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Will あなた 登録する my Atelier series spot?

2 answers | my answer: I never played this, but I check into it and come b...

How many hours do あなた spend on video games?

4 answers | my answer: Well, I don't play every day, but weekly I'd say ab...

What was your first video game console?

8 answers | my answer: Atari 2600, that was my first owned, then nes, supe...

Post your お気に入り Platforming game

6 answers | my answer: Super Mario Bros 3, sonic the hedgehog 3, or, super...

What's the current video game you're playing?

7 answers | my answer: On my Wii I just got monster hunter 3tri, so I be p...

Post one of your お気に入り game soundtracks

2 answers | my answer: I'm a crush 40 fan,so...nuff 発言しました

Post a game whose ending shocked/surprised あなた as well as even made あなた get a "what the hell/what the f*ck" reaction

2 answers | my answer: Earth defense force insect Armageddon

Post a game あなた have played many/so many times that あなた practically have it memorized

12 answers | my answer: Starfox adventures i remember since i was younger a...

How can I 削除 a poll???

2 answers | my answer: I'm not sure あなた can, when あなた making the アンケート howe...

should elsa または anna eat elsa または elsa eat anna

4 answers | my answer: Wow, i would hope noone eat anyone, if someone had...