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A cute little tribute to Zorua and Zoroark (I didnt make it)
posted by Marcileonna7
I got into trouble alot i.e. I ストール, 盗んだ フルーツ 食 Castilia cones while people were upset and children cried saying :"I want one!".
Ash Cilan and Iris were heading out to Nimbasa and here they wanted to help catch me. I ran to where Zach waited . Pecha berry sandwiches are good. Apperently he was poisoned . We enjoyed the 食 until we were found. Zach my brother was a Zorua , and so was I . I illusionated to a human of my own style. I hid my little sister who was a mere egg. Life was difficult. I mean PIA was captured によって a team who tried to be cool. They also took our mother and father ! Freaks. Zach my short tempered older brother stood in front of me while Ash's ピカチュウ ロスト it's temper. Did I tell あなた Zach had a dark force around him? Well get this, he evolved! Now he could change to a human! He used night daze. "Yahoo, Zach!" I gleefully yelled. ピカチュウ was thrown back. Iris colored with him and she fell into garbage . Giggling I turned back into Zorua and hung on to Zach
posted by Marcileonna7
こんにちは everyone I made a book with the タイトル Zorua または Zoru. A Zorua named Zoru and her brother Zach are looking for their trainer PIAN and ther mother and father who were captured によって Team Rocket. I can't do all the 記事 at once so I'm doing the stuff every 秒 日 または earlier if your lucky.
So enjoy it starting April 21 2012. AND I azure あなた あなた will enjoy their younger siblings Noonie and Nathan ( he looks like Marshal Lee!) who 愛 to play and have too much energy ( the energy roots! Where the freak are they?! Zoru) . Zoru is the responsible sensible active kind , Zach is the short tempered jokey kind , Noonie is the quiet curious kind, and Nathan is the annoying mischievous silly rowdy ... To everyone but Noonie. Enjoy it when it comes!