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Who is your favourite ''Star Wars'' character?

20 answers | my answer: Darth Vader!!! Darth Vader for life!

My 上, ページのトップへ 10 ディズニー films, I 愛

10 answers | my answer: 10. アナと雪の女王 9. 塔の上のラプンツェル 8. Lady and the Tramp...

How old were あなた when あなた discovered the world of Harry Potter?

202 answers | my answer: I was 5 years old

Which celebrity would あなた like to see get into a fight with Homer?

5 answers | my answer: Justin Biber becuase i would 愛 to see Homer beat...

Can あなた do a good impression of a Simpsons character?

3 answers | my answer: I can do a good emprisseon of Homer when he says,"a...

What アニメ is this?

2 answers | my answer: i have no idea

Who the most beautiful アニメ character?

241 answers | my answer: May from pokemon i guess

which アニメ got あなた into anime?

31 answers | my answer: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Looking for a new アニメ to watch.

8 answers | my answer: Soul Eater Ouran highschool host club Death Note...

Post a character with a beautiful hairstyle

8 answers | my answer: May(Pokemon)