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Robin_Love がについて私にリスペクトを送りました my articles
So.....not sure how to start this so I'll just.....*drops Kai off*
(Kai: *blinks and waves*) 投稿されました ·5 か月前
Eclipse-YJ コメントしました…
OOOOOHOHOHOHH IDEAAAA!!! Can Kai have a teen sister who dances at Zeros Studio? Kai can come to pick her up after one of Zeros lessons >:3 ·5 か月前
Hiding 163 comments…
Eclipse-YJ コメントしました…
*Zero grinded his hips against Kais, his light grab turned to a passionate squeeze* 1日前
Robin_Love コメントしました…
(Kai continued to softly moan, his warm hands bringing Zero even closer till he was pressed full against himself.) 1日前
Eclipse-YJ について発言しました Young Justice OC'S!!!
Hi guys! Long time I know. Since Young Justice season 3 is out Ive been catching up on the first two seasons. At the moment I'm going through a bit of a tough time right now. The last time I was going through something I discovered this place, I'm always thinking about Eclipse and all the old stories and rps I use to write with あなた guys. I really miss it, please let me know how I can catch up on all your current characters! I wanna reconnect!! <3 投稿されました ·9 か月前
Robin_Love コメントしました…
HIIIIIIIIII!! I really don't have many characters. Three. あなた can catch up on Lance, Blaine, and Ena in the articles! BTW, Dylan has missed Phoebe!!!!! ·9 か月前
Kurls_Basd コメントしました…
Why is this club an escape for most of us.... I miss あなた guys so much 😔 ·8 か月前
Eclipse-YJ について発言しました Young Justice OC'S!!!
あなた can tell when its exam season in this place XD 投稿されました 1年以上前
XxKFforeverXx コメントしました…
You're not wrong XD I've actually been out for a month, but life is hectic af 1年以上前
KatRox1 コメントしました…
I only had one final this year, but once I graduate I'll be able to breathe 1年以上前
godmor コメントしました…
I knowe thad feeling, im in the last of 2 weeks of test and exams. 1年以上前