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do あなた know why blair is キス nate in the filming 2x25???? ill put the link for the video

3 answers | my answer: They probably did that to confuse the viewers so th...

Other really exciting teen drama または something besides GG?

10 answers | my answer: My お気に入り ,besides Gossip Girl of course, is The...


8 answers | my answer: serena/nate...chuck/blair just because they are aw...

who is involved in the threesome?

5 answers | my answer: they want あなた to think its vanessa/dan/olivia but i...

Who do あなた think nate is sleeping with in this picture?

8 answers | my answer: It might be Georgina ?

What's Your TTP?(Three True Pairings)Like OTP.(One True Pairing)

16 answers | my answer: Chair, Serenate, Danessa, and Jenny & whoever - pre...

Please Help me...

3 answers | my answer: I found a couple but can only アップロード one |:

Post a pic of your favourite couple from the 表示する

13 answers | my answer: Serena and Nate!

Who is your お気に入り kids 表示する couple?

10 answers | my answer: Cory/Topanga Sabrina/Harvey DJ/Steve

Does anyone know why Grace was taking birth control pills at the end of the season finale?

6 answers | my answer: shes taking birth control pills because she is gonn...