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How old would あなた be if あなた didnt know how old あなた are?

3 answers | my answer: i would be 14 but i wouldn't know that i'm 14 but a...

If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make あなた rich?

5 answers | my answer: i really don't know but it would be great if happin...

Do あなた push the elevator button もっと見る than once? Do あなた really believe it makes the elevator faster?

6 answers | my answer: lol good 質問 XD me click on it もっと見る than once...

What are あなた most grateful for?

4 answers | my answer: my parents.

What time is it where あなた live?

31 answers | my answer: 3:50 AM india

do あなた consider yourself funny?

23 answers | my answer: yes of course

Why is it that teenage girls nowadays are so insecure?

10 answers | my answer: *hats off for you* your objection is very right. pe...

What should I do?

14 answers | my answer: あなた should be her friend again because あなた both wer...

I swear i'll never do it again

8 answers | my answer: idk u but wb によって the way very beautiful eye. :D


7 answers | my answer: umbrella XD