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killer24 がについて私にリスペクトを送りました my articles
(Righto then.)

Alex: "Careful it might be hot. I'm glad あなた enjoy it, would have made this a little もっと見る awkward. I don't understand why it feels so stiff between us, we've both seen eachother naked you'd think that'd mean nothinf is awkward anymore." *He shrugged and sighed, it was bugging him a little.* 投稿されました ·27 日前
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Babs: *she huffed with a smile and shook her head* it's all're fine. I'm the one making things awkward. With my running off and strange outbursts. I feel like i've done あなた wrong. And i can't go back to normal until i right it. ·27 日前
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(of course it is XD) Babs: *her lips were still rather blue but they smiled this time and babylon looked up at him* alex.. *she murmured and they closed again, she felt so tired, she might not want to wake for days at a time* ·35 分前
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(Thank you, I'm not cocky all the time.) Alex: *He smiled still concerned for her.* "It's alright love, I'll take care of あなた nice a proper." *He spoke softly to her, his plan was to soak her in a warm bath to regain some heat, then he'd dry and dress her before putting her to bed, she must be tired from all that.* ·25 分前
MafiaYJ について発言しました Young Justice OC'S!!!
によって Ducky's lovely inspiration of Hogwarts houses, I did some for the main girls:

Babs: Gryffindor + Slytherin; メリダとおそろしの森 in Battle and Wise of the World

Mafia: Ravenclaw; though not seeking knowledge, she is smart in ways that people would not expect nor care to know about

Odette: Slytherin; a thief, determined and sly, she always has her eyes on the prize. 投稿されました ·28 日前
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Admin+Odette: YAAAAAAAS! もっと見る Slytherins! ·28 日前
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I 愛 <3 ·23 日前
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/THANKS ·22 日前
MafiaYJ について発言しました Young Justice OC'S!!!
/YO it's been forever everyone! Hit me up with あなた wanna RP! we can use any of my OCs! Even if we've never RPed before, you're totally welcome! Let's get back to the good ol days :3 投稿されました ·2 か月前