ヤング・ジャスティス Who wants to be in OC gender bent fanfic?

YJTTFAN posted on May 03, 2012 at 11:06PM
Basically the title. I’m gonna gender bend all the OCs and see where my little story goes. I just need info.

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Gender(regular gender):
Connection to team:
Fun Facts:
Quick Summary of Past:
 Basically the title. I’m gonna gender bend all the OCs and see where my little story goes. I just n
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1年以上前 MercyYJ said…

Name: Mercy (Bella) Watson
Age: 16
Hair Color:Orange with gold highlights
Eye Color: blue
Gender(regular gender): female
Weapons: None... except burn medication and other foreign medications
Power: Can control and create fire
Personality:Immature, caring
Relationship: Kaldur (is that what you meant?)
Connection to team: member
Fun Facts:
-scared of heights
-loves foreign food
-likes to travel
-friends all around the world
Quick Summary of Past: Killed her whole family on accident when she was 7 by burning her house down, traveled the whole world... had a previous team that had to end because people were hunting them down, was sent to the team for protection
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1年以上前 anime-niac said…
Name: Scarlet Adenfeld

Age: 16

Hair color: Orange

Eye color: Brown

Gender: Female

Weapons: Gun(a pistol with Fire Crossing engraved on the barrell of the gun) Witch powers over fire, and Spell stones

Personality: Kind, caring, brave, short-tempered, out-going, impatient, not very confident

Relationship: Dating Steel

Connection to team: she is a member

Fun Facts: When on missions she wears purple contacts and a flame persona mask. Has a younger brother named Keith Adenfeld. Has a dog familiar named Cole

Quick Summary of Past: Killed her mom and her four friends after losing control of her powers in a public park when she was six. Lived with Robin and Batman for two years after the accident with her mother. Was seperated from her younger brother at the age of three.

Hope that's enough info

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1年以上前 InfinityYJ said…
big smile
I do...
Name: Kyra Grayson
Hero name: Infinity (Fin)
Age: 13
Hair color: black
Eye color: blue (covered always)
Gender: female
Weapons: kind of like Robin's utility belt.. and she controls fire. and flies. and stuff.
Personality: immature, fun loving, carefree, a little troll (xD), cares deeply for her siblings and friends, can get really angry (phoenix mode) and serious
Relationship: she has unofficially broken up with Nathan Stone. (they haven't told anyone yet)
Connection to team: She's a member. And her bro is robin.
Fun Facts: she hides her iPod in a secret pouch on her belt for missions cuz she loves it so much, her bangs are always on the left side of her face, wears a gold locket with pics of her mom and dad, likes to watch random youtube videos in her spare time, has more than three personal enemies.
Quick Summary: after her parents died in a circus accident, she was separated from her brother and went to work with Slade for four years. Now she can't stand the thought of leaving the team, because the only place she can go is back to him.

1年以上前 Helen_Wayne said…
Name: Helena D. Wayne
Hero name: Catgirl
Age: 13
Hair: black
Eyes: dark blue(always a mask)
Gender: female
Weapons: whip, and utility belt
Personality: she's like a mini batman, kinda Catwoman,(sometimes), care,mean, fun, and sometimes happy.
Relationships: Batman's biological daughter, Robin's sister.
Fun Fact: she hides a dog's cookie if needed because of Wolf.
Summary: Batman leaved her when just born then taked her again at 8 years, she watched her mom's death and lived It first hand. She wants revenge against Joker for killing her mom.

1年以上前 -BelovedRobin said…
Name: Charmante  Roi or just Charm.
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eye Color: Dark brown that flickers crystal blue at any given moments. 
Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Has a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic Pistol thats much heavier compared to his own handmade Glock thats used for rapidly fire while his pistol is for accuracy shots. On his forearms and throat he has a black band that when taken off it acts like C4 (explosive). Carries two blades, a swiss army knife hidden in his right combat boot and broken katanna that he sharpen to make a point. Charm keeps it in an 2-inch longer shealth that hangs sideways on his lower back, often uses this sword with his swiss knife as duel-blades. With the strength equalling Superboy, he knoes basic forms of most fighting styles however he specializes in Submissions, Brazilian jiujitsu and Muy Thai Kick-Boxing as well as Parkour/Freerunning.

Personality: A Byronic Hero (just wikipedia it), Sarcastic, cut-throat, pharp-tongued, witty, he is the king of divas  showering everyone in his sass,  philosophical and very, very, protecting and self-sacrificing of his family.

Relationship: With Amara or her alias Tundra. 

Connection to Team: Neither foe or ally. He will not hesitant to use and/or toy with them nor help them out, it all depends on the situation and what would benefit him the most.
Fun Facts:
-Charm is a major player in the Cartel. Often is target of Black Mask or other major Drug Dealers/Transporters. 
-Deathly afriad of cows and also have a love for pancakes.
-Has an adoptive 6 yr old daugther name Bonnie, who he truly and deeply love. 
-Has Sociopathic tendencies. 
-Either shown wearing his gas mask with the right lens punched out (left lens is cracked) or purple aviators sunglasses.
-Show signs of PTSD and Sociopathics.

Summary: He is a soldier who fought in the Revolution War in his country, however beforehand when he was just 7 he went undergone vigorous training that did more harm then good. Causin him to have a crack in his mental stability. However, he claims to say it does not bother him when really does. He merely put up the front to comfort his Daugther and Girlfriend.
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1年以上前 66Dragons said…
Revenge, Nightbird, Vendicta, Phoenix, and Silver Bullet are ALL out. Sorry, I don't play well with this stuff.
1年以上前 XxKFforeverXx said…
Name: Derek Adams
Age: 14
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: brown
Gender(regular gender): Male
Weapons: none he uses regular, occasionally a sword. (maybe)
Power: Flight!
Personality: Smart Alec, doesnt show much emotion.
Relationship: Dating Eclipse.
Connection to team: Ally
Fun Facts: -hates country
-doesnt sing.
Quick Summary of Past: A experiment created by 'The School'
1年以上前 Nathan-Croak said…
Name:Tim Drake(The Alternate Teen Titans one from Earth-2)
Hero Name: Robin
Age: 15
Hair Color:Picture
Eye Color:Picture
Gender(regular gender):Male
Weapons:Twin Wickedly curved scimitars.
Personality:Tim is hard person to understand. At times he can be extremely fun and childish, but other times he's abnormally calm and quite. He loves to read and is a technology expert
Relationship:No one
Connection to team:Member
Fun Facts: Doesn't like to talk about Batman or the Team in general
Quick Summary of Past: Durring the Pre-Crisis Era, when Super Heroes from all universes fought the evil Monitor, Tim Drake from Earth-2(From the Teen Titans) found himself face to face with Tim Drake of Earth -1 (YJ universe). Shortly after Tim from Earth-2 killed the orginal Tim and took his place, not telling anyone. So right now everyone thinks he's regular robin
1年以上前 Robin_Love said…
Name: Becca Stevens
Age: 14
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown (changes with emotion)
Gender(regular gender): Female
Weapons: Escrim sticks but has more hidden on her.
Personality: She can seem shifty and mysterious. keeps to herself. Protective of those she loves and fights to the death.
Relationship: Dating Robin (Dick Grayson)
Connection to team: Undecided (continuously joining and leaving)
Fun Facts: Becca has a craving for chocolate. She will KILL for it. When on sugar, she goes nuts!!! Acts like she's high. She loves her sister Willow and is constantly invading Wally's room for random things she "needs." Hates Thunder.
Quick Summary of Past: was born a princess, taken to human world and was adopted. Grew up with robin in the circus. parents were murdered and her sister is currently trying to kill her.

1年以上前 DeltaYJ said…
((OCC) @Nathan-Croak
Hello, I am so sorry! Normally I'll never ever cut someone from a fanfic, but this story is not in the season 2 timeline. So it would be breaking the story to have Tim in the fanfic. I am so sorry, please forgive me.
1年以上前 BladeYJ said…
Name: Blade Serenity Howard

Age: 16

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Change depending on mood

Gender: Female

Weapon(s): She uses guns of al sorts! Manly a shotgun and pistol, but is an ace with snipers, rifles, machine guns, ect. Also uses two swords, a dagger, and keeps a combat knife hidden on her thigh. Se also can control lightning by snaping her fingers to create it, she can shoot it anywhere.... Also she can teleport ad read/control minds... If she focus' her mind hard enough she find a person's location.

Personality: She's always up for a challenge, very hard headed, and kinda a flirt, doesn't show emotions much. Blade also loves killing and beating people up! She can be sweet but sometimes fails... LOVES TEASING PEOPLE! She always ttrys to be "The Hero" and gets ticked off REALLY easily! AND is a huge smart alic!

Relationship: Single...

Connections to Team: Member

FuN fAcTs: She hates her past and her dad, she loves putting her hair up but will wear it down, likes to spar, ect. Bleh... Oh has a black cat named Kitty.. Has no fear! Big daredevil!

Past; She saw her sister die right in front of her when she was 6. Sheleft be was found by her dad, she was punished by having him carve a "B" in her back with a knife... (she still has the scar) Her mom was murdered by her dad. She was trained to fight or die and never give up or run..
1年以上前 EclipseYJ said…
Name: Phoebe Katia Shannelle Alice Rouge!

Hero Name: Eclipse

Age: 14

Hair Color:Brown (but looks blonde in rain)

Eye Color:Green (But they are really purple and can hypnotize)

Gender(regular gender):Female ;9

Weapons: She can use and usually carries around everything (Like if you asked for a shot gun she would like pull one out of her top or something), she likes big guns and HEAVY weaponary and uses japanese swords and is a pro at all fighting styles, she can still bleed but she can't feel pain at all, she has black wings and magic which she can so anything with (I REALLY MEAN ANYTHING/ ANY TYPE OF POWER), She has adamantium claws which are 30cm's long that come out of her finger nails and can turn her whole body into adamantium as well (in adamantium form she can't use magic but she is as strong as super man), she also has extreme scenses

Personality: She has no emotions and thinks and talks like an adult (some times), she knows almost everything so do with anything, she can be quite fun loving in her own way and is willing to give anything for the safety of her friends even take there place is threatened with death

Relationship:GIRL FRIEND TO FANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connection to team: Team Member(she is also and X-Men, Avenger and S.H.E.I.L.D Agent

Fun Facts: Sometimes she can go kinda funny and speak as if she is the third person, in battle she can go a little phyco and her pupils go tiny, she is a ballerina, tap and street dancer, she is an amazing acrobat and gymnast, she doesn't sleep, eat, drink or any other humanly things, she faints randomly and predics the future

Quick Summary of Past: Unknown to anyone, she has lied to everyone about her past because it's TOO extreme to deal with, fang and Iron girl are the only ones in the team that know her past.... She also hides what she really looks like because it's a little disturbing

Extras:She can make potions and heal wounds and bring back the dead, she has a pet raven called Roulette which is part of her soul, she wear a necklace with the symbol of Omega 24/7
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1年以上前 killer24 said…
real name:Alex knight




ability/power:inhuman strength,shoots webs/swings from them,can climb up walls,regenerates limbs

appearance:blond scruffy hair,blue eyes,well muscled,scar on upper lip,hides face all the time

personalty:funny,shy,reasonable,focus when needs it,respects the team and there friends

story:dads spiderman mum died.was spidermans sidekick but spiderman and flash said join the young justice program

other:mums from the UK so has a british accent.
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1年以上前 tobythetigerman said…
Name: Toby Ranzz

Age: 15

Hair Colour: Ginger and Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Gender(my real gender): Male

Weapons:Electricity generation and manipulation and telepathy

Personality: Immature and flirtatious and is very humorous as well as obsessed with appearance

Relationship: Blue Beetle (when gender bent)

Connection to team: Member sent form future

Fun Facts: Child of Garth Ranzz (lightning lad) and Imra Ardeen (saturn girl). Born on the planet Winath. Also known as Lightning and is an honourable member of the legion of super heroes

Quick Summary of Past: Was sent from the 31st century to help justice league but then joined young justice after helping with a mission they couldn't solve
1年以上前 MadMagicianYJ said…
Title: The Queen Of Voodoo

Name: Mad Magician

Age: 17

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Black

Gender: Female

Weapons: Voodoo, hidden daggers.

Powers: Blood bending, Mind control, bringing the dead back to life, water bending, fire bending, earth bending, metal bending, airbending, lightning summoning, minion summoning, levitation, stops hearts, stops breathing, can kill instantly, electrocution, multiplying, reading minds, hypnotic,

Personality: Evil, dark, smirks at hero jokes, loves to witness other peoples pain.

Relationship: Single

Connection to team: Villian.

Fun Facts: Learned blood bending at age 10, lives in an antique shop

Quick Summary of Past: She has been hunted from age 11, she has learned to trust no one because her father atacked her, now is a villian waiting to strike.
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1年以上前 ShadowYJ said…
Name: Dana Gracias

Hero name: Shadow

Age: 13

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown-Her eyes are dark cobalt blue in the sunlight or whenever she wishes

Gender(regular gender): Female

Abilities and skills:
1. A very strong vivid photographic memory.
2. Can intemperate sounds really well.
3. Her mind is like a force field (anyone with physic powers can't use their powers on her brain-its like a shield)
4. An expert martial artist (judo and tai quando)
5. Knows Eskrima (Philippines art of weapon fighting. Prefers to fight with twin eskrima sticks and knives for that skill)
6. Can design high tech equipment and weapons
7. Making highly dangerous death traps
8. Hacking and Technology
10. Car engineering
11. Making suits and clothing fit for heros with powers
12. Archery-though she prefers this has a sport and hunting-not crime fighting
13. Weapons expert-espiecally guns
14. Very advanced at Science.

Weapons: Two daggers, One crystal revolver and twin eskrima sticks made from unbreakable polymer. (Those are just her main weapons, she has numerous of others)

Personality: Immature, mysterious, hard temper, caring, trustworthy, likes to think she's in command.

Relationship: Single (Mate, I'm only 13!)

Connection to team: Team member

Fun Facts: She loves calling out jokes at any random time. She loves designing and arts. She loves hunting and tracking. She is a fastfood/sugar addict-she craves for it. She also likes doing pranks at any unsuspected moment.

Quick Summary of Past: She started her hero career at the age of 11 being a regular crime fighter and was a spy and agent at the age of 12 for a year. She found out about this team (when she just turned 13) when she came for a visit in Gotham City.

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1年以上前 Shade_YJ said…
Hey can i join?

Name: Gwen Thermopiles
Age: 14
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Gold
Gender(regular gender): Female
Weapons: A gun that can give off electric shocks to her victims (She has plenty more in her utility belt)
Personality: Bold, strong and also a bit shifty sometimes.
Relationship: Single
Connection to team: Member
Fun Facts:
1. She loves chocolate
2. She is scared of cats
3. She likes mountain climbing
Quick Summary of Past: Her past is unknown. Some people say she just woke up from a crash landed space-ship and runned wild.