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What are your noncanon pairings?

14 answers | my answer: Lucius x Pansy is the best pairing! ♥

Post a character that あなた hate from the アニメ あなた are recently watching

3 answers | my answer: Suguha from SAO

Post an アニメ character with a tattoo.

12 answers | my answer: Ushiromiya Eva

Does somebody know who is the chara name that Kipi cosplaying ?

1 answer | my answer: Erstin Ho from Mai otome

Can あなた post a picture of Alois and Hannah?

7 answers | my answer: ^^

post someone punching someone

18 answers | my answer: Higurashi

Post an アニメ character who's name starts with the first letter of your name!

52 answers | my answer: My name starts with "J" so... Juri

Post a picture of an アニメ character with ピンク hair

26 answers | my answer: Shima from Ao no exorcist

i need an image of a boy who look kinda like a girl

13 answers | my answer: Hideyoshi from Baka to test to shoukanjuu

What is your Japanese name? (Girls)

20 answers | my answer: Momo Your name is "Momo." Your name means peaches...