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Almost everybody has a お気に入り part when it comes to the TV 表示する known as America’s Funniest ホーム 動画 (which is also known as AFV for short). For some, it’s the kids saying funny things, taking things literally または always cooking up something. For others, it’s the 音楽 montages.

Me? I like all of that stuff (although the clips where people get hurt can be classed as “Dude, Not Funny!”, which is from TV Tropes and Idioms). So with that in mind, here are five things I like about AFV:

1) Kids. They are very precious, and sometimes precocious. Plus, they can really make us laugh, especially...
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“You might be a 星, つ星 tonight, so let that camera roll!”

I cannot agree もっと見る there. After all, life can be full of surprises, and America’s Funniest ホーム 動画 is one really awesome TV series that shows how true that is, and in a very big way, too. Plus, the ビデオカメラ looked (and was) quite different back in 1989, when AFV (as America’s Funniest ホーム 動画 is also sometimes called) premiered on November 26, although as an hour-long special pilot episode. Basically, they were big, black and bulky, as well as expensive when it came to the price range. Also, あなた had to record on the camcorder...
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as the lights went on.
tom:hi I'm here with marlene co-star of penguinsof madagascar but were are the others
skipper:RICO 次 time use the door.
marlene:here's some もっと見る catasterfeies.
(clip of man skating off a roof)
marlene:he skated off the roof becase just jumping off it would've be not so smart.
(a squrel spinning on a bird feeder)
marlene:this is what happend to フレッド when he tried to get some nuts.
(clip ends)
tom:ok marlene time for あなた to play Who's ganna fall.ok marlene あなた know the rules I'll play the clip,stop it at a point and あなた have to gease who is ganna fall.ok the first is a wedding.ok stop now who will fall?
marlene:I say the bride
tom:ok she says the bride let's see if she gets it.
(bride in clip falls)
tom:ok marlene
marlene:oh look at the time we'll see あなた after the cermerchels.