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BenandGwen2009 posted on May 15, 2010 at 11:12AM
To all of you who have read or plan to read my fanfiction stories, I would like to say that, due to the succes of 'An Unexpected Event' I am hard at work on a few follow up stories. Which will deal with the same 3 girls but in a different way. Building on the already successful series I've written. There will be 3 new ones. Each will deal with either: Hinata, Ino, or Sakura. Just like my current series, Naruto will be the one they're with. each in different ways.Whether as friends or otherwise. Currently the one I'm writing deals with Sakura. In other words, NARUSAKU. The next will deal with Hinata, NARUHINA. there is a difference in the way I write these stories, that is that the girls don't 'fight' over him. cause for the most part, they're friends(with some exceptions. most of you know what or who i'm refering to.) so watch for new articles. If you have any ideas for the new one, please leave any ideas in your replies to this forum. just so you know the new story is called 'Naruto’s Birthday: Sakura’s big surprise: A NaruSaku fanfic' I will post it soon so watch the Articles section closely. Whether you like this pairing or not, I think you will enjoy this title.Personally, I do, but also like NARUHINA titles too. That will be in the next one TBD (To Be Determined) again any Ideas are welcome as long as they are PG - PG-13 (TV14 if you talk TV) Thanks to all of you who have read them. The included pic is a favorite of mine. as you can see, it's Sakura and Hinata

Thanks again everyone.
 To all of あなた who have read または plan to read my fanfiction stories, I would like to say that, due to t
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