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posted by rose2
Episodes -
Alias (110 total Episodes)
7/9/2007: All the Time in the World
7/6/2007: Reprisal
5/22/2006: Reprisal/All the Time in the World
5/17/2006: No Hard Feelings
5/10/2006: I See Dead People
5/3/2006: 30 Seconds
4/26/2006: There's Only One Sydney Bristow
4/19/2006: S.O.S.; Maternal Instinct
4/19/2006: S.O.S.
4/19/2006: Maternal Instinct
12/14/2005: The Horizon
12/7/2005: Bob
11/17/2005: Fait Accompli
11/10/2005: Solo
10/27/2005: Out of the Box
10/20/2005: Mockingbird
10/13/2005: The Shed
10/6/2005: ...1...
9/29/2005: Prophet Five
5/25/2005: Before the Flood
5/18/2005: The Descent
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posted by rose2
Jennifer Garner
Alias Cast

* Jennifer Garner: Sydney Bristow
* Ron Rifkin: Arvin Sloane
* Victor Garber: Jack Bristow
* Michael Vartan: Michael Vaughn
* Carl Lumbly: Marcus Dixon
* Kevin Weisman: Marshall Flinkman
* Greg Grunberg: Eric Weiss
* Bradley Cooper: Will Tippin
* Merrin Dungey: Francie Calfo/Allison Doren
* Lena Olin: Irina Derevko/Laura Bristow
* Melissa George: Lauren Reed
* Mia Maestro: Nadia Santos

Alias Credits

* Alex Kurtzman-Counter: Screenwriter
* Breen Frazier: Writer
* Jeff Pinkner: Writer
* Roberto Orci: Screenwriter

Alias Directors

* Jamie Babbit: Director
* Karen Gaviola: Director
* Nelson...
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posted by linaloveli
Well, someone´s got to be the first to speak up, and that someone might as well be me...
I was about ten years old when I started watching the series, and became addicted from the very first episode. Like everyone else, I loved the first two seasons, but then something happened in season three that I didn´t quite understand. Now I´ve reached to the very point where I´m gonna tell あなた why I wrote this at all...or actually to the very question; Why do you, (when あなた have a 表示する that´s already going well), ruin that great 表示する with psycho-wives and amnesia?! And I´m not just talking about Alias now, this happens in every single 表示する I ever watch! So why do they do this? No wonder they loose watchers...! Does anyone agree?

(And thank あなた for 読書 this...)
posted by lolgirl2k11-mia
Hi my name is Mia and I watch alias nearly every 日 and I just 愛 Marshall because he's funny and a bit stupid ! If anyone loves Marshall ur awesome !!!!

29th of october!

if i had to choose between all the characters two i would choose marshall and sydney.
i thought alias was a bit boring but when marshall apeared i loved it i hated it though when marshall fainted cause i thought he was going to die! :(
To Kevin Weisman,
Have an awsome life and a happy new 年 say hi to your family for me ! :) :P