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I don't really update this anymore! If あなた really want to see ALL the songs click link.

Adventure Time Theme

Adventure time,
Come on grab your friends,
We'll go to a very distant land,
Jake the dog,
and fin the human,
The fun will never end,
Its adventure Time!




Adventure Time Ending Theme
Come along with me
And the 蝶 and bees
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please.
Come along with me
To a cliff under a tree

Adventure Time Ending Theme (original)
Come along with me
To a town beside the sea
We can wander through the forest
And do so as we please.
Come along with me
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Well, rumor has it that Fionna and Cake will come back, which is probably true. It is seen on the adventure time wiki that theere are adventure time comics for about every 表示する they made. It is shown on one page that ice king is making the sequal to his book Fionna and Cake. The sequal is called Fionna and Cake meet Finn and Jake, which could give us a hint to a upcoming episode. It is shown that ice king is 書く his ファン fiction until a green portal appears in his home, sucking in all objects that are in his home. There aren't any もっと見る pages I could find of this, but I hope this helps you. THANKS!!!!!
posted by DerpThatHerp
 The Terrible Truth behind Adventure Time
The Terrible Truth behind Adventure Time
Yes these are theories that ファン have come up with over the years. So i thought it write them out

The Theory: Finn was a lonely boy ignored によって everyone but his loyal dog Jake. When Jake dies, Finn falls into a deep depression and attempts suicide. Instead of dying, he ends up a coma, where he lives in a perpetual dream state.

Why it could be true: I DON'T WANT THIS TO BE TRUE! Why is it that ファン theories are always so gut-wrenching? This one is courtesy of Creepypasta. Basically all of the stories in Coma Jake's head are ones he used to tell Jake before he died. A ファンタジー world where he was a...
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posted by Eula2003
[At the 上, ページのトップへ of the 木, ツリー Fort, Finn watching, Jake eating a スイカ and Princess Bubblegum 表示中 her latest invention.]
Princess Bubblegum: And so, through my experiments with cloud-seeding, I've invented... liquid pyrotechnics.
[Fireworks burst, splashing Finn with multi-coloured liquid.]
Jake: That's really cool, PB!
Princess Bubblegum: Aw, thanks, puppy. [Draws Jake onto her lap.]
Jake: Isn't it cool, Finn?
[Princess Bubblegum looks at Finn]
Finn: [Stammering] Owwww-guh...
Princess Bubblegum: [Giggles]
[Finn makes an attempt to put his head on her lap, but she pushes him away]
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Me: Okay, before あなた read this, あなた should better know that this may offend あなた whatsoever. This is just my opinion about why she can't 日付 him. Please refrain from rude comments. Thank You.
Okay, I have to say. There are a lot of reasons why PB can't be with Finn. But here are those that I think are valid:

1) She's too old for him. It's the most common and most valid. She's too old for him, which may be the reason why she keeps pushing him back. Remember in Too Young she 発言しました that she didn't want to grow up, she wanted to be 13, with Finn? She 発言しました she...
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The Earl of Lemongrab is one of the characters from Adventure Time, along with Finn and Jake. Here are ten facts about the character. Did あなた know all of them? Let us know below if あなた know any more!

1. The Earl was "born" in Princess Bubblegum's laboratory. He was created so that he could rule the キャンディー Kingdom if the Princess ever became unable to do so.

2. When he found out that Princess Bubblegum was "too young" to rule the kingdom, the Earl travelled to her 城 on his レモン Camel, immediately declared her 城 to be in "UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION," and threatened to send all of the residents...
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posted by FrostFairy
Chapter One
  "Tell us a story, grandpa!" The young girl looked up to the old man. 
Despite his age, Finn appeared to be quite young. He looked down to his grand daughter, TyLeena, then to his wife. "What do あなた think, Flara?" 
 Flame Princess smiled, "Another story would be grand."
"How 'bout you, Jake?"
  The old dog looked down to see his son, Sparky, sitting 次 to TyLeena.
"Why don't we tell them about the time we beat the Door Lord?"
 "Oh, oh!" TyLeena 発言しました excitedly. "Grandpa told me the song he sung to open the door!"
"Don't ruin it for me!" Sparky pulled...
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posted by DragonFang145


Pancake Batter


Frying Pan

Step 1.) Cook ベーコン thoroughly, after あなた are finished set aside to cool.

Step 2.) Take panckae batter (as much as あなた like, it depends on how hungry あなた are) and mix with water.

Step 3.) After ベーコン is cool enough not to burn your fingers chop into small bits (or big depends on what あなた like).

Step 4.) Sprinkle ベーコン bits into pancake mix, stir, then pour into pan (size depends on hungry あなた are).

AND REMEMBER! Don't forget to sing the song while あなた cook!

ベーコン pancakes, makin' ベーコン pancakes

Take some ベーコン and I'll put it in a pancake

ベーコン pancakes, that's what it's gonna make

ベーコン pancake!
posted by ThisRedApple
Before あなた Princess Bubblegum 恋愛中 go on and go hating on me, I would just like to point out that this is my opinion. Please be respectful about it. Also, I am making this 記事 because あなた might see me hating on PB for no reason, but I do.

Now, where do I start? Ah, yes. With her science obsession. Princess Bubblegum is just so fucking obsessed with science that she does not even give time to those who need her. I am not also a big ファン of the Science subject so I am not amused at all with her character.
If I can remember correctly, she was so obsessed about revenge and her complexion in...
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posted by emerald_32
 The troll, that, up until now, still hurts me.
The troll, that, up until now, still hurts me.
After some thought, I've decided to leave this club. Why? Here's the reason/s why.

For the past few months, I've just been abused, trolled, offended and treated badly. I was trying to stay calm and just take it lightly, to clear it によって talking nicely. But of course, people never really appreiciate it. If I'm just going to be mocked and made of fun of, well then, this club isn't worth it.

If I'm just going to be called delusional for my fandoms, then this club isn't worth it.

If I'm not appreiciated for all my efforts and contributions to this club, then this club isn't worth it.

If I'm just...
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posted by True-Finn-Fan
it was crafted によって a low level Blacksmith with high level dreams. he it was his first sword he had made as a full time Blacksmith and not just an Apprentice. he crafted it to be sold to a high end adventurer in hopes of getting his name heard around town as a great sword maker. the merchant had already payed for it but money was not his primary concern... he wanted fame as a legendary Blacksmith, but the adventurer never came and he was stuck with it...

years past...
he was tired after a 日 of creating new swords and armor and decided to go through his old sword scrap pile... most of them had...
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 My favourite ship, FINNCELINE FOREVER!!!
My favourite ship, FINNCELINE FOREVER!!!
Well I saw others do this so might as well:

(My) 上, ページのトップへ 5 ships:





My 上, ページのトップへ 5 characters:



3.Magic Man

4.Ice King


Well there あなた have it! My 上, ページのトップへ 5 for ships and characters. It used to be Bubbline then Finnceline. But after seeing the last episode...well it kinda got pushed down.

Not sure if that's good または bad
 My favourite chracter( this was uploaded kinda quick but I woul have chosen a better one)
My favourite chracter( this was uploaded kinda quick but I woul have chosen a better one)
 秒 favourite ship
Second favourite ship
 3rd favourite ship
3rd favourite ship
posted by emerald_32
Song Lyrics for Season 1 songs

Episode: The Jiggler
Song: Baby

Finn: Baby, (Jake: Ooo!)
Finn: I know what あなた need, (Jake: What's that?)
Finn: あなた want your little baby socks...
for your little baby feet. (Jake: Woooo.)
Finn: Baby, (Jake: Yeah?)
Finn: I know what あなた crave, (Jake: Oh yeah? What's that?)
Finn: あなた want to poop your pants all 日 long,
well baby behave!
Finn: Baby... あなた lookin' so good,
You lookin' like あなた might... want some baby food. (Jake: Keep it goin', man!)
Finn: Baby, あなた lookin' so fine.
You lookin' like あなた might... just start cryin'.
Finn: I gotta tuck あなた in, girl.
I gotta sing...
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posted by allaplana
Shelby, Shelby!
Yes Jake?
um mm, we're going for a walk in the forest, stay here and watch the house cuz we are taking BMO as well.
yes Jake
(Finn,Jake and BMO go out)
Sooooooooo, what to do? what to do..
(NEPTR pops out)
Hello Shelby, wanna play hide and seek?
oh man!
mmmmm, why don't i trash a party, i'll call all (shelby is calling all his friends)
the door ベル rings...
come on in guys
こんにちは Shelby, i bought snacks
nice one Bob!
i gots some games...
so the worms set the party... then it was party time!
oh my glob, i feel like im about to explode!
(the door opens)
Shelby, what have あなた done!?
Oh god Shelby, あなた jacked up our place.
Get out worms, get! yeah that's right!
And あなた Shelby, Don't あなた ever, ever mess with me again!
(shelby went back to jake's viola, crying)
posted by Eula2003
Flame Princess

Flame Princess is Finn's ex-girlfriend. He first meets her at the end of the episode "Incendium." During the episode, Jake poses as Finn trying to court her because he believed that Finn, depressed after being rejected again によって Princess Bubblegum, needed a new 愛 interest. However, when Flame Princess's father tells Jake that she is evil, Jake tells her (disguised as Finn) that he doesn't like her, which causes her to become confused and angry and attack him, following him back to the 木, ツリー fort where the real Finn is.

She starts a 火災, 火 in the house which burns the pictures in...
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posted by True-Finn-Fan
here's a story i'm sure will be an insight,
about a kid who decided to put up a fight,
so he travelled down to the land of the damned,
with a new sword, a shield, and a simple thing planned.

so he crossed his eyes as a retarded man does
in a corner in his house till his vision was like fuzz
the portal opened up as it had before
but this portal was only a one-way door

he went down there with only one a single task
to put his foot straight up grim reaper's ass
so he went down there with cold blooded steel
that in many ways had a demonic sorta feel

once he was down there there was no turning back
only way...
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Well, after the past few days my お気に入り couples have been quite crazy. So now, I'm settling things. Also posting this as an article. I think it would be good news to some people, but to others, no. Thanks for reading, anyways. :3

Finn X Flame Princess
 Well, this doesn't change, does it? Finn & Flame Princess! :D
Well, this doesn't change, does it? Finn & Flame Princess! :D

Most of あなた guys would probably know already. For those who don't, then, I'm a Finn and Flame Princess fanatic. Now, don't diss me. I like FinnAme. No-OBSESSED WITH IT.

 BubbLine Shipper and PROUD!
BubbLine Shipper and PROUD!
Princess Bubblegum X Marceline
I'm a BubbLine...
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posted by Raymantlegend
Well as you've probably realized this 記事 is about Fionna and Cake and the whole "gender swapped universe".

I hate Fionna, Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee etc. (*everyone gasps). WHY? This is why..

First of all: Why is it necessary? Honestly I don't understand the need for them!
Adventure Time has an incredible amount of weird, wacky, adorable, complex and simply awesome characters.. But instead of giving us a bigger insight on all these characters (like FP または Simon and Marceline) Cartoon Network go and create more, which is totally okay によって me.. But the stupid thing is that they don't create...
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posted by stellamusa101
Well a lot of people have been saying “Why do あなた hate PB? You're crazy!” (well, my フレンズ at school) and “Why do あなた like the teen vampire Marceline?”. And also here people want to know why. So I guess I should let out my opinion!

Princess Bubblegum – I hate her
Well my first reason would be because she's too full of herself…and if I correctly in "The Duke" when she turned [completely] green, she was SO worried, she cares about her skin too much. My other reason would be because she's too girly and scientific for me– this is an unpopular reason; I don't like her scientific ideas...
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Now, we all know the 人気 episode “What Was Missing", but do we know the story behind it????

I read somewhere on the Internet that a man from the Adventure Time crew got fired. Now, why would someone get fired from such a bubbly and entertaining show???

Well, this man was the writer of the episode “What Was Missing?". He was fired because of Lesbian thoughts in the episode. I guess AT and CN though Lesbian thoughts were too innapropriate, so they fired him, and also on YouTube, there is a channel called “Mathmatical" (I think that's the title) and they took the clip/episode off.

The first...
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