David tells us that mostly all of his makeup comes from a little ショップ in Rome, Italy, that imports fantastic coloured powders and creams from India. (He's not telling the name of the store, however!!!) Basic essentials also include a white ご飯, 米 powder from Tokyo's Woolworth's equivalent- Indian kohl usually in black - for his eyes, which he smudges right along the lash line and some, times a little bit on the outside...

He also uses a very light liquid base, sometimes white - sometimes ピンク または yellow - and applies it with a damp sponge. For stage, David will often use an irridescent base, usually pure white. When he paints that ゴールド cirde on his forehead that's such a hit with his ファン he uses a German ゴールド base in cake form bought at New York's Makeup Centre. (He also told us that the little Japanese brushes that the Makeup Centre has for applying powders and paints are much better than anything あなた can find in Japan!)

Eight 時 cream によって Elizabeth Arden is what you'll see shining up David's lips and eyelids in photographs, it gives that extra-gloss effect. And a must is that 昔ながら, 昔ながらの black mascara, (sometimes blue) - あなた know the kind that あなた spit on the little brush and it's in cream/cake form... David will often paint waves of colour all the way across his eyes and eyebrows, rather than on the lids only usually in a ピンク または mauve tone.

In his last few English concerts, Bowie painted tiny lightning streaks on his cheek and upper leg. Once in a while he uses pearlised gloss on his lips in a tan/pink that comes across like a white-silver highlight. And - a warning! He doesn't use glitter too much, because it falls into his eyes when he's performing and it just isn't soft looking enough, he feels. Sometimes he will outline that ゴールド サークル, 円 in tiny ゴールド rhinestones, stuck on with eyelash glue.

As far as off-stage makeup is concerned, David doesn't wear any base - he uses a light natural moisturiser with ご飯, 米 powder dusted on 上, ページのトップへ - but most often he prefers to 表示する his very light, bare, clear English skin.