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Girl group A Pink's member Son Naeun revealed a cute self-camera photo.

"Already 秒 week. Thank あなた to all ファン for the support! So happy every single day. Sad but time to say goodby to blonde hair. Hope to see あなた again. Get ホーム 安全, 安全です and have a good weekend," 投稿されました Son on A Pink's フェイスブック on Sunday along with a picture.
In the picture, Son is wearing a 虹 シャツ and her long blonde wavy hair is tied to two sides with a cute headband, adding onto her cute charm.
A ピンク is currently actively promoting their new song "Remember."
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Wow, so that's the awesome body that A Pink's Chorong's been hiding! In her photoshoot for 'Sure's December issue, Chorong flaunted her evenly toned, sexy body and shared some health tips to shedding that stubborn fat.

The singer revealed that her current body is the result of eight years of hapkido and her regular sessions of pilates. Chorong is living proof that the hard work can help achieve any look あなた so desire!

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Chorong confessed that pilates has transformed the muscle on the bottom part of her body from thick and ungainly to slim and toned....
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