Beauty Products Classics Review ----an inventory of 星, つ星 products

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Classics Review ----an inventory of star products
Many people think that the cognition of skin care brands starts from the brand itself, which actually is not the fact. Plenty of facts prove that the establishment of a classic brand originally comes from the customers’ recognition for the star product brand. Products that prevail among the people can best attract customers’ interest, which is also the most crucial step to build brand values and orientation. A star product is a favorite for not only consumers but also brands. Some skin care brands’ star products are listed as follows. Let’s review the classics!

The first brand: Erno Laszlo

Doctor Erno Laszlo, not only an accepted chief dermatologist but also the first person to combine dermatologic and the concept of skin care, promotes “extracting essence from plants that accelerating metabolism and exfoliating dull horns to rejuvenate skin”.That is, to protect skin with skin cares that are made from natural plants.
Star product----
Hydra Therphy Skin Vitality Treatment

Unique dual-layered skin protection system helps to accelerate metabolism, invigorate cells, and reduce wrinkles and dry lines. Special formulation of soft membrane and whitening can not only be highly active in hydrating, replenishing and locking up water, but also can make skin translucent and bright.

The second brand: VII

VII was created by the family of Dr.Vill Victor, a famous Austrian doctor who is one of the few physicians that successfully combined the knowledge of dermatology and cosmetology. He created a magic fomula that can “renew one’s youth”, whose first beneficiary was Josephine (Napoleon’s wife). This fomula also gave rise to the inspiration of EGF discovered by Dr.Stanley Cohen (winner of Nobel Chemistry prize). VII owns a hundred years’ history and an ancient fomula. Low-profiled, internalized and mysterious, it is a professional eye care brand.
Star product----
VII O2M™ Oxygen Eye Mask

Highly blending ancient fomula with modern technology, VII O2M™ Oxygen Eye Mask has added special ingredients to itself while inherits VII’s history. It can not only rejuvenate the cells and stimulate them to absorb oxygen themselves, but also invigorate the skin, reducing fine lines around eyes, eliminating dark circles and puffy eyes. Dual active moisturizing factors infuse cells with abundant water, bringing constant moist to eyes.

The third brand: Living Nature

Aimed at “zero pollution”, the product contains Manuka honey enzymes and Manuk essential oil collected from remote rainforests and jungles in New Zealand.It is labelled as fully natural organic skincare product.All products can be stored for 2 years if they are sealed, if not, they have to be uesd up within half an year.
Star product----
Extra Hydrating Toning Gel,

Manuka honey is an ingredient highly effective in moisturizing and reducing large pores. Sundrops oil, enriched in linolenate, helps to replenish fatty acids for skin, bringing special radiance to your complexion.

The fourth brand: Origins

William Lauder, grandson of Estee Lauder ‘s founder Mrs Estee Lauder , originated the brand Origins. It subordinates to the Estee Lauder Group, which is the largest top grade cosmetics group in the world. Origins embraces natural and effective skin cares and cosmetics. Its products all come from natural plants, organic plants and 100% plants physiotherapy oil.
Star product----
Modern Friction

With natural rice as its main ingredient, it can exfoliate dull horns, retexturize the skin and fade fine lines and spots. Vitamin C resists free radical, helping to maintain your youth.

The fifth brand: Dr. Larhrib

Based on his rich knowledge in dermatology and medicine,doctor Larhrib created an intelligent skin care range with the natural ingredients including fruits, vegetables and pants. The brand is characterized by selecting fruits and vegetables with different effects, replacing the water in skin care products with 100% juice, thus infusing rich natural nutrients into skin care products to deal with various skin problems.
Star product----
Eye area rejuvenating cream

100% cucumber extracts, enriched in mineral substances, vitamins, antioxidants, etc., calm and relieve the skin in ocular region. Active ingredients Bioskinup® Contour and Eyeseryl® effectively reduce wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles. Simultaneously, natural seaweed essence brings constant moist to the skin.

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