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posted by orifab9979
I can see it in your eyes your angry
Regret got **** on what あなた feeling now
Mad cuz he aint like me
Oh あなた mad cuz nobody ever did it like me
All the care that i take
All the 愛 that we made
Now your tryin 2 find somebody to replace what i gave to yaaw
Its ashame あなた didnt keep it
Alisha, Katia i know that あなた gone hear this
Im the man
Yea i 発言しました it
***** im the man dont あなた forget it
The way あなた walk thats me
The way talk thats me
The way あなた got your hair up did あなた forget thats me
And the voice in your speaker right now thats me (thats me)
And the voice in your ear thats me cant あなた see
That i made...
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