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 Your My Eleanor Princess
Your My Eleanor Princess
First of all I wanted to do this to say how much あなた mean to me anna

Honestly when we first spoke on ファンポップ I didn't know how close we were going to be until now and I wouldn't change one bit of it because honestly it wouldn't be ファンポップ without あなた here, I wouldn't know what to do without あなた here

Thank あなた for being there when I have had my low moments and thank あなた for cheering me up like no one else can あなた will always be
- My Heart
- My Soul
- My Angel
- My Princess
- My Soulmate
- My AnnaAngel
- My NiallPrincess

Nothing will get between us because our bond is to strong
I know so much about あなた and still feel like I have もっと見る to find out

Thank あなた Anna for being there for me and あなた know I always will be here for あなた no matter what and help あなた out whenever あなた need me

I 愛 あなた My Princess
 Our FriendShip grows stronger everyday
Our FriendShip grows stronger everyday
 I 愛 あなた Anna always remember that
I Love you Anna always remember that
 We make each otehr laugh <3
We make each otehr laugh <3
I am not long in ファンポップ but I have met
so many amazing people who is umpossible put
in an 記事 but I will some I want thanks now :)

link She is my soulmate .She is my Harry and I am her Louis. She is sweet , she never have hurt me . Even we dont talking much I feel like I know her forever .

link My Besty and my hottie エンジェル . She is My Danielle and I am her Eleanor . We are really close to each other and we make one another feel great .

link My ファンポップ twin. I 愛 her so much , She is the one for me <33

link My Cherry.She is gifted and sweet . Volim Te.

link I am so happy have a friend like...
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 Missing あなた now:***
Missing you now:***
Anna I know あなた will miss we all, but just want that あなた know that I'm gonna miss ya so damn much

Anna あなた are like 星, つ星 in my life that always 表示中 me a way to your heart

You always here and always make me feel that I have so freaking amazing friend

I 愛 ya really like my younger sister that I always pleased to talk and share my secrets and my love

When あなた 発言しました that あなた will leave ファンポップ for 10 または maybe もっと見る days it was like shocked to me

I just thought how could I live without Anna 10 days
I just can't think about that....It's very very sad thing no not sad just awful thing...
You are so...
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