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posted by Lesly1133
 Benjamin Linus
Benjamin Linus
Some of the best and most funny 名言・格言 from our お気に入り Good Guy on Lost.

Ben Linus:This gentlemen and I are taking a boat. Does anyone else have a problem with that?

Ben Linus: [to the Smoke Monster] I'll be outside.

Ben Linus: How many times do I have to tell you, John? I always have a plan.

Locke: あなた just killed everybody on that boat.
Ben: So?

Locke: Was he talking about what I think he was talking about?
Ben: If あなた mean time-travelling bunnies, then yes.

Alex: あなた put my boyfriend in a cage and then あなた locked him in a room and tried to brainwash him!
Ben: I didn't want him to get あなた pregnant....
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posted by blackparade
I think that Ben's actions must be judged on the basis of just how special the Island is. (Thats very special, mates) Exceptional circumstances call for exceptional decisions. We don't yet know enough to say, but I side with the fact that Ben is doing what he feels he has to.

He isn't evil, and he doesn't enjoy causing people harm. He is too classy for useless destruction.

There are worse things on the horizon for the Island that, right now, only he understands. Oh, sure, Jack thinks he knows where it's at, but he don't know "jacked"!! ;)

I say, trust Benjamin's judgement, because he always has a plan. Even if he shoots people and treats Juliet the way he does along the way...