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Tomochin posted on Apr 08, 2014 at 02:47PM
Hi everyone I'm new and I really don't know anyone. Watching AKBingo and when the members play Shoujiki Shogi they seem to get closer and that's what I want with this club.
Rules are simple, just ask a question and the person bellow has to answer it. Then they ask a question for the next person. The questions can be anything as long as they're not too personal

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1年以上前 Tomochin said…
Shoujiki, you like AKB48 better than their sister groups.
1年以上前 NagisaNoCherry said…
Yes, I only like a couple of songs from the sister groups and I've been following akb48 longer.
Shoujiki, you don't want Rino Sashihara to win 2014 elections.
1年以上前 blaueblume said…
Yes. I really liked that she won last year but I want Mayu to win so badly. now that Yuko is gone we need the next ace for AKB48!
Shoujiki, you will stop liking AKB48 when your oshi graduates.
1年以上前 Team-K said…
Nope. Akimoto Sayaka was my oshi. I was so sad that she graduated but I'm glad she's doing more activities outside of AKB48. I still love them.
Shoujiki, you only care about Senbatsu members.
1年以上前 Sumelo said…
LOL, Nope. My oshi is usually in the bottom. She only gets senbatsu if she wins janken -_-

Shoujiki, you're glad Mayu won this years election.
1年以上前 MatsuiJurina said…
I always wanted Mayu to win and become center. Now I'm just worried it's gonna be bland single.

Shoujiki, You're worried about team K.
1年以上前 NagisaNoCherry said…
At this point, who isn't worried for Team K. Management failed to push any of the older and newer girls. Then when Yuko announced her graduation, we had the sloppiest shuffle ever. Seriously the three aces in K are just gonna outshine the other members. Not to mention that they're probably gonna be the members chosen for singles aside from Yui. IMO, management should have done everything in their power to bring Sae back to K. Then they should have brought Umechan to K too.That way they could have fed off the fans nostalgia. My hope is on Yui and Kitarei at this point. I pray K gets gets good team songs that dont center Jurina or Sayanee. K is a mess and will continue to be a mess until management gets it together.

Shoujiki, you think some members get chosen more for their looks rather than actual talent.
1年以上前 Sumelo said…
I think everyone knows the answer to this question. If this wasn't true girls like Wasamin would not rank so low, let alone get promoted crappily.
(Yeah she's an Enka singer but think of a whole new audience to attract. I swear if her center song is some crappy generic song, I'm gonna lose it.) AKI-P PLZ

Shoujiki, you never watched Majisuka Gakuen 3
1年以上前 NagisaNoCherry said…
Nope #notsorry

Shoujiki, aside from SayaMilky and the newly transfered members, you don't know any NMB48 members
1年以上前 MatsuiJurina said…
Yeah, I don't really follow NMB nor HKT. The only ones I really follow are SKE and AKB.

Shoujiki, you think the newer generation have it easier
1年以上前 maedachan said…
No and yes at the same time. The pressure of center will always be there but its easier to push a new member than an older one.

Shoujiki, you think Janken is rigged
1年以上前 Sumelo said…
Aside from the first one, I think it is. Only popular members win. Mariko, Paruru, and now Jurina. It takes the whole fun from the show.

Shoujiki, you don't mind newer members being pushed as long as they don't center a single.
1年以上前 blaueblume said…
True. I don't mind anyone being pushed but as long as they don't get a solo center. That just seems like disrespect to the older members who worked hard for the position they have. I would mind them being one of the centers but never THE CENTER.

Shoujiki, you've never watched AKBingo!
1年以上前 MatsuiJurina said…
I love AKBingo! I love watching Shoujiki Shougi and Danso episodes. The lucky girl ranking is also funny.

Shoujiki, you've never cared about the elections.
1年以上前 Paruru said…
No I actaully like them. I like watching them and listening to the speeches that they make. The results are not as surprising as the rock paper scisors tourament I really like it.

Shoujiki, the newer membersare annoying