Aerosmith Areosmith ファン Corperation - NO ファン CLUB AT ALL

thethrills posted on May 27, 2010 at 01:49PM

A fan club is a club run by fans for fans with an interest in a particular performer or act. These days big coperations call themselves fan clubs and they are only cold-harted, money grubbers. The Aerosmith fan club is really Paid, Inc. Rich Rothman and his brother run the fan club and I'd bet they don't own one Aerosmith album! Rich Rothman is currently serving as Chief Operating Officer for Paid Inc. His daily responsibilities cover the administration of Internet operations at the Worcester office. Rich also maintains all the documents and information related to contracts and partnerships. His tasks as a Director and Officer include preparing all the quarterly financials and legal documentation. Greg Rothman, CEO of Paid Inc (Aerosmith Fan Club) has secured numerous financing arrangements for Paid, negotiated deals with businesses large and small - from eBay and UPS to acquiring the assets of The Collecting Channel. Greg has a true entrepreneurial spirit and started his business career building a software accounting company in the late 1980s, followed by a very successful dining delivery service in Los Angeles, CA. Now he gouges Aerosmith fans. Have you been ripped-off by gregg and rich? If so, my lawyer wants to hear from you. Write me at

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