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Yusei: Let's rev it up! (Every episode he synchro summons his monsters in his duels.)

Jack: WHAT? HE ストール, 盗んだ MY NOODLES-TO-GO-GO? (Ep. 80)

Akiza: I'm gonna cobble あなた when I see you! (Lol!!! Funny Akiza!!!) (Ep. 71)

Akiza: Oh, well, there's goes our ride!
Yusei: I thought the idea was to get me out!
Akiza: Fine! 次 time, I won't try to save you, I'll just leave you--- (Ep. 71) (I like the mini arguement between them, but this is funny!!)

Jack: Ohhh!!! (face palm himself) (Ep. 80)

Jack: I guess isn't the first time your appetite got あなた into trouble! That Noodles To Go-Go was mine, によって the way! (Ep....
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(Yusei and the stranger in the trenchcoat are wandering beneath the same abandoned log ride Mina found earlier. Yusei's new ally stops walking.)
- Are we sure Akiza can defeat this Dark Signer?
(Yusei stops walking and turns around)
Yusei: Yeah-- have あなた ever seen her duel?
- No. But I heard she was trained によって the best.
Yusei: Are あなた talking about Sayr? That guy was a creep.
- I take it あなた have special feelings for this girl. Why else would あなた risk coming to such a dangerous place.
Yusei: She's a friend. That's all. Let's keep walking.
(Ep 60)

(Yusei continues to keep Sayer at bay, using his duel...
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