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drawing contest

12 answers | my answer: Gohan.

post a pic of an アニメ character with purple または lavender har!!!

23 answers | my answer: here

Can あなた guys アップロード some cute vocaloid pics?

7 answers | my answer: NO.

why do people get metals for?

3 answers | my answer: 1st of lol metals? People get metals to make weapon...

How many リスペクト do あなた have?

15 answers | my answer: 1829.

How do あなた earn medals?

3 answers | my answer: によって participating and winning :D

What's the origin of your username?#2

31 answers | my answer: Jessy my fake alter ego An ends up with Anjy she'...

Being a muslim what makes u feel very special?

1 answer | my answer: everything.

are あなた proud to be a muslim?

10 answers | my answer: yes i proud to be muslim. and thnx to allah

How can Ash still be 10 years old, when he has been through all thoes regions! Its really creeping me out! Please can someone help me!

6 answers | my answer: The producer and directors gave him water of life.