all Bakudo. Does that mean it can tear down barriers? I can understand if that repels Bakudo that hinder the wielder’s movements, but I’m wondering about the extent of this. For the physical shield, I can understand extending, but can this grow into a shield that completely covers the wielder, back and front? Will it revert to normal after a given attack? You say the shield repels any reiatsu-based attacks, what does that encompass?


1) Makes perfect sense, wouldn’t change a thing.

2) Much of the same basic questions about feeling emotions apply here. Also, how much of an increase to damage does a “bad emotion” apply? And in terms of refusing to attack, much like with fear, how does this function (beyond the manifestation and lecturing)?

3) I’m still not entirely sure I understand the difference between this and revenge, beyond the desire for revenge aspect. Will it reduce an opponent’s reiatsu to half of where it’s at currently? How does that cut work? Much the same questions as for revenge on this issue.
1年以上前 Deathclaw98 said…
My zanpaktou/shikai: shitsunen, boukyaku(oblivion). my phrase is: saraundo okeru yami(supposed to be surround them in darkness but cant find them so make believe thats the phrase). shikai description: the original color of the sword is for it to be black but it has another color which white so its like and yin and yang. The handle and guard are black and white and theres a dragon like out line in the handle. The guard looks like ichigos buts its and X and is black. The blade itself is again black and white like half is white and the other black the blade is also slightly curved. Shikai ablities: my zan po aktou is lighting based and the attacks are like sasukes abilities so it allows me to draw lighting through my body and hands as well as my sword. my sword also has defensive abilities like tenka toku(lighting shield) whick allows me to move lighting like a shield kinda like bykukay(forgot how to spell is name) but this takes alot of reaistu, good thing I have alot. bankai abilities: im still lookin for a phrase so moving on. When im in bankai my outfit changes to something that looks like a hollow but just without the mask. My reaistu changes color instead of black and white its pure black( its gotta stick with the name right). I also have pitch black lighting coursing in and out of my body almost silently but you hear the crackling sound though, my sword is also completly black and has a ling black chain on the bottom of it. Now to get to the abilities my bankai is like ichigos it is speed and since im lighting allinged im even faster, I also developed a technique that is like a cero and bala...... Just more powerful but uses a significant amount of reistu if ysed to many times. Comments: relies on both defense and offense with my bankai enhanced lighting it is practically impossibble to fight in close or even mid range combat, also my offense is for all three which is close, mid, and long range so all and all im one tough s.o.b
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Shikai: It wasn't originally going to be a blade that dealt with emotion, but I decided that it could have an interesting impact on the offensive capabilities of the Zanpakuto. I think that it is somewhat similar to how you put it, for example, if the wielder was fighting out of rage, then this would have the same effect on them. I guess I'm trying to say that, like Kyoraku's Zanpakuto, this Zanpakuto can have an effect on both the opponent and the wielder (I think this balances it a little too) However the Zanpakuto itself is sensitive to emotion, so if the wielder and/or the opponent is feeling a range of emotions, then the Zanpakuto will affect the wielder and opponent with the same emotions, but to a lesser extent for more than one emotion (if the wielder is sad, but also feeling rage/anger at the same time, then the Zanpakuto will affect the wielder slightly less than if he was only feeling sad or rage/anger) The Zanpakuto forms have to be changed between (Touben cannot be active while Zaika is active and vice versa) The phase-shift between the two takes approximately thirty seconds, as the reiatsu of the wielder would generally rise slightly with the energy expended shifting forms.

Anger) Explosion depends on how angry the opponent is, combined with how angry the wielder is. Though, if the wielder is not angry, the explosion will still be reasonably large, about mature Adjuchas Cero in both size of explosion and destruction of explosion. Basically, the Zanpakuto literally feels the emotion coming from the wielder and the opponent, as each Zanpakuto has a manifestation form, which I personally think gives them enough reason to be able to feel emotion from the wielder and sense the emotions from the opponent through the wielder (easy enough, even Ichigo could feel emotions from Aizen's Zanpakuto and Gin's Zanpakuto)

Revenge) Personally I find revenge to be very much like an emotion. When you have revenge on your mind, it's never quite anger, it usually feels different, like an overwhelming desire to cause pain to someone who has hurt you in some way. The reason I used this is because revenge can be a very powerful motive. The Zanpakuto doesn't cut the opponent during Revenge, the reiatsu imbued in the Zanpakuto shapes itself around the blade and cuts the reiatsu in half, in other words, they will have only half of their reiatsu left, as though they had used a Getsuga Tensho with half of their full reiatsu. If the Zanpakuto can sense revenge from the opponent, then it will attack like this. It doesn't matter if the wielder is feeling revenge, because this attack won't power up any more from any added desire for revenge from the wielder.

Sadness) It isn't far, because the shockwave isn't very powerful. The attack is designed to cause the opponent as little damage as possible and no, it is not concussive. The poison does only work if the shockwave doesn't work. The poison is secreted through the blade, so that it will almost instantly paralyse that limb and make the opponent unable to fight. The whole idea of the attack is to make the opponent stop fighting, as though the Zanpakuto was feeling pity for the opponent. Paralysing them means that they will no longer be able to continue the fight (when someone is fighting and feeling sadness, they probably aren't wanting to fight but feel they have to, out of loyalty or belief, so this attack gives them that chance to survive and forfeit the fight)

Calm: Not too much heavier, just enough to make a normal attack about twice as powerful as it previously was. The attack only increases the power behind the swing, so it doesn't give it extra cutting power.

Fright: Didn't say that, I meant that the blade would become blunt and that would most likely result in the Zanpakuto doing little damage. Like in Ichigo's fight with Kenpachi, as well as his battle with Urahara, Ichigo can't cut Kenpachi with Zangetsu and he couldn't do any damage to Urahara during their fight. This ability stems from any fright that the opponent is feeling and takes into account any fear that the wielder is feeling. If the wielder attacks in this situation, the Zanpakuto will end up damaging both of them.


1) Sweet

2) This is much easier to answer. It is simple, the attack can do more and more damage depending on what emotions the opponent is feeling. A range of good and bad emotions the opponent is feeling can counter-balance one another. So if the opponent is envious of the wielder, as well as having a desire for revenge, but, at the same time, is frightened of the abilities of their Zanpakuto and sad for feeling this way, then the attack will do no damage at all.

1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Just to add, during Revenge, the attack that Sekishoamatus performs could be though of as only doing damage to reiatsu instead of the opponent's body. Enough damage to destroy half of their reiatsu, as I said, though, Revenge can only cut the reiatsu in half once.
1年以上前 Deathclaw98 said…
i feel i didnt give much information about my bankai so here it is. in bankai my sword turns completly black and the handle is a bronze color with a bronze dragon on it the sword itself is double sword measures 43" overall. Features a 30" hand-forged, double-edged black Damascus steel blade that has been folded to deliver 2,000 layers of pure cutting power and is build to perform with razor sharp edges on both sides. The blade offers a heavy blood groove in the traditional katana design while the handle features genuine ray skin with a nylon cord wrap and a cast zinc menuki and tsuba. The coordinating wood scabbard completes the authentic look of the sword. the way myself or character would look when i go bankai is like i said hollow like so its like ichigos vasto lord form except without the mask, like i have white clawed hands and feet but my body isnt completly covered. also my eyes turn pitch black with 4 blood red lines forming an x but not meeting in the middle. in the middle theres a red circle with a really sharp looking red star in the middle of the circle. i alsolike i said have black lighting moving around my sword and body. my abilities are like sasukes so i can fight at any range with both offensive and defensive maneovers ready to go. another thing about my bankai is that i grow 10 wolf like tails with my body looking like it was in curse mark level two just without the wings. while i donthave the curse mark wings i do have angels wings so all and all i lokk pretty demonic for a good guy dont i lol.
1年以上前 Deathclaw98 said…
oh i almost forgot my apperance: i have short sort of curly black hair,usually dont wear the standard shinigami uniform but i will if i have to, i have dark brown serious and yet kind eyes. the soul reapers below captain think im a bit of a softy and probably couldent take a hollow. but the captains know better and both fear and respect me. if you got to know me im usually kind hearted, funny, outgoing etc. but in battle im cold and ruthless, i have no girlfriend mostly because they fear me but there is this one captain that seems a bit more daring but anyway, i have a hollow mask and constantly make sure no one knows about, even though im quite powerful i do not become arrogant, overconfident, and underestimate my opponets no matter if im stronger. im also a captain so tha in itself tells people im not to be fucked with especially considering my abilities.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Why does everybody have Hollow masks now...? Isn't the whole point of this forum to 'make your own Zanpakuto?', not make the most overpowered characters possible. seriously! I might as well just invent a character who has god-like powers without his Zanpakuto and the power of every Japanese god with his Zanpakuto.
1年以上前 blackpanther666 said…
Actually, to completely vent out my frustration in all of these Visoreds just randomly popping up everywhere, I want to know where they are coming from. Deathclaw, I'm not having a go at you, I'm just sick of people making over-powered characters - it ruins the real bleach. Can I ask how your character became a Visored? I don't mind people actually having a legitimately made character if they wouldn't mind telling people the reasons behind how it occured. That is kinda the point of this forum. Zanpakutos, characters and people wanting to ask questiuons about them.