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posted by deedeeflower
here is three different ways to say black.

after each word is the pronunciation.

i looked these up in Baron's french at a glance.

Baron's italian at a glance.

Baron's spanish at a glance.

second edition language dictionaries.

published in 1992.

notice the similarities between the 3 languages.

French: noir(e); nwahr

Italian: nero; nAY-roh

Spanish: negro; NEH-groh

here are some phrases using these words.

black coffee
French: le cafe noir; luh kah-fay nwahr

Italian: caffe nero; kahf-fEH nAY-roh

spanish: el cafe negro; kah-FEH NEH-groh

black book
French: le livre noir; lu lee-vruh nwahr

Italian: libro nero; lEE-broh...
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posted by deedeeflower
Each time that I have made Black Frosting I did it freehand, so to speak. I never had a recipe to follow. Now days あなた can buy black 食 coloring, but I find it もっと見る fun to mix the color myself. I start with a container of white frosting in either vanilla または cream cheese flavor. If あなた have a box of primary colors(red, blue, green, yellow) 食 coloring it will tell あなた how to mix purple. This is a good starting point. Once あなた have the basic purple あなた can add small amounts of green. Always check the flavor of the frosting while mixing because sometimes too much 食 coloring can make it...
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