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Broad-faced Potoroo
Lesser Bilby

Broad-faced Potoroo (1875, Australia)
Eastern 野ウサギ, うさぎ Wallaby (1890, Australia)
Lake Mackay Hare-wallaby (1932, Australia)[1]
Desert Rat-kangaroo (1935, Australia)
Thylacine (1936, Tasmania, Australia)
Toolache Wallaby (1943, Australia)
Desert Bandicoot (1943, Australia)
Lesser Bilby (1950s, Australia)
Pig-footed bandicoot (1950s, Australia)
Crescent Nailtail Wallaby (1956, Australia)
Red-bellied Gracile Opossum (1962, Argentina)


Steller's Sea Cow (1768), Commander Islands

Bulldog Rat

Oriente Cave ラット (?, Cuba)[2]
Torre's Cave Rat...
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posted by Renegade1765
 I was too afraid to out a picture of an actual spider, so here's a Yu-Gi-Oh! monster based on it, instead.
I was too afraid to out a picture of an actual spider, so here's a Yu-Gi-Oh! monster based on it, instead.
I know this may seem like a ランダム idea for an article, because I'm sure almost everyone shares my disgust for them, so there's no point of 書く down why I hate them. But still, Summer Vacation is almost finished here, and I wanted to write a short 記事 to end the Vacation with.

The reason why I want to write down my thoughts of why I'm afraid of spiders is because a few days ago, I saw a big クモ, スパイダー in my father's bathtub when I visited him. I had no intention of bothering it, but still, its presence alone terrified me. And after thinking about it for a little while, I formed some...
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 little Aika (4 months)
little Aika (4 months)
This is my dog Aika when she was 4 months...actually my uncle and his girlfriend bought her...But my uncle is like my father to me,he raised me and took care of me since I was a child <3...But now he moved away with his girlfriend M.- she's really nice...Now he lives just a few couple meters away from me...

So it started like this his girlfriend M. really wanted to have a dog...when I heard that.. I was really happy because I 愛 動物 but I also knew that this is never gonna happen cause my uncle yeah he really wasn't a big ファン of イヌ and everything..he didn't actually hate animals...
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posted by dwens
 Pleas plotect me
Pleas plotect me
This is an incomplete 一覧 of extinct 動物 of North America. This 一覧 covers only extinctions from the Holocene epoch, a geological period that extends from the present 日 back to about 10,000 radiocarbon years, approximately 11,430 ± 130 calendar years BP (between 9560 and 9300 BC).
1 Mammals
2 Birds
3 Reptiles
4 Amphibians
5 Fish
6 Crustaceans
7 Insects
8 Arachnids
9 Mollusks
10 Pandas

This peaceful creature with a distinctive black and white コート is adored によって the world and considered a national treasure in China. The くま, クマ also has a special significance for WWF. The panda has been WWF's...
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posted by Elemental-Aura
RIP Unknown Rouge Cat

Today on 3/11/10, 8’ o clock Peakhurst Sydney NSW Australia. I’ve let my dog do his “business” on the front lawn. While I was waiting patently I say something laying in front of my 次 日 neighbours front lawn. As curiosity got the best of me I slowly approached to my neighbours lawn and now I’ve regretted to be curious. What I say then and there was a cat, not just a, cat but a lifeless cat ad to make things worst I‘ve seen the cat around my area before. I quickly got the dog inside, when he finished marking his territory and got my mum to come outside with...
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posted by vampire2256
I luv 動物 they r so cute. And everybody should. Some stupid jerks don't like 動物 and they torcher animals. Those kinds of people r jerks never be フレンズ w/ those people. they r the stupidest people on the earth. I just want people to know that be nice to 動物 and just luv them never kick them または hit them only on the nose または the butt if they do something bad. Well luv ya who loves animals. Just make sure if u see anyone like hurting an animal stop them または call the police または even the animal control service. luv ya.
So this is an essay I wrote for school about why people shouldn't kill 動物 for their fur. I hope あなた like it! =)

Did あなた know 100 chinchillas are killed to make ONE 毛皮 coat? または 55 wild mink? または 18 red foxes? These are all things that not happen. But it's not only that, it is also the way that they are killed.
Thousands of beavers, cheetahs, cats, dogs, chinchillas, foxes, minks, rabbits, raccoons, seals, and bears are killed for their 毛皮 every year. Some are raised for it. They are kept in cramp spaces, and some are forced into bags または boxes to die of oxygen. Others get an injection....
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posted by 12NatureLvr30
I 愛 all 動物 of the world. They are all beautiful and wonderfully, uniquely made. Every animal has a purpose and role to play on Earth. But my お気に入り animal would be the rhinoceros. Many people out there think they're ugly, dirty, bad-tempered, and they just don't care. But I 愛 them - they are so unique, cool, primitive, prehistoric creatures that have been on Earth for thousands of years. There used to be もっと見る than 100 rhino species that lived on almost all continents but Antarctica, but due to climate change and hunting, only 5 remain:
1. The Black Rhino (Diceros bicornis)...
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posted by RobinFan360
My name is Ace.
I used to be your dog.
I just wanted to tell あなた how I felt over all those years.
You were my best friend. あなた always let me sleep with you, and we would go for walks everyday. I always loved it when あなた got me a new toy, and treats would come daily. When I chewed up your shiny thingy that played music, あなた just chuckled and gently-but firmly-told me not to do it again. あなた would always say,"Well he IS a puppy." and everything would be all right.
I would always know when I shouldn't do something again because when I got in trouble あなた would lightly hit me on the head. That's all...
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posted by sarahm410
hiyaahhx i luv 動物 that much that me and my cuzin has our own website check it out at
www.animalsrights.blog.co.uk and leave lots of コメント plz and there r sum gd pics too xx
i am new to the website i really like 動物 i have ma own dog called spike he luvs people and other dogs. he is very cute and playful he is my world dont yooh think donnanoble

well thats really meh joost aboot done joost writin my opinions in that yooh kin write meh at


if あなた hiv any 質問
Bunnies are my 秒 お気に入り type of animals. They are adorable and cool looking. This 一覧 is about the 5 animated bunnies that I like the most. I hope あなた enjoy the list.

5. Vanilla (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Vanilla is Cream's mom. Although she doesn't have a very huge role in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise she is 1 of my お気に入り Sonic characters, because she is a kind mom to Cream. She should have a bigger role in the Sonic franchise.

4. Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)

Bugs Bunny is the 星, つ星 of the Looney Tunes franchise. He was voiced によって the awesome Mel Blanc. Bugs Bunny is a troublemaker, but...
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posted by SapphireCat22
 This species is called the Red-Bellied Piranha because of the coloring on it's belly
This species is called the Red-Bellied Piranha because of the coloring on it's belly
Many people have become terrified of the piranha species as a whole. This is because of their savage nature and also the major motion picture "Piranha".

Piranhas though, are not as aggressive as they come off to be. In fact, piranhas only attack when it comes to defending their territory, protecting their eggs, または when hunting.

A typical diet of a piranha has many people thinking meat, but in this case, it is not always true. Yes, piranhas do eat small または even medium-sized 動物 that are wounded in the water, but some species are also vegetarian!

Vegetarian piranha species feed on nuts, fruits,...
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Common name     Scientific name     Conservation status ↓
Amur Leopard     Panthera pardus orientalis     Critically Endangered
Black Rhino     Diceros bicornis     Critically Endangered
Cross River Gorilla     Gorilla gorilla diehli     Critically Endangered
Hawksbill カメ     Eretmochelys imbricata     Critically Endangered
Javan Rhino     Rhinoceros sondaicus     Critically...
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posted by Icestorm727
 these are inoccent faces.
these are inoccent faces.
I was on あなた tube earlier and watched a video named animal abuse. I didn't make it trough the first minute. All those 動物 have been scarred for life. not just from the wounds but they were scarred in the soul. never again would most of them learn to 愛 us. We are the reason イヌ and ネコ and other 動物 are disappearing. I have a very soft yet sturdy heart. I 愛 pets and wildlife alike. あなた should never lay a hand on an animal unless in self defense または for love. If あなた give 動物 a chance and the right 愛 and care, they will in return give あなた love, respect, and protection. The video 発言しました " Imagine your self tied to a 木, ツリー 年 after 年 staring at the door in hopes of someone coming out to play. But no one does." Most 動物 who have been neglected don't make it. Don't make it your beloved pet または anyone's. Please hear me out. Spread the word and help stop animal abuse with me.
Thank you,
 Great White 鮫, サメ
Great White Shark
Sharks are fearsome predators, but humans are rarely on the menu. In fact, far もっと見る humans are killed または injured によって dogs, bees, snakes, and a whole host of other animals. Still, sharks can be dangerous, and anyone who ventures into their territory needs to have a healthy respect for these fish. If you're going to enter waters inhabited によって sharks, it's a good idea to know how to fight off an attack, but it's even もっと見る important to know how to minimize the risk of attack.

1. Stay out of shark-infested waters. The best way to avoid 鮫, サメ attacks is to stay out of water where sharks live. This of...
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 It was like it said: "Hi!"
It was like it said: "Hi!"
The smallest 動物 have feelings.

At least, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have. Even insects can build trust on you, if あなた don’t scare them away like everyone does.

Trust? Insects? What? “How could something as a fly または an ant possibly build trust on you?” It’s something I’ve heard. I’ve learned something the other day, it went a little bit like this:

I went to mom’s for my little sister’s birthday. The whole mother’s side of the family was chatting with each other, when I noticed a small ladybug on the arm of the ソファー, ソファ I was sitting on.

At first it didn’t seem...
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posted by lily649
My pet bunny is named Lily.She has to live in the ガレージ because my mom is afraid of イヌ because of イヌ she has come to a point were she she doesnt like any animal.My bunny won't die,because she could live outside and not die.I know this because my friend's bunny use to live outside and they survived,including the newborns.The mommy ripped its 毛皮 to keep the newborns warm.Wow, that mommy bunny gave pain,fur,and 愛 for those babies.Now i had a bunny for a long time now and i want to make sure she is 安全, 安全です cause she means the world to me.I try to make it as warm as i can and make sure she...
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posted by vampire2256
If u wanted 2 know y i made this club it was b/c i
♥ 動物 and i have a lot to. Well i lied i don't have a lot but i have some. First there's Riley, 落花生, ピーナッツ Butter, Daisy, and Max. Riley is a Rot. Lab. mix and he is only 10 months old and weighs 125 lbs.!!!!!!!! 落花生, ピーナッツ is a Shiba Inu and Chow Chow mix and only about 10 yrs. old. デイジー is a Shi tzu poodle mix and about 3 yrs old. And Max is a mix of some kind and about 4 months old.

Now on 2 cats. I have 3 cats, Kelly, Bailey, and Joy. Kelly is a calico and about 4 yrs old. Bailey is a Himalayin and about 3 yrs. old. Last is Joy about 5 months and a black and white cat.

Bunnies. I have only 2 bunnys and their names r Bella and Bun-bun. Bella is a long eared bunny, about 9 months old. Bun-bun is idk and he is about 1 yr old!!!!!
Hear is a basic meditation to build intamate リンク with your power animal - a spiritual guide.
(scuse spelling)

1~ picture your bare feet firmly planted to the ground. let your body make contact and enbrace the Earth surrounding you, open your mind to the soil and the sky, untill あなた are content with the bond あなた have made.

2~ 次 picture your settings, prehaps a sandy plane, a lush forest, the sea 海岸, ショア または a secluded glade. Let your thoughts carry あなた and lead あなた through your minde eye's landscape.

3~ now in great detale, experiance the sensations your setting has to offer. The smells, sounds, the suns rays on your back - the scratch of brambles on your skin.

4~ now replay the 画像 and sensations over and over. Keep a steady routine, and when your inner peace has reached its peak - your power animal will apear. Don't worry, there will be no confusion when it happens - youll be sure.

good luck, pleas send me feed back on your results!