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  • Favorite TV Show: ドクター・フー
    Favorite Book or Author: Here, There Be ドラゴン
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TrinahM 発言しました …
Hey, so apparently 6 years 前 I loved to go on ファンポップ and see Doctor Who 壁紙 people had made. Six years later, I made some 壁紙 of my own(for K-POP mostly...), and decided to share them on ファンポップ as well... apparently, I had also made an account back then... though I don't think I actually ever used it...
Anyway, this might take me a little to get used to uploading the pictures... so please くま, クマ with me. Thanks! ^.^ 投稿されました 1年以上前
TrinahM コメントしました…
i think I need to アップロード to a club for them to see the wallpapers? is that correct (I'm just gonna do that for now >.< ) 1年以上前