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Happy 7th, FiM! 投稿されました ·7 日前
Just popping in to make sure everyone saw the most meta episode of the series. 投稿されました ·2 か月前
mariofan14 コメントしました…
Fame and Misfortune? I saw it, and the bickering between everyone is an accurate depiction of many fandoms. It was a nice episode, considering Larson was in charge of it. ·2 か月前
NocturnalMirage コメントしました…
to me, it seemed like a comedy または a caricature of the 表示する itself but it was kinda funny. :D ·2 か月前
Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought official merchandise today. Now standing proudly 次 to my Fallout: Equestria book and my 虹 Dash Presents DVD is a Lyra blind bag figure. So now I pose the 質問 to あなた guys. Do any of あなた own official または ファン merchandise from the show, and if so, what is it? 投稿されました ·4 か月前
Shadow1997 コメントしました…
3 plushies A Blackjack Plush from FOE. And luna and celestia. No one nos but thoses i know only online DX to scared to tell anyone irl ·4 か月前
triq267 コメントしました…
Oh man I am seriously jealous you've got a Blackjack plushie. That's awesome. Got any pictures of it? ·4 か月前
Shadow1997 コメントしました…
Post a pic tomorrow then. Have to wait till no ones around to ask what im doing D: ·4 か月前