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 Akiza Izinski
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(At Akiza's house, the night of the after-party, Akiza got her red double-cross dress, red shining shoes to wear to the after party of WRGP. At outside of her house, Akiza got her duel runner, puts her ヘルメット on, and drives off.)
(She thinks about Yusei and she's going to tell about her feelings to him and she thinks Yusei's going to tell her about his feelings to her too.)

(In New Domino City lights up the new racing tracks in dazzling loops of multicolored streetlights, leading up to a brightly-lid pavilion on stilts above the water. The video screen atop it displays the WRGP After Party logo,...
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(Cut to the hopsital; the duel runners and Carly's car race to the front enterance.The gang arrive at the reception desk.)
Nurse: Oh, Akiza! あなた weren't due till two weeks, now, dear. Well, I guess we could try and squeeze あなた in somewhere, huh?
Jack: What if is another false alarm again.. (Yusei turns at him sternly).. Oh, right, Akiza's water breaks.
Akiza: Ahhhhhhhh!!!
Yusei: あなた okay, Akiza?
Akiza: Get this thing outta me!!!!
Yusei: Okay, Akiza, just relax and breathe.
(Akiza breathing deeply)
Crow: I think she's okay. She's crazy!
Jack: I think あなた mean "crazyier".
Akiza: Aaahh!!!!
Carly: Speaking...
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Source: http://gbatemp.net/t279977-yugioh-5d-s-world-championship-2011-over-the-nexus-j-hype?&st=45
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(6 weeks later atfer the birth of Yusei and Akiza's daughter, Aurora Destiny Fudo, Team 5D's invites the small gathering at Yusei, Jack and Crow's place. Akiza had started ロスト her baby weight, got a job at the 花 ショップ and Team 5D's are working on the brand new engine for the 秒 WRGP.)
(Now, Akiza is feeding Aurora with some baby formula, Akiza wears the same outfit in episode 152, smiling at her. Aurora has her black hair, steaked with red, has Yusei's blue eyes and has Akiza's skin color.)
Akiza: You're so cute when I feeding you, huh?
Aurora: (cooing)
(Leo and Luna showed up)
Leo: Hey,...
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