Many ファン of Zac Efron キス wonder how the actor ... Well, Efron account J14 Magazine what is キス あなた like and gives アドバイス that kisses are perfect.
The 星, つ星 of High School Musical is unclear how to kiss: "Be respectful to the other person and not simply engage in hands everywhere. My お気に入り kisses happen when あなた are nice and slow "

What does not? キス washer how it qualifies: "When the girls turn their tongues around your mouth like a washing machine, that's not a good idea. I've never seen a キッス like that but I heard that many do. "

Zac summarizes his アドバイス to キッス in one sentence: "Make it easy and take your time. Do not try to 飲み込む the person you're キス によって opening your mouth too!" ...