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My mom didn't even bother to tell me about getting mail from universities. I had to go through our mail that was sitting on the 表, テーブル and find out what I got. She sayd that she already decided what college to go to. I want to see what other options I have out there first before I make a decission. My mom on the other hand says that's not what I should do. I really want to get my dad involved because I know how much of a help he will be to me but I'm scared of the fights that will happen between my parents if I do tell my dad about what my did and said. I just am so stressed about this that I don't know what to do. My mom has already controlled a lot of my life I don't want her controlling anymore of my life. She already has had control over what I can and can't do. I just want to make my decissions without her having to control them.
posted by Lunalovely
(So i found this in my notepad, and I wanted to share.
It's like if あなた got in trouble and were forced to write lines.
The reasons the numbers are ランダム are cause these are my お気に入り from some 一覧 i can no longer find, plus this (*) means that I would so do that. (**) means that I probably would, if I had もっと見る balls, または was less lazy, and (***) means I would so do it, if I had フレンズ to do it with, mostly, フレッド and George.

3) No matter how good a fake Australian accent I can do, I must not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class.*
8) I will not use Umbridge’s quill to...
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Hello guys :) Mea here!
As some of あなた know, I’m a total RENThead, and I’m in 愛 with the musical RENT. Since I 愛 this musical/movie so much, but not many people know about it または have heard of it, I decided to write an 記事 about it :) I’m basically giving あなた a summary and a few 名言・格言 from this movie/musical so あなた can get a taste of it. I’d rather あなた guys not get it from some ランダム source. あなた can trust this biggerstaff to give あなた the real info on this musical, so here it is (BTW, I have two versions: ones a short version with no spoilers, and one’s long with TONS of...
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posted by rapunzeleah123
I sighed as I woke up, blinking in the bright sunlight. I looked over at the sleeping Frank, and then at my alarm clock.


Quickly throwing off the covers, I leaped out of ベッド and threw on a robe. I couldn't believe I'd slept that late. Yeah, so it was summer vacation and 10:30 was nothing. But I usually got up at 7:00 a.m. I was a total freak

"LEAH!" A voice shrieked at me from outside my door. I groaned. Kris.
"Hold on, Kris, I'll be out in a minute!" I brushed my hair and teeth quickly and opened the door.

"You 発言しました last night あなた were gonna make waffles!" Kris griped as we walked down...
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posted by emilyroxx
So, I was recently diagnosed with Asperger's, and I 愛 psychology, so I'm going to force some medical diagnosis information of all of you!

Asperger's syndrome, also called Asperger's disorder, is a type of pervasive developmental disorder (PDD). PDDs are a group of conditions that involve delays in the development of many basic skills, most notably the ability to socialize with others, to communicate, and to use imagination.

Although Asperger's syndrome is similar in some ways to autism -- another, もっと見る severe type of PDD -- there are some important differences. Children with Asperger's syndrome...
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A/N: I just wanted to try smut in the 秒 person.

He takes あなた によって surprise every time, though you'd think you'd have learned to expect it によって now.
You got married straight out of Hogwarts, hopelessly in 愛 as あなた were, and moved into a one-bedroom flat overlooking Diagon Alley. In the few months since your graduation, you've managed to christen just about every spot in the flat (and some around it too), but still he manages to take あなた によって surprise when he sneaks up behind あなた like this, sliding his warm hands under your シャツ to rest on your stomach. Not that it always happens in...
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Funny 名言・格言 :3

1. Last night I lay in ベッド looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling.

2. The only reason people get ロスト in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.

3. There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

4. "Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss." - Douglas Adams

5. When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.

6. After twelve years of therapy my psychiatrist 発言しました something that brought tears to my eyes. He said, "No hablo...
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A bunch of jokes I found.

1. A Spanish guy enters a hospital to have a minor operation.

A nurse begins to take down his information: name, insurance company, etc.

"In case of emergency, whom should we notify?"

"You mean if I become very sick?"

"Well . . . yes."

"If that happens, call a doctor!"

2. Daughter : I am in 愛 with the neighbor, so I am running away with him.

Dad: Thanks , あなた have saved my money & time.

Daughter: Dad, I am 読書 the letter left によって Mom.

3. .-Knock, knock
-Who's there?
-Cornelius who?
-Well, that's politics for you………

4. Why did the イタチ クロス the road?
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1. Criminal Minds
Description: A section of the FBI, called the Behavioral Analysis Unit (or BAU), プロフィール criminals to solve crimes. A lot of psychology + crime solving = happy Mary.
How I Found It: My bro recommended it.
High Point: Spencer Reid and all of his nerdiness/adorableness. (Nerdiness isn't a word?! Stupid dictionary... Anyway, he's nerdy).
Low Point: JJ and Prentiss getting cut from the show. CBS, I hate you.
Favorite Character: Spencer Reid, like あなた couldn't tell.
Least お気に入り Character: I would say Seaver, but I kind of stopped watching after JJ and Prentiss left, and I only saw...
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posted by boolander25
 a list? of epicosity? MUST READ.
a list? of epicosity? MUST READ.
Everyone ships someone together. In order from lesser shipping to MOST SHIPPED OF ALL, these are mine.^^
Peter Pan/Wendy

Say what あなた want, cliche または whatever, but I totally ship these two together. Sure, Wendy's a Mary-Sue. I don't care. The chemistry between these two is great and あなた can't deny it.

Sarah and Jimmy

Yes, there is a pairing from EEnE that doesn't involve me that I am proud to ship. Even if I ship a pair of 6 (??IDFK??) 年 olds together, so what? Suck it....
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posted by IzzyOzera
I woke up and looked around realising where I was. Oh God! How on earth did I get here? “Hermione?” I heard a voice in the ベッド 次 to me, I turned around and saw Professor Lupin! “What are あなた doing here?” he whispered.
“I was about to ask あなた the same thing!” I replied
“This is my room I’m supposed to be here, あなた on the other hand are not”
“Well I’m not sure how I got here” I then realised I was naked and my clothes where lying on the floor. I tried to grab them but fell out of bed. I jumped up, grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom. I tried to get dressed...
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I should probably post this on the ファゴット spot... but whatever. :P


- It's a beautiful instrument that should be treasured.

- Also, almost no one plays it, so they're in demand in orchestras and whatnot. HIPSTER INSTRUMENT FTW.

- It's a swear word in German and Finnish and also possibly Italian.

- Sucking on the reed gives me many fond memories of being a baby. ^_^

- If あなた put a グローブ on 上, ページのトップへ of the bell, and play a low B flat, the グローブ will inflate. So freaking cool.

- あなた can poke/hit people with it accidentally-on-purpose.

- It gives あなた an excuse to be unladylike. In the sitting position,...
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posted by GemonkDruid
NOTE: If あなた are sensitive with blatant racism against whites and Asians, then a. Why are あなた still フレンズ with me? and b. stop 読書 this article. I will not deal with people being all butthurt about this.

So によって now, I think あなた all know that Asian parents get all uptight and pissed about grades. I mean, white parents, they don't care. They're like:

White kid: Mom I got an A
Mother: *golf clap* That's great honey! *proceeds to bake cookies*
White kid: Mom I got a B
Mother: *golf clap* That's great honey! *proceeds to bake cookies*
White kid: Mom...I got a C
Mother: ... That's great honey! *accidentally-on-purpose...
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posted by emilyroxx
To the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty クイーン Elizabeth II:

In light of your immediate failure to financially manage yourselves and also in 最近 years your tendency to elect incompetent Presidents of the USA and therefore not able to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of the revocation of your independence, effective immediately. (You should look up 'revocation' in the オックスフォード English Dictionary.)

Her Sovereign Majesty クイーン Elizabeth II will resume monarchical duties over all states, commonwealths, and territories (except Kansas , which she does not...
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I wrote this for class :D hope あなた like it!

In the Arena,
Two rules,
Stay alive
No cannibalism.

In the Arena,
24 tributes,
To the death,
One survivor.

In the Arena,
They called for her,
I volunteered,
To save Prim's life.

In the Arena,
She took my arrows,
Arrows are life,
My arrows.

In the Arena,
He 発言しました he'd kill me,
Would Peeta do that
To me?

In the Arena,
A cannon,
もっと見る kills,
My kills?

In the Arena,
I find him,
次 to me.

In the Arena,
I saved him,
We'll survive.

I the Arena,
He told me,
I 愛 you,
I lied.

In the Arena,
No one really
Comes out

In the Arena,
They came
to tear us
to pieces.

In the Arena,
The berries
Saved us,
In the end.

In the Arena,
We lived,
But what
was the cost?

Reviews, please?
posted by BiggerSecret
I thought "Why not confess to people that dont know me?" So heres my own confesssion article

I have never felt loved によって my dad. Maybe when I was really little but thats it. He blames me for everything that goes wrong. He also sticks up for everyone but me. If my cousin hurts me, he'll say "Boys will be boys". If I go up to my cousins and talk to them to be nice, they'll leave and Ill get blamed for not hanging out with them. Its really hard when he tries to say everything wrong is because of me.

Social Problems/Depression
Whenever I'm with friends, I'm hardly ever happy. If anything, Im...
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Funny 名言・格言 and stiff
I will only stop being your friend when a mute guy tells a deaf guy that a blind guy saw a legless guy walk on water.
Learn the rules so あなた know how to properly break them
You have enemies? Good. That means あなた stood up for something sometime in your life.
Those are my principals, and if あなた don't like them...
... well i have others.
I 愛 irony. あなた know what's ironic? How the people who know the least about あなた have the most to say.
War doesn't determine who's right. War determines who's left.
Dear McDonald's Cashier,
Stop looking at me like that. Last time i checked,...
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posted by 1-2vampire
I really need to get this off my chest and I want あなた to know who you're replying to (if あなた care).

It's nothing serious または anything it's harmless, really, but it bothers me, on Fanpop, IRL, family, anywhere really. But for now I'm just talking about Fanpop.

I feel left out. I know I don't contribute too much but I just feel like everyone's got their favourite Biggerstaffs (don't lie, we all do) like best friends, and I don't have this. I'm no one's "best friend" so to speak. It's the same IRL but I'm scared to mention it because I go to school with these people and they're my only friends....
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posted by lucius_malloy
I just kinda need to rant this all out, and also I kinda hope it might help y'all if あなた ever apply for the IB :D this might turn out crazy long though...

Part One: In The Morning
I swear, I've never been as nervous and/or panicky as I was this morning. Not even the 日 of my confirmation, the 日 of my summer job interview and the 日 I left for Brazil put together. I mean, in a way, it's just one test (well, technically two); but on the other hand, that one test will basically determine my future for the 次 three years and possibly even further. So, yes, I was もっと見る than slightly nervous....
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posted by alexthedog
 Best is the BOTM!!!
Best is the BOTM!!!
Alex:Go into as much detail as possible on the following questions:

Do あなた play an instrument?

Best:No, I don't play an instrument. Although in Grade 3 and 4 my school made us learn how to play the flute, but I don't play it anymore.

Alex:Do あなた have any pets(little brothers count =))?

Best:No pets as in animals, but I want a 子犬 または kitty. :) And I have two younger brothers; one is 7 years old and the other a few weeks.

Alex:Tell me your Harry Potter life story.

Best:Well it started years ago, one night at my grandmother’s house when I was bored. My cousins had left already, and I was asking...
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