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MafiaYJ について発言しました Young Justice OC'S!!!
/YO it's been forever everyone! Hit me up with あなた wanna RP! we can use any of my OCs! Even if we've never RPed before, you're totally welcome! Let's get back to the good ol days :3 投稿されました ·3 日前
godmor 発言しました …
Hey, how is it going? feels like fore ever sines i spoke to you. 投稿されました ·22 日前
MafiaYJ コメントしました…
/oh my gosh HEY! how are you! i'm doing good! ·22 日前
godmor コメントしました…
Gun: *smiles and sotly rubs her butt* Yes i dit *he looked into her eyes and gave her a キッス wel resting his other hand on her breast* ·14 日前
godmor コメントしました…
(By the way, have あなた heard anything from Harley (or watever her name os agien) dont think i have seen her on in years (toug then agein i have not been here fore a eile) ·12 日前
killer24 がについて私にリスペクトを送りました my articles
Now that I think about it, doing all that on your new character bio must not have made her happy, like the myth of Medusa before the curse. No wonder why she doesn't like humans. Hahaha, 投稿されました 1か月前
MafiaYJ コメントしました…
(okay, some notes when it comes to rping here, i dont think we can use the spacing like we were in the comments, so thats why im using parentheses) Babs: You're going slow- youre not teasing me right *she pouted and nodded* yes- yes to all of it *she whimpered* 1か月前
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killer24 コメントしました…
(Oh I know.) Alex: "Yeah, they never taught me any of that level. But we shouldn't get distracted によって that, ディナー is in need of cooking, and we need the final pieces." *He smiled at her, she perplexed him sometimes, they'd have to talk about it later. He looked around of the right isle and headed in that direction.* ·10 分前
MafiaYJ コメントしました…
(well then thank あなた for the thanks) Babs: *she disappeared when he turned to go in 検索 of good fruit, she'd leave him to chose a good hearty entree または two for later* ·4 分前