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Forgot リスペクト were smth people gave out on ファンポップ whooops 投稿されました 1か月前
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I honestly don’t know if you’re active または if あなた even remember who I am または why I’m here even after a 年 but I kinda just developed an urge to talk または reunite with my old ファンポップ friends. We used to talk about youtubers and being gay a lot 😂 If あなた see this message ever we should talk again. Probably not on ファンポップ but some other sns または Google hangouts または smth 投稿されました 1か月前
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I’m also a fat kpoppie now so we could just talk about biases and groups if we ever do talk again 😂 1か月前
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🐰H🐣A🐇P🐥P🐰Y🐤➕🐇E🐥A🐰S🐤T🐇E🐣R🐰! ♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️ 投稿されました 1か月前
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thank あなた for the リスペクト あなた lil nugget!
PS awesome プロフィール editing <3 投稿されました ·11 か月前
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But that "sexy slab of man" コメント made me lol harder. XD 投稿されました ·11 か月前
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This pick made me LOL. link 投稿されました ·11 か月前
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would あなた like to be my friend and girl friend 投稿されました ·11 か月前
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Yes. Marry me, あなた sexy slab of man. ·11 か月前
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Yup I didn't realize how draining she was at times. But I did realize alot of her bad points before but now that I am not フレンズ with her. I see a huge amount of the issues she had. But conversely I don't believe true フレンズ are hard to find. I have found alot of really good フレンズ vs the fake so called フレンズ honestly. It depends on your perspective I presume. And you're just as awesome. You're one of the ones on ファンポップ I 愛 having a ディベート with. Real meeting of the minds tbh. 投稿されました 1年以上前
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FUCK I know that feel because I had no flyswatter at the time. I had a damn fly out of the sky because they were annoying me and damn right bugs. ジーザス Christ. Summer is too annoying sometimes. 1年以上前
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hit a damn fly with my hands" 1年以上前
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Hopefully it doesn't happen to me lol. I hope I can skip this time as I did last time. Yes I think あなた and my other フレンズ are right. I am much better off without them. The key is finding a friend who won't bother あなた on small talk あなた know sara. I mean look at us we're friends. I hope you're not bored with me. :^D Just find someone that can interact with あなた on the lvl あなた want and you're fine. Some people just simply cannot get along with everyone. It's just a fact. 投稿されました 1年以上前
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Well if it is a form of depression あなた might want to talk to a psychology または something. あなた genuine want to do something about it but あなた can't. That could be a sign of something that is beyond your control. But until あなた get a psychology to talk to. Try to do the thing I suggested. 1年以上前
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My ex friend was a piece of a work. There's no doubt about that. She never trusted her フレンズ generally,was quick to cut off people. And was selfish. She didn't even really care if I wished her happy birthday and was 全体, 全体的です a negative person at times. She did have pros but nowhere near enough pros to deal with this One 木, ツリー 丘, ヒル bullshit. 1年以上前
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あなた are quite welcome. There's always good,neutral and evil. There's always a balance in this world even if we cannot see it is what I personally believe. 1年以上前
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And about the jurors you're probably right hopefully I won't be picked. 投稿されました 1年以上前