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You're.... okay. But nothing もっと見る than that. Get back to the RP XD 投稿されました ·29 日前
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you're cute :3 投稿されました 1か月前
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"Even a well lit place can hide salvation"

- Starset : It Had Begun

This band has got to be somewhere in my お気に入り によって now. 投稿されました 1か月前
TheLefteris24 コメントしました…
Welcome to the Club. It is recently that I discovered them and the Band became one of my お気に入り as well !!!! 1か月前
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Beshitoosss <3 投稿されました 1か月前
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"Mr. Blue, あなた did it right, but soon comes Mr. Night~" 投稿されました ·2 か月前
pLaStIcSUNDAE について発言しました ランダム
"Well, the years start comin and they don't stop comin', fed to the rules and I hit the ground runnin'
Didn't make sense not to live for fun, your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb" 投稿されました ·2 か月前
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link ·2 か月前
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Lefty, you've finally learned the way. Good job. ·2 か月前
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Me with people I like and care about: くま, クマ hugs and jokes

Me with people I don't like: I will maul あなた with my bare hands FUCK OFF

*Random Update(ironically) : I've actually been feeling pretty good as of lately, like almost joyful even. And that actually scares the shit out of me for some reason XD It just feels different.

How's everyone been? 投稿されました ·2 か月前
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I am chilling as usual fam lol ·2 か月前
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That moment when it's 3 in the morning and あなた don't know whether to say goodnight または good morning since あなた haven't went to sleep yet. 投稿されました ·2 か月前
TheLefteris24 コメントしました…
Highly relatable !!!! ·2 か月前
Rihanna312 コメントしました…
I have the rule - if I haven't slept yet, it's gonna be goodnight. Even if it's 6am ·2 か月前
Seanthehedgehog コメントしました…
That never happens to me. The earlier I wake up, the better. ·2 か月前
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I hope あなた have a wonderful weekend. 投稿されました ·2 か月前
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Hi. 投稿されました ·2 か月前