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Hey, my name's Jozyl Jocoti but most to all civilians like yourself would know me as Shayde. That's right I called あなた a civilian, if you're getting the hint here that means I am most likely a superhero または supervillian (Mwhahahaha! Just kidding) または maybe I could be neither または maybe both? I dunno I haven't picked a side yet.

Well anyways I've decided to write my life down in this very article(s) あなた dear civilian are reading. And if あなた are 読書 this I advise あなた to read with caution, this is a tale of extraordinary events of a not so normal girl along with her definitely not normal friends,...
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posted by Robin_Love
This is to aponterlogize for my emotional tantrum yesterday. I'm really sorry. I probably hurt a lot of you, but I didn't mean to. I hope あなた can forgive me.

She saw him sitting at the edge of the mountain, his feet hanging off. The sun was bright but there was a cool breeze. She flew down to him, hovering just in front of him.
“Hello Fang.”
He looked up at her. She gave a small smile.
“Hi Devin.”
“Will あなた fly with me? We need to talk, but we could be interrupted.”
Devin held her hand out in a gesture for him to come with her. Her white wings ruffled in the wind as she waited. Fang...
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posted by SilverWings13
Worth part V
The door clicked shut as Superboy pulled it closed.
"Were do we start?" he asked. We were standing a tight formation, keeping our eyes out for anymore guards. Ahead, 3 hall ways crossed the one were in, and another henchman could appear at any moment.
"Since we haven't seen any real threats yet, probably in the central area of the building," I said, automatically reciting what I knew, "The Weapon will be in the most guarded area. We'll need to be on guard since the line of defense will thicken as we near the target. It may be better to スプリット, 分割 up so that it's easier to go undetected."...
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley sat with her back to the living room and Hallway. Talking with megan on how to bake クッキー to the perfect tenderness. "i'm not kidding Megs, あなた cant jsut leave thethe キッチン with out putting the timer on!" 発言しました harley, blowing her hair form her face. and as she pulled it into a ポニー tail, the timer wnet off. "The Cookies!" shrieked megan standing still. Harley jumped from her seat,"Dont just stand there megan! get htem out!" But it was too late the smoke alarm went off.
No one bothered looking up または comin to see what was wrong. they already knew.
Megan was jumping around harley as...
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posted by lolfan88
As I looked into her eyes they burned with rage. “Well hi.” I 発言しました sourly, wiping the blood from my mouth. I returned with a powerful blow of red magic. She went flying across the room then hit her head on something hard and got knocked out. “Kid, Superboy clear a path NOW!” Aqualad screamed telapahticly it gave me a slight head ache. Superboy and Kid Flash punched guys left and right. The team ran passed them

We all jumped onto the bio ship. “Stop them, Stop them…STOP THEM!! The “Boss” cried. They tried to shoot at us but we were to far up for them to hit us. “I’m going...
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posted by Robin_Love
Devin Grayson raised the blade to her neck. He hands were shaking as she held it close to her skin. She took a deep breath and cut. Long strands of black hair fell to the floor around her. Devin knew her hair would grow back and that she could bring it back whenever. But she needed it off. The scars on her arms pulsed with each swipe of the ナイフ she took. She kept two long strands of hair to frame her face. She looked in the mirror.
“Perfect,” she muttered.
She unfolded her wings and picked up the blade again. She slashed at the fine white feathers till they bled. Tears fell from her eyes...
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posted by Robin_Love
Name: Scott Southern
Powers: Flight, fire, extensive training in all forms of combat, mind control, claws.
History: Scott Southern is the mutant son of Warren Worthington and キャンディー Southern. His father is the crime-fighting X-Men known as ArchAngel. Scott was born with wings and, when he was four, was taught how to fly. Scott used his wings to fly beside his father in times of trouble, despite his parents' wishes. When he turned eight, another strange power developed; fire. Scott had no way to control this power and was sent to Xavier. But he was kidnapped on the way によって Mr. Sinister....
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posted by Dezzylove3
"Bats sure is a stickler for the rules,huh?"Impulsia said,while scrubbing the ソファー, ソファ cushions with bleach to get the グレープ, ブドウ soda out.

"Welcome to my world." Robin mumbled while mopping the floors.

"You guys had fun right??"








"I shot sooo much zombies!!"

"I got to shoot Wally in the head."


"Attention,The Joker and Two-face have robbed Gotham Cities central bank,Robin I sent あなた coordinates."


The hologaphic picture of バットマン dissapeared and everybody forgot about cleaning the cave.

"Robin tell Miss Martian the coordinates." Aqualad instructed....
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posted by Obscurity98
Name: Kyle Preinceton-Wayne
Age:16 1/2
Powers: can manipulate time and chage the things around him to fit what he chooses. Can make things disapear at will, and bring them back.


Abandoned によって his parents, Kyle never knew his real parents, and none of his anscestry. Bored to death with his family life, at age 10, Kyle used his Foster families computer an money, to trace back to his real family. And traced himself to the Wayne family. After this revelation, Kyle left his ホーム and traveled to gotham to tell Mr. Wayne he was...
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posted by Obscurity98
Harley jumped from the ソファー, ソファ onto the island counter. Her lips parted with a dangerous smile. Her teeth gleaming, and claws digging into the granite. She stayed in a crouching postition for a moment. または atleast until M'gann turned around, クッキー freshly baked. M'gann screamed as she came face to face with Harley, whose eyes looked beyond wild.
Superboy jumped up from his spot on the ソファー, ソファ eyes no longer looking at static screen. But he made no advancement when he noticed Harley on the counter. "M'gann, dont move. If あなた do,she'll attack you. Just dont 移動する i'll get the rest of the team. try...
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I looked around everyone was so serious. Yet あなた can feel the fear of am I going to come back? I hated that fear and knew it all too well “Were nearing the destination.” Miss Martian said. I grabbed my stomach. Kid flashes grassy green eyes darted to me. “Are あなた ok ?” He asked. The whole team turned to me. “I’m fine!..I..just had a feeling.” “Are あなた sure you’re ok?” Robin asked. “Yha.” I answered.

As we arrived to the empty warehouse, the feeling got bigger. Miss Martian lowered the Bio Ship. “Miss Martian link us up. I want あなた to observe in camouflage...
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posted by Obscurity98
Kaldur looked like he was about to faint. how did he forget so quickly? He, they, no one had powers They could all die easier than mortals. If he couldnt breath under water,"wait!" cried kaldur,"I will live!" harley stared at him,"kaldur shut up, what are あなた even talking about?" Kaldur shook his head,"Its derulium. i am sorry." But he knew other wise, he was born like this, it ws not really a power, he will always be able to breathe under water. He needed to make mental contact with Miss Martian and fast. Anxiously he gave M'gann a knowing look, one that had M'gann create a link as quick as...
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posted by SilverWings13
Worth part IV

"Drop point A has landed," Aqualad reported through his ear-com.
"Copy," M'gaan 発言しました back,"advancing to drop point B." The clip lines retracted and I new without seeing it that the bioship was gone. I searched the blue sky through the leaves of the canopy, catching a glimpse of black swooping toward the west. I looked around myself to see the others already heading into the thick trees. I jogged to catch up.

Our troop was mostly silent as we tramped through the undergrowth. I trotted up to Aqualad, avoiding Artemis's glare.
"So," I said,"what's the plan?" He looked down at me (he's...
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posted by Obscurity98
13 years into the Forseen Future:

Kaldur is 29 yrs old
Robin is 26 yrs old
Wally is 28 yrs old
SuperBoy is 29 yrs old
Roy is 31 yrs old

M'gann is 29 yrs old
Artemis is 28 yrs old
Zatanna is 27 yrs old
Harley is 27 yrs old

SuperBoy and M'gann have baby girl named Miranda
Wally and Artemis have boy named Alex (AGE-3)
Zatanna is Pregnant with girl (Five months)
SuperBoy pressed on the brake of the old car, and shoved the door open. "Yeah, make it Roy who just HAS to have a reunion...
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She watched them all. Every teen had struggled for a few minutes, but eventually they'd all gone down. Chelsea finally let go of them all and stepped towards her target. Her feet fell carefully around the blondes, brunettes, redheads, and there was even a girl with オレンジ hair. Chelsea noted unnessacarily that black was the most prevalent hair color in the room, but she only watched one.
Fin stirred and her hair fell from her face. She instinctivly reached towards the two bodies closest to her in her sleep. Chelsea grinned. "Jessie, be a dear," she murmured, and picked Fin's glasses off her...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca hid inside the vents, following the scent. I'm going to kill him! He kidnapped Willow; he's so dead! She paused for a breath and her phone vibrated. She rolled onto her back and looked at the text. Sorry Dick. Willow first. Becca ignored the message and continued on her way. She could feel Willow getting closer. Good. I'm going the right way. Becca peaked inside one of the rooms through the grates. Nope; just the archer. With a sigh, Becca continued on. She came to another grate. She heard noises. Looking inside, she saw it was her destination. She pulled the grate off and dropped into...
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"Reconized バットマン 02"

I sure hope they got along fine.

I saw Superboy,Artemis,Kid Flash,Aqualad,Robin,and Miss Martian sitting in front of the tv with interest.

"Weres Impulsia?"

I walked over to were they sat in there civilain atire and noticed that impulsia was setting up an xbox360.

"Im right here Bats." she 発言しました unplugging the u2 cables and putting them into the tv,and she did a few other things,then the screen lit up with a video game start-up program.

"What are あなた gunna play?" Wally asked curiusly.

"Not me my friend i brought a bunch of romotes,so were all gunna play CALL OF DUTY:MW3!!!!"...
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posted by Obscurity98
 Obscurity's new outfit!!!
Obscurity's new outfit!!!
I have a knew look for Obscurity, all info is still the same. even her fetures, except her outfit. her 愛 of swords is still visible, but there is a little difference. i hope あなた like the new and improved HARLEY!

Let me descibe incase あなた cannot see it well:
-Her outfit is made of metal and buttlet proof.
-It clings to her body the way GreenLanters outfit does to him.
-She still carries swords
-Her legs are slightly exposed
-Boots (made of metal) go up to just below the bend of the knee.
-It doesnt make noise または rattle.
-A crown almost like Wonder Woman to protect her head.
-Gloves go up to the below the ベッド of her elbow.
-Gloves stop prtection at the knuckles.
-Arm bands on both arms, just for style
posted by Dezzylove3
Things went fast from there..........

"So were are あなた from?" asked Robin.

"Boston."impulsia said.

"uhhm,so あなた ok to tell us your secret ID,but its tottaly ok if あなた don't." 発言しました a very interested Wally.

they were all in the キッチン while Miss m made cookies. あなた know after she washed it a bunch of times to get the taste of 魚 out of it.

"Sure,the names Allison Carter,But some of my フレンズ call me Ally."

"Wait,you 発言しました some so does that mean other people call あなた something different?" Robin asked confused.

"Yeah, the people that dont like me very much call me.......well i wont go into details."...
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posted by Dezzylove3
"Reconized,Batman 02" "Valcanis 17" "Reconized,Impulsia po9"

"I sure hope she fits in.........well?"

"Wally,give me my arrows!!!!"

"Not a chance blondey"

"Conner give me my wrist computer back!"

"But I wanted To play Donkey Kong.."

"To bad you'll screw up my system UHHHG!"

"Miss Martian I advise あなた give me my water 銃 back."

"No,Not until あなた give my cookie sheet back!!"


At the soung of the dark nights voice evry body frove...in aquard positions

Robin was on 上, ページのトップへ of Conners back holding his hands back in a painful grip.

Artemis had Wallys legs...
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