Alaric Saltzman お気に入り Alaric Saltzman Quote?

Pick one:
No, あなた look like a full-grown alpha male douche bag.
A first-person account of the Civil War? That’s like porn for a history teacher
Chunky Monkey? Well… I’m naked, so I’m gonna go.
And sleep in your dead parents’ room または my dead girlfriend’s room? No.
I’m every parent’s worst nightmare. I’m the chaperone teacher from hell.
Yeah, Elijah’s one scary dude. But with nice hair.
You’re going to recycle that same crap-ass apology あなた gave to Mason Lockwood?
あなた can thank me tomorrow. または the 日 after that または the 日 after that...
 HimymFriendsHP posted 1年以上前
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