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posted by DJDragon
Danika Honeycut (Jessica Di Cicco): A girl who Jake developed a crush on in "Siren Says". Trixie, Spud and Fu (but mostly Trixie) were convinced that she was a siren who was bent on destroying Jake. In the end, Trixie showed Jake that she was wearing a ネックレス that contained siren powers and Jake started to think that she was a siren, Danika 発言しました that the real siren had 与えられた it to her and she angrily told Jake off for accusing her of being a thief. Jake realized she wasn't a siren, but it was too late to save their relationship. In "Being Human", she has forgiven Jake for what happened, and appears to still have some apparent interest in dating him again as she agrees to be his graduation partner.
Guys, answer is very clear.
If we really 愛 someone, we should fight for him/her, and don't give up, try with our all power to do our best.
And what was Rose doing all the time?
She was keeping on telling Jake that their relationship was too dangerous, that they should break up etc. あなた remember "The Academy"? They kissed, but as soon as they arrived at a school party and Brad asked her to dance with him - she didn't say anything, she did dance with him!
Summing up - there is no sense in relationship, where only one person cares. Then, why should Jake continue dating with Rose?
When he has Danika, who has forgiven him and they enjoyed a graduation party together?
Answer yourself! :)
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"Love Story" with Jake Long and Danika Honeycutt from American Dragon with song "This is Me" (Camp Rock).=]
american dragon jake long
danika x jake
Counting Crowns with "Accidentally in Love" in companion of Jake and Danika in love! :)
jake long
accidentally in 愛
counting crowns
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Jake and Danika in vid with relient K's song=]