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I am wishing あなた a very joyful and relaxed weekend. Make fruitful your free days. Best weekend wishes for あなた my sweetie beautiful Mira Minhyukkie queenie!!
how are あなた my sunshine
it`s been awhile we have talkeed here
I miss あなた so much
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I 愛 a ton of Kesha's songs but my お気に入り is definitely Let Em Talk. Her entire 虹 album was pretty dope honestly. I 愛 your background によって the way! Honestly I respect あなた for liking so many different kinds of music. I can't stand people who only listen to one genre and refuse to try other languages または types of music. There is so much もっと見る to 音楽 than just one kind, and you're mature for knowing that. I listen to legit everything lol. Except country. Name anything else and I know it. 投稿されました 1日前
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あなた have great taste as well! Thanks!!!! ♥♥♥ I 愛 them all so much, but my bias and wrecker (Kihyun, Hyungwon) will never change tbh. Woahh, あなた 愛 Kesha too??? OMG saranghae! I 愛 her with all my heart. I have heard that version of it actually, and it's fire! My お気に入り pop song of all time, my third お気に入り song ever, is her song Breathing. Some of my other お気に入り are No Tears Left To Cry, Break Free, and Moonlight. Wbu? 投稿されました ·7 日前
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Hey! I made a spot for ONEUS!
Feel free to 登録する (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

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My bias in Monsta X is Kihyun! My bias wrecker do change but my bias remains the same+D

Your fave song from Monsta X? 投稿されました ·9 日前
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And sorry for late reply...My exams r starting from I can't be active here now:( ·9 日前
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also cheeto is my spirit animal i swear 投稿されました ·12 日前
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girl i am ALWAYS here to hype あなた up, check your essays for mistakes, seriously anything i'm always here for あなた for anything 投稿されました ·12 日前
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pewds in the best seriously, i now understand why he has so many subscribers. he's just real and funny and honest and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks, legend 投稿されました ·12 日前
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MY PEWDS ♥ 投稿されました ·12 日前
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seriously you're so sweet thank あなた for putting in the time to make them for me 投稿されました ·12 日前