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What game are あなた playing?

16 answers | my answer: I'm playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Who is the dumbest character?!?!

46 answers | my answer: I'd kinda say Peter または Chris

Should the 表示する have at least 20 seasons?

2 answers | my answer: Honestly I think its gonna be the 次 Simpsons to...

why did u start watching 犬夜叉

29 answers | my answer: I started watching it when I was 12 it was during a...

is anyone elses meebo all mother f**ked up?

14 answers | my answer: yep mines messing up too

How does Kate's butt look here?

4 answers | my answer: Really nice one

Have any of あなた guys met each other irl?

2 answers | my answer: No

If あなた could tame one a wild animal and have it as a pet what would it be?

4 answers | my answer: Thats a good 質問 to choose

if Lionsgate ever announces a TV 表示する for real, when should it take place?

5 answers | my answer: I agree

if A&O was remade into a theatrical 2D-animated movie, would あなた go watch it on the big screen?

3 answers | my answer: I’d watch it