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Annyeong my Alx sunshine!!❤️🌸
hahaha XD
no I am not sick but on Weekend I am not online(Family time) with myx own lil fam
I am fit XD just alil bit tired,put some coffee in my venes to survive xD
How are あなた ?
it is a hard Job または is it okay? thats good あなた get some Money(for K-POP stuff buying etc. =D)
あなた will see just smiling babes when あなた come back xD
または just silence !
thank あなた so much hehehhe 投稿されました ·8 時間前
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yupp badaboom new week is starting.... NOW XD!!!!happy monday kawaii Alax!!! ·8 時間前
GDragon612 コメントしました…
nope the banner one is Monsta x and the アイコン and background banner is Felix from Stray kids(my bias awee) ·8 時間前
big smile
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こんにちは Alex あなた ready for school? Your brother is going this semester right? :c 投稿されました ·10 時間前
Blaze1213IsBack コメントしました…
こんにちは -Rose_Gold- and yeah he is, why あなた ask? あなた know あなた can just 受信箱 me right lol? ·10 時間前
Blaze1213IsBack コメントしました…
Dude am being serious.XD ·9 時間前
-Rose_Gold- コメントしました…
I 受信箱 you! cx ·9 時間前
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So I just started watching Demon Slayer last night and so far I really like it. It's one of those anime's I watch and I want to continue watching it lol. It's that good haha, I do recommend this アニメ if it interest's you. The main thing that made me want to watch it where the character design's and the art style. Like Nezuko got my attention because I would see a lot of good art style of her on Pinterest that I liked lol. I also pin one of that boy with the オレンジ hair art work. 投稿されました 1日前
well i agree with u 100%........its one of the leading アニメ from last season....and i like it from first ep itself.......bgm of this アニメ is one of my fav......they have cool story plots and cool action.......i 愛 all characters in this アニメ but personal favourite is giyu the one who encouraged tanjiro to be demon slayer and zenitsu the lightning demon slayer,,,,,,,,so far these two are my very fav characters but i do like others as well.........i too recommend this cool series to those who are planing on watching this series...........he he he 1時間前
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Thinking back on when I watched one of my お気に入り series called "Kuroko no Basket" I remember seeing Kuroko's girlfriend Momoi always spending a lot of time with Aomine a lot. I mean I knew the girl loved Kuroko but to me just によって watching the アニメ seemed to spend もっと見る time with Aomine than Kuroko, once in awhile I would see her hug Kuroko. Am not sure about the アニメ though, she could be seen spending time with Kuroko a lot in the マンガ but I haven't read it. To be honest I feel Momoi should 投稿されました ·3 日前
Blaze1213IsBack コメントしました…
with Aomine instead of Kuroko and I know a lot people may disagree with me. ...but like I 発言しました she seems to spend もっと見る time with Aomine than Kuroko. Other than that her and Kuroko are just a weird couple just によって looking at them when their together but okay that's just me によって watching the anime. ·3 日前
Blaze1213IsBack コメントしました…
*manga not アニメ I mean. ·3 日前
well my point od perspective aomine and momoi are like brother and sister.........momoi soooooooo sister type who always worry about her lazy brother.........he he he 1時間前
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btw your new プロフィール look is damn fantastic,love it!!! 投稿されました ·3 日前
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annyeong my cutie Alax❤️🌸
thank あなた so much!!!
XD but I like to look what あなた reply =D but thanks hehehehe
aweee I am happy あなた can come on ,if your college starts so it`s not quit here yeah!!!what is your homejob?do あなた mean homework?
oh cool have fun in September!!!
seaworld I want to go too*-*

wishing あなた abeautiful weeeknd my dear
see us on Monday!!!

hugs and kisses Kat 投稿されました ·3 日前
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btw thanks for the blackpink stuffs
have a sweet 日 like あなた Alax
buing buing ya freaky sweet and swagy Lion and Kat =D 投稿されました ·5 日前
PureHeroine 発言しました …
No problem it's ok now :) 投稿されました ·7 日前
PureHeroine 発言しました …
It's still not square but I can make it square for あなた if あなた want. 投稿されました ·7 日前
PureHeroine 発言しました …
Hello ^^ The アイコン あなた 提出されました to the アニメ アイコン contest isn't square, please change it to square so I can put it in the contest :) 投稿されました ·7 日前