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WarriorsCats posted on Jul 31, 2011 at 11:26PM

Daisy; A pretty long furred cream and white she-wolf with glowing golden eyes


Normal Ranked


Pups and Pup-Mothers

ONLY 6 more Alphas!

3 more Betas!

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1年以上前 Gin-Sama said…
I rp Gin a lovly male bata is very caring loves pups if he had some
1年以上前 Kate-alpha-wolf said…
Kate: A pretty and sexy female tan/brown colored she-wolf with a pink flower in her fur. Very attractive to males and needs mate. Rank: Alpha.
1年以上前 Kate-alpha-wolf said…
Hey gin... do u have a mate yet? *hopeful* would u like 2 b mine?
1年以上前 Deadsoul23 said…
Rank:Omega / sometime tags along with alphas to go hunting :P
Look:Black and Dark Grey fur with Blood red eyes
Personality:Serious yet Fun loves pups will do anything to protect his own pack vicious if provoked and has a lone wolf personality
Mate:has none doesint think hes ever good enough material for a good mate :(

*hey everyone* says Rouka *smiles*
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1年以上前 ilovepokemon3 said…
name: Brianna
sex: female i guess...
look: brown wolf with green eyes and white underbelly...
personality:.....calm,loving,caring, but can also be agressiveif needed.....loves pups....kinda shy...
mate: none...but she would like to have one.....wants her mate to be a black wolf with red eyes....
age: 2 yrs...
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1年以上前 smartone123 said…
Alpha please
Jade-pretty gray she wolf with blazeing green eyes and dark gray markings
Rank fighter
Personalityheadstorng determined and proud
Bio unknown
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1年以上前 HumphryOmega said…
Name: Vence
sex: male
rank: alpha
personality: kind, vicious when needed to be, protective, friendly
pups: Jewels and Ari
mate: Jessica
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1年以上前 Ginga-Gin said…
(Same charater,Gin this is my second account. Gin-sama isn't active anymore)
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